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Funk Volume

Funk Volume is an independent record label/marketing and production company. It was founded by Marcus Hopson and Damien Ritter.

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Listen to Dizzy Wright - SmokeOut Conversations by Funk Volume on
Funk wav bounces volume 1 is honesty the best album I've heard in a while Calvin really out did himself on this one
Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 by Calvin Harris is basically begging you to blast it at full volume with the windows rolled d…
You can't call it a funk volume reunion without the two pioneers of it all.
We not beefing bro we just pushing funk volume anymore. It's all love tho cause the mission is still the same.
Message me for your Jarren Benton from Funk Volume live in ottawa show tickets 25$ each !!
Slaughterhouse - Freestyle {High Volume} (First Time On Hot 97 With Funk...give me this over anything on the radio
These bombshells will be confirmed by Wikileaks/Dikileaks soon, but maybe not before the election. The volume of hacked…
Listen to Who's There ft. Jarren Benton by Funk Volume on
Listen to Rip Your Heart Out ft. Tech N9 by Funk Volume on
Listen to Jungle Bash ft. SwizZz by Funk Volume on
Listen to Lunch Time Cypher ft. Passiona by Funk Volume on
I was hella funk volume hyped too brandon loaded my ipod nano up with all the flames
"bro all I listen to is underground rappers... you ever heard of funk volume?"
i have a beat dat was uploaded on the Funk Volume beat stars page, can i use dat and then u mix it?
It's like hopsin leavin funk volume all over again 😢
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Don't worry we downloaded the new IOS on our EMF readers and now they have a volume on/off button (and a volume up/d…
Saw still rocking the funk volume jacket at the hawks game
The Shady Corps - Nice Guys Featuring S-Ka-Paid ( Funk Volume) on GH2 efX Radio the home of underground Rap/HipHop 24/7/3
Hopsin made a Ill mind of hopsin 8 talking about why he left Funk Volume and it's hard! Lol
Check out our latest mix featuring some great tracks from some fantastic house producers/ artists. .
Crucial beats, funk + breaks from Sixfingerz on the ninth installment of Cold Busted's Street Bangerz series:
can you please make the hopsin and swizzz "funk volume" instrumental off of haywire I have never found an instrumental of it
Which is cool 'cause BTNH was signed to Ruthless Records, and Hopsin was too before starting Funk Volume.
I know no body can understand how passionate i am about Funk Volume but god *** swizZz made a diss track to Hop and I'm actually depressed
Bladys dad is wearing my funk volume hat that I left at his house 😂😂😂😂
I added a video to a playlist Dizzy Wright: Funk Volume Is Not Moving
Choice beats + breaks from Moderator … it's the next edition of Cold Busted's Street Bangerz series:
yo honestly you were funk volume... no one is on your caliber.Dizzy is nice but no one is on your level...
Election fraud in the US, Funk Volume break up, the MCU and Obama showing appreciation for EDM on Funk and Rave on
Leaving school after finals like Hopsin left funk volume
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Reading the Funk Volume breakup posts as someone who has hated Hopsin since the beginning is the most evil glee I've had all week.
I feel like Dizzy deadass only started doing stuff for Vegas once he seen Funk Volume was dying off.
Pure Funk Volume II by Spangalang Brewery found at Spangalang Brewery. Get it before it's gone!
bro what!!!?? Yeah dude no more Funk Volume, go listen to Hopsin Ill mind 8! And then Swizzz pretty much just made a response
Really like SwizZz, he was always my favorite funk volume member. . Hopsin got really lame really fast tbh...
It's sad to see what happened to tha Funk Volume independent music label.truly sad.
Listen to Hopsin - Ill Mind of Hopsin 7 by Funk Volume on
Ex funk volume members are still churning the coal train baby!!.
I guess this is going to turn into a back and forth beef between Hopsin and Swizzz/Funk Volume
Logic, and the old Funk volume tours were littt
Every time there's a new development with the whole funk volume break up I get sad. Seems like everyone's moving further apart
Uptown Funk is one of those great energizing songs makes you want to pull the car over, crank up the volume & dance on the roof of your car!
