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Gabrielle Douglas

Gabrielle Christina Victoria Gabby Douglas (born December 31, 1995) is an American artistic gymnast.

Gabby Douglas Virginia Beach Happy Birthday Simone Biles African American Liang Chow American Cup Nastia Liukin

New top story from Time: . Gabrielle Douglas, the 2012 Olympic all-around champion and thre…
it’s only now i’n noticing that Gabby Douglas and Gabrielle Union are different people
And you Gabrielle Douglas for what sis? Baby girl not gonna beat my *** so scram
Why is everybody talking about Gabrielle Douglas?
Gabrielle Douglas has a point though but y'all are too quick to assume that someone thinks a certain degenerate way…
The original issue and what we were talking about is Gabrielle Douglas’s…
Ay Gabrielle Douglas dougie was worse than Wayne's on that BET cypher 😭😭
Being a person who has been on social media for almost 10 years, I've shared many of my opinions that seemed right but was…
Gabrielle Douglas is a better gymnast than Simone Biles. Ignorant comments or not
Whoever does gabrielle douglas hair needs to get fired
Gabby Douglas stuck her foot in her mouth and there’s no coming back from that. Clothes don’t make people rape or h…
Jess, I'm so sorry that happened to you. It doesn't matter what you had on, no one has t…
Gabrielle Douglas' audience are mostly young women who aspire to be like her. So she wasn't even "victim shaming"…
So Gabrielle Douglas (shames women for being comfortable with their bodies & sexuality, huh?
Name one person in history, just one, who has only one side to them. One layer. No complexity. . You can't. . Gabri…
Shaming of women for their choices in what they wear?
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y'all gonna leave my boo Gabrielle Douglas alone
when did I shut down Gabrielle Douglas?
heres some info for you, Gabrielle Douglas. as it seems as if you didn’t know already sweetie
Bill James & Rachel McCarthy James will present their New Hardcover, The Man from the Train
This week we're spotlighting the amazing Gabrielle Douglas. Miss Douglas is an American artistic…
Dr. Partha Nandi will be In Conversation with Dr. Michelle Robin about book Ask Dr. Nandi
Gabrielle Douglas-Gabby is the first African-American gymnast in Olympic history to become the Individual All-Around C…
Gold Medal Olympic Gymnastics champ Gabrielle Douglas is also known as The Flying Squirrel
Douglas Preston will give a Multimedia Presentation about The Lost City of the Monkey God
We have a new addition to the team! Please welcome Lighting Designer Douglas Gabrielle!
Gabrielle Douglas will forever be my favourite girl in gymnastics tbh
Simone Biles and Gabrielle Douglas are literally just wow. The individual all round competition is going to be special.
Natalie Hawkins, Gabby Douglas’ Mom: The Pictures You Need to See: Gabby Douglas is one of the most well-know...
Gabrielle Douglas is really good wow
Simone Biles and Gabrielle Douglas embrace (Getty). Day 4 at in 📷 :
Gabrielle Douglas for US is a phenomenal gymnast I have to say
I don't like team USA but Gabrielle Douglas is a queen
These gymnastics ladies real good especially Gabrielle Douglas
I hope you're watching the gymnastics, Gabrielle Douglas is competing ;p
Gymnastics star Gabr Gymnastics star Gabrielle Douglas entered the spotlight as a 16-year…
People worried about Gabby Douglas' edges but nobody says anything when y'all leave out look like tree shrubs and the weav…
Gabrielle Douglas has grown up so much! She a big gurl now! 😭😭😭
"Hard days are actually the best, because that’s where champions are made.” Gabrielle Douglas
Gabrielle Douglas talent speaks for itself her hair has nothing to do with her SUCCESS
"hey you look like that girl in the olympics that does gymnastics..Gabrielle Douglas"
Gabrielle Douglas is not cute I'm sorry, she good with the flips & winning olympics but I can't get pass that face
Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas hopes to glorify God as an athlete: 'I love sharing about my faith': U.S. Olympic gymnast Gabrielle "Ga...
