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Front National

Front national is an economically protectionist, socially conservative nationalist party. The party was founded in 1972, seeking to unify a variety of French patriotism currents of the time.

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Fascinating long read on Florian Philippot, the establishment strategist who rebranded the Front National
Man was not born to die on this earth or to become isolationist, with the rise of UKIP, brexit, Front National humanity could die on Earth.
Front National politician Steeve Briois there saying it's ok to use "authoritarian measures" (his words) like Trump…
Far right Front National boss Marine Le Pen dubs EU fraud probe an establishment stitch-up
The leader of France's Front National party Marine Le Pen outlined her proposal for the return of the French...
Yea lmao François Hollande is a joke. Looks ever more likely that Marine Le Pen with Front National will win tho 🌚
16) And while they didn’t vote for Trump or Brexit, they do vote for the Front National in France, for the AfD in Germany, etc. etc. etc.
NEWS : French far-right Front National (FN) party president, member of European Parliament and…
In Paris discussing rise of Front National & the national malaise underlying it. Attacks against Muslims up 300%, against…
BREAKING: Front National's Marine Le Pen calls to BAN free education for foreign children
FRANCE - Le Pens' to work with Trump’s campaign manager as Front National support surges
And so it continues?? Front National's Marine aims to emulate Donald
Fmr French PM de Villepin says it’s wrong to try and liken the Front National to Trump’s Republican Party…
France's far-right Front National "making googoo eyes at the United Arab Emirates" seeking funding
Head of the French far-right party Front National and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen
Madonna wrote a song for Alain (beautiful killer). Bugger, he just said he supports Front National and Marine Le P…   10% Off
Front National's normalization came later—when Sarkozy shifted center-right from "anti-Le Pen republican front" to "neither lef…
Dr Jo the French Gov has no balls Valls ou Hollande, Front National making ground!!
Either the millions of French Muslims loudly denounce the recent Islamist atrocities, or the sinister Front National will silently grow
Front National leader Marine Le Pen saying "we need to combat racism"
"You're not laughing now" Farage gloats. Only bigger smile in European Parliament - Front National's Marine Le Pen
"Brexit has helped the Front National" - Leader Marine Le Pen tells
NOW on - Front National leader Marine Le Pen talks to Emily Maitlis about Brexit
Brexit to Frexit? Front National leader Marine Le Pen could back ‘leave’ camp on UK visit
U of L at the front of Louisville's lacrosse movement: Louisville has knocked off national powers in Notre Dam...
Suspend your campaign in front of a national audience
Far-right leader's aides named in Panama Papers scandal via
Ruby Walsh out of the National ffs 😭😭😭 Sir Des Champs was a good bet at 20/1 if it still runs it will be nowhere near the front now
That is Jordan Spieth's worst front nine at Augusta National - 36. He still leads by three though.
bet it's not easy to be on front of National Enquirer 2 weeks in a row, unless ur a Cruz or an Edwards!
Both parties' presidential front-runners have unfavorable ratings, according to an AP-GfK poll.
Little Giant Ladders
Struggling to pick my Grand National horses for tomorrow. Need inspiration. Need to shut the front door before watching The Last Samurai dvd
Because I didn't grow up in 70s at the height of the National Front & skinheads in the UK?
The front page of today's National is very popular with folks in the West Milton Arms tonight!!!
I'm going to name my top 5 choices for the Grand National, in no order. Saint are. Holywell. Goonyella. Shut the front door. Morning assembly
CAR WRECK SHUTS DOWN HIGHWAYY 199 in AZLE. As part of National Distracted Driving Awareness month, during the...
oh well, good weekend of boxing on and the national. Get the soup ready and sit in front of the tv all weekend!
had the worst customer service at Residence Inn located at National Harbour! Jessica at the front desk should be fired!
