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Fun Factory was a German Eurodance group formed in 1993, originally consisting of Balja, Steve, Rod D., and Smooth T..

Donald Trump Super Bowl

Fun Fact. The WH Press Briefing Room was built over small indoor pool Kennedy had built. The pool is still there-they…
Fun Fact: Visit the Urban Bourbon Trail where 8 KY distilleries produce 95% of the world's bourbon supply - America's Native Spirit!
Fun Fact: the last time Paul George won a playoff series was 3 years ago
Fun Fact: 'The Beverly Hillbillies' was once the most watched show on TV! .
Fun Fact: Konami's Karaoke Revolution DID have a Silent Hill song in it. "Waiting For You" (from Silent Hi…
Fun Fact- Fun Spot Kissimmee's only other coaster was purchased from Cypress Gardens, home to the only non-Fun Spot operating woodie in FL
Fun Fact: I listened solely to album Born Villain in the 6 mos it took to write THE GARDENER's 1st draft. Not exaggerating.
Fun Fact: Luke Kennard and DeAaron Fox are right-handed, but play left-handed.
Fun Fact: Never Trumpers Megyn Kelly, Ben Shapiro, Michelle Fields, Bill Kristol and Eric Erickson all became irrelevant in the same week.
Fun Fact: On Jan. 7, 1968, David B. Sutherland was installed as the first President of Fleming College.
Fun Fact: now the youngest player to feature in a Champions Trophy final, took the wicket of previous youngest, Yuv…
Fun Fact: when I was like 7 years old and she was on Hollywood Squares, I literally thought her name was Ellen The Generous
Fun Fact: Connie Johnson builds custom Jeeps for muddin'
Fun Fact: Bob Seger’s only song...Shakedown from Beverly Hills Cop 2
Fun Fact- The Creation Museum (sister attraction to Ark Encounter) had an employee struck by lightning tending to its zipline…
Fun Fact: Lincoln's ghost left the White House -couldn't take - went back to Ford's Theater
Fun Fact: Every announcer in the league gets it wrong but it's pronounced "Tae-mes" unlike former Tiger Marcus Thames "timms"
Fun Fact: When I was 5 years old I only knew how to speak Spanish. My best friend's name was Cody. He is white. 😂😂
Fun Fact: The 3 Belmont Stakes I've photographed have all been won by sons of Tapit. Racing fans you are welcome for me no-sho…
Fun Fact: Cameron Diaz was up for the role of Sonya Blade in the first Mortal Kombat movie. June 14 @ 1…
Fun Fact: Ron Hainsey (2000) is the first 1st round draft pick since Turner Stevenson (1990) to win Stanley Cup.
Fun Fact: Oscar Gamble has the MLB record for consecutive nights without the use of a pillow.
Fun Fact: All the members of "The Temptations" are 1977 initiates of our brother fraternity Phi Beta Sigma Fratern…
Fun Fact: Vance and David competed together back in ANW7.
Fun Fact: the federal government will forgive your student loans if you die.
Fun Fact: It was considered for ATC to have an Ayala Malls tour a few years back but it never push through. It's now ha…
Fun Fact: Joe Paterno would also be going to jail today for allowing child rape if he never dropped dead.
Fun Fact: wrote in "We Didn't Start the Fire" - Billy Joel as his presidential vote this election.
Fun Fact: The Trump White House gave out as many ethics waivers in 4 months as did in 8 years.
RR Fun Fact:. Creator of Rose Romano’s, Dr. Marshall Angotti, is a jack-of-all-trades. Aside from being a...
Fun Fact: You can rearrange the letters in his name to spell "Old West Action." Happy 87th…
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Fun Fact: The only way for me to obey the 4th and 6th amendment while being in the army was to become a medic.
Fun Fact: Before joining KISS, Vinnie Vincent wrote the soundtracks for Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi.
Not-so-Fun Fact: 130 days in, Donald Trump has higher approval ratings than Bill Clinton did at the same stage of his pre…
A nice YouTube comment on my short film "TiM" - Fun Fact: It was made 10 years ago last month
Fun Fact: 's father & Fine actor Suresh Oberoi was born in Quetta, Balochistan.
