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Gale Sayers

Gale Eugene Sayers (born May 30, 1943), also known as The Kansas Comet , is a former American college and professional football player who was a running back in the National Football League (NFL) for seven seasons during the 1960s and early 1970s.

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That all he wants his receivers, tight ends, running backs to catch the ball. Joined Hall of Famer RB GALE SAYERS a…
"When you step onto that field, you cannot concede a thing.". – Gale Sayers.
I stand by my answer then. but seeing old clips of Gale Sayers... man oh man.
TV movie based on the real-life relationship between football teammates Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers: Bian's ***
I never said that, did I say that? Kind of an ignorant response. Longevi…
"Just give me 18 inches of daylight. That's all I need."- Gale Sayers
I love FB Saturday's but when they struggle I always have my oth…
just need Gale Sayers running through the mud, and it's all good.
Esp considering the great Gale Sayers early yrs.
Just a completely random list of names after listening to some podcasts and also recalling what I know about NFL hi…
I’ve had people tell me Gale Sayers>Barry Sanders. But scattered clips don’t com…
Go look up Gale Sayers. Length of career doesn't make you g…
no it doesnt, Gale Sayers s don't add up but he's a hof'er, & he'd be 1 today...
🤔🤔 gale sayers white Chicago Bears throw back is legit
David Johnson needs 1 rush TD to join Gale Sayers as the only players in NFL history with 20+ rush TDs, 5+ rec TDs & KR-TD in…
I’m rotating show inventory now. Will be the guy in the Gale Sayers jersey.
Today is the birthday of baseball legend Bob Gibson. To celebrate we're going to take a look at three gre…
I remember all the Gale Sayers comparisons to Reggie Bush. Turned out to be a poor man's Warrick Dunn
Chandler didn't block like him tho. Maybe I am giving undue points there. One season of greatness. H…
We just heard Gale Sayers with an unconventional traditional doom cover of 'I Just Had Sex'
I like the simple test: do you Game plan for him? Fear him? Why a Gale Sayers or a Jim Rice in the hall. No one feared Biggio
Why is Gale Sayers in the Hall of Fame ? 🤔
Yes, Sweetness is one of them. Earl Campbell & Gale Sayers. Tony Dorsett & Franco Harris could easily fit into that…
I'm looking for a Gale Sayers, Willie Mays, and Hank Aaron autograph. Does anyone have any of the three or all?!
Ya Theo had under 400. Would think Theo was Gale Sayers by the way Gruden talked before game
Tarik Cohen is the 1st rookie RB to throw a TD pass since Gale Sayers in 1965
The original Brian’s Song, starring James Caan as Brian Piccolo and Billy Dee Williams as Gale Sayers.
Gale Sayers ain't walking through that door!
So yeah, 30 seconds worth of googling taught me that Gale Sayers had 6 total TDs (4 rush, 1 rec, 1 return) in one game, and 2 TDs next game
no one was comparing Ross to Gale freaking Sayers. It's ok to admit that
You can safely unfriend this person. I promise your football life will imp…
Hamilton Collection
my Buddy said that pick was a stone cold lock.. he claims John…
A little hyperbole from Collinsworth? Donald already a HOFer? Trending that way, but not after only four years. Unless he's Gale Sayers.
Todd Gurley is doing his best Gale Sayers impression tonight
9/21/1967 is a Thursday. cornerback Doug Hart plays Bears halfback Gale Sayers during practice for the second straight day ...
Gale Sayers...who is the best of the bunch. Terrell Davis.
Gale Sayers is an interesting comparison. You are sl…
My first memory of him is in "Brian's Song", telling Billy Dee Williams' Gale Sayers that it WAS th…
Oversight. The inspiration for Brian's Song was the Gale Sayers book, "I am Third" - he writes; God is first, Famil…
Didn't *** Butkus and Gale Sayers never see the playoffs?
During portion of practice when cameras allowed. Not trick play, but can't explain why Gould was channeling Gale Sa…
"There comes a time when you have to stand up and be counted." Gale Sayers via
Gale Sayers and *** Butkus also never played in the playoffs. Those guys are super bums.
