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Gabby Logan

Gabby Logan (born Gabrielle Nicole Yorath in 24 April 1973) is a television presenter and radio presenter, as well as a former Wales international gymnast.

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A few weeks ago I met up with Gabby Logan to talk about a project she was working on to help parents do the…
I was one of 5 on the security line at Logan. I am one of about 200 now
JFK at 4am is very different from Logan at 4am
It's too close to call between Gabby Logan & James May. Only ONE can live to fight another day!…
He might be knocked out by now. He was up against Gabby Logan.
Since when, how, and why, is Gabby Logan a fkn NEWCASTLE fan?? 😳😳 Her dad, Terry Yorath, was a Leeds player in the early '70s...
Gabby this morning waking up in the tent - snuggled between Jackson (white fuzz) and Logan (head first in his sleep…
Who cares? Clare does a fantastic job at presenting. Does Gabby Logan play football? No in fact she's a former gymnast.
I gotta be honest, I'm lowkey getting sick of gabby she woobifies the title and disrespects logan a lot
Marathon coverage: 'can I just come across you please Mauro to get into Julie' Gabby Logan.
Gabby Logan is such a lovely person
Pressing mute when Gabby-fatgabber-Logan goes to speak has become more than habitual
Something ignored by Gabby Logan Denise Lewis and Paula Radcliffe on BBC TV.
If you look behind Gabby Logan you see empty stands which contradict her rhetoric about athletics in Birmingham
Gabby Logan looking very smart in her leather jacket
Wonder how red Gabby Logan's face is, right now?
I had a very short career at metro fm,2 weeks in 1995. Gabby Logan (yorath) looked after me, I met yazz & hoovered a helicopter
Marcel and Gabby should have had there best mates back there, not angry at them just disappointed
Ostrava's giving us a good idea. Gabby Logan's going to need a pallet of Kleenex to cry into.
"Oh Jeremy Corbyn" as PMQs rolls up at the AMEX. Gary Lineker presenting Saturday night coverage, Gabby Logan o…
yeah i was like aw look at gabby in Missouri...
Gabby Logan celebrates landmark anniversary for Leeds Trinity University
thank you for agreeing with me Logan
BBC's Gabby Logan owes her passion for property to her investor mum. Read the interview in our free investor guide
Best set of TV Teen twins ever on Best show ever
Buffalo people will appreciate this. I was just asked who Logan berry is..
I liked a video Gabby Logan's birthday cards for her pets - Would I Lie to You?
Happy birthday gabby have a great day!!!
Check out what I found. Gabby Logan - Twin Results (DVD, 2005) After Pregnancy Core BRAND via
Gabby Logan tried to put half and half football scarves in Room 101. She's more of a CP Mille Miglia and Pyro kinda girl.
What's that bellend Gabby Logan talking about loyalty to your hometown team on Room 101? Same woman who gloryhunted Newcastle in the 90's.
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For a unique sports industry insight, listen to BBC sports presenter in the latest UCFB podcast πŸ’« .
You know it's a bad weekend when the sporting highlight is gabby logan putting half and half scarves in room 101
Gabby Logan and Emily oberg are dream women
Logan's w her bf and I tell her to tell him I say yo and she says he says yo back.Then I'm like he seems like a nice fellow. πŸ˜‚
Catching up with Hasn't Gabby Logan been on it before not so long ago?
Danced our way through the Oscar gifting suite! . RI…
Gabby Logan put half-and-half scarfs into this week's Room 101 and now I love her even more.
F*** football for this afternoon. I'm going to cheer myself up watching the great Gabby Logan. Superb presenter and somewhat fit as a bonus
At Debbie Durkin's The EcoLuxe with some cool people. 😎😜. RIG by: https:/…
Gabby Logan on wanting to throw in half & half footy scarves! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Yes girl!
It's with the like.glasses or not...LOOKIN mighty good!! πŸ€“πŸ˜ . R…
Gabby Logan is looking more and more like Bonnie Tyler every day.
Gabby Logan has gone up in my estimation after putting half-and-half scarves in Room 101
gabby logan into room 101 with her huge carbon footprint thank God I'll never be on a plane with her # no interest in planes
Catching up on Room 101. Gabby Logan putting in half & half football scarves πŸ‘πŸ»
Why is gabby logan wearing a wig on room 101
someone should knight her. Sir Gabby Logan.. has a ring to it
Gabby Logan coming across as really unlikeable on here tonight
Yes Gabby Logan...there is no place for half and half scarfs in this world!
