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Fuzzy Dice

Fuzzy dice, known in the British Isles as furry dice or fluffy dice, are an automotive decoration consisting of two over-sized (usually six-sided) plush dice which hang from the rear-view mirror.

My BFF Jodi has the most fun sense of humorโ€ฆshe had a cardboard black and white version of this "Fuzzy Dice" design hanging from the rear view mirror of her car for years. Sadly, it died so she asked me to make her a wooden one! Well, I made her two ;) I love the ironic simplicity of this idea, who's with me?!
Thanks to all the guys who drive chargers and dangle the fuzzy dice from ur rearview mirror. I see you and appreciate your "not a cop" sign
Gotta get some fuzzy dice for my rearview mirror
I want my mullet back, my ol' Camaro and my eight track. Fuzzy dice hangin' loose and proud, ZZ Top they're playin' loud.
Arrogant Worms - Fuzzy Dice lyrics and translations
If I got you fuzzy cheetah dice for your car for Christmas how would you feel...? Lmfao
First thing I'm gonna put in my car are fuzzy dice
Cyride driver is rocking the fuzzy dice. All class on this pain train
Are there customization options for the interior of your car, I want my fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror!
BRANDING TIME ON THE SNAIL RANCH / or my life as a wrangler . by Fuzzy "Escargot" Dice
Im deffinetly getting fuzzy dice to hang from my mirror when I get a car ๐Ÿ˜Ž
o u better make time. Them skates go hard. Girl get u some fuzzy dice. KILL EM
Photo of the Day: Fuzzy dice sold separately
"The moths have chewed on Fuzzy Dice over the years and his complexion isn't what it used to be!"
I guess hanging a tie from your rear view mirror is the new "fuzzy dice." Classy.
KASHERING THE HEART, a love story by Rabbi Fuzzy Dice
I will full on climb into your dumb green pathfinder and make you eat those fuzzy dice, you awful crap man.
Be careful, I hear people have been hanging fuzzy-dice from trees the last few weeks.
Just saw some young gangster-hipster with fuzzy dice hanging from his mirror. Is that still a thing?
I'm getting some fuzzy dice but they won't be d-6's you better bet! Remember the cool dice from our camping trip?
To get hot pink fuzzy dice or to not get hot pink fuzzy dice?
The best gifts for the driver in your life. Because fuzzy dice just might not cut it.
โ€œremember when everyone put HAGS in your yearbook...those were the daysโ€ &when girls put fuzzy dice in their cars
...silly I already owned that. It just needed new shocks. And a better stereo. And fuzzy dice.
Fuzzy dice or scented โ€˜treesโ€™, what accessory do you have in your Opel?
Keg, Peanut Sack, Helmet, fuzzy dice on the mirrors and the doors open!
Oh yeah? Well my fuzzy eight-sided dice love me more than YOU ever will.
exactly! Imma hang some fuzzy dice on it too, just to be real street.
if I see someone driving around with those fuzzy dice...I'm checking to see if it's you ;-)
I noticed that Ethan has fuzzy dice in the windshield of his truck ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ I already bought you dice today. They're fuzzy and everything
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
and I'll wear my blue fuzzy pancho from 4th grade tomorrow
As in, I could have bought any of these and had enough left over for new seat covers & fuzzy dice etc.
. I drove a caddy. From my dear old granddaddy. It hit a patch of ice and all I had left. Were the fuzzy pink dice.
Flossing in your girl's car is pretty sad. Serious Man Points are lost w/ fuzzy pink dice and license plates w/ Peaches on them.
A DECENT INTO YOGURT, the story of a misspent youth . by Fuzzy "The Health Nut" Dice
Whatโ€™s up friend?! I see you in your gold honda with a Ravens sticker and your purple fuzzy dice.
we saw this guy with fuzzy dice in his car at sonic & I tried to take a creeper pic..๐Ÿ˜‚
My mum just gave me a temporary mini torch for my car until I get my indoor light fixed! She also gave me leopard fuzzy dice earlier :)
Patty cake patty cake bakers man I'm gonna hit JERRY with my hand maybe once maybe twice they probably feel like fuzzy dice!!!
Imma have two fuzzy dice in my whip lol
A NEW CAR! The Plymouth Subway. A massive, afraid choice. Equipped with fuzzy dice and built-in beehive.
Hang some fuzzy dice up in your room. They will make it all better!
Solid hot tub, and in possession of some fuzzy dice
I love it. Can we put in fuzzy dice?