His running style really reminds me of Gale Sayers
Gale Sayers wouldn't get 1000 yds running behind this Line
what we lost was Walter Payton, Jim Brown, & Gale Sayers! Also the Unitas, Jurgensen, Lamonicas.Bob Hayes,Jerry Rice Charlie
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Gale Sayers couldn't run behind that blocking.
15 mins left to get signed autographs from Jose Canseco at Mandalay Bay and Gale Sayers at The Mirage. Both are back t…
It's too bad Gale Sayers had so many injuries. Dude could have had 15,000 yards.
One of my boyhood hero's with Russ Jackson & Gordie Howe the great Gale Sayers # 40 wow what a playe…
Triplette doesn't have a clue as always. Our D is still dog*. Not going to cut it. Forte looks like…
Y'all know Gale Sayers from these NE parts. Omaha Central.
The # of games played is the worst argument against being in the Hall of Fame. Gale Sayers played less
My Grandad loved two athletes: Sugar Ray Robinson and Gale Sayers. Said watching Gale run was like cool water over…
RBs in the HOF who weigh less than 205:. Walter Payton. Barry Sanders. Thurman Thomas. Terrell Davis. Gale Sayers. Lenny Moore. Floyd Little
NFL has a statement out about Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey the morning after the news on Gale Sayers & Dwight Cla…
HEARTBREAKING NEWS--BRIAN'S SONG--Gale Sayers' family says he has been diagnosed with dementia
Former great Gale Sayers, 'one of the sweethearts in life,' has dementia. How his loved ones are coping
Gale Sayers’ family describes his struggle with via Photo:…
Not a good 24-36 hours for the First, gets diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease, and now we learn Gale Sayers has dementia.
Vahe Gregorian: Former KU and Chicago Bears great Gale Sayers is battling dementia
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I've been through this in my own family, my heart goes out to Gale Sayers & family. "Brian's Song" showed us all friendship…
Life as an great has taken its toll on Wakarusa's Gayle Sayers.
Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers is battling dementia
We are sad to hear about Gale Sayers diagnosis.
Will football survive? It's up to parents. My column on struggles of Gale Sayers, Dwight Clark:
From "Brian's Song" to "Gale's Song," NFL legend Gale Sayers now struggles to remember.
Relatives of Bears Hall of Famer Gale Sayers say legend has been formally diagnosed. --
Gale Sayers. "I learned that if you want to make it bad enough, no matter how bad it is, you can make it."
sorry to hear about my hero Gale Sayers health problems ..and to his great wife and our friend Ardie..stay strong
Bears legend Gale Sayers fighting trying battle with dementia
Pray for Gale Sayers and his family, and the many others facing this affliction.
Now legendary 49ers WR Dwight Clark announces he has ALS. He believes it was caused by football. Football is brutal
Chicago Sun-Times Bears great Gale Sayers' family opens up about dementia struggle Chicago Sun…
Football legends diagnosed with dementia and ALS
Legendary Hall of Fame RB Gale Sayers is suffering from dementia. His wife blames the hits he took playing football.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Gale Sayers & Dwight Clark: love to their families.
Gale Sayers is dealing with dementia, possibly caused by football
'Gale Sayers is dealing with dementia, possibly caused by football' via
Plight of Gale Sayers, Dwight Clark should scare football parents
Gale Sayers and Dwight Clark, NFL legends with bad diagnoses, "suspect" football is to blame
Gale Sayers battling dementia in yet more sad former player news. These guys can't be neglected or forgotten.
Gale Sayers battling dementia, with a familiar refrain: ‘Yes, a part of this has to be on football' via
Gale Sayers Diagnosed with Dementia - NFL legend Gale Sayers has been diagnosed with dementia ... and his wife ...
But, as author Bill DeFilippo points out, things are unlikely to change.
I learned today that Dwight Clark has ALS and that Gale Sayers had dementia. Football, man...
I will never forget asking Gale Sayers if he would come back to Lincoln for Shrine Bowl and how quickly he said yes.
gale sayers was influence beyond the field for the NFL. This example's dead.
