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Gabby Douglas

Gabrielle (Gabby) Christina Victoria Douglas (born 31 December 1995) to parents Timothy Douglas and Natalie Hawkins , is an American female artistic gymnast.

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Gabby Douglas spoke the truth about women should dress modestly, you *** out there gotta stop praising women for dressi…
Gabby Douglas apologizes for criticizing Aly Raisman’s stance on sexual assault.
wait what's this I see regarding Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas?😕
At one point Gabby Douglas was being criticized on an international scale for her “bad hair” and “attitude,” and SO MANY…
Before you tell me Gabby Douglas she apologized, I already know this. But, I'm going to l…
Gabby Douglas says women should 'dress modestly' in response to sex abuse claims by Aly Raisman
Gabby Douglas apologized for her “word choice.” DID NOT @ Aly Raisman WHOM THE DAMAGE WAS DONE TO. She just wanted the fire…
HOLD UP: Gabby Douglas is only 21 years old and clearly not woke on these issues. So while some of y'all were over 21 a…
ALL women, girls, females in general to Gabby Douglas right now..
Gabby Douglas victim shaming on Ali Raisman’s post specifically condemning victim shaming is a sad but all too true…
I am beyond disappointed in Gabby Douglas. BEYOND disappointed.
Let's talk "cancel culture." Personally, I am willing to give a lot of grace to young Black girls simply because the wo…
omg y'all really be ready to drag people lol but y'all right gabby douglas *** CANCELLED!!
The discussion concerning the cancelation of Gabby Douglas is getting very messy. 😬
Gabby Douglas is young to be a public figure, and I hope she gets the chance to learn from this, but let me make this cryst…
Gymnast Gabby Douglas rolled out a tumbling run of 'what not to say' followed by 'how not to apologize'. A play in two…
Can we take a moment to realize sometimes critique of Black women is necessary and not always malicious? This Gabby Dougla…
Gabby Douglas said something that millions upon millions of people believe. Victim-blaming is the default position. I ***
I always wondered if Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas were close...I guess I got my answer today.
Simone Biles blasts Gabby Douglas for victim shaming Aly Raisman: “As your teammate I expected more from you”
Yo Gabby Douglas is foul for that, as is every other woman that insinuates their “good” behavior is what protects/protected…
Gabby Douglas just said dressing provacitivelu is the reason sexual assault happens. Like she's somehow safe because sh…
Gabby douglas is about to be "canceled" by a bunch of chicks that were making fun of her hair and then switched up after they…
Gabby Douglas using Aly Raisman’s brave decision to come out against a sexual predator to speak on “dressing modestly.”..…
Gabby Douglas: maybe you’re in the wrong for dressing provocatively . Simone Biles:
Gabby Douglas is so disgusting. Aly was a minor when their team doctor sexually assaulted her. Your choice of clothes does n…
When not only takes the spotlight from Gabby Douglas but also puts her right back in her place.
Aly Raisman calls out sexual assault victim shamers, Gabby Douglas apologizes for response
Gabby Douglas will always be 16 in my mind so I thought y'all were going too *** her bc I thought she was like 19 b…
Hey Gabby Douglas,. 1. Women are NEVER to blame for being assaulted. 2. When your teammate, was being as…
We should've known Gabby Douglas wasn't to be trusted after she got on National television and tried to convince us that…
Hamilton Collection
After Simone Biles gold medal floor performance at last Olympics, all her teammates gave a standing ovatio…
I think THIS moment is when we all realized what a salty biatch Gabby Douglas is.😑👎
I remember when people made fun of Gabby Douglas for her hair during the olympics & when white folks tried to say she was unpat…
Disappointed in someone like Gabby Douglas to drink the Kool-Aid of the “it’s a woman’s responsibility to dress mod…
did you see what Gabby Douglas posted to Aly Raisman and then Simone Bile’s response? Sounds like Gabb…
Social media claims victim shaming of Ali Raisman by Gabby Douglas on social media. Social media responds by shamin…
Kind of obsessed with the wall in the back—Shawn, Nastia, Bridget Sloan, Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas, Simone, Simo…
It's because of the kak we give Caster Semenya and other black women. Gabby Douglas, Williams sisters etc.
Bill Plaschke:. 1. I like it when he's minus a lot of points on ATH. 2. Wrote a dumb, concern-trolling take on Gabby Douglas' "pouting."
