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Furman University

Furman University is a private, coeducational, liberal arts college in Greenville, South Carolina, United States.

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Area students make dean’s list at Furman: The following Furman University students are included on the dean’s ...
Kicking 2015 weddings off with these two! @ Furman University
Bulldogs carry a 3pt lead into half, 30-27 over Furman University.
This Sunday, we will be meeting at the Younts Conference Center on Furman University campus for both our 10:30...
Big shoutout to my bro for winning a smash tourney at furman university ☝️
C206: relivin' the glory days daily @ Furman University
Love the Furman University football uniforms and helmets. Notice the face mask. Awesome!
SCYS Technical Director, Greg Vallee, addressing all the E Course candidates at Furman University
I think he smiled the whole morning ☺️ @ Paladin Stadium- Furman University
One of our favorite projects. This sustainable installation at Furman:
“Roldan's great footwork leads to a chance: check my boy out! ⚽️👌🙌
Furman University in the AM with my little brother 😊😊
Furman University used to be the Christian Knights.. That's a pretty cool acronym
Furman University in Greensville, SC is seeking a Special Collections Librarian:
Furman University in Greenville, SC is seeking a Special Collections Librarian:
I was hoping it would be the Furman University Christian Knights.
Study by a Furman University team, led by Julian Reed, shows Swamp Rabbit Trail's $6.7 million economic impact in Greenville...
Attention 10th and 11th graders – Interested in attending a summer scholars program offered at Furman University...
I wish I could afford to go to Furman University 😖
With lessons from Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and MIT, great gathering for law enforcement hosted by Furman University
I wore glasses today, just for amrussell627 @ Furman University
That or trade it for a Furman University shirt that says "FU"
Furman hosts 36th annual MLK Scholarship Gala: Furman University kicked off the first of several events to cel...
Hey : what happened to the Furman University Doughboy statute?
Furman University is possibly the most beautiful college I've ever seen.
Learning from Coach Meade of Furman University@ USLacrosse coach clinic
“"I'm weak... that's why their Furman University” lmfao!!! *** nah
"I'm weak... that's why their Furman University
Proud to say I've committed to continue my football and educational career at Grand Valley State University!
Save the date! The Upstate Crop Hunger Walk is Sunday, February 22nd at Furman University!
Thanks Mackenzie for getting into Furman University. Made the best Christmas card EVER!
Selvy is best remembered 4 scoring 100 points in a college game for Furman University against Newberry College on February13,1954,
Or you could become a fan of Furman University
Furman University fans' shirts say only F U
Just found out that Furman University's mascot is the Paladin. I immediately pictured a diploma for Master of Retibution.
The Barn>: Furman University’s Head Basketball Coach, Niko Medved, fell in love with the game of basketball at...
Go Furman Paladins! Used to be the Furman University Christian Knights. Once Ppl used the acronym, they changed for obvi. reasons
I have sent the Updated Football Prospect List for the Class of 2015 / 2016 to Furman University coaching staff.
The junior class on their college bus tour at Furman University!
2015 G John Warren from Hopkins HS is attending Furman University practice today as a guest
AMTA is looking forward to Furman University hosting the National Championship tournament for us in April 2016!
My alma mater Furman University men's basketball team is at Wild game too. Playing UM Monday
to summer scholars. Thanks cmdaly7 for this picture ☺️ @ furman university 💜
"All I want for Christmas is a domesticated squirrel that can tell me all the gossip."—Furman University
Congrats Lagos Kunga for verbally committing to Furman University
Hey LU ! I'm singing the national anthem at the Liberty University vs. Furman University basketball game! Vines Center at 7:00! Be there :)
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Jordan Shaffer will receive a full ride football scholarship to Furman University, but then will be kicked off for academic fraud
Congrats to Helen Lee Turner, Furman University, for winning free 2015 AAR membership in raffle!
.is really good at soccer. This scintillating run deserved a goal:
"Roldan's great footwork leads to a chance: where you at doe
“Roldan's great footwork leads to a chance:
“Roldan's great footwork leads to a chance: that's why I wanna go to
Roldan's great footwork leads to a chance:
Just left Furman University bookstore, they went a little overboard with the puns...
