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Fright Night

Fright Night is a 1985 American horror film written and directed by Tom Holland and produced by Herb Jaffe.

Chris Sarandon David Tennant William Ragsdale Odd Thomas Anton Yelchin Thorpe Park Evil Dead Peter Vincent Colin Farrell Toni Collette Star Trek

Fright night should be entertained 🙄
14th of April will be a Friday Fright Night where I playthrough Resident Evil 7!. 15th of April will be a 24hr…
🙏🏾Last night N my prayers I pondered the fright I felt after the theft.Then I prayed 4 longevity & no retirements…
Gravity Falls: Fright Night. Gravity Falls: Fright Night is a free online platform game inspired on the Disney's...
Jimmy White had a fright in the middle of the night. He saw a ghost eating toast halfway up a lamppost.
that's already booked into my schedule! Are you going to be doing any special screenings? Fright night?…
And fright him as the morning frightens night! .
I feel like I'm listening to the fright night movie preview.
I'm aware it's not valid for fright night and select other dates but can it be used for the rest of the season?
AH I KNOW I LOVE IT except 4 the loud jump scares but otherwise its great. THEY SCREENED FRIGHT NIGH…
Friday night fashion and fright. Watching
Frightening Creatures of the Night - Scariest Inns in the Entire
Nike, the goddess of victory. Visit behind a veil so spooky it's beyond late at night. You fright? The first start sky I saw tonight.
Friday night Fright Night. our first time breeding tarantulas. Our rose hairs. Shelob and Ivar 💜🕷💜
My boyfriend just asked me if I was Amy from FRIGHT NIGHT or Boof from TEEN WOLF. I have never been more offended.
Fright Night stream tonight with at 9:30pm CST!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Sexual orientation: Chris Sarandon in the original 1985 Fright Night
Fright Night there and all the Halloween mazes and rides where nuts!!
Heading in for a packed screening of new-to-me cult fav Fright Night! (at Cinema in Los Angeles, CA)
Fright Night and Child's Play Director Tom Holland is releasing a new horror film !
Latest Movies: Tom Holland, director of Chucky and Fright Night, back with a new horror!
We dare you to watch tonight’s MIDNIGHT HOUR: Night Time, Fright Time - tonight at 12am on
The leather of my belt is blacker than night, enemies see me they run in fright
Had the most amazing night with in Boise!! I got to sing "Morning Light" with them on stage!! Talk ab…
If someone ran into you on the street at night, they'd probably pass out from fright.
I'm very partial to Don't Breathe and the 2011 remake of Fright Night myself.
First look at our film, "ROCK, PAPER, DEAD.". From of Friday the 13th, Child's Play and Fright Night!.
Hot Hunks: Vampire Edition. Louie is my favorite, but my first vamp crush was Jerry from the 1985 Fright Night.…
There's less than 10 tickets left for Saturday's FRIGHT NIGHT midnight! Act fast:
Awesome we basically share the same favorite soundtracks Fright Night luv it 👍🏼
Sorry if I gave a fright - it's just Terry trying out an hour of organ music here on Sunday night at 8pm! Brilliant!
Fright Night remake is better than the original. And don't forget
We will be jumping back into the horrors of this Friday, for "Fright Night Friday". May this alien have mercy on my soul.
Well the weather outside is frightful!. But inside it's also frightful . And it's frightful both day & night . 2016 is unendi…
"When I look in the distance, on a starry night, everything seems to be okay. I can hear the thunder and a child's fright"
Just finished watching Layers of Fear on Fright Night, and felt like I needed to draw &
The original FRIGHT NIGHT movie traumatized me for life. To this day, I can't watch scary films.
Mom in Fright Night: WHAT DOES HE WANT. Me: I vant to suck your blood
Sandra during Fright Night: Oh hey, I heard you like to suck things
Best horror movies for a Fright Night? All ideas are welcome.
Fright-night can be fun alone! But nothing beats screaming through scary movies & then laughing it off with friends!
If only vampires looked like Colin Farrell in Fright Night, well *** Bite me.
