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French Montana

French Montana (born November 9, 1984) is an American rapper and singer of Moroccan and Somali descent.

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Unforgettable by French Montana ft. Swae Lee & Mariah Carey on
Listen to MMG ft French Montana, Trina, Tyga and More - Bag of Money (Extended Remix) by Rozay Raw
Honestly i need Harry Fraud to do a full album curren$y and a full album with French Montana
Red One’s highly anticipated collaboration with Dinah Jane, Daddy Yankee and French Montana is out NOW!. Stream her…
Demi when Young Thug, French Montana, Gucci Mane, Chance The Rapper, Snoop Dogg, and the Bad boys are backstage wit…
Nene Leaks x French Montana on the set of Fashion Police
"Teyana Taylor, Blair Underwood (“L.A. Law”), Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, and KYLE are set to star..." …
.wants to work with Kendrick Lamar, French Montana & Travis Scott on her upcoming 15th studio album. https…
I added a video to a playlist French Montana - Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee
If jump off the Golden Gate Bridge before listening to a French Montana only song
French Montana & The Weeknd's donation to Ugandan Health Center will help provide health care for 286,000 people 🙏🏾 htt…
French Montana doesn't know who produced his hit 'Unforgettable'. This is ridiculous, producers need more love.
Listen to 04 - Addiction ft French Montana by Bad Boy Entertainment on
French Montana comparing himself to LEBRON JAMES on 😂😂 child please.
French Montana riding around with Diddy while Sanaa Lathan sits in his lap. What am I doing wrong?
But pretty soon I'm getting you realized it's just a French Montana joint
Sanaa Lathan please don't waste your time with French Montana...his lyrics tell you he ain't about nothing
why French Montana ruin Swae Lee song like that smh
French Montana , Fat Joe, cypress hill, big pun
Remy Ma award acceptance should of thanked Papoose for Ether, French Montana for All The Way Up & Nicki Minaj for the day of…
If Kanye West, French Montana and Youngs Teflon made a song, that would be my entrance music for life
Pray for French Montana, ain't nothing wrong with him but he just got brother zoned by Amber Rose
French Montana has DEEP THOUGHTS about Scott Disick's downward spiral.
French Montana ft Swae Lee - unforgettable.. My new favorite song, can't get enough! 💃🏻🎧
So Janet Jackson on here getting praised cause she scammed ole dude, but French Montana can't call a girl nappy head ?
really are we gonna act like Chrarlize Theron and French Montana are held to the same standard
I would just like the record to show that EYE was on the front line against the normalization of French Montana before it was…
French Montana: i'm gonna say it. you have nappy hair.
Somebody said they gon boycott and not listen to French Montana songs... we been doing that for years now nobody listen…
Someone order some Pepsis and we'll mutually delete French Montana from our playlists... Cool with you
Lmfao man my hate for French Montana is just hilarious
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Idk why ppl arguing about whether or not French Montana is Black. Since when is being Black an argument against internalized a…
The Macaroni with the cheese, French Montana drops his new single featuring Future HNDRXX. Listen:
A whole war finna start out here & y'all worried about French Montana
why have I never seen y'all ride so hard for french montana when he releases music?
French Montana called her a musty, crusty, dusty, rusty, *** drinking​, *** banging *** And y'all mad he called her hair n…
y'all on French Montana heavy for calling this girls hair nappy but was calling Kendrick a misogynist for embracing natural…
I thought we gave up French Montana during the Louisiana Purchase
French Montana was really a distraction, we at war now smh
I have never heard anyone say "French Montana is my favorite rapper" ever in my life.
.goes full Future, wipes his IG clean.
Is North Korea about to pop off? ISIS about to blow up the North American continent. French Montana vs. The blacks. The world…
America just launched an air strike against Syria & all y'all care about is French Montana?
be real for a second. when have we ever heard someone be like *** that new French Montana bumps"
"French Montana" who's tired of men degrading women because they like to have sex. Tired old, pathetic double standard. Men need to grow up
The outrage stems from him being held to a standard. And that's why ppl are disappointed. Imagine. French Montana is disappointing ppl 😭
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Glad to see we are dragging French Montana into the noon hours eastern standard.