Gabby Logan on Room 101 burying half-and-half scarves.
I hate Gabby Logan with a passion,luckily I love who is making up for it on
Gabby Logan... get fcked. Having a terrible fear and a panic attack is not something there just to *** you off
Gabby Logan just put half-and-half scarves into Room 101. She is now one of my heroes.
is a great show anyway. But Gabby Logan's on and her legs are out. So it's a fantastic show tonight! 😍
Gabby Logan has always seemed to me like a very attractive transvestite
but Gabby Logan is talking about it. Surely you're just looking at her pins?
The NFL commentary team on Sky are 2nd only to Gabby Logan, Denise Lewis, Michael Johnson and/or Colin Jackson on BBC as my favourite team.
Not sure about Sport. But my favourite Gabby Logan moment this year is when she called Jack Colback a bellend for no reaso…
Still think you & Gabby Logan should've stayed. Did a better sambal than Penny Lancaster
Has anyone noticed that most of the key BBC Olympics presenters are women? Clare Balding, Helen Skelton, Gabby Logan, Hazel Irvine.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Fact fans: did you know Laura Trott shares her birthday (24th April) with Barbra Streisand, Paula Yates and Gabby Logan?
I think Gabby Logan & Kelly Cates v good, Jacqui Oatley however gets on my last nerve
Gabby Logan suffers Rio setback after Zika virus fears among her team.
Gabby Logan has come to the FA Cup Final dressed as Kim Jong Un, God rest his soul.
if only Gabby Logan had said it instead
My hatered for Gabby Logan worsens everytime she is on the telly πŸ˜ πŸ‘Š
For fans. The words Laura says to Logan in - which are repeated by Gabby - Also the last words Laura said to her mother.
Congrats to our high point winners Logan Ingerick, Christopher Dieffenthaller, Gabby Donahue.
can you not ask gabby Logan to do motd in her undies, if Leicester win the league, instead?
I loved the stupid plot because it had some nice themes continuing from Logan dealing with family and Laura+Gabby
watched the documentary with gabby Logan, heartbreaking stuff. Thoughts with them. πŸ™πŸ»
Good watching Gabby Logan and Jermaine Jenas filming the premier league show!
Top day out in Manc with the uni lot, Gabby Logan and that bloke that played for Spurs were filming too!
Gabby Logan seems to get better with age, 43, still got it
Just seen Gabby Logan and Jermaine Jenas in person. World class.
Casually bumped into Gabby Logan and Jermaine Jenas in Manchester..
Softball: Winamac scores 3 unearned runs in bottom of 1st against Logan. Gabby Behny had an RBI double. Warriors lead 3-0.
ok here's a question for you. . Hayley McQueen or Gabby Yorath/Logan.
QUESTION! seen Gabby Logan on telly and said she's hot for her age 2 of my mates disagreed,so, Is she good looking?
Could you be the next Gabby Logan or Dan Walker? Check out the BBC's Trainee Sports Reporter Scheme this summer.
Long time coming. Read this brilliant script over 12 years ago. Congrats &
You're the next Clare Balding, Gabby Logan or Eleanor Oldroyd. Not sure where to start? Try BBCKickOff Reporter…
steph you should go with gabby or Logan to prom
Feeling rather unglamorous next to the beautiful
Strong talk from Jess, her mum Alison and Gabby Logan as P&G UK launches for
Lovely to watch and her mum Alison being interviewed by Gabby Logan. Being a mum is…
Gabby Logan interviews Jessica Ennis-Hill and her mum Alison Powell at the launch
when Gabby logan and Steve Cram interviewed you at the finsh you had a wonderful beeming smile and you were so happy
.tells us who she thinks will make a deserving national winner of Β£25,000
Time flies when it's Gabby Logan's 43rd birthday!
I've just been watching the London Marathon and Gabby Logan has just said that McFadden the winner of the...
Worst interview ever πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ poor Gabby Logan, perhaps criteria of representing Britain should be you can talk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This Tewelde fella. Can't speak a word of English. Poor Gabby Logan trying to interview him
Gabby Logan just said the Wheelchair winner was pushed all the way
Gabby Logan has no idea what he's saying πŸ˜‚
Gabby Logan just said that the winner of the women's wheelchair race was "pushed all the way" - tee hee.
Gabby Logan. Dead sexy and we all know what I wish she was holding.