Gale Sayers and Earl Campbell are in the HOF without the playoff success of TD
And if longevity means everything, then Gale Sayers shouldn't be in the
If Gale Sayers can be in the NFL Hall Of Fame, why can't Terrel Davis??
if he shouldn't be in then how tf is Gale Sayers in the hall? Re-evaluate
he has better numbers than Gale Sayers and Floyd Little
there are guys in the hall with less than 4 incredible years. Cough Gale Sayers Cough. RBs have to be judged differently.
Well deserving. His numbers are better than a Gale Sayers. Super Bowl MVP. 2X champ.
Olandis Gary was gold behind that O line. TD was no Gale Sayers and before TO is an abomination
And I'm good with Terrell Davis getting in. It's a Gale Sayers type argument. Short career, but at his peak he was the best in football.
Far superior? maybe. impactful? TD helped the Broncos to 2 SBs. Similar career to Gale Sayers. Both deserve it. Happy for TD
Thanks but I don't need to. Saw him play. Understand that people won't agree. Gale Sayers played 6 years too with n…
Gale Sayers of our generation, loved watching him
Equal to or surpasses Gale Sayers stats. Once I saw that, I looked much differently about his candidacy.
Yeah, that's impressive. But wasn't he a beneficiary of a terrific offensive line? He wasn't like Gale Sayers transcendent.
he had 2 more great seasons. Gale Sayers got in with less than 4 and Davis at his peak was better than to plus got the rings
1. I'm not gonna compare him to Gale Sayers. 2. By that logic, Shaun Alexander should've been in the hall 5 years ago
I'm not saying I think TD is deserving, but I think he's getting gale sayers treatment for those 3 extremely dominant years
like I said very much like gale sayers
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while you are at it maybe we should kick Gale Sayers out! His aren't close to any of those you are mentioning.
You'd kick Gale Sayers out of the Hall is what you're saying
every year Davis played tho, he was arguably the best at his. Kinda like gale sayers
you deseved it even the great Gale Sayers career was cut short because of injury.GOD BLESS!
Happy for Terrell Davis even Gale Sayers was unable to have long career because of injury.
Terrell Davis makes the Pro Football HOF under the Gale Sayers Exception. I can live with that. # Broncos
Hmmm I can see why you'd say that. His run was short. But so was Gale Sayers. Both had ultra-dominant spans in short career.
So I guess you would vote Gale Sayers out of HOF!! Davis should have been voted in long time ago!!
Kenny Easley played 89 NFL games, fewest of any HOFer since Gale Sayers (68). Before that, have to go back to J Christiansen (1951-58)
Not sure how I feel about Terrell Davis getting in HOF. Gale Sayers rule I guess.
1100 more rushing yards than HoF RB Gale Sayers on 100 fewer attempts...
For years I've always said that if Gale Sayers is in the Hall, then they should put TD in. Finally that day has come!
Some of those don't make sense either. Starting with Gale Sayers.
Then take Gale Sayers out because he didn't even have four.
He was injured you *** you're something special and with that viewpoint Gale Sayers among other greats shouldn't…
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so can Gale Sayers stay in the HOF now?
Gale Sayers got in despite never playing in a playoff game, let alone a championship. TD was more than deserving.…
Terrell Davis to the Hall, congrats. Short career but he deserved it like Gale Sayers or Sandy Koufax. Great post-season performer
If Terrell Davis made the HOF (also Gale Sayers) then Megatron should make it easily. Anyone else arguing against it are du…
Michael Vick has 1200 MORE career rushing yards than HoF RB Gale Sayers...
is everyone forgetting that Gale Sayers was "only" in the league 7 years.? Greatness is greatness
your friendship with Biden reminds me of others like Herman Boone & Bill Yoast and Gale Sayers & Brian Piccolo.
Drew Brees , Gale Sayers and *** Butkus. Oh and Hines ward made my *** day.
I don't care to be remembered as the man who scored six touchdowns i...
Ned Jarrett walked away at age 34. Carl Edwards at 37. Gale Sayers & Sandy Koufax come to mind too. Pretty elite company.
Ali, agreed, but I would've gone with Gale Sayers or Barry Sanders as artists over Brady. And then there's Pele.