Fun Fact:. If Dixon had taken his mark ONE MINUTE later the Kardinia Park shot clock wouldn't have been on the screen. .
Fun Fact: . You will spend more time installing Adobe Flash Player updates than actually using Adobe Flash Player
Fun Fact: Coach Sullivan and Sidney Crosby were both mic'd for Game Seven.
Fun Fact: Phish and the Grateful Dead are two different bands.
Fun Fact: Sprint Corporation traces its origins to the Brown Telephone Company, which was founded in 1899 by Cleyso…
Fun Fact: Trumps the only President to have been ever been hit by a Stone Cold Stunner at Wrestlemania
Fun Fact: After Sherri, Vinnie Mac was supposed to be the singer of Shawn Michaels Entrance Theme Here's the clip...
Fun Fact: Oliver is a representative of Money, MS, the community in which Emmett Till was lynched.
Fun Fact: Julia Michaels wrote songs for many pop artists including "Sorry" by Justin Bieber and "Hands to Myself" by Selena Gomez
Fun Fact: British children have never been born on the Fourth of July, and American children on Guy Fawkes Night.
Fun Fact: The Chinese table tennis team are the most dominant Olympic sports team in history!...
God Bless Cowboys . Happy 65th birthday to King George Strait. . Fun Fact: May 18th is George Strait Day in the State of…
Fun Fact: Dean moonlights as imterior designer, & grenades are very feng shui.
Fun Fact: There’s nothing wrong w/ showing interest in things specific to women. It may even increase ur value as a candidate for her lovin’
Fun Fact: I never had a Barbie always Bratz dolls 😬💯
Fun Fact: There are no vampires within a 100-mile radius of The Stinking Rose thanks to the garlic hot tub.
Fun Fact: Lynard Skynard's first album was criticized for sounding too much like the Allman Bros and didn't gain traction until years later
Fun Fact: Near the end of the Clone Wars, Mace Windu had a kill count of over 1 million battle droids (Almost 1% of…
Fun Fact: If Matt Taven wins the World Title in Dearborn tomorrow, he'll be the first-ever ROH Grand Slam Champion.
Fun Fact: Founder’s Brook is where the first settlers landed from Boston in 1638 led by John Clark and William Coddington.
Fun Fact: none of us care that AP's are done but congrats on finishing, gold star for you
Fun Fact: The Fashion Group International has always been elite influencers in our industry.…
Fun Fact: Too much broccoli can cause sexual dysfunction and mental retardation. Enjoy the meal
Life-size action figure from SDCC '04. Fun Fact: and Brian Posehn cut through the Hasbro booth not a…
Fun Fact: Star Wars is like World War II by the Rebel Alliance being the Allies and the Galactic Empire being the A…
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Fun Fact: Susan Rice has a net worth of $50 million as a career U.S. public servant on a maximum salary of $172,000.
MAGA'ers want Comey replaced with Sheriff Clarke, who runs a killer jail. . Fun Fact: Clarke was in Moscow when Flynn…
Johnson C Smith University. Charlotte, NC. Bulls. Fun Fact: Biddle Memorial Hall sits on the highest point in Charlotte.
Time lapse of a rose blooming. Fun Fact: Our state flower is the wild rose. Video from Orion Bukant…
Fun Fact! Wreck-It Ralph is the first Walt Disney Animation Studios film to get a direct, canonical sequel in theaters since The Rescuers
Hella late, but I never posted my TimeWarp Friday pictures. What can't you LOVE about MS. LOVE! Fun Fact: Ms. Love'…
Fun Fact: Madge Preston was born in 1815 in Frederick county
Fun Fact about those Country Crock ads - the voice of the husband was also the dad on Rugrats.
Fun Fact: Joss Whedon told Aaron Taylor-Johnson to lose some his muscle so he don't look "too heroic".
Fun Fact already - has surpassed their single year Emmy total with their 5 Creative wins on Friday.
Fun Fact: the largest marine protected area in the world expires in 35 years because Russia is awful .