"French Montana" is North African and he grew up in the South Bronx, he can say nappy and ***
Hence my hair is nappy then according to the French Montana standard 2017.
French Montana criticized for calling black woman a "rusty *** *** with "nappy" hair.
French Montana shows love to his “Muslim brother” Kevin Gates after jail release postponed
French Montana hosts Jennifer Lopez's after party following All I Have show in
Ain�t Bout To Do ft. French Montana by Diggy Simmons on
Music video for Reminder by (With Drake, YG, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Bryson Tiller, Nav)ht…
Kylie Jenner legs it to the coffee shop after being seen driving Khloe Kardashian's $49K Jeep that French Montana g
@ 8:14 PM standard Eastern time zone hours we will be playing Pop That by French Montana, stay tuned
French Montana, modeling for the new Mary J Blige collection
Grey Zone Vol. 6 now up! All new music from Sean Paul, Cashmere Cat, French Montana, Funkystepz and more! 😬💯
: Fat Joe and Remy Ma feat French Montana - All The Way on
Pretty sure French Montana reads worse than Bill Burr
Kevin said French Montana look like someone squeezed him out of a tube of meat
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Throwing an event Sunday, have some options.. would you rather see Lil uzi, French Montana or young thug perform in general?
French Montana - No Shopping ft. Drake Lyrics on screen LAZ this is when yg got very paid stupid ar
Birdman, Lucious and French Montana have a tense conversation in the season premiere of 'Empire'
Belal Muhammad is DJ Khaled and French Montana's love child
Khloe Kardashian is STILL married to Lamar Odom, dated James Harden and French Montana last year, and now dating Tristan Th…
Iggy Azalea and French Montana kiss on vacation
Iggy Azalea and French Montana are totes a couple!.
Iggy Azalea and French Montana vacation in Cabo together (WATCH)
EXCLUSIVE: Iggy Azalea rebounds with French Montana on romantic yacht getaway
Pray for my man French Montana he's out here trying to cuff Iggy Azalea 🙏🏾
French Montana & Iggy Azalea share passionate kiss on yacht in Cabo! See pics:
Iggy Azalea and French Montana are the next Jay Z and Beyonce
so Iggy went from Swaggy Cheat, to French Montana, who also Cheated on his baby mama & in danger girl😂
White girl was going crazy inside Akira to French Montana Pop That😩
French Montana looking like a creep the way he was kissing on Iggy 💀
when I saw trending I thought y'all were roasting french montana LOLOLOL
If ya girl leaves you, good chance French Montana has been in those iMessages for weeks
Nobody has as much fun as French Montana.
French Montana on Wall St. This world is so ridiculous man.
French Montana at Marquee Nightclub in on September 17! Tickets on sale here: 
Knocking this interview with his Here's Half mistake ft french montana, post…
ICYMI Iggy Azalea and french Montana are a couple
Iggy and French Montana?! That's weird. ...Why is that weird? 😕
French Montana bussin dine all the famous white women with *** that he can find.
Lowkey French Montana knocking down a lot of bad ones in the industry. My man came a long way from cocaine city DVDs http…
ya French Montana's is good too. The whole song is just hype
On the cool, French Montana is hitting all of the industry. He's the silent assassin for real😂
French Montana- Move That Caine. I can literally do this all night
Getting a French bull dog and naming him Montana
Needs to embrace it and drop a tape with French Montana.
Iggy looks so disgusted to be kissing French Montana. Lmao I'm crying
French Montana is my bae. As well as Trey songz and occasionally drake and oh let's not forget about Denzel Washington not to add tommy from
French Montana no coke boy boys in the hood call me doe boy☔️
French Montana is just being passed around ehh?
French and Iggy are REALLY out here 👀
Ray Charles to French Montana. This is what happens in a studio session with 🎉
Are rappers Iggy Azalea and rebounding from their celebrity exes on a Mexican vacation together?
all in favor of letting French Montana write and Harry Fraud produce the new national anthem say I
19. Chanel West Coast - Been On ft. French Montana. Her Now You Know mixtape is so slept on
Celebrity siting last night= at a gig with Tyson Beckford and then French Montana walked in did like the talent and left...