Is Gabrielle Douglas old enough to get the wood yet?
ive watched u in netflix HOW IMPRESSED I WAS how you fight how happy u look always all the best for u GABRIELLE DOUGLAS
"Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things He does for me," Gabrielle Douglas, 2012 Olympic Gold Medal Gymnist
it is so amazing that our Hometown Hero is Gabrielle "I can do the dougie for you guys" Douglas
Remembering our 2013 Homecoming Mag interview w/ Olympic gymnast, Gabrielle Douglas. Let’s keep cheering her on! .
Was watching gold medalist last night ... check out Gloria's 2013 interview with her!
I feel bad for Gabrielle Douglas honestly... She deserved more
Gabby Douglas cheated out of All-Around gymnastics Finals in Rio, fans say: Gabrielle Douglas, the reigning…
Gabrielle Douglas did great too tonight.
I'd like to be Gabrielle Douglas please
So excited to see Gabrielle Douglas again in the 2016 Olympics in…
Y'all won't be disrespecting Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas on my watch. No ma'am!
Why is everyone hating on Gabrielle Douglas now
A HUGE CONGRATS to the members of the 2016 U.S. Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team!. :: 'Gabby' - Gabrielle Douglas,...
In the midst of all of the turmoil in the world, this puts a smile on my face. Have you seen this? Please share!...
Reigning Olympic gymnastics champ Gabrielle Douglas back for Rio
DANGEROUS OBSESSION actors Tom Rooke (left) and Gabrielle Douglas (right). In the center is Pedro, their friend,...
In honor of I had to break out this old pic... Gabrielle Douglas
With that being said my hairline doing more backflips than Gabrielle Douglas
WATCH Gabrielle Douglas on beam at the American Cup!. USA Gymnastics
"Hard days are the best because that's when champions are made." ~Gabrielle Douglas . "Dignity, Pride and...
Congrats to Gabrielle Douglas for winning the gold at the American Cup!
Take two minutes of your life to watch Gabrielle Douglas on the balance beam earlier this week. Holy Moly.
Today for Black Gymnasts in History, we salute reigning Olympic Champion
Any Gabrielle Union or Gabrielle Douglas joke makes anyone named Gabrielle automatically annoyed af by you... Its not even funny 🤔😂
Powerful words and inspiration for an inspiring young lady! We're cheering for you Gabrielle Douglas!!
Gabrielle Douglas, 1st African American woman to win gold medals in individual all-around category at the Olympics!
Nothing makes you feel more unaccomplished than watching Gabrielle Douglas' biopic
Gabrielle Douglas is an American gymnast, she performed her first flawless cartwheel at age 3. 
Gabrielle Douglas- The first African American to win the individual all-around event and a team gold.
just watched the Gabrielle Douglas story and it was amazing. I had to jump on You Tube and watch every routine. Remarkable
I love the movie on Gabrielle Douglas
Gabrielle Douglas was born on December 31, 1995, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Gabby Douglas
For over 125yrs the GG Academic Award has been presented, past winners include Pierre Trudeau, Tommy Douglas, Robert Bourassa, Gabrielle Roy
Gabrielle Douglas Discusses Memoir 'Grace, Gold and Glory' via Julia Corso was great, in her red …
Best gift my mom could give me besides life i feel so connected to Gabrielle Douglas almost like a sister.
Hi Gabrielle Douglas! My birthday is in 2 more months. It will be December 3. (:
I can't believe Gabrielle Douglas still follows me after all of my shenanigans
I'm looking to trade accxacc! I have Gabrielle Douglas' follow on an account with 50 followers.
Taylor Gaes is someone to follow, and Gabrielle Douglas for high school sports.
2012 Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas is on our list for Women in History Month!
I remember my friend's girlfriend got mad at him because he told her that she wouldn't be the next Gabrielle Douglas lmao
Gabrielle Douglas- Gabby is the first woman of color of any nationality & the first African-American
Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas Gymnastics team 2012 & 1st African American woman to win individual all-around champion
just finished watching the story on Gabrielle Douglas 👏 it was good
Gabby Douglas's hair came up in class today - here's what she said about it
Photo of the Day is team USA at the 2012 Olympics! McKayla Maroney Gabrielle Douglas Aly Raisman
Gabrielle Douglas was the FIRST US gymnast to win the group and all around gold medals in the same Olympic Games!
