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Attention, Galaxy Note 7 holdouts: it's about to become even more bothersome to use the device if you live in the...
Samsung planning to release a Galaxy Note 7 update that limits its battery to 60% | 9to5Google
Samsung's software update that limits Galaxy Note 7 battery charging to 60 percent and pops up recall...
Samsung America has managed to replace around 85 per cent of the Galaxy Note 7 units till date.
Software update will annoy Galaxy Note 7 owners into a return. Read more: $005930
Samsung: nearly 85 percent of Galaxy Note 7 phones in U.S. have been replaced.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date, news, specs rumors: Galaxy Note 7's successor to be ...
Here's what you should do if you own a Samsung washer (Galaxy Note 7 owners, you probably already know the drill):
Samsung to hobble Galaxy Note 7 charging in US with software - CNET
Samsung rolls out update to limit charging capability of Galaxy Note 7
I had to get rid of my Galaxy Note 7 😡😡 but I've converted to try something new and cause…
A employee is dressed up as a Galaxy Note 7 for Halloween. . It's on 🔥
Hillary is like the iPhone 7: disappointing, annoying, and nothing new. Trump is like the Galaxy Note 7: hazardous, expl…
First the Galaxy Note 7 and now washing machines? y'all trippin
DigitalTrends Mob: After killing the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is now looking to reduce its...
Yes from exploding Galaxy Note 7 to Samsung washing machine,
Looks like the Galaxy Note 7 was just the beginning of Samsung's woes.
Greenpeace urges Samsung to recycle 4.3M recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones to keep hazardous materials out of landfills.
beware! Most airlines are not allowing the Galaxy Note 7 on their flights anymore.
5 companies that can overtake Galaxy Note 7 debacle a blessing to Huawei, Opp... Read more:
Listen to TCBC Episode 2: Brian Heater on IFA, Galaxy Note 7 and more
It is now officially a crime to bring a Galaxy Note 7 on a U.S. plane.
Now he can't afford he probably bought a Galaxy Note 7
It is now a federal crime to bring a Galaxy Note 7 onto an airplane
Samsung Electronics to limit Galaxy Note 7 battery charge in South Korea
South Korean economic growth slowed last quarter, thanks in part to the Galaxy Note 7
: Samsung being sued by 527 South Koreans for Galaxy Note 7 recall October 24, 2016 at 12:27PM
SlashGear: Samsung killed the Galaxy Note 7 by rushing replacements
WSJ: Samsung's investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 is delaying development of the Galaxy S8 - Phone Arena
Samsung is setting up Galaxy Note 7 exchange stations in airports
hopefully he doesn't have a Galaxy Note 7...
Galaxy Note 7 customers will be allowed to upgrade to the Galaxy S8 or Note 8 for 50 percent off
Samsung may trim its executive force by 20% after Galaxy Note 7 failure go to
Department of Transportation: no Galaxy Note 7 on planes
Samsung temporarily halts production of Galaxy Note 7 after replacement devices catch fire, Yonhap news agency says.
Samsung hit with class action lawsuit over exploding Galaxy Note 7 via
is making announcements that the Galaxy Note 7 must remain off. DL1205 BOS/ATL & 1416 ATL/JAX.
.toxic work culture exposed on the heels of Galaxy Note 7 disaster... It's everything not to do!
Samsung has been hit with a class-action lawsuit over the exploding Galaxy Note 7
U.S. Department of Transportation bans Galaxy Note 7 from all flights
Galaxy Note 7 is now banned on all - AU :
Nope! It's the Galaxy Note 7, I believe! Actually in the US they've been completely.
Beautifully giftwraps Galaxy Note 7 and sends to ex.
But has anyone tried giving Hillary and Trump a Galaxy Note 7?
Today's hot story at Daily News Desk: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 banned by more airl… see more
Samsung Electronics Co offered alternative phones to its India customers who had pre-ordered its flagship Galaxy Note 7 devices, in a...
I liked a video from LG V20 vs Galaxy Note 7 - Camera Shootout!
They said the Galaxy Note 7's camera was better than the iPhone 7 when it came out. Yeah, it can take better photos of your house burning.
Samsung Electronics has said its profits will take a £4.3bn hit from Galaxy Note 7
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recall will cost the company at least $5.3 billion
Samsung gives $100 credit for Galaxy Note 7 exchanges
Galaxy Note 7 recall will cost Samsung at least $5.3B
Samsung warns of $3 billion hit to profit from Galaxy Note 7 debacle
joined me EXCLUSIVELY to discuss the latest on Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, the iPhone 7 and Google's Pixel: https:/…
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 fail is bigger than we thought
Amazon is issuing refunds for some Galaxy Note 7 accessories
Samsung looks to head off long-term brand damage as it scraps Galaxy Note 7 | Marketing Week
Samsung mobile chief apologizes for Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco, vows to 'restore trust of ...
