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Frontera Grill

Frontera Grill is a Mexican restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. It is owned by Rick Bayless. It opened in January 1987 and is located at 445 N.

Rick Bayless Chef Rick Bayless

Red-eyes are a terrible idea, but the delish chorizo cazuelas made up for it. Onwards to
The music in this Frontera Grill is Lit 🔥
MSP > ORD > PVD today, which obviously means I'll be having lunch at
Been wanting to go to for a long time. Fantastic.
If you are getting McDonald's when there's a Frontera Grill right next door you're making a very grave error.
Taking advantage of being downtown for conference; three great lunches: Frontera Grill, &
my favorite fronts are the Western, Warm and Frontera Grill
remember that time we ate at Frontera Grill?
I put that food up there with the Frontera Grill. God that was good!
Red line to the Grand station, walk couple blocks to Frontera Grill, as well as !!!
That moment when looks closed, so you sell out to McD's.. And then see them open as soon as you get your death biscuit.
So glad we got to try at the airport great
Italian Village (has three spaces based on preferred level of fanciness), Frontera Grill, Portillo's (for cheap stuff).
If you're near Michigan Ave, Giordanos is my fave pizza, and Frontera Grill is amazing. Heaven on 7 has great breakfast.
just saying, Going to Chicago for CB and not going to Frontera Grill would be a crime.
Can't wait to dig in. Lunch at Frontera Grill was one of the reasons I came to Chicago this…
I just checked in at Frontera Mex Mex Grill with Download today!
Routing through ORD just to get some to go
Chef Whites where we're taping a future show
.Chef Richard James to students: "Go out in the world and be the best you can be."
Chef Richard James from shares insights with Chicago's Community Kitchens students before graduation
knocked it out the park tonight. Great meal.
See our latest IL and click to apply: Assistant F&B Manager I / Frontera Grill by Rick Bayless -
Yes, I confirm that reservation for tonight, and YES, I am super excited about it.
Frontera Grill has amazing Mexican food and drinks!
my fav city! architectural boat tour, museum of art, eat at Shaws, Joes Stone Crab, frontera Grill. Thank me later!
I need to lay off the Mexican food @ Frontera Grill
Gene & Georgetti for Steak and Italian Food is old school, Frontera Grill for Mexican and Portillo for Hot Dogs and Italian Beef
celebrating Peyton's birthday which is Wednesday she will be 6! Wow the time has flown! (@ Frontera Grill)
Sometimes in life, you just need a giant taco. @ Frontera Mexican Grill
Can't get Chicago off my mind. Really looking forward to I miss the short trips out there and lots of
Seriously the best TORTAS in Columbus! Dare I say: even better than Rick Bayless' Frontera Grill-Chicago? ;) My...
The museums are world renown. Check out Frontera Grill, Bavette's, Girl and the Goat...
repost via from It's bring your gigantic black bass to work day…
Dad's been eating to come to for 20 years. So happy I can be here with him!
,Made the trip from CA to Frontera Grill in Chicago post your TCM win. LOVED your mole...BEST ever!
We'll pass along the kudos. Gracias!
Congratulations, your cuisines are truly
Hey friends. If any of you in the Conyers area are looking for some part time work, Frontera Mex Mex Grill is...
Dinner at Frontera Grill with Katherine and her brother visiting Chicago for the week! Welcome to —...
Dinner with and her brother visiting from Canada (at in Chicago, IL)
i would especially like to say David at the bar was helpful and friendly. Wonderful customer service
Celebrating a sunny Wednesday afternoon with a day off of work and with
Paid it forward to a colleague and now gettting treated for drinks and dinner! (at in Chicago, IL)
14+ minutes to get a simple and overpriced sandwich at ORD. ***
I hope things calm down enough for you to have a nice birthday dinner! I am partial to Frontera Grill myself. :)
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Make a reservation at tonight. It's worth it.
Great customer event with Chef Rick Bayless! fantastic team at Frontera Grill!
YAY! I'm so excited for this! Chef Rick Bayless is opening a Frontera Fresco at Disney World! via Frontera Grill
Chef Rick Bayless of Frontera Grill will be bringing his fare to Disney Springs.
Andre we wait. We have done all over and had a feast Now these…
Correction: Chicago has THE best Mexican food. Frontera Grill and Topolobampo.
