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Gabrielle Anwar

Gabrielle Anwar (born 4 February 1970) is an English actress. She is known for her role as Margaret Tudor on The Tudors, for dancing the tango with Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman and for her current role as Fiona Glenanne on USA's Burn Notice.

Burn Notice Al Pacino Jeffrey Donovan Bruce Campbell Coby Bell Sharon Gless Matt Nix Gwyneth Paltrow Tim Curry Michael Westen Alice Cooper Lawrence Taylor Claire Danes Body Snatchers Claire Forlani Philip Seymour Hoffman Audrey Hepburn

I used to do a good bit of work in Miami and parked near the set once. Gabrielle Anwar walked right by me.
This scene reminds me of Body Snatchers (1993) when Gabrielle Anwar wakes up in the bathtub with alien tendrils in her nose..
Gabrielle Anwar? she's gorgeous so he could be left wanting more critic-y thoughts. or not!
Thank you Matt Nix, Jeffrey Donovan, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, Coby Bell, Gabrielle Anwar, and Netflix for letting me finish the ride.
Gabrielle Anwar and Chris O'Donnell recreate the tango scene from "Scent of A Woman" in honor of Al Pacino's recognition…
Chris O'Donnell and Gabrielle Anwar dancing on stage at Kennedy Center Honors tribute to Al Pacino was so unexpected and l…
I wonder if Gabrielle Reece, Gabrielle Carteris & Gabrielle Anwar have thought about starting a Gabrielle Union.
Gabrielle anwar showing bikini underboob and ***
I'm not even sure I have a style! All I know for sure is I don't want to look like everyone
1. Al Pacino & Gabrielle Anwar Dancing Tango in movie Scent of a Woman.
you should. One of my very favorites. Not that Gabrielle Anwar hurts anything...
Tango dance. Gabrielle Anwar and Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman! Childhood memories 😍
Gabrielle Anwar and Colin Egglesfield star in this week's TSR film, Carnal Innocence. Catch this tonight at 9.
Gabrielle Anwar in 1993 is kind of like halfway between Juliette Binoche and Julia Ormond.
Check out this iconic Tango Scene from “Scent of a Woman” with Al Pacino and Gabrielle Anwar.
The reason I think I watch Burn Notice reruns lol. . Gabrielle Anwar.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
.Looking forward to more episodes of Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell are in it. Could Gabrielle Anwar be far behind?
Gabrielle Anwar to wed Shareef Malnik this weekend - Read It Here!
9. THE MARSH (2009) a children's author played by Gabrielle Anwar rents a haunted house in the country.
Everybody after watching Straight Outta Compton. 😂😂 w/ (Vine by
- 4x09 - Center of the Storm Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar) & Vaughn Anderson (Robert Wisdom)
drove by Gabrielle Anwar this morning in Miami beach
I've watched Burn Notice enough that I think I have a pretty good idea of just how nice Gabrielle Anwar's *** really are.
Burn Notice. Because the world needs more Gabrielle Anwar
I liked a video In Pursuit of Honor (1995) Don Johnson, Gabrielle Anwar
Gabrielle Anwar is on Celebs I'd Have Sex with if Given the Chance. Vote:
Just realizing that TV budget Gabrielle Anwar is actual Gabrielle Anwar.
Will add one more: From 'Scent of a Woman', where Al Pacino teaches Gabrielle Anwar the tango.
Gabrielle Anwar, Winona Ryder, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain... I’m happy I’m not beautiful and have no other boyfriend except Al.
Celebrity Birthdays of note for the week of Feb 2 – Feb 8, 2015 Gabrielle Anwar, James Spader, Laura Linney... more
And threw away the paperwork to the pants I have worn by Gabrielle Anwar in the S5 finale!!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Time flies when it's Gabrielle Anwar's 45th birthday!
'Burn Notice' actress to marry fiancé at Montana ranch - “Burn Notice” star Gabrielle Anwar is to marry...
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1970, Gabrielle Anwar was born on this date in Laleham, Middlesex, England, UK
Happy 45th Birthday to Gabrielle Anwar!!! In the 90s she appeared in films such as If Looks Could Kill, Wild...
celebrates the birthday of Gabrielle Anwar!
Happy 45th birthday to Gabrielle Anwar (actress)
It's star birthday. See when this beauty is on TV:
Happy Birthday, the ever so sexy Gabrielle Anwar. I love that Tango dance you did with Al Pacino.
Today's Birthdays | Gabrielle Anwar is 44 years old today.
Burn Notice’ actress to marry fiancé at Montana ranch: Gabrielle Anwar and Shareef Malnik will marry at The R...
Wed, 04 Feb 2015, let us all send Gabrielle Anwar the best Happy Birthday wishes today ((45)
A bit earlier she had the TV on just for noise & Burn Notice came on. Y'all never told me both Bruce Campbell AND Gabrielle Anwar are in it.
BTW how have Gabrielle Anwar and Ruth Wilson not played sisters yet?