U of L is chasing a national title in a sport it didn't even offer a decade ago
If we're making up national day hashtags, I performed constantly in front of huge crowds & I played Blackjack with Mango competing okay
"National" Collegiate Athletic Association. More like, "please play in your front yard only" Collegiate Athletic Association.
Teacher called Muslim student at Texas school 'terrorist' in front of classmates
The National Army Museum book of the Turkish Front 1914-18
The Little Chalet is offering free fondue on National Cheese Fondue Day😍
Current front cover of the National Enquirer. Surprising this isn't being talk about in the UK.
. Where is the PM who is the answerable in-front of the National Assembly because matter is related them
Shut the front door is winning the national tomorrow 🙂
.first new national newspaper for 30 years and this is their front page. Because the Prime Minister didn't lie or anything.
Shut the front door to win the grand national you heard it here first X
Georgians traveling to the frontlines of the Syrian refugee crisis to help:
. “Voting National Front.”. ‘There's 2 adult children & your wife here, can I speak to one of them?’. "They vote how I tell them."
The nationalist and xenophobic “Front National” frames itself as the sole alternative.
The front and back-9 at Augusta National used to be reversed. Can only imagine what it was like to play Amen Corner 3 of your first 4 holes.
Woot hoot!!! in front of my tv set watching the national league pennant being hoisted. ready for that first pitch!! LGM!!!
Things are ahead of schedule on the yr/end front (28th).Like last year,shall ask anything in shop tomorrow? being National day
PATHETIC: Green extremist front group caught lying about how much energy companies spend on global warming lobbying:
Brooklyn case takes front seat in Apple encryption fight
Lunch with Farage: "He returns a few moments later with a face like a National Front manifesto."
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. This is the pinwheel garden set up in front of the Monroe County...
A new national poll shows is building on his status as the GOP front runner
Bull caribou walks in front of the North face of Mount McKinley, Denali National Park, Alaska | Patrick J Endres https:/…
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NY Grilled Cheese set to open in Boca on April 12—in time for
NPD is a nazi party, Front National is not even when nazis vote for. Not everybody needs to be liberal, just one way of life.
Bashar poses for a selfie with the youth wing director of the Front National, a fascist anti-immigrant French party. https:…
(translation: "Hey you, Front National member! You're not France!" ("You too, draw a black Joan of Arc to *** off the FN!")
[new post] France’s Front National, denied loans by all French banks, has reached out to Russian banks to borr...
.on commonality of blueshirts,Pegida,Front National, Tories, Danish Social Democrats & Fidesz
France has voted for far right nationalist party. Just like Scotland. Front National and SNP are ideological soulmates…
Front National makes no gains in final round of regional elections.
French prime minister promises action to tackle &of Front National - The Guardian
"Phew! Relief as No Breakthrough for Front National " by on
Denis MacShane: Elite French civil servants keep leaving jobs in government to run for office as Front National
Not that Palin's crush on Marion Maréchal-Le Pen is a surprise. But it clarifies Tea Party=Front National equation.
Marine Le Pen's Front National routed in French elections today but Farage's UKIP are blaming it all on postal voting
BREAKING: Front National will fail to win a single region in French elections, exit polls suggest
France starts to return to 'normal' as Front National (French UKIP) makes no gains in regional elections.
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Far-right Front National wins record 6.6 million votes in French regional elections
Left voters mobilized heavily for right to defeat Front National there. Still a small possibility the FN won a region with a 3-…
wow: Turnout SOARED in French regions threatened by the Front National, and both Le Pens were crushed. 58-42 in the Nord, 55-45…
France's far-right Front National is beaten into third place in regional elections, exit polls indicate
If the political elite had listened to populist papers the Front National wouldn't be on the verge of political power.
Here is an article in Le Figaro in which 2 French students explain why they voted for Front National:
Colleague Natalie Nougayrede very good on deep roots of Front National in long stagnation of the Republic
Rise of the fascist Front National only part of the problem,
The rise of the Front National is only part of the problem
The discreet charm of the Front National
Seems the French aren't keen on Europe's open door migration policy instigated by Merkel largest French party is now the Front National
Sad to see France's Greens in difficulty in these regional elections, while the Front National sweeps the board. Sarkozy's party 3 (1/3)
Front National- Bet it's that group of Skinheads from La Haine who did this!
