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Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot (born April 30, 1985) is an Israeli actress and model. She won the Miss Israel title in 2004 and went on to represent Israel at the 2004 Miss Universe beauty pageant.

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Gal Gadot looked stunning when she visited Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Batman V Superman.
I'm sooo excited. I can't wait. The fact that Gal Gadot is gorgeous isn't a factor at all 😉
New Wonder Woman footage shows Gal Gadot in action
'Wonder Woman' star Gal Gadot kicks butt in new trailer - -
Nicole Kidman as Mercy. Sigourney Weaver as Ana. Jared Leto as Junkrat. Gal Gadot as Pharah or Widow. Dwayne Johnson as Winston.
It would be great to see Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller play injustice 2.
Jason Statham and Gal Gadot battle thugs and blow things up in Super Bowl 51 commercial https:/…
Henry Cavill has signed with a new talent agency, joining Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot over at William Morris Endeavor…
Zack Snyder shared a photo of Gal Gadot at a ADR session for Find out what it all means:
Best part of the was seeing the Queens:Emma Stone, Amy Adams, and Gal Gadot
2016 was terrible. Gal Gadot has another baby on the way, Margot Robbie got married, Prince/Bowie/Phife/George Michael di…
Gal Gadot on how Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa resemble their characters
I love Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice directed by Zack Snyder and starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Ad
star Margot Robbie beats Gal Gadot and Marvel at the Awards!
Hm. I'm torn, do I watch Bridget Fonda, or Else Pataky and Gal Gadot???
GORGEOUS! Gal Gadot shines in the latest trailer for ‘Wonder Woman
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Alarm bells are already ringing. Action scenes look stupid with the excessive slow motion and Gal Gadot looks boring as Wonder Woman.
listen gal gadot is a trash person but *5sos voice*... — I know mf
Man, finally saw the Wonder Woman trailer, looks pretty dope, hope it is good. Gal Gadot remains an angel too beautiful for this world
The first official trailer for is finally here!
The best part of the new trailer is when she has her epic Batman moment!! .
I don't know enough to discuss that. I know Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot - but not the comics.
Warner Bros. Picture has released a new trailer for featuring Gal Gadot in the title role >
DC is really winning with Gal Gadot and Margot Robbie 😍🙌🏾 like Marvel has great men but DC is killing it 🔥
Gal Gadot as a Wonder Woman is so hot omg 😍😍😍😍
Anonymous said: You do know Gal Gadot is xenophobic right? She was in the Israel army when she was...
💥⚔ hits her favorite Wonder Woman pose.
Be honest… how many times have you watched the new trailer? Might as well make it one more!
I know a lot of you have new phone backgrounds after today's epic new posters. Let me see!
Where are y'all shouting that Scarlett Johansson shouldn't play black widow because she's a Zionist? Y'all only want to ha…
Am I the only one who just thought of shipping Chris Pine and Gal Gadot in the trailer. ***
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Admitted to my wife that I have ulterior motives for wanting to see WW. Goodness me Gal Gadot is a breathtaking woman.
The more I see of the Wonder Woman movie, the more I'm convinced Gal Gadot fits the point.
Every new Wonder Woman trailer has me in tears. Bless Gal Gadot for existing 🙌🏼
Who spotted the Wayne Enterprises logo in the trailer? Bring on that Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne cameo! . https:…
It begins with her. Gal Gadot is Watch the NEW trailer now.
I liked a video from Wonder Woman Official Trailer (2017) Gal Gadot, Chris Pine
The Wonder Woman trailers give me a huge lady crush on Gal Gadot
I have loved Wonder Woman since I was a little kid! Linda Carter was awesome and Gal Gadot caught my eye in Batman vs Superman. SO EXCITED!!
From Gal Gadot to Lynda Carter, view the many on-screen incarnations of
Gal Gadot Is ‘Wonder Woman’ in Second Trailer (Watch) via In case YOU missed this. I can't wait.
is the hero we need to save the DC Movie Universe. Watch the trailer:
is here to save the world. And superhero movies in general.
Also, saw a longer trailer for Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot will slay us so be prepared.
Gal Gadot and Claire Forlani are like twins!! Omg love them both
Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot speak for gender equality as designated Honorary Ambassador
Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot at the United Nations ceremony
Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot face backlash after Wonder Woman is named an honorary UN ambassador.