Samsung’s mobile division chief to investigate problems in Galaxy Note 7; vows to rebuild trust…
If you want to murder your wife, don't do it yourself. You'll go to jail. Buy her a Galaxy Note 7 instead. Let Samsung do th…
How did botch the Galaxy Note 7 crisis? It's a failure of leadership
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Samsung sending out explosion-proof return packages for Galaxy Note 7.
Samsung has stopped all sales and production of Galaxy Note 7.
Samsung’s response to Galaxy Note 7 is a cautionary tale for those in and ➤ via
If you have a Galaxy Note 7, shut it off right now
Digital Realm • Samsung urges Galaxy Note 7 phone exchange urgently: There have been reports of a couple of I...
Samsung is suspending production of the Galaxy Note 7, says Korean news agency
Samsung's exploding Galaxy Note 7 woes are a result of its smartphone war with Apple |
Fire-proof boxes sent for Galaxy Note 7 returns
Huawei's upcoming Mate 9 ready to replace your Galaxy Note 7 - CNET
JUST IN: Samsung permanently stops production of the Galaxy Note 7 after failing to correct issue that caused fires
Samsung providing customers the option to receive a pre-paid fireproof box to return the Galaxy Note 7 in.
SEOUL, Oct 11 (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is considering permanently halting sales of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones as an option
Samsung Electronics Co. cut its third-quarter operating profit by $2.3 billion after ending production of its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7
On October 11, 2016, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd scrapped the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone following its failure to...
Foster Design Build 'Like a sad love story': These loyalists will stick with Galaxy Note 7 to the... Robert Berg
Samsung has discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 after battery fires. Here's what to do if you have one:
GTA 5 mod that swaps grenades for the Galaxy Note 7
Creative: Galaxy Note 7 as an explosive device in Grand Theft Auto:
Samsung permanently discontinues the Galaxy Note 7, $17 billion in sales lost
Samsung said it would permanently discontinue production and sales of its embattled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.
Foster Design Build Samsung tells users: Turn off your Galaxy Note 7 phone NOW: Samsung issued an... Robert Berg
Apple stock rose 2.3% after Samsung suspended production of its Galaxy Note 7 following reports of fires in replacement phones via
Store refused to change Galaxy Note 7. You and Samsung will be responsible if anything happens
Phone operators in talks with Samsung over Galaxy Note 7 fire fears
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 disaster won't be the end of the company
A replacement Galaxy Note 7 starts smoking on a plane before takeoff...
Galaxy Note 7 sales officially halted by all U.S. carriers.
Galaxy Note 7 sales halted by all U.S. carriers
Samsung's shares are climbing despite even more problems with the Galaxy Note 7
To those who have said "No such thing as bad publicity" ... Galaxy Note 7 is proving that all wrong 🔥
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
WSJ: Samsung faces more questions about Galaxy Note 7 recall cause 🔓
Sprint and Best Buy cease sales of replacement Galaxy Note 7 smartphones
A short time ago,. In a Galaxy Note 7 not too far away . . .
Samsung suspends Galaxy Note 7 production after more fires
Beleaguered Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 has no future
Galaxy Note 7 sales have now been suspended by Sprint and Best Buy: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have all confirmed…
Samsung is stopping production of Galaxy Note 7 as fears spread that even replacement versions can burst into flames
Vodafone and EE halt Galaxy Note 7 replacements in the UK: Three of the four major carriers in the United States…
Samsung temporarily suspends production of Galaxy Note 7: Report
Samsung to bounce back from Galaxy Note 7 disaster:
Forget the Galaxy Note 7 and buy an iPhone 7 Plus - Cult of Mac
Samsung adjusting Galaxy Note 7 production after fires
Samsung needs to kill the Galaxy Note 7 before someone gets really hurt
What is the best Galaxy Note 7 alternative? [Poll of the Week]
Samsung shares continue to climb despite the Galaxy Note 7 crisis. Here's why:
Wow: Samsung temporarily halts production of Galaxy Note 7
Samsung temporarily halts production of Galaxy Note 7 (
Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7 after news of replacement units found to also be defective.
Samsung temporarily halts production of Galaxy Note 7: official too fiery, like
: Samsung temporarily halts production of Galaxy Note 7...
