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French Fries

French fries (American English, with French often capitalized), or chips, fries, or French-fried potatoes are batons of deep-fried potato.

Freedom Fries Potato Salad Canadian Bacon Burger King Nick Jonas

Fresh Fried Haddock or a Clam Strip Dinner with French Fries and Cole Slaw all day long (lunch and dinner) for only…
I just bought 3 chocolate chip cookies from your store in Woodfield Mall. They tasted like French Fries. Gross. What gives?
Potatoes Are 1 of 17 Ingredients in an Order of McDonald's French Fries. It's Enough to Take Your Appetite.:(
Hey, anyone remember that time the US House of Representatives renamed French Fries in their cafeteria to Freedom Frie…
The only way to explain the deliciousesness of the Steak Frites with French fries and mini fresh…
Wait the Taco Bells there have french fries!?
When you are with someone who is nice. Eating burgers and french fries . That's when Mr.Happy is around
Coffee float with milo, and french fries. Craving satisfied 👍
When you find a tiny French fries in your onion rings' meal and think of how much God must have loved you.
ItsFoodPics: French fries are from Belgium not France
French fries for dinner. It's a veggie so don't judge me 😃
[I ate] a Rambo. It’s a Philly cheese stake with mozzarella sticks popcorn chicken and french fries on top.
Tip of the day: . Have some French fries 🍟
im addicted to sweets, chichirya, french fries. I like pasta than rice. Im also addicted to korean dramas, and dont have interests on kpop.☺
Thanks for getting in touch Hannah. Were so pleased to hear that you're Enjoying Walkers French Fries. Have a great Xmas
I liked a video from How To Make McDonald's French Fries
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also bring me some donuts, Chinese food, McDonald's breakfast, French fries, and mash potatoes
Please pick up your Le Burger and French Fries and leave the tulip on the counter.
I want Micky ds French Fries but they one near my crib closes at 11 🙄 believe that Swiss cheese is made in Switzerland? What about French Fries?
To the saints and faithful brethren in French Fries which are at Colosse: Grace be unto you, and peace, from Burger and the French Fries.
I've never found a needle in a haystack, but this one time, I found an onion ring in my french fries
French fries and Doritos are his fav
A Wendy's frosty and French fries sound great rn
update: the cat escaped and I found it in my room eating French fries
We have burger and french fries cravings
Y'all never had fries till you've had French fry heaven 😩
Billings Mooyah giving away free fries for a year
Hey! I turned off the vmas to eat french fries but theyre too salty so i made a mistake
I went to Brendons after work an I was hugging him an he goes " m French fries " 😑😂😂😂
"there's nothing you can do to save cold McDonald's French fries" says the fool
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
theres enough tater tots for the two of us. or OOO one of us can be tater tots n one can be french fries.
It's the year 2016, why isn't there a way to heat up French fries successfully
I personally really like their French fries with the seasoning
ever since I started working at Sammy's my diet is 90% buffalo bites and french fries
I was making French fries and the grease was popping everywhere and it started smoking under the skillet 😭
Are french fries and onion rings considered a condiment when added onto a burger?
I want 30 sliders, 5 french fries, and 4 cherry cokes
It's my Friday so I'm going to rent a movie and eat French fries
Anyone know where there is a corn dog and French fries stand
I could go for some French fries, Nick Jonas.
hi I love you almost as much as French fries
I could have gladly lived my whole life without watching Nick Jonas 'sexily' smell a plate of french fries.
Why tf would you let boul just throw them french fries in the air like that 🙄
Can I put French fries in a toaster?
TBH the guy sexily showering himself with French fries is me.
You know you had a good night when you end up at a 24 hour diner eating French fries at 4am
hey listen, I just want some checkers french fries
lol I think I was eating French fries 😂😂 but am I still a part of the fam? I really want some macaroni 😩🙏🏾
That chef throwing French fries on him in the background is so me
This man just throwing French fries. ***
Everything is going to be ok and if not french fries will always be there for you
Jollibee french fries are so fricking good i...
What do you guys like your french fries?
Cool building, but frozen crinkle french fries, yuck.
ME: What are "Chowder Fries?". LADY: We pour lobster chowder over french fries. M: Are you from my dreams?. L: What?. M: Ch…
Therapist: "When exactly do you think she lost interest in the date?". Me: "Probably when I dipped my french fries in her mashed potatoes."