Gale Sayers is in the HOF, Terrell Davis should be too. Not saying Sayers doesn't deserve it, but it's only fair
His best play while playing QB at KU was handing the ball to Gale Sayers
sort of like Gale Sayers, not sure about coming to a full stop though
.Watching Gretzky/Lemieux, along w/ likes of Zidane,Cryuff,Pele,Best, Maradona, Ali, Gale Sayers &Dr.J. is like watching poetry.
in 1965 Gale Sayers of Chicago Bears scores 6 touchdowns, ties NFL record.
On this day in 1965, four-time Pro Bowl and Hall of Fame RB Gale Sayers of the Chicago Bears ran for six touchdowns…
Only rookie to rush for more than 3 TDs in a game was a guy named Gale Sayers way back in 1965.
Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill turned an NFL hat trick last accomplished by Gale Sayers in 1965(SPEEDonFOX)
Zeke makes that whole offense, he's gale sayers.
David Johnson, Gale Sayers & Abner Haynes are only players in NFL history with 15+ rush TD, 5+ rec TD & KR-TD in 1s…
Ezekiel Elliott is the 1st rookie RB with a 60+ yard TD run & an 80+ yard TD catch in a season since Gale Sayers in…
You're right. Maybe only guys like LT and Gale Sayers live up to him.
Just saw a guy in a Gale Sayers jersey get a hole-in-one on Golden Tee.
Fox broadcast has mentioned '85 Bears plus *** Butkus, Gale Sayers in this horsesh--t game. What, Sid Luckman is chopped liver?
We must stop the trend of closing schools and building prisons.
Our young people look up to us. Let us not let them down. Our young peopl...
As a kid, my favorite RB was Gale Sayers. Baseball? Several guys, and Clemente was right up there. Unifier is right!
Jordan Howard matches Gale Sayers in Chicago Bears' victory over Minnesota Vikings
Jordan Howard is the first rookie with 200 yards from scrimmage in a game since Gale Sayers in 1965 (202 o…
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when was Gale Sayers; which MUT.. you guys need to bring the Kansas Comet back to MuT.. 🐻⬇️
gale sayers? Eddie George or Shaun Alexander maybe
Wearing my Gale Sayers jersey today, and I feel like I've inherited his running abilities and must juke move everyone in the process
why don't they? Gale Sayers isn't walking through that door!
Player in the history of the game? Jim Brown. OJ. Gale Sayers. Barry Sanders. Lawrence Taylor
Stat of the day: . Gale Sayers was the 1965 Rookie Of The Year.
he had a short career. He was the Gale Sayers of presidents.
2015 Topps 60th Anniversary GALE SAYERS Retired Rookie Reprint RC ... . - Bid on this now >
I get it low for da ray rice I tax *** for da Gale sayers
Illinois *** just as much as kansas. gale sayers more famous than john riggins. good show today
Look at this on eBay 1968 topps lot of 20 John Unitas Gale sayers rookies +
51 years ago today, both *** Butkus and Gale Sayers debut as in a 52-24 loss in San Francisco.
he not better than. Jim Brown or Gale Sayers but the people I named in standing firm on my opinion
Billy Joel wrote Charles in Charge theme song, Gale Sayers sang back up.
3 on my GOP sport team would be Joe Torre, Bo Jackson, and Gale Sayers
And now I'm off to youtube to go down the Gale Sayers' rabbit hole.
The best running back ever that had injury problems was Gale Sayers.
Dog you aint watch Gale Sayers play one single snap live
733 career attempts is a small sample size? That's only 258 less than Gale Sayers.
Jay Cutler, he's a fine quarterback, but I think at times he gets a little nicked up.
it is. Gale Sayers has one of the best YPC in NFL history as well but he had a short career.
We have about 4 million people who have voted for who they want to see in the Hall of Fame. ...
.Imagine Jackie Robinson, Lou Brock, Gale Sayers or Barry Sanders on the pitch. Kevin Johnson. Russell Westbrook?
.Interested in hearing a Jack Brickhouse call of a Gale Sayers touchdown from 1966?
Check out Gale Sayers carrying the football. I can’t even.