I watched something earlier today that has rubbed me wrong all day and I have something to say about it. It was a fluff report on the impending nuptials of George Clooney to Amal Alamuddin. They were speculating what it is about her that has finally made the "eternal bachelor" ready to commit. The answer given (by a female commentator, no less) was that he had finally found his intellectual equal in her. And that the women he dated previously, although beautiful and talented, were actresses, hosts, models, etc. and just weren't "up to his level". Pardon me?!? Firstly, George Clooney attended Northern Kentucky University and U of Cincinnati for broadcast journalism but never graduated from either. Some of the women he has previously dated are graduates of the U of Southern California (mass communications), U of Texas (education), and the Italia Conti Academy of Theater (famous for churning out actors and models such as Naomi Campbell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Anwar, Russell Brand, etc). So please tell me ...
Al Pacino as Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade and Gabrielle Anwar as Donna in Scent of a Woman 1992
Gabrielle Anwar, come to think of it..
"Actress GABRIELLE ANWAR is engaged to wed her beau of four years, restaurateur..
"'Burn Notice': Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar play the newlywed game -- " via
hello Mr. Malnik, can you give us an idea when the lovely Ms.Gabrielle Anwar will have her web site up an running?? Thankyou
I can't wait for the launch of Gabrielle Anwar's web pg. Its going to be Fantastic
I added a video to a playlist Al Pacino & Gabrielle Anwar - Tango Dancing in the "Scent of a Woman"
Huh. Gabrielle Anwar on Law and Order: SVU back in 2008. *gets back to work*
I added a video to a playlist Gabrielle Anwar's Feet
Gwyneth Paltrow's life IS like a war -- a blonde, richer, more famous, Oscar-winning GABRIELLE ANwar.
Strange pilot the mother has changed, and thankfully Gabrielle Anwar has stopped her horrendous Irish accent
I am Gabrielle Anwar: mother, lover, daughter, sister, friend, and creator in the pursuit of happiness.
Watching an uber craptastic movie, so tacky that I wonder why they cast Gabrielle Anwar instead of Sally Marcelina circa 1993
Gabrielle Anwar on dancing with Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman .
Gabrielle Anwar showing off her bikini body on a beach in Miami from …
I interviewed Gabrielle Anwar do you remember the first bully you took down featured in NBC s Science of Love
//for this pic alone, I want someone to FC her.
//We need Gabrielle Anwar as a FC. And as am actual character, not a smut acct.
NEED A STRESS BREAK , THIS WILL MAKE YOU SMILE! It’s Episode 49 of "Alive on South Beach" a mixture of celebrities and behind-the-scene peeks at some of the best social events of the current social season. Go To: Notice actress, Gabrielle Anwar; The best event of the wine and food festival; Miami International Boat Show … “man the POOP decks”; The latest addition to South Beach night life; Law Enforcement agencies prepare for any kind of major disaster; Why same sex marriage must be legalized in Florida; What a well known actress has to say about same sex marriage; The Miami International Film Festival and learn what comedy and horror movies have in common; and Gospel singer Maryel Epps. Watch all 49 episodes GO to: we helped you to relax, share this with your friends.
Gabrielle Anwar via Somme of my favorite pic's shot by getty
Came across this on Netflix - while I know the description is likely far more involving and interesting than the movie itself, I confess to being curious as to what such an absurd premise looks like onscreen: Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal 2001 R 96 minutes A rock star's plan to stage a concert aboard a 747 goes horribly awry when a psychotic passenger hijacks the plane and embarks on a killing spree. Cast: Joe Mantegna, Craig Sheffer, Gabrielle Anwar
Watching rerun of 'Burn Notice' that I've seen before. Forgot how hot Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar). She'd probably spank me if I was bad. Ow!
and what teenage boy didn't experience a strange stirring at the sight of Gabrielle Anwar..
English actress Gabrielle Anwar was born in Laleham, Middlesex, England, UK on 4 February 1970 to Shirley Hills, an actress and Tariq Anwar, an award-winning film producer and editor. She had her acting debut on Hideaway, a British miniseries and had her film debut in Manifesto. Soon after, she land…
oh, well, USA's showing that one episode of SVU that Gabrielle Anwar's on, may as well watch that
Yeah, 16 of them are with Gabrielle Anwar :-)
The love of my life . Gabrielle Anwar .❤️
Yes, that is Johnny Depp with Gabrielle Anwar & Faye Dunaway and Matt le Blanc, from "Friends", at the end.
Yay! I think Gabrielle Anwar gained weight between season 2 and 3. Good for her.
Gabrielle. Anwar. I'd eat that for breakfast brunch lunch dinner and a midnight snack ;)
Join Gabrielle Anwar and Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice on their cover shoot for TV Guide Magazine!
lol! I never saw him looking THIS good. Remember him and Gabrielle Anwar in The Tudors? He didn't look like this! Handsome
Famous Quote Said On February 4 Few men in our history have ever obtained the Presidency by planning to obtain it. James A. Garfield, 1879 February 4 Birthdays Rosa Parks (1913 - 2005) Alice Cooper turns 66 Kimberly Wyatt turns 32 Gavin Degraw turns 37 Brandon Bug Hall turns 29 Oscar De La Hoya turns 41 Natalie Imbruglia turns 39 Charles Lindbergh (1902 - 1974) Lawrence Taylor turns 55 Cameron Ezike Giles turns 38 Gabrielle Anwar turns 44 George A Romero turns 74 Kim Jaejoong turns 28 Clint Black turns 52 Danna Garcia turns 36 David Brenner turns 69 Allen Forrest turns 33 Rob Corddry turns 43 Conrad Bain (1923 - 2013) Betty Friedan (1921 - 2006) Norman Wisdom (1915 - 2010) - All February 4 Birthdays February 4 History 2004 - Massachusetts high court ruled that *** can lawfully marry. 1997 - A civil jury finds O.J. Simpson liable for the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her companion, Ronald Goldman. 1991 - The Baseball Hall of Fame votes to ban Pete Rose. 1974 - Patricia Hearst was kidnap ...