How Marine Le Pen has managed to pull the Front National from the extremist fringe into the political center
More success for the terrorists. Marine Le Pen's Front National makes political gains after Paris attacks
Syrian Air Force Intelligence, or Front National, or joint? Conspiracy, I know, just saying
Everyone in Europe is in a state of war . Front national of France will be moving soon .Mosques burning in reprisals unfortunately
Watching their national leaders leading from the front post terror attacks, I will never, forgive ours, laughing at a presser post
I'm sure the Lord's Resistance Army, National Liberation Front of Tripura &the AOG would like a word w/Tom
Police presence along national highway in front of Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College
Hollande will meet with all party leaders tomorrow, including the National Front.
Front National spokesman asking cops to shoot first, ask questions later
Front National are going to make big gains, I fear.
French regional elections are Dec 16. Probably further growth for front national.
Hi, how are you eyeryone❗👋. These are the fountains in front of . the Tokyo National Museum 🍁🍂🍁
Sort of see Front National getting on well as result.
They'll go the same way as the BNP & the National Front before long.
MRCTrackNews: Amazing voice! graceelizalaing sings the national anthem in front of a l…
Again, French people are in for a bad surprise. This will help the extreme-right National Front to win regional elections.
National Front doing well in France
Le Front National's Marine Le Penn cites David Cameron as her new role model
Amazing voice! sings the national anthem in front of a large crowd at Park Sandown. https:/…
Front National have 100% won the next election now, that's for sure.
By 1951, the National Front had won majority seats for the popularly elected (Parliament of Iran).
Well, the National Front will win in France now
. National Front, Marine Le Pen's party must get a surge of backing now.
France is mourning but the National Front had to open their racist mouth.
Marine Le Pen says David Cameron is her new role model
No doubt the National Front is lighting up thinking about how they'll benefit politically from these atrocities.
In upcoming elections in France, the Front National were expect to win big. should be interesting
Westboro baptist, KKK, Army of God, National Liberation Front of Tripura; did these groups get the Bible right?
This would never of all started if we voted in the National Front in the 80s
Groza's prominent position within the National Democratic Front afforded him the opportunity to succeed Gen.
Most likely seizing the moment. Maximizing the profit of the loan for Front national.
Now imagine if Hollande's right hand man goes and declares that the attacks were done by the National Front. That is wha…
Interesting article on Front National - and towards the end, an interesting French usage of "I'm not racist but ..."
Councillor from French far-right party Front National converts to Islam – and urges others to follow
You wonder why more and more French choose Front National? This is one example of many.
52% of the French don't think the Front National is scary (& that's just the ones willing to tell the poll-takers)
The most handsome actor ever---and a nationalist, supporter of Front National and the French people!
Marion Maréchal-Le Pen bids to take the French Riviera for the Front National with hardline campaign
New front opened in battle over Clinton email server
Not creeping any more. The military is now up front. Controlling foreign policy, national security, defence issues https:/…
Single nun watching marching band in front of the National theatre in the afternoon.
On United nations 70th anniversary Baloch National Front (BNF) is going to organize an online campaign asking to in…
Gianna Tucci nails the National Anthem in front of 1200 NYSSBA attendees!
Bruce, don't you sell ads on the front page of National Newswatch? (I know you do -- I've bought one!)
Palestinian Authority: it is a National Commitment to murder Jews . Praise murder of Parents in front of kids.
National Front stung in attempt to ban bee pesticide EU would rather kill than vote with NF …
Marine Le Pen, Front National, stand trial for insensitive speech about Islam.. ht…
It's not just Marine Le Pen's Front National or Geert Wilders' Party in Holland or other Nationalist parties such as in Hungary,
broadcasted by Le Pen: Jean-Marie excluded from France's Front National
BREAKING: Jean-Marie Le Pen expelled from France's far-right Front National, party he co-founded, after meeting with party executives.