Schmidt's earlier near goal off the post:
UW's first big chance, a shot from Heard:
.and Furman underway in NCAA Tournament action. Tune in:
Check out this link to the webcast of the game.
1.5 hours to KICK OFF in our Tournament 2nd Round Match vs. Catch the webcast
S/O to those Aggies of UC Davis for that W against Furman University ✊
A special week for 18 National players Carris Campbell and Ashton Peck! Carris signed this week with Furman University and Ashton signed with MTSU! We are so proud of these girls and the role models they are for our younger athletes. By working hard, staying humble, and persevering through the difficult times these two were able to achieve their dreams and goals!
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that is the home of Furman University. Last minute scheduling change?
Get ready for Game Day . . . show us your Furman, Clemson or Wofford ID and get 10% off your purchase. Furman University Clemson University Wofford College Furman Paladins Clemson Tigers FanBuzz Wofford Terriers
The 2015 Crop Walk will be Sunday, February 22nd at Furman University! Start getting your teams together NOW!
Furman university has the most beautiful campus !
2 of our O-Staffers are in the top 3 for this year's Havoc competition - vote for Matt & Natalia here:
Vote for who you want to see win the 2014 Homecoming Havoc Competition! Voting closes today at 5pm, so...
"Dear automatic flushing toilet, I greatly admire the enthusiasm you have for your job, but I wasn't finished." — Furman Un…
Voting for Homecoming King and Queen closes at noon! Visit to cast your vote!
First stop is gonna be Furman University 🙌💜
I hope one day you'll write an article on the downfalls of the University of Michigan Football Program. Many want to know!
"The endowments of Furman University, Harvard University, Mount Holyoke College, and University of Michigan all hold stakes in Sallie Mae"
to my man Taylor's wedding and my long hair 😂 @ Furman University
Gardner-Webb's lacrosse team competes against Furman University in a scrimmage today in Greenville, S.C. starting at 6 p.m.
Amazing view of the lake and bell tower at Furman University in Greenville, SC
Obviously, who ever came up with the name of Furman University was Awesome!!
Check out intern Logan Lundberg being interviewed by prior to Tuesday's
It has been a long time since majoring in chemistry at Furman University. Happy Mole Day!
Coming up to Furman University for a Soccer Match and idk what to do after in Furman.
congrats to for committing to play D1 lacrosse at Furman University
"Let me tell you why I'm proud to be an American...because I go to Wofford College and not Furman University"
I found this s charming welcome on the cottage that housed me while at Furman University.
Candidates spar over teacher pay at final gubernatorial debate, via
Where the candidates stand after the final gubernatorial debate. via
Decided I'm applying to Furman University so that when people keep asking me about where I'm applying I can just say "FU" and leave
Blessed to continually learn from excited to hear him speak to the students of furman university fca
SC Gubernatorial Debate, October 21, 2014 at Furman University. Become informed and vote. This is your time.
Sharp elbows in tonight's second governors debate from Furman University. Wrap-up soon from
Winding up with final statements. at @ Furman University
2nd Town Hall governor's debate at Furman University in Greenville is beginning now.
At Furman University for second and last SC governor's debate.
The final South Carolina governors race debate about to begin at Furman University
Guv debate no. 2 set to begin at 7 from Furman University in Greenville. Livestream available! HASHTAG:
Furman a great setting for the final @ Furman University
Bamboosa will be a vendor at the annual Bamboo Festival, Greenville, SC at Furman University on September 20, 2014.
2015 Orientation Staff applications are now available!
Another oak on the mall bites the dust. @ Furman University
Large branch down on the Mall at Furman University. @ Furman University
Ballzack is crying right now. Kid loves the Furman University Christian Knights.
When you show up to the club and everyone wore the same outfit.. @ Furman University
Is Furman a university or wedding venue?
ran a European course today at Furman University.
Year number 3 is in the books! Thanks to the brothers of the Furman University chapter of APO for all…
- and I live in the room you lived in at Furman University! 👍😍
Get low, ladies! Researchers at Furman University in Greenville, SC found that your glutes are engaged 25% more...