Only took me 15 minutes 29 seconds to open my bottle of salsa!
Michelin star food! One of many great eats this weekend. (@ Frontera Grill) on
Dine-out-night on Monday, October 26th! 5:30-8pm at Frontera Grill on Memorial drive! 20% of food sales goes to our class! So come support!
finally able to visit Frontera Grill!! Amazing as expected! I'm a big fan!!!
Congrats to of for his collaboration with Constellation Brands and Beer Exploration!
Frontera Grill Lime tortilla chips are so good too. But in a pinch, Taco Bell makes me happy! Just love Mexican/TexMex!
at Frontera Grill in O'Hare, on my way home from Y'all will have to carry on without me
Some love for Napa rising star White Rock Vineyards and their stunning Chardonnay! Frontera Grill is a good place...
Frontera Grill is still one of my fav. top 10 restaurants in the USA
Frontera Grill for dinner. Thank the lawd
Bayless goes deep into beer: After Frontera Grill had been open for a couple of years, Chef Rick Bayless had the…
Just walked past Frontera Grill in O'Hare and for some reason I didn't order anything. Probably will never live this down with
eat at Frontera grill great Mexican food
The best part of a layover in Chicago is
Dinner for 10 from Frontera grill $5,500. That will feed a LOT of starving children!
At Frontera Grill with my amazing grad students!!
made reservations in December - can't wait to eat at Frontera Grill tonight!!!
the frontera grill is in the same hood I do believe. You need to eat lunch there. Top-notch Mexican by Rick Bayless.
I just voted for to eliminate the wait with
Me & the Mrs. doin dinner. You already know what it is! — feeling hungry at Frontera Mex-Mex Grill
If you're looking for a job come apply at Hurricane Grill & Wings at La Frontera!!
Rick Bayless: we do our creative work in teams.
Rick Bayless: authenticity is what's authentic to the chef
I heard Scott Boras was taking Kris Bryant to . To show off his new sombrero.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
What is your favorite dish at Frontera Grill? I live near Chicago, so if I go to Frontera Grill what you would suggest.
Today on read about our amazing meal at . Special thanks to and
Yucky day? I fix it with carby comfort foods! 's mashed potatoes, black mole, and…
Truth or consequences with by the great Jay @ Frontera Grill
A bit disappointed at Frontera Grill tonight - menu and flavored seemed to be a bit more pedestrian than I am used to there
If you love salsa as much as I do you will love this burrito bowl!
Delicious torta while waiting for flight to Denver. Thanks ! Next stop, to present w/
JBFA Outstanding Restaurant awarded to restaurant in operation for 10+ years. Considered top prize. Frontera Grill last won it for Chicago.
When ur at frontera grill with ur friends
yes yes. Depends what you’re looking for. Frontera Grill hard to get into but great.
Dragons and chiles and mezcal, oh my! @ Frontera Grill
So happy to be here for my birthday lunch. It's been a few years (at
STOKED to welcome 's serving an Albondigas Torta! 2014 dish (pic) RULED!
Craving some Frontera Grill all of a sudden 🇲🇽
Excited to hear what the team thinks. Lots of coming from these pics already
Menu change day! Staff tasting and taking intense notes. Lots of new flavors headed your way ...
Definitely and its sister restaurants. Also see composting program
Did you actually try it? Me thinks you'd turn that frown upside down. When has ever let us down?
I loved and l'il sister in my favourite US City, which has the best public art I've seen.
it's the first warm night in ages & it's hopping tonight. I walked out of Frontera Grill at 12:00. Perfect material
last night. Frontera Grill today. So many great places 2 eat. Just got here. Already know I'll be back!
Me and my little cusion Zoe at Frontera after my confirmation. 😃 @ Frontera Grill Fairhaven
Mexican cherry chocolate torta from Rick Bayless, I love you. @ Frontera Grill
Thank you for being slightly delayed so I could get Revolution Wit beer and salad from Frontera Grill at O'Hare.
Good food and good company at Frontera Grill love this restaurant
Mexican hot chocolate at Frontera Grill tonight!