Hamilton Collection
yeah, it was. That one was the best one, but the Gabrielle Douglas story disappointed me
Just finished watching the Gabrielle Douglas story 🙌
BD: Remember gymnast Gabrielle Douglas! Well, she's growing up beautifully (inside &...
Everybody always say I look like Gabrielle Douglas 😂😩😳 I don't see it though 👀
Just watched the Gabrielle Douglas story on Netflix! You shine so bright! Thank you for the amazing example you set!!
Gabrielle Douglas not even allat ugly for yal to have been dawgin her out back then
Wow I was really bitter but I just love Gabrielle Douglas
No American has made back-to-back Olympic teams since 1996 and 2000. Can Gabrielle Douglas?...
Grace, Gold, and Glory by Gabrielle Douglas is starting out amazing ! Can't wait to read more on what the book has to say.
Starts Friday at the Kingsway Theatre - And So It Goes - Daily: 5:15 PG - with Michael Gabrielle Douglas...
“I need Gabrielle Douglas in my life.” But you're marri-.. Nvm
I need Gabrielle Douglas in my life.
Gabrielle Douglas went get some A1 weave on you ***
im watching the Gabrielle Douglas movie and Shawn Johnson was on and she's adorable omg
Gabrielle Douglas slander will not be tolerated, that was a very nice dougie.. One of a kind
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
lol, girl she thought she was Gabrielle Douglas and fell on her *** face!
I'm expecting Gabrielle Douglas to come to SJA this year since Maurice and Laura did last year
Gabrielle Douglas (USA) has switched gyms again Gabrielle Douglas (USA) has...
Goldmedal gymnast Gabrielle Douglas now training in Ohio
When Gabrielle Douglas won and i cried ..
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after I got off work yesterday on Douglas!
In high school people use to say I look like Gabrielle Douglas! Really? 😒😒
Y'all remember when Gabrielle Douglas tried to do the Dougie 😂😂
Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas makeover, vs pervs and haters.
Gabrielle Douglas is precious and has humongous talent!
Which show shoul di cancel and is it right,go away Gabrielle Douglas.No really.
this Girl's on fire!!!...determination and hard works. that's Gabrielle Douglas..^_^ I'm gonna love this Girl.. she's totally awesome and own the big heart of a true champion..I love her story
Gotta finish watching The Gabrielle Douglas story tomorrow it was good so far!
The older I get and the years past the more I wish I was born in an earlier time, i see these people putting up videos of little girls twerking, talking bout do it for a real *** instead of taken her down to the YMCA, saying my baby gonna be the next Gabrielle Douglas. Then you got our young men with their pants sagging talking bout that's your lil gangsters, instead of dressing them accordingly, teaching him how to be a God fearing gentlemen, but then you wonna get mad when other people disrespect our race as a whole. Its just too much, I pray each and every night for my young ones and ask my God to give me strength, knowledge, and the ability to raise mine to be God fearing and educated gentlemen and to be Leaders like our great men of history, not followers who fall weak. I might not get to many likes but I really don't care, I just had to get this off my chest.
Finally about to watch 'Gabrielle Douglas Story'. It's only the beginning and it's unreal!
Ugh cant take my morning nap since my lil princess turning flips like she Gabrielle Douglas!!!
I wanna watch the Gabrielle Douglas story
Feeling so exhausted...need a free to do me day..and today is it..back on my goal chilling in my bed catching up on old recorded back to the Gabrielle Douglas Story..
Gabrielle Douglas Hairstyle - Description This naturally thick mane is blow-waved smooth from root to tip showing ...
Watching this *** movie about Gabrielle Douglas just makes me mad as *** ...
There should be a VACCC movie. Gabrielle Douglas should play Chensley. Mad... — Gabrielle Douglas isn't an actress.