Matthew kicking it in! Harden valley boys Girls in a huge race. @ Furman University
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Let's just move the home opener to Furman university great idea
Had a great time seeing Catherine run and this amazing view! @ Furman University
Best wishes to our Cross Country teams at the Furman University Cross Country Classic today!
Gear up because Saturday's a Rugby Day! Our first test match is against Lander at Furman University!
The season begins today against College of Charleston playing at Furman University. Kick off 3 PM
The only face I wanted to see after crossing the finish line 🏃 @ 6K Cross Country Furman University
We will be at Cello Choir today at Furman University! Stop by our table to see NEW Piano Guys music.
Yo SC—we're playing at Furman University Amphitheater at 1pm, open to the public! 🌞
More FU Traditions with my favorite hippie 😈 deyam @ Furman University
Furman Women's Soccer hosts the University of Georgia at 6:00pm on Sunday, September 14th.
Just fell in love with Furman University 💜💜💜
not going to furman university this weekend . too much .. but I have a new PR so im straight ..
Tomorrow's the day!! Wingate XC opens at Furman University!!!
super happy I got to see my favorite Carolina boy today! love you bunches Ben!!! @ Furman University
Thanks to and Coach McAuley from Furman University for stopping by campus to visit with some players today.
Great day at Furman University...we delivered some pearls and are looking forward to being "their…
Last practice today before our season opener against Lander at Furman University!
I was getting ready for my first class of my freshman year at Furman University. I watched the towers fall.
"If we talk after 12, our convos will get real personal. 12am: I like Mac n cheese 12:01am: I killed a man once" -Furman university
Tomorrow is the opening reception at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute...Furman University...let the learning begin...& never stop!
Jeffrey H. from Mauldin, SC. Hi. I have BS and MS degrees in chemistry from Furman University and also
Excited to be making my first trip ever to South Carolina next month! As a founding chapter president, I have been chosen to speak at a presentation to bring Phi Mu onto the campus of Furman University in Greensville, South Carolina! I feel so honored to have been thought of and chosen to be a guest speaker. Oh the places Phi Mu will take you! :)
BIG Week in the Estrada Homestead! Today is Mireya 's (she wants to use her real name now! )1st Day of 2nd grade at her new school Surfside elementary and 1st time she's ever ridden her bike to school! I leave Thursday bright and early to take Becca to Furman University in Greenville, SC, she will be a freshman! We moved Kayt this pay weekend into her apartment at Stetson University, she is already a Junior, my how time flies! Taylor is now a fully certified and working Massage Therapist! Come next Monday it'll only be Ralph, Mimi and I in our house that used to feel sooo small! It now will be some what empty :( Awesome adventures, lots of new stories to share can't wait! So of proud of all my girls! Love love love My Family! So Blessed!
I'm like a fiend checking Mercer University Athletics' ticket page every 30 minutes hoping to get tickets for the Furman game.
I added a video to a playlist Kaitlyn and Josh - Full Wedding Ceremony - Furman University
Heading to presidential dedication dinner for Furman University! Hope they know the apatite that's coming to them!
Selfie with the madre at Furman University! Definitely my favorite tour
Looking forward to having a big time 2016 on campus today to show him how awesome Furman University is.
All packed up and ready for Furman University!
We’re pleased to welcome Richard Monk, MD to our hospital’s network of care. A graduate of Furman University and...
Download the Guidebook app on your phone, search for "Furman University Fall Orientation" for a Fall O schedule and more!
I'm ready for my first baseball tournament coming September 6th at Furman University ⚾️
It was a pleasure working with Furman University at Nelson Mullins Law Firm. JoAnn Jones, thank you for your beautiful flowers.
So excited for the Greenville send off today! Here's a Summer O! @ Furman University
Furman University girl in her What I Think Of Men's Opinions shirt:
The drinking age on Furman University campus is 60 years old. (Greenville, South Carolina)
TrueFlies Clothing comes on board as a proud sponsor of the Furman University Spring Fishing Tournament. -...
Me and my Baby were at Furman University today!
Very nice. You'll blend right in. Pink and seersucker: The unofficial colors of Furman University.
Congrats to my sister on committing to Furman University today.
