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Gabriel Emerson

Professor Gabriel Emerson Gideon Cross David Gandy Henry Cavill Matt Bomer Jesse Ward Sylvain Reynard Augustus Waters Jace Wayland

And why does the guy who plays him looks oddly like a certain Professor Gabriel Emerson?...😏😏😏😏
David Gandy fc with Prof. Gabriel Emerson and Gideon Cross' personality, pretty please?
Hi ... "Mrs Emerson"?. Sorry?...😮... I don't belive it .Gabriel is mine.😜. I miss you, I'll be back soon..❤ I love u twinny😘
Gabriel O. Emerson is a brilliant professor of Dante studies at the University of Toronto.
Who can not see Gabriel Emerson in this_I'm dead
Gabriel Emerson and his beloved daughter clare
who will be speaking Gabriel Emerson ... will be with
My god, please be our Gabriel Emerson 😭😭.
Join as they discuss the mysterious Professor Emerson of by
"We exist under the red flag of professionalism. Professors can't be friends with their students." -Professor Gabriel Emerson-
Gideon Cross is from Crossfire series, and Gabriel Emerson from Gabriel series :3
I have Prof. Gabriel Emerson and Gideon Cross in my top list :3
Favorite quote... lol Professor Gabriel Emerson was sitting in bed, naked...
+ knew that wasn't him, and there would always be people like Gabriel Emerson who would stand behind him no matter what. +
Can someone please tell me who Paulina is on Gabriel inferno please im dying to know who it is? Gabriel Emerson is a hottie
i'm not sure that even Gabriel could survive Walmart on Black Friday.
On December 6 we'll begin a new seminar with Professor Emerson. You'll need Gabriel's Rapture by h…
Henry Cavill is not Gabriel Emerson. Henry Cavill is Gideon Cross. David Gandy is Professor Gabriel O. Emerson. 😓😓😓😓
I don't think he does but he needs to he'd be a great Gideon Cross or Gabriel Emerson!
y'all make a compelling case for the Blackstone series! He screams Gabriel Emerson to me.
Yeah he probably would horrible lol
but how bad of a down grade on defense at first would the Cards take? My guess is a big one.
"Miss Mitchell, how nice to see you again." Gabriel smiled somewhat stiffly. "You’re looking smart, as always."Professor Emerson. Ch11, G.I.
Now all I need is for Gabriel's Inferno to be a movie too!!! I want my own Professor Emerson!!!
Professor Gabriel Emerson loosing his temper in by (He is charming even loosing his temper)
Oh it was.We are like Julia.Ruined for other men and books thanks to Gabriel Owen Emerson. But we love him.What can we do?😍
Thank you...lovely eye candy as is David Gandy in the role of our beloved Professor Gabriel O. Emerson. ;)
man i love so much all of them 😍😍 Maddoxes gaves me so inspiration to my book, even Gabriel Emerson of Gabriels Inferno
I want my own version of C Grey, Gabriel Emerson, Gideon Cross, Jace Wayland, Magnus Bane uggh thank god for fictional characters
Dear fans, what is it about Gabriel Emerson that makes you love him? We would like to know!
Professor Gabriel Emerson loosing his temper in by
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You and Gabriel Emerson make my life complete. LOL. 🔥
Henry is Gabriel Emerson but when I saw this pics... He's also Gideon
glad u like it. David Gandy is defo the gabriel emerson. Isnt it?
"Your reality is far more beautiful and alluring than any dream. I'd choose you over the dream any time". Gabriel Emerson :')
"I found my hope when I found you". A man like Gabriel Emerson please?! head over heels for fictional characters again.
“Gabriel Owen Emerson, have you been an *** to Julia?”... - Rachel ~ Chapter 6 - Gabriel's Inferno
Julianne Mitchel from Gabriel's Inferno. Who wouldn't want a professor as yummy as G. Emerson?
Gideon Cross. Simon Parker. Gabriel Emerson. These men from my novels are just so perf 😍 Please exist!
Here's the 2nd installment of the Detone Sessions on Tokyo-Nagoya InterFM .
. AWESOME eddie gabriel likes Nieve . Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Professor Emerson and Miss Mitchell will be waiting for you this Sunday 19 at 7PM ET. Don't be late to class.