I can't believe my fuzzy dice flew out the window. I'm sad.
Hit the jackpot at the arcade got my the last light blue fuzzy dice
My grandma just said she wants fuzzy dice to hang from her review mirror. We are defiantly blood related.
EJ is it true Jeff Tuel has a poster of Chuck Norris in his locker? I also heard u have fuzzy dice hangin from ur rearview mirror
If someone would point me in the direction of some fuzzy dice for my rear view that would be lovely
lol awe come on! It be funny, it might improve the Buick. That it fuzzy dice
This is a lot of commotion over a Honda civic with fuzzy dice...
Lilli's makeover included fuzzy dice, a hula girl (that's smells like a pina colata) and a vase for flowers! What...
Defiantly gettin fuzzy dice for my mirror๐Ÿ˜Ž
Can't decide whether or not I should put fuzzy dice in my car
After 20 minutes of intense skeeball, I finally got enough tickets to get fuzzy dice
Saturday morning drunk driver at the Home Depot, police too busy ticketing people with fuzzy dice to do anything.
Putin has Obama's balls dangling from his rear view mirror like a pair of fuzzy dice.
Yo I'm buying some fuzzy dice for alaska soon bc tuxedo sam's pretty blue color is fading from all the sunshine that hits his cute face //:
I feel so much better when I see other people that have fuzzy dice in their car
Fuzzy dice are for the fast and the furriest.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Some tarheel fuzzy dice coming right up, sir. hehe.
Whatever you get, I'll send you some fuzzy dice to hang on your rear view. ;)
I need me a pair of fuzzy dice for my dads car
I need a pair of fuzzy dice for my truck
This fuzzy dice episode on regular show is insane
I want fuzzy dice when I get a car.
BEWARE: The Jeep now has pink fuzzy dice๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’‹
Why would someone steal my fuzzy dice?
Oh you know what would look really good in my car? Some fuzzy dice.
This kid just broke my fuzzy dice and then spilt juice on them ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ˜•
Things I look for in a man; big fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror
Bought nightmare before Christmas fuzzy dice for my car. I don't have a car
I got an ice scraper, fuzzy dice, and air fresheners for my birthday. Woot woot I have a car.
Fuzzy dice hanging from a rearview mirror is the nonverbal expression for "I have zero sex."
if i make a homecoming mum for a girl ill go all out. it will have Hydraulics, 90 inch rims, Fuzzy dice, leather interior,โ€ฆ
I'm on a mission to find fuzzy dice for Kiki
goes perfectly with my fuzzy dice. They were hard to find ya know?. ;)
This girl has fuzzy dice tattooed on her thigh.
The fuzzy dice I've had for 11 years broke, I have cramps, and despite my brave face the realization of how much show'll suck has sunk in...
When you see a family on vacation in a minivan those aren't fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror. Those are hubby's โ€ฆ
Blaring fifties rock-and-roll and cruising down to Ann Arbor. Fuzzy dice, I need them.
I miss you too! So I've been searching for some fuzzy dice to put in our locker this year lol
Again the old man with purple fuzzy dice hanging from his rearview passes me... Lol
I wanna buy a black 1999 Volkswagen jetta and name it Elvira. Then I will hang my crow skull necklace and fuzzy dice from the mirror
I was just told hanging fuzzy dice from my rear view mirror and telling people my parents are rich will get me a girlfriend. Is this true?
If you have fuzzy dice on you rear view mirror, I'm going to call you a ***
Thanks We just picked up prizes for tonight's StorySlam including brake fluid, country preserves air freshener, and fuzzy dice!
If anyone wants to buy fuzzy dice hmu
I've clearly not kept up with the caps... At all but seeing Hendricks has left... What *** My autographed fuzzy dice must have been curs
Hey now, I have white fuzzy dice in my car. Don't hate.
He has fuzzy dice... Hanging from his rear view mirror.
Purple Cadillac, complete with fuzzy dice on the rearview's my & urtemptation's ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
I just saw a car parked in a handicap spot with fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror that said "Pimp"
Get me a pair of red fuzzy dice for my rear view mirror so I know it's really real. โค
Lifting your cat's tail in the air to show your family his "fuzzy dice" at the dinner table is not socially acceptable behโ€ฆ
Just saw car w big block on rear view, Answer? Fuzzy dice!! Seriously?
Wait...people still actually hang fuzzy dice on their rearview mirror
The land of race car ya-ya's. The land where large, fuzzy dice still hang proudly, like *** from rear-view mirrors.