Fun Fact: David Warner's batting tonight is directed by SS Rajamouli.
Fun Fact: I just realized and share the same birthday. . Happy 100! 1917–2017 .
Fun Fact: Dede Westbrook used to work security at Earth, Wind and Fire concerts
Fun Fact: Belk Bowl alumni have won 100% of the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year awards since 2016.
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Fun Fact he stopped performing his Henson characters in 2002. Tom Kane does Yoda now.
Fun fact. If you slightly heat up a lemon loaf at Starbucks it smells like fruity pebbles. No joke.
Fun fact: 100% of the top 10 NFL were multisport athletes. 80% of them did track.
Fun fact: Krossa is a revamped character of mine that was a Sonic OC in the past
Me, is still salty over the fact sanggyun got n F when he did thAT n some boyies breathed n got a B
This is so exciting!! Fun fact - two of our ITS staff, Terry and Meredith, are
Fun fact: his nickname was "bend the *** because it's dirty and almost rhymes with his name. . ..…
Fun fact: The "Loving you is cherry pie" line in Paparazzi is a metaphor for sickening love because Lady Gaga is allergic to…
Fun Fact: There are thorn bushes on this golf course. Fun thing to find out when wearing shorts.
Fun Fact: wasn't meant to play Ann Hastrup in Checkmate, was. 😉
Fun fact: if you don't eat bread for a month and then eat too much bread in one day, you're stomach gets angry
Fun fact: The largest living lived over 250 million years ago (before the dinosaurs) & had a wingspan of over three feet!
"Maddie, why don't you tell us a fun fact about yourself?". "I can sign Horan better than my own last name."
Fun Fact: Doritos is Spanish for "little Dor" and was named after the inventors wife, Doris. Have a happy weekend!
College is funny bc everyone acts like they're happy & having fun but it's a coping mechanism to get over the fact that…
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Fun Fact: I have a friend who doesn't believe in dinosaurs bc he's never seen one, but changed his m…
.Confirmed: I do, in fact, have a non-traditional definition of "fun fact."
Fun fact, Lee DeWyze is deathly allergic to cats.
Fun fact: This flag was designed by a Democrat.
Fun Fact: Ruff always visit Voff's coffee shop for his morning "kisspresso". Also Voff forgot to tell the new employee that…
Fun fact- starting with GHC 8 you can do this:. >>> foldMap print [0..]. 0. 1. 2. .
Attempt was a success with 2 more episodes of the next LP recorded. Fun fact: This series is a few episodes away from being completed.
Fun fact, the Black Label will match your kidneys after you drink this garbage.
fun fact: I love dogs but I’m also secretly afraid of them because I’ve had very few positive encounters with dogs irl
Fun Fact: Japan has one of the highest suicide rates among students
LRT fun fact about me, my first tum/blr post that got tons of notes was a post I made pointing out Haru's face in that scene
((Fun fact: The boy in the second picture lives in my town. I'n legit serious, too.))
FUN FACT: Donald Trump once considered Mike Flynn for the VP slot. .
Fun fact: You can think it was wrong for Warren to list herself as a "minority" & think that Trump calling her Pocahontas is inappropriate.
.But — fun fact! — the physical act of digging takes up a way smaller share of the lifetime of a tunneli…
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Thanks for the shout out! It's a great quote. Fun fact! I have already illustrated it with my Stick Figur…
Fun Fact Friday: The first "hard hat" required for construction workers was for the Hoover Dam project
Fun Fact:Russia & Putin ran the election hack—Russians Trump ppl met with had the connects to end the hack=Willing participants…
Fun fact: I hate troubling the waiters at restaurants, if they make a mistake I just overlook it because we're all humans.
Fun fact, I've only ever fully watched the first movie nyeh
For the confused in the back Jason was a mob enforcer not a serial killer. Franco killed for fun. Let's get that straigh…
Y'all: try to use the fact that women wear wigs as an insult . Also y'all: make fun of their natural hair
FUN FACT: If you have to think twice about whether kids with cancer should be able to get health insurance, you're not actually…
Fun fact: Sgt Pepper is closer to the Bolshevik Revolution than it is to today.