Big Bossin' Volume 1 by Payroll Giovanni is essential hazy G-funk greatness
A new favorite: 'Flute Funk Volume 1' mixtape by DJ Mentos by Wax Poetics on
Funk Volume cyphers go hella crazy..💯
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
not heard it but i like kirk, i rate a few other Funk volume artists too tbf
My boy Dizzy Wright Listen to Floyd Money Mayweather by Dizzy Wright on Rhapsody:
Funk up your Thurs w/ from GarciaLive Volume 6: July 5th, 1973 Lion’s Share
Listen to Dizzy Wright - No Writers Block, I Like To Rap by Funk Volume on
TechN9ne said in an interview, that he's fans of many of the former Funk Volume artists (like Hopsin) but wouldn't sign any to avoid drama
On Friday, I'll be givin my take on the Funk Volume breakup, and releasin a new track in response to Hop's "Ill... https:…
Review: The Hop Solo Tour marks the death of Funk Volume & the reawakening…
Listen to OJ feat. Elz Jenkins by Funk Volume on
Listen to Jarren Benton - Justin Bieber Feat Elz Jenkins by Funk Volume on
Whyd you let funk volume lose hopsin? Or was that all just a publicity stunt on yalls end?
finally came out and announced his new song and video will be out April 20. Interested to see what he does without Funk Volume
Listen to Bout That Life ft. Hopsin by Funk Volume on
I feel bad for anyone who has a Funk Volume tattoo... Lol
A Manual of Church History Volume 2 by F. X. Von 1840-1907 Funk and C. L.
I been meaning to ask you this for awhile. Which label would win in a freestyle battle, funk volume or TDE
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VINTAGE 1945 Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary of the English Language in One Volume
HOPSIN Responds to Dame Ritter & Status with Other Funk Volume Members via
if you got someone from Funk Volume on ur list you automatically lose
who won between Horseshoe Gang and Funk Volume? And ur thoughts on FV's breakup?
The worst ppl on earth the ppl who watch vines and YouTube videos on full volume in a crowded room
Remember 3 yrs ago when we saw Funk Volume & Dizzy gave us whites permission to yell *** du…
Beat heads: feel the Funk in the 12th volume of Around The Web In Break Beats, drums aplenty
Has anyone ever addressed the fact that hopsin made a song called "Funk volume till I die" last year and he has left funk volume now..
Who has tops, well, to be truthful Damien owns Funk Volume!
I added a video to a playlist Hopsin on Being Self-Made Millionaire & Beef With Funk Volume
Hopsin finally reveals why he left Funk Volume, in the best way he knows how! …
yo can we get a Funk Volume farewell tour or something? That'd be real dope my man.🔥
Hopsin put funk volume on the map, and now he left what he brought up bc someone was too greedy
Hopsin left Funk Volume and made a diss track about them
.explains his departure from longtime label Funk Volume:
Hear tell the ENTIRE story of what happened w Damien Ritter+
, this sounds much better than funk volume. Hop, let this make you into an even better man that you already are.
Hopsin explains why he leaves Funk Volume on "Ill Mind of Hopsin 8"
Rapper pulls no punches in his latest video, following his walk from Funk Volume. https:…
Hopsin explains his break-up with Funk Volume in the video for "Ill Mind Of Hopsin 8"
I don't think y'all want to know how I REALLY feel about this Funk Volume fallout but, because so many people...
New Video: talks to about ILL Mind of Hopsin 8, What Happened to Funk Volume, New Label + More
When you know the story behind a song it becomes 1000 times better. Ill mind 8 is spectacular bais. Hopsin IS funk volume.
Yes dude he completely rips the owner of Funk Volume. Remember we knew every lyric to Ill Mind 4? 😂
I'm sad Funk Volume is done for mannn
Real reason why Hopsin left Funk Volume. Ill Mind of Hopsin 8
off Funk Volume? I see him starting his own label and finally getting signed
Watch full interview with He exposes the dark side of
tbh I kinda like it but I prefer ill mind 7, and I did hear about hopsin being mad with funk volume a few days ago
EXCLUSIVE: tells DX "I started Funk Volume. I built it. I can build another one.".
here is an interview that tells the full story of why I left funk volume
Dizzy Wright finally breaks his silence on the collapse of Funk Volume.
Revolt getting into the mix, "The rapper calls out Funk Volume and explains departure from the label"
i got hip to jon conner from XXL last year. Chuuwee im not to hip. You listen to Dizzy Wright? Or any of Funk Volume?
The US portion of the Funk Volume 2015 tour is officially over, New Zealand and Australia, you're next!!!
I liked a video from Funk Volume 2015 Tour
Realist rappers/mc's in the game right now: Funk volume, Cudi, Tech, Phora, Royce, Horseshoe gang, and logic.