I am perplexed by what we term as family dynamics. it seems that in my family it is still okay to keep secretes ( as if it is necessary) This really *** as I have come to realize that I am not wanting to play by the old school rules any longer. to my family I gotta say I love ya and hang on cause the rules change as you go along. I am always an arms reach away if you really wanna talk. Much Love Gabrielle Douglas
Gabrielle Christina Victoria "Gabby" Douglas is the 1st woman of color and 1st African American
Watching Gabrielle Douglas's story and its SO good.
Gabrielle Douglas I always wanted to be an Olympian and or let alone be in gymnastics
Gabrielle Douglas is one talented amazing girl! I love watching her
WOW! Words of WISDOM* FAITH! I watch the Gabrielle Douglas story on LIFETIME "the gymnastic" it literally took my Faith to a Space Shuttle High "BLESS ME" for someone so young to carry a DREAM so BIG. When you know your life is destine for GREATNESS you are a World Changer "when God is going to use your LIFE to bring HOPE and RESTORE DREAM for others" you can't and it will not let you LET GO! People of God you have to know the difference in "Born with the Silver Spoon & Born with the Potential to have the SILVER SPOON". The person with the Silver Spoon has inherited the Blessing of someone else Hard LABEL.. What I'm saying is God has given everyone on earth 2 vital tools that can change your LIFE. "FAITH & GIFTS" What you BELIEVE is what you will RECEIVE. You can DREAM all day & night long but if you don't activate what's inside of You it will lay dormant. "FAITH without WORK is DEAD". You can talk to people all day long if You don't Believe it more than THEM it's has no PURPOSE... When God to Abraham to ...
Gabrielle Douglas life changed after the Olympics. She went from being poor to rich. It's a blessing for her.
At my daughters gymnastics class. she think she Gabrielle Douglas and $&!T lol
Little Known Black History Facts: Before Gabrielle Douglas, is was Dominique Dawes. Dominique Margaux Dawes (born November 20, 1976, in Silver Spring, Maryland) is a retired United States artistic gymnast. Known in the gymnastics community as 'Awesome Dawesome,' she was 10-year member of the U.S. national gymnastics team, the 1994 U.S. all-around senior National Champion, a three-time Olympian, a World Championships silver medalist and a member of the gold-medal winning "Magnificent Seven" at the 1996 Summer Olympics. Dawes is also notable as being the first African-American woman to win an individual Olympic medal in artistic gymnastics, and the first black person of any nationality or gender to win an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics. She is also one of only three female American gymnasts, along with Muriel Grossfeld and Linda Metheny-Mulvihill, to compete in three Olympics and was part of three Olympic medal-winning teams: Barcelona 1992 (bronze), Atlanta 1996 (gold), and Sydney 2000 (bronze). Dawes is ...
Wait that was 4 years ago when Gabrielle Douglas was in the Olympics? No waaay.
Gabby Douglas won a gold medal yet all anyone could talk about was her hair.
We watched the movie "The Gabrielle Douglas Story" last night ... Wow! It was good to see how she progressed from nothingness to greatness with the help of a strong brother and sister bond - and an amazing Mom! :)
the Gabrielle Douglas story a must see on life time her story is very inspirational to all. {tomorrow will be better then yesterday} her family quote I love it
Watching the Gabrielle Douglas movie like "what up, the actor playing Liang Chow is super hot". Also, Gabby Douglas is a total bamf
I gotta be at work in 4 hrs but I can't stop watching this lifetime movie about Gabrielle Douglas LOL lifetime gets me every time 😂😂
I just watched the Gabrielle Douglas movie. And OMW, it was Awesome!!! What an inspiration!!! God has really given us a gem for the whole world to admire and inspire...:)
The story of Gabrielle Douglas is incredible!
This Gabrielle Douglas movie gives me so much motivation to get back in cheer!
Yaass for the Gabrielle Douglas Movie on Lifetime ... It was good!
The Gabrielle Douglas Movie is the movie of the year
The Gabrielle Douglas story is so inspiring
Watching the Gabrielle Douglas story and it's pretty good.
This gabrielle douglas movie i love
This movie on Lifetime about Gabrielle Douglas has given me a serious faith shot lol! I feel like taking over the world now lol
This Gabrielle Douglas Movie on LMN is so good my eyes are glued😳
This Gabrielle Douglas documentary is so inspiring
The girl that plays Gabrielle Douglas in this movie is the same girl who played the Little Sister on "Everybody Hates Chris".
