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Funnel Cake

Funnel cake or funny cake is a regional food popular in North America at carnivals, fairs, sporting events, and seaside resorts.

Transformation time. Taking out the funnel cake fryer and replacing it with this bad boy. Cant wait to get a cookin…
Oh, Disney, you had us at funnel cake fries. 🍟
I made my band directors some funnel cake this morning to eat on the way there and I rlly hope they like it and it's not burnt
Why does Mānoa smell like funnel cake right now.
She followed him, picking at the funnel cake. She looked around. The people who were passing by he…
We Drove abt 20 mins for a funnel cake... and they were out 😭😭😭😭
To the worst text responder I know but best person to share a funnel cake with, Happy Birthday ! Here's t…
I had to get me some funnel cake fries😋
Knots of barely sweetened golden doughnut strands blizzarded with powdered sugar take 15 mins to make at home:
This is actually taste like funnel cake!! :
i’ve been salty ever since Burger King got rid of their funnel cake sticks but Rally’s came through 😍😍
I want funnel cake from the carnival
When visiting Knott’s Berry farm, why knott go crazy with what they are famous for. Funnel cake…
7yo talking about fried Oreos: . "It's oreos, chocolate, and funnel cake. What could be better?"
rally’s deadass got funnel cake fries idk *** I feel about that but the high *** in me needs to try it
Happening now,|repeat cook off.cook Macaroni with and a…
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Somebody bring me a funnel cake and a sausage dog from the fair please 😂😭❤️
“Of course I am!” Well, good thing he actually has some money.. Don’t ask where he got the money fro…
Oh my god this funnel cake Dum-Dum tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I need to see if I can buy these in bulk.
Me and just waited 45 minutes in the cold for the funnel cake truck to open. Glorified fat ***
Rally’s stackers and funnel cake fries give me life 😅
your employee, Wanda from Puerto Rico at funnel cake stand Epcot was rude to customers.
I love the food! Funnel cake, chili cheese fries, sausage with peppers and onions, and the rides (most of them lol)
you should have taken off work like me! 🤗 ps I just tried funnel cake ale and it was delicious
I wanna know what the funnel is for. Is it actually a funnel cake? Is it used for potions? How does the plot move forward?
My mama ate the rest of my funnel cake ☹️
Had a low key scary Vampire dream, but it's ok bc I sped out of the situation in my car and went straight to get funnel cake. LOL
Just wanna go to the fair and get a funnel cake and not have to worry about these stupid mid terms ☹️
I just want to go to the fair for funnel cake
Red Velvet Funnel Cakes are fire. But I got it's still a "cake" so makes sense
If there's anything better than funnel cake, someone please show me!
Hersheypark in the Dark - the pumpkin pie funnel cake is worth the trip itself! http…
Best State Fair food has to be funnel cake!!!
All I care about is this funnel cake I'm gone get from Wild Adventures later 😭
Spent the afternoon at a funeral, eating a funnel cake. I didn't know the deceased, but the snacks were to die for.
This is a funnel cake ale. It comes with powdered sugar on the rim because the men here are all metrosexuals (i bou…
Every time I think state fair, I think "Funnel Cake" time!!.
Where is the funnel cake stand at I've gone twice now and haven't been able to find it.
Also the new funnel cake they serve at the texas state fair
{Smiles and snaps a picture after you do before tearing off some of the funnel cake} What about a roller coaster? I -
-- snapping a pic from the funnel cake and posting it online, sharing some of our Disneyland day.] What attraction you--
I already went to the fair but I wanna go again bc I want another funnel cake & some fried oreos😩
if U go stop by and bring me a funnel cake I live 30 seconds away
No cheesecake or funnel cake slander on this timeline, I think not
Getting to the is a piece of [FUNNEL] cake when you Watch our video for more info.
First the funnel cake. Now the cotton candy. When did the sheer act of eating dessert turn into something so sexy?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Philly, Crow and the Pitcher are known for their infamous funnel cake french toast and brunch burgers!