And we're sorry if we give you all a little fright. -Survive the Night : MadoPony
Chia had a night fright yesterday and made her wing bleed :(
Close your doors at night, yung vorhees might come and bring the fright
Anyone else love the Fright Night remake? via /r/horror
imagine trump and putin staring longingly at eachother, moving in from both sides of a restaurant, "come to me" from Fright Night is playing
you are warming to the David pics from Fright Night? Hmmm... methinks Peter Vincent will make it to your RP!…
I had such a crush on this guy, William Ragsdale, when I first saw "Fright Night" and then "Fright Night 2". He was just so adorable and so beautiful I couldn't stand it. Especially in the second movie which was when he really grew up from nerdy teen to hot stud. Especially in that memorable bowling scene and that sexy dance scene with the female vampire. And then when he himself started transforming into a vampire himself. Guess you can tell by now I'm sort of partial to the second film. I liked the first one, but the second one was so cheesy and fun. Also, Chris Sarandon never really did it for me. I preferred William Ragsdale's boyish good looks and boy-next-door charm. Then it was a while since seeing William in anything until the summer of '91 when I learned he was the male lead in "Mannequin 2" alongside Kristy Swanson. It was nice seeing him being funny for a change after playing it straight in the "Fright Night" movies. Then I totally, completely fell head-over-heals in love with him on "Herman's ...
OMG, it's William Ragsdale from Fright Night & the Mannequin movies on
Any takers on how quick Fright Night will sell out
I'm sorry but the original Fright Night is so bad. The remake with Colin Ferrell isn't great but it's a lot of fun.
tonight is Fright Night at Weston in the auditorium after school
Fright Night for Halloween? Sitting here waiting for Sepp Blatter to come on X Factor, it's more corrupt than FIFA lately
I really want to go to fright night at Kennywood but like I have band every Saturday for the rest of October
yamahama. It's fright night. Girl needs to work on that spare tire, nobody wants to grab that old *** ***
"The cast of more than 30 actors (among them, a Chihuahua named Dreidel) is impressive"
Do wIs the fright night on 14th October a sell out... — I have no idea what you just said...
So excited for the fright farm tomorrow night with my girls! 🍂🎃
I added a video to a playlist Fright Night | | Axe Murderer
A plague borne upon the land, a flaming horse in the night, Hillary Clinton is quite a fright
One random Fright Mania participant will be going home with UA vs LSU Football tickets! Come out tomorrow night & see if it'…
"Gonna go to Fright Night. It's a maze corn"
Get your horrid costume ready for Dinosaur Kingdom’s Halloween Dino Fright Night - BYO torch... and meet T-Rex in...
They moved the date of Fright Night
I bet tonight gonna be epicly awesome at The Night of Fright!! *** YEAH IM SO EXCITED 😱😱
FRIGHT NIGHT against Westminster this Friday night starting @ 6:45! Don't forget your ID and ticket so you can get your…
Alright guys the night of Fright and Glam is just upon us. Still booking for all your Halloween…
A Fright Night Masquerade Dinner and Dance benefiting foster children will be held at 5 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 29.
Who wasn't to go to fright night at Kennywood Saturday?!?!?!
📷 13. Fright night. Not a bad film. I didn’t expect it to be a vampire movie when I first saw the movie...
For crying out loud, David Tennant did some vampire slaying action in the Fright Night remake.
I'm in total shock that my brother invited me to go to fright night with him 😅
I literally use them all the time it only happens every once and a while EVERY TIME WE GO TO FRIGHT NIGHT ugh
Does anyone know if the worlds of fun fright night thing requires ID??
Fright Night Movie Night on the 28th? Lmao nice try Leyden I'm gonna be at
Who for real wants to go to fright fest tomorrow night?!
Hey. I'm going to Six Flags tomorrow night for Fright Fest to support my Dad and the amazing crew on the Dead Man's Party show 🤘🏻
so excited for fright night at Kennywood tomorrow 😍
Main Event for Fright Night in Ultimate PWA bragging rights! Blais vs. Marky in
Add a little fright to your night when you discover one of our limited edition SPOOKED products…
you often have bad dreams, I've caught you mid-scream on a september night. swore then that I would kiss the fright from your voice
I really just want to carve pumpkins and go to haunted houses and fright night and all things halloween🎃
Great night for Family Fright Night in the Fairview forest! Wonderful storytelling http…
You know who does great work? . Go buy the stuff they've released on VOD, and get excited for
Fright Night Fridays is happening tomorrow at 7:30 in the p-lounge! We'll be watching Tim Burton's Corpse Bride! Make sure to come by!
I say Winter Wonderland and Fright Night is a must every year, but do I even go?
Grim holds up a knife as he grins looking at the moon. "Soon my plan will be completed on Halloween night as I give everyone a fright."
What was favourite scene from Firehouse Fright Night last year? Oct 21/22nd!
The Spiral got spookier! The new Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack is full of Halloween items to add fright to your night!
I'm going to fright fest tomorrow night and I couldn't be more excited
Fright night safety: If your pet HATES the costume, it may be best to skip it.