Gabriel Emerson has advanced to the First Round of the Please Share/RT!
This is for Professor Julianne Emerson. Gabriel will be impressed when she has the family over for Christmas dinner.
Insist on yourself never imitate... Every great man is unique. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Let's just say women already have superpowers and high heels increase them … - Prof. Gabriel O. Emerson.
"There is no planet, sun, or star that could hold you, if you but knew what you are." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ah, I see! I'm more a fan of Gabriel Emerson. :D
I am so excited for and by Emerson, my name is Gabriel Emerson.
"It felt like my Gabriel Emerson carried me to bed and my Jace Wayland guarded me as I fell asleep."
♡ Gabriel’s voice was playful but there was a note of underlying sadness. Gabriel Emerson ♡♡
David Gandy as Gabriel Emerson: Gabriel&Inferno? Support this movie proposal or make your own
he slowly began to realize that he, Professor Gabriel O. Emerson, was a self-absorbed ***
What about being Gabriel Emerson in a movie
do you know that you represent Gabriel Emerson for many fans of by ?
Have you ever heard about the professor Gabriel Owen Emerson?
King Crimson, Kansas, Electric Light Orchestra, Peter Gabriel fronted Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer. Try them all out
LOL I love Professor Gabriel Emerson and we know he loves high heels 👠
So, correct guesses so far: Gabriel, Anderson, Wakeman, Emerson, Banks, Waters, Fripp, Bruford and Lake. 9 down, 24 to go...
can't stop reading the Gabriel series what have you done to me 😊 beautiful professer emerson x x
The Professor is interviewed by a Romanian book blog: (In English and Romanian)
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The Professor was interviewed by the Shattering Words blog:
Now meeting Gabriel Emerson for the first time.
My life is not the same since I met Gabriel Emerson;) *sighs*
Read please ! People love Gabriel Emerson and you too .. It's obvious .. !
Change Joe's eye color to blue and he is the "married & little bit older" Professor Gabriel O. Emerson. ;)
My avatar is David Gandy :) My Gabriel Emerson.. Is that okay right? 😘
All are passionate about Gabriel Emerson. Looking forward to the release of "The Raven" here in Brazil. ♥
Man. Why didn't I know that there's already a 3rd book?!. Can't get enough of Professor Gabriel Owen Emerson. Gabriel's Redemption is out.
I blame Gabriel Emerson for making me want to take anthropology as my minor. I mean come on!! There are so many amazing courses!
Gabriel Owen Emerson is really infuriating at times.
I fancy Gabriel Emerson more than Mr. Darcy now. (sorry Jane)
Great from while you wait for the Florentine Series in 2015! Meet Gabriel Emerson!
Henry Cavill will be my perfect Gabriel Emerson or Gideon Cross, so perfect 👌.
OMG!!! One of favorite series is about Gabriel O. Emerson. I love him, and his creator, Sylvain...
.talked about the Gabriel series with (Dec 2013) .
Escaping my mundane life with Professor Gabriel Emerson for the evening.
Today, gun to your head, do you pick:. Gideon Cross or Gabriel Emerson?. ~ Nicole
In bed reading with Professor Gabriel Emerson before I start my mountain of work. The few moments of down time I give myself keep my sanity
btw, have you read the Gabriel Emerson books by ? Really love them
Tyrone Power would've made a great 1930s version of Gabriel Emerson.Yum! Happy 100th Birthday to him!
me toi you would make a wonderful Gabriel Emerson 😘
Just finished Gabriel's Redemption. is the one & only Professor Gabriel Emerson
Oh Gabriel Emerson que me has hecho
Fox bowtie - perfect for Professor Gabriel O. Emerson. Reynard
"I want you forever, not just for tonight" - Gabriel Emerson.♥
Photo: Sorry but he is my perfect Gabriel Emerson.
People with Owen in their name are sexy as *** *Gabriel Owen Emerson & William Owen Herondale*
The greatest proof of wisdom by Professor Gabriel Emerson by ;)
I'm fantasizing about being Professor Gabriel Emerson in David Gandy's body...
If Gabriel Emerson was in a magazine cover shoot.
Little Giant Ladders
He is the one and only Professor Gabriel Emerson of course.