Day 2 of Comics & Toys MonsterCon starts at 10 today at Furman University. Doug Jones, Ricou Browning, cast...
TL Hanna Varsity volleyball is officially the Furman University tournament champions!
Congrats to Roderick for his great showing on Sunday at for the tri at Furman University in Greenville,SC his 7th...
Hearty congratulations to former VCU GA Dwight Perry who was hired as an assistant coach @ Furman University in the SoCon. Good luck Dwight!
July 26 for the Branding Boot Camp at Furman a University in Greenville, SC!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
FU once FU twice FU all the time! Cheer from Furman University. Greenville SC.
Saw a wedding at Furman University. It's the perfect place for one it's a GORGEOUS campus 💕
Congratulations Maurice Sutton for receiving your first football offer from Furman University
Timmons Arena at Furman University and the Travelers Rest community to welcome monsters and more next weekend:
Tools of the trade! Huge thanks goes to for all of their help! @ Furman University
Hott Gritz fam goofing off at private party at Furman University last night!!
Off to the pool. See you on the other side! @ Furman University
Thank you, Chik-fil-A for the free lunch and Furman for the beautiful picnic. — at Furman University
"Drunk girls are so nice like they tell you that you're pretty and I just love them" - University of Florida
"Sometimes I *** earlier in the day at like 8:00 p.m so I'll be forced to study and not slay some *** - Universi…
it's not a quick answer but I swear I didn't look it up! Furman University!
Chuck Norris visiting the Furman University campus in 2008. . Chuck Norris…
Congrats! To DE (Tyler Voyles) on his commitment to Furman University
Fly Fishing and River Conservation May X - This was a 3 week long class by Furman University that taught students ...
Mercer to host "SoConFest" (?!) on Friday, September 5, the day before its football league opener vs. Furman.
never seen any from furman lol the boy that said he was going to the university of Clemson was fine young as *** but fine!
A 2011 Toyota Tundra was just scanned near Furman University, Greenville
A 1992 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight was just scanned near Furman University, Greenville
Yik Yak, don't talk back. The app. is SC (Furman University) born and raised.
Furman University has a new advertising campaign going. I think they're allowed.
Congrats to Strake Jesuit's Ben Medrano on his commitment to Furman University.
There's a gorgeous sunrise happening at Furman University right now, with comfortable temperatures. - Nicole
I'm hoping to go to Furman University in South Carolina!
I'm sorry that I'm just trying to promote Furman University and apparently you don't wanna go there so I give up
nah dude, I play for University of Furman at South Carolina
On a stroll with Em and Si. Furman University Bell Tower in background. Silas loved the bells.
whose professors get shout outs from the new Prime Minister of Finland? university. nice and Ty Tessitore.
Going to the University of South Carolina in October for the USC/Furman game and to tail gate on a *** a-boose! So pumped for SEC football🍻
Hey and what time will you be at Furman University today?
Isaiah Watkins transfers from Duquesne to Furman University in S. Carolina
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
One proud girlfriend!! Christopher just verbally committed to Furman University in South Carolina!…
Hello SA Texans SC, One of your own is captain of the US Men's Soccer Team playing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. He not only was a Dallas Texans SC member but was also born in Nacogdoches, Texas!!! Full name Clinton Drew Dempsey Date of birth March 9, 1983 (age 31) Place of birth Nacogdoches, Texas, United States Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) Playing position Forward, Attacking Midfielder Dempsey was born in and for much of his childhood, his family lived in a trailer park, where he and his siblings grew up playing soccer with the local children or anyone they could find. Dempsey is of Irish descent on his father's side. His older brother Ryan was offered a tryout for the Dallas Texans, an elite youth soccer club, and brought Clint, who was noticed and recruited while passing time juggling a ball on the sidelines. Dempsey became a standout on the team at an early age, but had to quit due to his family's time and money constraints as his eldest sister Jennifer was becoming a ranked youth tennis player. Several p ...
