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French Canadian

French Canadian or Francophone Canadian (also Canadien in Canadian English or in French) generally refers to the descendents of French colonists who arrived in New France (Canada) in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Canadian French French Canadians Denis Villeneuve Native American

In honour of Thanksgiving our RPG game was "Fear and Loathing in French Canada". Lord Justin ruled over a bunch of very Canadian minions.
From a Canadian with french roots yoga hosers is f$&king Awesome
ah, I see, a French Canadian it would seem, by the quality of the curds!
The clown apocalypse would be scarier if it was Cirque Du Soleil performers roaming the woods. Those French Canadian mofos are super fit.
"French Canadian is the language of love! In Quebec. So it's got to be good." -Dusty in Pixar's Plane. They know it!
i went to other people bc i don't understand what's racist about correcting you especially since I'm canadian AND french
but really this is super exciting I hope he is a French speaking Canadian this could be fun
my French Canadian fam be making the turducken...that's the turkey with duck in it the chicken in that.
Now get them to do it in French! All political debates must be done in both Canadian languages, fun, eh?
it is weird. the French hate Canadian French people. then again the Brits hate our English. can't win.
. My 23 year old adopted some of my french canadian passion.Nervous for her with American Psychos out there
I honestly LOVE these new French Canadian tvshows that came out this fall!! 😍
Day 2 in Western KS: Historic Nicodemus, French Canadian town of Damar, and Don's farm in Palco.
You don't get the commercials but you get all Canadian and French feeds to.
Like this one time, I convinced 3 people on Skype that i was a French Canadian named Zachary. They prob still think that tho. Idk. I stopped
Canadian are one of the most pleasant, welcoming,. generous and SO funny people I ever met. Then, they're french speaking ;))
ohh really I guess I'm younger than you French Canadian *** , look at you wearing those skimpy outfits on smackdown
Can confirm, French Canadian girls are pretty cray :p
On the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, the Wendy's restaurant offers Poutine. It's french fries and cheese curd topped with gravy!
No offense, but most French Canadian girls I've met were pretty cray ;P
Then you need to come to Montreal. Nice French Canadian girls with booty for DAYYZZZ
It's official. I declare my love for french canadian boys😍🇨🇦
It's from a famous French Canadian personality :) He is incredibly well known in my province
Friends assemble for a Canadian Thanksgiving feast. One of them is French. Do i report his presence to so…
America is thankful for our Canadian brothers taking care of those French Indians during their war!! NOT JUST OUR Columbus your to
There is a video on youtube from a Canadian match between Andre then known as the friendly French giant and Mad Dog…
Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian fellow pilgrims! And to my French, Dutch, and German fellow pilgrims too!
"bonjour" I forgot you were French Canadian for a second I haven't heard you say 'ouse in forever
Spent the day witih and while they taught me some French and French-Canadian traditions!…
lol. He's French Canadian. Gotta give him a pass.
My Canadian friends are talking about how proud they are of their children speaking English/French so well with their cousins/grandparents.
im a french canadian and i was kidding. Here fan are very very loving toward there hockey club :)
I just started wynonna earp and i realised is half french canadian and im so happy bc same girl
you are like a french canadian. Except you are a french spaniard.
I just cried bc my French Canadian has never been to Paris :,-)
Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends, and a Bonne Action de Grâce to all of our French Canadian friends!
Person: Wait, if you're Canadian, do you translate french?. Me: HA no, I can barely pass that class.
Reminder that the Canadian Parents for French (CPF) mtg scheduled for Tues.,Oct.11 has been cancelled.
me: hey . white: um no I'm Brazilian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Scottish, Irish, Cherokee Indian, and French Canadian!
I dunno man have you ever met a middle-aged French Canadian??. Because you're absolutely right. Constitution of paper
Pauline Gagnon |Fine Art Painting: Pauline Gagnon is a French Canadian artist from Montreal in Canada. Paulin...
