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Friends Life

Friends Life is a life assurance company formed in 2011, comprising the merged UK operations of Friends Provident and the life assurance businesses acquired from Bupa and AXA UK.

life is great honestly. My friends are great. But me rn? Im not great but im okay.
If you graduated college 3+ years ago and your only friends are still in undergrad than you need a new outlook on life
.were put together by fate and are now friends for life! AWWW!.
don't know where I would be in life without my friends tbh
Thank you friends for helping me a while ago. I love you life saviours 😂
Think about your future, friends, family, the one want to spend the rest of your life with, but never overthink➖
Me: idk what Im doing w life . Mallori: out of our friends me & Riane r the ones that know what we doing w our life you …
Severe confusion why would give any short life they r our best friends us unconditionally so sad 😔
Life is full of happiness, sadness,dramas and FAKE FRIENDS.😌😌😌.dh biasa😊
"Dear best friends, no one will replace you in my life."
She came in vented then we had a conversation bought nudes right in front of my parents tru friends for life
I truly value all of my friends and I thank God everyday for bringing each and every one of them into my life.
So thankful for the friends and family in my life, I couldn't be happier and I'm more than blessed ❤️🙏🏽
I've grown up with great people around me..the little Fam that I have done here and the Greatest friends I could ever ask fo…
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends - John 15:13
He doesn't want to go remember? As far as he's concerned, he finally has friends and an interesting life. He doesn't know
Life is hard but its so much easier when you have great friends
Life has a funny way of making sure you find out who your real friends are.
forget ur friends jhene aiko is married and shia labeouf is engAGED I'm having a life crisis
My grandmother told me to stay single and have fun, travel the world, make friends go on adventures and live an exciting life.
I'm so thankful for the friends in my life who are always there for me you know who you are ♡
Those friends that are still in your life after moving away ❤️
"Best friends make life so much better."
I must have done something right to have such amazing friends in my life 💕
I love you,Friends forever, family for life❤️🎉
All my friends by snake hips is life right now
Do whatever makes u happy, be friends with whoever u want, date whoever u want, it's ur life! It's just high school.
all I want out of life is good teeth and nice friends🙄
Life offers you an endless amount of possibilities. Don't settle for a crappy job, crappy friends or a crappy significant oth…
😂 story of my life. When I actually had friends.
J: I never expected that I would fall for Nadine like this. From the start we're really just friends. I can't imagine my …
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I thought high school was where you met your life long friends
So happy with everything in life right now. Good friends, good family + a wonderful boyfriend.
Honestly best friends make life so much better
yea I do be happy but I could be happy being friends w them as well and it's not boring if you living life
We had to do that for AOMG last yr & my 2 friends & I ended up taking a pic w other girls we didn't know
Surround yourself with good Muslims who practice deen. They are your true friends - in this life & in the hereafter. (…
Goodbye Rwanda. One of the best weeks of my life. Now off to South Africa to visit my family and one of my best friend…
I really need summer night drives, the beach, tanning, sand between my toes, long walks on the beach and good friends in …
I don't know what I'm gonna do seeing my brothers friends every morning and not seeing my brother. 2 days & my life will change.
These are the type of friends you need in your life
found out today I have zero friends so please be in my life
When all of your friends are talking about their love life and then they ask you about yours.
Money s not d only reason for having a happy life. its. being with family n friends n with God. . …
Friends are flowers in the garden of life.
Best friends make life so much better :)
Comment: Friends Life's Brian Fisher on why the industry must take the UK's ageing population seriously
Six million UK homes at risk over lack of protection insurance - Friends Life
we are just fans not friends nor Shawn parents to tell him what to do with his "love life" stop assuming because Shawn and Camila-
Setiap pertemuan pasti ad perpisahan. Wishing all my friends the Best in your life...
Thanks GOD for everything! For my family, my life, my friends and my job, I give you all of me, God! ✋🏻❤️
Life is better with friends and free strawberry daiquiris. 🍹
All my friends are getting engaged/married while my life is in shambles.