The boys just got back from playing at University of South Carolina and Furman University. Their eyes are big but blood shot tired! :-)
Summer's here!  Which means for many places, summer interns!  Get to know our talented group in our special series of Intern Surveys- Today, get to know Lizzie Dockery, the Development and Marketing Intern, here all the way from Furman University in South Carolina-   How did you get interested in interning with WaterTower? Growing up in Dallas, I went to a lot of shows all around DFW, and I always really enjoyed the productions at WaterTower. My focus has always been acting, but in the past year or so I’ve become more and more interested in the administrative side of theatre. When I heard about this position, I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity for me to give marketing and development a try and hone those skills in a theatre I already knew I love! What’s the best part about being a WaterTower summer intern? So far I’d say it’s the wide range of experiences to which I’m being exposed! Event planning, grant writing, making contacts, organizing information, using Photoshop and Excel... ...
His university loyalty isn't in question Ebaffour17
Furman University campus is so nice
Here is part of my interview...they referred to me as a soccer coach...ha ha !!!
Furman University has, so far, contributed more goalscorers to the than the likes of Arsenal and Athletico Madrid
Furman University. That's what they've called it for years.
The furman I am talking about still exists & is publicly displayed in Banaras Hindu University.
I drank beers with the Captain of the USA World Cup soccer team, Clint Dempsey when he was a Furman University!
Just realized that and I were at Furman University at the same time. Weird.
Such a great shoot this morning with this beautiful family! — at Furman University
Furman University represents 50% of the goals scored by the US. We need a little more help here, guys.
is the best thing to ever come out of Furman University.
Dempsey showing that when a famous Furman University grad flies down to South America good things can come out of it.
These fans are making the hair on my neck stand up. What amazing love of University and Country.
Clint Dempsey, who's scoring all those goals for the US, played for Furman University, right here in Greenville SC.
That's furman university right there, South Carolina stand up! Way to give us the lead Dempsey
Product of Furman University Paladins.ladies and gentlemen!
yes folks, that's a Furman University boy!
goalll interesting factoid Dempsey went to furman university which is like 10 minutes from my house lol
Nah. We both went to Furman University for undergrad.
“Furman University, alma mater of American soccer player
Furman University, alma mater of American soccer player
Only 3 more days until I can officially say that Furman University is my new home 😁🙌🏈
My best friend is off to Clemson! So so proud of you Carol love you forever 💙💛 @ Furman University
Former Furman University Men's Soccer Team standout and U.S. Soccer Men’s National Team captain Clint Dempsey will be featured on the June 9, cover of Sports Illustrated |, announced on Tuesday. Cheer him and Team USA on during the June 16 game vs. Ghana.
Next week my wife Jonna will retire after 31 years as a teacher and many years as a coach and assistant athletic director. As one who has never been a teacher, and never desired to be a teacher; it was easy for me to look at the profession as thankless, undesirable, and unrewarding. As I look back over those 31 years I recall the many times that I impatiently stood by while Jonna talked with a grateful former student who was expressing appreciation. Time passed and those former students began stopping Jonna to proudly introduce their children and later, on at least one occasion grandchildren. During those 31 years I was fortunate to know some associates of Jonna who looked not towards the next paycheck but rather towards the success and future success of their students. In retrospect I realize that to the truly good teacher; the profession of educating is in many ways worthwhile, rewarding, and certainly honorable. Congratulations to Jonna for her many contributions and accomplishments as an educator. ...
My name is Hayley Cunningham, and I am a psychology/pre-med major at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina as well as a novice runner (when I don't have this darn insertional achilles tendonitis that is)! I am currently conducting research on thoughts and emotions related to exercise and eating, and I am looking for participants who are passionate about exercise. For my research to be meaningful, I need a large number of participants to take a survey I have created: It should take 15-20 minutes (or 10 for fast readers!), and those who complete it can enter to win an iPad air!   10% Off
Thought I'd get a jump on Furman University circa 2000...2001?.
Just graduated from Wade Hampton High School at Furman University... And in four years, I will be…
Thank you to Cumberland University for giving me an offer to play football!
Shout out to the boy on his commit to Furman university!
More beach towel fun for my favorite graduate that is Furman University bound! Love you Laura!💗…
Join us tomorrow night at Furman University for the Lakeside Concert Series. The Carolina Youth Symphony will present "Lights, Camera, Action" starting at 7:30 p.m. Join us and listen by the lake.