Gabby Logan presents the 36th staging event of the London Marathon on BBC1:
Did Gabby Logan just mispronounce Gwynedd? I thought she had represented
London is looking absolutely marvelous this morning, so is Gabby Logan.
Is it just me or was Gabby Logan a bit of a *** to that fire fighter?
I'd love Gabby Logan 2 throw me about a bedroom while both of us are completely naked.
Love but can we get rid of gabby Logan, the blithering *** is ruining it!
Dreadful use of language just now by Gabby Logan: described man with Parkinson's running as having "succumbed" to disease.
Gabby Logan does a piece on the NSPCC then ends the piece with 'the excitement is Jangling'. Nod to Savile
Belatedly watching MOTD2, worthwhile just for Tim Sherwood's face when Gabby Logan says "it's been a truly miserable season at Villa Park"
James Hare supply the silk for Gabby Logan's Chancellor's gown for Trinity Leeds
Oh look, Gabby Logan is on MOTD. That means Gary Lineker, Dan Walker, Mark Chapman and Jason Mohamed are all busy tonight.
Mister & I established our lists of people were allowed to stare lovingly at. He picked Gabby Logan, Kirsty Gallagher & Tess Daly...
king fartbert...that's a new one. But thanks gabby 😊😊
Literally on the edge. Not the Gabby Logan BBC1 game show either. This is not how I roll. I'm on the brink of death. Only jazzy will know.
Hi the bowel cancer charity book you let me photograph you for in Reading has now raised almost Β£850
Notice how Gabby Logan only suggests things as she knows she's never been in that position or has an ounce of that talent
Logan is so cute he just tucked me into bed before he left😭😭
HEALTH: GABBY LOGAN: `I was so chubby my hubby called me a Teletubby' ITV1's footie frontwoman Gabby Logan – th...
Hallelujah, agreed.. The only thing worse than listening to Gabby Logan et al, is listening to the ΓΌber boring Jeremy Guscott.
Saw in an interview Gabby Logan described herself as having a β€œstrong” nose. Is that also known as a euphemism?
Watching France rugby & caught sight of Gabby Logan off camera & in profile Very brave to wear her hair scraped back like that!
I'm sure Gabby Logan would be up for it
Did anybody get any HQ Pics of gabby logan wearing leather trousers presenting the rugby?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Can someone tell Gabby Logan that it is not Valentine's weekend, it's just Saturday.
It's sometimes difficult to see where Gabby Logan ends and Robbie Savage begins.
Gabby Logan described play as 'turgid' at half time and not much has changed, despite that try. It's honestly a little painful.
I heard Gabby Logan say it hasn't been pretty. Thought to myself it must have been awful then.
Gabby Logan: Match of the Day has 7 games tonight. Me: But used to have 9 or 10 games.
Are gabby logan's ears after growing recently
gabby Logan give it a rest. Big Paulie says the hit on sexton Ireland will take the penalty every time! game
Mm. Gabby Logan is looking like Gillian Anderson. *wanders off into fantasy land*
Gabby Logan just said this game is being dictated by the weather. Then I said OOOH DOES HE PLAY FOR FRANCE OR IRELAND?? lool what am i like
Normally quite a fan of Gabby Logan's commentary but just cannot stop looking at her roots today ..BBC highlights budgets slashed?
πŸ˜‚ gabby Logan just said my boys have beaten your boys 8 times in a row. We've never lost again U Nothing will change today
Odds of Paul O'Connell giving gabby Logan a look and she becomes pregnant!
Would love a night with Gabby Logan
Gabby Logan should get every sports gig on 😍
Why do have Gabby Logan at the stadium if she isn't doing anything?
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Gabby Logan is looking rather hot today.
Gabby Logan is in Paris today on Valentines Weekend as she presents the Beebs coverage of France v Ireland in the...
News | IE : The BBC will begin their coverage at 2pm from Paris. Gabby Logan will present the coverage from the…
Yes Debbie is right up there with Gabby Logan...
and a lot of general sexism when you do make it anyway - at the 2014 WC, Gabby Logan was STILL getting questions
Great article on featuring my daughter talking about her love for Metrin Skincare
Gabby Logan was a gymnast so gets the training required for a sport show. She was also a presenter for 17 years
Hey how about if Pointless was presented by Gabby Logan & Carol Vorderman instead of the two smirking beeboid blokes?
Gabby Logan is class. Dalglish's daughter is shocking.