Some of my friends a running the same circles in life & out of my mind while some are running into success & I'm proud of them.
My life at the moment is like the last episode of friends, the only difference is I didn't get off the plane,
Because i live my life on the beat, dear friends do you and imma do me
I like to imagine that Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are best friends in real life and just mess with each other constantly
Get a LIFE you cheap, low down crack head looking, no *** no friends having, used up, washed up *** Worry about your next drink not me😘
All my life people felt like they could just mess me over... From friends, to family && relationships
I officially have no life because all my friends left me 😭
Tb to one of the best days of my life with two of my Best Friends in our 8th Grade Graduation Dance 😍😌
Whatever men end up marrying my best friends later in life are extremely lucky
"God is always doing a work in your life. He's always with you.". Good Morning friends !
if all you feel the need to do is talk mess about me with your friends then I really don't need you in my life sorry
This is how I make friends. I need this pig in my life.
I watch too many friends spend hours and hours crying over a pathetic boy who isn't gonna make it anywhere in life and i …
I wish my life was better all these famous people stuntin i feel jealous but im stuntin i jus wan be friends i wanna get rich
Stop keeping people in your life that aren't good friends/partners just because you've known them for a long time and feel…
My life is so good... Family that loves me, I'm in college, I only kept my loyal friends, goal oriented and not to mention ole girl. Blessed
You never forget those elementary school friends. When life was about Nintendo, Nicktoons & wiffle ball..
I refuse to be friends with my ex. It's either we together or you're eliminated out of my life period.
The best type of friends r the ones where u understand life gets busy & don't talk but u pick up where u left off and kno…
idc if i have like 4 actual close friends there the best and I'm glad they in my life 💓
I'm so blessed with friends like and and many others. Solid people on my life
I am so grateful for the friends I have in my life
Age matters Idc. We not finna be "friends" if u 17-18 outchea looking STUPID cause u think u got life figured out
The more I grow up the more I cut people out of my life and become closer with my family and find my actual true friends.T…
All my friends have jobs and wives and babies but I just ate the most perfect fries of my life so what more can I really ask…
Life without my 2 best friends already sux
tried to have a social life & hangout with friends but the only difference was I took a nap at their house instead of my own
Cross the line if you have absolutely no friends or social life whatsoever.
I hate my life so I hang out with my friends and do drugs. I mean c'mon now I'm 18 what do you expect from me. 😅😅😅
"Remember what's important in life: friends, waffles & work" - Leslie Knope.
Hi friends😋 I recently wrote a little blog post about the next chapter of my life if you wanna read about it💞 .
Live your life , not the life your parents , friends, enemies, society , well wishers & haters expect from you. Life is short, …
Real friends man real love that's all a *** need in this life of sin
Party went well. Made a few new friends and saw what fraternity life is like
One of the best things I've learned in life is you have to pick your friends wisely
An endearing weekend with two friends who came back into my life! Full of laughter, joy n unforgettable experiences!
Dude I didn't see Ambe and Dani just crashing my life and being great *** friends but I'm really digging it ❤️
I had some friends that didn't even make it to their 20's man.give me one reason i shouldn't go through life smiling…
Even though I've only known them for a year I can't imagine my life without the friends I've made at Neumann
omf people. daniel can have friends. ffs hes not restricted to only joey. he has a LIFE.
Travelling with family and friends create sweet moments, moments that can be cherished whole life. So keep...
I've been blessed by having the friends I have in this life. Wow.
I love that I can talk about our different theories about life, religion, the future, or love for honors on end with my friends at this age.
I just want a new start, new friends, new place. New life bc the one down here isn't ir
Cool gila bf and gf yg ada life masing2, like they have their own friends, malam baru call and tell each other's stories. Takd…
my life goal is to be on Dj_Vahn psn friends list.. Let's make it happen and end world hunger!
