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Gab Union

Dwyane Wade Being Mary Jane

Gab Union was so bad in Bad Boys 2 😍😍
Attention, We are hosting the first EVER Cake Decorating event TOMORROW at 5 p.m. in the Union Jade Eagle Ballroom room…
European Union plans to incorporate Islamic sharia into rule of law?.
Side note: Gab Union HELLA sexy nuh. Like ALL that deliciousness in one place must be wrong
Gab Union is watchable because she is pleasing to the eye. She's not horrible but she's def mediocre.
Resembling gab union when pulling your face ma
If this had Dwayne wade and Gab union 😫 this would be perfect ❀️
The Union is CLOSED today for We will reopen on tomorrow at 7 AM.
It may be Labor Day, but tomorrow we're gonna chill the UPC way at Mean Green Cafe @ 11am, in the Union Eagle Emerald Ballroom…
$530 million - union dues given to Democratic groups over 4 years.
Y'all they my fave...well second to gab union and dwade 😩❀️
And with all due respect while there are few occupations more important or impactful than a great teacher the union has dulled…
Gab Union is the ultimate supreme of this planet
I love how Gab Union & D Wade be chilling in their shorts and tshirts all the time! When they're dressed up they look amazing but I adore
I didn't know Gab union was 9 years older than D Wade 😌
Solo & Gab union set the bar high and nobody will ever be able to compete πŸ˜‚
Yes, and they have established a church "western union" to further profit off of this event. .
Nuff said: "We the People ... in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure...
'She wants to govern Europe, not Germany!' Voters rip Merkel over EU
Dwyane Wade's Snapchat just gives me so much life 😩😍 him and gab union are the cutest ever I just love their life
D Wade and Gab union be kicking it. That's dope
I live for the celeb comments on Demi's Instagram lol mostly from 5h, Paris Hilton, Gab union, Noah, Lucy hale, etc
"Hey gab you want to go to the union?" -
these are the same or very similar tactics used to Strong arm employees to get in line with union dem...
Gab Union's hair brand has such nice packaging. I would probably buy it just cause of the packaging if it was available here. It's so pretty
Don't miss out on the opportunity to join our amazing team! Stop by our informational tonight at 5pm in Union 341!
I love Gab Union and D Wade but at the end of the day, he cheated on his wife with her.
Gab Union is not aging at all. Almost 50 and she still looks like 25, she's the real definition of
Get you a Man that looks at you like Wade and Gab Union. Happy Wedding Anniversary to the Best Couple in the world.…
I can't stop looking at Mary Jane's closure line 😩😩 all that *** money and they can't get Gab Union a good wig? 😩
Watching Gab Union & D. Wade's wedding anniversary video literally warms my heart
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Gab Union and D Wade are the cutest EVER!!! I'm becoming obsessed with them and I usually hate celebrities lol
Wait! There was a movie with this plot! With Gab Union. He may have been a skin head or regular racist tho.
Ermahgawd Gab Union's anniversary post in the gram 😍😍😍
Being Mary Jane is literally my fave! I love Gab Union Wade❀️
I completely agree! I'm not even a big Gab Union fan. I mean I think she's great bc she's a black actress but other than that
Pop on in to see the talented Raja Kumari perform tonight at 7pm in the Union Syndicate Pub! It'll be a great show !
I already liked Gab Union because of Bring it On but this movie solidified my love for her
* This I wanna shout out the romantic comedy "Deliver Us from Eva" (2003), starring Gab Union & LL Coo…
We've all been focusing on JLo and Jen Aniston, meanwhile Gab Union slipped right by us. Like 44 yrs old WHERE ? htt…
Marxists seek to eliminate the Bourgeoisie and have a classless society bringing a union betwee...
PSA for UNT engineering students! The disco bus leaves from the UNION not the GAB!!
Not w you unless you tryna be the budget version of D Wade & Gab Union
And that's no disrespect to Daya but Gab Union being darkskinned was an important part of this story! Don't erase that please!
All my guests gotta wear all black. Like Gab Union & D Wade's wedding! That was so beautiful.
Police union rep/spox are pathetic.You'll never find one who will acknowledge a wrongful shooting. PT IF THE PROBLEM
Gab Union and DWade type of relationship... 😭😍
I think I might be . a mixture of Kelly . Rowland & Gab.Union. πŸ€—πŸ™‚ lol
If Gab Union and D Wade call it quits I'll just retire from life & exile myself to an island that doubles as a convent.
Wade and Gab Union lowkey the livest couple
My friend keeps sending me snaps of her bowling with Dwyane Wade and Gab Union rn πŸ™„
I'm mad as *** nobody gave gab Union edge control in "bring it " why they do my girl like that πŸ˜‘
the chances of me running into Wade & Gab Union just sky rocketed.
Gab Union and Dwyane Wade both just followed the Cavs on IG, probably just trolling us lol
I need answers lol they gon be straight up like Gab Union or just rub ya back and tell u it'll be better next week
Tryna walk in this mansion party like I'm gab union πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
" I feel like w boiling hot pot of grits that someone can look at that pot and see danger and some see nourishment " ~ Gab Union.
Dwyane Wade & Gab Union talking about how cheap LeBron is πŸ˜‚
Dwyane Wade & Gab Union telling how cheap LeBron is 😭 . (πŸ“Ή via
A year ago today we were laughing at this banana boat pic w/ Gab Union, Wade, CP3 & LeBron: https:/…
Nah "we". I can give you a few names who wouldn't mind actually. Gab Union, Boris kodjoe, Zendaya etc.. So WE.
Tell me your favorite Snap accounts that you think I should follow. I’m digging Usher, Rick Ross, and Gab Union / D Wade.
WOW is that Gabrielle Union, Rashida and Kidada and Tracee Ellis Ross all in Gab Union's snap story???
Fav couples = John Legend x Chrissy Teigen and Dewayne Wade x Gab Union , only because I see so much of myself in Chrissy and Gab 😍
Maybe I gotta perfect my when he cheats take him back method Lolita worked for Hillary Vanessa Bryant and Gab Union
The four people I consistently get Gab Union, Rihanna, and Miracle Watts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
In my mind, my style is Janelle Monae meets Zoe Kravitz with a drip of Gab Union and a smattering of Allyson Felix.
Gab Union covered up n she looked really idk what her problem is. mission accomplished though, she got everyone talkin
that's crazy! he was just saying in an interview how he fell in love with Gab Union after filming Being Mary Jane
Phylicia Rashad, Debbie Allen...def not Gab Union after that etc etc lol
The baddest brown skinned women in the industry, Dawn Richard, Erica from LHHATL, Kelly Ro, Gab Union, Yaya, Jourdan Dunn, and Lupita...
Gab Union and Genevieve Nnaji have the same type of beauty.
I don't see how D.Wade could be sitting at home watching dude press up on Gab Union like that on Being Mary Jane...that ain't acting.
Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, and Gab Union should never be that bad 40sumn. Lawd. 😍
Fellas only!!! Women have fun with who's hot to them all the time, so it's our turn. Gab Union or Kerri Washington. Who would you marry and who would you just date???
Kerry Washington got the role for Scandal, and Gab Union came back with her own show on BET. That's powerful
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Come to Smith Conf center to Gab Union then we are going to early VOTE
Tune in and watch Half the Sky on PBS 9pm-11pm tonight: two part series on the oppression of wemen around the world. Joined by Eva Mendes, Meg Ryan, and Gab Union
I like seeing Dwayne Wade & Gab Union together. They look good together, .happy too.
Morris chestnut and Gab Union are in every black film???
Lauren London ...Meagan Good.Skylar Diggins.Gab Union.can have it all.
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