French Montana on Joe Budden: "I feel like Joe be in a dark room just writing bars"
I've said it before I've gone off French Montana since Chinx Drugz death kmt😴
French Montana says Drake nor him was thinking bout Joe on No Shopping & that Joe don't really want problems w/ him https…
Going down the YouTube rabbit hole from Nicki Minaj to French Montana to Pliers & Chaka Demus to Vicious...
Joe Budden respond to Drake's diss on French Montana's "No Shopping"...
That boy Drake did snap on that new French Montana tho
Is it just me or the French Montana kind of sounds like Chinx Drugz now???
No Shopping-French Montana ft. Drake is too nice 🎶👍👌
Is Drake taking shots at Joe Budden on French Montana's new "No Shopping"? Listen:
you can tell it was written before because French Montana referenced Drake and Serena Williams.
French Montana, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne are going "Gucci Mane" in their new video
Listen to Tell Me When by Charlie Rock, Cheeze & French Montana on
French Montana albums are too much. The dude has like 30 songs on Coke Boys
Any models interested in being apart of the Rick Ross & Tory Lanez or the French Montana, Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown music…
French Montana look uncomfortable as *** 😂😂 and Terrence Howard looks excited
French Montana is from Morocco "Northwest Africa" not the middle east. And He was raised in New York.
French Montana & Fat Joe get the to their feet with wild performance
French Montana look like the chef at China Wok
That time when French Montana, Cole & Brandon T. Jackson showed up to the wearing the same outfit 😂
Session @ Cheesman Park, Colorado - All the way up by Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana: via
French Montana and Kylie Jenner were hanging out together last night. Meanwhile, Kylie's sister Kendall Jenner...
What would u do if French Montana made a poetry label called Woke Boyz
Selena Gomez sells house to French Montana - Hamilton Spectator
French Montana party on Wednesday can't miss that
French Montana, Casey Veggies, Hood(the best rapper alive), and August Alsina will join Chris Brown in his europe tour!
On behalf of lil poopy they was hating French Montana before but them same people gone be at frenchs show mane smh
I remember every morning I use to listen to Pop that x French Montana stupid loud. Ray bell use to be like really dude lol
Kodak Black and French Montana should collab on a mixtape
French Montana got him the Drake stimulus package. Oh and drake might. Keyword might. Be ending Joe Budden career https:…
French Montana hints that Chinx's killers might have actually been coming for him
Here's the official video for French Montana's 'Figure It Out' feat. Kanye West and Nas:
Figure It Out you should have been in this
How on earth did French Montana get a song with Kanye and Nas on it? SMH
I'm listening to Ocho Cinco by French Montana rn lol
So French Montana & DJ Khaled both jst signed deals with Epic and why?? I have no idea
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French Montana and Kanye West on the set where French Montana was filming his a video for his…
French montana might be the worst rapper of the 2010s
are you ever gonna drop the deluxe version of your album on spotify with the migos song and the French Montana song?
All The Way Up by Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana - "Nothing Can Stop Me, I am all the way up..."
.is the latest rapper to join Good move?.
French Montana bumpin to some Cape Verdean music at the club, I told y'all we got a connection
Not only does French Montana have a monkey named Julius Caesar, he has a painting of him wearing a Coke Boys chain. https:/…
i honestly would have never listened to Coke Boys or French Montana if it wasnt for Wil, and ive never been more glad that he pmo
A new favorite: Shirt By Versace - Kirko Bangz ft French Montana, YG,& GHaze (Prod. by DJ Mustard) by
A new favorite: French Montana - Lockjaw / Drake Pop Style on our page by Drake Pop Style on
my cousin looks like French Montana
isnt that French Montana that sing the song "all the way up"? Not Phat Joe
Khloe Kardashian reunites with French Montana giving up on Lamar Odom (See Photos) -...
*** went from the old Fat Joe to French Montana ✊
"French Montana no Coke boy, boys inna hood call me dope boy"
The hardest French Montana mixtape intro was the Intro off Coke Boys 3 NWC Mixtape!
How did French Montana get Sanaa Lathan? She seems way out of his league.