Fun fact: I am actually a clean freak. I sneak into the single-stall at work and obsessively clean my phone/sunglasses 5 times a day.
Fun fact: Born and raised in LA & I'm Lebanese Armenian. Where are you guys from!? would love to kno……
Fun fact from In 1923 Upton Sinclair arrested for reading the Constitution. Then he founded ACLU of California. .
Fun fact: I'm at The Bullpen and every Mets fan I've seen so far is wearing either jorts or cargo shorts 🙄
Random fun fact: Goats are my favorite animals! What's your favorite animal? 💖🐐
Fun fact I played basketball with Wes' older brother. From my area. End of fun fact lmao
Check out this weeks Fun Fact Friday!! All about What will you What did you already know?
FUN FACT: if you had a luftballon for every day Donald Trump has been in office you would currently have 99 luftballons
Fun Fact: alum is now at Harvard Med school. She sent this vid our way & u should maybe watch it...
Fun Fact: Ryan Pace traded down twice in the 2nd round last year before selecting Cody Whitehair, arguably the best line…
Fun fact's Fun Fact: All Angels runs in that game came off of Home Runs. Mo Vaughn had 2, Garrett Ander…
Fun Fact: Out of the 21 California Missions, Mission San Juan Capistrano, CA was the 7th mission founded by Saint...
Fun Fact: 6 of 7 Day 3 picks under have been participants in all-star games. 2 Sr Bowl, 2 NFLPA, 1 MOH, 1 E-W Shrine
Fun Fact: Queen Elizabeth spent more time in the armed forces than the Trump family combined.
Fun Fact: it is the college that lost 222-0 to John Heisman's Georgia Tech football team that did an incr…
Fun Fact of the day: . For every 1 pound of muscle you have it burns an extra 50 calories a day! 💪🏼💪🏼
Fun Fact: The vocals on "Roll With Me" by Del Amitri are all right speaker. Left speaker you can hear the devil.
Fun Fact: the Vice Principal of Lane Tech once greeted me with a "hey Kerpes" so ya
.Fun Fact: the end credits are in dodie yellow. We purposefully graded the background t…
Fun Fact: Teddy Roosevelt was blind in his left eye due to an injury in a boxing match.
Fun Fact: Two of the largest lakes in the world are found in the Northwest Territories - Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake.
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Fun Fact: This week (Monday-Wednesday) Kyle Cody and the Hickory Crawdads play at the Columbia Fireflies (I.E.: team Tim Tebow plays for)
Fun Fact: Jon Gillies earned his first pro point with an assist on Andrew Mangiapane’s 18th goal of the year (team-leading 10th PP goal).
Fun Fact with NBA 2K17 and NBA Playgrounds, the Nintendo Switch already has more Basketball games than the Wii U 😂😂😂
Fun Fact: The development code name for Half-Life was Quiver, after the Arrowhead military base in Stephen King's novel The Mist.
Fun Fact: 223 years before I was born, on October 13, 1773, Charles Messier discovered the Whirlpool Galaxy
Fun Fact: I have the same birthday as Sean Taylor
Fun Fact: Tate Donovan is the voice of Hercules...
Fun Fact: Random has never had a lunchable in her life.
Fun Fact: Before being elected, Rep. David Gregory worked as the model for Flynn Rider in Disney's "Tangled". https…
Fun Fact: if you bump Rob Zombie on the freeway everybody will stare at you like the loser you are.
Fun Fact: I'm named after Alexis Carrington from the tv series Dynasty.
Fun Fact: I lived in the Jon Corzine room he donated to the UIUC Phi Delta Theta house
Fun Fact: Patrick Maroon has more goals than Ryan Getzlaf and Anze Kopitar combined.