OK minus all the hateful poli BS do I ask for French fries or Freedom Fries?.
Meeting my legal roommate & three kids at Red Robin. Thankfully they have endless French Fries so I can stuff my face and never say a word.
Wednesday's Lunch Special: Chili Cheese Dogs w/ choice of French Fries and/or Tater Tots. (918) 337-088
Happy National French Fry Day! What are you all drinking with your French Fries??…
A great alternative to French Fries and a way to sneak in veggies! The Parmesan and Cajun ones sound the best. 😋🍟
I'm pretty sure I just want a crab cake sandwich & French Fries... w. a Margarita of some sort. That's all I ask.
The ultimate comfort food. French Fries smothered in Cheddar Cheese and Bacon!
Viewpoint Restaurant Special today is a Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger served with French Fries
Join us for our *Blue Plate Special* Catfish, Cole Slaw, Cheese Grits, French Fries, and Hush Puppies. If...
He's back. Kyle to Kayode. Quinoa to Jollof. Mashed Potatoes to Fufu. French Fries to sweet plantains. Song: Soweto Baby ht…
I don't know anything about that, but may I assert:. French Onion Soup > French Fries.
aye ma remember chicken nuggets and french fries was all we could afford, now look at me im eating and boarding planes when I'm bored ‼️
If you want a little more confidence. potatoes turn to french fries, yeah it's common sense
half order of French toast, house fries with cheese and bacon , & ham or bacon 😍 let's not forget the strawberry lemonade ...
Do zombies eat French Fries with their fingers? No, they eat the fingers separately.
"Could I get the fish and chips?". "Yes and that comes with French fries is that okay?". ". I mean yeah"
I want some blueberry pancakes, French fries, and bacon lol
You know you are extremely broke when you try to buy french fries in pennies, nickels and dimes because you don't have any quarters 😂
What is the best type of French Fries?
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it's at the mall. It's French fries, tater totes, curly fries and they have different flavors for them
Me and Nick are out to breakfast and he ordered French fries and applesauce
almost as bad as having French fries in the oven and it's not plugged in
Amsterdam had the best French fries
I've been really bad about not eating lately. French fries and water can sustain you for a while apparently, though.
Bump this if you love french fries.
I'm happy Aubs didn't associate w Justin until he chopped those french fries off of his head.
Danielle caught the bouquet last night while I ate three corn dogs and French fries.
When you have that sudden craving for Mcdonals french fries with a chocolate chip frappé.
We introduce you our delicious park avenue sandwich plus this french fries and salad!
*gives you some steaks, French fries, chicken sandwich and soda*
The “french” in french fries actually describes the way the spuds are sliced, not their country of origin.
My goal is to retire someday and then blow through my 401k and then work at McDonalds and start a collection of really long french fries.
making some homemade french fries, they're taking a bit stream will begin when I'm done
Say what you will about mcdonalds, but they got some next-level french fries don't kid yourself
I want a suitcase full of French fries
Everybody who knows me knows I love French fries ❤️😨
Is it normal to crave French fries alll the time.
When you ask your friend if he's gonna finish the rest of his French fries and he says "Nah bro all yours"
"French fries are so much better the day after" . -no one
😎. bm mcFlurry, bigMac, french fries, lemon tea!!! (with Maria at —
This is probably an unpopular opinion but I'm weighing in once and for all. Truffles do not belong on french fries. Mic…
have you turned blonde FFS hilarious in Paris and wondered why the wine was French ask them where their fries are from daft bat
11. he's trying to eat his french fries sweater liSTEN
Sad eyes, thick thighs, mouth full of French fries, dissing hot guys... OMG what is my life?! -Stella
Serial killer James French's last words in the electric chair were "How's this for your headline? - French Fries."
Just enjoying a pizza covered in French Fries of a historic grass/dirt Icelandic home.
did you know Mr. Freeze's real name is Victor Fries...he should be called Mr. Fries!! Mr. French Fries that is... *Seinfeld out*
Learn how to make French Fries at home!
"F*** You French Fries". These have bragging rights like NO other! Wow!!