Wilt, Walt Weslie, Jojo, Gale Sayers all welcomed at KU dozen years before UK even thought about integrating
how about the o line don't matter if gale Sayers is back there pull your head out please
If this PSA 9 brought over $6,000 I wonder what a PSA 10 would bring
Gale Sayers 1966 RC PSA 9 at $4,600.00 with only minutes to go on EBay. Last one sold $3,600.00 in 2015.
Except for Brian Piccolo winding up Gale Sayers so he'll get pi$$ed enough to work at rehab in "Brian's Song", NONE.
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all star mvp sub 400 pts ... Gale Sayers of hockey?
Pete Franklin once said that Gale Sayers was a better Back. Gale was like trying to catch a deer in an open field..
Gale Sayers heads upfield as - OK, hang on, why is there a 19th century British cop & a team of doctors back there? htt…
guess PC & JS still know how to draft huh? When you & Gale Sayers are the only rooks in NFL history to do something
Gale Sayers signing for new release!
Gale Sayers for the Comfort Short in knit from Sears ad 1973
10th year of eligibility. Drawing comparisons to HOFer Gale Sayers. Is TD Canton bound?.
Jonathan Ogden was 39 when he was inducted in 2013, the youngest since Gale Sayers in 1977, he was just 34 years old.
David Johnson and Gale Sayers are only rookies in NFL history with 7+ rush TD, 4+ rec TD and a kick return TD
50 years ago, Gale Sayers had a six-six at Wrigley Field.
Barry Sanders, OJ Simpson, LT, Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson &Gale Sayers never played in a Super Bowl. Some of the greatest RBs in football
Did Johnston compare Matt Forte to Gale Sayers? Seriously? The ONLY RB I've seen in my life comparable to was Barry Sanders
This just in...Daryl Johnston never saw Gale Sayers
Sorry Darryl Johnston, but I don't think the closest thing in the to Gale Sayers is Matt Forte...
People who have been on my flights and I knew we were good: Joe Theismann, Gale Sayers, Dave Chapelle, Sen. Jim Bunning, David Aldridge.
Eric Dickerson does belong in the conversation. So does OJ Simpson and Gale Sayers
nice! I was trying to get the gale Sayers limited
Halloween 1994 - Gale Sayers & *** Butkus are shown having their jersey numbers retired by the ~ http…
. There once was a "Reggie Sproules". I believe Gale Sayers was his name. That's pretty lofty company for Riddick I think
Gale Sayers laying a thrashing on the ~
Injuries (and Dr. Ted Fox) stole too much of *** s career. He truly was the D version of Gale Sayers.
Hierarchy - *** Butkus & Gale Sayers, ready to demolish the NFL. 1965 Rookie Season for both. https:/…
it would be gale Sayers because he was my grandpas favorite player and would remind me of him
I'd love to see *** Butkus, Gale Sayers, Mike Singletary, Brian Urlacher,and William "the fridge" Perry all have madden cards
What jersey should I get Barry Sanders of gale Sayers 👀
Somewhere, *** Butkus and Gale Sayers are thinking "Now we're even.".
Gale Sayers the man who made a whole new style of running
UPDATE: Gale Sayers spends some time with HUDDLE for Cyber Monday!
Today in 1971, ABC aired "Brian's Song." The great movie about Chicago Bears' Brian Picolo and Gale Sayers.
Today in 1971 ABC-TV aired "Brian's Song." The movie was about Chicago Bears' Brian Picolo & his friendship with Gale Sayers
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Gale Sayers is the Sandy Koufax of football... off the charts productivity in injury-riddled career.
Herschel Walker gave Todd Gurley some major props campairing him to the legendary Gale Sayers
Todd Gurley didn't seem to care a bit that Herschel Walker compared him to Gale Sayers on . I don't think he knew who he was
I don't care if his rb was. Walter Payton. Jim Brown. Gale Sayers. Morphed into 1-rb. YOU TAKE A KNEE & play in OT.
I dunno. I could be wrong. I thought Spiller was going to be Gale Sayers to Adrian Peterson’s Jim Brown. So what do I know.
