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French Connection

The French Connection was a scheme through which heroin was smuggled from Turkey to France and then to the United States.

Gene Hackman William Friedkin Boris Diaw Popeye Doyle Wild Willy Barrett Sports Direct River Island Crimson Tide Mississippi Burning Happy Monday Joan Smalls Vogue Paris Rudy Gobert Roy Scheider Moss Bros

Heard this somewhere , like 15 times in the past 6 months, from somewhere who got a connection…
where's the pizza at the French Connection Line: Ted Lindsay, Mike Modano, and Nicklas Backstrom
You're welcome. I'm the author of Silk or Sugar
Also, there are car chases and there are car chases. Good ones that immediately come to mind. The French…
Daphnee in movie I'm really curious why oral sex got in connection with the French people. And who could be
Depressing news given I like French Connection clothes.
This pug looks like Gene Hackman in The French Connection Poodles can never be trusted...
Sports Direct increases French Connection stake to 27%. Read more:
Sports Direct increases French Connection stake to 27% guardianvia
Sports Direct increases French stake connection to 27%
Building a French connection: urban skills masterclass for in derelict factory during training with 🇫🇷…
Given French Connection's slightly precarious position, on face of it seems a little curious
Sports Direct’s stake in French Connection increases to more than 25%
Keep up to date with all the latest financial news Sports Direct increases French Conne...
Mike Ashley's Sports Direct ups its stake in French Connection to more than 27%
Was that in the French Connection? Clancy referred to it in Without Remorse, too
If the HGs were smart, they'll get the French Connection out during the triple eviction. Put Karen on the block with Dre/William.
every1 who understand French need to bump this real trap muzik. [Mixtape] Neoklash x GC54PROD - "French Connection" »
Sooo, the Love Connection , or the French Connection,.. Can we get some better feeds
Diggin' his comb-over and mutton chops too! Gene Hackman is amazing as Popeye Doyle in the French Connection!
Wasn't a remake (no Popeye Doyle), but a another take on the French Connection. Focused on the life of judge Pierre Michel.
Wild Willy Barrett returns to Oxford on 22 April with his French Connection...
Sun 26 March - Wild Willy Barrett's French Connection at the Folk Club. Tickets £8 - on door or call 01403…
o I'm eye'in up those French Connection earrings 👀😍
French Connection investors call for business to be split (£)
Robert Mitchum turned down PATTON(for RYAN's DAUGHTER) & THE FRENCH CONNECTION. He was offended by the latter's script.
The french press connection. Trying something new while the espresso machine is on it's…
Well, at least they didn't draw any connection to the fact that a large part of Shanghai expats are French :)
Joining on the channel to talk about French Connection's results
Thanks for this amazing day! Lots of fun, connection and magical moments on the French Tech Booth!
Investor calls for French Connection break up as it posts fifth year of losses
As posts its fifth year of losses, gives his thoughts on where the brand went wrong…
I have L.A. Confidential, French Connection, Steve Jobs, Dogtown and Z Boys, Grosse Point Blank and Donnie Darko (on UMD!)
French Connection 'moving in right direction' despite full year loss | The Retail Bulletin
French Connection Suits at Moss Bros. French Connection Suits available for boys as 2 piece suits...
(The Financial Times):calls for break-up of Connection : Activist fund Gatemore calls for..
Amirah told 2Nite the camera allows her to embrace who she is and be proud of her flaws.
French Connection reports loss for fifth year running.
ok but guys. i just realized. i have somewhat poor lag connection in splatoon, right?. I am also french. it all makes sense
Prosperity Update: Activist investor urges French Connection to break up
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- French Connection under fresh pressure from investors
French Connection endures fifth year of losses as revenue falls
French Connection reports loss for fifth year running
French Connection widens FY loss as sales tumble
- Activist investor urges French Connection to break up
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Investor urges break-up of French Connection after further losses
Troubled French Connection to close another six stores as losses widen to £5.3m -
I saw this for the first time last summer. Don’t know how I lived without it. THE FRENCH CONNECTION, tonight at 10:…
- French Connection reports loss for fifth year in a row as investor calls for break-up
More misery for French Connection shareholders as losses continue ^City AM
Charla this French connection episode is so very horrible.
