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Game Boy

The , is an 8-bit handheld video game device developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It was released in Japan on , in North America in , and in Europe on .

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Super Mario Land 2 and Kirby's Dream Land are the finalists in the Game Boy bracket of our 1992 tournament. Vote at…
To be fair to her, though; as uneducated is she is about the original Game Boy, she *was* funny in N…
Big mobile-gaming papa Game Boy turns 28 today. Also, Game Boy is apparently two words.
Happy 25th birthday, The pink puffball made is debut in Europe in Kirby's Dream Land for Game Boy in 1992! http…
the indigo blue colour nintendo used back then, the same as the Game Boy Advance. it was the first v…
5 This attachment that turns your phone into a Game Boy. h/t .
The games I'm looking for on the Game Boy are cheap, but then I run across stuff like this:
Perhaps because Frank Welker voices both Scooter and Megatron, as well as Game Boy.
Check out these pictures of Jupiter taken with a Game Boy camera and an old telescope
Game Boy and Game Boy Color were the handheld consoles that started it all. Their release showed that you could...
Game Gear! Sega just couldn't win. Color loses to black and white Game Boy.
The micro has a backlight too. :) But it can't play original Game Boy and Game Boy Color games like the SP can
Finally I have complete my collection of Game Boy - Color - Advance - Nintendo DS and 3DS of Winning Eleve…
And for the original Game Boy and Color games on the GBA SP is smaller than the cart itself
I still have the clear Game Boy from my childhood. Along with Pokèmon Gold, Super Mario Land and Jam…
Monday crowd: please check out my editorial tracing portability from Game Boy to Switch.
Rare photo of Brandon Lee playing a Game Boy on the set of The Crow.
The first game I was exposed to was Mario/Duck Hunt by the neighbors downstairs when I was 3. First owned is Tetris on Game Boy
The Super Retro Boy is a great remake of the original Game Boy
Super Retro Boy gives original Game Boy new life, plays Color and Advance games.
I want this tiny Game Boy that fits on a keychain! . via
Jabaal Sheard to Atlanta for 3 marbles, a Greg Oden rookie card, and a Game Boy. .
Game Boy Classic turned into a drone controller
Another worker placement game? Oh, boy! Thanks for a great intro to this game. Small typeface? Where did I put my reading glasses?
Boy, that's a rough forecast in Gainesville tomorrow. Good thing they cancelled the game
Can't wait for the game? Relive last year's win over Oklahoma and get fired up for tomorrow!
Shout out for all my homies called Juan or Quan
He sits in his favourite cafe, obviously bored as he plays a game on his game boy. .
Good Game love you much lil big cousin ❤️
I was 11, playing Horse (the basketball game) with neighbor kids. Older boy who lived across the street grabs the h…
Boy, the week goes by really fast when you take Monday off and watch a soccer game on Thursday
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
It's game dayyy!! So proud of how far my boy has come and can't wait to see him kick butt today! Good luck bub❤️🏈…
Boy i seen a clown last night at the game n i said forget all that n ran for my life jesus!
"If you win this game of bp I'll buy you Fuego.". Boy I channeled my inner Kobe Bryant
It's amazing when kids surprise you with their kindness...
Game ball to for surpassing 10 yards tonight. So proud to call him a hometown boy.
Not everyone's cup of tea but I'm down for game tonight with the boy come on SCOTLAND 🔵⚪️
So, we’re going to make a frankenstein Game Boy out of a RasPi and listen to the Ramones while we do it. 🏆
Once I was a boy, an innocent to life and my role in it. This world played my game, and anyone a clown or foil for myself.
lmao I always shout you out but my boy had a big game
Thank you for the class act mentioning my boy before the football game tonight. is fighting as hard as…
Yesterday at the game this lil boy asked me if I was related to Tariq and I said yea he said your brothers a beast 😂🙌🏾
How to jailbreak an iPhone so You Can Play Game Boy Games
All I hear in the is a little boy the girls won't touch, pretending he has game.
My boy be clutch with the good luck/motivational text on game day! 💯🙏
Thats why the Game Boy runs on batteries! Glad to hear you're well
Do I look like a game boy, PlayStation, or Xbox ? If not then stop playing these *** games
Boy's soccer takes on Watertown for a rescheduled game at 11:00am at home! Go out and support!