Scent of a Woman is a 1992 American drama directed and produced by Martin Brest that tells the story of a preparatory school student who takes a job as an assistant to an irascible, blind, medically retired Army officer. The film stars Al Pacino, Chris O'Donnell, James Rebhorn, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Gabrielle Anwar. It is a remake of Dino Risi's 1974 Italian film Profumo di donna. Adapted by Bo Goldman from the novel Il buio e il miele (Italian: Darkness and Honey) by Giovanni Arpino and from the 1974 screenplay by Ruggero Maccari and Dino Risi, the film was directed by Martin Brest. Pacino won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance and the film was nominated for Best Director, Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. The film won three major awards at the Golden Globe Awards: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Motion Picture – Drama.[2] The film was shot primarily around New York state. Portions of the movie were filmed on location at Princeton University in Princeton, Ne ...
The Three Musketeers must be one of the most en-filmed books... hot on the tail of the new TV series, Chan 4 are running the1993 american rendering. I have to say, Tim Curry is an excellent Richelieu, as you might imagine, and Gabrielle Anwar is always easy on the eye, as indeed is deMournay. But the rest of it is quite annoying. I think it's mainly that the dialog is written in 1993 Los Angeles Hip - which at least isn't silly pretend accents but, actually, somewhat jibes every time someone speaks. Except Oliver Platt - actually his Porthos is starting to amuse. :)
Gabrielle Anwar. She ask for me again. She is my client. Love her. Beautiful person. She is the actress in the Movie Since at Women. With Alpacino. Gob bless her and fam. Really Nice to see her again. 󾬏󾔏󾬗
Scent of a Woman . Al Pacino and Gabrielle Anwar rehearsed their . tango for 2 weeks. The scene took 3 days to shoot.
.. Only Gabrielle Anwar. The protagonist would be an Irish gang legend. Pretty much faceless -- the only people who have seen her are dead.
Thriller movie Friday.. Watching Under Suspicion with Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackett.. Next ... The Marsh with Gabrielle Anwar and Forrest Whitaker... Love having control of the tv when Brandon is out!
Al Pacino, Gabrielle Anwar. It's pretty fabulous. One of my favorites.
Gabrielle Anwar (born February 4, 1970) is an English actress, known for her roles in the 1990s films Scent of a Woman, The Three Musketeers, and Body ...
ok, I was just downtown at starbucks and I don't know how anyone didn't notice, but I just saw Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice there! And yes, I went up to her and said Hi, she is so pretty in person and super skinny and short even with heels. The barista was like I new I recognized her from somewhere. uh yeah!
How many times in your lifetime have you witnessed a liar with a specific agenda use ridicule to deflect the truth; particularly someone in the position to negatively affect your Freedom? Though we typically look for that person to be involved in the government, it really can be anyone in any walk or part of life. These two scenes from The Three Musketeers starring Tim Curry as Cardinal Richelieu, Gabrielle Anwar as Queen Anne and Hugh O'Connor as King Louis offer a wonderful example of the use of deflection by those with malevolent intentions. The producers of this variation of The Three Musketeers did a great job of focusing on Cardinal Richelieu. The scriptwriters also did a marvelous job with Richelieu's dialogue. Notice that he says many things using double entendres, actually being truthful and deceiving at the same time. Runtime 5 min 3 sec
Burn Notice is a sexy, action-packed original series starring Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a former spy who has been blacklisted. Michael pieces his life back together by using his unique skills and training to help people (his clients) in desperate situations, while watching out for anyone that still has him in their crosshairs.Burn Notice also stars Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona, a beautiful ex-IRA operative and Westen's girlfriend; Bruce Campbell as Sam, a washed up Navy SEAL who's an expert in tactical analysis, cutting through red tape, and finding the quickest route to a cold mojito; Coby Bell as Jesse, a former counter-intelligence agent who gave up his old life; and Emmy® Award-winner Sharon Gless as Madeline, Michael's mother, the voice of reason in Michael's chaotic life.
SUBSCRIBE to CELEBUZZ! : Burn Notice's Gabrielle Anwar stops by for an interview. Read the full story at CONNECT ...
Thank you Gabrielle anwar 2nd time meeting you . Big Fan of Burn Notice always remember you as Fiona . Awesome!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Henry Cavill. Bonkers chemistry w/Gabrielle Anwar in The Tudors. Speaking of on screen scorch, Katey Sagal/Jimmy Smits in Sons of Anarchy.