Happy Graduation Amy Farrell... You almost made it! One more day... Congrats to all the ones graduating tomorrow at Furman university...Class of 2014! Proud of each an every one of you .
Our partnership with Furman University connects residents with the energy, excitement and educational opportunities of a college campus, just steps away.
Thank you to those who have already shown their support of Furman University with an annual gift! Gifts made by June 30 support the upcoming school year. Make a gift to the Furman experience that mattered most to you -- and ensure it sticks around for years to come.
Happy National Running Day! Stop by campus for a run. Share your photos with Furman University (June 4, 2014
Greenville track clubs All-comers track me at Furman University.
Beautiful, productive day with my better half @ Furman University Janie Earle Furman Rose Garden
For Immediate Release June 03, 2014   (Lexington, SC)  David McCaskill was honored for twenty-five years of service as a reserve officer at the June 2 Lexington Town Council meeting. Mayor Steve MacDougall and Chief Terrence Green presented David with an engraved cigar box and a painting of the McCaskill’s Lake Wateree house.  Chief Green also announced David’s promotion to Sergeant over the Reserve Unit.   David was born in Camden, SC and educated in the Kershaw County school system.  He attended Francis Marion College and started his first full time job in 1984 as a Disc Jockey and advertising sales rep with WPUB in Camden SC. Over the next three years David worked for Z 96 and C 103 in West Columbia. C 103 is the radio station where David first met a West Columbia police officer who stopped in at the station.  Through this friendship David was introduced to the reserve program for the first time.  In 1989, David was certified with the West Columbia Police Department and started his reserve c ...
Amazing Buddhist temple rebuilt on campus. @ Furman University
If you really dig (Abe Sapien, Silver Surfer, Pan's Labyrinth), he will be at Monstercon this July at Furman University :)
Shout out to Amy for being named Adjunct Professor at Furman University. Cheers!
"Things are ALWAYS more complicated that they are." Charles Brewer, Furman University
Everyday just keeps getting better... @ Furman University
Took some pics in the Japanese Garden today. @ Furman University
"Facts fade fast, so learn general concepts and principles." Charles Brewer, Furman University
grad! They were the Furman University Christian Knights back then right?
Received my 9th offer from Furman University!
SC Class of 2015 Jalen Williams Wade Hampton and Andrew Brown Travelers Rest both have committed to Furman University.
Beautiful Twining wedding with my man!! @ Daniel Chapel, Furman University
if Furman and Radford University are on the peek list then so should
Come out to the Apex Games in Greenville, SC at Furman only $5
Scott is setup at the SC Open and Masters Track Meet at Furman University! Lots of great performances…
Congrats to Tripp Hurt from Furman University on qualifying for the NCAA National Championships in the…
Check out how University fused Disney and math for a bodacious learning experience.
"Gave a hand job to my FWB in the middle of class - University of Florida
Got a letter from Furman University in Greenville South Carolina.
I really love Sing. (You were amazing in concert. I saw you at Furman University, in South Carolina. Best concert ever.)
Claims first GProTour win at Furman University GC. Full event scores at link:.
Great write-up from Rob that previews the big races at Furman University this weekend. Come out and watch them...
Take Furman with you. Check out Edge, the Furman University digital magazine.
After a front 9 32 (-4) is pulling away from the field. Now -7 for the week. Full scores at link:.
Going to Furman University for a week during the summer ,
I have committed to play basketball for Furman University
Seeing as Matt has thrown down the gauntlet to Rick on racing a marathon and I'm sure Steve, Gordon, Paul, Giles, Alan and a few others might like to get involved, I thought you might find this approach an interesting option. Jimmy Brehm had completed four marathons, with a best time of 3:51. He wanted to run faster. Andy Goodwin had finished two marathons, with a best of 3:21, and he wanted to become faster, too. Kim Halley had other issues. She had run two marathons 10 years ago, then eased off to recreational running, then had her first baby. She simply wanted to get back in shape, and to finish another marathon. All three runners achieved their goals last December at the Kiawah Island Marathon in the USA. So did 18 others. The 13 veterans among those 21 runners improved on their most recent times by almost 20 minutes. Even more remarkably, they did so with a daring new marathon-training programme from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. Daring because it defies the conventional wisdom. Da ...
