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Gabe Kapler

Gabriel Gabe Stefan Kapler (born July 31, 1975, in Hollywood, California) is an American Major League Baseball outfielder.

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Dave Martinez is a finalist, but Gabe Kapler is not
My top-5 for next manager in no order: Alex Cora, Ron Gardenhire, Gabe Kapler, Jason Varitek, & Brad Mills
In 1999, the Tigers sent Haselman, Gabe Kapler, Frank Catalanotto, Justin Thompson and Francisco Cordero to Texas for Juan Gonzalez ...
at his word, but 900 games never heard it once. Oh, except good ol boy Kevin Millar call Gabe Kapler a "jew-boy"
I'd think I would like to see Gabe Kapler replace Hurdle if it's not Prince when the time comes. Young, analytic oriented.
This would be a mistake. They need to look outside of the organization. Raul Ibanez, Bud Black, Gabe Kapler, etc..
Walt out. Rox really need to look outside of the organization. Bud Black, Raul Ibanez, Gabe Kapler. Glenallen Hill is the wrong choice.
Dodgers director of player development Gabe Kapler announced Wednesday that Erisbel Arruebarrena has...
Dodgers suspended Erisbel Arruebarrena for rest of 2016 "for repeated failure to comply with the terms of his contract" per Gabe Kapler
No Chipper. Need a clean break from the Cox days. I'd go after Alex Cora or Gabe Kapler
Gabe Kapler doesn't get a vote in this?
1996 Detroit Tigers Game Used Home Jersey Gabe Kapler Jewish . - Bid on this now >
Blog Kiosk: 4/30/2016 - Dodgers Links - Gordon, Goff and Gabe Kapler: Matt Kemp gained some measure of reveng...
Gabe Kapler a serious frontrunner to be seriously in play.
Great interview with Gabe Kapler from over at -
Gabe Kapler made a good case that MLB perpetuates PED use because of length of season, lack of days off.
Kudos for the Damien Jackson reference.but it was Gabe Kapler from 03-05 that platooned with Nixon.
Couldn't care less about the interim. Just think they should go away from Cox mentality. Gabe Kapler or Alex Cora
Gabe Kapler not a part of Dodgers' official new coaching staff
don't know if he qualifies but I'd throw Gabe Kapler out there as well (not a coincidence that both played for the '04 Red Sox)
Does Gabe Kapler spoon guacamole into his mouth? Is this a thing people do? Should I also do it?
.(paraphrased): Once I got the locker next to Gabe Kapler. I was like "I'll just quit now."
Answer on by to Is dairy good or bad for you?
Gabe Kapler is going to extra innings.
Gabe Kapler on his decision to remain farm director rather than join new manager Dave Roberts' coaching... http…
Gabe Kapler named Dodgers first base coach. Chris Woodward will most likely be the 3rd base coach and Infield coach
Dave Martinez and Gabe Kapler are not MLB managers and Robin Ventura is.
4 of 5 from here will bring back 4 for 2nd interviews. Bud Black, Darin Erstad, Gabe Kapler, Kirk Gibson, Dave Roberts
Well kind of. Says four of this list: Bud Black, Darrin Erstad, Kirk Gibson, Gabe Kapler, and Dave Roberts.
Dodgers need to sign either Gabe Kapler or Bud Black
Gabe Kapler is the favorite for Dodgers' manager, unless he isn't - SB Nation
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Frank Thomas on Gabe Kapler: "I think he's better suited for being a general manager than a field manager."
2004 World Series champion Gabe Kapler is also being considered for the Los Angeles Dodgers managerial opening
If Gabe Kapler gets the manager job, he'll be the 2nd Jewish manager in Brad Ausmus of the is the …
From what we were talking about earlier re: Dodgers manager. Dodgers Digest says Manny Acta, Gabe Kapler or Dave Martinez
Gabe Kapler, Dave Martinez among favorites to become next manager
Manfred says it's not gambling. Gabe Kapler, Dave Martinez among favs to become next Dodgers manager via
For the degenerates among us, you can bet on who will be the next Dodgers manager
Gabe Kapler coming soon. Need to get to the beach
I really like the idea of Gabe Kapler as manager but is he more valuable to the Dodgers where he's at or in the dugout?
Here's why Gabe Kapler is the favorite: He'll be a yes man. Friedman wants a puppet, and Gabe will cooperate.