I don't mean any harm but I think Lifetime could do a better job at these biographical movies. Gabrielle Douglas' mom leaves her dad because they fall on hard times financially. Not because he was a bum or lazy, but because he fell on hard times. But they keep trying to make it look like this is a good thing. That doesn't make her look like a hero to me. It makes her look mean to me. If that's not the way it happened, that's certainly the way Lifetime made it look. SMH.
Watching the Gabrielle douglas story... Her drive and determination was insane i remember watching that ...
oh I never told you how good you were in "The Gabrielle Douglas Story" 🙌
Watching the Gabrielle Douglas story . It's good so far
The Gabrielle Douglas story is soo good👌
This Gabrielle Douglas movie is so good😁
idk sum girl playn Gabrielle Douglas movie
I'm guessing this movie on lifetime is about Gabrielle Douglas that won in the Olympics
Watching the Gabrielle Douglas movie on lifetime
Wow I didn't even know that there was a movie based on GABRIELLE DOUGLAS life it's really good so far I never ever watch LIFETIME but I'll be watching till this movie is over
I watched the gabrielle Douglas story everytime it came on 😍🙌 😘
Watched 4 mins of the Gabrielle Douglas movie and I'm already hooked
- I'm about to watch the Gabrielle Douglas story . Text me If you need me ! 🏆📲
Gabrielle Douglas hope you're ready for the as am I!
Gabrielle Douglas is a two time Olympic Gold Medalist and US Women's...
watching the Gabby Gabrielle Douglas movie once again. My daughter is in love with it. We have watched it every night since it first came on.
Playing Catch up lol, Days 8&9: Author and Female Athlete. Nikki Giovanni and Gabrielle Douglas! Two…
This Gabrielle Douglas Story is sooo good. That family went through a lot
Vivez l'experience!!! Gold medal winner Gabrielle Douglas Having Fun in Haiti . Riding the world's longest zip line over water in Labadee.
Watching the Gabrielle Douglas movie that Lifetime made. They really screwed up by not calling it "Yo Gabby Gabby: Olympics and Stuff"
Watching the "Gabrielle Douglas' Story" and I'm just thinking . Wow! I admire how she went after her dream! She spoke life about her goal and she went beyond measures to get it! Remarkable!!! The ppl that sent a number. the movie is the reason I stopped with the numbers. ♥ y'all tho!
Abortion Question: Black husband and wife with 3 small children homeless living in a van conceive a fourth baby who has health issues that the doctors can't identify do you think the baby should be aborted? If you answered yes you just killed Gabrielle Douglas the first African American female in the world to win over all gold in the Olympics for artistic gymnastics and the first american to win both gold on team and over all gold at the same Olympic games. This proves that God puts every child here for a reason and it is NOT up to the living to decide which children deserve life and which children don't... ~ Nina Cote
Wow!!! Can you imagine what it would be like if Michael Phelps, Allyson Felix, Gabrielle Douglas, and the entire USA Basketball team (men & women), all went belly-up at the Summer Games??? Feels like that's what's happening over in Sochi...we are getting our *** handed to us!!!
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Black History Fact of the day: In 2012, Gabrielle Douglas became the first American gymnast to win both the All-Around gold medal and the Team gold medal for gymnastics at the same Olympics, as well as being the first female of color to win an All-Around Gold in gymnastics.
Gabrielle Douglas Movie is inspiring and emotional... it really shows hard work pays off, everyone must watch it.. Nice movie
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Lifetime did a great job with The Gabrielle Douglas story!
Uneven Bars-Flipping For Dreams Page 1 It was a beautiful day for a family trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo, Halle was amped about going to feed the animals again. She had been earlier during the school year with her school but nothing was better than spending time with her parents. Halle had been spending countless hours with her coach now that school was out, she did nothing but practice her gymnastics’ routine in hopes of one day making it to the Olympics’. The USA had never had as much success as they did in the 2012 games; the women won six medals, including three gold and Halle’s new idol Gabrielle Douglas had really showed out. Halle dreamed of being apart of the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics team herself. “Okay, Grover did you pack the sandwiches and wrap the waters in foil?” Melanie asked. “Yes honey, I got everything ready, now lets go feed some bears.” He smiled. Grover called to his daughter Halle who was upstairs getting ready. She was clipping the last beret onto one of her po ...