I can never tell if you and your wife are together or not.. Because your flirting game here is on a different level lo…
my boy James' first ever Rovers game! Let's hope we win ⚽️
THATS MY BOY!!! Sunday's game in Toronto is going to be absolutely INSANE
That's my duuude! Atta boy kid, good game last night bud
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Game Boy Advance, 2004) TV ad from Japan. We all tend to get lost in our GBA systems from time…
I liked a video from Let's Play Mega Man for the Game Boy (Dr. Wily's Revenge)
Game Boy-ify your pictures with this cool web app! via
No Millwall game today so I'm watching the boy for against my local team ⚽️👍🏼
🚨Bleacher Boy Newz!🚨 interview with the !!! Everyone be at the game vs Lynch tonight!
This boy illiterate asf and tryna spit game to me. *** I don't know what you saying
That boy crowd surfing tonight at the homecoming game😂🤘🏼
HMS Boy's Soccer battling for 1st today at Rec Park. Game starts soon. Come out and support this UNDEFEATED team.
Meeting this young boy Donavan Cole was special he truly touched heart today I can't wait to come back and hopefully take…
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
and all the best with your Boy Meets Dinosaur. And thanks for following back. Cool
Can David Byrne just do a quick Game Boy music cover of Stars's song Winter Bones?
As promised, a new Nintendo remix. :D "Voices Of The Temple" from Donkey Kong Land 1 for Game Boy got a rocking... htt…
I liked a video Classic Game Room - KILLER INSTINCT review for Game Boy 1989...At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Chicago, Nintendo introduces the Game Boy
And will never see it. I will not watch Willard Smith play one of my heroes. I won't watch that *** play Game Boy. So Ali def a no go.
I added a video to a playlist Classic Game Room - LOCK N CHASE review for Game Boy
Over here New York with checking out some history. Here's a Game Boy that survived the gulf war. http…
Do you still play your Game Boy or Game Boy Color?.
I mean usually I'd get color hands down, but... this is the Game Boy, after all.
My brother & I took a week to play Link's Awakening on Game Boy while driving from California to Texas. MEMORIES ARE GREAT. :)
Super Mario Land is one of my favourite games on the Game Boy just for it's Overworld theme
There was that one time put a Game Boy solo in one of his songs. //
Hey thought you might appreciate Greg Valentine playing some Game Boy on Superstars.
but I won't, because I have a perfectly functional copy of Red, Blue and Yellow, a Game Boy, GB Player, GBA and GBA SP. :P
Yep! There's a PS1 version and even a Game Boy version if for whatever reason you hate anime ladies in color.
Wario's debut was in "Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins", released for the Game Boy in 1992
Game Boy games Wario Land super Mario 3, super ... -
Watching a Bulls hardwood classic from 2012, it's Butler's rookie year, and he only averaged 8 minutes a game. Boy has he came a long way
Oh boy the next few months has some hot game releases.
Doom II Earth Has Been Overrun With Hordes of Demons in This Conversion of Id Software's 1994 PC Game for Game Boy
Defender Is a Good Example of Classic Arcade. You Have 4 Different Ways to Play. the Most Modern Ones Are the Two
Tomb Raider: The Prophecy Lara Croft Is at It Again in, the Treasure at Stake This Time: 3 Legendary Stones. Some
I Spy Challenger! Advance to 100 Levels--Easy to Learn, but Challenging to Master, Enjoy Hours of Addictive Game
Sum of All Fears GBA Take Command of an Elite Counterterrorist Unit and Lead Them Into Battle Against the Deadliest
Sign the petition to put my boy Barry O. into the 2017 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game
The Revenge of Shinobi Travel to the Mystical World of Ancient Japan and Vanquish Powerful Shoguns in Revenge of
Thinking about it, the 86 final is the game which really opened my eyes to as a boy. Remains the classic game for me
Zapper You're a Cricket Named on a Mission to Save Your Brother From the Evil Magpie Queen, Maggie. Make Your Way
Our Spectator is the ultimate show stopper. Let it be the talk of the party during game day.
Metroid Fusion in, Samus Aran Returns in a Nonstop, Action-Packed Side-Scrolling Game in Which Her Toughest Enemy
Can I play as a boy in the game Blade and Soul?. I don't play games as girls anymore.