Who wants to go see funk volume with me on the 20th? and. for 25$. I need a turn up partner
Snak n Madchild is out of hand, Funk Volume n Horseshoe Gang gettin lit. I dont even consider drake and meek beef like they aint een rap
Will be deaf by age 25 because of volume in my headphones
Yeah!!! So pumped!! Got meet and greet tickets to see Funk Volume in the flesh December 17th!!!
The Funk Volume 2015 Tour was a success. S/O to Hip Hop TV for sponsoring the tour!Check out their...
*** where has Henry n KT been I haven't talked to them since the day they were going to the funk volume concert ?
(((Colorado Springs))) Artists interested in OPENING for Dj Hoppa from Funk Volume & Demrick for the Stoney Point...
please like and comment video funk volume in Detroit .
*** im glad ya'll set it off. Funk volume is better off dead and gone...
Thank you so much Funk Volume for giving me one of the best experiences in my life. This is why…
Funk Volume's Dizzy Wright. We were super excited to do an article on
Someone come with me to see Funk Volume in October !
*** Jenkins, Underachievers, Funk Volume, and Chance have concerts coming up here.Turn Up Season!!
Why does the funk volume concert in Wichita have to be on a Thursday. My mom already said no to it and it's 2 months away 😭
I wish Aftermath would sign the whole Funk Volume crew.
There's always one song Google Music decides to revoke my access to the volume after smacking it on max. Today its Uptown Funk -.-
Words cannot describe how excited I am for the Funk Volume concert.
lol real soon! I gotta drop this funk volume contest entry first 👌
TDE, Dreamville, PRO ERA, Odd Future, Funk Volume, The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies & VMG is all I'm listening too from now on 💯
Goat beef still gotta be me and funk volume vs Odd Future rap battle in middle school 🔥😭😭
The Underachievers, *** Jenkins , Chris Brown , Chance the Rapper , Funk Volume are all upcoming shows.
I wish yall knew who Jokerr was...that *** dissed Hopsin and the rest of Funk Volume like how Tupac dissed Biggie lol
click this link for the funk volume rap contest! I need 250 votes to be a finalist!
My entry for the Funk Volume's "Don't Fu[$]k Up Our Beats" Rap Contest... . Special thanks to Steve Jobs & the...
My funk volume crew coming to Tulsa in November. My life is halfway made
Happy my followers show funk volume love though! Make sure yall show logic and the
Vote 4 my music video "Time Is Gone" in 2015 Funk Volume rap contest. Thanx in advance!. -MARTY MAR. Watch & vote here:
DNB mix series volume 4 by Olisimus. From Liquid Funk DNB to Autonomic. Enjoy it!
2015 Funk Volume Tour. with Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, DJ Hoppa and more on 9/18 at the Complex in SLC, UT! ht…
I just entered the DFUOB7 CONTEST hosted by FUNK VOLUME I just dropped a…
Please help support by taking a few seconds to vote for me in the Funk Volume Contest!
ATL STAND UP - VOTE for the homey Tom P in the Funk Volume Video Contest. He's in 14th-place out of 800 entries...
If I ever made it id much rather join at funk volume than be a mainstream rapper anyday
Proud of me to get featured on Funk Volume 's site!! Am coming back for next week !!...
Funk Volume fan? Check out Jarren Benton in Tom P's new video Drop us a sub!
Download now on iTunes: Download on Funk Volume website: Dizzy Wright's new EP, State of Mind, available now. S...
I still think his best verse was on "funk volume 2012"
i havent been to a show since the Funk Volume tour and that was like two years ago
The silver lining about revising on a Saturday night- on full volume... Saturday night funk fix
is doing great work with Funk Volume, I actually watch your moves and learn a lot! keep it up!
“Better Group: Odd Future vs. Funk Volume frank by himself take them all out
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Tech N9ne and Dizzy Wright are love, they are life c: Volume
I'm listening to "Funk Volume 2013" by Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, DJ Hoppa & Swizzz on Pandora
Icy Blu Music facts *The first performance I did was in the summer of 2005 with Saint City. *First solo set was the summer of 2013 *I have done 50+ shows & have gotten to open for Funk Volume, Strange Music, Afroman, Cryptic Wisdom, One Be Lo, KFV, etc... & have gotten to work with Hopsin, SwizZz, Jarren Benton, ¡Mayday!, Liquid Assassin, Ces Cru, JL B. Hood etc... *The venue I've performed at the most is 5 monkeys (10+) *Most nervous I've been before a show is when myself & Gryzzlee Beats opened up for Krizz Kaliko, ¡Mayday! & Stevie Stone *Most fun I've had at a show... When I opened up for Hopsin, SwizZz, Dizzy Wright & Jarren Benton. (Hundreds of people, got to kick it with Funk Volume, people asked myself & Gryzz if we were apart of the Tour, ended up on the Funk Volume Documentary) *The first big act I opened for was Afroman *The last big act I opened for was Kung Fu Vampire & Wrekonize of ¡Mayday!