It's the Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot appear together for the first time to honor the character
Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter together for Wow. What a moment.
Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot reflect on 75 years of Wonder Woman at the U.N. via
If you missed seeing Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot at the UN, here is a great picture of them together...
Lynda Carter passing the torch to Gal Gadot. . Respect the past, embrace the future.
OMG. Gal Gadot. You have won my heart. Think I'll be the tragic camping in the cinema foyer for this.
Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot will be there when Wonder Woman is named an honorary U.N. ambassador
Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot says women "truly are as strong as men - perhaps not physically, but in other ways"
.and Gal Gadot will appear on the Jimmy Live post-debate special!.
The Bone is BACK. See and Gal Gadot on Jimmy post-debate special!
A playful remake of "Andrei Rublev", starring Randall Park and Gal Gadot
I want people to have a good impression of Israel. I don't feel like I'm an ambassador for my cou
Nothing against Gal Gadot, but Aly Raisman should have been the new Wonder Woman.
This picture used is one of Alessandra Ambrosio not Gal Gadot
Hi guys im a graphic freelance and i would made a movie poster on Gal Gadot ,can you know where i can find HQ photos of her? :)
Had a dream Gal Gadot forced me to wear a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman outfit circa 1979 and massaged my prostate
Just realized my summer help girl looks like a young Gal Gadot, but she refuses to agree with me. I'm standing firm.
Mackie & Casey Affleck are cops. Clifton Collins is good. Teresa Palmer & Gal Gadot have nothing to do but sleep with brooding cops/robbers
Gal Gadot Art is a piece of digital artwork by Best Actors which was ...
Artist turns $20 Wonder Woman toy into a spectacular mini Gal Gadot
why did Gal Gadot have to ruin Wonder Woman for me I hate her so much I can't even look at the character the same way again
Gal Gadot real life soldier, model, and Wonder Woman, photos, trailers
No stars in her eyes: Gal Gadot wasn't impressed with Tinseltown at first: Gal Gadot hated Los Angeles when s...
If something happens to me tell Gal Gadot I'm really in love with her
There can never be too much Gal Gadot on the tl
This just in: I'm insanely in love with Gal Gadot
I've watched Batman V. Superman 6 times, and have not once found a flaw in Ben Affleck's Batman or Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman
Didn't get to see Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, Jim Lee, Nicola Scott, and Tiffany Smith at the via DCComics
happened to me w Gal Gadot, I thought she was too "small" for WW but turns out she's almost 180cm+Henry and Ben being friggin' tol
Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Jason Mamoa & all on stage now! https…
Saw the entire cast of suicide squad, the guy who plays black panther, and Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. Most celebrities I've seen in one day.
Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman reveals first official poster
Gal Gadot behind the scenes of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).
From come new images of Gal Gadot in the upcoming standalone "Wonder Woman" movie
Gal Gadot, wueh! Lakini Israeli ladies are hot in some typa way that is just amazing.
||: Before y'all knowing that I'm using Gal Gadot for Rogue's Adult!AU. . ..what do you think? 😊
Gal Gadot is bae as Wonder Woman they casted the right actress. ❤️
Anonymous said: Just was wondering why you don't like Gal Gadot? Not trying to seem rude, just wanted your...
Me showing people my gal gadot obsession
I may have found a new crush in Gal Gadot.
comedy looks good on Jon Hamm, and even better on Gal Gadot 😍😍
Gal Gadot, she is the goddess of beauty !
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman It is the best 🌸💘.
outstanding as always. Shes such ana amazing actress wow
Makeup by me for . Hair by Dayaruci . Styling by Micaelaer Langer. Suit by Victoria Beckham
There is a GAL GADOT Wonder Woman ACTION FIGURE from Play Arts Kai you need to check it out. It is IMMACULATE.
Too true. Gal Gadot is literally the prettiest woman I have ever seen.
Looks like Gal Gadot is going to have her own badass warehouse scene in
Gal Gadot Participates in Pro-Israel Campaign: The short video begins with Ga...
I don't know gal gadot but i trust her
Gal Gadot needs movies with just her as whatever superhero she wants to be
but it's batman and Superman and gal gadot
As much as I like Gal Gadot in the movie, they could have taken her out of the movie and there wouldnt be any drastic-
Superwoman Gal Gadot is only one of the Super-women of ...