Gabe Kapler +125 to be the next Dodgers manager. Thoughts?
I already have a Gabe Kapler Lego ready
Gabe Kapler is favored to become the next Dodgers manager via
Will Gabe Kapler bring his to the Dodger clubhouse?
Worth noting about Gabe Kapler: he has more managerial experience than Mattingly did when he got job. (One season…
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Gabe Kapler is the future manager of the Not too tough to figure out
Bud Black will the be good for the Nats. Gabe Kapler for , I'm not so sure. But I like the idea of young, energetic and fearless
So no Bud Black to Dodgers. Looks more and more like the Gabe Kapler show.
Numerous people in industry have told me in past 24 hours that they will be surprised if anyone but Gabe Kapler is
Gabe Kapler front-runner to be next Dodgers manager, report says.. Related Articles:
Gabe Kapler as Dodgers manager: Proceeds to assemble the buffest coaching staff in the MLB."You aint yoked, you're a joke" …
Gabe Kapler as Dodgers manager: Entertains crowd with muscle poses during replay reviews.
Rosenthal: Gabe Kapler the frontrunner to become Dodgers' next manager.. Related Articles:
Gabe Kapler?...dude needs to change his eating habits. Sincerely, Mike Scioscia
.wrote about some stealth MLB managerial candidates, including Gabe Kapler and Alex Cora
Man, I'd love Gabe Kapler for the next manager of the Indians:
July 31st: Happy birthday to Jose Fernandez, Fernando Hernandez, Rene Rivera, and Gabe Kapler!
Gabe Kapler must not have been consulted.
why do I feel like Gabe Kapler did it like 7 or 8 yrs ago?
Ever see Gabe Kapler getting a look? Seems like a pretty good baseball mind...
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of course, throw In Gabe Kapler winning the 2k race each year and ABC was tough to beat.
what has Cora done except talk with passion? Who's actually managing in triple A? Where's Gabe kapler? Rather c Kevin Millar
thinking about starting a Gabe Kapler bandwagon
The Gabe Kapler mancrush is strong with this one.
Nothing specific yet. Farm director Gabe Kapler said they'll talk with Bedard, see what he's interested in doing, go from there
This is tremendous. Gabe Kapler making a big impact with the Dodgers already.
Here's an interesting piece from Gabe Kapler re icing:.
oh... Oops. Active... I still say Gabe Kapler vs. Sam Fuld is a funny (and very Jewish) debate
how many hours did you slave over the impossible Sam Fuld vs. Gabe Kapler decision? Also, Shawn Green murders both
Swihart's swing looks like Fred Lynn from the left and Gabe Kapler from the right.
Talk about a longshot. I can see Gabe Kapler stepping in if things got out of hand this year.
Gabe Kapler, selected in the 57th round of the 1995 amateur draft, won a world championship with the Boston Red Sox in 2004.
Just in case anyone needs reminding: Nick Swisher struck out Gabe Kapler.
Frank Thomas, Gabe Kapler, and Nick Swisher..who did you pick?
This just in. Nick Swisher, Frank Thomas & Gabe Kapler all sticking with their picks. Royals in 8 proclaims Swisher!
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Y is Harold Reynolds in FOX booth when Gabe Kapler is SITTING. RIGHT. THERE?
Gabe Kapler's 6'2" and his playing weight was in the 190 range. Frank Thomas makes him look like Elijah Wood.
Unbelievable Wild Card game. Gabe Kapler & Eric Karros break down what went wrong for the A's on Fox Sports Live.
In a gruesome hit by pitch that struck Giancarlo Stanton in the face, Gabe Kapler sorts out Mike Fiers reaction and the Marlins response.
Then in a side melee, Tanyon Sturtze gets ganged up by Gabe Kapler, Kevin Millar, Trot Nixon, David Ortiz, a I never forget
The last time 3 runners scored on a wild pitch? Rafael Palmeiro, Ruben Sierra and Gabe Kapler all scored for on 6/29/2001.
Gabe Kapler: Coconut oil is the world's greatest lube - Larry Brown Sports
Gabe Kapler and Jon Paul Morosi discuss ways to make the MLB Draft a bigger event, and delve into the biggest surprises from the season so far.
Emmy award-winning broadcaster Harold Reynolds is going to call the World Series this year while Gabe Kapler watches from home.