Anyone like Dizzy Wright from Funk Volume?? Show that was supposed to be May 1st got moved to June 12th, I have an extra ticket if anyone wants to go :) Hit me up
My boy in the city of Vegas right now holding it down for "Red Balloons" müsic vid. Much love to Funk Volume
Rocking my Funk Volume hoodie in this cold Northern California weather 😊
Last night I was at this super exclusive party with Dizzy Wright of Funk Volume, Denzel Curry, Chuck Inglish, Lil Debbie, my peoples PJ the DJ. Like, kicking it. I got to soak up game too. I stayed wide awake for over 48 hours and I also got arrested for my first time by these federal agents. I think I deserve some Steak and Shake for breakfast.
It's been a Dope year so far thanks to everyone who help support the Funk Volume movement, if y'all rocking with... http:…
Top Artists To Watch For In 2014 | DX Staff  Each year, Hip Hop music and culture finds a way to surprise us. As much as 2013 was powered by established names like Kanye West, Eminem and Jay Z, we saw pleasant surprises in the form of two Chicago emcees from the Save Money crew and exponential growth from the Las Vegas wing of Funk Volume. Regardless of the region they claim or the amount of projects they’ve released, we looked at a group of artists with intriguing storylines that we felt were worth keeping an eye on in 2014. Will a new year bring continued success for the A$AP Mob and Top Dawg Entertainment? Can the roster Rick Ross once dubbed the “Untouchable Maybach Empire” regain their footing after a poorly received compilation and multiple PR gaffes by their captain? Will Hip Hop see its first $100 retail album? With a dozen similar storylines fighting for attention, here are the emcees we’ll be following closely for the next year.  Astro There are several reasons to love what’s ...
HOPSIN 'KNOCK MADNESS' REVIEW ~ Hopsin's "Knock Madness" is a perfect album for die-hard fans & his bar-for-bar execution and self-awareness yield a solid listen despite a bit of shtick. It’s been roughly three years since Hopsin raised eyebrows with the release of his Raw album—a project that essentially re-established the Panorama City, California native via his Funk Volume imprint after an initial run with Ruthless Records. Those with even a moderate interest in Hip Hop’s day-to-day news cycle have since seen his impact: bolstering the roster by signing Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton (with the former landing the same vaunted XXL Freshman Class honors as Hop), the occasional beef and overall increased expectations. So after all this time, exactly what is inside the ill mind of Hopsin? It turns out to be a *** of a lot. Knock Madness essentially serves as Pop-tinged Horrorcore of the highest order. It’s an inclusive affair fueled by catchy hooks, accessible production and subject matter that is . ...
What are some things you would like to see Funk Volume do in 2014?!?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
New hopsin and Funk Volume tees on the website for cyber monday son!
Odd Future, Funk Volume and Strange Music should be at the top right now
that's just my mainstream group. I mess with the Underachievers, Funk Volume, Pro Era, Pac Div, etc...
DOWNLOAD on iTunes: Jarren Benton's first single off his first Funk Volume album, My Grandmas Basement, dropping June 11th. Jarren Bent...
you, Slaughterhouse, Eminem, COB, Funk Volume, seem to be the only ones keeping Hip Hop real, which I really appreciate
Everyone in funk volume is amazing... 😍
But forreal...I like Funk Volume, Black Hippy, OF, Nas, Immortal Technique, etc when it comes to Hip Hop.
Funk volume got the coldest rappers out right now!
Buy me a old school funk volume CD so I know its real
I heard some of his songs lol I follow funk volume
Funk Volume keeps impressing me more and more as i keep listening.
Dizzy to good to be with funk volume
I love Juggalos. There wouldnt be Technicians or appreciation for Funk Volume, OushaBoo or any of these epic...