Just watched The Gabrielle Douglas movie. Feeling inspired and lots of love for the sport and my little ones that I coach. : )
RANDOM THOUGHT: I pray for the success of all of Gabrielle Douglas siblings. As 1 of 4 sisters, I couldn't imagine having to give up my dreams and activities. I'm just being honest. Gabby's brother and sisters made some selfless sacrifices that helped their baby sister achieve her dream! Sometimes making the sacrifice takes just as much discipline and prayer as the actual work.
The Boy and are watching the Winter Olympics now and the Boy turning 13 this month remembers Gabrielle Douglas won two Gold medals in the Summer Olympics. WOW
I applaud Gabrielle Douglas for airing that she actually wanted to quit. How many of us not only wanted to quit, but did. As her coach said, "you're gonna sit there and watch someone else win your medals".
*What do I do?* I'm so full right now. It's all hitting me at once. Yesterday after the Code Next Generation 1 year Anniversary Celebration, an associate that I have known for a few years now said after listening to all the Core203 kids speak he is going to go home and talk to his young adult son. My bishop Dr. Derek Grier spoke today about being obedient and how disobedience alters your destiny. He said 'if you are in a position of leadership and you're not using it for righteousness, what is the point of you being there? Then I come home and watch the Gabriel Gabrielle Douglas movie and what stood out to me was the respect and support they had for one another, especially the siblings one for another. And when the coach said "you are more than talent and muscle. If she doesn't have it in her heart, then it isn't there. We can't teach it, you can't force it, and even Gabby can't make it any different." So here is my dilemma. On February 24th I have the ability to re-enter Corporate America which will guar ...
Watching the Gabrielle Douglas story- yes I know I'm late!!
Watching the Gabrielle Douglas story with the Lil Js.
A big thanks to Natalie Hawkins and Gabrielle Douglas for making my nieces Cassie & Lauren's day with a facetime call. I know they were nervous, but you can't imagine what it means to them and the impact you've made on these little gymnasts!!!
Just watched "Beyond The Headlines: The Gabby Douglas Story". SO inspired by her story! If y'all don't remember gymnast Gabrielle Douglas from the 2012 London Olympics, then ya BETTER be rottin' for her in the 2016 Rio Olympics! Oh, yeah...SHAME on you, SHAME!!! :-P I know God will soon give the opportunity to share mine with the world! I WILL watch with expectation! Hope you'll be watching with me ;) -- J. Hobdy (of
Tune in to the Lifetime channel at 8pm tonight to watch the Gabrielle Douglas story!
The inspiring true story of two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas is coming to the Lifetime Channel on February 1 in The Gabby Douglas Story.
Remember the comments about Gabrielle Douglas? Folks were so adamant about expressing their comments about her hair, that it proved to be a distraction and she lost her final competitions. Fast-forward to today and we're dealing with similar comments about Gabrielle Sidibe and Pam Oliver. When will we learn that all black is beautiful and we are not our hair. In the words of Dr. King, "choose love. hate is too a great burden to bear."
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When things don't go according to plan, Gabrielle Douglas gets flexible.
Why is Nastia Liukin still pitching subway, should be Gabrielle Douglas by now, no? What do you think
it's neary done team Douglas,Morgan Phi…
it's neary done team Douglas,Morgan Philpott & Ian Harris.
Yes! Lifetime is making a Gabrielle Douglas movie!! Can't wait to see it.
Y'all turn into Gabrielle Douglas when it come to the Selfie olympics 😂 . Strong *** 💪
My sister is obsessed with Gabrielle Douglas & I always get dragged into watching videos & hearing facts about her🙈🙈
"Selfie Game: Gabrielle Douglas Been taking selfies wrong my entire life
For nearly two years, gymnast Gabrielle Douglas has lived and trained in Iowa—1200 miles away from her family in Virginia. Watch as Oprah sits down with Gab ...