French Canadian group Le Vent du Nord will perform at the Linenhall Arts Centre, on May 9.
da fuq? I'm Spaniard, Italian, Cherokee, French Canadian, and Norwegian I'm 19 and even I know who Prince is! -
from Canada to boot (overly French Canadian accent on boot please)
he's also French Canadian. That's worst kind of French OR Canadian.
oh 😳 ! But this was at an indo-French Canadian din; n yes I wasn't 1 of those 2 boys whose parents dont allow solo travel LOL
As a proud French Canadian with bad eating habits, I'm giving a big *** NO to this thing. There are LIMITS.
hi!! Where in the province are you from? I'm from Quebec City :) I've never met other French Canadian banas before
She's 90 today. Will the Liberals replace the Queen's image with that of non-royal, French Canadian woman on $20? Discuss.
Proud to be partially French Canadian. Even more proud to be African.
Enjoying the French Canadian history with Tom Bergeron ep. So moving. marathon
Right? Not a day goes by when my mom doesn't call me up and asks me why her keyboard is set to French Canadian.
Irish Catholic w/ a wee bit of French Canadian. Zero bit offended by today.
Hillary was Irish before she was a French Canadian just like she was black before she was white
My little French Canadian pride has found itself in the desert. Loving Desert Hot Springs and…
Billie Prudence is a French Canadian alternative, fetish and nude model. Read More: -
as half American half French Canadian, the better kind of Canadian I declare the winner of the debate
I'm adopted from China, raised by a French Canadian mother and my dad came to NA as a refugee when he was 18. Diversity here too.
The just got a *** a French Canadian just scored a goal for the I smell tomorrow's headline
he's French Canadian not Quebecois tho he's Franco-Ontarian
missed opportunity with the French Canadian women there
checked Antoine Roussel and he sounds like he started euh and was taught uh so the ah is probably a French Canadian
if he's French Canadian technically that makes you a Jean
French Canadian women are the sexiest in the world. 🔥🔥
Learn how to find your Native American or French Canadian ancestors on March 19:
I'm French Canadian, so I don't have this problem ;-)
I'll teach you, I'm French Canadian. Doesn't get any better than that. Unlike those French ennuyant
Eating a good poutine is like getting head from 3 hot French Canadian girls with no clean up required . - me, being a *** liar
life drawing eh? Would you draw me like one of your French Canadian girls?
DSP trade is 4 quarters for a dollar with the Habs getting a French Canadian..whoopie
I love the work of this French Canadian and this Clemson Tiger
I'm thinking Martin Biron is French Canadian for some reason..
u bore me. Vote for the French Canadian or the guy who can't show up for work. Boat leaving 2017 don't miss it.
New defense for policy lies in Canadian Politics It's TRU-DEAU (Pronounced TRUE-DOE for Non French) …
Quebec in Canada! You guys have never came here and french canadian fans love u!
Pearl knows Canadian cupcakes are more sophisticated. They're wannabe French and what's classier than that?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Will Cruz debate the Donald in French? Which is his Canadian Tongue!
I hope Ted Cruz debates in French! which is his Native Canadian tongue.
The only french canadian coach we havent tried yet would be Boucher or maybe bring back Demers
well im french Canadian or a pig my family tree is a stick so I can never tell
Watching a subtitled French Canadian film. That's how little else there is on.
why turn it on u have the French Canadian and the guy who can't show up for work. Politicians/lawyers turds
Not a true leader. If a good French Canadian kid got hit in the face he'd have bit the puck and spat it in the goal
Hi. I am French Metis Canadian-Hebert. i ask you learn about my heritage to see where you went wrong.Thank you.Big fan.
no I'm French Canadian I became fluent in English like 5 years ago and books in French are like twice the price klsjfakldf :(
ya like we care what the French Canadian says and the guy who can't show up to work. Politicians/lawyers suck
i already know what the French Canadian has to say. Politician
I'm a green french canadian sexy boy, explain what is AIU
Raise your hand if Canadian French is practically incomprehensible to you. *shamefully raises hand*
He is a French-Canadian Centre for the Habs, he gets special treatment accordingly
Now that the game is globalized, Habs needs to suffer for all the years they hogged French Canadian talents
Going out in style. Classic French Canadian move there.
Superintendent Fleet enumerates 7 students recognized by Canadian Parents for French.
But if you don't help him the evil French Canadian mall cop will come after him.