For my baby his fuzzy dice cant wait for him to go in his car and be surprised
The song says it all. kindly offered to send me instructions on how to make fuzzy dice out of ***
Does your car rock the fuzzy dice? has a great slideshow of the this weekend.
If you have fuzzy dice hanging from your mirror, I am forced to judge you..
Regular show had a episode with robot animal goons with straps over fuzzy dice gets no better
Aw man, you guys would've loved it! I got the Poster AND the Fuzzy Dice!
I have oilers leather gloves, not fuzzy dice
bummed i didnt get any fuzzy dice or a poster from the Regular show thing. I wanted those dice for my nonexistent future car
cam and I just saw a car in our parking lot with fuzzy dice and had the same reaction!
I'm warning you. Don't miss the new episode of Regular Show tonight, It's going to be crazy epic. Fuzzy Dice by Dres and Madโ€ฆ
Was watching Four Brothers and it made me realize & Drew never got me my fuzzy dice for the car.
I've seen far too many fuzzy dice hanging from rear view mirrors today ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Smh. Girls have fuzzy dice in their car. Not guys.
The fuzzy dice hanging from my mirror in my car keep hitting the car wash guy in the face
In Beverly Hills About to whistle for a cab that has fuzzy dice in the Mirror
Regular Zone was the best thing ever!! Wish we coulda stayed in longer! They ran outta fuzzy dice, but s'all good
Wow if anyone wants to get me birthday gifts I will accept 3DS games and fuzzy dice for my car.
Our Cool Old Thing of the Day: fuzzy dice not included. Glorious 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass. ^Bon
I *was* gonna let you order some neuticals but not now. And I think this is gonna replace fuzzy dice as a fad.
Battled to save the world, won a poster and fuzzy dice.
My cousin has turned ghetto on me, he's up at midnight listening to lil' Wayne, this was my cousin that used to love fuzzy dice and cartoons
Only a pimp would have fuzzy dice in there car
Fuzzy dice in the mirror -> Meh. 20 sided fuzzy dice in the mirror -> +20 Life Points
I need some fuzzy dice to hang I'm front of my car
Just saw a guy with bull *** hanging like fuzzy dice on his mirror in his car
The blazer finally has fuzzy dice again
uhhh huh sure. You love it. Do you have the fuzzy dice on the mirror too?
My assistant brought lunch to me! :-) ...and I think Fuzzy's Tacos wants me to work on my night cheese, but it's 145p. I like tacos.
I didn't know ppl actually drove with big fuzzy dice hanging from their rear view mirror anymore!
Just saw some fuzzy dice on a woman's rear view mirror
was a station wagon when I was a kid. With fuzzy steering cover and dice on the mirror. lol
Take that beat up old Camaro, Dusty El Camino, F100 fuzzy dice on the mirror!
Fuzzy dice hangin from the mirror that's a pimps cathedral
I would give up a tube of toothpaste and some fuzzy dice
so yeah bout those fuzzy dice...really tho ??? Lol
thanks to you and margaret now smells good, AND has fuzzy dice AND has floor mats in the back!
Hope you enjoy your new fuzzy dice :)
Order Miche Bag Online!
and I driving around in style with our fuzzy dice ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Lol what a beast. Fuzzy dice on the mirror and stickers of naked woman on the back window.
I'm pretty sure that I'd get like 73% more action if I had fuzzy dice hanging from my rear view.
I know, right? Where's a good set of fuzzy dice when you need one? ;)
Fuzzy dice on the mirror was a clue, I was in the wrong car. But the tho...ah never mind what was on the back seat
Fuzzy dice and Ed hardy seat covers I wonder who drives that car probably someone with no friends and bad credit
Just saw the hello kitty chick again. She also has matching seat covers, steering wheel grip, and fuzzy dice
My parents are hating on my fuzzy dice I got in my car ๐Ÿ˜’
Too many people have fuzzy dice, that's why I'm taking mine down.
I've been washed, waxed, and polished. Now all I need is a pair of fuzzy dice
Tell him he can count me in for buying a fuzzy pair of dice or dashboard hula dancer, his pick.