Gabrielle Christina Victoria "Gabby" Douglas is an american artistic gymnast!
If i did i would have someone like Gabrielle Douglas
Gabrielle Douglas though. She fine af! She can get it! Lol
One of those 'not a gamer' ads was this New Super Mario Bros 2 ad with Olympics gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas
Happy Birthday, Gabby Douglas! She turned 18 years old, one day ago Dec. 31st. Born as Gabrielle Christina...
From tears to joy.a belated happy born day to Gabrielle Douglas.Respect.
It feels so good to be in 2014. May this New Year bring blessings to us all, Amen. with D…
Gabrielle Douglas celebrates her 18th birthday; such a grand example of
Happy New Year and 18th birthday Gabrielle Douglas. Watch God do the miraculous!
Happy Birthday Gabrielle Douglas and happy new year
"Why stand in when you can stand out, so just stand out" - gabrielle douglas
God bless her to be a all around Olympic winner keep up the good work Gabrielle Douglas.
Happy 18th birthday to Olympic champion Gabrielle Douglas! She is quickly becoming a woman pushing past barriers and even her worst critic!
“"Gabrielle Douglas's teeth are just... lmao yikes 😳😩😂 thot tee…
"Gabrielle Douglas's teeth are just... lmao yikes 😳😩😂 thot teeth 
Gabrielle Douglas hair looks pretty now she won the gold with a ugly hairstyle. She clean up real good. Can I get Amen.
Happy 18th birthday to Olympic Gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas!
Gabrielle Douglas is now officially a beautiful young woman as she celebrates her 18th birthday today. Hats off to her mother for raising such a smart, levelheaded young woman who has accomplished quite a bit in her young life. Douglas is an award winning athlete and a New York Times bestselling...
Happy 18th Birthday to Olympic gold-winning gymnast and author Gabrielle Douglas!
That awkward moment when you are about to cuss out a white friend on FB for getting Gabrielle Union and Gabrielle Douglas mixed up...
We would like to wish Gabrielle Douglas a Happy Birthday! She has a birthday on one of the coolest days of the...
U.S Olympic Champion Gabrielle Douglas Turns 18 Years Old Today. In 2012, she became the first African-American...
Today's quote of the day is from birthday girl, Gabrielle Douglas: "The hard days are the best because that's where champions are made."
A very Happy Birthday to the remarkable Gabrielle Douglas!.
Happy Birthday Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas for turning 18!! What a way to celebrate the New Year!
Happy 18th birthday to Gabrielle Douglas! She's my inspiration to go through the pain!
Olympics star Gabrielle Douglas is 18 today...Happy Birthday!! Here's what she told us about life after winning gold:
Happy 18th birthday to our September 2012 premiere issue cover girl Gabrielle Douglas!
Happy Birthday to Gabrielle Douglas!!! We're so proud of you!
Aye Gabrielle Douglas is finally legal holla at me lol
Photo: Gabby Douglas Lifetime Movie in the Works A Gabrielle Douglas film is coming to Lifetime! If you’re...
Happy Birthday to gold medalist Olympic gymnast, Gabrielle Douglas!
Black History Fact: 1995 Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas, the 1st black gymnast to win the Olympic individual all-around Gold medal, was born.
Gabrielle Douglas was such a little lady accepting her BET award! Congrats young lady...keep on soaring!!!
Was Gabrielle Douglas the little nappy headed black girl
From the Press Box to Press Row host Donal Ware interviewed some of the biggest names in the sports world in 2013 such as Jerry Rice, Mike Tyson, Gabrielle Douglas, Candace Parker, Brandon Phillips, Sanya Richards, Wayne Simmonds, Lindsey Hunter, Kurt Warner, Ron Washington, Earl The Pearl Monroe, and many others. Listen to the encore today 6-7p ET/3-4p PT on SiriusXM Radio Channel 142.
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Vernon Davis, Gabrielle Douglas, Jay Crawford all follow me.. It would be nice if you were added to that list.