Life is good, usually but at this moment, Life is Good Morning Friends . — feeling awesome
just finished Brutal Giants and loved it. I used to work with Ed Payne at Friends Life. Small world
When you elevate your life and come into a new sinse of self, you'll finally find out who your real friends are. Count it all joy.
Getting rid of people in my life who I can't trust and make me worse and gaining better friends who make me better .
I'm so grateful one of my closest friends and such a special person in my life wrote this song..…
You know you're living a great life when your best friends reference HP when they give you advice lol
My friends and family are my motivation to do better. Giving them a better life is the plan.
Football , friends, school, and food is all I need in my life 😈
Don't expect to have real friends ever in your life if you're just a fraud *** person.
Woman accused in daughter's death devoted life to her, friends say
To all our members & friends..if there is a higher being in your life, we think this book by…
-- and she smiled, remembering their trip to his father's cellars. It seemed like a life time ago.} To …
My friends mean more to me than they will ever know and I'm so lucky to have them in my life :-)
Even though I want to control my life, one thing I can't complain about is where God has put me & who God has brought me
I'm crying because Harry is friends with Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper. I hate my life.
Your friends might left you but Jesus never leave you nor forsake you. At the end of your life Jesus loves you.
It's so important to tell your friends and family that you love them and appreciate them. Life is too short.
Life would be nice if I had those. "Friends with Benefits"
Don't trust nobody,. in this life of crime. Don't make friends,. We don't have time. Friends will be the ones that get you in the long run🎧🎤
May the leader of my pack and one of my best friends, Buddy, live life in heaven the way he did on earth. I love you
it will be worth it. That's what air miles are for, right? Lol. That and I miss Nandos and my friends and life there.
Choose your friends wisely. Time to remove all the toxic people in my life.
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oh Chloe all I what In life besides working on is be friends with you is that so wrong.
Things change and friends leave life doesn't stop for anybody.
Lost two of my best friends this week. Why is life so difficult dude
For Ever... That's how long we will be Friends Blessed to have u in my life😇 . Love you so much💖😘💋
So nice to meet you too! You are definitely a real life legend & now I will brag to my friends.
Life is weird. You can go from being strangers. To being friends. To being more than friends. To being practically stra…
Stupid girls who ruin their social life and stop talking to all her friends just because they're in a relationship.
Im so proud of myself. How I struggle to make sure I get a better life, how I face my days without my close friends.
But like I said, Life goes on 💜 and Having family and friends and God in my life has helped so much! 😊
“Count ur age by friends, not years. Count ur life by smiles, not tears.”Lennon. By that maxim this team is ageless.
happy birthday to this angel! I am so happy you came into my life and are now one of my best friends!…
Liz has more friends and more of a life than me 😐
It's a shame I have no type of social life or friends -__- Lmaoo
It's almost the weekend. But let's be honest, you have nothing interesting planned because your life is boring and you have no…
Ready to drop $600, my life, and friends for kingdom hearts 3.
Sometimes in life you will find complete strangers helping you in a way none of your friends have never helped you. Don't be …
I hate how "good friends" can just drop out of my life like I never meant anything to them.
I prayed and asked God to remove those who were against me out of my life and I started losing friends. and that's real
Life would be or could be better if u can make it like that with ur own superheroes that stand next to u no fake people, just friends
Thank you family, friends & kind people in my life it special. You da bes. (via Jenna's IG)
My parents raised me as anti-racist. I have had mostly black friends for most of my life. All my closest friends are black.…
True friends make life so much better.
When your friends & family tell you how you real life crazy . But you don't know what their talking about 😊
the only thing I'll be doing do is clean & sit my *** on the couch and watch PLL. because I have no life and no friends. 😊
Only starting out in life, hoping for a summer of memories 💚 Heartbroken for the families & friends of those Irish students.
Friends Life takes sisters to court in order to claim back £108,000 probate over payment !. (But they did apologise !).
"Whatever you do in this life, is not gonna be legendary unless your friends are there to see it." -Barney Stinson
I don't care if I'm being annoying but I love my life, family, friends, and boyfriend so much. 😍😍❤️
Friends will always make you realize that you can love life without a lovelife.
