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Front Line

A front line is the farthest-most forward position(s) of an armed force's personnel and equipment - generally in respect of maritime or land forces.

Border Security Jack Kilby

Under 20 and bumped to the front of the line on the spectator sport. Thank you America :D
I'm old. It's some kids in front of me in this line just screaming out the window and I'm like take y'all *** home
They are in for Giroud as well. If they get him as well then they have replaced Lukaku and got an upgrad…
The girl in front of me in line is really talking to her bf about kids and he is just shutting her down 😂
Trump is toying with the lives of millions of South Koreans and approximately 40,000 US troops stationed in SK.
Terrible admission by Govt. I suggest they spend time on the front line where the scale of the issues is obvious.
Mixed up the line & put in groups with semi pros. Go in room, sing in front of producer, coach and so…
I’ll fight on the front line of this harsh battle. That’s the very pride of a warrior!. I’ll clear the path. Follow me, everyone!!
I've so nearly got the definition line in the front of my *** quad and I'm BUZZING
I added a video to a playlist Battlefield 1 Back on the front line online... Road to 300 Subs (Live
Perhaps if tax payers money went to front line staff in public sector rather than non jobs like this i…
Maybe Politicians should take a pay cut. They don't deserve the pay rise they get, whe…
He should be on front line with soldiers for a day. One day. Then his mannequin looking children next…
Since April 2017 has dealt with over 76,000 incidents across Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent. Great wor…
Tales from the front line of The 10 Most Inconvenient Nappy Changes
Israel is the front line in the war against the Muslim Middle East, full support and kudos
Reflecting on the constant evolution of the UIAA Safety Label & Standards.
A woman stands with a child in hand and a young girl at her feet in front of a television. Televisions line the wall.…
Come on Sussex councillors, join the front line at resistance goes from strength to strength.
Looking forward to the next side with JT at the back and Defoe spearheading the front line.…
NO way I can thank Sanders for pushing his way to the front of the line AGAIN after trashing Dems & Hillary.
This is out in front of The Double Down in response to the giant line around The Grove…
An astonishing feat of detective work by from the front line with ISIS:
I would love to see your calculations, you have taken into accoun…
I Thank the RPA who took a decision to fight for Liberation of was on the Front line
You can boil feature factory angst down to smart, front-line problem solvers sensing waste / lack of rigor
The guy in line in front of me at the gas station at midnight bought an energy drink and condoms. He's got plans.
I do hope we won't see a silly attempt to separate "front line" staff from their essential support staff when it comes to p…
I understand. My point is NHS needs investment at front line and in research to advance
God has marked your inheritance ahead of time; then he favours you to be in the front of the line , honouring those He loves - Psalm 47:4
There's not line, God is at Front Desk
Spotted in Strasbourg waiting in line in front of the security gate
needs fewer front line defenders. Whereas had the Lions lost…
When I'm standing in line, I only hate the people in front of me. Everyone behind me is cool.
Hopefully she puts her chest out and hits the line in front
We ain't buying Keita to complete our front line, he won't work there. So stop that idiocy. Kurang2inlah main Sims City.
Tarrs woman joined firefighting family on the front line - Tribune-Review
Wikileaks is in the front line trenches fighting for our freedom! Their editor Julian Assange is paying a terrible pric…
"Noone could enter The Dark Portal, servers couldn't handle the traffic, on some servers people got in a line in front of The Dark Portal."
Spare a thought for our primary teachers. Up since midnight with SATS results. Ridiculous treatment of front line professionals
Today I waited in line for a concert for 7 hours. I ended up front row and center with my favorite band (Ajikan) in an amazing concert.
thank you!!! there's about 30 people in front of us so I'm praying nobody cuts the line 😭
PC taken off front line 'for stealing biscuits'
In the Sonic drive through at 2:30 am. There is a long *** line, and the *** in front of me are blasting the radio and singing.
The Gov pays there self 14% pay rise There thiefs stealing the money from front line workers get rid a…
🥀💕🐬: automatic skip to front of line. I love you man. I never would have thought we would be this cool. We got more memories to make.