France's National Front (FN) founder Jean-Marie Le Pen says he plans to set up his own "grouping" after being suspended fr…
‘Stolen’ car crashes into Balga home: A HOME in Balga could collapse after an allegedly stolen car ploughed into…
and then slope off and join the National Front?
Incoming Cold Front Lends Firefighters Battling firein Montana's Glacier National Park Hope Hope we don't have fires
Do you agree with the National Gallery strikers? 86% of voters do. Front of house crucial to visitor experience.
Thank you, Meanwhile, here's something I wrote on the possibility of multiracial politics in Malaysia:
PAPERS: Here's what's on the front of Tuesday's newspapers:
Front Pages Tue 18 August 2015. Today's front pages in the Greek national press...
Front circle ticket to the Netherlands National Circus at Town Moor Park, Newcastle
Armed Black Panthers protest in front of Texas jail where Sandra Bland died: ‘Oink, oink! Bang, bang!’
how am I an *** Britney feels fine performing in front of thousands of fans & CELEBS, going on national television, -
At this point can we play Ding Ding Ditch with Fernando Rodney and leave him in front of some unsuspecting National League stadium?
They impressively invaded the front page of national newspapers, social media feeds, trend lists, and basically,...
French right-wing tells artists: Earn your keep: France's Front National clashes with artists' collective
Judge rules that Front National can only amend it's statutes by means of a physical congress and not by postal vote
A French court has suspended a ballot by the far-right Front National party on whether to expel its honorary president, Jean-Marie Le Pen …
Le Pen feud: reprieve for Jean-Marie as French court halts Front National ballot on his expulsion as Hon. President
All those people who voted for UKIP's Janice Atkinson must be chuffed. She's gone off to join Le Pen's Front National in …
Ah The French : - Jean-Marie Le Pen stripped of last post as honorary Front National president whatever next ;-)
Far-right Front National members suspected of burning 12 cars to then blog about insecurity of some suburbs. (French)
It must be National Pull Out in Front of Brian Day
Service dog goes beyond the call of duty and jumps in front of bus to save visually impaired owner:...
Antigone in front of the dead Polynices, painting by Nikiphoros Lytras, National Gallery, Athens, (1865).
It must be national Honda pulls out in front of you and goes 20mph day
Back-to-Back champs named NFCA NAIA Coaching Staff of the Year
Photographed by the National Geographic expedition in the Okavango Delta today. No biggy. Doubt I'll make the front cover though.
Loved being able to sing the national anthem in front of these amazing volunteers this morning!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Tell me how I can go perform in front of a thousand people at a national competition no prob but I'm nervous for training at work?
UKIP & Front National think it's a good idea to block Russia financing European parties. They want Putinistic Stalinism? …
Service dog jumps in front of bus to save blind woman
It's National Iced Tea! Sit on your front porch with a glass!
N.Y. service dog leaps in front of bus to save blind owner
Sad day in the EP and for the UK as UKIP vote with Front National, Jobbik to defend Putin's interests
Monday blues have you down? Pick up the phone and call your sister from another mister, your bossum buddy, heck,
just joined Le Pen's Front National in voting in EuroParl to support Vladimir Putin. An embarrassment to the Uni…
Service dog recovering after leaping in front of bus to protect blind owner:
This dog is SUCH a hero! Running in front of a bus to protect its blind handler. If you missed our story this...