Yesterday: Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, Sonora, Gabrielle Anwar Movie, character, actor... Go! "I can turn invisible... but only for 2.3 seconds" No resources... either you know it or you don't! :)
In the Gabrielle Anwar scale what will you rate MISANTHROPE?
I absolutely hate all of the commercials about alcohol. It's not that I hate alcohol, it's that the commercials are just terrible. It's either a man telling you that what he's drinking is a 'man's drink,' (and concordantly you're NOT a man if you aren't drinking it), or it's Claire Forlani trying to look intimidating with a horrendous scottish/irish accent (seriously, why didn't they get Gabrielle Anwar to do that commercial?) Nothing about these commercials entices me to try any of them, especially since you'd be flushing $20-$40 down the toilet if you don't like them.
Decided to get away from the hype for the new doctor who for a night. "Let's watch the three musketeers" I said. Opening credits, staring Tim Curry, Kiefer Sutherland, Chris O'Donnell, Gabrielle Anwar, Charlie Sheen...? Omg... Is that... Is that Paul McGann?!? TYPICAL!!! Not only did I choose a movie with a cast of pop culture trolling potential, but I pick the one with the ZARKING DOCTOR in it! And to make it worse he is a GINGER! XD
"Body Snatchers" from 1993 is on. No comparison to the original. Meg Tilly is SO HOT!! Also a YOUNG Gabrielle Anwar is in it .
I feel like whoever dresses Gabrielle Anwar on Burn Notice should talk to a therapist or optometrist or both.
or Moyami, as we refer to it in the biz (the biz of people who think Gabrielle Anwar's accent in the pilot is hilarious)
A Blind man showed his passion dancing Por Una Cabeza with Gabrielle Anwar! Why wait? You are not blind. Find yourse…
I want to meet a Fiona Glenanne. Gabrielle Anwar would be great, but any Fiona Glenanne would suffice.
Auctioneer for that Make-A-Wish ball, Gabrielle Anwar, was so pretty in Scent of a Woman. Loved her tango scene w/Pacino!!
oooh Gabrielle Anwar is auctioning, I hope they get pix together, luv her, she was in the Tudors :)
I like Manny the limo driver in "Scent of a Woman". Cool guy. Good soundtrack as well. Plus Gabrielle Anwar.
I don't know who I love more... Gabrielle Anwar or Piper Perabo, I'm really going to miss Burn Notice, but I still have Covert Affairs...
Forgot Faye Dunaway and Gabrielle Anwar were in the video too,
and no way that new girl is not hotter! What r u thinking? Gabrielle anwar is way hot + english accents always sexy
I have to disagree Gabrielle Anwar from is pretty hot and one of the sexier crime fighters…
Going through MIA pics & just realized Gabrielle Anwar was there when I took this picture. That's her black Tahoe!
Photo: Gabrielle Anwar on the set of Burn Notice April 3, 2013 for the filming of episode 701 “New Deal”.
C791 Gabrielle Anwar close up Things to do In Denver When You're Dead 1995 $9.99
Oh Gabrielle Anwar, it can't be one of those movies. She's pretty kind of looks like Mac...
Al Pacino and Gabrielle Anwar in Scent of a Woman
Photo: "Hanging out at midnight. Feeling the Burn." [Gabrielle Anwar 6/22/2013]
I'll settle for autographs. Preferably Gabrielle Anwar's, if there was a way.
Photo: "Blessed be." [Gabrielle Anwar celebrating her birthday on 2/4/2013 at 43 years young]
Photo: "Missing my Man" [Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne on the set of Burn Notice 5/10/2013 while...
Photo: “Back in the saddle.” [Gabrielle Anwar 4/3/2013 getting prepared for filming on the set of Burn...
Burn Notice: an American television series created by Matt Nix. Stars Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, and Bruce Campbell.
Did I just see Gabrielle Anwar and Zach Braff holding hands?
Did i just see Zach Graff and Gabrielle Anwar holding hands?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Just got told I remind someone of gabrielle anwar. I'll take that as a compliment.
Oh, how I love this woman's legs; Gabrielle Anwar is the reason I watch your show
The and of the Wonderful actress Gabrielle Anwar: Look her in theses...
The and of the Wnderful actress Gabrielle Anwar: Look her in theses ...
The still has it. I, for one, love her nipples.
mind you, sexy times with Gabrielle Anwar playing a princess who never existed. I sigh.
Attn women, if you look at Gabrielle Anwar in 'Things To Do In Denver'19 yrs ago, then look at her in 'Burn Notice' this year, you'll be sad
I didn't spoil it, Im just expressing my love for Gabrielle Anwar
Unlike Gabrielle Anwar who went from 'fresh-faced ingenue' to 'face like a bosted orange' in about 10 yrs.
Photo: Gabrielle Anwar instagram - "Fiona & Sonja captured in a mysterious, covert op- in the darkest corner...
Gabrielle Anwar looking all kinds of smoldering in the new Burn Notice.
Gabrielle Anwar and Cote D' Pablo ..two hot chicks gone in the same year..This really ***
I love how Gabrielle Anwar is English, but has a spanish, irish, and american accent. They are all quite brilliant.