Foleys the only person I know that can switch it up from French Montana to Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow
Just wanted you to know that there's a song on French Montana's new mixtape called 'Lockjaw' with Kodak Black and it's straight 🔥
Have her run through the team like Jerome Bettis. Don't Panic ~ French Montana
Next after Contraband 2 is "Wave gods" by French Montana...then unto "That's HipHop" by Joell Ortiz. Make my head sha no explode. New albums
This Fat Joe ft Remy Ma and French Montana song All The Way Up is fire well to me
The full French Montana x Larry King interview is up! See what he had to say about Khole Kardashian, Taylor Swift...
Kanya west French Montana lil durk lil Reese waiting for that collab album
French Montana talks about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom while arriving to Playhouse Nightclub in: via
Pop That (feat. Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne) by French Montana from the album Excuse My French (Deluxe)
“Stay Scheming (Xaphoon Jones Remix)“ by Rick Ross feat. French Montana is my new jam. ♫ Listen:
French Montana verse on stay scheming so thurl
Hey listen now playing French Montana - Jennifer Lopez - I Luh Ya Papi on.
I'm honestly surprised there's been NO TYPE OF JEWISH outcry or backlash to French Montana for his song "Moses".
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If I ever won an Oscar the only people I would think besides all the obvious ones would be Daniel Murphy Steve Harvey and French Montana
French Montana stopped by our table @ Charlotte Convention Center
French Montana talks Kanye, Taylor Swift and Khloe on ‘Larry King Now’: Peabody Award winner and Hall of Fame ...
Peabody Award winner and Hall of Fame journalist Larry King, hosted rapper French Montana earlier this week for...
This *** scared of becoming irrelevant lmao.wait...he already is. So why does this dudes opinion...
Well Rounded: French Montana's monkey is the son of Marley Marl's monkey??!???!
*** play a couple French Montana songs and think they supporting NY
A new favorite: Lil Boosie - Stressing Me by French Montana Wave Gods on
SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week: Kero Kero Bonito, Minor Victories, and More: French Montana has no shorta...
."The industry is positioning as the face of hip-hop"
why you not at CIAA?? Pullin up to this!!! Manolo Rose - Brinks Truck ft. French Montana via
Bout to see what's good with this new French Montana project
French Montana Ft Kanye West & Nas - Figure it Out.. .the nas verse on this tho !!!
this French Montana wave gods mixtape is very good 👌🏾💯
This must've been recorded like two years ago because this is how Future is supposed to sound
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Sanctuary-French Montana one of my favorite songs
Np ~ French Montana - Old Man Wildin feat. Puff Daddy n Jadakiss. Tripolar they going to say money made me wild -"Diddy"…
Listen to Bout That Life (feat. French Montana, K Kutta, Torch & Iceberg) by Meek Mill on
nah French Montana actually came thru with some bangers on this tape 🙈
new song with my brothers French Montana and Nas
French Montana's new mixtape featuring Kanye West, Travis Scott & more drops tonight:
Travis Scott is featured on the song "Man Of My City" on French Montana's new album which drops today!
Big Sean will be featured on French Montana's Wave Gods on the track "Man of My City" along with Travis Scott.
French Montana said he have a collaboration project with A$AP Rocky on the way
biblical manhood is French Montana sittin on Khloe's lap HAAAHN. NEXT QUESTION
Rah Rick Ross, French Montana and YG are doing a UK Tour together... 🔥
brought out Wiz, Chris Brown, French Montana, and P Diddy last night...Wow 🔥
Justin Bieber presented the $150,000 chain to French Montana back in November for his birthday.
French Montana really said " tell her give me head , Ocho Cinco " .
But why is Ocho Cinco called Ocho Cinco (by French Montana) What's it about? And relevant to what?!
The only thing that would bring my musical day together would be a Senses Fail / French Montana collab.
French Montana spotted hanging out with the Kardashians 👀 is it back on with Khloe?
Khloe Kardashian still remains friends with her ex French Montana:
No awkwardness here! Khloe Kardashian still remains friends with ex French Montana:
Listen to CHIMES RMX ft Pusha T, Future, Travi$ Scott, French Montana by Hudson Mohawke on follow me
A new favorite: Mally Mall - Wit It (feat. Jazz Lazer, French Montana, Rick Ross & Detail) by on
French Montana does look middle eastern lmao
French Montana bets Chris Brown to do a front flip.