Funk volume is the best group out right now hands down
I honestly think he should leave funk volume man
Breast Cancer Awareness
I still think it's funny my homie from Conducting From The Grave (metal band) raps and did a Funk Volume contest
I would love to send the funk volume team a big care package from My up&comimg HipHop Clothing Company.
If you're not with Funk Volume you should reevaluate your music taste. Realist artists that came up on their own.
Can't wait for the Funk Volume: Independent Living Documentary to come out!
Top Dawg wanted Dizzy he wanted to stay with Funk Volume
OF over FV any day. I do like Funk Volume a lot though.
you're not feelin funk volume? they might be different but they arent each their own I guess though
so so HIPHOP CLUB BANGERS fresh ndani ya soso fresh is on. holla @ ur girl kwefe'eh
Funk volume just to RAW you lot are sick
I go from Metal music to Funk Volume and then to Country music. Am I that odd o: ?
your funk volume freestyle is so dope man. I could listen to it all day.👌👍
Yeah, Funk Volume is nice. Dizzy Wright is my personal favorite, but Hopsin is up there.
funk volume is doin it tha best out here fwm InkGang
Fly America, NWA, and Funk Volume are my favorite rap groups of all time.
Are you down to come with me to a funk volume concer when they come?... — I'm down!
So i liked Hopsin before...Just listened to a couple Funk Volume songs and i am linking alot of what i hear
All of Funk Volume, Palmer Squares, and Shizzy Sixx are the definition of music to me right now
Just realized a guy who produces music with Jarren Benton & Funk Volume follows me.. Well, I do feel special
just did his interviews for the funk volume Australian tour. He was the BEST interviewee 🙌😁 😁
what song does you listen to alot then? lol — A lot of Mac miller and a lot of funk volume
Funk Volume is a record label, marketing and production company founded to give Hip Hop artists a home to freely express themselves
Marcus Jamal Hopson (born July 18, 1985), better known by his stage name Hopsin, is an American rapper and record producer from Los Angeles, California. In 2007, he was signed to Ruthless Records, and has since founded his own record label, Funk Volume, in 2009. Hopsin has released two studio albums, Gazing At The Moonlight through Ruthless Records and Raw along with the mixtape Haywire (with SwizZz) through Funk Volume. He is due to release a collaboration extended play with Travis Barker and his third studio album Knock Madness in 2013. He is well known for his use of white colored eye contacts in music videos, performances, and interviews. He attended James Monroe High School, where he was placed into special educational classes. Hopsin has been an avid skateboarder since the age of twelve, as many of his music videos feature him skateboarding. He started rapping at sixteen years old, and took his hobby more seriously by 2003 which is the year the majority of the tracks from Hopsin's self-produced albu ...
Jarren Benton and Dizzy Wright of Funk Volume give their thoughts on Lil Wayne and Rick Ross losing their endorsements and what makes the F.V. Family so uniq...
We tried to sign someone this year but got turned down. Still the homie though. Hopefully will still make some songs with him too. Funk Volume or not, we support dope artists.
Check out Jarren Benton's video for 'Go Off' now on HotNewHipHop! Jarren Benton collabos with his fellow Funk Volume artists on "Go Off," off his new album "My Grandmother's Basement" released today.
Download on iTunes: Purchase the CD: Jarren Benton's third single off his first Funk Volume album, My Grandm...
Download on iTunes: Purchase a hardcopy: Life in the Jungle off Jarren Benton's debut Funk Volume album, My...
So, Paris Hilton is on Young Money? Alrighty then. Now for Hop Hopsin to sign the Wiggles to Funk Volume!
Some NEW merch hitting the Funk Volume store VERY soon. June 11th. S/O to Jason Carter for...
Be the first to listen to Dizzy Wright's new song 'Maintain' now on HotNewHipHop released on 2013-03-11 12:25:00! Dizzy Wright linked up with Joey Bada$$ in New York last month, and today we get to hear the result of their session with "Maintain" produced by Funk Volume's DJ Hoppa.
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BuCy's entry for this years Funk Volume's "Dont Funk Up Our Beats Contest 5". Voting starts soon! Vote 1 time EACH DAY! Like, Comment, and Share if you love ...
Subscribe to my music page where I do weekly verses: Make sure you go vote for me. Get more info on Funk Volume's co...
Funk Volume 2012 DFUTB Contest OFFICAL Entry by 801 Lyricist Epileptic. Much love and thaks to Funk Volume for the oppurtunity for Epileptic to gain some muc...