The Iceberg of Ignorance: Why front line staff should lead .
appears your neighbour went to speak to those on the front line. Suggest you do simil…
Especially for our front line police and first response emergency services. I cann…
Front Line are Facing Life Threatening Dangers like NEVER BEFORE Need to step up to the mark sit…
I’m just a man standing in front of a woman, who is standing in front of another man who is in front of another woman in li…
Thank u. He wants to do Pararescue. We'll see. LOL. Tough gig to get..2nd is sniper, 3rd is (my chce) weldi…
Thanks for letting me wait five hours and cutting off the line when I got to the front. No co…
LOADED! Check out the Paladins Patch Preview for OB51, featuring the new Front Line Champion Ash, The War Machine! https:…
Our colleague took this today, just a 1 km from the front line in Since the battle began, over 500,000 people have fled t…
Your MCM gets to the front of the line and hits us with a "Yeah, can I get uh"
Wonder if Theresa May's being held up for a late run and Spencer's going to put her head in front on the line.
How can human trafficking front line responders use technology?
Then lets just see this academic mount up, put his rear end on the line and get out on the front lines. ISIS will pay you…
I cannot understand how this has been allowed to happen. Please support the organizations on the front line. We...
Guess what? It's the red states that in in the front line during hurricane season. . Trump's FEMA never gave flood relief ear…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
If you care about your future health care don't vote Tory. I say this as a front line GP
Now playing Front Line by Steve Edwards, Tuff London Click here to listen in
"Culture Clash on the Front Line" - The Story of the Jamaicans in Bristol
"A New Cold War Begins and the Private Sector is on the Front Line" by on
Shoutout to the lady in line at lunch today who let me go in front of her cuz she remembered the struggle to get to class on time🙏🏻
Tales from the front line of Valentine Schmalentine
ppl in front of me in line keep excessively PDAing this is so awkward
No excuse for the D-Line. Scheme doesn't matter. It's 1 on 1. Beat the guy in front of you. N they suck balls pushed around
1 year since I waited 24hrs in line to be front row dead middle at Big Bang in Melbourne wow
High and a winner, play the front line, take the don'ts . He's comin' out again for a new point, get your bets now, ladies and gentlemen
Jade Klump will check in for Kentucky in the 65th minute. She replaces Tanya Samarzich on the front line for the Wildcats.
Front of the line for everything and you get into Andrew's panel.
I'm making "Hilary Said I'm Front Line" coupons & to hand it out to all the Muslims so they can cut lines.
Oct. 19 - Detailed 50 men for working party on communication trench, front line trench, and cable trench
Selling 2 front row 50-yd line A&M tickets for next week if anyone is interested!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Kurds are stalwart. The most effective Middle East fighting force against ISIS. Drive to the front line in their…
Dixie Dukes wishes Dingo the best. She is on the front line of the war on squirrels Screech Owls named Phred too
Soldiers did not sacrifice their lives on the front line for this to be made:
Me: *stands in line for 10 minutes*. *** "I'm standing down here bc I was told this was the front by staff, and I've been here forever."
Currently freezing in the front of the line waiting to see and
If the guys at the front line (Haitian leaders in Haiti) had the integrity and vision to realize the true power...
Exactly. This sums it up for me. There was literally no listening to front line physicians no matter what CMS is spinning…
Thoth would be reading his many books. The words themselves came off the pages and floated in front of him in a continuous line.
Iraq: UNICEF delivers water at the front line of Mosul operation
When u take a selfie of your squad on Snapchat and turns out it isn't on front camera & everyone in the line saw u took a photo of the wall.
Wow, . you may be having a stressful day, but remember the goal if you are front line staff. It is called...
Arron Rodgers aint crazy big but that boy can throw the ball hard..If he had a better front line> thinks
This offensive line has to compete an make holes up front. Howard is the guy they want with ball more often than not.
Hey guys, have you visited my online clothing line yet? So much gear that it's hard to keep up with...