Ukip and French National Front oppose transparency of Russian donations to European political parties. Wonder why? http:/…
UKIP stand together in EU Parliament with French Front National in opposing transparency of Russian funding of political p…
Shocking: UKIP MEPs side with Front National to try and block criticism of Russia funding political parties in Europe htt…
Abia is now in the front burner of national discourse for electoral malpractices. PDP has been reduced to rely on blatant rig…
.Do you seriously think Cons are like the BNP or the Front national? That shows remarkably poor understand…
After months on the front lines, Ukrainian National Guard members are being trained in basic skills as part of a $19 million American
I woke up this morning to find Sisi in front of my house! Visiting the new National Library And…
if you want that then vote BNP or National Front next time
Blue and red (in front of Tokyo National Museum, Ueno Park)
"Front National family feud nuclear as Jean-Marie disowns Marine Get rid of my name by marrying your concubine lol
Sunday's National Newspaper Front Pages: Sky News takes a look at the stories making a splash on the front pag...
Only ONE national newspaper appears to note the London march on its front page today. Thousands marching on Downing St isn't news?
Has Marine Le Pen Escaped Her Father’s Shadow?: Laura Swinburne follows up on her piece on the Front National as…
National newspapers front page election round-up
.not sure if I like the National Front wheel steer thing 😂
yeah we saw protests outside no.10 .looked terrible! When I left UK it was the National Front marching thru London -- oh dear ?x
The family feud that could rival any previously seen in
3 NLFT militants surrender in Tripura: In Tripura, three hard-core National Liberation Front of Tripura, NLFT...
Abu Dhabi by [at]noorshamma "The Postcard Initiative" made it to front page in The National Newspaper! Grab your co…
Deepika can't take TOI article & Pic, But can sit in front row and enjoy the Offensive Comedy targeting women? AIB National …
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Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad. Happy National PR Da…
Women standing on the flag in front the National Guard defending their city from riots and looters. I hate her.
Brockport fire chief says national grid reported the fire as they were fixing a poll in front of the home.
Three militants surrender in Tripura: Agartala, May 10 (IANS) A top militant of the National Liberation Front ...
Highlights of nice 1-0 win over Atlanta in front of 9,058 fans at the National Sports Center.
Top story: The U.S. has been trying to fight jihadists on the propaganda front.… see more
Jean-Marie Le Pen warns France Front National not ready for power |
The National Observer focuses on news through the lens of & federal politics.
No need to - he only exposed and reiterated what openly said in front of natio…
to attend a Front National event in silence; Marine is trying to clean up the fascist party's image:.
France's Front National plunged into family feud over Holocaust remarks
is funding EU right-wing Front National, Golden Dawn, Northern League, Jobbik and Freedom Party. . In Turkey?.
Far-right Front National: from protest vote to 'first party in France'?
Zlatan Ibrahimovic told to leave France by Front National leader Marine Le Pen
Head of French Jewry has publicly endorsed National Front leader Marine describing her as "irreproachable".
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
personnel of this station provided police presence in front of Pilar National High School of this town
In National Front town education officials' outrage over move to teach Arabic in schools. (en francais):
"I remember members of the National Front and Combat 18 attacking my parents' place of business in North London." .
woman to front national 'I Can' campaign
Front page of the National! Patent for invention of new car steering system - Congrats to UAEU's Reem Al Marzouqi!
.The BNP was sending out warning calls more than 30 years ago, the National Front almost 50 and Mosley nearl…
Something is seriously wrong, if just ahead of budget, the FM's dress is discussed in the front page of a national newspaper
On February 26, Andrey Kortunov received a delegation of the Polisario Front National Secretariat
looks like in 3 weeks time, the Front National will become the single biggest party in France. panic on teevee
so glad that labour are working so close with the National Front Fascists.
Let's be happy we're not losing in front of millions on national TV
Friday's The National Front page:. Bolt from the blue.
Look at it this way.. If you wouldn't say it on national television, don't say it out loud. In front of other people. Sh
The nighty with the dupatta covering the front shud be our national dress !! We r like this only !! ,)
Get free front page ad on national newspaper, priceless. Charleville Lodge Hotel sets the bar high and the irony...
Turf war at the fire front - Background Briefing - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)...
MDC-T youths trade blows in front of Tsvangirai via
Trine softball one of 5 national games featured for next week!.