Wonder Woman Gal Gadot participates in pro-Israel video campaign-->
Like this was not designed by me. They took MY code, copyed the themes and putting my site in the credits but
My takeaways from Batman v. Superman: . 1. Gal Gadot is really hot. 2. Martha is a common name.
got more "ethnic"/Gal Gadot looking since Gal Gadot started playing her 👍🏾👏🏾
A great new behind the scenes photo throws the spotlight on Gal Gadot as 'Wonder Woman'
New still images of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman!
Gal Gadot and Margot Robbie are absurdly gorgeous.
I want Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher & Gal Gadot to sextuple penetrate me.
Henry Cavill looks like he'd be embarrassed if Jason Momoa gets drunk & tries to hug him. Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, & Ray Fisher would love it
Cara Delevinge, Margot Robbie, Elizabeth Olsen & Gal Gadot are all the actresses I love
+ I fell in love with Gal Gadot while Tao Okamoto was very sexy too
who played Two Face in Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever, Gal Gadot who played Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman,
Affleck & Gal Gadot were in Paris to film Wonder Woman in the modern era. They are surely there to do some recruitment.
Already one of our most anticipated 2017 releases!
much like Gal Gadot, both Chadwick Boseman and Tom Holland did enough in Civil War to get u excited for their solo mov…
Gal Gadot wraps up on movie! Wonder Woman is set to open on June 2017.
I can't like gal gadot because her name is too weird. I think that's like the most petty thing ever
That's a wrap: Gal Gadot's movie heads to post-production!
And gal gadot is a horrible actress so its not like competition was stiff featured in NBC s Science of Love
right? I mean, Gal Gadot is staring & Snyder isn't involved, so that automatically gives it an advantage.
Gal Gadot confirms it was her last day shooting the solo film, now it's on to the
I Really like Gal Gadot but Elodie Yung wudve been SO MUCH BETTER
Gal Gadot (just confirmed TODAY was the LAST DAY of filming for 'Wonder Woman'
Man, Gal Gadot is so super cute. I could admire her smile for hours on end.
Gal Gadot has finished principal photography on the Wonder Woman movie!
Gal Gadot announces she's wrapped on with cute video!
Wonder Woman has alr finished filming i cant wait for the trailer gosh im so excited i love gal gadot Wonder Woman is gon…
11:11 Gal Gadot new shoes shirt new phone
Gal Gabot celebrates the end of filming on
Gal Gadot is the first non-American actress to play Wonder Woman.
Did You Know that the main cast of Criminal; Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary…
Gal Gadot's stunt double looked the part on Friday as she gave it her all while the cameras captured a dramatic fight scene…
I dunno about the most recent one but I think Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot are going to be great in the next Avengers movie.
BAT VS S.- note to G GADOT Lucy Lawless has a Kiwi accent. For 6 yrs she played Xena in an American accent. Gal, ask Lucy how to do one.
guys Cap3 is getting really good reviews. I'm excited! I'm gonna see Gal Gadot in criminal.
gal gadot is a Zionist please don't support her at all she supports the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians she is disgus…
people praising zionists i.e. Gal Gadot
Batman v. Superman: can the Justice League be Amy Adams, Holly Hunter, Gal Gadot, and Diane Lane?
Am I supposed to know why Gal Gadot is famous?
While I liked Gal Gadot, would do justice and then some to Wonder Woman.
Gal Gadot lifting weights is my sexuality.
Gal Gadot is STUNNING, I truly can't wait for her to open her mouth and have a lot more to say in the movie, she had backbone >>>
Totally fine with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Enjoyed her role a lot.
Today's goes to Gal Gadot! Did you know she also stars in out April 15?
robbierreyes: jewishpolitics: bpdjace: im torn between not wanting to see WW bc gal gadot killed...
Because of the movie? Is it gonna involve Ezra Miller and Gal Gadot turning into trees?
Ugh the only good thing abt Batman v. Superman was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and the Justice League foreshadowing
gal gadot WW and Henry Cavill supes . your thoughts about those actors
So Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman she was pretty good! Wish I knew what she was saying when she spoke though...
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.gives us 6 reasons to see his new movie 'Criminal'
Review: Kevin Costner steals show in far-fetched but entertaining crime thriller
Reminder: Gal Gadot is amazing as Wonder Woman and nothing will ever make me think differently
still no arms like gal gadot. Imma get there tho
Gal Gadot is so perfect for Wonderwoman.