Fun Fact: Dairy Queen is giving away free comes today. . You're welcome. 🤗
Fun Fact: The character Leopold Bottin is named after the great Rob Bottin, the genius effects artist behind THE TH…
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Fun Fact: Astronomer Fred Hoyle, the first to point out that if drove a car up at 60mph, it would only take about a…
Fun Fact: Drake played the Black Coffee song that this samples on the very first OVO Sound Radio ep
Fun Fact: Brad Underwood and I were employed by the University of South Carolina at the same time. That's all. Carry on with your lives. 🤔
Fun Fact: Elvis Presely's last performance was at Indiana's Market Square Arena.
Fun Fact: Trump's Budget could save most of the programs and services for arts, poor and elderly if he and his family liv…
Fun Fact of the day: . Pokemon Go has generated higher revenues than that of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. . Both grossed over…
Fun Fact: In 1981 Canada changed their national anthem to "Tom Sawyer" by Rush
Fun Fact: The offices for Old El Paso Mexican food are in Minneapolis. Tony's cover checks out.
Fun Fact: Martin Van Buren is the only US president where English was his second language. First language was Dutch
Fun Fact: Martin Van Buren was the only president to speak English as a second language. His first was dutch. Happy Pr…
Fun Fact: One time I was doing quick hits for and I forgot the word for lunge so I wrote step on every floor pass.
Fun Fact: The Seattle Supersonics have made it to the playoffs (2005) more recently than the Minnesota Timberwolves (2004)…
Fun Fact: At least 50% of Anime Convention Attendees in North America are Women
Fun Fact: Did you know Abe Lincoln was a poet? He loved to read poetry his whole life, & wrote his…
Fun Fact: Alfredo, who invented this dish, had a restaurant in the Via della Scrofa (Pig Street) in Rome. Lecker!
Fun Fact: "Sweet Honey in the Rock" and Esperanza Spaulding are two of the only Musical Performances I have gone to, in Santa Cruz. Facts!!!
Fun Fact: is sixty years younger than his father- Ideal age difference! Good Job Americans! :)
Fun Fact: father was a follower of Marcus Garvey, who was heavily influenced by conservative icon Booker T…
Fun Fact - the first slave owner in America to have a slave legally confirmed in court was a black man. Anthony Johnson.
Fun Fact: The Central Hockey League used to have teams in: Huntsville Channel Cats/ Tornado,Fayetville Force, Evansville IceMen and more
Fun Fact: Both you and Tony Romo have never won a SuperBowl
Fun Fact: The peace symbol was designed for the British Nuclear Disarmament Movement: a circle + the semaphore signals for N and D.
Fun Fact: I notice Dmitry Rybolovlev's plane was in Montana yesterday, currently in LA.
Fun Fact: The feathers of the King penguin are waterproofed by an oil secreted by a gland near the base of tail...
Fun Fact: Buster Poindexter who sang "Hot Hot Hot" is also David Johansen, front-man for the legendary New York Dolls.
Fun Fact: supports all possible nightmare scenarios (test output) :(
Fun Fact: Me and John Wilkes Booth share a birthday. He's a Taurus! My teacher forced me to learn it
Fun Fact: My wife partied with Brett Michaels a couple years ago, and she had no idea who he was. I still don't know how to feel.
Fun Fact: Orson Welles was considering running but decided not to The position he would've won, eventually went to McCarthy
BHM Fun Fact: In 2002, Vonetta Flowers became the first black gold medalist in the history of the Winter Olympic Games.
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Fun Fact, my internship when I was in London was at a project at the NH museum transcribing the letters of Cook's b…
Fun Fact: Nick Foles has more touchdowns today than Marcus Vick has dollars.
Fun Fact: through 80s, except for post "lord forgive for me I done sinned" Jimmy Swaggart annually spent billions on draperies & ferns.
Fun Fact: They used be known as MAROON 6. But Dave was kicked out for "excessive swoonability". That Adam Levine is a jealous guy...
Fun Fact: Black history month, as we know it today, was started by Big Brother Carter G. Woodson, a member of Omega Psi Phi F…
Fun Fact. Kyle Korver is 10-11 from three point land in his last two games. 💦💦
Fun Fact : The giant panda is actually a bear.. .
Fun Fact: . When I was young I thought her name was Dolly Pardon. I also thought she was polite.