The one night I come to The Forge Gabrielle Anwar isn't here.
*headdesk* there is only 15 more days of shooting for Burn Notice EVER and Gabrielle Anwar in doing a countdown and I'm going to die.
RESPECT for Gabrielle Anwar & Al Pacino. OBAMA DANCE WTH NARAYAN for RIO+20 :-)
Omg! Gabrielle Anwar was 15 feet from me at the beach 2day. Something told me to walk the long way! Maybe I'll meet her before I leave.
If anybody knows being an In the entertainment isn't easy now , You need make deadlines and rehearsal for your characters . I didn't know is this hard but for me there no turn back now . but its fun you meets celebrity like Jeffery Donovan And William levy , and Bruce Campbell , Gabrielle Anwar and Coby Bell . But this 9th ill meet them again for the final time for the last season but will miss them all of the cast .
Still silly, much better budget and Gabrielle Anwar!
Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona, Burn Notice) is 43!!! And she has a 20 year old. I hate my life.
Burn Notice was awesome last night sad it's the last seasonmiss Character Fiona
Yay!. Gabrielle Anwar FINALLY reduced her massive eyebrows for this latest season of Burn Notice!
Gabrielle Anwar is like, This is how you play a violin, right?
(2yrs later) Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe . But why don't I see Jeffrey Donovan or Gabrielle anwar in the opening credits tho?? :(
I really do look like Gabrielle Anwar 😳
Gabrielle Anwar. Pacino-Scent of a woman. He's bloody marvellous in it.
y'all don't know how gleefully pleased I am that Gabrielle Anwar was able to keep her hair very long for the final season of Burn Notice
I wish I was Gabrielle Anwar. She is the definition of perfection. I swear.
After I saw an episode of Burn Notice I realized two things. That's what my family did to me. I love Gabrielle Anwar's everything
I could have watched the original "Godzilla" on TCM last night. Instead I watched "Burn Notice" on USA. I should have stuck with Raymond Burr, even though Gabrielle Anwar is prettier.
Would you tell everyone about Gabrielle Anwar in 3-lines... 3LinesPedia
Fun commercial shoot with my zumba lover Gabrielle Anwar!
don't bother. It was cool when it started (apart from Gabrielle Anwar's bad accents) but I stopped watching awhile back.
One of the best movie scenes ever--Al Pacino & a very young Gabrielle Anwar dancing tango in Scent of a Woman. *sigh*
Watchiing "The Librarian" and just realized that Gabrielle Anwar (aka Fiona) was a love interest. Ended with kiss of Noah Wylie.
A wonderful interview from 2009 with Gabrielle Anwar, 'Burn Notice' - Los Angeles Times via
- Skin myths Beauty fact or fiction? We talk to the experts about separating hard truths from common misconceptions. Skin Cancer Awareness Month Reminders from with Gabrielle Anwar sat down with Burn Notice star Gabrielle Anwar fo ...
Just because I admire her acting so much - Gabrielle Anwar, everybody, she's awesome!
so last night Florence of Florence + the Machine, A-Trak and Gabrielle Anwar were all at the same place and it's still blowing my mind
Photo: Thank you Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell and Coby Bell for giving us the most...
I guess the Pope is going to marry Gabrielle Anwar. The old man has the time of his life and now he's whipped!
this fab Ambassador is standing up 2 & sharing her artistic vision 2 make a difference
Photo: Stephen Martines and Gabrielle Anwar on the set of Episode 702, the 100th Episode of Burn Notice.
Watching tonight. It's just as bad as the first except that it's Gabrielle Anwar from opposite Noah Wyle.
and attend the Black's Annual Gala 2012 - Arrivals at Fontainebleau Miami Beac…
and at the Make-A-Wish garden party at the Palm Beach estate of Al and Nancy M…
Photoset: elway26: So buff and beautiful, Gabrielle Anwar is a true stunner. She says the only exercise she...
you could steal Michael Westen away from Fiona ( Gabrielle Anwar ) Ha Ha
" Gwyneth Paltrow, Claire Danes, and Gabrielle Anwar had been considered for the role; when they turned it down, Winslet campaigned heavily for it. She sent Cameron daily notes from England, which led Cameron to invite her to Hollywood for auditions. Cameron described the character as "an Audrey Hepburn type" and was initially uncertain about casting Winslet even after her screen test impressed him. After she screen tested with DiCaprio, Winslet was so thoroughly impressed with him, that she whispered to Cameron, "He's great. Even if you don't pick me, pick him." Winslet sent Cameron a single rose with a card signed "From Your Rose" and lobbied him by phone. "You don't understand!" she pleaded one day when she reached him by mobile phone in his Humvee. "I am Rose! I don't know why you're even seeing anyone else!" Her persistence, as well as her talent, eventually convinced him to cast her in the role." Aw, I love Kate Winslet, soosososososo much.
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Chris O'Donnell, Gabrielle Anwar, Bradley Whitford, Frances Conroy, Ron Eldard, Todd Louiso, James Rebhorn, and this guy named Pacino has a role in it, too.
its a fun movie. Action comedy he is with gabrielle anwar. The french teacher is awesome there
Finally watching skyfall & have said 5 times 'if that was Michael/Sam/Fiona/Jessy'
Wow, I'm humbled. I wish I was Fi, that would be awesome. Gabrielle Anwar is so beautiful.