My French Canadian accent is not that strong . Especially after spending a few days in Montreal
Just found out about Marvel character named Plastique, a "French-Canadian terrorist" created in the 80s & def not based on the FLQ no siree
"lets see your Canadian,youre Venezuelan, youre Russian right ? and youre a fagget" actually we're french
then do you speak French Canadian and good for yoy..I'm in college to become a PA .it's my last quarter.
hey I'm glad you got to sample our French Canadian specialty by having your first poutine!
Inside Out added to canadian netflix today (in french, too!)
yes Canadian SOCIETY he means harm for America he is another Obama but French not muslim
Our yearly fair is coming up in Read up on why it matters via http…
Somewhere on the shelves I have a Canadian French-English phrase book with a couple of X-rated pages.
Really great page of links for French-Canadian Genealogy by Rhonda R. McClure
Four fantastic films make up French Canadian Wave, with big emotions, talent & themes of family:
“Revenant is stupid for portraying French-Canadians as murderous rapists.” This begs for ’s perspective.
.It does appear to be an unwritten rule that GG not also hold French citizenship besides Canadian one.
I realize he fits the profile of a French Canadian, but not as a winner. What’s more important in Montreal??
Translation Job: English to French (French Canadian) - - Service required: Translation. Languages: English to ...
Yup! But since im French Canadian, my english is terrible and it's hard for me to do a great talk session with someone.
as long as it's not like a French Canadian girl :p
2 immigrant great grandparents from Galway and Cork. One married a German, the other a French Canadian. You?
Its Adele.or is it a French Canadian knockoff ?
You just described 90% of the French Canadian guys I know during hockey playoffs.
I'm listening to this French Canadian boi rap in front of an American flag n I am angry
My mom can't use her car radio so now we are stuck listening to French Canadian cowboy music
Emma:"Aren't you French Canadian?". Me: "...yeah". Emma: "Well I was in French Canada, your motherland!".
Oh my. French Canadian here. You just brought back memories of English class, when I said "raped cheese". It sounded right.
French Canadian to be exact but yes, I do speak French. It's my first language ^-^
Yea, I agree, I still don't grok it. Never mind you crazy French Canadian :D
Great article for Habs fans and Hab haters who always said Montreal had a "French Canadian advantage".   10% Off
had no clue simple plan is French Canadian
can't hide the French Canadian accent! 💜🇨🇦
and those of us New Englanders of French Canadian heritage wanted
Late to the party, but Denis Villeneuve also goes in your (one-person) French Canadian directorial hall of fame
nice shoutout for X Dolan on the Ch 33 pod - but Denis Villeneuve and JM Valée also both happen to be French Canadian...
I spent 24hr in Paris. It was great but they didn't care for my French Canadian accent and insisted on speaking English to me.
Christina thinks that people from Maine have english accents because it's close to Canada and people there are French Canadian 🤔🙄
Description of French Canadian women living in context of poverty sounds a lot like impoverished DC Afr American community I serve
weird but good! I heard from my French Canadian friend that poutine is the states is way different then Canada
no I haven't! I actually don't think I've seen any French Canadian cinema in years. I'll check it out!
Sorry I was feelin a little French Canadian .
Alex is the saltiest French Canadian I know
So this little girl at today at work was like "French people like to take their time and since I'm part French-Canadian, I'm taking my time"
wonder if Kenney speaks "unaccented" French. Your accent doesn't make you Canadian, your relationship with Canada does!
maybe not...but they speak perfect unaccented french Canadian...our other official language
I think it's safe to say all I want to do in life is marry a beautiful French-Canadian woman and live in sweet Montreal forever
Just tried speaking on-air because one of our winners was Hopefully they appreciate the atrocious effort. :P
They finally repressed Mac Demarco's "2" on LP. All the vocals are in french canadian! Is this a joke? What's the deal?
but then again mine is Canadian French so 😏
But we are just like they are English, French, Canadian, German. It's our own fault we decided to let that divide us.
ever hear someone with a French Canadian accent? so unCanadian.
"I am Vietnamese,Canadian,French on my dads side and polish,Swedish,Puerto Rican on my mums side".like how?
If you don't want to call them Jews, what would you suggest? Irishmen, Iranians, French Canadian, Russians? What?