Islamic State: on the front line with Iraqi forces via
I skipped fifty people at the ice cream shop when Hilary asked me to be on the front line.
Turns out, "”Close is a lingerie shop without a front window,” truly doesn't mean anything at all.
I'm in a line with 4 people in front of me & this homeless man is paying for his tacos & soda with his coins & doesn't have enough ..
that line was Koivu granlund pulkinin - I call that the Finnish front ha ha
I hate when I'm in line and everyone in front of me takes forever and I'm quick with my business once it's my turn...
Anybody tryna front me 15 a line of drop?
the line to buy in Mexico City is HUGE!! This is just the front of it!!!
And that it was. Attention had, indeed, been fixated upon one single flower held directly in front of one's line of —
I have been on ride alongs and understand (re: SPS front line/first responders) -CC
People love cigarettes Jesus Christ everyone in front me in this line just got cigarettes
just got in line! I'm all the way in the back are you in the front?!
Battle for Mosul: On the front line near Bartella, Iraq
At the bar. Line for the ladies room is so long. Why don't girls dress up as janitors when they go out? Cut right to the front of the line.
This woman in front of me in line is full out stretching bent over and everything
Recently discovered 11th commandment: Thou shalt not cut in front of a long line of cars waiting to exit, bc that make…
An unmissable report from by our colleague When he says front line, he means it. Gripping
Line up for Frank Says in front of Rainforest Cafe. We are playing in 2 minutes for 2 gifts cards.
Charm is an A-Line jean skirt with classic front button available in XS-M!
There is more plastic in the front row at Dodger Stadium than on the assembly line at Toyota
Hillary: "We need Muslims on the front line of fighting terror.". Muslims: "We need white people on the front lines of fi…
on the curlys line and I hear the boy in front of me say "is ice cream actually bad for you or no?"
My section stands in the front. We play the melody line for the show. We are not allowed to play while horn line is warming
well don't @ my friends and I bc we were in the front of the line too and we all deserved barricade. not my problem you didn't.
Good sequence from the 4th line. Close chance from a scramble in front
Mahalo to the hard work of our front line employees! We made . Best 5 list!
All those years oppressing women from entering the military it is time we send the best feminist to the front line.
Wow stood in line for hours & got all the way to the front for them to be over capacity. Trampling people over Nick Cannon he ain't Future 🙄
As I was ordering lunch at Subway, the man in front of me in line told the cashier he would like to buy my meal.
New video added: Battle for Mosul: One the front line near Nawaran, Iraq -
will be first in line at Madonna's front door. "I did not have sexual relations with that women,never mind I did."
She really needs to retire this line. It's awful.
1918 20/10 The whole front line for Canadian Corps was on the Wallers-St Amand railway at night
ABC correspondent reports from the front line north of Mosul.
I'm about to FaceTime the O Line. We're not winning up front. Disappointing.
Imagine a line consisting of Carr, Gallagher and Shaw? I bet all 3 would be in front of the net 😂
Joseph Garreffa's pass in front hits a stick and just creeps across the goal line - 2-0 Rangers.
Listen to Tuff London & Steve Edwards - Front Line by Data Transmission on
Editor Andrew Johnson handing CEO Brian Molefe his copy of Leadership: Perspectives from the Front Line!…
And yet the British media wouldn't describe this as 'Front Line'! Makes me cross.
How Steel City Became the Front Line in America's Cyberwar: “Encryption is part of our lives,” said Keith Mul...
"dumb criminals never cease to amaze me"... True Tales from the Front Line at ht…
Book no. 13 of 2016 | 'On the Front Line: The Collected Journalism of Marie Colvin'. This book…
On the Front Line - Marie Colvin: Veteran Sunday Times war correspondent, Marie Colvin was killed in February ...
I love old people, but man when there's a herd of them cutting in front of you in the line up for the bus that hurts LOL
Just doing something stupid in the front of finish line
Undecorated ideas in order to front line imprison landscaping: diM
"[Mrs Secretary, what makes you especially qualified to head the executive branch?]". Her "front-line" argument:
*** those evil Tories, starving the NHS of vital funds for front-line services..
Straight to the front of the line in&out
Vandy's front line is entirely preying mantises on pogo sticks.