Come show my boy some love tonight for his going away party watch the game eat drink…
Sean lee gonna tear up the probowl game boy
I am late but congratulations on your new born baby boy, it sad that we have to play in the AFC, championship game
Hear from birthday boy and Andrew Cogliano on pre-game show, 7 p.m. on A…
I turned around and told him its part the game boy... It could of been worse
😔 I'm away but need to check out a Col U game soon see the boy 😎
You know has a big boy job when he wants to buy upgrades seats for the Griffins game 👀 👀 👀 I see you
PLEASE do not snow this weekend. Ya boy needs to photograph the VAWLS game
I play game that a gone boy is crazy about. Japan is an explosion.
A South Carolina boy learned a lesson in perseverance from our team and our [
That's ma boy. Shame they lost but he had a great game
That moment you need to reevaluate your life & step up your game up cause a boy looks x1000 better than you 😩😐.
Zero Mission. And it is one of my favorite games of Game Boy Advance. Awesome
My boy jake the real mvp in this game
I hope my boy balls in the NFLPA game.
You should definitely get A Boy and His Blob on Xbox One or PS4 because that game is a delight.
Our boy is & member. But Carlton need to lift their game with member packs. Hawks wins that
Currently falling in love with Game Boy consoles, but I'm having trouble finding a relatively cheap backlit model.
The 🔌🔌 just gave me some new work to put in my 🎧.
LRT HONESTLY one of my top 5 video game moments of all time. right up there w transistor's ending tbh
alright old boy, you got some air time on the game tonight, minute 79.10 X
My niece asked me for money to go to her school bball game... I think she going to see a boy play 😩
Was the Most recent spiderman video game any good ? Spidey is my boy
Boy,are we going to wow the NFL world when we reach the S.B. Cam's amazing game will be talked about for years to come.
If you still play the " I can't show her I like her" game & you over 21 boy bye! Love is going to be dry for you, cuz women know what's up 😂
It goes tick, tock, game on lock. Sun gone shine, but the rain won't stop.
Frogger's Adventure 2: The Lost Wand Join One of the Most Famous Video Game Characters of All Time in This All-New
Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow Won’t Have Restore Points on 3DS. I think that's cool actually. Staying true to the days of t…
I need a classic Game Boy in my life.
Guessing game! Am I having a boy or girl?? 👶🏾👶🏾 The password for this pool is: 112411. Click Here for Guessing Pool.
All Star Baseball 2001 for It's One, Two, Three Strikes--You're Out in All-Star Baseball 2001 for the Game Boy
I remember all of these. Bought my son a Sega Game Gear instead of Game Boy, which we both liked better.
nobody can get me Donkey Kong Country for Game Boy Advance sp
Remember when Nintendo wasn't confident enough in the DS to say it was a replacement to the Game Boy?
In-flight safety video of Vietnam Airlines illustrates how to turn of all electronic devices…with a 1989 Game Boy.
This date in 91, videogame enthusiast Greg Valentine played Game Boy to prepare for his bout.
1989! Game Boy, Tetris, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, & MORE! https…
Did some Escape Goat pixel art with Game Boy limitations (160x144px, 4 colors) for raocow's contest thing.
I wasn't allowed to get a Game Boy and Pokemon until Yellow had already come out
What are your favourite Game Boy games?.
Less then one day left. WWF War Zone (Nintendo Game Boy, 1998) via
Every wanted to hunt Cthulhu on your classic Game Boy? The Hunt For Red Cthulhu offers that experience...for free! go in to browse and 2 hours and 245 dollars later you have a Game Boy, a rocking horse and 3 Rol…
Going from the Virtual Boy to the Game Boy is also a pretty noticeable downgrade in terms of detail too, at least in Chalvo 55's case.
I had a Sonic OC who was a green mouse who used a Game Boy as a weapon.
I liked a video Classic Game Room - MORTAL KOMBAT 3 review for Game Boy
I have a Game Boy Color from my older brother they are really fun to play on any way its green but its really cool.
Do you prefer American football or European? Don't worry, Game Boy will disappoint you either way.
I love me a light skin chick I do but if you find a bad chocolate I'm talking pretty skin pretty smile boy oh boy you killin the game
After looking at the pics no comment. 17-year-old boy dies playing one-man game of Russian roulette. via
Flashy people don’t last long in this world bro. Adrien Broner, Soulja Boy, Meek Mill. Mayweather is still in the game until he reads.