MIDWEST MONDAY: Acclaimed Chef, Rick Bayless, returns to the stage with Cascabel, Lookingglass Theatre Company's one-of-a-kind sensory dining experience. Our friends at HMS Media recently joined Bayless in his Frontera Grill test kitchen to record some spots for this highly anticipated theatrical experience. Cascabel opens at the Goodman Theatre on July 30th. Tickets are on sale now. This one is not to be missed!
Ok guys, Ben and I are in Chicago! Where should we go? We're doing Millenium Park, Gino's for lunch, Vermillion for dinner. Should we go to Second City for their "Best of" show? Should we go to Chicago Museum for BioLuminescence? What do you suggest? P.S. Tomorrow is Frontera Grill, Humboldt Park...
In addition to all the other greatness that is Frontera Grill, its gin and tonic is probably the best I've ever had.
Grand Finale to a great week in Chicago! @ Frontera Grill & Topolobampo
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Frontera Grill on So this wasn't my choice for dinner I am not usually one for expensive food, especially mex…
No way, Frontera Grill one of the best restaurants in the city. Xoco great as well.
Having lunch at Frontera Grill in Chicago. Chef Bayless is here!
Girl & The Goat for dinner if you are doing meat. Wishbone for breakfast. Frontera Grill, My fave veg place was Amitabul.
thank you for knowing how to make food and drinks so *** well. Incredible meal at Frontera Grill
another amazing dinner at Frontera grill. Food and the service was excellent!
Brunch by my boy has been very excited for this. (@ Frontera Grill & Topolobampo -
Dinner Thursday night at Frontera Grill on downtown Chicago.
Hey Wildsiders! Come meet Northwestern University Men's Basketball head coach Chris Collins at Frontera Grill in Norris Center during the noon hour on Friday. He'll be giving away FREE chips and guac or salsa! Take advantage of this opportunity to meet your new head coach! See you there!
Ramiro Jeffrey Ribadeneira - while in Chicago on Wed. nite, I had a red bean mash dish with duck fat & duck chicarron at Frontera Grill, a Mexican restaurant run by Chef Rick Bayless.
Finally here been waiting for this a long time (@ Frontera Grill & Topolobampo)
Definitely should have asked him on a date, lunch at Frontera Grill with would be such a win mmm.
Nubian goats newest Cabrini residents by Kristin Cleary July 09, 1998 'What are they, some cows or something?' asked one man said, peering down at the two creatures. 'Keep those things away from my shorty!' a mother cried, pulling her small child's groping hands back from the animals.   'Don't talk like that around your baby!' joked Dan Underwood, program director and pioneer of Chicago's newest urban agriculture project. 'You don't want him to grow up being scared of animals.'   Underwood has been teaching children about the wonders of gardening and farming for nearly seven years. He has created three gardens, known as Cabrini Green as part of the Inner City Horticultural Foundation. Underwood and his young charges harvest a variety of crops, including spinach, lettuce, herbs and many other delectable goodies, and sell them almost weekly to fine Chicago restaurants, including Charlie Trotter's and the Frontera Grill. The lettuce even appears in a special Cabrini Greens salad at Michael Jordan's Restaur ...
My husband flew in and out of Chicago today to take some people to lunch at the Frontera Grill. Love Rick Bayless and love Frontera Grill!
Just found out the famous Chef Rick Bayless is from my new hometown of Oklahoma City! Loved Frontera Grill in Chicago, my old hometown.
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Enjoying a Frontera Grill pulled pork sandwich with pickled onions and habanero salsa, and a margarita on the rocks at O'Hare.
I just ousted Andy S. as the mayor of Frontera Grill on
Laying over in Chicago stinks, but at least I can chow down on a delicious Mexican Torta th @ Frontera Grill
“What's your favorite thing about Chicago?” The people. And Frontera Grill
If you told me the mole sauce was made from elephant *** I still would've li @ Frontera Grill & Topolobampo
I'm going to be one of those people for a minute but it topolobampo so it's d @ Frontera Grill & Topolobampo
Some of the best guacamole I've ever had! Frontera Grill.
Eating at Frontera Grill. Chiles rellenos on the way. It's today's special.
I just ousted as the mayor of Frontera Grill on
Really want frontera grill at Ohare but I'm not even hungry
Frontera grill, American Airlines terminal, ORD. I plan my layovers around it.
Experience culture thru flavors on a plate from at Frontera Grill w —
You can purchase them at Frontera Grill, Topolo or Come on by!
