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Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt (also spelled frozen yoghurt; also known by the tradenames Frogurt and FroYo) is a frozen dessert made with the cultured, fermented milk product called yogurt and sometimes other dairy products.

Ice Cream

As of Today the prices at the Maine Mall location are as following. Frozen Yogurt $0.59 per oz. Fruit & Yogurt...
Healthy and refreshing, this Frozen Yogurt will satisfy your sweet tooth!
Those R all goodβ€ΌοΈπŸ’• Love the animal cookies & Oreos, try them crushed up in Frozen Yogurt πŸ’™Nutter Butters...YuM😚
Don't know if I should get frozen yogurt or a salad or both.
Lemon raspberry frozen yogurt is the best! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Frozen yogurt would be so amazing right now.
Hot enough for frozen yogurt after 2days matinee performance. Cynthia Smithers was a gr8 Diana.
M...these yummy window graphics completed by Speedpro Imaging Ottawa for Menchies Frozen Yogurt!
Some frozen yogurt sounds great right now
Fresh cones are in the making! And they smell DEEElicious! Come cool off with a cup of our frozen yogurt πŸ˜‹
Me:"babe we should get frozen yogurt on the way home". :"We have yogurt at home". OKAY DAD 😭
Somebody take me to get frozen yogurt pls
I don't know, go to a park, sleep, get frozen yogurt? Actually, I've never had frozen yogurt. I don't know how I feel about the β€”
Exciting news! We now have raspberry frozen yogurt at Swirly girls! Stop in for your pineapple dole whip,...
Could go for some frozen yogurt or something
Homemade frozen dots. Love anything frozen. This would be great after a workout in th
Hamilton Collection
Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt will make you go YUM! 5 days left to grab some delicious
Menchie's Frozen yogurt will have the pig spoon!
Stop in tonight for a sweet cup of frozen yogurt! This weeks flavors…
I won a free year of frozen yogurt but it's literally you get 1 free 10 ounce yogurt every month. πŸ˜’
It's hot this week... we will all need a dose or two of frozen yogurt! Come to Zinga in North Andover (in the...
car next to me has a "frozen yogurt parking permit". I'm not entirely sure what that is but I DESERVE ONE LIKE A LIFE RIGHT
Raspberries breakfast parfait on the go 󾬑 185g of yogurt, 50g of frozen raspberries, topped with...
20 ounces of frozen yogurt, 11 of which were free :D
This is top of the line mobile frozen yogurt truck, there are not many of its kind around !
yojones fun flavorful frozen yogurt is open on Mondays! Sweet!
I hope the swanky auto expresso machine @ my office doesn't dispense items like Elaine's frozen yogurt on Seinfeld bc I have an addiction.
Can someone bring me Starbucks or frozen yogurt
Frozen Yogurt would really hit the spot about now
All I wanted was frozen yogurt... All day. That's all
What I would do for a chocolate red velvet cheesecake frozen yogurt kind of dessert right now. YuMMM! ok now where can I get one...πŸ€”
13. Ice Cream. Gelato. Sherbet. Frozen yogurt. I love em all. 🍦
KRAVE Frozen Yogurt & Candy Shoppe is planning to open this Friday!
youre now banned from yogurt land I'm sorry I dont make the rules you insult me and my frozen yogurt you gotta pay the price
I can really go for some frozen coconut yogurt πŸ˜‹
Leut me make this clear: Ice Cream is Next-Gen frozen yogurt , frozen yogurt is trash, i will never eat it, i will take down anyone whos mad
Frozen yogurt will never be Ice Cream i dont care about your life
Frozen yogurt seems to unfreeze my innerds if you know what I mean
You can only try out the frozen yogurt samples for so long. Eventually you have to just pick one, & make up your mind to enjoy every bite.
WELCOME - Millie D's Frozen Yogurt in The Township has joined the Chamber. YUM! Stop by Millie D's and try some...
One more hour here, quick frozen yogurt trip w Tristan and then back to work 😭
Cake batter frozen yogurt is the best thing EVER
I could really go for some frozen yogurt.
My love for icecream and frozen yogurt is so crazy lol
// Frozen yogurt is not so bad thats the only thing that doesn't give me pain.
Had an unexpected hour open up this weekend, so I took a walk. I mean, it was to the frozen yogurt stand, but I walked.
Frozen yogurt and playing catch.. my idea of the perfect lunch break!