If I could have any super power it would be to make people pee themselves. . I'd get to the front of every line so fast.
When you're trying to get a shake at steak & shake and the fat *** in front of you gets $42 worth of food and you've been in line 15 mins.
Vol. 5. What happened at the COP 21 in Paris? Front Line Report from Kim Schumacher.
Waited in line to see you tonight in IC and never got to the front... Maybe next time?
SJ very well balanced up front now. Playing with A lot of pace. Nice when u have Courure as 3rd line C
in 15 mins! See everyone soon at the JetBlue University to experience their front-line training
she outta line. Might have to stone her in front of 1st mariner arena
Third line looking well .. They need to tighten up the plan .. 2x Calle behind net watty salo cruised past front instead of camped
On the front line of Afghanistan's battle with ISIL
Also there are lots of Giants and Lakers fans to serve on the front line of any potential wars.
Sun-Sentinel: Wildlife refuges on front line of land and water wars
*dies*. *goes to *** . *walks to the front of the line to get in* . "Hey, my friend has a table"
You brought up the front line debate, which is valid, but has nothing to do equal rights.
What up gaze open-mouthed on behalf of in any case purchasing high eroded front line: nkn
I suggested that all members of the leadership team sacrifice a little bonus money and provide insurance for our field/front line ppl
Tales from the front line of 50 Things That Make Me Happy
British journalist John Cantlie brought front line conflict news about atrocities in Syria. Taken hostage in Syria.
Huge step up in front line competition.
*customer waits in line for 10 minutes* . *gets to the front*. "Oh gosh idk what I want okay lemme see"
Tom Brady would have had a better game if he would have had the Blue *** front line protectin him...
My current WIP was eaten by another story that clawed its way through blood & fire to the front of the "Tell Me!" line. So, changing gears.
Start Year Right// Please your self w my HOT toy Line. like having me in front of you Store
If you have the attendant wheelchair you in front of me in line at the airport... At least limp up the ramp.
I'm standing front line screaming bring it on
--recognition for it. It's always people on the front line. I'm never on the front line. Neither do i wanna be.
It's crazy to see chicks line up in front of the stage waiting for performers after a show
Return to the front line of the coal miners' battle for dignity. WATCH: The at 9p on https:…
the former head of Army never served at the front line, never a combat troop, just an office warrior.
get one back. Who else? Third line. Hard work along the boards. Martinook works to front and Richardson roofs re…
Even at the front. Of the line. Someone . Is ahead you.
- Not quite. I flipped the front and then set the back next to it. Back print doesn't line up.
if he got close enough to be in the photo with MLK at the front of the line, then that's close.
bell hooks once said the term "ally" is problematic. If I'm on my front line fighting, and you on yours, why are we allies?
I let her cut in front of me, much to the dismay of everyone else in line.
Standing in line for the bathroom, a tiny girl ran up to the front of the line, doing the peepee dance.
The front line workers are protected and the rest who pay there wages can screw themselves. Long live NDP and Queen Nutley.
Why is a freshman inbounding to a front line walk-on 80 ft from basket?
I liked a YouTube video Jack Kilby & the Front Line: Backstage Sally
My new sounds: Jack Kilby & the Front Line: A Tribute to Someone on
Run defense is horrible up front. Our D-Line getting handled
For when you're in the mood for front-line entertainment.
The name on the front is a *** of a lot more important than the name on the back. Great line from a great movie
Saints offensive line still struggling. If you're looking for the start of offense's problems, it's up front.
One of the workers complimented me and gave me some front of the line passes☺️
He going be a big boy keep hanging on front line smh ... He be so mad at me 😂😭
Out on the front line, don't worry I'll be fine
So I'm getting gas at Costco and some rude person just comes up from the end of the line and goes to the front what the hay?!?!!!
However, rest of those aforementioned Americans just DON'Tcare! They represent front line "dumming down" of America!