Hey in the windy city next week for 1 dinner, who wins the sprint bw Publican and Frontera Grill? cc:
All of us in front of Daryl's rape van for Jordon's birthday! jordonwalker0722 @ Frontera Grill
Breast Cancer Awareness
Frontera Grill is obviously the feeding grounds for Hoover High School's past and present students.
Huge thx to & his team for a magical evening in the Library @ Frontera Grill
used to be Frontera Grill in the Kmart parking lot - yummm! It was my favorite!
I just ousted Jonathan N. as the mayor of Frontera Mex-Mex Grill on
Watched eat about 3 of the estimated 960 avocados that Frontera Grill will use tonight.
Wife just called Frontera Grill, pretty sure she talked to Rick Bayless about our reservation.
frontera grill is the only Mexican food that needs ketchup
White chocolate ice cream at Frontera Grill for my mom's birthday. :)
Breakfast at Xoco and dinner at Frontera Grill - a day of Rick Bayless eating goodness!
almost a month ago i had the chance to be at Frontera Grill and just loved it... Amazing food and chef!
Having dinner at Frontera Grill in Chicago. Guess who else is here? David Axlerod! GOBAMA!
I am a foodie like you. Eating at Frontera Grill tonight. Where else is great in Chicago to eat.
Mexican street food spread at Frontera Grill in @ Frontera Grill & Topolobampo
Sandwiches don't get better than Frontera Grill's Cubano. It would make Ricky Ricardo weep with joy.
Rick Bayless is chef of Frontera Grill and Topolobampo in Chicago, creator of Frontera gourmet foods, cookbook author and host ofMexico - One Plate at a Time.
One of our 3 professional chefs/ instructors is from the world famous Frontera Grill. Frontera Grill has the number 1 and 2 highest rated Mexican Restaurants in the country, another of our chefs works for American Idol and has prepared meals for the judges, cast and participants like J-Lo, Paula Abdul, Steven Tyler, Simon Cowel and Jennifer Hudson personally; our final chef has cooked for the prestigious Queen of the Sea and for personalities like Muhammad Ali, the Staples Singers, the Pointer Sisters; and has a reputation in Chicago like no other.
I'm heading out soon to be "Chef for a Day" at Frontera Grill. After that, it's lunch with Chef Rick Bayless, and tequila tasting. ¡Estoy muy entusiasmado!
If you're not familiar with Rick Bailamos' dinner theater production, Cascabel (which ran last fall through Lookingglass Theater in Chicago, in conjunction with a three-course meal at Frontera Grill), it was a circus show that starred Bayless himself (yes, doing his own circus stunts), wooing an app...
Spent the time after Renegade wrapped on Sunday night, until our flight on Monday night packing in all of our Chicago eating/drinking. Ate Chicago hot dogs, italian beef sandwiches, Garret's popcorn, The Publican, and Frontera Grill, drank Goose Island beer, and bought whiskey distilled in Chicago.
Does any one in the want a sandwich from Rick Bayless's Frontera Grill? There is one at O'Hare
Fabulous dinner at Frontera Grill (OMG Rick Bayless) with mom and Greg Tufts. Breakfast with Cristina Burack and back to Tucson tomorrow!
Saw David Axelrod walking out of Frontera Grill as I was walking in. And to think I was just going to grab a bite near
Frontera Grill's head chef dishing it up at Taste of the Nation Grand Ballroom
Wow! Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! Sounds like we'll be getting our Mexican on at Frontera Grill and hitting up Navy Pier. Yay...skiball! : D
don't miss Frontera Grill, Xoco, or Topolobampo while in Chicago. Closed Monday (except Xoco, maybe) all Rick Bayless spots
Frontera Grill on I have two of Rick's cookbooks and became a fan watching Top Chef Masters. We visited from P…
Wanna be like all the cool kids? Spice it up! As people who live in scorching climates, such as those of Mexico and India, know well, eating hot stuff can cool you down. "Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical compound that helps us to perspire more readily," says Rick Bayless, the James Beard Award-winning chef of Frontera Grill, in Chicago. When this sweat evaporates, you experience brief relief.
Check out Frontera Grill & Topolobampo (445 N Clark St, at W Illinois St, Chicago) on
is Guiliana and Bill Rancic's new restaurant. That or Frontera Grill.
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