Watching highlights of every Dolphins game from last year and boy was that week 9 game vs Chargers fun. Hope to see more of that
Finished the rulebook for Russian Railroads and ohhh boy am I excited to give that game a try.
I remember being enamored by Halo 3's graphics when the game first came out. now hoo boy does it look dated
I just peeked. The O's game and the Reds game are killing us. WHERE IS JERSEY BOY TODAY?
Cruisito Leiba dies playing one-man game of Russian roulette: Police said Cruisito Leiba, 17…
I played my *** like a game boy, I ain't gotta say the name of that lame boy
My boy playing one of the games he loves, it's the Championship game! Go team!
domain names
starring in yo eyes telling you that I want it ain't no shame in my game, boy I'm a junkie😋
aye boy! You better let these wayward folks know! This ain't no game, and we ain't playin
"John you want Loup in the game?". "Nah man give me my boy Latroy Hawkins"
this is all a game to him. People's lives don't matter as long as he can keep profiting off his boy's club
So game. Grass green, not a bad Merlot & so exciting . Realise what's missing from my life . a bat boy...
Dirtbags18u summer over, 5 tourneys 5 big boy brackets reached championship game in 4 of 5 w/ 2 championships 26-6-1 Thanks boys
Little boy already got more game than I do
other SJ members had a word game with "shidae" and Fany zoomed in Donghae. poor boy didn't know what to do lol
Now that's worth a 1 game suspension Commish..he didn't touch a single ball & he only had a 12 yr old boy in the car http…
"It’ll be a sad day when I die and my kids go to open my safe deposit box to only find Pokémon Red for Game Boy and TLC’s CrazySexyCool CD."
Dance the night away to music made with a Game Boy - Vocal Republic: Dance the ...
Review of the "Game Boy 3DS XL" in The Mail on Sunday Event Magazine *sigh*
my "collection" is Super Nintendo, N64, Sega Master System, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Ps1.
And to further explain my lack of Nintendo sentiments of the past, the only major franchise I have exposed was Super Mario Land for Game Boy
Seriously! . Everyone should have access to the further adventures of Game Boy!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
women are like pokemon, they were originally released for Game Boy in 1996 and now encompass a vast series of games, toys, and cartoo
Broken Nintendo DS turned into a giant Game Boy.
New edition to the ISG labs audio department! It's a back-lit bivert DMG Game Boy with pro-sound mod and RCA jacks :)
mine's playing Super Mario Bros 1 and 3 on NES, and Kirby's Dream Land on Game Boy (that being my first game, and console)
Super Game Boy: Super Game Boy by Nintendo of America 2,621% Sales Rank in Computer and Video Games: 226 (...
Hid under the table playing Game Boy while grownups strategized the Bin Laden raid. Or was that Boy-King???
it went from a 3D original Game Boy game to a rabbit game to a Cartoon Network show to Splatoon
Hoping against hope that I can find a working original Game Boy. Same for the Atari Lynx, Sega Game Gear / Nomad and Neo Geo Pocket Color.
or... Pokemon Stadium 2, Either Pokemon Gold, Silver or Crystal, and 2 of the Game Boy adapters for the N64. my level: 22 -40
Hillary playing Game Boy photo is legit, from the William J Clinton Library ty ht…
Today in Geek History: The original Game Boy released in Japan in 1989. Happy 26th Birthday, Game Boy!
Here's the patch to play Mat the Rabbit in the Magic Castle for Game Boy
not anymore. There are Dragon Ball Z games on NES, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo.
Check out what I found. Double Dragon II for Game Boy by Acclaim Entertainment, 1991, Fighting via
I've never held an original Game Boy, played a Genesis, seen a Sega Saturn in person, and I've never played Donkey Kong Jr outside NES Remix
“Yes please: A pocket synthesizer you play like a Game Boy.
Oh, you mean the King James Bible for Game Boy? I loved that game!
Shane Matthews took my mask off, beat me AND didn't bring the cheese cake he promised. It was a bad night at for the Game Boy.
I liked a video from CGR Undertow - WWF KING OF THE RING review for Game Boy
My mama got me watching this Single Moms Club movie with her. Why this boy's daddy steal his Game Boy, chain, and cash to buy crack?