Update your maps at Navteq
Last yr, I gave up French fries for playoffs&it worked pretty well. This ye, McDonald's is doing free Extra Value Meals after a home W 😱💁🏼😝
I have such a strong craving for french fries right now
I finally had sonic they french fries good ash 😍😍😋
This delicious burger plus this crunchy french fries it’s the perfect lunch for today
My brain during day. What to eat, what to eat. Ahh yes, french fries; pizza. Brain during night. I must do something as Newton Einstein did
buy a desk from Ikea, assemble it on the beach 'n fill it with French fries. Watch the dogs 'n seagulls fight over it.
Potatoes turns to french fries yes common sense
cool!! I lost a 15 pounds when I first became vegetarian two years ago but I gained it all back because french fries.
Chicken fingers, french fries for them *** that wanna diss!
So much carbs today ugh hay french fries 🍟
41 Glorious Photos of Fries That Will Show You the Meaning of Life via
eating french fries at Optp Imperial Mall
A "of the future" is to open in St. Joseph, MO in July and will feature all-you-can-eat french fries!
"Why did u choose Plattsburgh for college?" . "They had really good French Fries" --a current student.
Some people r more disappointing than reheated french fries !
Maddie and I just went to McDonald's to get french fries and we didn't realize it was breakfast till we got up to the order
French fries are very important to me
Jessica just ate some French fries that have been sitting on her dresser for 8 hours gtg
I want to sleep but I also want french fries.
can I put some of your salt on french fries.
Lobster and Céline for all my babies that I miss. Chicken fingers,French fries for them *** that wanna diss 🎵
Ya Allah i am so thankful for french fries
I love French wine, French fries & especially the French Blues. . Sweet. Thanks for the love https…
Mallory likes her french fries with maple syrup! She'll start by planting seed potatoes (JUST ARRIVED) ! YUM!!!
I've been up since 7 give me my French fries
I love French fries from Mcdonalds real oily but crispy on the inside then on the out I love salt on mine you Mark
Everyone getting their tan on and we're just trying to protect our french fries from the…
You can eat French fries and be vegan. Don't mean you'll be healthy.. lol
😂😂😂😂 I was like I want French fries they were like it's still breakfast. OK SO
The 2nd track off The RecEP Album. Learn how to make the perfect French Fries & Onion Rings by listening to the song
French toast. Home fries. Eggs. Yea, me and Sharon Grant are going in!
Today's special at The Gardens Cafe by Fried Catfish Po-Boy served with Homemade Slaw and French Fries. Join us for lunch!
Me: I'm trying to find my soul mate. French Fries: We're at McDonald's dude.
Chicken wings and fries...that's what I'm currently eating...
Just learned how to make perfect thin and crisp french fries. This guy goes all the way.
After taking in consideration my child loving French Fries. Shopped and found the best for my ideas.
Me and my cousin have very different opinions on late night snacks...she has French fries and I have quinoa *sighs*
excuse me what kind of magic kingdom serves lobster and French fries I want to go there
After my classes tomorrow I must go get me some French fries 😩 been craving them for days
Granted French fries are one of my favorite foods
I haven't craved potatoes in over a year, but God bless I would kill some French fries rn.
ya WCW got the personality of two day old microwaved McDonald's french fries.
I gotta work on eating actual side dishes when I eat out and not just always getting French fries
Hashbrowns are just baby French fries.
I want some snacks , French fries , and a piece of strawberry shortcake 😩
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Saw a burger and a bunch of French fries in the middle of the road on my way home tonight.. I shed a tear or two
I wish they had Chinese spots here like they do in philly id be there right now orderin french fries w/ hot sauce ketchup salt & pepper
Broccoli may get caught in your teeth. But french fries will get stuck on your ***
French fries are from Belgium, not France. Let that sink in. We feel so dumb right now.
I have an obsession with French fries
Thursday lunch: sliced. playful caramellos beaten with french fries with 2 quarts of diakon radish.
I wish salads tasted like french fries.
especially on them crispy French fries
"French fries are from Belgium not France."
Someone hook it up with mc donald's french fries
I'd pay good money to get some wings and French fries right now
French fries are actually from Belgium and not France
Right, I can tell from your photos that you only put your lips on Big Macs and French fries
who wants to drive me to mcdonalds to get French fries
all I want in life is french fries and a best friend that I can tell 100% of everything to.