Check out post 'My fuzzy dice :)' from poisonevy on The Angel Network.
there's no doubt in my mind about that. It's always sad when I take down my Devils fuzzy dice from the jeep when our seasons over :(
*I shrug* im smart. And you have a lot of purple in you wardrobe. And the fuzzy dice in your car. And your cellphone ,case
If you have fuzzy dice in the window of your car... 9 times out of 10 you're probably a *** bag
thanks! Yeah. Custom license plate and fuzzy companion cube dice et all. :)
Me, I'd be distracted if I had two fuzzy dice and a couple of dead squirrels hanging from my rear-view mirror.
-The power of suggestion is considerable, I'll admit.. But this is no more magic than a pair of fuzzy dice.
Congrats your new sled. Any thought about painting you phone yet? Any car accessories to speak of? Fuzzy dice/nuts?
fuzzy dice...ha. Cool pilots have a hula girl on the dash to help them measure turbulence. :p
it was a 7 county!!! Lol. Ryan & I got a kick of of it. The best part was the fuzzy dice in the mirror!
I'M STILL SO EXCITED OVER THAT EPISODE! It's one of my favourites, along with Eggscellent and Fuzzy Dice!
Can't wait for to drive so I can but her purple fuzzy dice for her car ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŽฒ
Parking services can quit sucking my fuzzy dice anytime
Yes I play with my fuzzy dice in my car like a cat. Yes, I know you see me. No, I don't care.
if you DONT have fuzzy dice hanging from your mirror you need to reevaluate your life!
He BLOWS. We'd be better off hanging some fuzzy dice from the crossbar.
alright alright, add some yellow racing stripes and a couple polka dots. Ooh and fuzzy dice!
lol ill pass on the fuzzy dice. If I keep it ill take it to get a stripe painted on it or something. Or just switch it in for
I caught the first fuzzy dice in clue!
Crushing it - and the fuzzy dice at Rockstar party.
Do you think these fuzzy tinker bell dice will look nice in my car? Well, the answer is yes.
The van in front of me just rolled up with some fuzzy dice
The fuzzy dice hanging from your rearview mirror would be a lot cooler if they didn't exist.
I can't help it you know me and Tyler go way back like fuzzy dice
Also theres a boy George wannabe near me, complete with fuzzy dice he's rolling.
lol do you mean awesome fuzzy dice for your car? o_O
its good to have my fuzzy dice back! :D
Not only is it not Jensen, it's not Baby either. Interior's all wrong-dash mat, fuzzy dice, coloring
I'm even going to make my own fuzzy dice. Blue with red dots, ***
Will the fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror ever go out of style? Me thinks not.
If you have pink fuzzy dice hanging from your rear view mirror, we can't be friends
You have fuzzy dice and decal that says "illest" on your Honda civic .. PLEASE reevaluate your life ..
get him his fuzzy dice and I bet more people are going to want to buy him !
The feeling you get when you get pulled over because of your fuzzy dice on you rear view mirror .
Website Builder 728x90
Eric Holder has commissioned fuzzy dice, hydraulics, and a for every drone in the USA.
If my fuzzy dice don't come In the mail tomorrow I'm going to be sad
"You could put some fuzzy dice in the hybrid and be bad *** " -
The people at motel 6 was there to greet us with free souvenirs! There's some fuzzy dice shot glass keychain coffee mug Wow! Also an ashtra
Their van, notice the foxtail on the antennae and fuzzy dice hanging from rear view mirror! Class! Also, me...
If Ryan Seacrest was a Transformer he would be a bright pink Jetta with fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror.
No seriously, i'm looking for some fuzzy dice
What's with the fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror on 431?
Drove my daughterโ€™s car today. Totally felt like a teenager driving around w/fuzzy dice & an โ€œI break for the Black Keysโ€ bumper sticker.
Permanently turning into a pair of fuzzy dice once
First I get fuzzy dice, now I get a Tom Petty cd as a tip. Today is turning out to be a pretty good day.
Always have a companion by your side with Companion Cube Fuzzy Dice!
although these hanging from your car mirror would be hysterical. Better than fuzzy pink dice?
apparently I'm going to drive a pink pick up truck, with pink rims, and fuzzy dice, blasting country music. oh okay. thanks devin.
Fuzzy dice! Nick's giving me a drive home in the Civic SI. Yes!
I want to shove a lubed up broom stick up your *** and beat you with fuzzy dice
w/truck pics for a chance for RealTruck swag - like this shirt, fuzzy dice, a cap, and more!
A moment of silence for Connor's fuzzy dice.
Who goes into an auto parts store, sees a pair of Fuzzy Dice and thinks "This will be nice garnishment for my rear view mirror"? WHO!?!