I shag one sheep!. An easy explanation for Martyn Heale on why his National Front past is mentioned..
Front National to approach UN on self-determination and discriminatory practices in South Africa -
Can't wait to play in front of thousands of fans & on national TV
At in front of the national museum in Korea!
National spotlight gets brighter on Walker: Gov. Scott Walker seems to have picked up a new title: front runner.
The profile for Front National SA has been accepted in the Department of Economic and Social Affiars’ (DESA) Civil Society database.
Casino gaming contributes $75 billion to local communities in key presidential battleground states
At least Nebraska's embarrassment isn't in front of the home crowd and only in front of a national audience tonight.
N.R. Burger Forensics team ranked No. 9 in the country by the National Speech and Debate Association.
Union leader exposed as a liar for making totally fabricated claim that UKIP are allied to the Front National.
Fellow in front doesn't seem fussed “There are reports of an explosion at Westfield West City
'Sure, I was in the National Front before UKIP, but at least I wasn't in the actual Gestapo'
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(Daniel) At a press conference in Pretoria at 10:00 this morning, Front National, with immense gratitude, announced that the Medical Parole Board finally approved the release of Clive Derby-Lewis on grounds of his medical condition. We are now awaiting the formality of the Minister signing it off. We are confident that Clive will be returning home soon. It was a long and difficult struggle involving hard work, protest actions, petitions, articles, visits, a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, but above all: faith and prayer. It was a costly exercise in terms of money and also emotionally challenging to the people directly involved, but it was worth every cent and every second. In the end it also stands as evidence of the fact that the voice of the Afrikaner people has not gone completely silent. From this point on we focus on self determination. We’ve crossed the first barrier in our way – now we need everybody’s help for the road ahead. + Daar is vanoggend om 10:00 ‘n perskonferensie geh ...
Front National and Lega Nord celebrated SYRIZA's win for a reason: the far left form a coalition with the far right: htt…
France’s Le Pen says Paris attacks work of US or Israeli agents: PARIS: According to a report, published in The Independent, founder of France’s far right Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen has said that the Charlie Hebdo massacre may have been the work of an “intelligence agency”. In an interview with a virulently anti- Western Russian newspaper Komsomolskaïa Pravda, Mr Le Pen, 86, gave credence to conspiracy theories circulating on the internet suggesting that the attack was the work of American or Israeli agents seeking to foment a civil war between Islam and the West, the report said. The independent report further says,“The shooting at Charlie Hebdo resembles a secret service operation but we have no proof of that,” the newspaper quoted Mr Le Pen as saying.“I don’t think it was organised by the French authorities but they permitted this crime to be committed. That, for the moment, is just a supposition.” To justify his comments, Mr Le Pen pointed to the fact that one of the Kouachi ...
Monetary policy boosts extremism? 39% voted for Front National because of "purchasing power" concerns
Nice thing about the Front National: I love their insistence that they’re a patriotic party:
Front National & Syriza: Because when you're Far Right... you're Far Left.
all of the above - but let us not forget Front National and insularity of la france profonde...
Listening to last week's FT World Weekly, talking about France. A French exchange student told me whenever this happens, Front National
Matthew Parris says "France's Front National are a populist party". which political party is not populist? Dork!
How typical of the PC-left.. With how far gone France is, Charles de Gaulle would probably be part of le Front National in today's world
The leader of France’s rightwing Front National (FN), Marine Le Pen, has asked French President Francois Hollande to suspend the visa-free Schengen Area in Europe and strip dual nationals of their French...
Some context and perspective on yesterdays events: Charlie Hebdo is an openly far-left publication staffed by open-borders fanatics; the kind of people who generally regard occaisional Islamic atrocities in Europe as a price worth paying to realise their perverted dream of destroying French\European identity and nationhood by way of mass immigration. These supposed defenders of 'democracy and free speech' also once ran a petition in the magazine calling for the Front National to be banned. Here are some examples of their vicious and obscene attacks on Marine Le Pen (the cartoonist responsible was presumably among the victims). All the murders should be condemned obviously, but today, my thoughts and prayers are with the fallen Police Officers and their families, including the one who was himself a Muslim.