People change. Feelings fade. Lovers drift. Friends leave. Friends become enemies. Lovers become strangers. You ll be judged. Life Goes On.
Life is too short to waste on negativity, live your life. Never try to impress your friends. Reach your goals.
I do have the best friends, I'm grateful for all the people in my life - even those I don't talk to anymore ❤️
Good friends, good life, good coffee, Good Morning!
--ago. I had always spent my life singing and in 7th grade I joined choir and made actual friends in a musical and --
I can't imagine my school life without my crazy friends.
How 5 closest friends determine your life?
I give out astonishing advice to people and my friends but I always ask the same person about advice for my life.
Choose your friends with caution. .plan your future with purpose & frame your life with faith.
The best things in life aren't things...they're friends
Friends will come and go and touch your life along the way but only a true friend will touch your heart.
Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life- 😊
Lmao, I got enemies remember no friends 😏 you're just an acquaintance for now, calling my life boring 😭
Who says gone are days of selfless friends? They risked life to bail out friends!
My life now.Ayyy Sooo hit me up if you like long talks and your not in highschool cause i have no friends and too much top ramen
Fake people Fake friends Fake love Fake life So... i am fake
You sometime felt sorry to the love you gave to your close friends. Sigh! This is life :)
“If you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking , they can make you laugh.” ― P.C. Cast
““Catching up with friends like story of your life 👩🍷😂
I see..So you and all your friends just wanna run around with no Kids all yall life.Lolll must be nice...
Scotland set for two stages of the 2015 Friends Life Tour of Britain | Herald Scotland via
Friends are one of the most important ingredients in the recipe of life.
Life Hack: Always make friends with the IT people at work.
True friends will stand by U during bad times in life, the only reason I didn't sit when U were busily getting married to yo…
Looking back on life and thinking how did I even have friends?
You know those friends who you know you're going to be grateful for the rest of your life? The ones…
with friends like you, my life will be very good. Please take care, have a nice day and continue you amazing information work⬅🙏
Just finished Friends. I feel like my whole life is over.
"Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go but friends are for life" - FRIENDS, Pheobe Buffay
"Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." . ― Mark Twain
Let's try to make life easier not harder for our trans friends.
FRIENDS are my treasure. FAMILY is my strength and inspiration. GOD is my Life.
When life gives up on you, know that your best friends will always be there🙆🙅
🎬 this is real life. “Yall boyfriends don't be yall best friends before they are your lovers?”
When your friends know your life> give me the salsa. Even if the kitchen is closed I get the salsa.
Dear My best friends, no one can replace you in my life
Same ones that was screaming friends for life , became the same m'fers iont like 💯. It's cool tho ...
And of everything, I'm lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people. Friends, family, glee family, fans.. Thank you for …
Real World Hypnosis: Who else wants to win friends, influence people, and be happy for the rest of your life?
I'm honestly not interested in the party life at all. It's about time I make friends that feel the same way.
My life isn't dedicated to helping you I'm getting older wanting to hang out with friends and plans change sometimes deal with it.😒
The life of a talent booker . sitting on top of a hill to get reception to book my job (whilst friends party...
Haven't experienced this type of fright in a long time..Hoping God continues to keep all my loved ones&friends in my life for years to come.
Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!! . Couldn't imagine life without you!. for 24 years! I ❤️ you!
Please stay out if my life & stop worrying about what I'm doing because we aren't even friends 😀
"Honestly, life without my crazy friends would be so boring."
My friends left my house. If you see my snap story..that's what I do with my life now.
Best friends, thank you for staying with me through sadness and happiness of my life, I LOVE YOU.
People change. Friends become enemies. Enemies become friends. Life goes on
Always wanting to just pick someone up in the morning and taking a road trip to Los Angeles 💙😍 but non of my friends are about that life 😒😔
I've had to leave so called "friends" alone for being judged about dating outside of my race or just b/c I'm versatile w/ life period.