[Jesus in line at the grocery store in front of me]. Clerk: $123.56, sir. Jesus: *pulls out 20 coupons*. Me: great... Christ…
Lol waiting in line for Dent School House and the fourteen year olds in front of us start smoking
Can like 50ish people from the front/middle of the line leave please
A lot to like about the Strome-->JT-->Lee goal tonight. Not fancy, just really quick. From behind goal line to two feet in front.
Wanna see the line up for the Macy's Day Parade to see what famous people are behind & in front of me!!
'Dog elimination day': inside Bali's confronting street battle to beat…
Front line is actually putting a hand on runners as they fly by.
Trying to go to horror nights tmrw, but the "front of the line" passes are sold out!😑 how long is the wait time for them mazes?
Parents are on the front line and IF they can't see it due to their own blindness about their "baby" then Y…
Quick action in emergencies saves lives, push up to the front of the line.
Tales from the front line of Doing it in Public
Listen to Front Line - M3 Ft. Wikked, SnaggLay, Red by Ma2g3ic (M3 Magic) on
I was standing in line at McDonald's, and the lady's total in front of me was was $17.38. 😱😱😱
The created this great infographic titled "Cities on the front line of a changing climate"
Free webinar on how to break into the tech industry and land a lucrative job as a coder
" Honey you're embarrassing me in front of Buster Posey." . My favorite ad line ever.
So how about I just seen a cop turn on his lights just to pass 5 cars(includin me) got to the front of the line and then turn them off ***
How are the lines ? going to be up there next weekend? Wondering if should do front of the line tickets
Fires escalate in homeland of front line report from at
Is it rude to tell the lady in front of me in the check-out line that I'm a and I can help her?
And now I'm in the front of the line!. .
I got their at like 2:40 ish and was close to the front of the line but kept moving back...
Children and Youth on the Front Line: Ethnography, Armed Conflict and Displaceme
agree, but iothers short a definitely on plane Screaming line drives. Left right left the Ethier bloop out front, timin
UK not ready period. still not enough up front for this team. getting pushed around on the line
Front and center at the Spotlight Gala with the awesome Drum Line got the party started off right!
Lots of women were on the front line, too, reporting the
Well, the message on the front got me to open it. But then the first line tells me I'm a hater...
Pushing to line strategies from leading experts:
Emanuel should show leadership...holster-up and join the police on the front line.
Who in the TSU Future line and in the front?
When I was waiting In line for my lunch. Everybody cut in front of me.. Then the cash machine broke. . To be continued
Jack had an epic rant about the lady in front of him in the CVS line tonight. It included air quotes. I love that kid
Wiping out STEPS in front of the finish line at the Conference meet and quickly crawling across
Photo shoot today. This front line. 💪🏼
Once i put myself on the front line for you & you make me look stupid, you and anything we had going on is dead to me.
I say FLA, because they may have been touring with Skinny Puppy, but I was there for Front Line.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I’m doing a travel channel TV show. Well, I’m flying to Oz with a bag of magic mushrooms to get on Border Security: Australia’s Front Line.
Free Training for Front Line workers in Waltham Forest, follow this link to register
This Month's issue of the Front Line intellectual Disability Magazine from inclusion Ireland is out on the link below
Internal service cooperation is paramount today. Read more in our book Leading From the Front Line.
to our 1st ever Battleship: Front Line
Texas the Front Line on High School ECG Debate: Cody Stephens was trying to shed some…
Border Security: Canada's Front Line: The work of officers of the Canada Border Services Agency as its staff e...
5 of 5 stars to On the Front Line by Marie Colvin
25% done with On the Front Line, by Marie Colvin
Ah well, still rather listen to the Front Line, Mighty Diamonds, Keith Hudson etc!
Do they advertise the burgers with tomato, lettuce etc..only for you to get to the front of the line to see these features gone?
The line is long & moving slow thank gawd the guy in front of me is giving up his monologue on the situation.