Samsung is ‘pausing’ shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 to Telstra, says internal memo -
Samsung reportedly halts Galaxy Note 7 production . After more reports of replacement Galax…
Samsung Halts Production of Galaxy Note 7: Report . Citing an unnamed official at a Samsung…
Samsung halts production of the Galaxy Note 7 - CNET
halts Galaxy Note 7 production after fire reports
Samsung to suspend production of Galaxy Note 7
Samsung temporarily halts production of Galaxy Note 7
Samsung will suspend production of the Galaxy Note 7 as replacement phones continue to explode…
employee in Korea tells me widespread censorship in company as AT&T halts Galaxy Note 7 replacements
Samsung is reportedly temporarily halting production of the Galaxy Note 7
JUST IN: Samsung has halted production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to fears of replacements catching fire
Samsung reportedly halts Galaxy Note 7 production because of all those pesky fires
Samsung's decision to temporarily halt Galaxy Note 7 production was done in cooperation with authorities in China and the United States.
Samsung has reportedly stopped production on the Galaxy Note 7. Yes, again.
Samsung earnings not stung by Galaxy Note 7 -- yet: Korean electronics giant expects slight rise in operating…
Flying for the first time since the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. The safety announcements have me cackling. 💀
I guess I could get a Galaxy Note 7? *bursts into flames*
I'm to understand that in a cross marketing coup, the Galaxy Note 7 will be an unlockable explosive in the new Call of Duty.
Google's Pixel XL will be going head-to-head against the Galaxy Note 7. Here's how they stack up!.
For those of you would-be fathers that own Galaxy Note 7's: don't store them in your front pants pocket.
Galaxy Note 7 with replacement battery bursts into flames on a plane [Update]…
Samsung suspends sales Galaxy Note 7 after batteries of some of the gadgets exploded while charging.
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 goes up in flames during lab test in terrifying new pictures -- by
Check out this awesome new accessory for Galaxy Note 7 owners!
There’s a GTA V mod that lets you use Galaxy Note 7 as a bomb
Beyond Good & Evil 2 confirmed to be free to play, match 3 puzzler exclusive to the Galaxy Note 7.
Galaxy Note 7 phone replacements are still catching on fire. via
Samsung obtains hazardous materials permit to ship faulty Galaxy Note 7 units back
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is a literal bomb in this GTA 5 mod
Airplane evacuated after replacement Galaxy Note 7 catches fire in cabin via
Worthy of note, his Galaxy Note 7 caught fire after he turned if off. They had to evacuate the plane. This was a REPLACEMENT from Samsung!
Would the airlines start putting Galaxy Note 7 users on their *own* flights please? And so it begins...
Samsung responds to new Galaxy Note 7 fire on Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines flight evacuated as a replacement Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on board. Regulators to investigate
Galaxy Note 7 owner sues Samsung after smartphone EXPLODES in his pocket
If I put a Galaxy Note 7 in a Samsung washing machine, would result be a hole in space-time continuum? story http…
Samsung has another exploding problem - Samsung, maker of the troubled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, has anot...
AND MAKE SURE your Galaxy Note 7 phone doesn't accidentally get into a Samsung washer!
Galaxy Note 7 sales for pre-order customers in South Korea will resume tomorrow
Samsung says 90 percent of Galaxy Note 7 owners have opted for a replacement
Samsung delays restarting sales of its Galaxy Note 7 in S Korea
Galaxy Note 7 - when it's not exploding, it's actually a pretty great phone! " "
Samsung Electronics Co said on Tuesday it has got back more than 60 percent of recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold in South Korea and …
iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy Note 7 speed test: This is just embarrassing… via
Galaxy Note 7 sales for pre-orders to resume Wednesday in Korea: South Korean telcos will resume Note 7 sales on…
.customer in reports fire in new Galaxy Note 7. via
.advises passengers not to turn on or charge Galaxy Note 7 devices on board aircraft and not to place them in…
Samsung claims 90% of its Galaxy Note 7 customers returning the device have opted for an exchange un ...
Samsung will re-launch its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on October 7 in India. .
only 25% of Galaxy Note 7 buyers in the US had handed their phones back so fa via
When you realize your friend got a Galaxy Note 7
Ok. If you purchased your Galaxy Note 7 from we would like to assure you, that ...
Desire to beat iPhone 7 led to Galaxy Note 7 battery issues
Half a million Galaxy Note 7 replacement units have arrived in the U.S. via
Just got a Galaxy Note 7, using to buy stuff at my college bookstore!
iPad, Xbox One, and Galaxy Note 7, and HTC M9. iPad is the only one w the error message, the rest it just won't sign in.
A global Galaxy Note 7 recall began in earnest amid questions whether Samsung can meet demand for replacements.