.Hey you know how Harold Reynolds is the new baseball color commentator? Please re-consider Gabe Kapler. Please.
Legendary slugger and 2014 Hall of Famer Frank Thomas joined Fox as a baseball analyst this season, and I've enjoyed his work with Gabe Kapler, CJ Nitkowski and co. so far. The whole operation comes off as mostly levelheaded and intelligent about baseball on FS1. That said, he has some thoughts that...
Great segment with Gabe Kapler on just now.
Really like listening to Gabe Kapler talk (& write about) baseball. One of the best former player analysts out there right now.
Red Sox gave a number 44 jersey, the same once worn by Gabe Kapler. Here's video of the visit & photos:
Gabe Kapler on now with Ron and says this is the best team ever. He's really excited about them, get here now.
Good morning. Great start to the Rays season, with that being said today we have former Tampa Bay Ray Gabe Kapler, Rays Beat Reporter Marc Topkin, and Dave Mishkin from Lightning Radio. We're also giving away Rays and Lightning tickets. Tune in to The Ron and Ian Show from 9-12 on 620WDAE, 95.3FM, or iHeartRadio.
On bookshelves today! In depth, behind-the-scenes insights from Curt Schilling, Bill Mueller, Gabe Kapler, Keith Foulke, Larry Lucchino and many more. Starting in spring training and throughout the season, the 2004 Red Sox were a team of destiny - on a mission to win their first World Series in 86 years. This book tells their story through first person accounts from those who were there.
The definitive top 5 players from my generation who didn't wear batting gloves list. Honorable mention Gabe Kapler
oh c'mon can't forget about Gabe Kapler
Rangers Alex Rios second Texas player to have 3+ hits, 3+ RBI and score 3+ runs in opener. Gabe Kapler was the other in 2000.
In the Cage with Gabe Kapler - Find Your Swing It's where you earn your keep in the big leagues. Gabe steps i...
Gabe Kapler - Tampa Bay Rays. Man I wish he still played for the Rays :)
Yep, it’s that time again. Time to predict the World Series champ, division winners, Cy Young winners and more. Ken Rosenthal, Jon Paul Morosi, Rob Neyer, Gabe Kapler and C.J. Nitkowski name ‘em.
NEW POST! The long awaited recap discussing what a zilch Gabe Kapler is and what a jerk Benny Santiago was
Dodgers over Rays is also my pick. And Gabe Kapler's pick. It's becoming the sexy pick, which means it'll get ruined.
Check out 9-Noon -- Steve Stone, Gabe Kapler and join the show today on
I'm giving away: Gabe Kapler Rangers MLB. Check it out -
I recall Gabe Kapler posing for similar photos before he was a sox. How did he work out?
Hey Guys, Remember when Gabe Kapler picked St Louis, and pitcher Michael Wacca to win Gabe 6?
Also, since it's can we please get a next week? Featuring Gabe Kapler? And maybe a certain ***
2014 MLB Predictions: Our experts break it all down: You ready for the 2014 baseball season? Gabe Kapler and F...
Gabe Kapler tried out for the Dodgers in 2011.
Really enjoy this quote by Gabe Kapler in is his fox sports article about Puig and a suggestion how the Dodgers can handle him.
are you referring to what Gabe Kapler wrote?
you ever listen/read Gabe Kapler? He's always saying players have a poor understanding of evaluation.
He's been counting down his Top Ten MLB Teams for 2014, and tonight Gabe Kapler tells you who he's got at
The Fox MLB pregame analysts will be Frank Thomas, Eric Karros, CJ Nitkowski and Gabe Kapler. Rotating group with Kevin…
Oft-forgotten fact. Gabe Kapler matched the production of Juan Gonzalez the year after the trade.
It's the time of year to start talking about who deserves a Hall of Fame vote in baseball. Gabe Kapler picks his three before going on Fox Sports Live.
Aldo Jay and Dan's Podcast: Episode 18 with Gabe Kapler and Mark , 20. Watch Hot Girls at
Every kid around the world who plays baseball wants to be Gabe Kapler
well if it makes you feel better.. Gabe Kapler disproves everything I say so Im probably wrong anyways
Gabe Kapler wants collisions to remain part of thw game.