Learn to make tourtière, a traditional French Canadian dish with this
"Being Canadian is confusing because you sound American, write like a Brit and throw in just enough French words to freak everyone out."
Good to see another Cherokee. I'm Cherokee, white, With half French Canadian and English.
Remarkable films at 2015. Check out Spotlight On France + cinema from Quebec.
Come to Aldershot and watch the Army play the following IDRC. Australia - Thu 8. Canadian - Mon 12. French - Thu 15
Ugh, have a hard time imagining that. French Canadian Pea soup, even without ham, usually involves a generous amount of fat.
"In Canadian countries they speak French!" Yes that was me... Yes I need a nap! Monday please end 😐😕
Thank you to Canadian Parents for French (Ontario) for supporting school councils in Ontario through our newsletter. D…
I'm a 19 years old FRENCH Canadian and i know the difference, MICHAEL C'MON!
Fascinating dynamic in this Canadian election. Liberal Trudeau only attacks rival Mulcair in this speech in French
We are in need of French Canadian Bloggers! If this is you, please submit your info into the form!
Is it bad I am assuming that the Montreal Canadiens will pick Talbot up of waivers solely because he is French-Canadian?
Safira Merriman French-Canadian convert now wears a niqab, says she was recently assaulted at Fairview Mall Toronto
Well, both are hunks of French Canadian gorgeousness, but *besides* that...
Cinema TONIGHT: Mommy (15) from French Canadian prodigy Xavier Dolan, watch the trailer here:
French Canadian. Because things in life should never make sense.
So far this trip I've been mistaken for a native, a French Canadian, and a Hawaiian. o_O
Service - English/French Canadian needed in at PVH Corp. Apply now!
Hello, Looking to get 150 pages, approx. 400 words per page translated into French Canadian. Also we have item…
It is quite amazing. One side French Canadian, one American. I had a good look around with street view. Interesting place.
The most French Canadian thing I have yet read.
Have you followed gorgeous new French Canadian yet? You should, maintenant! (NOW!)
some speak French Canadian you can pretend you were thinking of that
In the process of ordering a French Canadian copy of MW3.
Hyuna on front page of French Canadian music channel MusiquePlus’ website. With her IG photo:
What is ur nationality — Im cape verdean, French Canadian and Indian
JFK'S dad was a French Canadian, JFK was a Roman Catholic so he may be related to the Pyrenees people of France GP dog
This is why I identify myself as French Canadian. :P
I know a educated millionaire French Canadian that would say it and it packed a punch.
One of the French Canadian wineries we visited today. Great, young talent.
I was feeling a little French Canadian tonight so I ate cervelle de humaine on Poutine !!
I am not used to being able to talk in my native French Canadian tongue. This was a welcomed change.
La Bottine Souriante, a French Canadian roots band will rock the crowd tonight with their inspirational m…
I knew a certain French Canadian friend who was totally into that cult for a while.
Breakfast on the drive home. French Canadian roots coming out (@ La Boulangerie Marie) on
she isnt part Iroquois, her mom was French Canadian, she grew up in Bev Hills not NYC, never went to college. Bogus article
A French Canadian film - missed the title - didn't understand the dialogue but the visuals/emotions showed it all.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
TOUR ANNOUNCE!. Nerdlinger are hitting the road!. After a nine show tour of Japan with notorious French Canadian...
as a French Canadian, I only know the lyrics to our National anthem in half-English AND half-French. Never in ONE language.
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day is celebration for French Canadian culture. It is celebrated annually on June 24 throughout Canada …
Celtic Crossings on The River Sunday morning @ 7am visits with French Canadian music. A real thrill to share this...
(born January 21, 1983) is a French Canadian glamour model and professional wrestler, better known simply as Maryse
Megan Draper is the epitome of the irritating French Canadian. And I say this as someone who has a French-Canadian favorite character.
Justin is German, French Canadian and Native American. He even has a little American blood on the hood of his Ferrari
so you think Suplex city has a large French Canadian population?
I think we should have a French Canadian music show.
French Canadian is a bit different from French, but not as different as Swiss German is from German
Didn't realize the God WEB Du Bois was a French Canadian, but I appreciate the correction!
whipped up some awesome French Toast and Canadian Maple Syrup is a must!