I am pushing 50. Remember part of them. Had poster of the French Connection on my bedroom wall. And Perreault in 76 Can Cup
Part of the "French Connection" 4th line with Paquette and Bournival
If you're in Hobart this Saturday night, come and check out Maudit Bleu - my French Tasmanian connection
Montréal'll likely never shake its French Connection connotations.
Teammates and countrymen Rudy Gobert and Boris Diaw catch at a local café on their French connection.
Boris Diaw and Rudy Gobert French Connection - Teammates and countrymen Rudy Gobert and Boris Diaw ...
Likin that French connection, Batum stanning for his coutnryman
That my friends is the true heart of Britain and a real French connection
Robert Jones was convicted in connection to a French Quarter crime spree dating back to 1992   10% Off
"The French Connection"! High Profile All Inclusive! That was a most scintillating finish to get up under…
wait... his best film? I would say top 3 with French Connection and Unforgiven. But the Firm and Crimson Tide. So many choices
And way better than French Connection or Unforgiven. Just my preference.
French Connection begins search for new board members in response to activist pressure...
Read the recent activist letter to French Connection £FCCN:
Sacre Bleu! Gaël mixing up a colour storm and bringing the French connection to Team Parachute. h…
Watched The Friends of Eddie Coyle & got nostalgic for scummy old Boston, same thing happens with NYC when I watch French Connection. Weird.
And Five Easy Pieces, Pulp Fiction, Out of the Past, Seventh Seal, Casablanca, Night Moves, French Connection, Once Upon a Time in the West
Fascinating interview with "French Connection"/"Exorcist" director William Friedkin on Marc Maron's
Decided against York Minster as thought £10 too expensive. Went to Jigsaw & French Connection instead. Have since discovered flaw in logic.
Éliphas Lévi and the the Masonic and French Connection of the American Mystery Tradition a Masterful
.has become a fourth member of the French Connection at the First Niagara Center
this one is good too. Same director as French Connection, William Friedkin.
Jaws and Jaws 2 on French Connection and Seven Ups on It isn't Roy Scheider's birthday, guess it's just Roy Scheider night.
REVIEW: A French Connection, an imaginative mini-album of remixes from Nottingham post-punk outfit https…
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Oh, French Connection is on! And its not that icky tinkered blu-ray first release print!
It's a really fun movie from when car chases were all the rage. Cannonball Run, French Connection, Blues Brothers, Dukes of Hazz
News: Eloise Meets Marie Antoinette at the Plaza - It all looked like it could have been a set in So...
A French farmer is closer to get his Grandfather's collection with the Panama connection!
the dresses all come from different designers. Guess, Marciano,French connection. Not mine :(
BULLITT and THE FRENCH CONNECTION are the two films which feature what are arguably the two greatest chase sequences ever committed to film.
did you see La French (The Connection)? It was largely ignored, but I j'adored it. Great soundtrack too.
via Don't forget Build in Leyland UK, we have been UK market leader for last 20 years
Bolland approving the choice to recolor it is no more right than what Friedkin did in the 1st restoration of FRENCH CONNECTION
The French connection of mix and match of over 2.5 goals from the 2 leagues did not work out.
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Dad: You cant go to French Connection bc I disapprove of their slogan. Me: Its not that bad. Mum: Think of the poor dyslexics!
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Does Buzzbrews still have the French Connection crepes?? I'm gonna be sad if they don't
Observer Eloise Meets Marie Antoinette at the Plaza Observer Every home… via
I'm so sad that my French connection body mist has ran out, it's like my statement smell :(
Four of the five countries with the highest rates of radicalization in the world are Francophone:
The French connection: Explaining Sunni militancy around the world
There's a great critique of "French Connection" thesis & I advanced. And then there's this:
All French connection in the semi final at and is going to be full of drama and energy
French Connection Job. I always tear up a little at the end when Parker is looking at the statue.
r u saying Manafort is the new French Connection? Who cares it's France.Remember freedom fries.
what an urban take on Heat. A group of guys working nefariously within the citys underbelly? Heat meet French Connection drops 🎤
all the dresses at French Connection at Cheshire Oaks are £39 or less and they're BEAUT
Just had a 30 minute conversation with the Sam's Club samples guy about the French Connection line with Gilbert Perrault
1971 the year that French Connection won best picture, best director for William Friedkin and…
So, so late:. Muesli and Me. A River of Maple Syrup Runs Through It. The French Toast Connection.