// only real frozen treat I can stand now is frozen yogurt.
SRSLY THO... "all history officially ended with the coming of the Great Disaster... something to do with casino gambling and frozen yogurt"
Strawberry Shortcake Frozen Yogurt - No-churn fro yo is what dreams are made of. via
yeah I hated it too 😩 apply to like frozen yogurt places that's where I got a new job at
Few new additions for the Summer!! Mangoes and Kiwis! Add them to your next frozen yogurt or Acai Bowl!
My mom bought frozen yogurt but she didnt freeze it.
Anyone down for frozen yogurt later?
Yay roman is buying me frozen yogurt β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‹
Sunday May 8, this MOTHERS DAY treat your mom to Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. Buy yours and get 50% OFF hers.
Frozen yogurt truck at north campus until 4:30 . only $5
I want a massage and frozen yogurt.
I need frozen yogurt more than I need oxygen to breathe
Celebrate this beautiful sunny day with some frozen yogurt from YoYumba!
"I went to get Greek yogurt but they were out, so I just got regular frozen yogurt." -walking back in the newsroom from lunch
Is there any frozen yogurt places close?
Over 100 flavors of Homemade Italian Ices, Ice Cream, Gelato, Frozen Yogurt and more!
Two or Four Groupons, Each Good for Frozen Yogurt at TCBY (Up to 40% Off)…
Frozen yogurt would be bomb right now
That hazelnut frozen yogurt was everything !
I have money Someone bring me to a frozen yogurt place pls
Some one pick me up and let's get frozen yogurt or Ice Cream on me?
Love to find pics of me! (not my pic) My roommates and I went to this afternoon to get frozen yogurt. They serve organic, vegan, and…
Frozen yogurt and Ice Cream are very different
Been craving frozen yogurt for so long..
I can't believe I passed up on frozen yogurt today tho 😭 what was I doing
You know the drill- get frozen yogurt and support your schoolπŸ’œπŸ‘
I willingly walked two miles to get a 6 oz cup of Brazilian frozen yogurt... I have a problem πŸ™ˆ
I want frozen yogurt & to be in bed watching 50 shades of grey instead I'm going to class 😾
Frozen protein yogurt brand ProYo set to debut new branding -
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Someone bring me frozen yogurt and I'll give you a free pizza
This restaurant has a frozen yogurt machine and topping bar. If every restaurant had this I would always get dessert.
It's freaking cold out side and I'm craving frozen yogurt! Specially the Mango flavor with strawberries, mangoes, almonds and cherry on top.
I feel like a cool whip flavored frozen yogurt would be delicious
Frozen yogurt with Mr. Looking forward to working together!
I should guilt my sister into buying me frozen yogurt amiright ΒΏ
My frozen yogurt looks like a four year old made it.
come to Brickhouse Frozen Yogurt where the yogurt is great and the employees are greater
Pineapple tart frozen yogurt with fruits are my fave at work πŸ¦πŸ’πŸπŸ“
Really want frozen yogurt with all the toppings.
I'm going to sacrifice everyone in the frozen yogurt shop rn
how can frozen yogurt be bad if it's covered in fruit?! Like healthy snack central πŸ€—πŸ˜‹πŸ˜
I love Matthew more than I love frozen yogurt
Went straight from the yoga studio to for frozen yogurt.
I'm about to go buy some frozen yogurt from that spot close by from my house
Great protein sources: eggs, beef, chicken, beans, lentils, salmon, tuna, and yogurt. When you can, go organic & fresh, n…
I feel as though frozen yogurt is a good idea right now.
Never been so disrespected getting frozen yogurt
Im craving frozen yogurt so bad rn 😭
A7 Coconut milk Ice Cream or fresh fruit over Greek frozen yogurt. Two great treats!
I need Frozen yogurt but my legs stopped working and I can't move
I swear I'm addicted to frozen yogurt 😩
You folks ever thought about making a soft serve frozen yogurt? I'd love to eat a again!
Everyone getting Ice Cream today . May have to grab me some frozen yogurt
when the frozen yogurt you want is located in PA ... But you live in CT πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
Then went to the place next to it and got a blueberry frozen yogurt with apple pie, strawberries, peaches and bananas on top.