The more he speaks the more likely Le Pen and Front National will sweep next elections
France's Front National call for the return of the death penalty after
Mark hunter remembers 's fights against the Front National.
These are the same mass-media journalists for whom "WWII-uniform"-wearing Banderites and Front National a…
Under the UK system it would be possible that DLR would have an MP and the Front National would not.
They key difference between UKIP and the Front National perhaps is idealogical. 12
"France will fall into the hands of either Shari’a Law or the Front National"
France's right-wing Front National received a 40million euro loan from a bank with close links to according to Der …
Le Pen basks in attention at Front National conference
The far-right French party Front National is in talks with a Kremlin-linked bank to borrow €40 million to win power in France, Mediapart ...
He's right. Far right like UKIP, Golden Dawn, Front National etc have racist views and incite hatred.
€40m of Russian cash will allow Marine Le Pen’s Front National to
French far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen got 9 million € loan from a Russian bank. ht…
A far-right local councillor shocks Marine Le Pen's party by becoming a Muslim and sending Front National officials a video in which he urges them to embrace Islam
Until you win, you are a minority, just like France's FRONT NATIONAL.
Illegal immigrants making desperate bids to reach Britain have turned the port of Calais into a lawless 'jungle', says Front National leader Marine Le Pen. Le Pen seized on escalating tensions in the town by calling for the urgent reintroduction of internal border controls that have been banished across much of Europe. The leader of the Front National made the remarks during a visit to the northern port town where riot police this week used teargas to ward off hundreds of immigrants seeking to jump on to lorries bound for Britain. [ 172 more words. ]
Can't even describe the feeling of Huzur (aba) standing in front of Lajna UK 2day Ijtema.
1st exit poll gives Poroshenko bloc narrow lead at 23% (National Front 21.3%). Communists out of parliament.
A councillor from Front National has converted to Islam – and says their party should too
Front National councillor urges French far-Right party to convert to Islam, if in France, it would've urged him not to do it
A local councillor representing Marine Le Pen’s far-right party, the Front National, has announced he has converted to Islam – and has urged fellow party members to do the same. Most people in the UK will vote for the party that their parents voted for.
Front National councillor converts to Islam and urges party to do the same
Why are Labour even letting National Front exist?
All you punks and all you teds, National Front and natty dreads, mods, rockers, hippies and skinheads, keep on fighting till you’re dead
Front National Councillor Suspended For Recruiting Colleagues to Islam: A councillor of the French anti-imigra...
{Paddy Ashdown is the Chair of the Liberal Democrats 2015 General Election Team} FORMER Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown has compared the SNP to the anti-EU Ukip and the far right in France, Germany and Austria in a scathing attack on Scottish nationalism. The Lib Dem grandee accused the SNP of making the “most simplistic” arguments and of promoting divisive policies along similar lines to right wing nationalist parties in Europe and the anti-welfare Tea Party in the USA. Lord Ashdown told delegates at a fringe meeting at the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow, that Ukip and the SNP reach the “erogenous zones of the public” with their powerful arguments in an era where division triumphs over unity. The Lib Dem peer drew a direct comparison between the nationalism of the SNP and that of the Euro-sceptic Ukip’s leader Nigel Farage as well as controversially with the far right Front National in France led by Marine Le Pen. Lord Ashdown, who led his party for over a decade, said: “If you look back ...