Him is my Gabriel Emerson Henry is perfect to play the character of the Professor.
obviously!!! And we gonna meet Gabriel Emerson and Will Morris
If Gabriel Emerson was like Dante, will be his Virgilio?
ah sometimes is like this sweety, tell me did you have a gorgeous proffesor like Gabriel Emerson? 🙉🙊🙈 yes baby I'm here
I already re-visited Ethan Blackstone and Gideon Cross.Who next? Jesse Ward or Gabriel Emerson? I love my book boyfriends & can't decide
Enigmatic and attractive, Professor Gabriel Emerson is a man tortured by his past. Though he takes great pride in...
Gabriel Emerson would charm the pants of me. Anytime. Any day.
“When a man kneels before a woman, it’s a gesture of chivalry. When a woman kneels before a man, it’s unseemly.". -Gabriel Emerson
Um yep is definitely my Gabriel Emerson! Still sad the books are over! Hoping it hits the big screen!
He's among the top favorites of Men Who Remind Us of Gabriel Emerson. :)
im gonnnaaa love Gabriel Emerson with all my heart and soul csakjnckasnkcas
Valentine Week: Check out what the Professor planned for Julia's V-day! Many thanks to With Giveaway
mmm not sure I see him more as Gabriel Emerson
Chinese takeout, wine and Gabriel Emerson. Happy Valentine's day to me.
You can find translations of Gabriel's post on the blog: Italian: Spanish:
ICYMI... Valentines Day post by the most sought after professor on the planet... ;). Including an awesome giveaway!.
Oh my sweet, where can I find myself a Gabriel O. Emerson? 😍🙏
Well I guess my night is shot...Shawn's still at work and doesn't know what time he will be home...I guess I will head home in a little while and curl up and finish my night with Gabriel Emerson in Gabriel's Redemption.I guess it's the best 2nd choice I can find...
Frost, Emerson, Longfellow, Keats. all rank amateurs compared to the brilliance that is a true poet laureate!
i think of David Gandy as Professor Gabriel Emerson . omg
New feature on the blog and it kicks off with Gabriel Emerson
He seems to be everyone's favorite Professor! Gabriel Emerson from Sylvain Reynard's Gabriel's Inferno series :)...
idk about Gabriel Emerson but Gideon Cross & Ethan Blackstone 😍
I've fallen in love with 3 men in the past week. Gideon Cross, Gabriel Emerson, and Ethan Blackstone. Talk about an emotional roller coaster
I just finished reading "Gabriel's Redemption" the end is very beautiful. Thanks for create to Gabriel Owen Emerson!
Professor Gabriel Emerson after class lets out?
Beautiful stained glass. "Her sins are forgiven for she loved much." I always remember Gabriel Emerson when I see it!
I thot I was the only one who imagined him as "Gabriel Emerson"... apparently theres a page dedicated to him!
Gabriel Owen Emerson is not my typical book boyfriend... He is my book husband!
“If for some reason we get separated, I want you to wait for me. I’ll find you, I promise. - Gabriel Emerson” ― Sylvain Reynard, Gabriel's Inferno
Are you looking forward to our chat with Professor Gabriel Emerson? We know Sylvain Reynard does and so do we.
Yes, for me he is the teacher Gabriel O. Emerson, love those books, love *-*
I see Emerson's profile, think about hitting him up instantly, then I'm sad
And while I'm dreaming and figure all this stuff out, if rolls around look for his Here I am !
"Professor Gabriel Emerson was sitting in bed, naked, reading La Nazione, the Florentine newspaper."
I think I need to find my own Sigh. are you out there?
would give me to gift's Gabriel Emerson ??
would give me to gift's Gabriel Emerson ?? . atte: Hola! :D
Seems like Professor Gabriel Emerson might visit us for a chat, do you have some questions for him?
Gabriel's Inferno just arrived. I am a happy girl now! Off to read and meet the Professor ❤️ ;)
David Gandy is apparently Gabriel Emerson... I didn't know there was a moving coming out.
if you wind up depressed, well commiserate together... Gabriel Owen Emerson is one tortured romantic I could not stop loving
Here you go: Gandy Stash: ;-) and Gabriel Stash which is mostly Gandy
I did a Professor Emerson from Gabriel's Inferno fan page featuring David on FB.