I wanna play The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap on my Game Boy ;-;. But where's my GB ;-; where's the cartridge ;-;
Seeing a Game Boy cartridge and a XL system proves how long Pikachu has been in our lives!
Nintendo files patent for Game Boy titles on mobile - Digital Spy (blog)
Drake pushes B to stop his Bulbasaur from evolving. He leans in close to his Game Boy. "You don't have to change for me,…
The Atari 2600 and the Game Boy are in the National Toy Hall of Fame, but the original NES isn't?
"When your Game Boy dies and you can't remember if you saved:
When your Game Boy dies after not saving for a couple of hours:
The paint on my Game Boy shell bonded really nicely with the plastic and it looks and feels super great.
Photo: nintendroid: Screenshot from Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters on the Game Boy.
Game Boy emulator makes its way onto Android Wear
A Great Rik Mayall Moment that is often overlooked? The advert for the then-new Kirby game on the Game Boy.
Boy stop talking about his game. Why he beat you 5 times straight. 😂😂
We won our first game!!! 21-6 Zachary had two tackles! !! Im so proud of my boy and his team!
This game though! How they gonna cut my boy, DRose. They must not know he's from Chicago!
i think we know whos the stupid one fan boy u owe me £10 my ufc game an tuf dvd set still
Lmao .owww. I can't wait. To drop that gear. Uma kill the game Uma have the colour up like chief keef. Oww boy they gonebehatin😂
My boy splitter going to win this game ! sorry USA
Dear any Wayne's World Game Boy cartridges lying around somewhere? I still need one for my collection http:…
Dinner date with my lover boy and then the Game of Thrones finale. Life is good. ❤️
Heard my boy didnt mess around at the All-American game today
My boy is a loser because he went to a football game without me
Just caught this bad boy at the Cubs game
"I thought he did an awesome job filling in for his 1st game back from an injury." - on
Your boy had not 1. But 5 dunks in one game look out taking off ✈️🏀😁
Got the Bills, Steelers game on just in time to see my boy Thad Lewis
I seen u workin out there today. Me n ol boy will be back up there for the pats game. We looking for Tha 2nd leap in 2 years!
When are they putting my boy Kyle Korver in the game?
oh baby boy you wanna play that game? I can play it 10 times better 😏
No worries, Ivanovic will still probably find a way to give up the next game. But boy, that was "sooo mentally tough" from Sharapova!
I'm just a girl... Standing in front of a boy... Oh, you're trying to watch the game? Sorry about that, I'll get out of y…
Link Cable for Nintendo Game Boy Advance System: Features * Link Cable works on Nintendo Game Boy advance and...
Dragons game swear in with my boy sholles
With my boy Travis! Kershaw... Natural after the game.. (@ Dodger Stadium - for vs
They need to put my boy Kyle in the game
Watching this U.S.A vs Brazil game, even tho my boy kevin Durant dropped out
All I'm saying is crushed it tonight. Ol boy booted that game ending field goal.
This boy has been in my instagram dm all day trying to convince me we at a game or party. Two things I've never been to.
Ima get a gold Game Boy Color on you *** 😂😂😂
Oh boy the Ravens are winning a preseason game! Yea go wooo
“Chill with gnome boy Gavin in our fun new game! Play it here:
A boy just dared you for a basketbal game, and you beat him. "My girl beats the school's basketbal star," Mich…
For those who quit following me in the past few days: Sorry I moved into a new apartment and reinvented myself playing Ga…
When I played Pokemon on the game boy I would get so frustrated and quit
Watching this USA vs Australia game. This white boy from Australia tough
Its a game, boy. I dont wanna play, i just wanna be yours
Anyone else just notice that little boy picking his nose and eating it at the Packer game? Lmao
this USA game boutta be much more entertaining
S/O to my boy for the game winning goal tonight!
Determined to let out all my frustration in my game tomorrow idgaf 😂
S/O to my boy at the game taking so sick *** pictures!! Go follow him!
Awesome game! Way to go RI and great coaching. The boy who gave up the lead on the mound also walked it off.
Big brother leaving for college , ima miss you boy . show these *** ya game love you ✊🏀
Good little league game now time to watch my boy Drose
Getting ready to head out to night at . The boy's gonna love his 1st baseball game.