Gabrielle Anwar improvised kicking Michael awake during her audition. It was later added into the shooting script on
If the Pope was at the French Riviera with Gabrielle Anwar in a classy hotel, I wonder what he'd be thinking?
Right here. I like the dress too. :)
Photoset: ‘Burn Notice’ co-stars Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar spend the afternoon together out and...
Gabrielle Anwar is an eleven in the concierge.
Happy Birthday to Norman RIP Wisdom, Lawrence Taylor, Alice Cooper, Tim Booth, Natalie Imbruglia, Gabrielle Anwar, and me.
Today in the ongoing series: "Eric shows his girlfriend movies she totally should have seen by now" was 1995's "Things to do in Denver when you're Dead". Starring Andy Garcia, Christopher Lloyd, William Forsythe, Treat Williams, Jack Warden, Steve Buscemi, Fairuza Balk, Gabrielle Anwar, and Christopher Walken. Her comment: "the unique and strong acting performances, the quirky script, and fine direction all came together in a way to make it difficult to say what I liked so much about it... Everything just kinda equaled out to make a fine film"...
kylagolfar: Young Gabrielle Anwar “I’ve been hounded by a reputation of being difficult when really what I’m …
The guyliner budget for CHUPACABRA: DARK SEAS could've upgraded the female lead from the Gabrielle Anwar Tier at least.
Dayna Rutter...This is my "Dear John" letter, or "Dear Jane." I am leaving you for Gabrielle Anwar (aka Fiona of Burn Notice). Don't bother stopping me, you did this to yourself by leaving Burn Notice on while I was sleeping. P.S. I will allow Brad Pitt to raise our son with you. Love always, Billy
you are my first TV crush since Gabrielle Anwar in 'Press Gang' circa 1990 *blushes* An honour rarely bestowed *runs away*
Princess Margaret Tudor as played by Gabrielle Anwar *This Fictional Character is an amalgamation of Henry's …
Jeffrey Donovan & Gabrielle Anwar as Michael Westen & Fiona Glenanne in the pilot episode of Burn Notice S1 E…
Gabrielle Anwar looking fine at USA Network event in N.Y.C.
Gabrielle Anwar wearing white strapless dress AFL event
Watching Burn Notice. I am SHOCKED that my hubs thinks Gabrielle Anwar is ugly. I mean, really. He thinks she's hideous. Wow.
So I’m just wondering why Matt Nix, Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar and the rest of the Burn Notice crew...
Played by Gabrielle Anwar and Henry Caville - taking lots of Hollywood liberties, eh?
This women is absolutely beautiful. Gabrielle Anwar.
Gabrielle Anwar has a 19 year old daughter? Yes,that Fiona from Burn Notice I've been lusting after, 19?! O_0
Over the six seasons that Gabrielle Anwar has worked with Jeffrey Donovan on USA Network’s Burn Notice, she has seen a clear change in her co-star — and it’s all thanks to new life-changing events for him off-screen. “He recently got married and I believe his wife had a baby within the last ...
Kelly Osbourne & Gabrielle Anwar are from my town ...whatt!?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I cant believe Gabrielle Anwar has three kids, including a 19 yr old
How I know I watch too much Burn Notice- Every time I read the word Miami, I hear Gabrielle Anwar saying it in my head.
Probably one of the worst movies ever made is on @ 11.30pm on Cinemax. Body Snatchers Starring: Gabrielle Anwar, Terry Kinney, Forest Whitaker Space aliens drain the life force of earthlings, leaving the victims behind as empty body "shells". One family's arrival on a military base is greeted by a terrified warning, "they get you when you sleep". Soon, the teenage daughter discovers that soldiers and officers alike are being taken over by the aliens, and that her own family is next! ENJOY!!
"It's like more of the same, but bigger." Oh, how I ♥ you
We've all seen the Al Pacino & Gabrielle Anwar scene. Now watch the professionals do it, kids. "Por Una Cabeza":
That's the best part of Miami Art Week! I think I saw Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice today.
Claire Forlani is still amazingly pretty. Hey, where's Gabrielle Anwar been hiding?
Gabrielle Anwar is a badass. Just love her
Gabrielle Anwar's hair looks amazing. Just a couple more inches and I'm there! Wish Gramma didn't throw out those Rolos.
OMG, Gabrielle Anwar has a 19 year old daughter, plus 2 other children? I want what she's having.
Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice has a 19 year old child! I'm done complaining.
So excited to see Gabrielle Anwar on Though I do kind of wish it was Fi instead.
So, in the first 35 minutes of Fashion Police, they had the mom from and no one said anything because Gabrielle Anwar?
Gabrielle anwar makes me wanna move to europe
Gabrielle Anwar is also quite attractive. Michael Weston makes me want to be a spy, but it's never that exciting.