Fun Fact: I sometimes have nightmares about that time Seth MacFarlane hosted the Academy Awards.
Fun Fact: I know Harry Carson. He and one of my moms friends went to Wilson High together.
Fun Fact: Those Killers COMBINED didn't kill as many as ONE Muslim terrorist does. 49 Dead in Orlando thanks to Is…
Fun Fact: Gordon Hayward has scored 20-plus points on eight or fewer made field goals in 19 games this season.
Fun Fact: Lethal Weapon 3 featured the demolition of old City Hall in its opening scene.
Fun Fact: Neck was composed by the late Dr. Isaac Greggs also known as "Doc" at Southern University
Fun Fact: Director was nominated 4 a Tony 4 her role as Louise in Seven Guitars! 4 tix 2 King Hedley II ht…
Fun Fact of the Day: Scott Drew now has more losses at Allen Fieldhouse (10) than Bill Self (9).
Fun Fact: In Base Trump, 2017 is represented as 1984. (Venn diagram of math and PoliSci nerds here)
Fun Fact: Home to about 40,000 people, the population of Berkeley Township in 2017 is equal to the population of Philadelphia in 1776.
Fun Fact: The Eastern Kingbird (Tyrannus tyrannus) is known for its aggressively territorial behavior. It doesn't obey…
Fun Fact: If you were born on the day the Dallas Cowboys won their last Super Bowl, you can now drink alcohol legally in the…
Fun Fact: The Apple Lisa was the first commercial computer with a graphical user interface (GUI) and a mouse.
Fun Fact: Tom Brady has more Super Bowl appearances (6) than the entire Atlanta Falcons roster (5)
Top, or bottom half? Fun Fact: Spring Training scenes in the movie Major League were filmed in Tucson. ⚾️🌵
Fun Fact: The Perry Martin Eclipse Awards speech got 35 "thumbs down" on Youtube.
Fun Fact the blonde actress (Cherie Kotelniski) in this photo plays Amy Farrah Fowler in our current show…
Fun Fact of the day: Monroe, Louisiana has a higher murder rate than Chicago, DC, NYC, or LA. La actually has 3 of the top 30 murder rates
Fun Fact: Josh Harnett's lil sister in that movie is from MN. Dated her in HS.
. (Fun Fact). It's actually more tactful for to have low grade technology regarding operations and communications
Fun Fact: Boba Fett was designed by Joe Johnston, director of THE ROCKETEER, JURASSIC PARK III, and CAPTAIN AMERICA: T…
Fun Fact: The Steelers drafted Tee Martin like five picks before Brady.
Fun Fact: San Social Group is hidden in the heart of Old Town, Scottsdale. Cartel is our neighbor!
Fun Fact. Over the past 3 years the Saint Louis Cardinals have been the 2nd best baseball team.. In their own state 😆
Today's Fun Fact celebrates the and their 65th anniversary! Read more about Dave Garroway here:…
Fun Fact: Herbert Hoover was the ONLY living president during his final two months in office. (January 5, 1933 - March 4, 1933)
Fun Fact: when Jack Palance drinking on screen requested a bottle that resembled a neck so "it feels like I am chok…
Fun Fact: In '94 something like 65% of Tom Foley's district thought whoever they elected would be Spkr of the House
Fun Fact: Rob Cantor is lead singer "Shia LeBeouf" *and* the lead singer for Tally Hall.
(Fun Fact) Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Jr., and Barbara Walters were born in the same year, 1929.
Fun Fact: I was really named after the KC Chiefs. . and I'm not joking... why do you think my middle name is Montana.
Fun Fact: The first non-stop trans-Canada flight arrived in from in 1949. The plane w…
Fun Fact: The Blue and Red JoyCons were actually bred using methods first used on plants by Gregor Mendel.
Fun Fact: Did you know a Civil War general's arm has its own grave? Read more here
Fun Fact: The native Paw Paw tree is a host plant for the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly. In honor of Arbor Day a...
Fun Fact: According to the Guiness World Records,a snowflake 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick fell in Fort Keogh, Montana on Jan. 28, 1887.