Gabby Douglas releases compilation featuring & more //
Gabby Douglas opens up about online harassment she faced during Rio Olympics - Sports Illustrated
In America, we'd be losing our minds over this athlete. (for reference; Gabby Douglas, Michael Phelps, Kerri Strug, and so on)
Gabby Douglas was representing black women in a positive light & they slandered her & called her nappy headed..But they m…
Amy Schumer as Barbie? What's next, Robin Quivers plays Gabby Douglas in the movie "American Gymnast?"…
I made that mistake with Gabby Douglas previous olympics. I'm not sure yet though. Still up in the air. Still getting apt ready
Man, Gabby Ordaz is tough. His three-yard TD run gets Cougs on the board. . Douglas 24, Sp. Springs 6 9:31 4Q
"Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself. Keep fighting for your dreams." —Gabby Douglas
Gabby Douglas been my favorite person in the world, but this just put the cherry on top ✊🏾
Saving my virginity for my wife or Gabby Douglas. Which ever comes first
Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas and more take to the Wells Fargo Center tonight at 7:30pm.
They asked Gabby Douglas if she's a country music fan. Her response: "I'm not but Beyoncé is here." The interviewer was vi…
In defense of NBC's heartwarming stories about the journeys of Olympians like Gabby Douglas & Kayla Harrison:
Gabby Douglas and Kayla Harrison's Gold Medals and the Meaning of Olympic Journeys via
Had a blast talking to for her PODCAST. We talked Rio, Gabby Douglas criticism,n retirement ck it out
[ICYMI] PODCAST: on Rio, Gabby Douglas criticism, and retirement plus, my take on
Gabby Douglas missed the VMAs because of a bone cyst—but she’s OK now!
"Out of the hospital & resting comfortably" - Gabby Douglas gives fans health update
It's funny how all the headlines read "Gabby Douglas recovering after missing VMA's" like missing the VMA's is the serious part of that (?!)
Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas recovering from surgery:
Olympic hero Gabby Douglas on road to recovery after missing Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards
Gabby Douglas gives fans an update after her allergic reaction scare
Gabby Douglas Updates Fans After Allergic Reaction Scare: Gabrielle Douglas has updated fans about her allerg...
Great news: Gabby Douglas is 'feeling much better’ after hospital stay
Gabby Douglas explains why she was in the hospital during the VMAs, and we feel for her!
Gabby Douglas is on her way to recovery
Gabby Douglas was hospitalized last night with a bad mouth infection. Had to miss the (pic:
You must read this blog by explaining the Gabby Douglas flap and black self-hatred:
Gabby Douglas was forced to miss the last night because she was in the hospital.
star Gabby Douglas hospitalized Sunday, forcing her to miss appearance.
Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas was hospitalized Sunday night, forcing her to miss the MTV Video Music Awards.
Note: . Women came at Gabby Douglas' hair. Women came for Alicia rebuking Makeup . Men applauded both of them.
Remember when Gabby Douglas didn't put her hand on her heart and America went nuts? Check out Nuk yesterday
So Gabby Douglas stands to honor the flag and gets hate from people and now when people sit its an issue too..what
Insulting how Gabby Douglas(20) was being told she needs to fix her attitude in Rio, but and crew are all "ki…
USA darling Gabby Douglas missed big night with her team, now she's back in the hospital
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We're sending well wishes to after being admitted to a hospital:
Gabby Douglas hospitalized, misses VMA appearance with final five
ask about gymnast gabby Douglas about not putting hand over her heart.
gymnast Gabby Douglas misses the due to "medical issues," hospitalized Sunday
The gymnasts look like they had a blast presenting at the
I liked a video from ZaZa Ali: Young Thug, Gabby Douglas, & the War on Black Men
tell that to James Blake, Torii Hunter, Thabo Sefolosha, Gabby Douglas and countless other celebs of color.
See photos of Serena Williams and Gabby Douglas partying this week:
or complained when Gabby Douglas didn't put hand on heart during anthem but defended Ryan Lochte til the bitter end
Simone Biles, Serena Williams and Gabby Douglas in Nike’s new “Unlimited Pursuit” campaign ✨
Simone Biles, Serena Williams, Gabby Douglas and more slay in new Nike ad
I'm waiting for Ryan Crouser/Joe Kovak to receive the same hate Gabby Douglas did
Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas make history in comeback
Youtube Vlogger Jouelzy on Gabby Douglas and the Damning of Black Women
Rio 2016: Gabby Douglas’s Olympics experience fits the pattern - so sad never defended/supported gabby
Look who I ran into at DTW on my way to USA Gymnastics Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas.