Former Major Leaguer Gabe Kapler penned a thoughtful piece about the home plate collision issue over at FOX Sports. It’s nice to hear the viewpoint of someone who not only played the game but lived the actual experience of a brutal home plate collision. Kapler wants those collisions to stay in baseb...
Tomorrow's show: Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports and Gabe Kapler of Fox Sports 1 will stop by.
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Programming note for tomorrow's show: Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports will stop by to talk Cowboys and Jon Gruden, Gabe Kapler will also join us to talk about the Shin-Soo Choo deal and where the Rangers go from here.
"Witness the dramatic platoon splits of men like Gabe Kapler and Ike Davis. Look at their hideous hooked noses and beady eyes."
If you missed it, I wrote a lot about MLB's collision issue Give it a read:
Thoroughly enjoyed post at HBT on banning home plate collisions. Give it a read if you have time:
.had some excellent word-thoughts combined into sentences about collisions. Go read them.
I didn't notice it, but I included an unfortunate malapropism in the title of my post at HBT. Explanation at the top:
Gabe Kapler wants collisions to remain part of the game | (via
Excellent read from on home plate collisions, machismo, and safety:
Former Major Leaguer Gabe Kapler wants concussions to remain part of the game
Youk goin the way of Manny Ramirez, Mike Greenwell and Gabe Kapler and playin in Japan this year.
Funny how Gabe Kapler actually responded positively to my bringing up of his Swisher strikeout.
not surprised a lot of older guys go to play cause they're still superstars over there (aka Gabe Kapler and Manny Ramirez)
Gabe Kapler "Had a good talk with Youkilis re Japan. He's excited about something completely new in his life. Amazing cultural opportunity for Youuk!"
Kapler: Banning home-plate collisions is a mistake As a baseball player who relished the opportunity to collide with a catcher, Gabe Ka
Make some time for a marathon pod...and for good reason. Jay and Dan talk baseball with Gabe Kapler. Then snowboarding with Mark McMorris. And we are introdu...
"MLB Roundtrip" w/ Jeff Joyce & Gabe Kapler is LIVE until 11p ET / 8p PT. If Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik's only big signing this off-season is Robinson Cano, does it justify the 10-year, 240 million spent on him? Or do the Mariners need to make another splash? And who do you predict to be the next big-name player to sign?
Scott Fujita, Gabe Kapler and Brendon Ayanbadejo get together to share their experiences and talk about a topic that's never been discussed like this.
Thanks Gabe for reminding me just how crazy the money is distributed in MLB.gabe kapler 5m Fun w the will pay their entire projected starting OF roughly 1/3 of what will pay Vernon Wells to play for the
Gabe Kapler "Dear home plate collisions, we will miss you desperately. Sincerely, fans of hard nosed baseball. PS: Tell contact at 2B to stay, please."
Gabe Kapler may be Fox Sports 1's downfall
Another reason Fox Sports Live on FS1 is awesome? The anchor just said, "Gabe Kapler and (someone else that contributes on the show) have been named to (some important) list of rising stars in sports broadcasting. Congratulations you two. To everyone else, stop sucking so bad."
Got a Question from Comedian Greg Berman and currently in the works to have him on the Podcast. Add him to the list with Gabe Kapler. Awesome stuff for Rob Coakley & I. EP42 records IN TEN MINUTES!
Manager Brad Ausmus, right, and two of his coaches, Shawn Green, left, and Gabe Kapler, constituted the all-Jewish, Major League-pedigree leadership of Israel’s 2012 team competing for a World Baseball Classic bid. (Israel Association of Baseball)
Bobby Valentine was a terrible manager, give me a break Gabe Kapler...Go back to the sweat hogs, oh that was Kaplen
And the answer to question is: Tony Clark, Gabe Kapler, Bryce Florie, and Todd Jones
I'd rather watch an episode of Fox Sports Live with Gabe Kapler than this garbage on MTV.
Farrell's comments, Gabe Kapler on PTS, Buck Martinez during last nights broadcast. Should be an interesting end to the season
Really wish Ron Washington was as open to pamphlets about smart baseball as Gabe Kapler was when Ben Cherington decided to open his eyes.