I'm legitimately mourning the loss of Professor Gabriel Emerson... Now that I'm done with the last book.. Idk what to do with myself.. 😩😭
Done with Gabriel's Redemption. Clare Grace Hope Emerson, such a beautiful name and of course, a beautiful ...
I don't want to part with Professor Gabriel Emerson!!! 😩 I'm putting off the last few pages to prolong this relationship..
same. although, you can keep Gideon. I'd rather the Professor (Gabriel Emerson)
Happy New Year. Thank you for the awesome Books/Reading/Gabriel Emerson in 2013. Looking forward to more books in 2014.
Happy New Year to John Emerson and his entire family Jax Themax Jaime Heldt!! Your support of OUR family in 2013...
Finished with Gabriel's Redemption, by Sylvain Reynard: I think I could read about the Emerson family forever.
Professor Gabriel Emerson lovers will surely love this!
I do love but my favorite fictional man, besides off course, is Gabriel Emerson by Swoon!
My for past year! So glad found you ladies who share my passion! Prof Gabriel Emerson FB page turned me on to DG❤️
89% done with Gabriel's Redemption, by Sylvain Reynard: Mmmhhm hmm! Professor Emerson you do not fail me❤️
I read the synopsis of your three books, I download *** Gabriel, I need to read it, I find an amazing love story of Emerson
find me a Gideon Cross, Remington Tate, or Gabriel Emerson and I'll get hitched tomorrow.. But if not? No go.. Single forever
I definitely had some hots for old high school teachers back in the day. I'll settle for Gabriel Emerson nowadays
but if Gabriel Emerson was my professor??? Oh hel yes we'd have some student/ professor fraternization issues..
yes! So true! I'm adding Professor Gabriel Emerson to my top 5.. It's shifting quickly. You may wanna give him a chance!
For all Czech readers! We tranlated for you Professor's New Year's Eve flashback. Enjoy! ♥
. “That was an interesting conversation. I’ve been called a lot of things in my life. But no one has ever called me Superman.”-- Gabriel Emerson
Top Book Boyfriends of 2013 (based on votes from our SMI reviewers): Søren from the Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz Andrew Parrish from the Edge of Never series by JA Redmerski Gabriel Emerson from Gabriel's Redemption by Sylvain Reynard Dorian Skotos from the Dark Light series by SL Jennings Who is your favorite BBF of 2013?
“You’re my Beatrice. You belong with me.” -Gabriel Emerson
Date night-- me, tall glass of wine, and Gabriel Emerson. Thank you, Sandra Pedroso-Smith. ;-). X A name far too preposterous to be real. (But good reading with a glass of wine).
“It’s Professor Emerson, and I went to Harvard. Where did you go, an anti–oral sex college?”. Jajaja cosita, Gabriel xD
The Professor answers some provocative questions posed by & calls a ***
Four chapters deep with Gabriel Emerson and I'm falling in love all over again 😍📖
.talks Henry Cavill, The Professor and . Plus, giveaway! ht…
Oh Professor Gabriel Emerson You never seize to amaze me. If only.
Available in: NOOK Book (eBook), Paperback, Audiobook. From the author of the New York Times bestsellers Gabriel’s Rapture and Gabriel’s Inferno comes the epic conclusion to the captivating romantic trilogy.Professor Gabriel Emerson has left h you know who Dante is? The professor's name is Gabriel Emerson...
Are Dante, Emerson and Gabriel the same person? I'm a little confused...
HE IS MINE TOO!!! he could also be Professor Emerson from Gabriel's trilogy of
TSM > Gabriel Emerson..? Is this happening, I believe so. rip
Getting ready to snuggle up with Professor Emerson. So excited! Have you read Gabriel's Inferno? I wanna see your...
Enter to win a signed copy of the Gabriel Emerson Trilogy from
.talks Henry Cavill, The Professor and Plus, giveaway! htt…
I might be the only person who hasn't read about Ethan Blackstone and Gabriel Emerson. I feel left out, I guess I should go one-clicking again.
I'm reading Gabriel's Redemption and DG as Emerson figures prominently in my head :)
This Gabriel Emerson is pretty charming but I'm not sure whether or not he could ever beat Derek Craven as romance fiction's best hero.