Kerry: Russia has lied about its activities in Ukraine - Ukraine rebels claim to have begun pullback of weapons from front line …
When you're on line to get in to Chipotle and this dude starts spitting game to the girl in front of you. He tryna get a Ba…
The Ukrainian military says it cannot start withdrawing heavy weapons from the front line in the east until the rebels stop shelling its
Digging in at the front line East of marioupol
If anyone deserves a turn at the front of the justice line after standing up for everyone else, it's women of color, especially black women.
They do. Real-time imaging satellites. *** to be on receiving end of accurate indirect fire 10s of kms away from the front line.
They beat back 7 front line Iraqi divisions and saved lives.. The SAS thought had dropped Nukes!
-- one little snack break won' hurt.." Quinn then shoved to the front of the line, holding a gun to the Taco man's head, --
Lady in front of me in the rental car line is upset she has to wait. Looking at me like she wants me to join her in distain. I'm not.
At Kurdish front-line outpost, skepticism abounds about assault on Mosul:
Own your sexuality. The is here, and threatening your right to be a sexual being
John Prescott set to return to front-line politics
Need a win tonight! Luongo l Thompson and kasim is a must in the midfield. Need to freshen up the front line
Setting the stage for the firing of front-line workers that actually help people, no doubt.
Standing in line at lunch. A girl cuts in front of me to grab a milk. "It's not nice to cut" says the guy with her. (cont.)
This girl cut in front of me in the Starbucks line so I glared at her for a while and she went behind me
Waiting on the line. but only about 10 from the front. (@ The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)
Cardmembers! Don’t miss the Front Of The Line presale to shows across Canada!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
When someone in front of you in line turns around and you make awkward eye contact so you just stare till they turn around.
d military shld be d second line on election activities. Let's use d police at d front line
Ducks needed a Let Winger (maybe for the Perry Getzlaf line) and the Habs needed a big guy in front of the net. Makes sense
Gaming alert: u need at least $250k credit line at MGM to be CONSIDERED for front row Manny -Floyd May 2 fight- how much …
[taps shoulder of guy in front of me in grocery store line]. Excuse me, can I cut in front of you. No. [licks the back of hi…
.Republicans are ready to force front-line security personnel to work without pay. Why don’t they go without…
Whenever there's a buck to be made, you'll always find Al at the front of the line!-->
If one more *** farts in front of me in this line, I'm gonna cut somebody 😡
when you have spent the money you have on your front line ... It would be criminal for that to be a problem
Salute to my DAY1 niggaz that know how take the back seat and still shine , knowin that in war the front line die FIRST
When you see a grandma stretching at the front of the line of Disney CA Adventure... It's ok, I'm sure they'll get us all in the park..
I Was on the Front Line of LA's Last Measles Outbreak - TIME
If you could not walk in a line of 8 people in front of me.that would be great
Perhaps RU general more dangerous in joint HQ than on front line
This year's annual focuses on protecting the psychological health of
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
So I did them the favor of slowing down so they had room to move behind the line of traffic that was in front of me.
You tell me I curled into you. While I was deeply sleeping. I want to believe. My front line found reprieve. Awake this chest plate I am keeping
Peshmarga forces are using a heavy 300mm Shawarma in the front line against :). Everyone is invited.
Yet another example of how public services are not 'in it together'. Alas austerity measures front line public services only.
The front rows: see which shows attracted the most famous line-ups
Killer shot sent in by grantlundberg showing off his new Line Cutterz ring and sticker in front of…
Im seeing MGM need atleast a $250,000 line of credit to be considered for front row tickets. Wow!