TFW gabby Logan knows more about sport than majority of males
I love Metrin too Gabby!"I try to see the world through the eyes of my twins': Gabby Logan via
so basically you'd sooner spend time with Mark Lawrenson on a Saturday night than Gabby Logan? Each to their own I guess.
maybe she meant MOTD presenter Gabby Logan, international sportswoman with over a decade of
X. Hulk Hogan and Terry Wogan once had a Rogan with Gabby Logan. β€’They might have done... who knows. :)
Dream opportunity from looking for the next Gabby Logan
Modern trends I just don't 'get': Russell Brand, Ewan McGregor, The White Stripes, Seinfeld, Gabby Roslin and/or Logan.
Up next: Tim Minchin as Gabby Logan and Rich Hall as Gary Lineker.
Kirsty Gallagher, the Gabby Logan of this series of Don't be too intense, don't treat it like sport, go out and have fun.
she was too *** herself and a bit serious - like Gabby Logan and I don't think people get that
Kirsty, Pendleton & Gabby Logan, all alpha females that couldn't dance and couldn't handle actually being bad at something.
Kirsty Gallagher suffers from the same fate as her pal Gabby Logan They both come across as cold & too desperate to win
Kirsty is like Gabby Logan.takes it too seriously, isn't as good as she thinks she is and just isn't very likable
happy birthday gabby Imy and our ceramics squad. I hope u have a awesome bdayπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Day off - watching the Edge. Other than the schnoz, Gabby Logan is very fit
Gabby Logan is a definite 8.5, this game show she presents is worth watching just for her 😍
Mark why have you been replaced on The Edge?? Gabby Logan doesn't have balls. Not watching til you return..
Gabby Logan has a right sexy voice.
'The Edge' w Gabby Logan might be the worst TV game show ever! - worth a watch
Gabby Logan is nice but Molly Qerim, Cari Champion, Rachel Nichols and Kristen Ledlow are babes
shout out to Logan for letting me listen to The Neighbourhood all period
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Recordings to watch back;. Hayley McQueen. Keeley Donovan. Rachel Riley. Gabby Logan. Natalie Sawyer . All with my boxers down to my ankles ...
Gabby Logan, Rachel Riley & Hayley McQueen have all been immense today πŸ‘
happy bday to my "good old friend" I hope you have an awesome day lolo!!😊
when you follow Logan down the street just so you can say bye
Still buzzing about having a casual chinwag with Gabby Logan about my dissertation on women in sport. Top Leeds lass!!
Come on, Gabby Logan is doing this deliberately 'if your balls are black and blue...'.
SEARCH FOR GABBY LOGAN (15 cert) SHEEN plays the lead cop in the search
Logan: but what if I treat gabby right can she be my mexi? swear EVERY guy says that but they end up crushing our MFN hearts
Would it be better or worse than a quiz about Gabby Logan hosted by the Edge from U2?
Very underrated but gorgeous gabby Logan.. Incredible legs on her too
Why are TV channels so content on giving Gabby Logan presenting jobs?
My suspicion is that Gabby Logan is a revolutionary subversive, bent on destroying television from the inside. It's the only explanation.
14:15 The Edge: Gabby Logan with the quiz where contestants need brainpower and ball skills to win.
Gabby Logan hopes her mates Kirsty and Katie have The Edge on Strictly : - 77: ...
Gabby Logan will literally do any crappy gig to keep her face on telly...shes in the same mold as Nick Knowles and Patrick Keilty...
VIDEO: World Athletics highlights. . Gabby Logan presents highlights from the World Championships in Beijing, China.
I'm watching Would I Lie to You? 9x02 "Bob Mortimer, Gabby Logan, Katherine Parkinson and Steve Backshall"
Great pre match Q and A in the Land Rover hospitality with Gabby Logan, Jason Robinson, Gavin Hastings, Mike Ford, John Smit.
Jacqui Oatley makes Gabby Logan look like Archie MacPherson. Odd sentence that.
Recent BBC athletics ruined by Gabby Logan's preening and love affair with Bolt ( why no Paul Dickenson?
Gabby Logan needs to stop being rude to Michael Johnson who's a legend. Bring back J.Edwards.
Gabby Logan, Amanda lamb and the shepherdess Emma, reason enough to watch
Are we serious? Sheep herding? They must be paying Gabby Logan a fortune. Amanda Lamb? Is this April Fools?