Who wants Funk Volume to come back to Australia?!? Should we turn that idea up?!?
Dizzy Wright will be at this year along with Atmosphere, Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller, Tech N9ne, and MANY other dope artists. Funk Volume and Rhymesayers!
This is just a PROMO example for Funk Volume's Don't Fu[n]k Up Our Beats Contest 5. Get more info here:
turn to BET. 106 & Park is on and my backroom freestyle is going to air soon...not sure when...but just watch=D Funk Volume son!
This is a heads up. Some of you might not "like" my real Funk Volume entry, and that's perfectly fine but, let me get this off of my chest. The thing is, I'm sure it's the only entry that goes on for 2:40 with EVERY WORD pertaining to the same topic. If you want to listen to a song to hear me "spazz out and bust out crazy lines" it might not be your favorite. If you want to hear countless "bars" with internal rhyme about how I'm the coolest person in the contest... You might not like it. If you don't have a mind for what music really is. You'll hate it. I make music with a purpose. The song not only has a meaning, it has a personal meaning to ME. I hope that you guys will still enjoy the song/ video.. But just know that it's not me freestyling to a beat in double time with no real message or point to my rap. If you like the other entry better, go ahead and download/ watch that one! That's why it is there. I did this for a purpose, and I'm glad to see that it worked. There's many things PFV is capable of.
Just uploading my new tracked called "Begin" to youtube, for the Funk Volume's Don't Funk Up Our Beats 5 , contest... Winner gets 2500$ second something like a grand and third gets 500$ .. im just doing this because I love to rap really.
HELP! Jarren Benton needs help titling his first Funk Volume album. What should it be called?!?
| Dame Ritter of Funk Volume asked me to personally show you how the Dont Funk Up Our ...
If I join this competion for Funk Volume (record label) how many of you guys support me . I would need every online vote possible . Not just saying your going to do but take the time out to possibly change somebody's life . Every vote counts . Who will ride for me on this ? !
The longest running rap contest on the Internet is back. AND this time the winner gets $2500 and the opportunity to open up for a Funk Volume show. It's open...
Whats your favorite rap group.Mine will be Funk Volume. -Projectz
So what do yall think of havin to pay to enter the Funk Volume contest? Yay or nay??
Recording to a couple Dj Statik Selektah tracks today... Funk Volume album coming soon!
New track from Funk Volume. 2013 FV taking over. TURN IT UP!
All copywrites go to Sony Music Entertainment , Funk Volume, and Ruthless Records Off of the album Gazing At The Moonlight released October 27th, 2009
i see a lot of ppl post songs by Kid Cudi.. i dont see what the hype is about.. in my opinion.. i say again IN MY OPINION he isnt as good as ppl say he is.. i was really never able to get into his music in the first place.. idk maybe because im more into that lyrical type music.. i bump *** like All of Strange Music.. n when i say that.. .i mean all of them.. not jus Tech N9ne.. i bump Krizz, Kutt, Rittz, Brotha Lynch, Ces Cru, Mayday, Stevie Stone, all of em.. Funk Volume.. if you dont know thats Hopsin, SwizZz, Jarren Benton, n Dizzy Wright.. but thats jus a few hha.. n any of those rappers can destroy the whole industry of rappers
Maybe we can change Funk Volume's mind. go to this post and like and share the staus!!! or tell them how you feel about my Jarren Benton collab!!!
If Niewulis was to post a non-Shady artist, who would you want us to post about? I would be ok to post some Funk Volume content.
Hey, kdm here. I haven't had a chance to post for a few days, real life stuff to be tended to, work, seeing my partner etc, but just got time so i thought i'd post a question for you all. It's easy to say who your favourite person on Funk Volume is, but who's your LEAST favourite, and why? What specifically makes them rank under the others? - kdm.
Jarren Benton is the illest artist on Funk Volume
You guys check out this new Funk Volume video featuring Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, SwizZz and Jarren Benton yet?...
Funk Volume, Strange Music. Two labels i'll spam to get their attention.
About to celebrate Funk Volume 2013 Day with a homemade smoothie. If you haven't seen and/or shared the new video...then something bad will probably happen to you today. I'm not wishing it upon's just karma=]
I won't sign unless it's to Funk Volume, Odd Future, Roc Nation, Strange Music or Shady Records.
4 more days till fv2013 drops. Funk Volume, what time we dropping it? 12am? or in the afternoon on thursday?