Still disgusted at people who were after Gabby Douglas y bullying her for not putting her hand over heart during the anthem!
Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas: first American gymnasts to be part of two gold-medal winning teams. via
The way Americans treat Lochte compared to how they treat Gabby Douglas is why Trump is still at 40%
White male privilege is why we laugh at Lochte and vilify Douglas
Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas make gymnastics history in comeback. (Photo: USA Today Sports)
These 5 olympians treasure jesus over gold in rio—and that's why they're such an
This absolution extended to black athletes too. Like Gabby Douglas. All she did was not put her hand to her heart. 2/
Gabby Douglas was destroyed for hand placement. He pisses on a business and blames a country, and people are making excuses…
NBC slowly realizes that women are the stars of the
Those who questioned comebacks by and these golds for you Last GYM story by
You don't need to put one Olympian down for another to succeed: how the public discarded Gabby Douglas
Once again for the people in the back, "GABBY DOUGLAS DID NOT NEED TO BE DISCARDED FOR Simone Biles TO SUCCEED".
White male privilege is why we laugh at Ryan Lochte and vilify Gabby Douglas https:…
Any reason why the media is giving Gabby Douglas so much grief, but not Donald Trump?
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Let me gets this straight - Gabby Douglas hates America but was just a bunch of kids having fun? Hm
But Gabby Douglas didnt put her hand over her heart that time, so
Gabby Douglas gets heat over Anthem while Ryan Crouser and Joe Kovacs get nothing? Why?
*Gabby Douglas doesn't put hand over heart*. "Monster! She should smile!". *Lochte destroys property, lies about mugging*. "Boys…
.Lesdoggg pays it forward, starts hashtag for Gabby Douglas
Black women really dragged Gabby Douglas to the point of tears and it effected her performance. This gotta stop smh.
Gabby Douglas and compete in Event Finals today!. Stream here, presented by
How the gymnastics world changed, and then turned, on Gabby Douglas
Gabby Douglas out here in her 2nd Olympics..making history..inspiring black gymnasts of the future..and y'all wanna just ta…
She didn't put her hand over her heart for the national anthem. That was her crime.
So what Gabby Douglas didn't place her hand over her heart. It's not that serious. Let the girl live.
Yall really mad at Gabby Douglas for not placing her hand over her heart! NEWSFLASH! She isnt the 1st to not do it and wont…
Can we let Gabby Douglas know how much she is loved, fam? .
Gabby Douglas is a fierce and awesome Olympian. Also, a champion. Respect!
For every hater she has 99 supporters. We love GABBY DOUGLAS.
Gabby Douglas do not listen to dumb people sitting on their sofas and passing judgement -can they do what you do? your head high#
b/c Gabby Douglas shouldn't have to apologize for not putting her hand over her heart but nothing is said abo…
Gabby Douglas is 'heartbroken' over social media bullying, says her mom:
Gabby Douglas:. • Gymnast. • 20 y/o. • 1 gold . • 1st black woman to win the team AND individual all-around gold(2012) http…
Not gonna lie. Gabby Douglas is too salty towards the rest of the team
Gabby Douglas . God bless you and hopefully you feel the love from a nation of fans. . History has your name in stone for…
Hate to hear gabby douglas was crying during an interview regarding getting bullied by her own black ppl,Blacks can't suppor…
It's awful to see how people have treated She's an inspiring athlete, and she's human. Respect that.
"I tried to stay off the internet because there's just so much negativity." -- star Gabby Douglas
Mom of gymnast Gabby Douglas says bullies are ruining her daughter's Olympic adventure
Gabby Douglas, her Olympics over, tearfully responds to social media cri...
All these girls are making nasty posts about Gabby Douglas' hair.. Like ok... Your edges are laid.. But you're sitting on…
because no matter what people may say online, Gabby Douglas has inspired a generation of young girls and wome…
Simone Manuel, Gabby Douglas & Simone Biles are all prime examples of Black excellence.
Gabby Douglas, her over, tearfully responds to social media critics
Much love to Don't let the haters get you down little sis. You've got Gold - they've got complaints: https:…
Gabby Douglas made me sad today. Can't ever remember wanting to just go hug an athlete - and take away her phone
The ugliness that people have shown Gabby Douglas is pathetic; especially from her own country. That's disrespect.
Gabby Douglas. The first AA Woman in Olympic history to become the individual all around champ. ✊🏾.