Former South Carolina standout Landon Powell, currently a volunteer assistant at Furman University, was hired on Friday as the head coach of...
"Jazz speaks for life," or so said Martin Luther King Jr. Explore the power of the music and understand why it mattered to the Civil Rights movement, today at noon with Furman University jazz instructor Matt Olson. More info here:
I couldn't be any prouder of my two sweet daughters. Last week Olivia took her last high school final. She has accepted a scholarship to Furman University in the fall. I was also thrilled to be in the audience for Ashley's last dance concert at Wake Forest last Sunday. She danced in two pieces and choreographed another. No words to describe the beauty.She will graduate on May 19. Ashley Charlton and Olivia Charlton, congratulations on your achievements.
Furman University, encouraging students to come since 1826.
Just finished a great bridal portrait session at Furman university
Beautiful day at Furman for a run around the lake! @ Furman University
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Congratulations to Emily Demonte for committing to Furman University!!!
Daniel D. has a show on 04/25/2014 at 07:00 PM @ Furman University in Greenville, SC
So excited to have officially committed to Furman University! 💜💜💜
Come join Nightlight Christian Adoption's 2014 RunWalkAdopt 5k. at Furman University in...
Join us tonight at 7pm in 101 Furman Hall for an community dialogue about inclusivity in our university community.
Enjoyed speaking with Coach Moehring from Furman University today. He was looking at a couple of our players.
I have to say, Furman University, I am not impressed with your behavior.
Two Furman University seniors will be teaching in Germany after receiving English Teaching Assistantships
I'm now the Duke of Furman University on
Furman University was in today to see 2016 G Brevin Galloway of TL Hanna (SC).
Sh don't tell my current grad school/workplace, but my undergrad campus was way prettier.
Furman University has such a beautiful campus omg😍
CONGRATS for finally committing to Furman University. So proud and well deserved- love you so much 💜💜💜
Attempting to spell Furman on University of Tennessee's field 😂😂😂
Finally made a decision... Furman University it is!!!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Furman University was named the 9th best college campus in the world.
Congrats to Furman, recognized as one of the top 10 Campuses in the WORLD. Pretty impressive, guys!
Congrats to Daniel Fowler! Official signing this morning with Furman University!
Great morning with celebrating Daniel Fowler signing with Furman University
Congratulations to my alma mater 4 being named one of the top 10 college campuses n terms of beauty.
Furman looking as good as ever! The Top 10 University College Campuses | Lifestyle Boutique via
It's official! I have chosen to be a part of Furman University's class of 2018! I could not be more…
Mayor Raines & Council recognizes Councilman Hunter for his recent honor from Furman University Track & Field.
Furman University Campus Bridal Portraits in Greenville SC via . My beautiful sis in law
My youngest child attends Furman University. It is one of the top University Campuses and one of my GEM...
Podcast: - Historian Walter Edgar teaches us about…Furman University.
The 2014 Upstate Kidney Walk is happening this coming Sunday at University. It is not too late to register...
I am one proud Daddy of a great young man and yes, I am going to brag for a moment and you can just get over it. My son Kendall who had been excepted to Clemson, Furman and UNC at Charlotte has made his pick. After receiving full ride scholarships to Clemson and Furman University sent his acceptance to Furman today. He will start their in the fall where he will begin a dual degree program. He will complete Physics at Furman then after three years transfer to Clemson where he will earn his Mechanical Engineering. He gets it from his MaMa. Proud of you son.
Last week President Bill Clinton spoke in Greenville, South Carolina at the Peace Center downtown. During his speech where he spoke on a variety of topics he said the following about my Alma Mater, Furman University
The Greenville County Special Olympics district held their spring games Wednesday at Furman University. Before the games, Greenville police, Greenville County deputies and SC Highway Patrol Troopers ran in the torch to light the cauldron.