Oh my! I think this would also work with whole milk.
but that funnel cake Finna come in clutch
I want a turkey leg, funnel cake, corn dog, and a lemonade from the fair 😩😩😩😩
Food!! {Laughs and nods quickly} Want that funnel cake now or later? {Wrinkles my nose when you stick your tongue out at -
if you pay for my gas,buy me whata,and jump in the water with me, then I'll scoop, ride all the rides, and buy a funnel cake
Is it bad that I wanna go to an Amusement park JUST to get a Funnel Cake?
Up to $25+/hour on your own schedule! $200 Bonus Visit: Homemade Funnel Cake...
Food is supposed to be fun :) The Fair Duo, Funnel Cake with Raspberry Jam and Raspberry Gelato…
I want funnel cake sticks but I have no icecream 🙄
Funnel cake bites with dipping sauce.
Went on a lunch date, and instead of getting real food we split a funnel cake and a bucket of fries. This is a good sign.
feelin a funnel cake from Knott's rn😩
You guys!!! I have the recipe for Funnel Cake FRIES with Marshmallow Fluff Dip on the blog …
Man a funnel cake or onion blossom does sound good 😫
Ready for the carnival so I can get a funnel cake 😂😂 everything else can kiss my ***
Oh the decisions... Elephant ear or Funnel Cake?! Come check us out at the Hamilton County Fair! Hangin out with til 8p!!
I want a funnel cake from the harbor 😋
I'm about to throw up looking at a still image, I'll go get a funnel cake while you ride that thing, no thanks.
I can tell my eating habits changed i didnt want a funnel cake fries nothing
The couple that eats funnel cake together, stays together // thanks so much for the…
Gavin wants funnel cake. How do you say no to that? You don't.
Liz, I was literally just thinking about funnel cake! First thing that came to mind when I saw "state fair".
Checkers food always giving me life! That big buford and funnel cake was on point.
The Reese's funnel cake has been the first thing to outmatch us today.
Cooking carnival funnel cake part 1 at Cooking Library
ew gross now. Maybe the funnel cake and caramel apples but everything else is gross
I want some hot wings and a funnel cake
"Maple Bacon Funnel Cake" enough said. must make return trip to MN in September..
how about a large Union ring platter and funnel cake
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You know what would be amazing right now? Funnel cake with ice cream.
I ate a funnel cake for the first time yesterday but I didn't think it was going to be so powdery and I got a lot of sugar on my shirt
I want a funnel cake from sea world /:
Came to the boardwalk just for a funnel cake
Right?! Like I want to spend summer indoors, editing & cleaning! NO! I want to eat funnel cake and go on rollercoasters too!
Too ready for the funnel cake I'm going to demolish at the Catfish Festival
I wanna get funnel cake from six flags )-:
Now her funnel cake dreams have come true. @ Six Flags Over Texas
tb to holiday world. they had the BEST DARN FUNNEL CAKE EVER
yeah you go on while I buy a funnel cake 👊🏼😇
I'll take my funnel cake with a side of Whac-a-mole, please
take me to the sugar shack . I'll get you a funnel cake 😩
Funnel Cake always reminds me of the briar patch Brer Rabbit lived in
Tough decision...the Alameda County Fair wants to know...Corn Dog vs. Funnel Cake. Vote for your favorite here:...
Tasting room open until 8 tonight! Come on by 1940 Olney Ave Cherry Hill try our Black & Tan featuring and Funnel Cake ale!
Just added Forgotten Boardwalk's Funnel Cake on tap. See our full beer menu:
Time to get amped for the Manhattan Beach 10K Run and Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair! What are you looking forward to: a 10K run or Hometown Fair T-shirt; pepperbellies, Funnel Cake, Tri Tp sandwiches, beer, wine, fun, games! We'll see you there!
Week 3 College Football Viewing Guide: A Wing and a Prayer and a Funnel Cake, by
Definitely can tell that the Ejuice for the Ecigs is premium!! Strawberry Zen, Funnel Cake, Peach Ecstasy, Apple...
$10 for $20 Worth of Burgers, Fries, and Funnel Cake at Big Moe's Burgers -
Happy Birthday, America! Download the Funnel Cake digital stamp & make your own USA canvas bag using…
Mom & I enjoyed the Lynn Haven Block Party now to Pizza Hut then home. We got Funnel Cake people. Oh and Baklava for Pop
I'm just really craving a glass of pepsi w ice 😌 and a funnel cake 🙌
I need to go to wonderland at least once this summer if only for funnel cake...