Ohh Prof. Gabriel Emerson.. It's not a secret that you're my favorite book boyfriend ! :))
Hot New Release "Gabriel's Redemption": Professor Gabriel Emerson has left his position at the University of T...
just much is Gabriel Owen Emerson worth? Where & how does he invest his money? :)
"You're far more dangerous than cocaine." --Professor Gabriel Emerson
Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard . Professor Gabriel Emerson has left his position...
OMG, I discovered "Gabriel's Inferno" by and I can't put it down. I've just fell in love with Gabriel Emerson.♥ Perfection!
Hi Sylvain, she looks like Julia? is a fan made of alummnas gabriel emerson .. Thanks for you job on a trilogy, are the best book's I've read... :)
Kayla the Bibliophile: Professor Gabriel Emerson Edition: Dare to Tell the Truth with Kayla the...
Looking forward to my lunch date with Jack Cole so that I can make my dinner reservations with Professor Gabriel Emerson tonight :) going to be busy busy... Don't you ladies agree?
“I simply think of you. You are everything.” Prof. Gabriel Emerson to Julianne - Gabriel's Redemption
"My milestones are only important because of you. Without you, they'd be empty days." Gabriel Emerson...*Swoon* :-}
In cold days like tonight, Professor Gabriel Emerson's arms would be the right place to be
" " is the Best Gabriel Emerson !! I would like a movie with him playing The Pr Emerson
Really missing Alexander, Gabriel, and Emerson. Someone bring them to me
i love and i admire you a lot,you are an amazing writer, i love Gabriel Emerson ❤️ x
You right Lol Though book's casts have disappointed me so it would be a real miracle if Gandy would play Gabriel Emerson
Seriously, Gabriel Emerson. Where have you been all my life?
IKR? Though I still rather him as Professor Gabriel Emerson ;)
Waiting for the 3rd book of Gabriel Emerson! He is the best leading male character of the contemporary trilogies so far.
Oh yes I love him, one of the most gorgeous man I've ever seen, Perfect to be Gabriel Emerson if some day it becomes a movie
or of Gabriel Emerson :D Plus he wears glasses :D
Andrew Parrish,you are now officially on my Fictional Boyfriend List! It's a tie at between you and Prof Gabriel Emerson
Are you a Gabriel Emerson fan? David Gandy is my Gabriel, looks super hot in glasses!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Screw you Gabriel lovers. Gabriel Emerson is mine.
Prof G.O. Emerson speaks to Lush Book Reviews (Aug 11) & by
Tom Hiddleston as Professor Gabriel Emerson. The thought of it feels like diving into a pool of IDK?? Ice tea?? Heavenly!
A perfect guy? Well... a mixture between Gabriel Emerson, sparkles of Gideon Cross, no dark soul, and of course, Henry Cavill´s body. =D
yeah and salma has this really weird imagination and thinks she's gunna marry Gabriel Emerson but he's
“I want to be your first and your last. I love you, Julianne. I offer you my heart and my life.” — Gabriel Emerson
Those not liking our page anymore, move to Gabriel Emerson.. you may like it.
So you're the guy who showed up in my dream about Prof Gabriel Emerson...
You're only a magnet for mishap miss mitchell and i'm a magnet for sin- Gabriel Emerson.
its official. i had a dream about a fictional man. i dreamt about Prof Gabriel Emerson in the flesh. and then a i woke up.
GO to FB & like the Gabriel Emerson page. has the deets
My plan if ever comes to Juarez is to ask for an interview with Gabriel Emerson❤. Se vale soñar :3
Gabriel emerson just fed me yes yes
The one and only Gabriel Emerson from Gabriel's Inferno & Rapture by the talented
David Gandy would be a great Gideon Cross in Bared to you or Prof Gabriel Emerson in Gabriels Inferno. Mr. Perfect.
Get your on Vote for Gabriel Emerson by Sylvain Renyard for your Schmexiest "Suit Pt.2" Book Male? …
Ok I need a man like Gabriel Emerson
I hope Matt Bomer will get the role of Gabriel Emerson. He will show us his sex appeal in another sexy movie!