Edinburgh. | Gabby Logan: Ed Sheeran always comes across very well, but he has a naughty...: ...hall, painted ...
Gabby Logan for Top Gear. It's got to be
Is tomorrow's the passing of Queen of as no Sue Barker, to Gabby Logan instead?
Gabby Logan on darts: 'Prince Harry and Stephen Fry are fans'
Which celebrity Cycletta participant said: "Ladies of Britain get on your bike and give Cycletta a go"
Want to watch interview on Gabby Logan show back in 2011 25th August but can't seem to find a video!
TV star, Gabby Logan, hands petition to Government calling on hospital services to be restored to Wycom...
It's top marks from our experts for breakfast:
in snap story I advise you all to take a gander
why am I friends with you L O L right?!?!
Gabby Logan does loads too, and Sue Barker, though only in sport. It would be nice to have more women doing fewer things each though.
last time I checked it was. By why does it say Warren πŸ˜‚
Like Gabby Logan is on 9 different sports. How can we take what she says about 1 sport as valid when she's having an affair with another?
put her in a room with Gabby Logan. they can overtalk each other for ever. deadly.
fantastic breakfast discussing the RWC with our legendary host Gabby Logan and panelists
Love our industry: Gabby Logan hosting role of data in rugby. Special start to my day
Coaches in football are always pitch side. In rugby they're in a box studying the stats. Which works best? Gabby Logan
TV presenter Gabby Logan looks at whether data can change the rugby union - what do you think?
Gabby Logan being heckled by husband Kenny at the breakfast
At Ronnie Scott's for the Ad Week breakfast. And here's Gabby Logan.
.got top marks for her breakfast from our nutritionist. How does yours measure up?
Gabby Logan is now lobbying Birds Eye to increase the size of chicken nuggets to ensure more Boltdowns
Will data make the difference at RWC 2015? Thurs, 8am, Ronnie Scott's session at Gabby Logan puts this to a panel
Did you see the event that Gabby Logan and were involved in Colin?
Gift of the Gabby O'Logan. Do the Americans know Gabby? They should do.
Gabby Logan learns about the effect of disability on education -
Message to Gabby:Thank goodness you played a decade ago and not this year. Dad & I would've been stuck again! Snow "red card"
really enjoyed Lets Play Darts. Hope it can happen again. You could play in it next time. Your name could be Gabby "Legs" Logan
Take breaking the law seriously, 47 senators violated the Logan Act
What eats to stay healthy, energised, and hot of bod:
Read our blog by supermum and all round good egg yet?
where did Gabby Logan get her navy trouser suit and blouse from? ( presenting Six Nations rugby yesterday)
"All I want is for Logan to put a shoe on my foot damnit!" -Gabby
Gabby Logan , get a cup of tea. It's rugby, get out the beers!
Why do the bbc feel that the only two women competent of presenting sport are Claire Baldwin and Gabby Logan?
Did Gabby Logan just do an Inverdale, whilst saying "Calcutta Cup"?!
Don't like Gabby Logan on BBC at all.
'Girl you ain't the only one with a baby, that's no excuse to be living all crazy' - Garth Crookes to Gabby Logan
just watching The Rugby, Gabby Logan is totally jacking your style. Black suit, big shoulderpads & a blonde wig. Aaaheyeah
Gabby Logan asking a question about the front row to Shane williams & then a question about running rugby to Keith Wood
Gabby Logan there's lovely,and she knows her onions
Gabby Logan is so so much better at this than John Inverdale.
Gabby Logan looking like she's off to a funeral!!
I feel for Gabby Logan. Martin Williams and Keith Wood both talk rubbish
Gabby Logan can basically present any sport. Surprised Sky haven't made a move for her for football. Engaging, intelligent...oh, that's why.
How come Gabby Logan's dressed as an undertaker? Is it a Comic Relief thing?
Gabby Logan looking fine on six nations coverage right now. She called me cute back in the summer. We go way back.
Best thing about the Gabby Logan. That is all.
14:00 Six Nations Rugby: Gabby Logan introduces live coverage as Wales host Ireland at the Millennium Stadium.
Waiting for Gabby to let Logan follow like
it'll be risky but I love a good challenge! πŸ˜€
"Logan, I want to be a doctor. Wait, no I pass out at the sight of blood."
Gabby Logan learns about a simple solution to a deadly problem
Sorry and for having my music way to loud to here yall screaming my name lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Gabby Logan visited one of the in which we work in for
Gabby Logan presents highlights of Wednesdays six Premier League games, plus action from four fixtures on Tuesday.