All these kids my age out having the "college life" and I'm over here working with none of my friends. H8 "college"
I have two many of these people in my life! "We're not friends, we just know each other".
I only have three friends that I talk to everyday and I trust I'm so thankful to have Hisaed , Joseph & Lorimar in my life I love them
“There are only two absolutes in life: friends and vodka. And the best times usually involve both” – Unknown
Friends are having fun, boyfriend is having fun, mom is having fun, room mates are getting high. I'm watching sweet life of Zach and Cody...
I’m single. Cause I wants to start a new life. Have fun with my friends. And have the best time for my life.
when a cute boy gets UR number somehow and texts u randomly but only to get your pretty friends number my life
"I wish I had friends to go do stuff with" my life
is my favourite band! Their songs sing what I feel, and my friends don't really know who this band is. TDG is my life 🙌👌
I can honestly say I have some of the best friends ever! Tonight they really helped me through my mid life crisis! I'm beyond grateful! 😘😘
I miss my old life. Where I had my mom with me every day, I had a family, I had friends.. Everything was good & I was happy 😪
But. Instead of doing things with my life I lay in bed and play words with friends.
If we break up or stop being friends your secrets are still my secrets, i'll stick to my word regardless.
I feel so out of place when my friends play basketball i have never been so terrible at an activity in my life
thank god for my friends because I don't know how to take public transportation if my life depended on it
Ben is Gods way of showing us what the real meaning of Thanksgiving is. Be thankful for your life and the friends and …
meeting new people.,seeing old friends.,experiencing all that life has to offer! :D.
How long will I love you :. Hello to all friends*wish everyone has a happiness and healthy life ht…
“Sometimes having crazy, hilarious and loving friends can be the reason why it is still okay to have no…
Eat like a pig, sleep, study, read a lot, do work you enjoy, play for the fun of it, sweat it to be fit, love your friends. Life - Live it!
Life without my crazy friends would be so boring.
Life hack: if you spend the night at a friends house and in the morning you're awake but they're not, cry and eat halloween candy.
Please guys, do respect your friends. jangan buka whatsapp dia and go through everything. do not interfere in their per…
i have bullies for friends wOW I LOVE MY LIFE SO MUCH
Thanking The Lord for my life health and strength and that if my family and friends 🙏
Thank you so much for sending me well wishes on my birthday. It reminds me that my life is filled with friends and family who appreciate me!
Photo: I live my life the way I live it for me, for the special souls that I call friends and for all those...
We are (or were?!) best friends since 2002. I know her longer than my half life, longer than I'm wearing glasses...
Friends who buy me food are friends for life.
All my friends are machines and my life is in a downward spiral... ...enjoy the show.
I have to go out with my friends and call my mom since an hour ago but VIXX... VIXX.GO HOME!! GET SOME REST!!. I NEED TO LIVE MY LIFE
And your life in bicol must be like "I'll spend my whole stay with friends even until midnight. Sayang oras." Lol
Had a dream that me & my friends sat my parents down & were yelling at them for keep getting drunk with us... Wait or was that real life?
Making friends for the complete Life is not important.But having a Friend who fills upthe incompleteness in your Life is the most Important!
Being a good Psychologist with your friends but not knowing what to do with your own life LOL
My life is cleaning up after my friends and doing home work
“People change. Friends become strangers. Things go wrong, but life goes on.”
Having friends in Australia and Vegas just now on snapchat is making me seriously revaluate my life 😑
I love having friends who support me& help me in life ❤️😘 Love my girls ...
Ingat jadi student ni senang? The struggles to maintain your studies, your appearances, your friends, your money and your l…
People change, love hurts . friends leave, things go . wrong, but just remember. Life doesn't stop for anybody . Please stay ali…
not for me.. My life doesn’t do that. -sighs and hides my face in your neck- friends again?
I have so many friends in life but sad to say some of them are made in China. SADNU ?