Anyone trynna Hit up Great America to get a funnel cake? Serious.
Funnel cake dusted with icing sugar and topped with strawberries
We'll be celebrating this monumental day in PA with some Funnel Cake Fries from
Do the kenmore carnival open this week cuz I can go for a funnel cake and lemonade
Trying to debate if I wanna go this year🎡🎢. I do wanna funnel cake and a gyro though 😋😋
Killin it like we killed this funnel cake
That funnel cake made my stomach hurt.
Yum!!! What a deliciously sweet deal from Hot Dog on a Stick! Buy two items and get an order of Funnel Cake...
I can't wait to get some Funnel Cake!😋😋
I don't why but a funnel cake sounds good right now.
This sudden craving for a funnel cake lol
Oh if your man come in with a flavored rubber just know he sweeter than a state fair funnel cake lmaoo
"I'll pay for you to try a funnel cake!" -Tito Gammon
Uncle just picked me up and brought me funnel cake just like he would do when I was a kid
followed by a funnel cake. its missing a couple bites & I had to fight his black *** for it kmsl…
Trying to convince that funnel cake fries suitable dinner b4 rally tonight. What say you
The funnel cake fries at made very happy! biz
Everyone is so excited about the carnival and I'm over here like I just want a funnel cake
Now I want chipotle and a funnel cake. . . Great.
Time to get my Little Man and then the Girl then I think I'll try making some fudge and funnel cake today!!
I want a funnel cake, some mexican corn and a snowball.
All purpose parts banner
Funnel cake would slap so hard right now
Did I see someone say cinnamon bun funnel cake?!?!
LOl they are great, almost like a funnel cake!
"put a shirt on *** I want funnel cake" ladies and gents, my lovely girlfriend
.Laughable 2014 concert series. Who books this crap?!. This is the funnel cake circuit acts! .
A dessert fried with cinnamon or powered sugar or other toppings yummy! Almost like funnel cake
Try the cinnamon bun funnel cake during your next trip to Busch Gardens. It's delicious.
Time flies when you're having funnel cake.
Its HERRIN FEST && and guess who doesn't care.. ME! Im gettin my lemon shake up and funnel cake and I'm gone! ✌
It's Food Truck Tuesday this evening in the city park. I went to exercise class this a.m. so I can have a funnel cake tonight. Yes...the funnel cake truck is scheduled this time. And the Monsta Lobsta--I think I'll try a lobster roll this time. Last time I had a most delicious fish taco. :-)
Smh Checkers could've kept this Lil ahh funnel cake and it wasn't good and knowing my ahh greedy!
Greek Isles Grille welcomes the Plano West Rotary Club and Dustin Kolb representing Strengthening Families of North Texas which will receive an $1800.00 from the funnel cake sales at the Plano Balloon Festival.
I can kill for a HOT funnel cake wit a lot of that white stuff on top lol
I want a funnel cake! These cravings are driving me nuts.Ill be glad when these last 7 months are up!
Good Morning! ! Anyone that ordered cookie dough, pretzels, or funnel cakes from Brianna the orders come in today and will be at my house after 3 today, if anyway possible if you could come get them my car is broke and I don't have room in my freezer. Thanks bunches for your orders she did reach her goal greatly appreciated..
Ok Athens.when is the carnival??? Me and Mya are ready for our funnel cake and footlong corny
I'm dreaming of a corndog rite now at 2:00 in the a.m.!!! But all I am thinking about is 1 from Corndog 7 that use to be in the mall!!! Ain't nuthn like em!!! Them seasoned fries and funnel cake and that lemonade!!!
Do anybody know where i can get a funnel cake from?
Making meat loaf mashed potatoes and sold for diner and then funnel cake
Wanted a funnel cake bad got one from checkers n it was very disappointing
After a 31 year absence, the Carnival came to Sitka over the weekend – not the cruise ship Carnival, but the cover-your-kids-in-cotton-candy carnival. Golden Wheel amusements brought 14 rides, games, funnel cake, and corn dogs. Sitka was ready.