Dice-K starts for the Tribe against the Giants today! Web broadcast: Game info:
I don't have facial imperfections. My beard is the equivalent of fuzzy dice in a Lamborghini
"Didn't he murder someone named Fuzzy-dice or Pogo-stick?"
Black fuzzy dice and a Taz hanging from the rearview mirror. Pretty sweet mp3 player, too.
Ziva: "Do they serve a purpose?" Tony: "Fuzzy dice? Other than a pretty good redneck indicator, no." 4.20
May or may not have just purchased fuzzy blue dice for my rearview mirror.
Air freshener? Fuzzy dice? What kind of accessory can be found hanging from YOUR rearview mirror?
that sounds quite sad really. It'll always be there because it's a manager's car. You know it's us when you see fuzzy dice : )
Dad just sent me this: Hello kitty fuzzy dice? Give me your man card.
Wanted to get to the game store to return my dice... But I'm all cold in fuzzy pjs even with 3 blankets, and aches all over :( ow
I thought that "modelling" line went out with fuzzy dice and poodle skirts?
Nothing says I hate my dad like a pair of fuzzy dice hanging off your rear view mirror
The woman behind me has a leopard print bonnet, fuzzy dice and coat.
Just overheard "my tatas are useless, I ain't got no fuzzy dice in there" you know it's gonna be a good night !
My car has fuzzy dice and hula girl
In exchange for a free pair of fuzzy dice?
How many people are gonna say fuzzy playboy dice or an air freshener with a big pair if boobs!
im gonna get her fuzzy dice for her truck cuz dats wen she gets her N ;)
Not true you get that coat if you buy a Camaro or a Trans Am and put fuzzy dice on the rear view
yes. The size of fuzzy dice hanging in a car.
Have fuzzy dice hanging from your rear view mirror? Depending on where you live, you may be violating a windshield obstruction
Mom just bought me hello kitty fuzzy dice and a hello kitty steering wheel and a Steelers lanyard ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ
She just asked if my fuzzy Redskin dice were supposed to b mistletoe.. I said... it is if it speaks to ya
If you have fuzzy dice in your rearview I automatically hate you. After you and your fuzzy dice cut me off its really not looking good
Bo's UGGS in our car window have now become the new "fuzzy dice!"
Lol i look over and my dog is playing with my fuzzy blue dice hanging off my shelves
wow! Wonder if the falcon has fuzzy dice inside!?
For whoever is wondering "what should i get for his bday?" The answer is. Pink fuzzy dice that can hang from his rear view.
They also had two-liter meth labs in their cars and fuzzy dice on the rear view mirrors
I also am unable to drive my car until my fuzzy dice come in, could be about a month
I'll marry any girl who buys me a chief keef shirt. And some fuzzy dice!
Fuzzy Dice in Philadelphia all the Puerto Ricans have them hanging in there car LOL
Anybody got some fuzzy dice I can have? The ones on my backpack are getting messed up.
A customer gave me fuzzy dice for my rear view mirror today :)
Which one is yours? The one with the fuzzy seat warmer and fury dice?
what are you a chola? Iight fuzzy dice on the rear view. You want zebra print seats too?
Nothing steams me more than black non-punctuating *** Mobiles with tiger stripe fuzzy dice and steering wheels! DAMNIT!
Nuthn I hate worse then a dude tryn 2 holla and he clearly drivn his girls car๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Your pink fuzzy dice are fabulous thoughโœŒโœŒ
Lol my brothers driving my car rn and its decked out in hot pink shag and hot pink fuzzy dice on the mirrors ๐Ÿ˜‚ Ya stylin' ya feel me
Jacobs new car complete with fuzzy dice
Can you at least hang fuzzy dice on the end of it?
no I will not take you seriously if you have a pair of hot pink AND black jumbo fuzzy dice hanging from your rear view mirror.
Air freshener? Fuzzy dice? What kinds of accessories garnish YOUR rear-view mirror? Let us know in the comments!
I'm sure there were some good tips! [Today I googled "when were fuzzy dice invented?" so I'm clearly just a strange one.]
Classic fuzzy dice..highlight of my day
Can't wait for the matching fuzzy dice! MT "Now available in IL: license plates:
You know those machine thingies from Chuck E. Cheese? Well they kinda creep me out after I watched Fuzzy Dice
Mom brought home fuzzy dice from Vegas. I brought home the sniffles.