DON’T MISS Burn Notice, Channel 10, 8.30pm Three and a half stars TO recap: Michael's girl and offsider Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) has given herself up to the Feds to protect Michael (complex blackmail versus terrorism trade-off) and now he and his other spy buddy Sam Axe (although technically Sam was a SEAL) have to hunt down Anson the bad guy and get Fi out of prison. The two events are, of course, connected. Anson loves explosives, guns, and either-or ultimatums. Near desperation, Michael reaches out to his old CIA trainer Tom Card (John C. McGinley - Dr Cox from Scrubs), who in turn gets Michael up to his neck in cartel business.
Burn Notice's Gabrielle Anwar In Studio: Burn Notice's gabrielle anwar stops by for an interview
did u watch the gabrielle anwar interview where she talked about JD?
Gabrielle Anwar: 'I still have sore toes from Scent of a Woman dance scene': Actress Gabrielle Anwar still wince...
The only thing sexier than Gabrielle Anwar is Gabriell Anwar with a gun
There's a load of cyclists attempting suicide on BBC1 & there's Gabrielle Anwar in a transparent dress or tiny shorts on ch5*.
.dishes on dancing with Pacino and bruises on WATCH:
Love Gabrielle Anwar, she is a badass on Burn Notice!! And She ice skated w/ Brandon Walsh
Questions for Gabrielle Anwar or EJ Bonilla? Both are coming in to the studio today!
On today's show: Trevin Hunte is here to talk about making the final four on The Voice... Burn Notice beauty Gabrielle Anwar is here... Great style for less, thanks to the folks from Rent The Runway... And, don't miss our 101 Recipes You Can't Live Without!
"My name is Ruben Villaescusa, I used to be a spy." Here w/ the lovely Gabrielle Anwar from
Gabrielle Anwar on Can't watch yet, so on your own on spoilers
Hanging out now w/ Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice. come join us! ttp:// :)
Gabrielle Anwar is in a movie on ch5USA, this is the 2nd movie i've seen that she gets no credit? She's on Burn Notice on ch5* creditted
The world needs Gabrielle Anwar singing that "I Could Love a Man Who Uses His Head" on YouTube or Tumblr or something. Or so I think.
Whatever happened to Gabrielle Anwar? She is gorgeous in this movie.
Thanks for the recommendations folks, it is always lovely for the boys to hear how awesome they are. Kepp them coming and remember to like us (odd number phobia). Well the studio is spanky clean and ready for inky fun tomorrow and we are going to bed to watch MORE Burn Notice (*crushes *** Jeffrey Donovan, Bruce Campbell and Gabrielle Anwar*). Word up bro.
Oh, cool. Gabrielle Anwar is in this one.
Gabrielle Anwar: sometimes there isn't enough soft focus in the world.
I liked a video Gabrielle Anwar and Shareef Malnik Dance Rehearsal
Gabrielle Anwar & rehearsing at Miami City Ballet for Make A WIsh Ball
I stopped watching Burn Notice when they replaced Gabrielle Anwar with Lil Wayne.
Actress Gabrielle Anwar gives us a great shout out in a new interview she did with the Sun Sentinel!...
Questions for Gabrielle Anwar of 'Burn Notice': When she's not kicking butt on the USA network's South Florida-set...
This movie is failing at being a chick flick, and failing at being a mystery. Gabrielle Anwar, what happened to you?
looks and sounds like 'Alice', 'Amy Pond' and 'Fiona' (Gabrielle Anwar)
the only thing I accomplished was being creeped out by that creepy Cloo promo for Burn Notice with the closeup of Gabrielle Anwar
Shareef Malnik and Gabrielle Anwar, along with their kids, perform a Bollywood dance for the crowd.
I completely do not understand how Gabrielle Anwar is still hot. It's like she went into cryogenics in 1993.
At the Make A Wish Ball in Miami. Here's Mark & Robin with Shareef Malnick and Gabrielle Anwar
Stay tuned for pictures of tonight's Ball in the coming days!
Photo: darklamb: Ahhh Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken!! Gabrielle Anwar as Sonora Webster. Best movie of my life...
private dinner for Make A Wish foundation with , Al Malnick, Shareef Malnick, Gabrielle Anwar, and Wayne Newton
Tomorrow night is the 18th Annual InterContinental Ball with celebrity auctioneer, Gabrielle Anwar!
Taking a nice hot bath, then snuggling down with the pups and a Netflix marathon of Burn Notice-because there's just no such thing as too much Gabrielle Anwar...yes, you read correctly-I did not write Jeffrey Donovan-I wrote Gabrielle Anwar...
The Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Southern Florida invites the next generation of contributors and Miami’s premier buzz creators in the fashion, arts, music and nightlife industries to the 5th Annual InterContinental Make-A-Wish Starlight Nightclub on Saturday, November 3, 2012. Appearances b...
Fiona is one tough woman! "Like" this album to show Fiona just how much we love her.
Name 3 women from.the 60 to 70 then 80 to 90 and finally the 90 to today so 9 in all. They have be from TV 1). Linda Carter 2) . Barbara Eden 3). Carolynn Jones from the. 60/70 1). Farrah Fawcett 2). Loni Anderson 3). Valeri Bertinelli from the 80/90 1). Cote de Pablo 2). Hayden. Pantierre 3). Gabrielle Anwar for the 90/now catergory. Those are my nine. Married guys answer this at your peril
I totally agree about her eyebrows this season. They were always pretty full, but they've now taken on a life of their own. Freaky!!