Dude got the old school Bears Gale Sayers Jersey. word
The original Brian's Song when Gale Sayers says, "I love Brian Piccolo"
Your expert last night can't stand David Johnson & your expert tonight thinks he's Gale Sayers. Glad we cleared that up!
Bears unveil George Halas statue: Virginia McCaskey and Hall of Famers *** Butkus and Gale Sayers were at Hal...
Gale Sayers needs to look at a piece of paper with his own name on it to remember his autograph. Where is Commish Goodell?
Again, keep Gale Sayers in your prayers ~ He's iconic .
Please keep Gale Sayers in all of your prayers. He's not doing so well either. Met with him today, heart of gold. http…
Brian Piccolo & Gale Sayers story will always be a good one.
With all due respect to Gale Sayers, I chose this title because I sometimes feel this sentiment when preparing to off.
network showing football Life about Terrell Davis, I believe he belongs in profootbal HOF use Gale Sayers rule! http…
. LOL!! . I felt that way last year. Met Gale Sayers in Vegas. One of the nicest man I've ever met.
Greg Cook ranks at No. 23 in the Sporting News top 30 best rookies of all time.
Several of our 30 all-time best NFL rookie seasons occurred in recent years.
I know I seen him play, I know Barry Sanders, gale Sayers, Rodger Craig, and about every running back
Top 30 NFL Rookies of All Time: Will Mariota, Winston or Cooper join the club?
Top 30 NFL rookies of all time by Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News via Sporting News Feed RSS
Best NFL rookies ever: a list Winston, Mariota and all 2015 class members hope to join.
I hold the mic like I'm Gale Sayers
Literally laughed out loud at your "not Gale Sayers" comment when Dale Thayer took over on the mound! Hilarious!
my point is the greatest of all time stay on one team. Jim Brown, Gale Sayers, Barry, Walter
option A would be sign any other running back who has ever played.Right now I'd take Gale Sayers 1st
Gale Sayers said he only needed 18 inches of daylight to score a touchdown.
Unless you're name is Walter Payton, Jim Brown, or Gale Sayers you're replaceable at RB.
This is gonna be a better RB tandem than Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo. Oh and yeah we got Sprolesy Daddy too.
Great jersey choice - Gale Sayers. The numbers he could have put up if not for the knee injuries... Different game back then.
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him or Gale Sayers. Both seem like they have great upside
you join the ranks of the great Walter Payton and Gale Sayers. So proud & happy for you
In sports news today, the Jacksonville Jaguars signed the ghost of Gale Sayers at runningback. 50 million guaranteed.
and there you have it. And for anybody who says "only 8 years," Gale Sayers made it with 6.
The injuries that Gale Sayers came back from, with medicine in those days, just unreal.
Over (450) autographed cards ending this Sunday! Highlighted by a Gale Sayers Signed Rookie!
I remember seeing 65-yard TD run vs. K-State from the but I watched it again. He looked like Gale Sayers.
gale Sayers is from a different area and played running back way different
gale Sayers played 6 years with no rings either and he's in the Hall
Short lived greatness is defined by three things: Bo Jackson, Gale Sayers, and MTV Unplugged. MTV Unplugged was so dope.
How many seasons did Gale Sayers play??
Barry Sanders.puleeezee... we need Jim Brown. He is a real star. And throw in gale sayers
different positions different standards. Look at gale Sayers
Patrick Willis retiring before his 30th birthday. . Gale Sayers and Jim Brown are the last 2 HOF'ers to never play a game afte…
I met Gordie Howe, Steve Carlton, Bill Walton & Gale Sayers @ a video dealers convention of all places.
Blessed to have watched Gale Sayers, Walt Garrison, Steve Owens, Thurman Thomas, and other "greats" play live...Barry Sanders was the best!
Free: Autograph Gale Sayers NFL HOF auto. Check it out -
Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles presents “Dining With Gale Sayers,” a fundraiser and book signing on January 20 in two locations at two times. Central...
when did Gale Sayers come in the game
I Am Third by Gale Sayers, which was made into the television movie "Brian's Song." It's nonfiction, but reads like fiction.
Gale Sayers arrive monday in the valley of the sun. He will appear at two lolos locations, for his book signing,...