Frozen yogurt with fruit and chocolate sounds soo good πŸ˜‹πŸ§πŸ’
Mias will be reopening Thurs! Check out our new spring menu offering new panini's, salads, gelato, & frozen yogurt
I went to IKEA today and the only thing I bought was a $1 frozen yogurt cone for my kid.
treating myself to frozen yogurt because today's Monday and it's been an even more terrible Monday than usual
Order Miche Bag Online!
Frozen yogurt sounds bomb right about now πŸ˜‹
except for that time I threw up from frozen trix yogurt
Frozen yogurt sounds perfect right now😌
Get ready for summer with homemade frozen yogurt gone smores….: Get ready for summer with homemade frozen yogu...
You can't buy happiness but you can buy frozen yogurt and that's kind of the same thing. Mondays are tough.
SweetFrog Frozen Yogurt in Cicero, NY - Make your own fave mix with flavors and toppings!
But it tastes like frozen yogurt, You would eat it! I will make you one next time you are over ;)
I could really enjoy some frozen yogurt with strawberries right now 😩😩😩
Frozen yogurt raspberry bites via befitsnacks ❀️ I'm going make these this week. I'll post a…
Good morning & A friend is on her way bringing me frozen . yogurt. I like their original tart with coconut & almonds
When i buy my own house i am going to have a frozen yogurt machine in my kitchen, no ifs ands or buts about it. 🍦🍦
Yogurt is no good unless it's frozen
I'm hungry .. Kinda want frozen yogurt 🍦
and I love the epi where they get high and go for frozen yogurt. LMAO
Can someone come get frozen yogurt with me after school
I want frozen yogurt and kneaders and bread
I'm sitting with a hot water bottle, while the eating frozen yogurt.. This doesn't make sense
Inexplicably craving frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles...
I do baked oatmeal muffin things. But usually for overnight, I'll do a bit of greek yogurt and frozen fruit.
Highkey want garlic bread and frozen yogurt
Our partner, has created compliance solutions for IFYA frozen yogurt shop members, at special savings:
I'm about 90% sure I'm lactose intolerant and yet here I am, eating frozen yogurt and now feeling like death
You it and we extended to the end of and
I'm just looking forward to frozen yogurt this weekend
You loved it and we listened..Monday Madness extended to the end of March. 1/2 off frozen yogurt…
It's official, We will be open today for National Frozen Yogurt Day! Free FroYo & topping 4-7pm!
Yogutland is offering a free cup of frozen yogurt with toppings from 4-7pm on February 8th. Today is apparently...
It's MEGA MIX MONDAY! Fill your cup with delicious frozen yogurt and toppings for only $7.95+
I'm that person when it's -10 degrees I still want frozen yogurt!
I want starbuck, or juice it up, or frozen yogurt, or shaved ice 😭
It’s National Yogurt Day! Get free frozen yogurt today from 4 pm to 7 pm at 2 NYC YogurtLand locations.
I need strawberry frozen yogurt topped with strawberries, blueberries and gummy bears 😭
Idc idc idc I will get frozen yogurt today
I want some California tart frozen yogurt 😭
I got a B on my math test therefore all of you are invited to my frozen yogurt celebration on Saturday @ 4pm.
Which one do you normally order: a cup of frozen yogurt or gelato?
blueberries and yogurt is my protein rich snack this afternoon. Frozen fruit always there when I...
Really really really want frozen yogurtπŸ˜•
Beat the February heat with FREE frozen yogurt today, 2/8, from 4-7pm at Yogurtland.
After work I'm treating myself to some frozen yogurt.maybe dinner lol
Will the novelty and appeal of Alamo Draft House fade like frozen yogurt and Krispy Kreme donuts?
Ma'am, your child is going to be exposed to that type of language at some point. Might as well be in a frozen yogurt shop.
FREE frozen yogurt! How you can get a hold of some today-- on Eyewitness News at Noon!
P.S.A: Yogurtland is having free fro-yo from 4-7 in honor of National Frozen Yogurt Day :-)
happy national frozen yogurt day. I'll be celebrating at yogurtland in valencia @ approximately 6pm
Its National Frozen Yogurt Day. Free frozen yogurt and toppings today from 4-7🍧😍
Celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day at Yogurtland Old Town Pasadena, CA, Monday, February 8 from 4-7 with free...
national frozen yogurt day is TODAY! come to yogurtland for fun stuff like games, prices and more!!! πŸ’•πŸ˜Š
Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day! Celebrate today with FREE froyo from
FREE Small Frozen yogurt with toppings at Pinkberry on 2/6/1614
My boss comes through with frozen yogurt for everyone πŸ€—
is upon us! Make sure you get in line early for your FREE froyo!
Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day. Go get some free yogurt from Yogurtland today. …
What a fun weekend. Thanks everyone who came out and celebrated National Frozen Yogurt Day! We have a couple...
In honor of National Frozen Yogurt Day, is giving away yogurt & toppings on Feb. 8
Today is national frozen yogurt day /: if you want free yogurt, come at 4 lol .. There will be a line yes so camp early
Just a friendly reminder about tonight... Spirit Night at Menchie's Frozen Yogurt at Cedar Park Town Center! Show...
Took favorite daughter to the best country in the world. Land of Frozen Yogurt. Wild animal cookies and gummy bears
I want to be confident enough to go get frozen yogurt alone.
ek frozen yogurt & mashed potatoes for like a week huh? Lol
Frozen bananas and strawberries dipped in greek yogurt is smBclLpvV
I now there's frozen yogurt but is there frozen cheese
Frozen yogurt after this and I should be straight ...
I am in tears it's honey Greek frozen yogurt with candied walnuts 😭
Made frozen yogurt bark as a healthy alternative to Ice Cream πŸ˜› yum.
Lately all I want to eat is frozen yogurt. So guess who is going to the munchies right next to work?
Frozen Yogurt in Irving, Texas with Reviews & Ratings -
It's never too cold for a frozen yogurt .
Freaking Love frozen yogurt theres so many options ! 😍
HAPPY MONDAY!! 'Taste Your Imagination'. Only at Spice Isle Frozen Yogurt. Grenada's first Self-serve Cafe. FREE SAMPLING all day!!
I've been wanting frozen yogurt all weekend😭
Eating frozen yogurt for lunch. Is that bad?
I want some frozen yogurt or Starbucks
One time we went to frozen yogurt and talked about panties
Frozen bananna, natural yogurt and a dollop of peanut butter! Great for after the gym, Mmmm! πŸ˜‹
I used plain yogurt, frozen fruit, water, and like 2 stevia packets cuz plain yogurt tastes like nothings
Job applications are stupid. "Why do you want to work for us?" Me: "Oh, I've always had a passion for frozen yogurt MOTHER…
Craving frozen yogurt so bad *** :( with some cheesecake bits and strawberries omg
I asked for Ice Cream not frozen yogurt.😊
Good luck making the Instagram most viewed page if youre not an adorable Japanese teenager eating frozen yogurt.
If somebody took me to build-a-bear worksshop & got my frozen yogurt & chipotle for Valentine's Day .. That would be so amazing
Come over to Menchie's College West and have a cup of frozen yogurt for a good cause!!! Yumminess and doing good...
If a Frozen Yogurt sounds good, then you might want to run off to Josie's and indulge your taste-buds.
My frozen yogurt ice lolly was literally sticking to my tongue πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
Can you guess which one is mine and which one is my moms! Frozen yogurt time!
I seriously hate people who complain about how cold they are while buying frozen yogurt..WHY BUY FROYO IF YOU'RE COLD?! BUY COFFEE AND STFU
I'm out of my meeting and I'm getting frozen yogurt from menchies=]
Easy recipe for Frozen Banana Yogurt Bites for a great snack!
I want to go on a frozen yogurt dateπŸ’“πŸ’“
Start your mornings with guilt free frozen yogurt.
My dinner tonight was frozen yogurt. I'm an adult somehow.
Including wind chill it's -15Β° and people are still coming in to get Frozen Yogurt. *** ..?
All I wanted was frozen yogurt today and now all I want is to sleep forever
I need some frozen yogurt in my life rn
Come join our "HAPPY HALF HOUR" events, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:30 to 5:00. Your cup of Frozen Yogurt is HALF PRICE!!
Not your ordinary frozen yogurt. DARK! πŸ™ˆ @ SM Megamall
it was fantastic. Top tip.. Take munchies with you. They only had an over priced frozen yogurt cart there. Otherwise πŸ‘Œ
Hey wanna just leave and go get some frozen yogurt... Like. Right now?
Frozen yogurt from really delicious 😍 @ Kuwait - Al Rai
For those trying a Yogurt Flavor at Yogurt Bay it is not a Cake,New Milk Drink,Confection,Fizz & Fruit,Eye Wear but Frozen Yogurt.Just a Cup
Louis and Danielle getting Frozen yogurt tonight in Chicago!