Good lord, the arcade version of GORF is tough! Makes my Game Boy Advance port seem kind of toothless by comparison. :(
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Tough loss 13-3 go at 8am in the morning! Time to pull up the big boy pants and play the game GotBeef style!!!
wasn't gonna talk to you anyways, and definitely not talking to you at the RoCo game 😂
This little boy at the game came up to me, gave me a hug, grabbed my hand and started dancing. It was so cute! 😍
no? TLC, Melrose Place, Clueless, No Doubt, Friends, la Game Boy... O te he convencido o no tienes no idea 😎
We've all read about EVE Online's epic space battles, where thousands of ships are lost and billions in ISK, the in-game currency. Yet only a relatively small number of players get to experience these events firsthand. Valkyrie is the solution: a space dogfighting sim designed for Oculus Rift that puts the player right in the middle of that dazzling combat. “I see Valkyrie as the Halo of Xbox or the Tetris of the Game Boy,” says Chris Smith, lead designer. “We want to show that virtual reality is the next generation of gaming, and I think this is the game to do it. We had 2D, and Mario was the 2D master. Now we've moved into 3D with polygons, and EVE and World of Warcraft and first-person shooters are the established games for this period in the history of gaming. Now we have VR, which is as big a transition as 2D to 3D was.” CCP's Newcastle team had been helping to develop Dust 514, but now they've been shifted to Valkyrie, hiring new talent including Mirror's Edge senior producer Owen O'Brien. T ...
This DIY Game Boy with a Raspberry Pi inside can play all your favorite classic games
This hack gives new life to the original Game Boy
Children reacting to an original Game Boy will make you feel old
Playing some Wario Land on the Game Boy. Love this game!
**Nintendo Retro Duo system with games and controller. This system plays regular Nintendo games as well as Super Nintendo games. With the adapter cartridge you can also play Game Boy games. This system comes with Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Super Mario Bros (all regular Nintendo games) and Super Mario World (Super NES game) the adapter cartridge, joystick controller and 2 SNES controllers. Games can be purchased at Game Doctor and some pawn shops for fairly cheap. I paid well over $200 for all a few months ago (system was new, paid $85 for it alone) asking $90 FIRM for all. Located in Glenrock. I had held this once and would prefer not to again as that fell through. We just don't have time to play.
Thinking about my grandma and how she used to play video games in her Game Boy and Nintendo 64; she was one cool grandma! Oh, and her food... Ah, Dios bendiga a las abuelas boricuas. lol I miss her. Gerardo Perez Sashaiily Fiiqueroa Yelitza Marie Perez Figueroa Shanaira Shannel Loving
Ice cream van sounds like it's from a Game Boy game.
Although, I did get the Game Boy classics, Metroid II: Return of Samus and Kirby's Dream Land for free, thanks to Club Nintendo. Love it!
Photo: It’s a long way off still, but started mocking up a music maker for the Game Boy, which I’ve called...
Just listed: the Japanese Super Marioland 1 2 & 3 games for the Game Boy!
The evil version of Mario – Wario – first appeared as a nemesis in the Game Boy title, Super Mario Land 2 in 1992.
Sunsoft did a fairly cool Batman game for the Game Boy. Super Mario Land meets Robocop.
My cousin definitely has my back, he gave me Super Mario Land 2 for Game Boy, and Kirby's Avalanche and Sim City for snes
A Game Boy...still works! After being damaged when barracks were bombed in the Gulf War.
eShop Merchandiser: Details: Nintendo of America Inc. The worldwide pioneer in the creation of interactive entertainment, Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, manufactures and markets hardware and software for its Wii U ™ and Wii ™ home consoles, and Nintendo 3DS ™ and Nintendo DS ™ families of portable systems. Since 1983, when it launched the Nintendo Entertainment System ™ , Nintendo has sold more than 4 billion video games and more than 637 million hardware units globally, including the current-generation Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, as well as the Game Boy ™ , Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi ™ and Nintendo DSi XL ™ , Super NES ™ , Nintendo 64 ™ , Nintendo GameCube ™ and Wii systems. It has also created industry icons that have become well-known, household names such as Mario ™ , Donkey Kong ™ , Metroid ™ , Zelda ™ and Pokémon ™ . A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as headquarters for Nintendo's ...