I want you all to know that I'd physically fight for Amy Adams. Gal Gadot would probably beat me to it but still
Kevin Costner in Israel w/ actress Gal Gadot, for the premiere of a new tv series.
Gal Gadot flirts with Ben Affleck in final Batman V Superman trailer
Kevin Costner,Gary Oldman,Tommy Lee Johns,Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot are in a movie called Criminal currently holding 0% on RottenTomatoes.
Already have a massive girl crush on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, can't wait see Batman vs Superman on Friday now 😍
There were things I really liked: Ben Affleck's take in Batman is very good. Gal Gadot's smile in the fight scene could stop traffic (3/x)
To save the world, he must remember. Don’t miss Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman and Gal Gadot in...
How would you react if a criminal has your husband's memories?. Stars Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot...
Everyone says Ben Affleck did well as Batman and he did but honestly Gal Gadot won me over as Wonder Woman. Bravo Gal!
HIGHKEY HE IS, and same goes with Gal Gadot. Ben Affleck is freaking ugly lol
Breast Cancer Awareness
Best depiction of Batman (IMO), Gal Gadot was awesome! Khal Drogo is resurrected, Neil De Grasse Tyson appeared!
I look at Gal Gadot the same way that Amy Adams does
Ben Affleck as batman: TRASH. Amy Adams as Lois Lane: TRASH. the only person that made the movie was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
My mom can't stop praising Gal Gadot's beauty while watching Dawn of Justice yesterday ww
Gal Gadot was a good Wonder Woman but I wish they got someone else for her.
Impossible😨, don't you understand, Affleck IS Batman and Gal Gadot IS Wonderwoman 😠
6.5/10. Would be a 5 but all gal gadot scenes were flawless and cool/badass habis.
Batman V Superman started kind of rough, but as soon Gal Gadot hit the screen, the movie only went up. Highly recommend
I held off on making full judgements on Gal Gadot's Wondie, and I'm glad I did. I was on the…
Thank the Universe for Wonderwoman & for Gal Gadot who plays her wonderfully. . (Me throughout the entire movie during her scenes: 💞💞💞)
In terms of actors: Henry Cavill fine, Jesse Eisenberg not Luthor but not as annoying as I expected, Gal Gadot not terrible but not special.
Spent many hours sitting in the same position for the privilege of seeing Gal Gadot smirk on an Imax screen. Totally worth it.
Gal Gadot looks like she'll make a badass Wonder Woman.
Kendall Jenner recruits the Gal Gadot queen to star in her very first video
Guess who's gone from to WonderBRA is this sexy home video?.
Wonder Woman was the high point of the film for me because Gal Gadot was so warm in a bleak film.
well gal gadot has been known for that. Still.. 1/10 man, 3/10 for effort.
Batman Vs Superman was awesome. Gal Gadot killed it as Wonder Woman in so many ways 😘😘
Gal Gadot is the perfect Wonder Woman jfc I have never felt so *** in my entire life
When it's all said and done I can see Gal Gadot owning the Wonder Woman role over all others. Yes even Linda.
I already admitted it but I'll say it again:. I was wrong to worry about Gal Gadot. Dead wrong. She nailed it.
Don't care what the reviews said, I like BvS (apart from the dream sequences) esp. liked Gal Gadot et al as the rest of the Justice League
now someone should just put Emily Blunt, Gal Gadot &Rebecca Ferguson in a movie as all bad *** &im good
Gal Gadot low key did a great job as Wonder Woman
I think I'm love with Gal Gadot. She either scowls or has the "Ooooh you gonna get stabbed NOW, boy" look in her eyes.
wait but I really liked my gal gadot icon
Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot are the only good things about Batman V Superman and I'm so disappointed 😢💔
Wonder Woman reborn: how she stole limelight from Batman and Superman
I can't wait to see her Wonder Woman movie. 😈 Gal Gadot is definitely bae lol
He was the second best part of the movie for me. Gal Gadot made me feel things I didn't know were possible.
Gal Gadot is so pretty she'll be my wife one day
Gal Gadot crushed it, Affleck was money as Batman, and Irons was a different kind of Alfred but a good kind as is. The JLA cameos were kind
Batman vs superman was way better the second time around. I liked it a lot. Gal gadot tho>>>
Gal Gadot is the best Wonder Woman she is so beautiful and embodied Diana flawlessly
Gal Gadot photographed by Jay L Clendenin for LA Times. . You are all very welcome.