Fun Fact: I was one of the first people blocked by that Clown Rick Wilson when I told him that Trump would win the prima…
Fun Fact: Did you know that Irving Berlin wrote 'White Christmas" while lounging by the pool at https:/…
Fun Fact : Every Pittsburgh Steeler HC for the last 47 years has won a Super Bowl .
Fun Fact: Mary Blair insisted on including razor sharp teeth in every doll for some reason.
Fun Fact: There's an exemption in the Thirteenth Amendment that makes using prison inmates as slaves 100% legal here in 2017!
Fun Fact: Tennessee Whiskey was actually written by George Jones; later covered by Chris Stapleton.
Fun Fact: There is also a community filled with Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg NY where the women shave their heads and men curl their hair.
Fun Fact: Rose Bowl's "Never on Sunday" rule traces back to a blue law of the club that created the parade & game:
Fun Fact: William Howard Taft and John F. Kennedy are both buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
I enjoyed the interview of Susan Wojcicki, she is the CEO of Youtube. Fun Fact: Google started in her garage -
Fun Fact, Rudolph was created for Montgomery Ward department stores
Fun Fact: Rudolph was originally created for a coloring book to be given away at Montgomery Ward
Fun Fact: QB Matt Ryan has 34 more rushing yards than RB Adrian Peterson this year...
Fun Fact: Trump is the first person to be elected President while losing his home state since Richard Nixon in 1968 (also NY).
Clark Atlanta University . Atlanta, GA. Panthers. Fun Fact: CAU was formed from the consolidation of Atlanta University and C…
Alcorn State University. Lorman, MS. Braves. Fun Fact: Alex Haley, the author of the novel Roots, enrolled here at the age of…
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Fun Fact: Mortal Kombat Annihilation had a budget of twelve dollars
Fun Fact: Samurai Pizza Cats was dubbed by Saban, the company responsible for Power Rangers
Fun Fact: Exercise can be as effective as medication to help stress. Take time out of your day to move your body and exe…
Fun Fact: Eimear really wanted to use a Damien Rice song in Groundless & Damien loved the film so much that he gave…
Fun Fact: Justin Morneau won this derby... Not that you would remember it.
Fun Fact: Did you know that Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley has the highest office rents in the world?
Fun Fact: I'm dating but he hasn't taken a picture with me for 6 months. That's half a year.
Fun Fact: This is the 1st time in history the Raiders haven't worn their classic silver & black home or away jerseys in tea…
Fun Fact: About 2/3 of American cowboys after the civil war were black. . So basically, real Black American culture is also…
Fun Fact: the Kansas City Chiefs used to be the Dallas Texans...
Fun Fact : Cherry blossoms fall to the ground at 5 centimetres per second. Why is that so beautiful to me?
Fun Fact: my barber's name is steve
Fun Fact: defeated in the 1926 Rose Bowl to win the 1st national championship in school history.
Fun Fact: Norman Lloyd was born 2 days after Jonathan Harris.
Fun Fact: . The marketing campaign for Death Stranding actually started 10 years ago with the launch of the PlayStation 3. htt…
Fun Fact! Osamu Tezuka's first animated tv show, Astro Boy, was 6x more expensive than live action shows at the time 🍦 🍦
• Alessandra Ambrosio; Passion, opening and wearing The Swaroswki outfit. (2011) • Fun Fact: she was pregnant :)
Fun Fact: Malik Monk called and asked to play for stAte when he found out I was coaching. Told him, "Devin Carter better" and hung up.
Fun Fact: Virginia peaked the earliest out of all 50 states.
Fun Fact: Ubisoft have released 15 different Assassin’s Creed games between the date Final Fantasy XV was first announced…
Fun Fact: the Grimke sisters, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony not only worked together for suffrage, but are life long friends.
Fun Fact - they recorded it as one LP, but Husker Du's Zen Arcade inspired them to make it a 2xLP
Fun Fact: The actress who said that line also played June Cleaver in the TV show "Leave it to Beaver". 🤓
Paine College. Augusta, GA. Lions. Fun Fact: The idea for the college was first expressed by Bishop Lucius Henry Holsey in 1869.