I've talked to some awesome people! Seth, Gabrielle Anwar, Danny Devito, Ray Romano, Jimmy Smits, Matthew Perry, etc.
Three Musketeers is on. The 1993 one - one of my childhood favorites. Look how young Julie Delpy & Gabrielle Anwar look!
She used to be a natural beauty. Now, not so much. Overly thin and her eyebrows are down right freaky...Love her acting, but, can't stand to watch her any more, she looks so bad...
Gabrielle Anwar, 42, shows off her svelte body she soaks up the sun on Miami Beach [Via Daily Mail]
Claire Holloway is a young, sophisticated author of a series of successful children's books. Her personal life, however is far from a storybook...
see the subtle nuance is that i was Gabrielle Anwar being Sean Connery doing a panda...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
something about the intro made me think of Gabrielle Anwar doing the voice of a half Scottish Panda.
Catching up ON Burn Notice, what in the *** happened to Gabrielle Anwar's eye brows?
Up great tension! Watch carefully Burn Notices season 5. Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell best! ! Well, the best guys!
Gabrielle Anwar talks about dancing the tango with Al Pacino in SCENT OF A WOMAN at the 35th AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Al Pacino (2007). CONNECT WITH
If had Gabrielle Anwar's body I would just never wear clothes.
2 reasons why it would be awesome to be Michael Westin from Burn Notice 1. You get to be a bad *** spy 2. you get to date Gabrielle Anwar
Watching S2 of Burn Notice. Gabrielle Anwar's top lip is disturbingly static.
any Gabrielle Anwar impressions this week?
Directed by Renny Harlin. With Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Coby Bell, Bruce Campbell. Sam and Barry are pinned down by an assassin as Michael gets a lead on Anson. An MI-6 agent tries to prevent Fiona's release from prison.
2013 Let's try to get Bruce Campbell & maybe even Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice
I want a blow up Gabrielle Anwar, wouldn't take much blowing up which is handy for an asthmatic
Burn Notice is playing away in the background. Just worked out who the lead actress is. Gabrielle Anwar.
One of my all time favorite movies, "The Scent of a women" Check it out younsters!! Oh, my Ex (Gabrielle Anwar) comes out! LOL!!
I have watched a lot of ur other movies & really like them all. You are like the little sister I wish I had.
Gabrielle, I just love the part you play on "Burn". You r such multi-character in Fiona. A part I wish I was in real life.
Ha! The kdrama. The movie didn't really have a female lead, did it? Aside from Gabrielle Anwar's brief appearance.
Burn Notice is on. Gabrielle Anwar is so hot!
Finished season 1. Not great, but not bad. Here's hoping season 2 picks up a bit & that Gabrielle Anwar picks up a sandwich
Directed by John T. Kretchmer. With Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless. Michael and former handler Jason Bly are trapped together in a bank robbery. The pair must work together in order to get out alive
So. Flipping through TV I just made a connection. Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice is in this movie Im watching about a girl who wants to ride horses. I IMBD'd the movie to confirm it was the same girl because she looked much younger. I confirmed it was her. After doing that I discovered the same year, 1991, she was in "If looks could kill" with Richard Grieco; which is about a burned secret agent who helps people and has to fight for his freedom from the agency that burned him. Say what?! Its all a re-make. Not only is it a re-make but it stars the same person. Just all grown up. And not only that but I watched the movie. So now I know how the whole series end. I said all that to say. Richard Grieco was the original Michael Weston.
Made another Burn Notice video and this time I added Jesse. Its similar to my old video but with a few changes. Cast are Jeffrey Donovan as Michael, Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona, Bruce Campbell as Sam, and Coby Bell as Jesse. Please leave me comments/...
I wanna have a go on Gabrielle Anwar, or a tango. How come she looks the same age in Burn Notice as she did in Scent of A Woman?
Created by Matt Nix. With Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, Jeffrey Donovan. A spy recently disavowed by the U.S. government uses his Special Ops training to help others in trouble.
Gabrielle Anwar is fantastic in Burn Notice. I do wish someone would feed her though. Poor thing is wasting away.
The clip The tango from Scent of a Woman (1992) with Al Pacino, Gabrielle Anwar. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.
I would be seduced by Gabrielle Anwar in a matter of seconds.
Gabrielle Anwar Existence Appreciation Post. Oh my god...She's so gorgeous!
Was that Gabrielle Anwar's voice narrating the ND promo clip?
Gabrielle Anwar doesn't have a belly button.
I rarely criticise my fellow woman, but my God does Gabrielle Anwar get on my *** She acts like she's so hot.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Fanvid made for the most kick *** character couple around, Michael and Fiona of Burn Notice. Played by the awesome Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar - love...
Had a dream about Gabrielle Anwar and drinking Coffee for the first time. Can I really be craving something I've never tried?
artfitnessfunny: Gabrielle Anwar is super fit in that dress…
hmmm Gabrielle Anwar, doing a Bane voice saying *** Canoe" That's the holy trinity right there!
Gabrielle Anwar is the worst undercover alien, ever.
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