Gabe Kapler and Kevin Millar both reportedly having tommy john surgery... there go my 4th and 5th starters
I know people who own the following; John Olerud, Tony Graffanino, Manny Delcarmen, Gabe Kapler
Had a great time as always with Gabe Kapler tonight on Thursday Night Tailgate:
we're on the air with '04 hero Gabe Kapler. Join us:
On the air with Red Sox hero Gabe Kapler. Join us:
Memories are meaningless unless you have people to share them with ~Gabe Kapler
Join Chris Mascaro, Angelo Cane and Bob Lazzari every Thursday night from 8:00-9:30 PM EST as they discuss the week that was, preview this weeks games and talk with current and former players from around the NFL on "Thursday Night Tailgate." "It was an enjoyable and easy gig doing Chris show and I h...
Set a reminder for Thursday Night Tailgate at 8PM EST. Chad Brown, John Bock, Billy Sample & Gabe Kapler will join us:
Probably burning an L with Gabe Kapler watching a Ginuwine music video
I'd really like for Brian Wilson, Joe Mauer, Bryce Harper, Gabe Kapler, & Mike Trout to be laying on my bed right now. Preferably naked.
Pre 2011 season he worked out at Pepperdine (near his home) with Gabe Kapler:
Good afternoon Gabe Kapler from D.R. That`s very true! The world changes with our example, not by our opinnions.
Gabe kapler was in my psych video..
if CK wanted athletic movements and muscles they should have used Gabe Kapler
The White Sox claimed first baseman Lars Anderson off waivers from Arizona, making the Sox his fourth franchise in the last year.
Despite a season plagued with strikeouts and injuries the Steeples ended the MattStrat season with a thrilling game against their heated rival. With two outs in the ninth down by one, Gabe Kapler tied the game with a 512 foot bomb that bounced out of Bain Capitol. Finally in the bottom of the ninth the Goldcaps loaded the bases with no outs, Nick Swisher suicide squeezed home Chone Figgins to the cheers of the Salt Lake city faithful. The Dealers didn't hang their heads for two long. They are currently flying to Tennessee to face the Raccoons in the first ever MattStrat World Series. Willie Mays Awards (MVP), Barry Bonds Awards (Silver Sluggers), and Tim Lincecum Awards (Cy Young) will be given tomorrow before the series starts.
I'd like Ryan Sandberg, Gabe Kapler or Sandy Alomar Jr. But none have a shot apparently...
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Kevin Millar and Gabe Kapler rumored to be candidates for managerial position.
Fellow baseball freaks Baseball America has a list of their top minor league players at each position each year for about the last 20 years ,with their stats for that year . Each of these guys had at least one monster year in the minors in a league for which they were age appropriate ,but never had even one decent year in the majors . How many do you know ? 1B -Jason Hart ,1B-Calvin Pickering ,2B-Adam Riggs,3B Adam Piatt,SS-Jose Ortiz,Of-Alex Escobar,OF-Ruben Rivera,OF-Mike Restovich,OF-Chin Feng Chen,OF-Gabe Kapler,OF-Harry Berrios There were LOTS of pitchers , but because pitchers are so unreliable , I didn't list them.
Why go through the negotiations. Dave Martinez or Gabe Kapler sound good to me.
I remember going to a Dallas Rangers game and no one was there but Gabe Kapler in left field. Carried a conversation with him.
how come Gabe Kapler's name hasn't come up? managed in the system knows the market
ask john to please seriously consider hiring Gabe Kapler as sox manager
If i had to pick the next Red Sox manager it would be either Brad Ausmus or gabe kapler
Thanks for contacting us. Sounds perfect for Gabe Kapler, our Dir. of Business Dev. If you follow us, we'll DM and set it up.
how about Gabe Kapler? The organization loves him and he's been learning managing in the minors
Why are Sox so fascinated by Farrell? Not w'out probs in Toronto. How about Mike Lowell or Gabe Kapler? Don't need player input either.
why not give Gabe Kapler a chance.he won't take any crap from players
Kevin Youkilis is Jewish. Maybe he should be Hewbrew Hammer instead of Braun.. Oh Wait but what about THE Gabe Kapler
Totally agree about Varitek but, I would like to see Gabe Kapler get a shot instead of Farrell.
Gabe Kapler, only because I like him. Has managerial experience. No clue if he is a candidate though.
I'd like to see Gabe Kapler as a possible candidate because he has prestige and no ties to any of the current players!
All purpose parts banner
Any thoughts about Gabe Kapler as next MGR?
lol at Bobby Valentine getting axed! this team needs a new players manager! Like Gabe Kapler
Gabe Kapler is the right choice as the the next manager.