French Montana is better than Nas and biggie if you ask me😴🙏🏽
what a dumb name lol French Montana. A language x state? anyone could come up with that. Imma be the next Spanish Nebraska.
yeah but Peter Rosenberg plays a lot of new artist on Sunday's. He was playing French Montana years ago for example
lol He wrote for ludacris. Ciara. Justin beiber . Beyoncé . French Montana. Miley.
Moses - French Montana ft Chris Brown & Migos ...little dude & I are gettin' down at the club aka our house today, apparently 😎
We are playing Moses by French Montana (f. Chris Brown/Migos)
What's the name of that track that got French Montana and Chris Brown on it where they keep saying they feel like Moses? That beat is fire!
I added a video to a playlist Chris Brown ft. French Montana - Antidote(Remix)
I didn't have enough for a French Montana album so I got French-Canadian Montana instead.
LADY TECNIQ NEWS French Montana's First Champagne Menage - And this is just the beginning!
French Montana is donating his entire $1 million check from Puffy to charity
A new favorite: Chris Brown ft. French Montana – Gangsta Way by on
The way French Montana annoys me in every song with "la marina", Khaled annoys me 10x more with "another one".
French Montana and Rae Sremmurd ball out on the remix to Post Malone's "White Iverson"
When Conley came out to that French Montana. Man. I'm about to become a boxer.
Who's the best trash rapper of all time in your opinion? Mine is either Juelz Santana, Lil B, French Montana, Eazy E, M…
too busy tryna troll Rick Ross, Vivica Foxx, and French Montana to get his mixtape done. C'mon man, put the vodka down & do music
Nov 21 2010 this was released video "French Montana - Make Money Remix ft. Coke Boys
I saw a video and they were playing Dope House by Chinx featuring French Montana and Jadakiss in Ohio Stadium!
Chris Brown painted Chinx and French Montana for French's birthday present
Chris Brown found a way to incorporate Chinx into French Montana's birthday present:
Listen to my to Travis Scott - Antidote Ft Chris Brown, French Montana on
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new intro for 'Mo Money' ft Lil Snupe & French Montana 🔥🔥🔥🔥 dropping this month http…
A new favorite: French Montana - "Ocho Cinco" Featuring Diddy, Red Cafe, MGK, LOS by on
"I'll always be there for him like I promised - unless I'm with French Montana - or James Harden" https:/…
Moving on from Khloe! Find out who French Montana is dating now:
I can't get over Sanaa Lathan and French Montana.its been almost a month and I'm still hurting.
the ting yang twins were sayin "hannn" before we knew what a French Montana was
Khloe threw French Montana in her husband face, threw James Harden in his face and now she at his bedside? That's not real at all.
And then that other time she told him to meet her at the club but she was inside with French Montana and she's all "omg Lamar's here?!"
Lil' Kim in 'everywhere we go' by French Montana and Wale .
All that French Montana, Meek Mill & Nick Jonas stuff. Dont wanna go thru that to get to P & JayZ
French Montana recruits Fetty Wap and Monty for ‘Freaky’. After linking up with Chris Brown for ‘Antidote...
Nick Jonas, Rick Ross, Meek Mill Added to Tidal Concert: Nick Jonas and rappers Rick Ross, Meek Mill and French Montana have been add...
Pop That by French Montana will never get old lol
French Montana & Chris Brown team up for a new remix of Travis Scott's "Antidote". Listen:
Body Work (feat. French Montana, Juicy J and Meek Mill) by Pusha T (at Grove Homestay) —
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French Montana must have the King Kong ding dong. I just don't get it any other way.
The Lyric Video for feat. French Montana, is LIVE on
So.. I've been reading that Sanaa Lathan is dating French Montana.. I sure hope not! This is like when Janet dated Jermaine Dupri.. Smh
I'm practicing the song "Don't panic" by French Montana. It's perfect for Monday morning Quarterback, especially for NFL teams who are 0-2
Listen to French Montana ft. Nicki Minaj - "Freaks" (Explicit) by Bad Boy Entertainment on
Sanaa bout to wash herself. Making songs with dej loaf and allegedly dating French Montana.