Photo: Slow down, enjoy the simple pleasures in life ✨
Slow down, enjoy the simple pleasures in life ✨
My social life is so weird. I'm friends with everyone but not good enough friends with anyone to get invited anywhere or do anyt…
If I didn't have music or my best friends or young children in life to brighten up my darkest moments i don't know how I would live
*** *** dropping like crazy ... Smh I pray for my Fam and friends that live that street life .. I'll hate to lose any of em
Tbh I just don't want drama, people hating me, friends lost, all this just makes a life 😩
Manchester derby - Friends for life, rivals for 90 minutes
The Best Place is Home where family and friends reside.. Gotta Love it..
Life is always better with real friends. One Love for JoshAne KEYpers. JoshAne On BananaSplit HalloweenSpecial
I gotta graduate🎓 & be something in life💯, if that means I gotta lose friends then so be it👌
Yesterday was one of my memorable day of my life, my friends arranged get together at my office and top of that...
"Dear friends, God loves you this is the great truth of our life" Pope Benedict XVI, Sr Catherine just reminding us how awsom…
Imagine one day,. Your friends,. Leaves you. Your loved ones,. Hates you. Everyone is running,. Away from your life. A…
“That annoying moment when your friend is friends with the person u hate.” At least u get to hear how miserable their life is
You hit your life's rock-bottom. You lose your friends. You feel like your good for nothing. So watchu gonna do now? Keep rolling rolling
Feelin' fab at 40... well 43 actually. A couple of photos captured on Gun Hill during the recent Friends Life...
Friends Life downgraded by Deutsche Bank: - Deutsche Bank has downgraded its recommendat...
Property Alert: Poll finds 57% of mortgage payers have no protection: According to research from Friends Life,...
I can either become content & live life the same way as my friends or I can swerve and live a great RARE swervin
No matter how busy your friends day maybe if they truly care they will make time to include in their life
I'm so grateful for a life full of amazing, caring, loving people. My family and my friends and my FANS. I love you all…
Lolz when girls dedicate their life to their man and end up losing their friends.
I can never imagine my life without friends, internet and food.
I wish I had friends like Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. Basically I want my life to be Sex in The City 🌃
Thank you god to put this friends in my life 🙌🙏
I have a life too... With lots of friends and family!❤️
I need friends. I need to be an other person. I need a new life. I need a miracle.
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I need some real friends in this life
Friends are so important in ya life...put everything in perspective and give you real my family and everything about it
The lake. Family. Good friends. Good food. The only four things I need in life.
Celebrating the with dear friends and Josh Radnor. Life is weird.
Friends come and go in your life,but Jesus stays forever,for He is the friend that is closer than a closet brother
Your friends on a life support machine.. They ask you to pull the plug, would you do it?
I wanna fly, never come down, and live my life, and have friends around.
Don't act like you don't like my company, life's boring without friends
why do all my dad's friends including himself quote Bug's Life literally whenever possible as much as possible
Today I drink for my friends and family; Tonight I drink for all the fallen heroes who gave their life for our freedom…
(To Robin) You think risking your own life is enough? Try risking our lives along with yours! WE'RE YOUR FRIENDS!
“& are seriously the best friends I could ever ask for 💕👭” you made my life 😘😘 I love y'all 💙💛
I hate being broke and stuck over here in Boca by myself while everyone of my friends are having the time of their life.. Happy 4th...
Just got home from work, made my money, 4th of July, time to relax and enjoy life my friends
Free Wi-Fi, iPad battery life and friends. This airport wait isn't gonna be as bad as I thought.
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Thanks to 4 working his magic on 'joint enterprise' injustice here's a real-life e.g.
my sister sent me a video of her and her friends at a party and I'm home I hate my life
And will you tell all your friends you've got your gun to my head?
No one understands me and no one lets me be myself more than the 4 friends ive spent my whole life with
bblal. I wish you speedy recovery. May God Bless you with long life, full of health,, happiness and safety to guide friends
One night I prayed to God I asked could He please remove the enemies from my life and before you know it I started losing …
I wish I had more female friends so they could come down to the lake with me. Lol.
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