I just got home from volunteering at the Peace Center for "An Evening With Bill Clinton." It was an endowment fund raiser for The Riley Institute at Furman University. Riley being former South Carolina Governor and United States Secretary of Education during the Clinton administration *** Riley. Sold out event and outstanding talks by both men. No speeches read from a TelePrompTer or notes, just intelligent observations on where we currently are as a nation and world and how we can steer things toward a brighter future.
Nicholas "Nicky" MacKain (1990-2014) Dear AFU Members, It is with great sadness that I send this email reporting the untimely passing of one of AFU’s lifetime members, Nicky MacKain. Nicky passed away yesterday at the young age of 23. Nicky had a stellar career at AFU and was a standout player on the Georgia ODP Program. He was also a four-year starter on the Collins Hill High School Soccer Team. While at Collins Hill, Nicky helped guide his team to back-to-back GHSA State Final Championship appearances, where they finished as the runner up in 2008 and The State Champions in 2009. He graduated from Collins Hill High School in 2009 and furthered his soccer career as a starter at Furman University. Nicky graduated from Furman this past year and was working to become an ordained minister of the church so that he could bring the word of Christ to others. Those that had the honor of knowing Nicky were truly very blessed. Nicky MacKain was one of the kindest and most respectful young men you could ever have t ...
Don't miss Violinist Seth Gillard February 26th at the Georgetown Campus in the Student Lounge 12 – 1:30 Seth Gilliard is a twenty-three year old native of Charleston, South Carolina and 2012 graduate of Furman University. An aspiring young musician, Seth graduated from Furman with a Bachelor of Music degree in Violin Performance. He was concertmaster of the Furman Symphony Orchestra from 2009 until 2012. He has been featured as a soloist with the Furman Symphony Orchestra, the Southcoast Symphony Orchestra, the Anderson Symphony Orchestra and the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. Although Seth has been classically trained for seventeen years, he comfortably embraces various genres of music from jazz to pop.
I'm a fellow brother. KX Chapter at Furman University. Class of 1989
I think Furman University's Office of Career Services is taunting us... But props for using Robert Downey Jr.
John 1:35-42 THE TRAITS OF A SUCCESSFUL SOUL WINNER Intro: I read again this week the wonderful story about Ed Kimball, a Sunday schoolteacher. He won a young fellow to the Lord and got that one stirred up. The new convert got the secret of the Lord’s power upon his life. He became the well-known D. L. Moody. The story says that after evangelizing America, D. L. Moody started on England. There in England Frederick B. Meyer heard his message. One of the illustrations that Moody used did not at first stir Brother Meyer. Then one of his Sunday school teachers came to him and said, "Brother Meyer, the illustration that that preacher gave in our church the other day stirred my girls so much that there has been a lot of weeping, confession and testimony. We are sure that the Holy Spirit has come among us; and we have had an experience in our class that you won’t believe!" F. B. Meyer was so affected by the testimony of that teacher and those girls that he got off by himself, and soon it began to grip him in ...
The official website of the Annual Giving department at Furman University located in Greenville, SC.
New programs from USC Upstate, SC State and Anderson University to be added at University Center.
St. Christian Furman Named to the Dean's List at Fairleigh Dickinson University -
Yik Yak Is An Anonymous Messaging App Aimed At College Campuses: What happens when you combine anonymous messaging with college campuses? You get 100,000 users in three months. Yik Yak knows all about it. The startup was launched by two Furman University students, Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, aiming to connect people through anonymous, location-based posts. Within a five-mile radius, the poster can choose to share with the closest 100, 250, or 500 Yik Yak users. For $.99, users can share with 1,000 people, 2,500 for $1.99, and 10,000 for $5. We caught up with the founders at last night’s ATL Pitch-Off, and they confirmed the app is mostly used to gripe about things, people, places, classes, and/or anything else gripe-worthy. You can choose to show your general location, and from what I can see, there’s no moderation for someone who uses actual names in posts. In other words, I could post on Yik Yak that my boss John Biggs picks his nose and no one would stop me from sending that out to a maximum ...
Great to be here in Greenville, SC with the ZAP / Reebok Team for our 5th year. Furman University's campus is absolutely gorgeous situated at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the running here is some of the best in the East.
Furman University History Professor Erik Ching, Ph.D., has written a new book about military regimes in El Salvador.
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