Playing as a double feature with The French Fry Connection.
I suppose so. The French Connection is the daddy though. Hackman is the bomb, a total badass.
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They as good as, if not better than those French Connection 'pie shop' t-shirts
A major retailer has closed their Manchester city centre shop... .
Podcast of the day: French Connection "Sneakers Radio Show" January 2K16 by
LA Confidential is my 3rd fav cop film after The French Connection and Heat.
Be adorable in this FRENCH CONNECTION dress.
[on a date]. "And that's why Philippe Garrel's connection to the French New Wave transcends mere aesthetic pastiche."
French Connection closes Manchester city centre shop
In the first few notes of the subway French horn player starting the Rainbow Connection, I nearly burst into tears. God I'm a sap.
Come see The French Connection tomorrow at Studio35 at 2pm. Part of our Saturday Cinema Classics! Tell your friends!
French Bulldog unsure what to do with cardboard box
This week's screening is 'The French Connection'. As always the screening is held at Social Science 203 @ 5:00pm.
Now Playing on the J-Train to funny town...Carl Garoutte - French Connection Firewood CO.
I respectfully submit that The Seven Ups had a better car chase than either Bullitt OR The French Connection.
French connection adds finishing touch to the high street -
"Hey you made The French Connection, but we kinda think your racist now, so please turn in your voting card, thanks!"
Little bit of Soft Tailoring in French Connection. Love this necklace too as s nod to the choker trend. ❤️...
French PM Valls says three sought in connection with Burkina attacks
The wind blew some luck in my direction. I caught in my hands today. I finally made a tricky French connection. Your winking gave me your ok
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we went into french connection and I thought the model was Sam oh
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You've got a good, young french connection there Mark. Wenger will like it.
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The full look of French Connection new arrival Kensington collection. WATCH STUDIO
. One more. Sir Norman Wisdom's boat long ago. Used in French Connection film ?
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French Connection, Asos and River Island: The best sequin outfits...
This was written in Dec 2014 before the Charlie Hebdo attack. ISIS: French Connection
Electronic Device Insurance
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Though Popeyes pays royalties to King Features, they officially state their namesake is Popeye Doyle from "French Connection"
Happy Monday! Starting mine off right in my new French Connection boots :) .
Applied mod to is mostly for French ADSL lines with fixed ip. After some time void connection gets lost without retriggering it 👌
Motorcycles > The French Connection - part 3 > .and last set of pics from this collection
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I don’t know what just happened but there was an announcement in French, followed by a lot of gasps. I’m guessing a missed connection.
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Yes, de jurk is van French Connection!
The Connection: A French police magistrate spends years trying to take down one of the country's most powerful...
.talks 'The French Connection,' 'The Exorcist,' and more w/ on
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NEW: & talk about Exorcist, French Connection, & why he hates auditions. ht…
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continues through October! Starting this Thursday at 7:30pm with The French Connection! http:/…
Watched two of the finest movie car chases on back-to-back nights: Bullitt, then The French Connection.
FYI - Alec Baldwin interviewed William Friedkin about French Connection for TCM and it was great:
Alec Baldwin's interview with is a delight. So many stories about French Connection & The Exorcist:
My new sounds: The French connection Vol 1 (Produced by SBP ) on
Chelsea rumoured to buy 6ft 4 CH from Nantes for £4m how come Carr's fabled French connection hasn't picked this one up?
French immersion isn't just for kids! Read about a writer's week in an intense immersion program in rural Quebec
Looks like the French connection then??
Looking for a job in France? Check out our Connection resources:
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I became a writer after seeing THE FRENCH CONNECTION by . An honor for me & Shane Salerno that he'll direct…
it's because he's French and so is Henry. Make the connection! 😂😂😂
THE FRENCH CONNECTION: Monsieur, since you have identified the liars, do you think that Spain is also a liar? Germany?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
THE FRENCH CONNECTION: Monsieur, did you forget Malaysian & French aviation experts met in Paris recently? Does it make France a liar, too?
Martial is a done deal. It will be a dream come true if signs Laporte and Griezmann next. The trio of French Connection.
got far too confused when a cashier in french connection name checked me, forgot I had a Starbucks cup with my name on
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Can we just pay for griezmann and laporte now??French connection
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Got into a french lobby on bops2 1 bar connection never again!