GK Ren. Is hosting the first ever, GK Fright Night 🎃OPEN TO ALL AGES AND THEIR FAMILIES. $1 from each ticket will go t…
Fright Night... Go watch it. Horror and wonderful Horror Movie. Love the music.
I'm trynna go to six flags for fright night tomorrow 😭
Tonight is gonna be a fright night stream! Casting Outlast 2 right now!
Seth down to sleep and Hubbers away to Fright Night, perfect for some me time, 1,2,3…
have accidentally selected the wrong weekend that I'd like to attend Fright Night. Is there any chance of changing this? 2/2
I have a Premier Membership and I used my membership today to redeem my free Fright Night ticket. However, it seems I may 1/2
Fright Night - books & games that will give you a ghoulish prize pk! 10/26
'Fright Night' on Wednesday 26th of Oct. Tickets £2. S6 will be coming round classes, tickets also available at lunchtime from Box Office
What if a vampire lived next door? This week we discuss Fright Night from
'The Louis Walsh Collection' sounds terrifying, think it would suit Halloween more than the 'Fright Night' theme
PICTURES Terror alert - Fright Night at Thorpe Park for Halloween
When you see that Fright Night is on a Friday this year! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Fright Night is on a Friday this year, I can't imagine how weird things are going to get. 🌚
Chris Sarandon was really hot in Fright Night
I also got to hear Chris Sarandon speak at a Fright Night panel and that was amazing
for 2 cheesy 80's flicks Once Bitten with Jim Carey and the original Fright Night with Roddy McDowell and Chris Sarandon
Read my review of Fright Night(1985) starring Chris Sarandon and William Ragsdale-
So of course we're getting season2 but will it be more like Lost Boys, Goonies, Fright Night this time?
Gonna be confusing when the National Film Registry announces they're adding the "Fright Night" remake.
LOL man. I'd have to do some rewatching but Salems Lot, OG Fright Night, Night Stalker, 30 Days of Night, Nosferatu, Interview..
Extra Fright Night stream! . Thanks for inviting me to the AMA it was great!
Comic Con and Thorpe Park Fright Night for my birthday this year
Big Foot captured on tape video true real Phil Spencer Night Fright Show... via
Fright Night is nearly upon us, and it's not halloween!
The Faculty of Horror's new episode drains the blood from FRIGHT NIGHT and THE LOST BOYS.
Mrs. Kahn did not speak due to stage fright and emotion, not religion. She spoke to last night. Very moving.
I think my hormonal age has finally caught up with my actual age. Watched Fright Night and was very torn between Imogen Poots & Toni Collette
watching fright night & forever in love with Anton Yelchin. rip 😕💕
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I am going take Natalie to Boston and go Pokemon Hunting, then we will be live for a possible Fright night stream?!
The question is do I go to Thorpe Park during the summer or do I wait for fright night?
Overlooked in Friday Night's Fright was play of new DB Major Culbert. 6 DTs, knockdown in first game in 2 years.
-darkest fear when night falls." . As you bust down the door to her prison the princess screamed and cowered in fright.
The fact that my cousin tryna do this fright night camp out she crazy *** ***
Fright night Monday. with . Father of Lies. Tanners Dell. at by
No never heard of it... Just finished watching Odd Thomas, about to watch Fright Night next :)
He was great in that. I also enjoyed him in Fright Night, Odd Thomas and all the Star Trek movies.
If you're looking for in something - Green Room, Burying the Ex, Odd Thomas, Fright Night (11), Onl…
Very sad about 😔 So good in Alpha Dogs, Fright Night & the Star Trek movies.
Not a huge fan of Colin Farrell but I'm watching Fright Night again b/c of Toni Collette, David Tennant and Anton Yelchin.
Film 4 in 60 mins at 10.55pm . The original Fright Night. I was invited to play Peter Vincent in... .
Oh Chris Sarandon in Fright Night, he looks completely gross lol
Seriously you guys, Fright Night on 35mm, Chris Sarandon in all of his glorious scarves and turtlenecks...
Pre-order the official release of Fright Night's Roddy McDowall figure from htt…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Fright Night movie are like Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter, but the modern one. Charley play a main actor since like Amateur hunter.
Newswire: Listen to exclusive tracks from the newly re-issued Fright Night soundtrack
Fright Night (4/5): Better than original. Cool credits. Some smart plans for a...
Nobody will ever know fear quite like dropping two hits of windowpane acid during Fright Night at Elitch Gardens.
someday I won't lose minutes on every hour to thinking about how sexy Chris Sarandon was in Fright Night. Today is not that day
Return of the Living Dead, Hellraiser, Fright Night, American Werewolf in London, and The Thing
Treat 4 Today for Friday 5th February. Fright Night video today.