Dear High School Valley girls who came to Zumba tonight, Showing up to class and announcing to the entire room that you just ate an entire funnel cake right before you got here like a-holes means not a single person is going to care when you turn green two songs and spend half the class sitting out clutching your stomachs and being were not imagining the room full of glares... Love, A girl just trying to Twerk
Rocco cannot wait to eat a corndog and funnel cake this weekend.
Cakes-N-Creams Dessert Parlor for a delicious funnel cake anytime of the day !
I've has an awesome mini vacation with Peter Kowalsky! Sea air, sea shells, funnel cake, a couple of drinks and the mist fun and relaxation I've had in a very long time! Tomorrow hopefully starts my next chapter in this book of life. I'm energized and ready to take it on. Wish me luck!
Bout to attempt to make funnel cakes :)
Don't assume that people's lives are cotton candy & funnel cakes based on FB stats! Personally I've gone thru *** all year!!! In my relationships, being sabotaged, finances, in ministry, the stress, my health... Never the less God is Good. I don't feel guilty about this recovery! I endured for this! When you enter your season of recovery don't downplay Gods goodness & His faithfulness! An incredible God deserves an incredible praise!
Hey mite work for my ziploc bag funnel cakes ladies
Ok, my daughter is desperate to sell 4 more boxes of cookies for volleyball. They are $16 a box and the choices are chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, m&ms, white chocolate macadamia nut, soft pretzels and funnel cakes. Would any of my wonderful fb friends like to help her out? She's driving me crazy and I don't wanna spent $100 on stinkin cookies. Oh and we need to collect the $$ tonight or tomorrow. Don't everyone jump at once. 😉😉
Homemade funnel cakes at my house tonight Shelby Tompkins
Im so ready for fairs to start coming to town I want some *** funnel cake grrr fatgirlproblems
Is there any carnivals this weekend lol... I want funnel cake lol...
What about OC am I most looking forward to? Funnel cakes, Threshers, possibly chilling with one of my favorite people from my past who I haven't seen in a very long time and muh-frickin' kites son!!! Hopefully I don't end up hugging a rock at the inlet at 3am again o.O
Getting my dinner done. Steak, roasted potatoes, & pasta salad. About to start on these funnel cakes. Would it be bad to eat a funnel cake before my dinner?
Homemade funnel cakes again tonight
Even if fireworks aren't your thing come to Ashbridges Bay for the view and for funnel cakes!
Craving some funnel cake with vanilla ice cream on top and strawberries :/
Just realized that for the first time in 4 YEARS I will be home for the East Berwick Carnival can't wait to go to town on some Jackie's French Fries & Funnel Cakes and Denny and Pearl's Pizza
Does anybody know who I could get in touch with about carnival food vendors for an event? Funnel cakes and the like?
The best thing that ever happened, ever: FUNNEL CAKE FRIES. Find them at 5801 Video Lounge in Shadyside. We can't quit you funnel cake fries. We just can't.
Mission make funnel cakes bout to be betty Crocker in this b**ch lol
Speed street 22nd-24th . I'm there I want a funnel cake and see girls on daisy dukes with cowboy boots
I can't wait for freemansburg carnival this weekend so I can go get me funnel cake, fried oreos, french fries, candy apple and what eva *** my greedy *** wants😩 im starving!
This weekend was the 8th year that I have lead a team from PrimeCare for the Corona Relay For Life...We start setting up Friday afternoon and tearing down on Sunday. It's a full weekend of supporting A World With More Birthday's. Our employee's worked, sold funnel cakes, hot dogs, sliders, pop corn and anything else that we could get our hands on. We ate, laughed and of course shared tears. Rebecca Carver Urbina, Teresa Carter, and I all lost our husbands this year - so this was a bittersweet moment as we walked in their memories. A first time Relayer was Roxanne Court and she donated 12 inches of her hair to Locks of Love. We raised over 30K for Relay For Life...Yep Jon I sure missed you - I drove the 40 Ft. Motor Home (which scared me to death). I couldn't get the air brakes to release and almost backed into an White Toyota. Air kept going off during the day...Couldn't figure how to undo the timer on that and the Direct TV box wouldn't work...But other than that it was a very rewarding weekend...I knew ...