Yay! is a perfect fit for Gabriel Emerson ;)
Hi I love your books and Gabriel Emerson, you're a great author... Te quiero, gracias por compartir una hermosa historia.
Gabriel Emerson is perfect )) so is Matt Bomer...Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill, David Gandy...One of them should be Gabriel)
lol Let me introduce you all to Professor Gabriel Emerson
Share this album with your choice for Gabriel Emerson and you are entered to win an autograph set of Sylvain...
Please tell me that if your book will ever be filmed Gabriel Emerson will be played by Matt Bomer :D
David Gandy would be perfect as Gabriel Emerson or Gideon Cross because he is absolutely beautiful!
*sigh* You are also channeling Professor Gabriel Emerson in this gorgeous photo!
what about a signed note from Prof. Gabriel Emerson's desk for my paperback copy SR? :)
I feel like Chris is like Professor Gabriel Emerson.
Are you following to Professor Gabriel Emerson? He has Gandi as avi
Gabriel Emerson, i swear if you don't get your *** here right now.
Dimitri,. i love you. I REALLY do!. But Gabriel Emerson is... Well... a different world... OMG I JUST CHEATED ON DIMITRI WITH GABRIEL... lol
If you see Henry Cavill as Gabriel Emerson, you should read our interview: http:…
Gabriel Emerson, you're a true romantic.. ♥
But I also almost forgot how mysterious and charming Gabriel Emerson is 😍
I LOVE this book seriers!! Gabriel Emerson you perfect thing.. epic fail...
Sir Ayden, Listed among a cast of three, but who's the headliner? Gideon? Christian? Let's not forget Prof Gabriel Emerson.
Professor Gabriel Emerson,we need tutoring&extra credit!we'll come to your place about 9 or 10ish?
Happy birthday to my most FAVORITE Professor Gabriel Emerson!!! I hope it's been divine already!
Happy Birthday to my favorite professor: Gabriel Emerson...
Happy birthday to my favorite professor... Gabriel Emerson ❤❤❤
My favorite Gentleman could also be Gabriel Emerson from Gabriel's Inferno book. I wish he was real
Which actor would be your perfect Gabriel Emerson?
Good evening everyone. It gives us great pleasure to have Professor Gabriel Emerson with us today for a seminar
Love this pic!! ❤ So gorgeus the perfet Gabriel Emerson
you are only one Gabriel Emerson. ...
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If is my Professor Gabriel Emerson, I will attend his class even if my nose bleeds.
Holy Mother of God!! I just saw the Gandy video. Kill.Me.Now. He is MY Gabriel Emerson. -- OMG OMG OMG.
Jared Padalecki is my Gideon. Henry is my Prof. Gabriel Emerson
and my Gabriel Emerson..seriously addicted to :-)
Love the video David, you are our Professor Gabriel Emerson before Julianne, hot!
Holy Gideon Cross and Gabriel Emerson HOT! Thanks for posting this ladies at David Gandy Fans UK! Yummy! :) Kellie
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Seriously, once you read about Gabriel Emerson, DG could never play anyone except him! Trust me!
Girls, Matt Bomer is my CG, Henry is my Gideon and DG is Gabriel Emerson LOL!! Totally different.
A young Gabriel Emerson, eager to impress the esteemed Professor Picton.
"Thank you for making everything beautiful just by being." - Gabriel Emerson *-* may I die now?
“No more weeping. I've seen enough tears from you to last a lifetime. And I'm not worth a single one.” - Gabriel Emerson
“After all we've shared, I just want to hold you and be close. Rest in my arms and know that I love you.” - Gabriel Emerson
Love this! Great post by where she compares Gabriel Emerson to Mr. Darcy on
David reminds me so much of Gabriel Emerson in this photo. The Professor would greatly approve of his bow tie.
Here lies the problem, it would be Mr Darcy & Gabriel Emerson. So I'm an imaginary polygamist as well as a freak!
".Gabriel Emerson stood in the doorway of his study, hands in his pockets..."
I think the only film role that can redeem Henry Cavill after the atrocious is Gabriel Emerson in 's novels...
Oh yeah, I see it too..Connor Black, Ayden Blackstone, and the Professor, Gabriel Emerson too💋
Gabriel Emerson the professor from Gabriel's inferno x
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