I just want a donut and some French fries.
well, I ate a hamburger and french fries and I guess I need to go to bed early now because I'm too old to do that anymore.
Late night yoga after French's called balance😏
The world is an unfriendly place when it's 10 PM and you want some really good french fries all of the sudden.
I wish someone looked at me the way Beretta looks at my French fries
Spring rolls. French fries and ranch. Cheese sticks. These are things I want on a plate in front of me this instant.
Benji and I getting our local taste of New Orleans! Kolin just got French fries
Each of my teardrop tattoos represent french fries I dropped between my car's seats.
I am expecting French Fries to be a major issue in this year's Sheriff's race.
Ready for a chocolate milkshake and french fries😍
Brandi "Let's go get French fries from McDonald's when dad goes to bed". Me "I can't I really have to go to bed" Brandi "but your salty"
sigh. no . Silly. I got French fries at the sheriffs office
Congrats! made the list of best French fries in Austin!
French fries are served hot&crispy, and generally eaten as part of lunch or dinner, or on their own as a snack.
oh yeah! I know you. What is it. Potato something? Maybe it was French fries?
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Im craving french fries but the ones from the chinese spot up in west philly 😩😩😩😩 im crying right now
Congrats! makes list of best French fries in Austin!
I guess it's weird to eat French fries with mustard..?
Draw me like one of your french fries.
French Fries Will woke up around 6-7am, like how he usually did when the su …
I'll give you a dollar if you bring me some french fries please I'm begging you
I don't mind a little butthole cameo in a nude. It's a nice surprise. Like finding an onion ring in your order of french fr…
Thanks We're so glad you enjoy our fries. The other 8 are def great!
Ooops Livestrong says Canola oil is healthy. They also say Soy is always hydrogenated. Neither are true.
Learned how to ski today through pizza and french fries...which usually teaches me everything in…
Special: Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich with French Fries - Soups: Cream of Mushroom / Pork and Cabbage
5:00pm Back to Apt. Also got a few white potatoes, and cooking Oil for French Fries, on 2 US Senate,TRUTH,Follow,ME
"I'm on a green diet, I don't want no French Fries". - Keith Cozart
When we fry potatoes we call them 'French Fries' even though they are fried in Dar es Salaam... PLO
Join us tonight for delicious Grilled Salmon BLT with Fried Green Tomato and French Fries, enjoy your evening.
. I wonder if he knows we changed the name of the French Fries to Freedom Fries?
BREAKING: House GOP votes unanimously to rename Freedom Fries back to French Fries to show solidarity after Paris attacks.
where are the French Fries to dip in the Frosty?!?! Your doing it wrong!
None of the items on the McDonald's menu could be certified as vegetarian — even their French Fries, which use a natura…
Two Favorites: Big Daddy Pizza or French Fries today. Chicken Patty or Fish Sandwiches, too. Apple Juice comes with your lunch.
I just met and shared French Fries with Soap Lake Sandy.
You would have to walk for seven hours straight to burn off a Big Mac with a Super Sized Coke and French Fries.
problems. My 5 year old, "But why can't I have French Fries with my Pancakes?" I have no good answer anymore!
Start Off the BBQ Season with the perfect French Fries & Green Goddess Dipping Sauce! Fool-proof rec
Congress changed French Fries to Freedom Fries after the French didn't support the invasion of Iraq lol
In Steven Universe, Steven is obsessed with eating fry-bits. The little nubbins of fried goodness left after making French Fries.
I Just Got off Work..Eating "Smoked Chicken, French Fries, Potato Salad, Texas Toast from Fat Boys Barbeque Restaurant" for Dinner at Home!!
If you have a hankering for French Fries try finding a place that serves sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes offer...
currently sitting on the balcony, in a t-shirt & underwear, eating French Fries, save to say I'm never coming home
He said "French fries and bowling, the perfect combination." it's OK. I took out a second mortgage.
I told dis bih his feet look like French fries he said so wat they was fired in new greese 😂😂😂😂 I hate him
Yeah, I just turned down a 4 year/4 billion dollar contract from MTL because I don't wanna hear Spanish all day and only…
All these advances in science and technology and we can't figure out a way to reheat French fries and make them taste good?