A full Fright Night of Paranormal Tours of the Crumlin Road Gaol now on sale for 20th FEBRUARY. 󾆮󾆮󾆮Are you brave...
JJ Barea ever since Carlisle went Fright Night on him: 22.3 ppg, 6.8 apg, 69.2% from deep (DEEP!). He literally scared him back into 2011.
Just finished watching Fright Night with Dave Franco, David Tennant and Anton Yelchin!! It was KILLER 😉😂
First film we walked into at Casino- Fright Night remake. David Tennant is a weird goth actor dude!
Fright Night is a Christmas film right?
You wouldn't believe how much respect I have for you. It's so hard to make a perfect film. & you did with 'Fright Night' 👍👍👍
30th anniversary "Fright Night" blu ray is limited edition it seems, too bad. But I got something even more rare coming in the mail!
Me not knowing that it was gonna be rides at Six Flags during Fright Night in Atlanta.
Thanks for coming to Fright Club! Next month: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night!
Hi, Hannah! Do you know when (if) there will be Fright Night merch on the US store?
IM CRYING LMAO THATS AN OSCAR RIGHT THERE wow i love this i shall remember fright night with you guys till i die
😂😂😂 mehhh! And sigh ,Fright Night Err'day!! can't believe we didn't go again this year ,actually thought it would bang sigh lol
if so u should be excited For Santa to be dropping by .. Sometimes look forward to Christmas not everyday fright night 😂
i feel bad for people who answered "A" or "Fright Night" instead of "
Fright night was okay not sure if I'd count Evil Dead
thanks for making my childhood even more awesome man!! Fright Night is part of my DNA
very rarely. I thought the remake of Fright Night was pretty good & does Evil Dead count I've always wondered.
I got into bed at 10ish, noticed the highlights from and fright night.. It's now 00:18.
Within the deepest darkest night dwell those spirits which roam and tempt with fright.
"Star Wars night,Jedi knight,Solo's calm,but I got fright; all is cool when J.J. controls,the Force is strong with these
I saw an Granny on YouTube last night. Gave me quite a fright. Things not where should be & all jiggly.
"I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright" - Oogie…
'Fright Night' pillows for movie night!! Avail at
T'was the night before the Christmas Concert and on that very night, the pianist for the play had an ankle crunching fright! 😩
Not silent night, holy fright. The GOP Debate is on so let's see who Trump will fight.
So excited for Fright Night tonight with 👏🏼😳😁
how/when do we find out who won the plushies in the Fright night competition?
Big thank you to for joining the Fright Night ladies tonight! $400,000 reached tonight! Over $50k since 5pm! :O
u can watch fright night. the original is p good, the remake is ALSO p good tho. they aren't exactly horror but they're good
Just pick a day and it's date night, karaoke no stage fright, girl you was made for the stage light.
He awoke with a fright in the middle of the night . To see that his dream had come true
Suspect I may have added Odd Thomas because it's odd, and cos the star was also hero-ing in Fright Night
Happy Halloween, all you boys and ghouls. Want to extend Fright Night? THE BAZAAR OF BAD DREAMS is out next week. Just sa…
Oh I already saw the Haunting of Radcliffe House last year. :| Guess I shall watch David Tennant's Fright Night instead.
23 years since Lennox Lewis clobbered Ruddock. Sure the Sky advert was a riff on Fright Night.
William Ragsdale is the first to suspect that his new neighbour may not be all he seems. Fright Night
Join RHA, Creare and Greek Council for the annual Fright Night! Don't miss today's event on the Sunken Gardens!
If you stay home tonight you'll miss Fright Night, if you miss Fright Night you'll be depressed, if you get depressed …
Final Destination 2 and 5. Fright Night and Fright Night Part Two (it has VAMPIRE BOWLING)
Fright Night, Tales of and the Art of Horrible People: An Interview With John Skipp via
Fright Night with the squad last night. We made him look small… @ Kennywood Park
My old man did the game of the Fright Night film back in the 80s. It wasn't very good.
Win 2 tickets to a special Fright Night meal & film screening at the beautiful this Halloween
Tonight's horror film is Fright Night. The original of course.
Brand new weekly vlog: feat. Fright Night , dolphin square and a HUGE spider!
That film Fright Night except it's me who moves in next door and instead of being a vampire I'm cooking meth.
Go watch the new LEMMONSCENTED short Film 'Fright Night at the Playground' .
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