Gabby Douglas 'heartbroken' as online abuse targets gymnast, mother says - the guardian
How is it possible there are this many people who are comfortable being this horrible to Gabby Douglas??. Not. Okay. ht…
I'm angry that the end of Gabby Douglas' Olympic career had to be steeped in such negativity from her own country. Sham…
Gold medalist shouldn't have had to address being bullied online at the end of her Olympic career.
I've been seriously enraged at how the media has treated Gabby Douglas- Everyone is so PETTY! Keep ur head up girl, ur a star!
One of America’s greatest Olympians, gabrielledoug, almost skipped the games to take a fast-food job.
Submissions call!! Anyone interested in writing a piece on Gabby Douglas? If so pls get in touch with ASAP!
This is an excellent column by on Gabby Douglas. Some people seem to forget: She's just 20 years old: https:…
Gabby Douglas is really out here apologizing for not smiling for you dumbasses.
Gabby Douglas deserves so much better from the country she has represented so well at London and Rio. .
The ugliness people have shown toward Gabby Douglas really pisses me off. She didn't deserve any of this. .
Simone Biles, Maria Paseka, Aliya Mustafina, Madison Kocian, Gabby Douglas and co. battle it out in VT and UB finals
Just realized I was in a short movie made in high school with the EP coach for Gabby Douglas at the Olympics. I think I had to yell at him?
Gabby Douglas stands at attention for National Anthem. Michael Phelps laughed while it played. Who had to apologize? htt…
Gabby Douglas is an artistic gymnast. Her main focus is to win. Not impress ppl online. It's not a beauty pageant. https:…
Gabby Douglas loves her country. She was probably mad that the rules, which are BS, wouldn't let her compete in individuals. Leave her be.
Katie Ledeckey whips like Gabby Douglas hits the dougie
Gabby Douglas been slandered for everything this week.1st her edges, then cause she didnt salute the flag & now she's sa…
Am I the only one who thinks Gabby Douglas has had a bad attitude and been unsupportive to her teammates? Because dang…
Let's all laugh at the people who are mad at Gabby Douglas
Matter of fact anyone dragging Gabby Douglas hair we want to see you flip on a balance beam RIGHT now. We'll wait. http…
that joint had my bowels doing the Gabby Douglas on the un-even bars.
Because when we're beaming with pride when we see Simone Biles, Simone Manuel or Gabby Douglas be GREAT. . .
Lady said I looked like the gold medalist Simone. Then I asked which one and she said I look like both of them and gabby Douglas
When is someone going to do something about Gabby Douglas' smile? I mean look at it, jeez...
Am I the only one who "feels" the shade from Gabby Douglas, she should show a little more excitement for her teammates...😕
360º of smooth. Just like Venus Swirl, Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas Flawless from any angle. https:…
Gabby Douglas apologizes for not putting hand on heart during anthem.
Wait, people are mad because Gabby Douglas didn't hold her hand over her heart during the national anthem?
Really excited for Bill Plaschke's column on how Gabby Douglas is to blame for Hope's comments
How to make drinking apple cider vinegar more bearable, c/o Gabby Douglas:
policing Gabby Douglas' hair in an attempt to rob her of her achievements. But it ain't gunna work cause
People seriously need to stop complaining about Gabby Douglas’s hair
Gabby Douglas has nothing to apologize for! . People are Share if you agree
Is it just me or does gabby Douglas seem to be not genuinely happy with her teamates' success
Oh, you don't like Gabby Douglas's hair? Tell me more about how fabulous your hair was when you made Olympic gold.
Gabby Douglas clapping for her teammates like...
Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles at the photoshoot! 🔥🔥🔥
Friendly reminder that Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman are coming to Cleveland:
I am so proud of Gabby Douglas and her achievements this year!!
Gabby Douglas is a CHAMPION with the heart of a mother effing' lion! Should anyone REALLY... https:…
Simone Manuel, Simone Biles, and Gabby Douglas are role models to young women around the world to follow your dreams.
I feel bad for Gabby Douglas, Olympic champ w/3rd best score cant even compete! seems to limit
😆😆 wait. People are still talking about Gabby Douglas's HAIR? *sigh* smh. Come on guys. Thats just exhausting. And old.…
Why won't y'all leave Gabby Douglas alone?
Anyone who peaked in high school making ignorant *** comments about Gabby Douglas' hair WILL be deleted.
Enraged about Gabby Douglas's hands or Malia Obama at a concert? Get a cause beyond your obsession with monitoring action…
Gabby Douglas on the uneven bars for
It's crazy that I met Gabby Douglas when I was a sophomore in high school..😬😬
Black Lives Matter took that Gabby Douglas pic and ran with it like Forrest Gump .. sheeesh. . Just saying.
Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Laurie Hernandez, Madison Kocian and Aly Raisman soared into Olympic history with...
"It was really disrespectful of Gabby Douglas to win a gold medal representing her country." —White People
Gabby Douglas out there rocking that Thompson lipstick tonight 💄💋
Having Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas on one team seems to be unfair to the rest of the world. Oh well.
Is it me or does Gabby Douglas's lipstick look just like the lipstick Tina Thompson wears who plays in the
Gabby Douglas is like that freshman in college who goes back to the high school varsity games to impart wisdom to the seniors.
Olympic champ Gabby Douglas, Mark Lowry, Jan Karon novel giveaway and more in the latest Homecoming Insider!
Natalie Hawkins, Gabby Douglas’ Mom: The Pictures You Need to See: Gabby Douglas is one of the most well-know...
People worried about Gabby Douglas' edges but nobody says anything when y'all leave out look like tree shrubs and the weav…
When does Aly Raisman, Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas all come out to show the men how it's done?
Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas hopes to glorify God as an athlete: 'I love sharing about my faith': U.S. Olympic gymnast Gabrielle "Ga...
Wendy Hilliard is coaching a new generation of black athletes, who are inspired by Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas. http…
Last night Bob Costas was running his *** mouth about Gabby Douglas finishing third.
Gabby Douglas cheated out of All-Around gymnastics Finals in Rio, fans say: Gabrielle Douglas, the reigning…
Gabby Douglas = 1st American gymnast to win gold in both the gymnastic individual all-around & team competitions at the same…
Remember 4 yrs ago when Gabby Douglas tried to convince us that she could do the Dougie
didn't Gabby Douglas win gold all around last time tho lmao
Biles and Douglas lead US charge for Olympic gymnastics gold: Even on "autopilot", Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas…
If you prefer Gabby Douglas over Laurie Hernandez don't talk to me
Bekah nonchalantly says: "Yeahhh I've met Gabby Douglas like 3 times.. She trains at my gym" yeah OKAY NBD
what about doing a Olympic theme for the next two weeks w/Missy Franklin and Gabby Douglas or other Olympic athletes. Just a though
Before the watch Gabby Douglas & more Olympians try the official dance of Brazil https:…
Armour: Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas is done with the haters via
.will be the first reigning Olympic champion to return to the ensuing games since Nadia Comaneci
Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas reveals her sweet support crew—led by mom
DeMarcus Cousins. Devon Allen . Gabby Douglas . Aly Raisman . Michael Phelps . The people I'm mainly cheering for the most!
Just curious:is Gabby Douglas on the Olympics like she was last year?!
Gabby Douglas is an inspiration from Gymnastics to LIFE! Be inspired --
With 292 women representing the U.S. in the Rio, no nation has ever brought more women to the Olympics.
Gabby Douglas' battle between celebrity and athlete
Gymnast Gabby Douglas eager to prove she's still golden
why is gabby Douglas in the all around *** why not Laurie
lol yea Gabby Douglas gonna win it again prolly.
Martha Karolyi wanting Gabby Douglas for the all around instead of Laurie Hernandez is the definition of straight stupidity
someone please tell me why Gabby Douglas got selected to do all four events but Laurie Hernandez didn't
Simone Biles & Gabby Douglas covering teen vogue. Olympic all-around queen & world all-around champion. YES LADIES! https…
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360º of smooth. Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas shows off her with Venus Swirl.
Thanks Gabby Douglas for including in your Training Playlist!!
can't believe Gabby Douglas is competing in the all around competition over Laurie Hernandez
Keri Walsh Jennings, Gabby Douglas, Carmelo Anthony and Michael Phelps are about to wreck some fools.
360º of smooth. Like Venus Swirl, Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas See her move in a whole new way!. htt…
So Laurie comes into Rio in 2nd place for Team USA, and somehow Gabby Douglas still gets the third AA spot? 🤔. LOL OK MA…
Hey friends! Pray for our Superkid and partner Gabby Douglas as she competes in the…
I equally fan Sherly Ann Fraser and Alyson Felix.. Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles..bring the games on
Simone Biles is like the 2016 version of Gabby Douglas.
Anybody want to bet me she doesn't win the all-around gold? You have the field including 2012 champ Gabby Douglas.
I don't remember Gabby Douglas being this fine
Has Gabby Douglas been bleaching or is it just my eyes lol ?