I could go for a funnel cake. No idea why that is what i want.
Best ride in Canada's Wonderland-the funnel cake ride down my esophagus!!!
Hey everyone! Time is coming up for our mid-year donation for our candle that supports cancer awareness. We are offering a free mystery cupcake tart (with random jewelry) for every purchase made for this candle. There are other scents included in this deal, but this one is extra special, as a portion of the proceeds are going to cancer research. Nearly everyone has been affected by this terrible disease (including us) and we want to give back and hopefully make a difference. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a 'Pink' product thus far! We really appreciate it! Shop for The 'Pink' Candle now: is a list of all other scents included in this offer: Best Friends Sweet Pea Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar Love Spell Apple Dumpling Black Raspberry & Vanilla Birthday Cake Asian Amber Over the Rainbow Funnel Cake Fruit Slices Stormy Nights is also currently available on all orders over $24.99, and all purchases over $40.00 will receive a $5 discount at checkout! I will also be posting a special offer on my public a ...
A big thanks to all my friends and family for all the well wishes on our 1st year anniversary. It means a lot to us and is the best blessing. We had a total blast going to the frog jump. Our first date after our wedding was there. Our favorite thing is to watch the demolition derby. What a beautiful day for destroying a car in the mud and watching it while eating a blackberry funnel cake! Wyatt Tallman was with us and was a lot of fun for us too. Great memories with Michelle Tallman and Wyatt Tallman! Can't wait till next year!
I really want a funnel cake or elephant ear!!!
I want a funnel cake.. with a cold fresh lemonade
Me and my daughter made funnel cakes 🍓
I think im all set for zays party lol.. I luv how my lil get togethers turn into a all out bash.. but as long as the kids have fun thats all that matters.. bounce house n slide, funnel cake stand, tattoo Stand.. hair color spray stand n chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows n pretzel rods..and cooking on the grill :)
Im craving a funnel cake SOO BAD...$20 to the 1st mudda facka to bring my fat ***
The kids had a blast and I finally got my funnel cake. ❤
I don't know what is better... The funnel cakes or the conversations between art and ethan as they try to make them. "This funnel is too small. Maybe we should get the one from the garage." Oh my!
Carnival with my brother in-law & the Lil one's. I got my funnel cake, lemonade and candy apple these kid's need to hurry up cause I'm ready to go 😔😔
I wanna go to knotts just for funnel cake and ghost rider 👌 😹
I wanna go to six flags and face my fear of roller coasters and eat funnel cake and pizza! Who wanna go with me?
Landen an I attempting to make funnel cakes. Lmao
Making funnel cakes with Landen. Lol. Or a least trying to.
Does any know other than worlds of fun where I can go get a funnel cake???
McFatty got his own Supreme Funnel Cake Sundae. Spoiled ;) Love youuu!
I wish I can set up a booth right here at the Potato Festival and have some parent-teacher conferences. EOG's in a couple of weeks and these chil'run out here on rides, giggling and eating funnel cakes. Lol!
Did you get your annual gyro, ribs, funnel cake, or chicken on stick? Nationality Days weekend in Ambridge ends at 6 pm tonight. Below is a demonstration by River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy
On our way to the strawberry festival for funnel cake, music and lots of strawberries!
I'm about to go to Pecan Street Festival. Is there anyone still there? I need my alligator-on-a-stick, my kettle corn, and my cinnamon pecans. Let me know if I should meet you there. Maybe for Funnel Cake?
Wondering what kind of food you will find at Navarre Fun Fest this year? . . . . . Funnel Cake, Corn Dogs, Curly Fries, Can Soda Dippin Dots Pizza Hand dipped ice cream Oriental Food Bayou Billy Sweet Dixie Tea Shaved Ice Crepes Gumbo BBQ Food (Menu enclosed) Jerk Chicken etc. Cajun Food Gates open at 4 pm . . . . . . Come prepared to have FUN!!! Tag us in your photo posts at Fun Fest by using:
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