YES! I would marry French fries if I could.
McDonald's French fries sounds so good rn
I HATE french fries! It's ruining my freedom that the guy at the other table ordered fries with his burg…
Potato poll: Tomorrow is Vote for your favorite fast food variety:
sis said "he all salty ask him if he want some French fries" lol
Tomorrow we're serving up some delicious French fries for Stop by our leasing…
I'm hungry but only for French fries😭
Being against *** marriage is like saying to the waiter " don't serve this *** person french fries cuz I'm on a diet"
I can't lie girl you hotter than a campfire . We can stay up like vampires . Compliment eachother like burgers and French fries
This salad would be better if you replaced all the vegetables with french fries.
Just saw some lady putting extra salt on her french fries... I feel u
lmao what do you not like?? Pmsl im a french fries pmsl wait french fries or french fry? ._.
If you've never had Thrasher's french fries you haven't lived.
French fries and Bloody Mary drinks for breakfast! I think my eating habits are what keeps my gym in business
woke up sick to my stomach cuz in my dream I ate too many french fries from McDonald's... 😂
Coworker: So I went to get a breakfast taco this morning and they put French fries in it! *** . Me: That's like a blessing.
Taking French fries off of a significant other's plate is allegedly one of the most common causes of couples fighting at rest…
We reveal the secret to making the crunchiest, healthiest and most delicious French Fries around!... via
Beginning at 5 we will be running some awesome BBQ Specials! . $5 BBQ Sandwich & Hand Cut French Fries. $6 BBQ...
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen
I want to be tan and eat French fries all day
I want to eat better but I'm so in love with French fries 😩
Which fast food joint has the absolute best french fries? Arby's. 6% of voters agree with me.
I get paid and feel like I can buy the world but then I go out to eat and my thoughts are crushed by the crunchy taste of French fries ..
Why do French fries take forever to cook
I love Locale but 22 minutes and counting I've been waiting for turkey on bread and some French fries to-go is the biggest pain in the *** 😩
Idk if I should make some french fries with cheese as well lol
Order Miche Bag Online!
all I want right now is Tilapia with shrimp on the top, smothered with white cheese, a side of mash potatoes and French fries.
My brothers just fought over my French fries!
pmsll just all the foods then XD why not start drawing all your food items to start? Im honored to be one of your french fries lol
Brandi Malloy, a PopSugar vlogger, shows us how to Make Mcdonald's French Fries!
French Fries are rich in what nutrient? It assists w/ energy levels!
Yes, I do want fries with that. July 13 is French Fries Day – which kind will you celebrate with?
whatever you get lol. Small chicken sandwich and some French fries 😊 & something sweet to eat
When in doubt, the answer is always French Fries.
MILL PLAIN'S Hot Rock Special for Wednesday~. Delicious Chicken Strips with French Fries and homemade Potato Salad...
But.. I seen Beyonce at Burger King she was eating French Fries and Onion Rings.
Coming up on hour 5 of waiting in the airport, the man next to me who is also going to Boise says "I need to go buy some French Fries"
Just ordered General Tso's chicken, enchiladas, and French Fries from the same place.
Seeing people dip French Fries in straight up mayonnaise makes me feel sick. I literally cannot right now with it. Only in Vermont
my meal today consisted of French Fries & Frosted Flakes
Michelle MacLeod - "French Fries" (CUPSI 2015): im in love with this, its my national anthem
Today is Hamburger & French Fries day. Soup is White Chicken Chili & Steak & Potato. Two of our best . Be the...
Happy Friday! Today's special is Pulled Pork Sliders with Baked Beans and French Fries.
Grave of the French Fries. Studio Ghibli's best, easily.
Don't deny that Canadian Bacon is a dietary staple for Canadians. Next thing you'll tell me they don't eat French Fries in France.