The little and large connection. And arsenal like French players so someone like Ben Yedder would be perfect
Savour the correctitude in connection with french creature comfort modish dorset: DKfyWqHK
unlikely though. Although we do have the french connection these days
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Yeah. There isn't really a French or north African connection in my family tho. But you're right. It may simply have been a skill
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A man linked to French Connection heroin ring fights new drug case against him
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Man linked to French Connection ring fighting new drug case: HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut man linked b...
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NEWS: Rejjie Snow is one of the faces of French Connection's A/W campaign. See the gallery now ht…
500 years of the French Connection. Stirling Castle is set to explore its French Connections this...
Rickie Lee Jones in enjoying the French Connection ici - and a career rejuvenation thanks to her move to New Orleans. h…
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Alain Ducasse on Perfection, the 'Michelin Numbers Game', Favourite Chefs, & the French Connection
Photo: lelaid: Joan Smalls & Hailey Clauson in French Connection for Vogue Paris, September 2011 Shot by...
I added a video to a playlist Wild Willy Barrett's French Connection at The Barn Theatre
: French Connection preparing to do buszness!!
Just finished "French Connection" and look who co-starred with Hackman -- the 1970s definitely was the Roy Scheider decade.
The great Gene Hackman turns 85 today. Best performance? Hoosiers? French Connection? The Conversation? Unforgiven? Mississippi Burning?
Laura Jackson at George Lamb Launches Panasonic Technics 'Shop to the Beat' Party at French Connection, Oxford Circus
Spoke to someone today who'd not heard of Gene Hackman. Listed French Connection, Unforgiven, Crimson Tide, Mississippi Burning... Nothing
Man linked to decades-old "French Connection" heroin ring once again heading to prison for drug conspiracy
What kind of procedures and surgeries people travel to France to receive?
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Here's an American story with a French Connection. Tell your students! They will be amazed. Thanks for Stacy Nordquist and Roland Menestres for the post!
All wen badmind promoter sit down an watch everything an plan up to do what the winners entertainment do,the winners team never out of ideas yet to create the best events like chug it on Dec 28,water fete 21 Dec,French connection sparkles Dec 31!
I'm still struggling to understand how The French Connection fits in with established Popeye continuity.
Sorry, but that annoys the french connection UK out of me. Lol
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the French connection to the UK connection ... not the same
Man linked to French Connection heroin ring made famous in 1971 film nabbed again:
Man linked to the French Connection busted again: a conspiracy to distribute marijuana, cocaine and oxyc...
Relaxing with a French Connection double bill. First one was Connection heavy, so this one's bringing the French.
Man linked to 'The French Connection' heroin ring that inspired '71 film nabbed again via
Still laughing at hw angry Morgan ot wen she said she ddn't get an FCUK glasses case bt a French Connection one😂
Man linked to the French Connection busted again
Man linked to heroin ring in 1971 arrested again, police say:
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author of Jack Hunter the French Connection visited a number of SHARES school
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A great case initiated by the Norwalk Police Department Special Services Unit and Drug Enforcement...
Nogueira not satisfied with playoff miss & cup 2nd - "These are the two spots that are useless.” Great article.
French Connection size 14 black dress, smart tailoured style ...
oh I like that era of grimy New York. French Connection, all that.
Man linked to French Connection heroin ring nabbed again
Man linked to 'French Connection' heroin ring nabbed again
Man linked to heroin ring in 'The French Connection' nabbed again
Man linked to French Connection smuggling ring arrested again: Law enforcement had no idea of 73-year-old's colorful history when he ...
Photo: insanity-and-vanity: "French Connection" - Joan Smalls by Josh Olins for Vogue Paris, September 2011
This is why I sign petitions...this and hundreds other...cause they do make a difference! This from Peta.A week after PETA exposed noncompliant infectious disease experiments on monkeys at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that caused animals massive suffering and endangered human health, Charles Rupprecht, the former chief of the CDC's rabies program—who led the cruel experiments and was banned from the CDC's animal laboratories because of it—was forced to resign from Ross University, where he served as an associate dean and the head of oversight for experiments on animals. Other exciting wins for animals include: After receiving more than 100,000 e-mails from supporters of PETA and its international affiliates, retail giant French Connection has announced that it is banning the sale of angora wool! After intensive efforts by PETA India, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi and others, the Indian Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has announced a ban on the importation of all animal-teste ...