[Drax's moobs are filled with these fuzzy little dice]
Buy me a flowmaster, an intake system, and some fuzzy dice cubes for my car
If I ever get my own car, the first thing I'm buying is fuzzy dice ๐ŸŽฒ
Just got scared of a fuzzy I thought it was a dice lol
When you see a grandma with fuzzy dice, in her "classic" car, you can't help but laugh
When I get a car fuzzy dice are a necessity
I just got fuzzy dice for my new whip.
I have seen fuzzy dice, handcuffs and 1,000 air fresheners around a rear view mirror. I can now add shark jaws to the list.
I want leopard print fuzzy dice for my car.
Someone ordered fuzzy dice for their car through my blog. Thanks for the commission! I'll take it!
Totally forgot i bought fuzzy dice for my car yesterday thank you yesterday kevin
This morning's K Impossible Question: 27% of people have THIS in their car. Wanna take a guess? :P - Josh McLellan
Is it weird that I'm dying to get some fuzzy dice for my car?
Sneak peak: "why would you think I'm a fuzzy dice person?" -
His balls looking like rearview mirror fuzzy dice.
Also, bashing my son with fuzzy dice, squashing him into the couch cushions, and having him pee on me. Again.
Grown man hand me a hat with fuzzy dice on a string and we gotta fight. Those are the rules.
you aint ready ! hmu when you a real *** who know how to shoot REAL dice.. not the fuzzy ones
The Sequel to The Gift.A very, very rough beginning, but a beginning none-the-less: "I am a little paranoid, and when Mercy first skidded her truck to the side of the road I thought maybe an axe murderer had stopped not to help us but rather for easy picking. Even so, we ran to where the truck stopped and knew right away that something strange was going on. The smell of violets, the fuzzy dice, and the fact that she was named Mercy sent a bone chilling shiver through us. We had no idea that the letter from Mrs. Mays was only the beginning of the adventure we were about to embark on. Frankly, the thought crossed my mind that this might all be a waking dead dream and that Iโ€™d been killed back where we had our flat tire, either by an accident caused by the flat or from being hit by lightning while trying to change the tire. I wanted to run away but everyone knows you canโ€™t run from the reaper, even if heโ€™s disguising himself as a teenage girl. Besides, even though I was scared senseless, somethin ...
We had a GREAT Christmas with our families and now have 3 work days left in 2012. So. from Dec 27th until end of the day on Dec 29th we are bring back our "Fuzzy Pink Vegas Dice"!!! Anyone who comes in for any service one of those 3 days has a chance to roll for some savings (1 or 2 5%, 3 or 4 10%, 5 or 6 15% off). Also all stock will be 15% off (excluding Scrubxury Body Scrubs).
Blizzards make me feel like a fuzzy dice inside.
I've seen that hummer.. Love the fuzzy dice in the rear view mirror
Relatively light on the gifts this year. Just a hoodie, shirt, "terrible towel", earrings, fuzzy dice. Think that's it.
You wish you had fuzzy dice in your car . tylertha1harp
Sometimes there is no happy ending, only a dark ache hiding behind a pair of fuzzy dice.
Hmm, I had no idea that fuzzy dice were currently a thing.
Canโ€™t believe you neglected to mention the fuzzy dice!
Or maybe my grandma Is crazy and got my fuzzy dice to not put on the mirror of the car I don't have yet. Idk.
I got fuzzy dice in my stocking from my grandma. IS THIS FORESHADOWING FUTURE EVENTS TO TAKE PLACE ON MY BIRTHDAY? HMM?
My life is a joke. Fuzzy dice for my new car. These are going in the trash...
My Uncle and Aunt got me a snow brush, fuzzy dice and a CD holder for my car.
Fuzzy Dice on the drums...thanks bro! @ Costantino Residence
Alf got pink fuzzy dice for Christmas from works secret Santa :) don't think he'll be best pleased xD
William practicing for the license test. Please notice the fuzzy dice hanging in Grandma's old car.
Merry Christmas everyone! What did you all get for your cars?
Does anyone know where I can get pink Fuzzy dice
fuzzy dice and a sub woofer for Christmas!
I made do an obstacle course to join our fuzzy dice club
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I became a member of the fuzzy dice club
Because u have fuzzy dice in ur whip wow. Crazy wow
with some fuzzy dice in the rear mirror. Carriage sitting on some 42's with spinners. All black of course.
I wonder if the fuzzy dice would have worked? lol
Plot twist: mechanical animals take your fuzzy dice
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