Fundraiser, Book Signing in Phoenix, Scottsdale on January 20 - Tickets on sale now:
❝The only thing I got out of football was the ability to work hard, and that's it.❞ --Gale Sayers
Gale Sayers did not have the power of Ollie, OJ, Bo, Herchel or Curtis Dickey. Glen Davis nor Barry Sanders had the power of the previous
just watched some great documentaries about Roger Staubach, *** Butkus & Gale Sayers- three unforgettable player🙌
Impossible now routine for NY Giants WR Odell Beckham Robert Sabo/New York Daily News Odell Beckham Jr. reaches back for one of the greatest catches of all time. Odell Beckham Jr. created one of those magical Michael Jordan moments that defied gravity and became an instant classic as perhaps the greatest catch in NFL history. It was even better than David Tyree’s “Helmet Catch,” which has now been relegated to just the greatest catch in Super Bowl history. Jordan would twist his body in three different directions on the way to the hoop. Gale Sayers was known as “Magic,” because of the way he was able to stop abruptly, virtually at full speed, and reverse field. Wayne Gretzky zig-zagging his way to the net was unforgettable. Beckham is quickly gaining a reputation of being uniquely talented, capable of catches that defy logic and body control. Beckham is the only reason to keep watching the Giants through what’s been a dreadful season. In just his seventh game of his rookie year, his acrobatic ...
Chicago takes the lead! Matt Forte scores on 13-yard TD, tying Gale Sayers for 4th on Bears all-time Rush TD list. CHI le…
Kaaya is going to be a overall pick. Go ahead and chalk that up. Also, Melvin Gordon is Gale Sayers, Jameis Winston is going to be a Geno Smith-level bust,and Georgia has two RBs that could start on most NFL teams
Photo: nfltop10: Gale Sayers was returning kicks in the 60’s which was the most favorable time for...
Gale Sayers, Star running back Chicago Bears by julian May, 1973 hardcover
comin from a boy whos never heard of Walter Payton, Singletary, Ditka, *** Butkus, Gale Sayers, George Halas, or Red Grange.
have you heard of Walter Payton? Gale Sayers? Mike Singletary? Gosh you're stupidity is a disease. Die already
I know this may be weird but I'm too excited about with Gale Sayers coming up soon!!!
Roses are red, violets are blue, curry powder is chartreuse, and Gale Sayers is strange.
You were the best running back,since Gale Sayers.Dickerson and others are just behind you and Gale.And I come from Philly
This is what makes sports something positive for me. Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo had it right. . via
remember when all the Bears had was Gale Sayers, *** Butkus, Jack Concannon and a solid but aging D? A bad loss was 27-10.
Gale Sayers ain't tote the rock for this.
Gale Sayers isnt walking thru that door..
they need mike ditka, Brian urlacher, Gale Sayers Walter Payton and the 1985 Bears
Gale Sayers not walking thru that door
Breaking: *** Butkus and Gale Sayers warming up in the tunnel
Good enough for Gale Sayers, good enough for Cobb.
Not even 1/4 of the way through and my dads already taken his Gale Sayers jersey off
Mayun they hated the Packers in our house growing up. Gale Sayers grew up right down the street from where I was born. Dad was huge Bear fan   10% Off
Keys to a Bears win:. • No turnovers from Jay Cutler. • Lock the Packers in their locker room, hide the key. • Big game from Ga…
headed to Chicago for tomorrow night's Evening With The Stars event, sponsored by Gale Sayers Foundation. Honored to be getting award,
loved him! Imagine what Gale Sayers could have done if his career wasn't cut short? Can't forget Dickerson and Tomlinson either.
I am watching the Bears-Jets game and it just dawned on me. It would have been interesting to see a game featuring Joe Namath and Gale Sayers. If you're an old school football fan you know what I am talking about.
I should have known better---I was channel surfing when I got home tonight---saw that " Brian's Song" was on---the original from the early 70's with Billy Dee Williams and James Caan---so I watch and of course by the end I'm crying like crazy. For those of you that know me, that isn't at all out of the ordinary. I wonder though, today, would a Bring Piccolo be able to talk Gale Sayers like he did?
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