I knew from the start that Gal Gadot was going to slay. But I loved the action.
Shoutout to Gal Gadot for her portrayal of Wonder Woman, she absolutely kills it! 👏🏼🙌🏼
Gal Gadot needs to leave her husband and join me.
Gal Gadot, the new Wonder Woman, breaks into male superhero world: She b...
and shout out to Gal Gadot, too much hotness ❤ definitely looking forward to Wonder Woman
i'm gonna see this movie soon. Gal Gadot is a big pride for Israel :-)
Holy Themyscira! Your first look at and co. in Wonder Woman is here:
The main thing i got from Batman vs Superman is that i am fully in love with Gal Gadot now
💜💜💜 Batman V Superman, but Wonder Woman portrayed by Gal Gadot was irrelevant and boring as ***
Really enjoyed BvS. Batfleck was great and Gal Gadot killed it! Cool cameos. Intrigued to see what comes next. Bring on Suicide Squad
Gal gadot who plays Wonder Woman is such a babe 😍
At least Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman has me excited for her solo movie?
Really enjoyed the new Batman movie - different and I liked the set up for the Justice League. BTW, Gal Gadot is perf…
YOOO Batman V Superman was SO. GOOD. Ben Affleck was great Gal Gadot was *** amazing. Henry Cavill was distracting…
New post: "Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Henry Cavill get real"
seriously, i really want a movie for Chris Evans & Gal Gadot! i think they will look gud togeder on screen! 😍🙃 tipong Mr&Mrs Smith ang peg 😂
Ben Affleck is GREAT as bruce Wayne.Now looking forward to Affleck's solo Batman movie,him and Gal Gadot made
I will say that egregious machine gun spree aside, Batfleck was great along with Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot was in the Israeli military and the Miss Universe pageant?
Gal Gadot's Diana stands w. Connie Nelson, Robin Wright & Lisa Loven Kongsli in this pic from the upcoming...
See the latest looks from Gal Gadot, Chloe Sevigny, Gemma Chan, Maddie Hasson, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill & more at
Scarlett Johanson is outmatched by Gal Gadot. *** Zack Snyder know how to pick a gal.
Gal Gadot wearing Dolce&Gabbana at the 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' press conference in Mexico City.
Iron Dome has assumed iconic status, along with Western Wall, Golda Meir, falafel, and, possibly soon, Gal Gadot
One man's past can save our future. Don't miss Kevin Costner & Gal Gadot in in theaters April 15. https…
Amy Adams joins Gal Gadot and Jesse Eisenberg at the 'Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice' NYC premiere...
Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and they just added Amber Heard as Mera 😱.
it is not like Gal Gadot or Christian Bale or Henry Cavill or Tom Holland have particularly exceptional acting skills.
DC has Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, Will Smith and Lawrence Fishburne. The DCEU is diverse af. Don't worry about it.
Melissa gets to meet all the cool superhero people. Gal Gadot, Grant Gustin, Helen Slater, Laura Vandervoort, Dean Cain...
"Dear Lynda Carter finally finds her successor in Gal Gadot, whom I am so excited to see!…
I think Ben Affleck will be great as Batman; Henry Cavill okay as Superman; but no way will Gal Gadot top Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.
📷 dailydcheroes: Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice
Gal Gadot featured in new Wonder Woman set photos from London’s Trafalgar Square
Here are some new photos of Gal Gadot and Lucy Davis who are currently filming in Trafalgar Square. https:…
Gal Gadot will star... Trafalgar Square transformed into WW1 scene for 'Wonder Woman' movie
a reminder that a movie is coming out this year starring both Ryan Reynolds and the wonderful Gal Gadot
Absolutely spectacular!! Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman the world has been waiting for!
Thor’s Jaimie Alexander on losing out on Wonder Woman to Gal Gadot
Next up is showing Gal Gadot what the whole world is actually waiting for.
Gal Gadot's scenes in Fast and Furious 5 are my favsss, she so 😍
take a moment to appreciate Gal Gadot
Screenshot from the Wonder Woman first look trailer - makeup on Gal Gadot by me
Question of the day:. will Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman ever speak in a promo? Or must we wait for the film? 😕 h…
Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman. Sumthin' to watch out for. ;-)
Poll Results: A whopping 98% of you voted for over Transformers 5
they'll probably make a Wonder Woman film. Although gal gadot doesn't look anything like Wonder Woman
Because if she ever makes an appearance in the DC Movieverse, she had to be played by Gal Gadot as well ;)
Enter now to see a free screening of starring Anthony Mackie, Norman Reedus, and Gal Gadot on Feb 23!