Wouldn't it be neat if Gabe Kapler became the new manager? 😍⚾
Gabe Kapler's wife should be the next manager for the sox
Thoughts on gabe kapler taking over the sox?
gabe kapler in the mean time..conditioning freak..managing exspieriance. Thoughts?
I've heard a lot of rumors this afternoon about Lowell. Any substance? Figured it'd be Bogar or Farrell. Gabe Kapler would do.
Didn't I read he agreed to manage the Indians? What about Gabe Kapler? Hasn't he been managing in minors?
I think Gabe Kapler would be a good choice for Red Sox manager. He should at least be in the conversation.
Why is Gabe Kapler not in conversation of new Red Sox manager?
Tune in to AM 790 & FM 104.3 The Ticket right now. Former Red Sox Gabe Kapler joins us. You have to hear his new business venture. Amazing.
I'd just like to say, for the record... Gabe Kapler should be the manager next year fo the sox. I've said it before too.
I've never seen so many "Rangers Fans" before.. Some probably couldn't even tell you who Gabe Kapler or Hank Blalock are without google
isnt mike lowell a surprise? I would've thought gabe kapler would be an option considering hes managed in their system
Sweet. Gabe Kapler is working out here. Dude is ripped
The Sox got Mark Bellhorn, Trot Nixon and Gabe Kapler on the bench. We're in trouble.
Yeah. I like the idea of Gabe Kapler, but I'd hate to see a positive person like that thrown into this mess of crap.
any chance at all Gabe Kapler could be a possible candidate?
Gabe Kapler is an MLB manager prospect? LOL.
Red Sox should put Gabe Kapler in as Manager, and hire Tony LaRussa in baseball ops to mentor him and Veriek for future.
should be a A coach like the rest of the players had to do. Rich Gedman and Gabe Kapler paid more dues
Greenberg never played again in MLB but when Gabe Kapler couldn't play in WBC, Greenberg was inserted on team and he went 1/2 in 3 games.
I want Gabe Kapler to be the next manager of the
Isn't the answer to the trivia question on today's game an easy one?! Gabe Kapler.
And a happy new year to Jeff Halpern, Kevin Youkilis, Gabe Kapler, and Sandy Koufax.
Check out The View from the Lone Red Seat, Red Sox talk every Tuesday from 6-7 PM. Last night Gabe Kapler joined us:
Former MLB player Brad Ausmus has signed on as coach and retired players Shawn Green and Gabe Kapler have agreed to assist as coaches and players for the Israeli team.
It's The Best of Downtown today, with recent guests Gabe Kapler, Jack Capuano, author Dan Epstein, NASA historian...
I talked to Jered Weaver about his starts last night. I'll share more on Rangers Insider. I also visited with Gabe Kapler today.
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Shawn Green, Brad Ausmus, and Gabe Kapler are going to play for Isreal in the World Baseball Classic. Apparently that is allowed because they are Jewish. Do you suppose I could play for Greece? I visited there once.
Platinum Strategic Marketing & Events Is Gearing everything up today for tonight's Israel Association Of Baseball with Event Hosts: Theo Epstein Jerry Reinsdorf Steve Stone and Gabe Kapler (coach and player for Team Israel)
I remember when Gabe Kapler was traded for Juan Gonzalez. He was a fav growing up...Juan, not Gabe
I think it's a throw-up between Gabe Kapler and Bryce Harper although Brandon Morrow is pretty hot too on that mound!
m Gabe Kapler. Grady Sizemore. Either one would be great
ok I thought Gabe Kapler. It was George Sisler! SO, I'm not totally like the Memento guy
The last time Andy Pettitte pitched against the Tampa Bay Rays was July 18, 2010. On that day, after Gabe Kapler lined Pettitte's 0-2 cutter into lef
And Ausmus is trying to recruit Shawn Green, Gabe Kapler, Ryan Braun, Kevin Youkilis and Ian Kinsler.
Impressive names for Israel's World Baseball Classic team: Brad Ausmus manager, with Shawn Green and Gabe Kapler possible as player/coaches.
please pick up a white courtesy phone Update:: Mike Cameron and Gabe Kapler
As much as I LOVE Nelson Cruz, Gabe Kapler will always be my favorite right fielder.
Nick Swisher once struck out Gabe Kapler. That was a sad day for me.
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