Do you want to quickly switch data to Galaxy Note 7 from old phone without PC/Cables,Try SmartIO App
Galaxy Note 7: Owners advised not to use on planes - BBC News
Samsung kicked off its Galaxy Note 7 exchange program on Monday, giving smartphone owners in its home market of South Korea the chance to
Samsung will keep bugging you to turn in your faulty Galaxy Note 7
Galaxy Note 7 explodes in pocket, man sues Samsung via News9 : Latest News
Samsung will have 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 replacements in stores Wednesday - CNET
Samsung commences replacement program, to announce new launch date for Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Electronics said Wednesday it has received three reports of Galaxy Note 7 battery fi... Via
Samsung should use the song Firestarter by Prodigy in commercials for the Galaxy Note 7.
How the iPhone 7 beat the Galaxy Note 7: By being boring
Samsung will have 500K replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones in stores today, enough to replace half of the recalled devices
Samsung said 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 replacements for those recalled in the U.S. will be available by Wednesday . 🔓
Galaxy Note 7 batteries fine in China, Samsung says -
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Samsung is now displaying this message every time you turn on or charge a Galaxy Note 7. Next step will be bricking the pho…
Samsung Electronics says to restart Galaxy Note 7 sales in South Korea on Sep 28
Since Trump wants to take away Hillary's bodyguards to "see what happens", why can't we give him a Galaxy Note 7 and "see w…
Man allegedly burned by Galaxy Note 7 is suing Samsung
I'm buying my MIL a Galaxy Note 7. She's due for a new phone.
Official CPSC recall goes out for Galaxy Note 7 — replacements will be a ... -
"Samsung says replacement stock of new Galaxy Note 7 will be available no later than September 21."
"When it’s all good and done, Samsung will probably never really tell us how many Galaxy Note 7 units exploded.". One explosion is too many!
See if your Galaxy Note 7 is safe with Samsung's new tool - CNET
Man sues Samsung after Galaxy Note 7 allegedly exploded in his pants
Florida man sues Samsung, says Galaxy Note 7 exploded
Explosion to your Galaxy Note 7 this autumn.
I've been busy putting out fires this morning. Everything is OK, it's just this new Galaxy Note 7 that I bought.
Apple's reaction to the Galaxy Note 7 recall was brilliant, and we all missed it - BGR
Turns out a Galaxy Note 7 did not explode in a child's hands via /r/Android
Samsung is to move away from its own battery subsidiary, SDI, for Galaxy Note 7, a... via
Samsung shares plunge to their lowest level in nearly two months after battery warnings about the new Galaxy Note 7
Here's Samsung's temporary trick to stop the Galaxy Note 7 from exploding RT
Announcement from the gate: "If you have a Galaxy Note 7, that device is prohibited on this aircraft.". cc:
Apple's iOS 10 and WatchOS 3 arrive, and Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 problems persist video - CNET - CNET
Samsung now marks non-exploding Galaxy Note 7's with an 'S'
Galaxy Note 7 explosions are driving Android fans to the iPhone 7 (
Over 70 Galaxy Note 7 phones have overheated in the US alone
Samsung's quick fix for Galaxy Note 7 is no full recharge
Philippine ban use of Galaxy Note 7 on all - BusinessWorld Online..
A manufacturing flaw gets the blame for why Galaxy Note 7 phones are catching fire. Meanwhile, a software update c…
Samsung's quick fix for Galaxy Note 7: Prevent it from recharging fully: Samsung Electronics Co. plans to iss...
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung Electronics has recommended South Korean customers to stop using the new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones,
SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has decided to halt television advertisements for the Galaxy Note 7...
Samsung to launch apology ad over Galaxy Note 7 recall
New Samsung site tells you if your Galaxy Note 7 is safe Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help an…
Samsung speeds up its massive recall of Galaxy Note 7
Samsung has lost $26 billion in value since it recalled the Galaxy Note 7
Samsung loses $19bn market value as investors realise gravity of Galaxy Note 7 fiasco...
US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) joined 4 Australian airlines in banning usage of the Galaxy Note 7 on board flights.
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission working with Samsung on official recall of Galaxy Note 7, via PhoneArena...
U.S. and Samsung tell Galaxy Note 7 owners: Power down now via
Consumer agency says don't use the Galaxy Note 7:
Another $10B wiped out from Samsung's market cap after FAA warning on Galaxy Note 7
: – iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 7: Which phablet is for you?
someone left their Galaxy Note 7 in the fuel tank?