Fun Fact of the Day: (We wont Haid the facts from you) Our people have inhabited the Haida Gwaii Islands for over 1…
Morgan State University. Baltimore,MD. Bear. Fun Fact: Renamed Morgan College in 1890 in honor of Reverend Lyttleton Morgan.
Fun Fact: I live about a hour from a miniuim guage railway. They have the basis for Mike,Rex,Bert,Frank. They also have Millie,Duncan,Rusty
Fun Fact: Huffington Post had said earlier today that they ran "simulations" and Donald Trump had less than a 2% chance to win.
Today's Fun Fact isn't very much fun but it is interesting! cicatrix. Anatomy def: Remnant of connective tissue mar…
Fun Fact: Ann Coulter is actually an anagram for 'Rectal Noun' and 'Unclean Rot'. 👌🏻
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Fun Fact: Janet Reno built her career off the Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic, a moral panic that sent a lot of innocent peo…
Fun Fact: Joe's character may have been made fun of all the time for being scared, but it was that same fear that kept…
Enjoying our time here in Big Bend National Park!!! Fun Fact: Big bend is the only state park to have an entire mou…
Fun Fact: I have been attacked by not four, but five different swans at Lake Eola Park. So majestic, so vicious.
Fun Fact: When I am feeling sad or anxious my go-to movie for relaxation is "Zero Dark Thirty".
Fun Fact: Ashlee Arceneaux Jones and I used to be rivals. We spent a long time silently facing off as competing...
Fun Fact: Did you know a man by the name of Robert A. Altman is the Chairman and CEO of Zenimax, and subsequently, ?
Fun Fact: I wrote a children's holiday picture book. . Check it out!.
Fun Fact: I performed at half time in 99-00 during the Cowboys vs. Eagles game and ran into an Eagles OL running off the field.
Fun Fact: The Ku Klux Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee. Town is named after General Casimir Pulaski who fought in Revolutionary War.
Fun Fact. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of prostitutes
Fun Fact: Sapporo Space Barley beer was created in 2008 using barley that'd been grown on an International Space Station!
Fun Fact: Napoleon's marble bathtub is located in a suite in Le Pavillon Hotel where the Louisiana Purchase was signed.
Fun Fact: Eddie Rodriguez gave my kid a ball during batting practice when I threw out the first pitch. Was a super…
Fun Fact: Oct. 24th is the United Nations' 71st birthday.
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Fun Fact: Kevin Harvick, Joey Lagano, and Carl Edwards are only drivers to make third round all three years
Fun Fact: Taylor Swift was a fan of Pushing Daisies (it was recommended to her by Emma Stone!)
Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher!! Fun Fact: She has written multiple books, including an autobiography.
Fun Fact: Charles Tillman had 44 career forced fumbles. . That Peanut Punch was no joke
"Fun Fact!: When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, you will be killed instantly, because it weighs 81 billion tons" Mike Morse
Fun Fact: Gravity Rush was announced in 2008 for PS3 but was eventually cancelled and moved to Vita in 2010 for launch on Vita in 2012.
Fun Fact: Alistair Overeem and Junior Dos Santos are the only top 6 Heavyweights never to lose to Junior Dos Santos.
Fun Fact:. This is prob one of my favorite running gags from "Arrested Development"
Fun Fact! - Always sunny in Philli had Thrice stickers in the bar / bathrooms season1 = Grandmas Boy movie hes got a NOFX poster in his cubi
Fun Fact: Auston Matthews just scored as many goals as Chris Neil did all of last season...incase anyone is wondering. But I guess
Fun Fact: William Moulton Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, was also a psychologist & the inventor of the lie detector test.
Fun Fact: David Ortiz hit his last Career HR off of Brett Cecil. Cecil in the record books yet again.
Fun Fact: Slovenia was declared world's first green country. hometown, Ljubljana, named in Top 100 Sustainab…
Fun Fact: 4 years ago Gillard delivered her famous "Misogyny speech" in defence of colourful political identity Peter Slipper
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