Gabby Logan has a David Dickinson tan going on. She must have been holidaying on the sun
Gabby Logan is poor isn't even anything to look at either get a grip
Why, when they have the class of Gabby Logan, do the BBC persist with the awfulness that is John Inverdale?
Hilarious! Why don't you ask Chris Moyles, Gabby Logan and Anne Robinson about why they aren't locked up?
Too much to ask to have Chiles replaced by Gabby Logan or Jacqui Oatley as football presenter.
Gave the hookup at Jamba Juice to maritza, mela, gabby, agu, Meghann, lee, angel, makayla, logan, Facundo today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸŒš
Happy early birthday! Logan Lerman, Jodie Sweetin, and Edgar Allan Poe have the same bday as you!
actually it's actually Clay's son Logan. but we're cool πŸ˜‚
β€œI just met the most beautiful person ever, and froze. . . smooth logan.”
I wonder what a Logan and Gabby baby would look like... πŸ‘Ά
not thinking of Gabby Logan are you?! πŸ™Š, you filthy pups!
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Although Gabby Logan did let her northern out this morning when she said 'Lard'. That Tuna looked awesome.
Not quite true of Match of the Day - Gabby Logan sometimes presents & some of pundits are POC
I added a video to a playlist Gabby Logan: Gary Neville Interview
Nothing quite like Gabby Logan patronising your local team. Ooh how twee for her, lil ole Cambridge getting a day in the spotlight. Yuck!
Saturday morning TV is awful, but Gabby Logan makes it just about bearable
Gabby logan on my tele in the morning πŸ‘Œ
Gabby Logan seems to be putting her foot in it a bit.
I turned over as soon as I spotted Gabby Logan. What a bore that woman is.
Gabby Logan struggles to be a 'guest' doesn't she.
β€œWhat's more boring than Gabby Logan?”. Gabby Logan in conversation with James Martin.
Gabby Logan 'informing' about women's issues in the catering trade. Awkward.
Was hoping to learn how to make the parsnip soup - not a chance with Gabby Logan going on and on.
Gabby Logan , eating , whilst talking about sports
Gabby Logan unaware that wild game is a healthy food, guess she missed the whole Primal / paleo revolution
Gabby Logan is lovely, i'd hold her hand for at least 400 metres
Wish gabby logan would shut up,its a cookery show not a sports show,natter natter football natter natter rugby natter!
I love Gabby Logan and I love Saturday Kitchen live.
Had this programme for about 15 mins. Gabby Logan hasn't stopped talking. How has she not run out of breath? FFS give her some food.
Gabby Logan's desperate attempt to raise a feminist non-issue on Saturday Kitchen was painful.
Was Alan Shearer tupping Gabby Logan at one point?
Gabby Logan knows her sport. She talks fast though.
Blimey!! imagine going for dinner with Gabby Logan.. *** she can talk .
Did Gabby Logan have a big line of Charlie before sat kitchen? 1000 words a minute!
Gabby Logan just mentioned you on Saturday Kitchen! "Worked on brilliant station Metro FM!"
Can someone please stop Gabby Logan digging, ether that or lend her a JCB?
Flipped the telly over and Gabby Logan appears 😍😍😍😍
I'm pretty sure Gabby Logan is a cylon.
Il always have a soft spot for gabby Logan 😍
Gabby Logan on Saturday Kitchen live yes
Why is Gabby Logan on if she is horrified at the thought of something cooked in butter?!
What was Gabby Logan's food heaven, missed it
Gabby Logan looking well...For a man in drag.
Gabby logan on the tv this morning 😍😘
Move over Gabby Logan, from is after your job!
Join Jeremy Paxman, Gary Lineker, Kenny and Gabby Logan, and others Sign our pledge!
DWU'S Gabby Frykbo looks for an opening against Logan Wagner.
I'm heartbroken. Prayers go out to everyone hurting tonight. Why do bad things happen to good people. RIP Logan and Ch…
"The LORD is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble." May God be with Chris and Logan's love…
β€œKirsty Gallacher and Gabby Logan are both proper Which one likes the most do you think?
can anyone think of any females that have been on MOTD apart from Eni Aluko, Gabby Logan, Jacqui Oatley or Sian Massey?
Gabby Logan: Close the gender gap in British TV -
Usain Bolt s message for Gabby Logan - BBC Sport
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