CANADA! Me, Dizzy Wright, and DJ Hoppa are comin back this week. they better let us in this time =D Toronto, montreal, and vancouver. u can get all the info on the Orlando and canada shows on the Funk Volume website. turn it up!
Were back for 2013 !! on 1/14/13 we will be releasing our first single off of the upcoming Mixtape "Finding Purpose" Futuristic People team up with Funk Volume 's Dizzy Wright to give you GIMME THA MIC !!! b ready next monday !!
should get Funk Volume to do a Texas tour! Hopsin & Dizzy Wright >>
Exclusive: Funk Volume's own opens up about how his label has allowed him succeed by ultimately getting out of the way.
Hey guys. I'm really excited about this new project. It's going to be the most amazing album I've ever recorded. To prepare for its release, I have my close friend and long time supporter Cross Eyed Joe (former tour manager and marketing rep from Strange Music and Funk Volume, ironically) heading up the new Jokerr Army street team and we need YOU! My street team is going to be for trusted and dedicated followers of my music only. There will be specialty privileges and responsibilities involved but this aspect is critical to the growth and development of this movement. If you are interested in volunteering for our first draft, send me a private message on this page with your name, number, and a paragraph on why you believe you would be a good candidate for a founding street team member and what you think you could bring to the tableas far as your skills and dedication to the project. I will read through all of the messages and then forward my picks to Cross Eyed Joe and he will then call you with further . ...
Haven't mentioned this in a while, BUT all the advice that we ever give to artists on this page or the Funk Volume page is for artists that aspire to make a CAREER out of music. There aren't any guidelines if you just love to do music. TURN IT UP!
I think i wanna bring of Funk Volume to He is super dope.. Hit me up man on here.. Follow and DM me
South Park/Funk Volume collabo...Why they do Dizzy Wright like that...smh lol Turn it up!!!
Today from 2-4pm me and the Legend JAKE OWENS are shootin part of "Long Days, Cold Nights" ft. SwizZz from Funk Volume at the "Swagg" store in Chandler Mall AZ. Come through and kick it, Get your *** winter apparel and Live Life!
CREDIT: MARK WITHA C – Thanks for your opinion/information I bought Yelawolf and TB's "Psycho White", Amazing. Yelawolf has Trunk Muzik Returns coming out in February (according to him), the Country Cousins project (the one he and Big K.R.I.T are working on) I think comes out in June or around then. Maybe that was "Love Story" I'm not sure. Rittz, has his first album with Strange Music Inc. is being released on April 16th, 2013 I believe it was, called "The Life and Times of Johnny Valiant." Dizzy Wright has JUST released and EP today with Funk Volume, called "The First Agreement EP". Go get it. It's bound to be good. Hopsin, who just finished the Funk Volume 2012 tour, is apparently working with Travis Barker as we speak. Who knows? Maybe we'll see Yelawolf on one of the tracks seeing has how TB and Yela are close and Hopsin did tell Hardknock tv this: "Yelawolf is the only rapper I'm really feeling right now" As for " Knock Madness", I think we're supposed to see it's birth in 2013. Late or early, I s ... x First Ladies: All the behind the scenes of the Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright, SwizZ, Dj Hoppa, and Hopsin show (Funk Volume). Shot by: Vi...
WARNING TO ALL NEW JOKERR FANS!!! This page is constantly stalked by an envious and pestilent biker gang called the FVD Riders. They wait around for anything Funk Volume related to be mentioned and then hastily pounce on the opportunity to try and attribute my success to them in some way. They can't stand the fact that someone more talented in every way than everyone on their favorite label demolished them in front of thousands of people and there is nothing they can do about it.
Dizzy Wright concert on Funk Volume tour VIDEO by
Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, and Jarren Benton clownin' around in the van. Get your tickets for the upcoming Funk Volume 2012 Tour -
Next Thursday on the 8th it's goodbye America and hello London! International your lets do it me an swizzz are gonna kill it in London then straight to Manchester! Check out the tour dates everyone an see if I'm visiting you're town/country Funk Volume is gonna tear this UP!
FIRST HIGH QUALITY UPLOAD! I don't own the rights to this song, just promoting funk volume. Download the mixtape here and buy it from Funk Volume. Download M...
Funk Volume will be showing up on Tim Westwood's radio show right before their show in London next month. What a long way they came from
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Funk Volume is sneakin it's way into one of my favorite rap groups
Tomorrow night gonna turn it up at the funk volume 2012 tour!