Sanaa doesn't want an 'emotional' man so she grabbed French Montana? Her team considers him an 'upgrade'? . Lemme go take this nap bruh..
Playing Mack Wilds ft French Montana and Mobb Deep - Henny Remix on Radio
Kid Ink, Fetty Wap, French Montana, Omarion, Migos, and of course Chris Brown. Bout to be the best show 😎
Listen to Chinx Drugs - Feelings (Feat. French Montana) by C.R.E.W. Ent. Inc. on RIP CHINX ***
Listen to Joe Budden - NBA ft. Wiz Khalifa, French Montana (Remake by Rich Keyz) by Its RICH KEYZ on
French Montana is a special guest of Fetty, it turns out. @ Eastside High School (Paterson, New Jersey)
Avenue night club tonight then up and down for French Montana performance
Everytime I listen to Pop That by French Montana ft Rick Ross Drake and Lil Wayne I picture the feeling they had in the studio.
WATCH: 'Punk'd' Reboot Chooses Chris Brown As First Victim: 'Joke is on Breezy thanks to French Montana'
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I wasn't expecting to see migos and French Montana too!
Still can't believe Migos and French Montana made an appearance last night 🙌🏽
French Montana guys asked me who do I believe got next outta Chicago that isn't known outside of Chicago.I told em 💯💯💯
Featured on the Music Video feat. French Montana!! ->>
I think I love her love her love her.(French Montana voice)
Live on feat. French Montana check it out now!
Kinda sad the Fetty Wap only played two songs but migos and French Montana was there to make it up. 👌🏻
Just remember that French Montana came last night!!😮
The fact that the Kardashians got all that money and all them cars didn't stop French Montana from giving Khloe a Jeep for her 30th bday...
I liked a video from French Montana Type Beat - Pray | Prod.By KomplexBeatz
heard a rumor of Migos and French Montana
I have the biggest dislike for French Montana
Fetty Wap , Cbreezy & French Montana got some coming out 😈
Seriously though for French Montana made the night better
Idk why everybody saying Fetty Wap and Chris Brown concert. French Montana the *** who gonna have that thing lit
French Montana be hopping on every remix
Y'all didn't know that Jon B was white? . I mean. to be fair, he does look like French Montana
Imagine how better life would be if they got French Montana to play Hannah Montana's father on the show.
My mom has been singing French Montana songs all morning...I'm confused and proud at the same time
Teyana Taylor, migos, Fetty Wap, Kid Ink, French Montana , and Chris Brown. What more could I have asked for in one concert. Killed it.
Bruh Chris Brown , ferry was , teyanna Taylor , Kid Ink French Montana , Omarion , and migos was lit ASF tonight
in total we seen Tiana Taylor, Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Fetty Wap, Migos and French Montana.
I'm going to a Chris Brown concert and French Montana and Kid Ink and Omarion fetty and Teyana Taylor are going I'm hype
Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Fetty Wap, Migos, French Montana, Omarion, Teyana Taylor all in one concert is gonna be lit omg!
Travis Scott, French Montana, Diddy, Cassie and Lewis Hamilton were there too.
I was forced to like French Montana songs
I only fw Nick because of his fat nipples .. French Montana is my real bae 😌💦
French Montana ain't even get no love
Celebrities: Celebrity Birthday: Jennifer Lopez hangs out with Fat Joe and French Montana - Celebrities - Puls...
Well it says French Montana is worth 8 million dollars... which is 10 million more than dame dash has. so i guess hes doing alright
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By _YBF It appears French Montana has moved on to a new chick…a VERY wealthy chick. He's allegedly dating...
We got the pleasure to film with Chris Brown and French Montana for their upcoming song together, Moses! Stay...
LOL *** Tichina Arnold dragged French Montana like it's nothing 😂💀 .
"Her forehead fat, you can park 10 Tahoes on it."- French Montana
Video of Miley, Mike Will, French Montana + more on the set of "Drinks On Us" 🍺🍻
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