Gabrielle Douglas is built like Angela Bassett already 😖.
Nastia Liukin, Gabrielle Douglas, and Sean Johnson are my fave gymnast.
Intresting turn out on so you think you can dance Final performance show will be on tues with gabrielle Douglas and Paula abdul judging
my wish would be to see Gabrielle Douglas on DWTS!
Soo Gabrielle Douglas is going to be there?
yes I love her to but Gabrielle Douglas I tell you
Who’s voting this week for their school? LaLa Anthony, Sophia Bush, Gabrielle Douglas, you:
A Gabrielle Douglas movie is in the works...
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebri... — Ariana grande gabrielle douglas and taylor swift
Sorry to see Gabby Douglas is leaving Iowa & Chow's, but hope she enjoys being with family in LA.
Gabrielle Douglas on being a winner: via
The day an African or Caribbean nation wins the FIFA World Cup I will do more acrobatics than Gabrielle Douglas lol
Auditioning as 16 year old Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas for Gabrielle Douglas upcoming movie!going...
How has Gabrielle Douglas got 800,000+ followers ! She is absolutely NOT the best of the - Aly Raisman is
she was walking like Gabrielle Douglas on the bet awards...even my barber flame her *** up
My stomach is doing Gabrielle Douglas moves
this is Jezebel's content model, tho. how the whole Gabrielle Douglas hair story got going
Gabrielle Douglas actually in school. I thought she was grown lol
Gabrielle Douglas needs to stop acting grown
Gabby Douglas leaves Chow's Gym, moves to LA -
Gabrielle Douglas no longer living, training in Iowa Gabrielle Douglas…
Just asked Gabrielle Douglas to prom it's the only way I'm. Going
Gabby Douglas confirmed to have left Chow's
Gabby Douglas leaves Chows and West Des Moines: Gabrielle Douglas with no longer train with Liang Chow in West...
Hey, anyone else also think GDoug's huge 2011-12 leap was partially b/c she was 1000 miles away from her family?
yo, there's an article for that GDoug move. With interesting quotes.
Gabby Douglas no longer living, training in Iowa
Weird *** headline --> Gabrielle Douglas no longer living, training in Iowa via
Gabrielle Douglas no longer living, training in Iowa - Headline makes it appear as though she died.
Gabrielle Douglas no longer living, training in Iowa -
Gabrielle Douglas no longer living, training in Iowa
Gabby Douglas leaves Chow's gym, Iowa -- from
Adam Devine (L) presents Choice Female Athlete award to Gabrielle Douglas onstage at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.
Gabrielle Douglas will forever be my love.
So my nephew has a picture of Gabrielle Douglas on his wall. Oh okay.
I'm telling Gabrielle Douglas that you prefer white girls... — She is my Wife... leave her out of this...
today I've been reading Gabrielle Douglas' autobiography :)
Yes i'm a thick girl...but I did win my gymnastics competitions.. not like Gabrielle Douglas but i still got this!! 😜😜😜
I want arms like Gabrielle Douglas. *does push ups*
Gabrielle douglas got arms like beast !
Waiting in line to see Gabrielle Douglas! :) The perks of working at Chows!
Gabrielle Douglas at the 2012 floor routine Please like and share and like--> Gregory V Roe...
There has been much noise in the media lately concerning Black hair, from Gabrielle Douglas' Olympic...
my role model to get where i wanna be and not give up is Gabrielle Douglas :)
The weave upgrade before you get on live, national tv is all we wanted for Gabrielle Douglas though.
Ratfilet kinda looks like gabrielle douglas
Gabrielle Douglas and raffinee, umm same person.
Rara did that Gabrielle Douglas transformation on y'all ***
YO, but Rafi did look like Gabrielle Douglas on the low!!
Ugh this is bad but Rafane reminds me of Gabrielle Douglas 🙊😳
Buddy looks like Dwight Howard, The catfish look like Angelina Jolie and the other chick look like Gabrielle Douglas 😂😂
I just saw "Gabrielle Douglas 2.0" on my TL. I hate people so much. Lmao.
She look like Gabrielle Douglas from the Fab Five in the Olympics
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