So who is ready for some football? Even though my team is not playing I still love watching football. I am always sad when it ends and I have to wait until the start of the next season. We will have both football games on plus some basketball, golf, tennis and NHL today. Plus it is HAPPY HOUR SUNDAY ALL DAY!! So come in for some great prices on some ICE cold draft, bottle or can beer, liquor and food.. 49 cent wings, potato skins or fried shrimp. OR, $5.00 Cheese Nachos. OR, $6.00 Meat or Chicken Nachos. Perfect food to eat while watching football. We also have our Hamburger Baskets with French Fries for $5.45. Or, our Cheeseburger Baskets with French Fries for $5.95. We have the best Hamburgers in town, if I do say so myself. NFL Games Today: Packers vs Seahawks at 2 pm Colts vs Patriots at 5:30 pm Men's College Basketball Today: Indiana vs Illinois at Noon St John's vs DePaul at 1:30 pm St Joseph's vs St Bonaventure at 1:30 pm Missouri State vs Northern Iowan at 3 pm Boise State vs New Mexico at 5 pm Vi ...
The ones who changed French Fries to Freedom Fries criticize for not going to a rally in France on 36 hours notice?
Amazed @ the fuss is giving out about POTUS not going to France when was all about Freedom Fries not French Fries! WOW!!
Fox News is reporting that "Freedom Fries" can again be called "French Fries" until Obama visits France and ruins everything.
OMG. My memory must be failing. Why did we a while back want to substitute Freedom Fries for French Fries?
I'm old enough to remember when it was politically popular to rename French Fries "Freedom Fries"
I'm old enough to remember when hated the french & changed the Congressional menu from French Fries to Freedom Fries.
NEW DISCOUNTS! Tuesday in addition to regular happy hour from 4-7, we are introducing EXTREME Happy Hour from 6pm to 7pm!! if you are wondering whats so extreme about it you come in around 4 you get .50 off your drinks but from 6pm to 7pm all domestic beers are $1.00!!! all imports are $1.25! and well drinks are just $2.00! Hows that for EXTREME? And introducing THIRSTY Thursdays On thursday from 7pm to 10pm all longnecks are just $1.25 imports are $1.75 Of course we still have our regular specials mondays are Police and Firefighter appreciation night, Wednesday is Ladies night $10 all u want to drink well until 10pm $2.50 well and wine after that until close. and Fiesta Fridays all imports and Tequila are discounted all night so come on out and make 5 o'clock world lounge your new hangout for 2015. Coming Soon Food served at the bar menu to include French Fries, Fried Pickles, chicken wings and Potato Skins will drop more info on that when we are ready to roll it out!
BWW Reviews: DINER at the Signature Theatre - You can Taste the French Fries and Gravy!... .
The only reason to love Lens team = they've a Mc Cain advert on their jersey (delicious French Fries tbh).Nothing more.
blake as in Amanda BLAKE Headley to French as in French Fries. Yo word
Just imagine a mouth-watering Pork Loin served with Amaretto Cream Sauce ... tender, tasty and oohh so good! That is one of the delicious specials this evening at the Gateway Restaurant! We serve it up right with your choice of potato and a side of veggies. The price is right and the food remarkable! Another special is our Two Lobster Roll deal: served with our fresh, hand cut French Fries and coleslaw. Another one of our fresh and tasty seafood dinners . . . always a great choice!! Dinner at the Gateway! What a great way to spend a drizzly Wednesday evening!! Come enjoy!!
Our Onion Rings and French Fries are house cut, and made fresh for you to enjoy!
Our lunch specials for Thursday, September 11th, are Coney Dogs with French Fries (2 all beef 1/4 lb. hot dogs...
I Just Got Off Work.Eating "Double Quarter Pounder Hamburger and French Fries from McDonald's" for Dinner at Home!!
NASCAR Richmond Va Federated Auto Parts 300 Sept 6-7th (Sat-Sun) Racing under the lights!! Race fans you don't want to miss this race!!! Last chance for your driver to make the CHASE! When they win, their IN! Racing under the lights is awesome!!! What your favorite driver trade paint with the other drivers as he tries to be first for the checkered flag. We'll have a fun filled weekend...Also, we'll have fun on the bus...we will provide (danish, donuts, fruit salad & juice for our breakfast stop). For our lunch stop, we will provide a deli platter, salads, chips, soda and water. Our hotel is one hour away from the track. At the track we will have a cookout: Hot Dogs, Hamburgs, Pasta, Chicken Wings, Sausage & Peppers, French Fries, Assorted Salads, Chips, Water, and Soda. Trip Includes: Charter Bus, Ticket to the Race, Cookout before and after the Race, Hotel Room (Double Occupancy), Games and Prizes on the bus. COST: $350.00 ONLY 14 seats left Call about special pricing for groups of 6 or more!! Oaklan ...