I just hope Gabby Douglas can successfully dougie now.
gabby Douglas can handle the pressure trust me, she held her own basically as a kid at the last Olympics
Gabby Douglas (debuts her own "shero" Barbie just in time for the Olympics
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New doll + making U.S. team = Gabby Douglas is having the best week ever.
congrats to the us gymnastics team Yay for Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles do great things
The disrespect Gabby Douglas is getting this year is incredible. You can have more than one successful, talented black wom…
[VIDEO] & brought to gymnastic Olympic Trials
Simone Biles is the new Gabby Douglas but on steroids. She's going to kill it in Rio
Gabby Douglas now has her own Barbie doll to add to all her other trophies.
Look who I found! Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas coach Chow Liang! Olympic coach at 2016 USAG National Congress!
Several Olympic gymnasts train in my hometown like I met Gabby Douglas at the mall & Shawn Johnson used to run behind my house
I think Team USA would be fine without Gabby Douglas. She isn't the same gymnast she was a few years ago.
Armour: Gabby Douglas struggling with confidence: The reigning Olympic champion is in seventh af...
Wow the field has caught up to Gabby Douglas. It will be a tough team to make this yr, Biles & Hernandez are on 🔥
Gabby Douglas isn't making the Olympic team and I'm sad
New post: "Armour: Gabby Douglas struggling with confidence"
would you please explain to me why you showed Gabby Douglas drinking water when we could have been watching a floor routine?
Nothing to do w/cheer OMG Gabby Douglas,Simone Biles are the most AMAZING Gymnast EVER.don't doubt on Gabby she is goin…
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Gabby Douglas, you have fans in San Jose!
Armour: Gabby Douglas' confidence falters at Olympic Trials via
I cry every time I watch Gabby Douglas perform
Feeling bad for Gabby Douglas tonight. She's not looking in it. So much pressure on such a young girl honestly.
Rough night for gabby Douglas. My girls Laurie, aly, and of course Simone were stellar!
I love Gabby Douglas refusing to look at the camera.
Gabby Douglas fell on beam and my heart fell on the floor
I'm almost in tears after watching Gabby Douglas fall of the beam in the gymnastics Wow
Gabby Douglas is faltering with confidence at U.S. Olympic Trials, writes
Gabby Douglas left a lot to be desired on opening night of gymnastic trials (by
Simone Biles. Aly Raisman. Laurie Hernandez. Ashton Locklear . Gabby Douglas. This should be the team.
Gabby Douglas makes last-minute coaching change before Olympic Trials. https…
Olympic Trials: Gabby Douglas falls off beam to 7th place
Going for gold! and are our August issue superstars:
Everything I do from here on will be justified by "well Gabby Douglas fell on a full turn on beam at Olympic Trials so it…
Olympic Trials: Gabby Douglas shines on uneven bars
but at least gabby Douglas follows me
never forget when Tim dagget called Simone gabby Douglas on accident
Simone Biles. Aly Raisman . Laurie Hernandez . Gabby Douglas. Madison Kocian. That's going to be the Olympic Women's Gymnastic…
That Olympic gold medal doesn't come with an endless supply of confidence, as is learning
Simone Biles leads at gymnastics trials, but Gabby Douglas is shaky - The Washington Post
If gabby Douglas doesn't make the Olympic team I'll be heart broken.
Show more gymnasts! I just watched 6 minutes of Gabby Douglas standing still while other girls were performing.
so Gabby Douglas most likely won't be going to the Olympics...😭😭
WATCH: after night 1 of Olympic Trials, 'Gotta fight for it'. .
It seems to me like Gabby Douglas has just lost the passion she had. She's not the same Gabby from London.
Good morning. The Olympic flame still burns for central Ohio gymnast Gabby Douglas ...
Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas aspire to be me
Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles are absolutely SLAYING the cover of 💫
Gabby Douglas Wants a phat raver that flashes butts featured in NBC s Science of Love
Gabby Douglas! Gold medalist , and a boss at what she does, headed…
.focuses on CONSISTENCY & STRENGTH heading to trials next month!. ➡️
Gabby Douglas Is a phat dancer that eats trucks
My flight to California was highlighted by Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson and Gabby Douglas. Now I feel like doing cartwheels &…
I do love the Olympics tho. Gabby Douglas stole our hears in 2012. Can't wait to see what's in store this year
"My mind keeps flipping I'm feeling like Gabby Douglas" everyone check out my new track called "Stay True"
When Gabby Douglas does a standing full on beam with ease... She's unreal
Gabby Douglas Has a hot boss that loves bucks
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