Pistachio flavored frozen yogurt taste like strawberry
Frozen yogurt sounds amazing right now
If I was a bowl of frozen yogurt..this is what I would consist of ..the chocolate is at the bottom πŸ˜›
Queing for frozen yogurt Ice Cream. No.1 in Europe & Asia..
Frozen yogurt, pizza, TV shows and Dez. Now thats what I call a great day ^_^
I don't understand why people are so confusing and dumb. I really just want frozen yogurt and cuddles. Neither of which …
Ice Cream, and it's so hard to find in DC, all I see is frozen yogurt spots πŸ˜”
Hey Myog Frozen Yogurt ! Thanks for the follow. Glad you're here, and hope to make it worth your time. Cheers.
"Dear frozen yogurt, you are the celery of desserts. Be Ice Cream or be nothing... Zero stars"
Super craving frozen yogurt at planet yogurt... But you too far😒😒
$11 for Four Groupons, Each Good for $5 Worth of Frozen Yogurt at Sweet Frog ===> ht…
Hmm Saturday.. Do I want to go to the Southern vs. UGA, Go to the RSM Classic with my sister, or stay at home and get Frozen Yogurt?
This Saturday, bring the kids to Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, Koregaon Park for the Carnival!.
I just checked in at Eddie's Frozen Yogurt on and unlocked 10% off your yogurt!
New opening at Menchie's Frozen Yogurt in -
It's a PACKED Party Nation Show today! We'll be checking in with Menchie's Frozen Yogurt - Riverside Plaza about...
Bring the family to Here's the Scoop for a cool treat on a hot afternoon. We serve Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt.
Frozen Yogurt & Chippewa Valley football! . Show this at Orange Leaf Lakeside today and 10% comes back to
If you're in today: turn left on Jamestown Rd before the canal for Frozen Yogurt, Juices, Coffees and more!
Electronic Device Insurance
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt is giving away a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise for 4 or a 7-day Eastern Caribbean ..
What better way to celebrate Pink Day than with a treat from Pink berry Frozen Yogurt!
Just Listed - VIC - Frozen Yogurt business for sale: Fro Yo Moonee ponds is located on...
idek πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it's frozen yogurt so I would assume so 😁
I want to eat my body weight in soft serve frozen yogurt
you know I only just realised last night that fro-yo meant frozen yogurt
Bananas, Peanut butter &yogurt, oh my! This yummy treat is a great alternative to Ice Cream!
Kemp’s Frozen Yogurt Coupon via Koupon Karen - I honestly have to say that I've never had Kemp's ...
Really into frozen yogurt. Good stuff
Merced Grocery Outlet. Prices that make you go WOW!. Blue Bunny Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt. 56 oz. Assorted. In the...
The day delta becomes the 2nd best thing to home, is the day I retire and open up a Frozen Yogurt shop.
maybe Coffee & Frozen Yogurt at The Purple Cow, more yummy!
Cloud 9 Frozen Custard are providing the best Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt in CO.
Am I the only one craving frozen yogurt😍
Looking for a cool dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth? These Frozen Yogurt Raspberry Cups are a delicious alternative to sugar-filled traditional yogurt! Ma...
"harry and his girlfriend nadine were eating frozen yogurt today in LA"
Cheesecake, or some type of fruit pie (esp blueberry) is tops in my book or some good gelato/ frozen yogurt, etc.
I just want more frozen yogurt tbh πŸ‘…
The frozen yogurt and rootbeer sauce sounds realy good
Chris brown takeover and frozen yogurt πŸ™ŒπŸ˜©πŸ˜‹
Frozen yogurt , bff sleepover , pizza , & Netflix . yea. That'd make this weekend good .
Jc Caylen worked at Sonic, Urban Outfitters, and a Frozen Yogurt place before YouTube
I just make my own yogurt. Happy sunday 🍦🍨 (at Frozen Yogi) [pic] β€”
Why do i not own a frozen yogurt machine this is bs
Harry and Nadine Leopold getting frozen yogurt in LA yesterday - 01/22/14
Now I have to share my frozen yogurt with 5 other people -__-
My half birthday is on national frozen yogurt day 😍
Try our new cones today! To celebrate Australia day, we are selling $5 cones with two frozen yogurt flavours and two toppings. Come in and try our new cones.
Church, lunch, movies, and she even got a frozen yogurt treat!!