Money, Money, Money, here i go like it was the green light, thats fasho im so cold lyrcal every single day im no nipsey but im *** these *** in this rap 2012 or 2013 im *** sure will be in war the rap game im taking it over we some hard hittas *** we aint faking it each day we praying till...
Funk Volume always makes me feel better!:)
Kwame Katana should get signed up to Funk Volume.straight up.
I like Hopsin, but I don't like Dizzy Wright or SwizZz so I can't really support Funk Volume...That kid Jokerrr is coming up off of dissing FV though, he went from being a nobody to his vids having 300K views in 2 weeks.
I am sick =[[ Still goin to Funk Volume tonight. Too awesome to miss. Hope I feel better tomorrow.
Single off of upcoming album "FLYTALKVI" Release date TBA. Artist: J. Flyer and Jarren Benton of Funk Volume Produced by: K LAB and A. Bridges Mix and Master...
I have been to a lot of concerts, but this was by far the tightest one! Shouts out to Funk Volume!
Funk Volume was dope as funk! SwizZz, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton and dj Hoppa are some of the most down to earth guy! FV is humble as funk! But had a funk great time! Yeeehh
Hopsin was dope :] Funk Volume concert made my week thanks to Yovani, Joseph, and Jonah :]
Kicking it with Funk Volume Wednesday night then hitting the show that night!
Mini Tour starts tomorrow... and I'm starting it off by kickin it with Funk Volume in Spokane. Posting at Gonzaga Thursday Night, Rocking a show in Pullman Friday Night, Special guest at a Halloween party Westside Saturday Night... Its going to get wild Leenie Krew OD DJ BSQRD ODography T.R.U.S.T
Any future collabs with Hopsin or Funk Volume again? I luv that joint you guys had on the Rollin Stone album ( live at…
If you know who FUNK VOLUME is like it up!
I cant remember a thing, its like one day I sing, the next day what do I bring... Happiness to fans, anger to haters. Its like I wanna leave this world I quit see you laters. I hate you Tyler The Creator. You eat a *** roach, with your gabbed teeth. Now I know Im greater, and Hopsin is apparently a skater. For the video sag my pants, I drag you until I tag you. Bag you up and put you in the trunk, with Drake and all you other punks. I guess there wont be any funk volume, it was on accident. You were drunk locked up in the trunk, and some how you tried to get out and honked by there was no time left so you all sunked. With your dead raps, left like a dead skunk. And I kept my junk. Now people can listen to some real music, punk.!
Any tryin to hit up the hopsin funk volume concert thursday
Funk volume is in Seattle oct. 25. See ya there hop.
funk volume was sick! all the crowd surfing was awesome especially when hopsin was standing on the crowd performing. Plus i got kicked in the back of the neck by dizzy!! XD
Remixing this Funk Volume song this beat gonnuh go MAJOR HARD!
Watch Volp murder this beat for the Funk Volume Contest.
Funk volume lets turn it up tonight!!
Why slow down down? I had 3 DOPE *** shows last week & have 4 more starting Friday! I might as well just shoot for a show or two EVERY weekend. Pix of the Funk Volume Shows will be up today! Much Love!
Tech N9ne joined Hopsin on the Funk Volume 2012 Tour in Lawrence, Kansas. Get your tickets NOW!
I wish funk volume would come out with new music instead of constantly touring! lol
Who is going to the Funk Volume concert tonight! Or the Hopsin concert for those who don't know the other Funk Volume artist! Who am I going to see there yeeehh! Turn it funking up!
New single with special guest feature... an Artist from Funk Volume... Can you guess who it is??
Funk Volume concert. im in the red shirt if you can find me standing in this
Had a great night with some good friends at the FUNK VOLUME show!! One of the best nights in awhile! specially with my beautiful girlfriend!(:
Funk Volume Tour totally ruled. They all killed it, and Hopsin crowd surfed and I got to touch him, I got a Dizzy Wright album, and the merch guy informed me that my copy of Raw was a bootleg, so I bought the official version (which SwizZz signed), and a poster. Hopsin is amazing live. Best live performer I've ever seen. Oh, and constantly trying not to breathe weed smoke that 60% of the people there were smoking was quite a task.
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All of you who missed funk volume tonight I am truly sorry! Benton swizzz dizzy DJ hoppa hopsin killed it!!!
Crazy *** mosh pit up in this funk volume show !
Well I tried ha. Oh well. funk volume concert it is then. Dizzy an hopsin going to kill it.
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