This girl just sump in front of me in line and I was about to punch her and the man saw so he was she was first 🙌
Milpitas-based FireEye mans the front line in fight against cyberattacks -
this girl in front of me in line keeps turning around to talk to her friend through me, I'm gonna punch her in the back of her head soon
I feel like in the future odyssey when I heard this music, in the chat room lobby of
DAUGHTERS OF DESTINY- DC "We have a powerful potential in our Youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends" Mary McLeod Bethune Today I experienced a "Life Defining" Moment after visiting Charles Hart Middle School in SE Washington, D.C. My heart is still sooo Full after this moving experience. I am grateful for my Soror Linesister Bronwyn Chisolm for joining me along with Mignon Brown-Anderson of The Lakeisha Brown Found, Danielle Weston of Sisters4Sisters,Inc. and Principal Butler and Assistant Principal Dr. Pitt and Parent Advocate as we discussed Daughters of Destiny- DC...I am sooo humbled, grateful and excited...You have NO CLUE what our many of our Youth are facing...Going home with friends so they can take a Shower and Wash their Clothes.Help Us Jesus. Sisters Standing Together on the Front Line for our Daughters (And Sons) Success !!! (We're still collecting much needed feminine products, deodorants, lotions, bath oil, .. ...
A WW1 mobile pigeon loft, enabling messages to be sent from the Front Line back to headquarters. The BBC reports that 100,000 carrier pigeons were used as messengers throughout the First World War, and records show they delivered 95% of their messages correctly. The PDSA - For Pets in Need of Vets introduced the Dickin Medal in 1943 to honour the work of animals in war. The medal was awarded 54 times between 1943 and 1949 – to 32 pigeons, 18 dogs, three horses, and one cat. This year the PDSA awarded an honorary Dickin Medal for the animals that served during the First World War. Animal Aid have issued Purple Poppy's (Animals in the War) to commemorate gallant animals who have been victims of wars past and present. Today, animals continue to be used to detect explosives, and thousands suffer and die each year in laboratories, infected with biological or chemical agents, or are deliberately shot. Wear Your Poppy with Pride. Colourised by Tom Marshall at PhotograFix - Restored and Colourised Photos 201 .. ...
What costs $18 ONE-TIME and is quickly BLOWING UP in to multiple paydays for a whole bunch of people? This is something EVERYONE can afford and have success in... Plus you may have the HUGE benefit of getting some of my spill-over since I LITERALLY JUST STARTED promoting this! Get in my front line HERE -> thanks to Frank E Calabro Jr for making a kick *** capture page! Look at the results me and my kickass team are getting with this $18 dollar one time purchase No monthly fees ever Made $2,372. so far ... in 11 days
Femdom RANT: Did u know that Femdoms are more than a whip, an outfit, an attitude.. We are the front Line to Discipline & Obedience boys..
When front line supports are threatened, so are the people we support and families
ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY 1415 - Battle of Agincourt: Henry V's forces defeat larger French army and the longbow defeats the armoured knight. The Battle of Agincourt The English victory over the French king’s army; immortalized in Williams Shakespeare’s play “Henry V”. War: Hundred Years War. Date: 25th October 1415. Place: Northern France Combatants: An English and Welsh army against a French army. Generals: King Henry V of England against the Constable of France, Charles d’Albret, Comte de Dreux. Size of the armies: The English army landed in France and besieged the port town of Harfleur some 30,000 strong. The siege took its toll, many in the army dying of disease, and a strong garrison had to be left to defend the captured port. At the Battle of Agincourt Henry’s army was probably around 5,000 knights, men-at-arms and archers. Estimates of the size of the French army vary widely, from 30,000 to as high as 100,000 Uniforms, arms and equipment: Knights wore steel plate armour of greater thickne ...
I wanted to share my new message you will see on TV and online. Leslie King is someone who knows about human trafficking first hand and is working in the front lines to protect victims. It's my honor to work with her, and to receive her support. Please share this with your friends and family. Thanks, Bill
Hello I hope everyone is having a great year. One of my favorite teacher told me today that we as student leaders are at the front line to prevent school shootings. We are more obligated than the others to reach out to our peers who aren't normally recognized. Please join me to help end further tragedies. We are all in this together, united on the same goal to serve those around us. Thank you.
Just coz there's a long line at immigration does not mean you can violate personal space! You won't get to the front faster if u r closer!
A photo with the brave Novorossiya fighters, at the front-line in the war against fascism at airport today. http:…
great start position tomorrow in front of line. KeepFighting to the race
(Excuse the line on my TV) is this among the smallest crowds Australia has ever played in front of?
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