I want frozen yogurt and a sunny beach 😌
Holy crap! Luanne makes some amazing frozen yogurtπŸ‘πŸ˜
Debating if I want alcohol or frozen yogurt right now lol
just sitting in my car in a parking lot eating my frozen yogurt wheN A FREAKING RACCOON JUMPS OUT OF THE DRAINS CONNECTED TO THE GUTTER ***
Frozen yogurt would be so perfect right now πŸ˜‹
I used to work in a frozen yogurt shop. Then we fixed the central heating.
Only I would sit in an alley alone and eat frozen yogurt... How sad
Dammit now I want frozen yogurt lol
Peanut butter frozen yogurt.I need that.
u put cherries on top i out coconut frozen yogurt πŸ˜‚ i just forgot LOL.
bringing jajaira frozen yogurt on Monday to middle school ministry just cause I love her.
In spirit of the upcoming release, the four of us decided to eat frozen yogurt, to wish…
oooh frozen yogurt, which flavour did rida have? Im god, I read heh
good! just thought of 'em once. Lol. Went out with friends to get some yummy frozen yogurt 🍦. How about you?
Raspberry frozen yogurt with plenty fruit and fruity pebbles on top. Yummmy
I'm craving frozen yogurt or like fresas con crema πŸ˜‹
Update your maps at Navteq
Probably going to be a frozen yogurt & Netflix night πŸ‘Œ
sounds good. Going for frozen yogurt as soon as I get the shower
My little doughter enjoy a delicious frozen yogurt at
Frozen yogurt covered strawberries. '
I want some frozen yogurt from menchies 🍧
Snack time just got exciting with this low sugar Frozen Yogurt Bark recipe; greek yogurt sweetened with honey & topped with choc chips, strawberries & coconut
please like and share this wonderful business, Wales' first Bubble Tea & Frozen Yogurt store. New selections...
Can you eat frozen yogurt and can we go to froyo some time?
Review 7 stem Yellow Sunflowers, With Vase GREAT DEALS β†’ Yellow Sunflowers, With Vase Inflated Income From Inflated Ice Cream 'What is seriously in our Ice Cream' can take a glance at the rear of the shut doors of mass market manufacturers of ice lotions and how they make big profits from inflating their deliver with air, drinking water and chemical substances. When is whipped palm oil described as ice product, what colours and additives are place in and why ought to one particular glimpse to source regionally produced Ice Cream from artisan producers are all viewed as here. 7 stem Yellow Sunflowers, With Vase Pickles All In excess of the Earth If you just take a excursion all around the world, it is extremely recommended that you try the diverse meals in the diverse nations around the world you go to. Just about every state has its very own specialty. But if you really just take discover, 1 style of foods is well known lots of international locations all-around the globeÒ’ and that would be pickles ...
Just Ate a Cup of Frozen Yogurt 30minutes and Going strong
Low carb pancakes with frozen yogurt and raspberrys πŸ˜»πŸ‡
Mumma do you fink I can have some of your frozen yogurt??.. pweeze...
Wow yes finally I am going to visit the land of Ooo I am going to visit finn and jake and ofcaurse princess bubblegum
Yogurt and lots of frozen berries for breakfast
I was eating my frozen yogurt when my classmates stopped in front of our flat. I was so surprised I pushed myself a lil bit hard to the wall
If someone ever took me on a date for a mini cup of frozen yogurt, I would punch them in the stomach. Take me to Taco Bel…
Quote of the day [from my son at the frozen yogurt shop] "Hey, when I throw up in my mouth it tastes like Ice Cream!" htt…
Today's COOL DEAL: $5 for $10 to spend at Goody's Frozen Yogurt in Fort Smith. See
$5.00 gets you $10.00 worth of Delicious Frozen Yogurt from Yumi's Frozen Yogurt in Maple Ridge from Love That Deal @
American Grill and Inside Scoop are having a 50% off all, Quickpicks, Sushi, Milkshakes, Pastries and Frozen Yogurt through 3:30pm today.
The coffee is brewing here at Vanilla Sky Forest Hills Come get some barista-crafted, warm coffee on this rainy Wednesday. We don't just do Frozen Yogurt anymore!
Oct 18, 2014 - Mike J. voted for Melonseed Deli & Frozen Yogurt as the BEST Sandwich Shop ... Vote for the places you LOVE on the KING5 Best of Western Washington and earn points, pins and amazing deals along the way. Voting ends Oct 24...
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