takes defence of *** against Front National, hits back with French revolution and Jean Jaurès
Front National : Two members to press charges of hate speech against comedian Casper de Vries
VIR DIE WAT WONDER waaroor die Stellaland Republikeine gaan; hier is die dispuut wat verklaar is by VN, Brittanje, Unpo en Europese Parlement. Dis duidelik dat Stellaland nie net nog 'n Boererepubliek is wat deur die jare afgeteken is nie. Lees mooi deur en jy sal besef waaroor dit gaan: STELLALAND Front National is a registered political party in the Republic of South Africa. FN was asked to facilitate a dispute about the Republic of Stellaland. 1. Stellaland is a British Protectorate brought about by an agreement signed by Sir Alfred Milner on behalf of the British government and President Van Niekerk of the Republic of Stellaland in 1884. 2. Stellaland did not take part in the Anglo-Boer War of 1899 – 1902 and was indeed, as a British Protectorate, used to house British troops in the conflict. 3. Stellaland as a territory was not included in the peace negotiations of 1902 at Vereeniging, comprising of the Cape Colony, Natal colony, Transvaal and the Free State. 4. Stellaland was not mentioned in the ...
Graffiti in Paris interprets emblem of French far right party Front National.
“A new rising in Not looking good with Front National winning more seat
Persverklaring / Press Release 19 Junie 2014 Front National Challenges EFF leader to speak out in public / Front Nasionaal daag EFF leier om uitlatings in die openbaar te herhaal. Front National wishes to express their serious objection to the statements made by the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, mr Julius Malema, in the national Parliament on 18 June 2014. Since the moment of his arrival in Parliament after the May 7th elections, mr Malema expressed his lack of respect for the institutions of democracy and the Parliament by the way the representatives of the party dresses for Parliamentary sessions and in the way in which Mr Malema, in his speech, addressed the Speaker. Front National respects democracy and the standing of the National Parliament and seriously objects to the public display of disregard being made of it. Further to this, Mr Malema’s degrading statements regarding white South Africans and their linguistic capabilities borders on hate speech. To say that white people who does no ...
Front National is of the opinion that the objections by mrs Limpho Hani, widow of the former SACP Leader Chris Hani, against the release of Clive Derby-Lewis should be regarded as unfounded. Hani was assassinated in April 1993 and Derby-Lewis (78) is currently serving a lifelong prison sentence for…
After mr le pens vile comments about Jews in the oven, uk towns and cities must review ties to Front National run local councils
The efforts of Marine Le Pen to organise an alliance of Eurosceptic parties to disrupt the European Parliament have been damaged by her father’s latest anti-Semitic remarks on the Front National website.
I meant Front National, the party that Marine Le Pen leads.
Much enjoyed delivering Kelvin Radcliffe memorial lecture on rise of Front National last night Great audience & hospitality
Shocked, one of my best students at ESSCA writes in the essay: "Elites have made of the Euro the Trojan horse of extreme globalization" wonder the Front National has so many votes...
It is with utmost shock and contempt that Front National learned of the latest outrage perpetrated by the Department of Correctional Services against the elderly Clive Derby-Lewis (78), who is serving his 22nd year in jail for his part in the assassination of the General Secretary of the SA Communist Party, Chris Hani, on April 10 1993. Mr Derby-Lewis is terminally ill, having been diagnosed with lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer and suffering from gangrene and hypertension. Mr Derby-Lewis was attacked by fellow prisoners in February of this year during which he suffered a broken arm and was severely traumatised. Two weeks later a second, more serious attack, resulted in him being stabbed in the back with a sharpened piece of glass, perforating his cancerous lung. His condition deteriorated rapidly and he was removed to Eugene Marais Hospital. It is now reported that mr Derby-Lewis, already terminally ill and traumatised, was diagnosed with a heart condition resulting in a painful swelling of the ...
Populist parties will take at least a quarter of the 751 seats in the new European Parliament, ranging from Greece’s far left Syriza to France’s Front National and Hungary’s ultranation
As the military lifts its ban on women in combat, let's remember that almost a third of its female force is... National Front got 24 seats? Man, it will will be a bloodbath. Pray for Europe.
All sick of NWO? France's far-right leads EU eurosceptic 'earthquake'
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