I was thinking of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and how cool it would’ve been for DC to keep her outta the marketing for BvS.
is gal gadot a poc? cause if so, I'm missing how. I saw someone's explanation as to how she would be considered one but if that were true...
Doing a scouting trip on unknown quantity Gal Gadot tomorrow evening when I take in
I like that Amy Adams and Gal Gadot already have very superhero-y names (alliteration!) in real life.
The HOLLYWOOD FILM career of Gal Gadot. She continues to be a star on the rise...just look at her shine!
Gal Gadot has a movie coming out every month for next 3 months. Working too hard, pace yourself miss .
Check out this awesome new trailer for Triple 9, starring Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, and Gal Gadot!
I can't wait to see Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman booty shorts.
Triple 9 tries to convince you that Kate Winslet and Gal Gadot are Jewish/Russian sisters
Somehow my Gal Gadot article is getting more attention again and I must face a new wave of *** who didn't get the joke.
longlivethebat-universe:. Gal Gadot getting ready to kick some...
Thor’s Jaimie Alexander on losing out on to Gal Gadot:
with Justice League filming in April that means Gal Gadot is about to begin 3rd film as WW. WB must like what they see.
He must've told her he likes Gal Gadot better as Wonder Woman
yep, between him and David Goyer's writing, let alone Gal Gadot and Jesse Eisenberg being cast, my expectations are minimal
"It was Incredibly Organic" - Zack Snyder, Gal Gadot on Wonder Woman's Role in the DCEU
Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher. Thats more than one of their main JL members.
You may be sexist if your complaint about Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman at all compares her breast size to that of Lynda Carter.
Chris Pine Says Little Girls are Going to Fall in Love with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman -
Gal Gadot was signed on to do Wonder Woman even before the release of BvS which means they are VERY impressed with her
the casting for the movie is awful. Ben Affleck as Batman? Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman?
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I hate whenever I google "gal gadot Wonder Woman", I get this while knowing what was said in the video:
See Bella Hadid Transforming Into Sexiest Wonder Woman Ever: Not only Gal Gadot, but also Bella Hadid has got ...
Zack Snyder on the significance of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman & much more
actually this isn't even a quarter of all the Wonder Woman merchandise this is just the 'figural Gal Gadot Wonder Woman stuff'.
Ben Affleck's Batman, can't wait for the movie (with Gal Gadot:-)
Olivia Munn would have been a better choice for Wonder Woman. Nothing against Gal Gadot. She's just so small. WW is not petite.
Zack Snyder talks spoilers and Gal Gadot’s
Courtney Cox really is gonna be my wife because I know Taylor swift Daisy or Gal Gadot can't happen
1970's Wonder Woman and Batman v. Superman Wonder Woman. Wonder Women - Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot. by...
You love gal Gadot, don't act like you don't
am I a bad person for not liking Gal Gadot? It's mostly done to her super pro IDF stance tho.
Gal Gadot. She was in a bunch of the Fast & Furious movies. I've never seen her, I don't think.
1st picture is Gal Gadot. 2nd is Kristen Stewart
the love I have for Gal Gadot is not healthy I swear to God
omg is that because of Steve Trevor???!!! And also is gal gadot a real princess yes or yes
I want to be hyped for WW but Gal Gadot is such a grotesque person idk if I can get over it.
I'm confident in his performance as well as Gal Gadot's.
Gal Gadot isn't in this so he'll like it.
since it's late & no one is online..I keep hearing Gal Gadot is the real star of Batman V Superman. More excited than e…
In a little over two months we get Gal Gadot's debut as Wonder Woman
Can we all just take a minute and appreciate that Gal Gadot is playing
TIL that Gal Gadot, the new Wonder Woman, served two years as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. via /r/
There's this Turkish actress that looks so much like Gal Gadot it scares me
I can not wait to see Henry Cavill & Gal Gadot finally interact with one another in BvS. It's gonna be so interesting.
One thing I like is how WB surrounded Gal Gadot with legendary actors: Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, Amy Adams, Danny Huston, R…
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