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5 Broken Cameras; Be With Me; The French Connection; Wetherby. Which would you like to see at Armley Mills this Oct?
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There is no shortage of food or commodities for the American people. Your French connection is void and absurd.
my favourite restaurants in franschhoek.? le quartier francais, the French connection, haute cabriere.yours?
I should not be let loose in French Connection 🙈
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There's a pretty decent chariot chase if you can make it this far. Ancient Roman French Connection.
The French Connection . The French Connection is on exhibit at Joan B. Mirviss LTD.  This exhibition explores
We have a French Connection stripe one that would work. I'll look out a few for you 👍
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Frenchman develops solar powered printing press in 19th century. C’mon those who call themselves eco manufacturers! http…
My mum gave me a French Connection style dress. This wasn't good because I now know for sure that those dresses look good on me
Russia will soon be capable of seaborne invasion -- if the French amphibious assault ships are actually delivered: http…
Taxi advertising is becoming increasingly popular - great article here from about an FCUK campaign -
Photo: robodumpling: Saw a very Tsukiyama shirt yesterday down at the French connection
As if I've only just realised fcuk was french connection
Savour the pleasurability in connection with french spread corridor dorset: QaTJqQfz
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Then used their connection to censor discussion of it. Sure you don't care though. The truth is inconvenient for you.
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French connectionMe too. cc "Really don't understand why Sanogo gets more playing time than Campbell
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The very early should regard all military kind of supplies. via
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DRUG TRADE DURING THE VIETNAM WAR. From the 1930s to the early 1970s, the so-called French Connection supplied the majority of US demand. Leslie "Ike" Atkinson AKA: Sergeant Smack Allegedly, during the Vietnam War, drug lords such as Ike Atkinson used to smuggle hundreds of kilos of heroin to the U.S. in coffins of dead American soldiers. Leslie "Ike" Atkinson is a former US Army master sergeant and convicted drug trafficker, believed to have been a major figure in smuggling heroin into the United States from Southeast Asia from about 1968 to 1975. Atkinson moved to Bangkok, Thailand in the mid-1960s and became a partner in Jack's American Star Bar. In 1968, he entered into the drug trade from the Golden Triangle through a Chinese Thai man named Luchai Rubiwat, who was a business partner in Atkinson's bar. Atkinson and his organization bought heroin at about US$4000 a kilogram before being cut four ways and transporting it to the United States by military personnel. Flown on US Air Force aircraft, the her ...
Tony Parker and Boris Diaw of the French Connection during the River Parade for our Champions the San Antonio Spurs :)))
Like & Share if you agree with this open Letter To: Patrick Kane, Terry Pegula, Tim Murray & Ted Nolan, Bring Patrick Kane Home to Buffalo. Kane is the most gifted Buffalo born athlete since Hall of Fame Bob Lanier. As a free agent next year Kane should become the highest paid player in the National Hockey League. In Buffalo could be the captain of a team on the rise; that would not happen in Chicago. The Sabres have a good owner, general manager and coach. The Sabres have many very high first round draft choices this year and next. Kane would would be surrounded by young talent and free agents that would complement his abilities. The Sabres could be built around Patrick Kane as they make a run at the first Stanley Cup for Buffalo. With Kane’s skill and his Buffalo swagger he may replace the French Connection as the defining image of the Sabres. Signing both Kane & Toews would give the Blackhawks salary cap problems. Towes has a year in the system and would remain Captain by seniority. The n ...
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Heey Cousin Lisa Booker! Cousin Tara Cannon! Tiara; to many even on fb! to start calling out Nuff said You all are wonderful People I Thank God for My grandmother and our French connection!
I have an emotional connection with french toast
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The girl on the French Connection advert has like a 2cm gap between her front teeth.. And people complained about the 'London look' girl ...
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I love the music in the new French Connection advert.
French connection had gone for the London look 😂
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Oh my god. Just shut up. You work at French Connection. Like you know anything about education, or employability for that matter.
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Tapon in Spanish, I just made the connection! 😱 “"Tampon" is a french word for plug.”
Watch The French Connection online for free on a 1971 movie streaming,
Electro French Connection with and on Sat 8pm http:/…
Electro French Connection with and on Sat 8pm
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