Come to the Art Barn (St. Olaf College) at 8:30 this evening for some music by campus bands! My synths and Game Boy will be making an appearance. The DNNR PRTY CD will be available for $5.
Timeline: every Game Boy model from the past 25 years
Tetris is another Game Boy classic (obvs) and Super Mario Land is fun too. So is SML 3 : Wario Land
The Guardian: Nintendo Game Boy – 25 facts for its 25th anniversary.
Nintendo’s Game Boy turns 25 today: By Daniel Cooper Now we feel really old…. Source: Tech – Engad...
Nintendo's Game Boy turns 25 today - - by Daniel Cooper
Happy 25th anniversary, Game Boy. Many an hour of my young life was spent dragging your giant *** around.
Nintendo Gamecube and Game Boy games for sale (Suffolk County)
I've been having fun looking at locations from CHOICE spring field trips on Google Maps. Go to, paste in the coordinates, select satellite view and zoom in close. Dead Horse Point group site: 38.506391, -109.725441 You can almost hear "Particle man" from They Might be Giants bouncing off the rocks. Remember the coordinated car-horn wake up calls? Squaw Flats Campground group site (also visible in StreetView): 38.145368, -109.802717 So those are the cliffs we shouldn't have pitched the tent under? Needles Outpost group site: 38.176328, -109.741414 Two-player Tetris on Game Boy, anyone? Paul Bunyan's Potty (day-trip destination): 38.120205, -109.737497 It looks more impressive from below.
This Arduino-powered business card looks like a Game Boy and runs Tetris (video)
Little Giant Ladders
The Joylancer from looks hot, what with its Rocket Knight Adventures vibe & crazy Game Boy action.
I used the word "smartphone" in conversation recently with my son. He laughed at me, like he does when I call his Nintendo DS a "Game Boy".
Cannot wait for the finale: credits roll, the camera zooms out. It was Andy Kaufman, alive, holding a Game Boy!
Shout out to Jack Thompson for sending me the Game Boy game Conker's Pocket Tales. Now I'm only missing Conker's Live and Reloaded to complete my "trilogy"!
Just ordered some sick Game Boy Color games! Game Boy 4 Life!
Okay what is going to hold my attention more tonight: TNA Impact or Dragon Warrior I for the Game Boy? The smart money is on Dragon Warrior.
Who had the 1st - Get a Game Boy case for your iPhone from .
Donkey Kong Land: Donkey Kong Land by SPIG Platform:   Game Boy(31)Buy new: $199.99 72 used & new from $...
A little boy with autism likes the TV show " Pawn Stars on History " so much, that he decided to sell them his Game Boy. Check out the awesome surprise he received in return!
Whoa, hey now. Super RC Pro Am from my Game Boy exists in real life?
Watching how videogames changed the world (cheers Andrew Neil Ryan) - got slightly over excited when Felicia Day was involved, then more so when she said Tetris was her first ever game on her Game Boy. Like me!! We have something in common! :o ...and breathe...
Dragon Warrior Monsters on the Game Boy was pretty good too, and Dragon Quest Monsters on the DS.
& I used to have a mucha lucha game for my game boy ds.
OMG! I completely forgot about BOYTALK and the Game Boy Color in lime green!
Just sold: Rockman World 3 (Megaman) for the Japanese Game Boy! should have a rockman game or 2 coming up in the near future
So begins my journey to get a Game Boy audio emulator working on a microcontroller so I can listen to the Pokemon Center song while I poop
I put her on game. boy imma team playa
Klax for the Game Boy Color had a hidden easter egg which wasn't discovered for years; a marriage proposal.
Mega man 4 game boy blind race no later than 11 or so est tonight~
Guy next to me a playing his Game Boy in class
Gladwin-8 & Pine River- 0. Great game boys varsity soccer! my boy Christian pick up your game by Thursday! 󾌬 You did good tonight but I've seen you play better! I say that with love󾍇
There is a girl in my class playing game boy right now...
What's your favourite old video game? Mine's Pokemon Yellow for Game Boy Colour. -Peter Sheppard
I either lost my game boy phone or someone stole it well I was asleep. Sad sed!
In relation to my latest vid (& briefly featured in it): mini-me playing Game Boy. I hated that haircut...
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