French Fries, Gravy, Cheese, sometimes some beef...What's NOT to love about that, Erin???
Tonight's Specials~ Appetizer Clams Casino Six clam half shells stuffed with fresh clams, bacon, season bread crumbs, peppers and Romano cheese and served with a lemon wedge. ~$9.99 Entrees Smothered Jack Daniels Angus Sirloin An aged Angus sirloin steak smothered with grilled onions and peppers and our own garlic-whiskey sauce served with your choice of potato and choice of salad or vegetable. ~$18.99 Shrimp Scampi Tender shrimp, roasted red peppers, artichokes, and broccoli sautéed in lemon, garlic, and white wine sauce and served over spaghetti, and your choice of soup or salad included. ~$16.99 Italian Mac-n-Cheese Penne pasta, Italian sausage, salami, pepperoni and mixed bell peppers baked in our house made six cheese sauce. ~$10.99 Vegetable~ Broccoli or Green Beans Potatoes~ Baked, Mashed or French Fries
HI *** Come to the Goshen Fair! Labor Day weekend. So our favorite event of the summer :-) And it has nothing to do with Art's French Fries.ok well maybe just a little
I heard that Burger King is starting a punch card program for french fries. It's called the frequent fryer card.
Tuesday Specials: Spaghetti and Meatballs with Tossed Salad, Garlic Toast and Dessert; Grilled Chicken Sandwich with French Fries; Ham and Cheese Melt on a Pretzel Bun with Soup. Soups: Bean, Chicken Corn Chowder, Chili.
Dr. Spencer bakes some yummy french fries
You know Mougs a great friend when she buys ya a beer and french fries for yah bday
up early cooking some fried gizzards n French fries
Mama update- Spoke with her last night. She said she felt good and she was sounding good. She went to speech therapy yesterday morning and will go every Monday. After a few minutes of talking I noticed she started confusing words (this is the side effect of her stroke).but the doctor said that would be "normal" for her for quite a while. SHe would love to hear from her friends, so please call her...the doctor wants her to talk as much as possible..just be aware that there will be times when a word she uses doesnt make sense. An example of this is on Saturday, when talking with Barbara Cadle, she kept saying (when referring to me) "Pete is here". I kept saying, "No mama, tell her Russell" and Mama would say, "yes I know, you are Pete". In her mind she was saying "Russell" but it was coming out "Pete". For those of you who don't know, Pete is my father who died 9 years ago. LOL! As soon as I got home I called Barbara to explain that Mama wasnt seeing my daddy in the room, she just confused her wor ...
Summer Youth Fun Special: 2 games, shoes, slice of pizza (or french fries) & soda for only $6 ($7, 3 games). Every Day 9a-5p 18 and younger
I need these in my life is making me wait 20 mins before I can eat my french fries
Made Crescent burgers, fries & baked beans for dinner last night! And this morning made French toast, eggs and cinnamon rolls!
It's a Bacon Explosion for lunch today! How about a Cheeseburger topped with Bacon, Canadian Bacon and Bacon Jam! Served with French Fries!
It's also~~ ★~ Julienne Fries Day! Julienne refers to the cut of most vegetables, but usually potatoes, into a fry-like shape.The term was brought to the forefront of American pop culture by Ron Popeil’s commercials for the Veg-O-Matic, “It slices! It dices! It makes Julienne fries!” Urban legend indicates the word is derived from Julia Child. ~ French fries were introduced to the U.S. when Thomas Jefferson served them in the White House during his Presidency of 1801-1809. ~ Americans eat more than 16 pounds of french fries every year, which comes to over 2 million tons! You know how to celebrate,, eat some fries today!! They're really good with a big juicy burger!
The best advertisement line against Pizza, Pasta, Burger, French Fries and all junk food:- “Few moments on Lips, Forever on Hips!!” A good medical QUOTE:- Obesity is not because it runs in the family! It is because, no one runs in the family!
Thursday night special!! 10 ounce top sirloin steak, with your choice of hand cut french fries, baked or sweet potato and bread! All for $13. Thursday 5 to 9 P.M.
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