Did a Galaxy Note 7 really blow up an entire Jeep? Here's a photo that's starting to go viral 😱:
Samsung's recalled Galaxy Note 7 blamed for Jeep and garage fires
FAA advises against using or charging Galaxy Note 7 phones on planes
Passengers warned not to use Galaxy Note 7 on board planes on
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Here's hoping we don't get 'Galaxy Note 7 brings down passenger jet'. Looking forward to trying the phone but boy, what a m…
Three Aussie airlines have banned the use of Galaxy Note 7
Samsung now had got a real PR Nightmare, Galaxy Note 7 not being allowed on some international flights, see FAA
No-fly zone suggested for Galaxy Note 7: Phlaming phablet should not be used in the sky says US Federal Aviat...
US regulator tells air passengers not to turn on Galaxy Note 7 phones
Samsung swings for the fences with the Galaxy Note 7
Galaxy Note 7 recall could cost Samsung up to $1 billion: Oculus, who produce virtual reality software and ap...
Man claims his Galaxy Note 7 blew up and set his car on fire
Don't use Galaxy Note 7 on planes, FAA says, after 'exploding' battery reports
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 gets put on no-fly list in Australia
CONSUMER ALERT! FAA has now warned airline passengers not to use Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone --
Samsung ordered a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 last week.
This is why Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7. Don’t be an *** get yours replaced NOW. http…
Samsung confirms it is recalling the Galaxy Note 7 after reports of explosions via
Samsung Electronics S. Korea: KRX: 005930 -0.6%. on trouble with Galaxy Note 7 smartphone battery that has led to halt in sales
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recall could cost $US1b - but it's worth it - The Sydney Morning Herald |
horror!!! Samsung is recalling Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after some of their batteries exploded or caught fire.
Samsung has recalled Galaxy Note 7 after Mbaga girls used it to burn a dormitory!
Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 over explosion fears
Samsung recalling new Galaxy Note 7 over battery problem that could spark fire
Samsung is recalling millions of Galaxy Note 7 phones over reports of exploding batteries:
Samsung suspends Galaxy Note 7 sales: KUALA LUMPUR: Samsung has stopped all sales of the Galaxy Note7, after ...
Samsung urged to officially recall Galaxy Note 7 to prevent resale of a dangerous product
Breaking: Samsung will reportedly issue worldwide recall of Galaxy Note 7
How to return your recalled Galaxy Note 7 to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint | Android Cent…
stop Galaxy Note 7 sales after discovering some batteries explode while charging
HK SCMP: Samsung Hong Kong will replace Galaxy Note 7 smartphones over battery defect
Samsung is recalling Galaxy Note 7 phones because they're bursting into flames
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recall: The last thing the brand ne... |
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, now with a free fire extinguisher & smoke detector.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Samsung PH to replace units of Galaxy Note 7 owners via
Samsung expected to announce recall of Galaxy Note 7 soon
Samsung's unprecedented recall of the Galaxy Note 7
🚨 Samsung issuing worldwide recall of Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries and charger fires 🚨 .
Samsung stops sales of all Galaxy Note 7 smartphones |
Samsung is recalling Galaxy Note 7 phones because they’re bursting into flames
Samsung halts Galaxy Note 7 sales after battery explosions.
Samsung investigating reports of Galaxy Note 7 explosions
Samsung reportedly ready to Pay 3x to get back the Galaxy Note 7 from First Indian Customer. ht…
Samsung announces Global recall of Galaxy Note 7 after 35 Battery Problems reported.
Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 phones video - CNET
Samsung will exchange US Galaxy Note 7 devices as early as next week - The Verge
Smartphone giant Samsung to halt sale of latest flagship Galaxy Note 7 model over problems with the battery
I added a video to a playlist Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 phones
Hello, after being notified by Samsung that they have stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7 due to reported safety issues,
Samsung is recalling the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone worldwide after reports of battery fires.
Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 over battery flaw - CNET
Samsung spills the details of its Note 7 exchange program in US - . If you’ve got a Galaxy Note 7, you’ve pro ...
Samsung launches Galaxy Note 7 exchange program for US customers, new devices coming as soon as next week
Samsung to issue global recall of Galaxy Note 7..
Samsung's handling of Galaxy Note 7 recall raises conerns for US officials
Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 over battery failure
Samsung's halted production of Galaxy Note 7 over fears it could catch fire. .
Samsung is recalling its just released Galaxy Note 7 due to fire-prone battery issues: —…
Samsung’s 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 7 is packed with USB Type-C ... |
Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 phones after battery fires
Global recall of Galaxy Note 7 could spell total disaster for Samsung
Samsung stops sales and recalls the Galaxy Note 7 globally via
BREAKING: Samsung to recall Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and offer exchanges after reports of batteries catching fire
Samsung stops shipments of 'exploding' Galaxy Note 7 phones
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