French-Canadian at its finest photo by Phoenix Taylor!
It's a well known fact that Russeau is a French-Canadian (or is it Canadien?)
we attracted all the weirdos that holiday, drunk hobos, Efe angry french men, Canadian scroungers we had them all
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
took 2 of my best friends away. One arab and one french canadian. As in they won't speak to me, I'm a bad influence.
so good babe and with red wine. French Canadian special. Yum
programmes for tonight printed in French and English
it means part two, and from his second christmas Canadian tour,"raging with reindeer part deux" you know like French Canadian :)
Where did the weekend go? Start your week with this lovely recipe created by ht…
My new favorite fitness vlogger is Canadian. Really regretting not paying attention to the 5 yrs of french I took.
Could GSP be staging a return to competition? I personally would love to see the French Canadian back in action
that sounds like some sort of French Canadian thing Tim would say as he doesn't emigrate to his homeland.
/He got a better French Canadian accent than you do moogle... and you are one LOL
BCP had a recent placement in the French Canadian show "Serie Noire" (Season 1 - Episode 1).Ooh La La!
Crêpes on Cole: CHALLAH french toast with REAL maple syrup. This is Canadian Jew heaven right here.
CV translation: I need my cv translated to Canadian French.
Summerside's is competing on the French-Canadian television singing competition
Just heard a girl at sheetz with a French Canadian accent
And me soon. I'm the beta to his alpha.French Canadian bottom pig.Sadly I can't rub Jessy behind my ears.
/gets a phone call fron the USA. /confused, answers. /it's my extremely French Canadian bank. ?
Best game of NHL 15 ever... The entire game out goalie was ripping out center to shreds... But he was Canadian so it was in French lol
When someone pronounces "Putin" like "poutine" and Canadian French fries are all eh guys, that's us
The minister representing all canadian francophones on world stage, the Foreign Minister, does not speak french. That *** ..
French soldiers endured the test of Canadian winter training during exercise
Canadian Parents for French furthers bilingualism by promoting and delivering opportunities for students to learn and use…
Great Canadian Parents for French toolkit: Great FSL report & how to reduce attrition: htt…
Highlight of my weekend was the multiple varied French Canadian pronunciation of
MT troops exercised with and Allies. More pics:http:/…
Is there a program like CILC for Canadian Citizens? So many jobs have a French Language Req but I don't speak French.
MT troops exercised with and Allies. More pics:
[Canadian Biz] French court orders 1.88 million euros ($2.1 million) for babies switched at birth
A French-Canadian has stolen my credit card and appears to be on a rotisserie chicken and IKEA shopping spree. Party's over, Hubert.
When u think he's French but really he's just French Canadian 😾
Our soups today are French Canadian Split Pea, Homestyle Minestrone (v) and Creole Chicken Gumbo.
What is better than French Electronic is
I guess I better start learning French since I'm going to be Canadian.
Francis the French Canadian. About an hour before I leave hostel to walk to aeropuerto.
Having fun singing and dancing while learning about French Canadian culture with La Ridaine
//xDD Sorry I'm dumb . Does he have the Canadian-French accent ? It's so funny I love it, though most French people can't >>
Only a few decades ago, every French Canadian had Joseph as middle name.
troops exercised with and Allies. More pics:
Cajuns and Creoles. Cajuns. What's the difference? Cajuns are the French colonists who settled the Canadian...
Poutine - the French Canadian equivalent of the 2am doner kebab
"I am branded in Quebec as a traitor to the French and in Ontario as a traitor to the English. I am neither. I am a Canadian." --W. Laurier
The wife wanted . I got her French speaking doors instead.
American colonials used the natives in their fights with Canadian French. Used them against each other for 150 yrs
wish to go back in Montreal the French Canadian city yeah!
French Canadian Crepes, an easy crepe recipe that is great for breakfast. The crepes have crispy edges and are great with maple syrup or fruit sauce.
reminder that I love audrey my french canadian mother a lots
it was like in the middle of the show and josh was talking like hEy we're Canadian and he tried saying something in French but
and that post you just liked is patrick's handsome canadian captain bf. Fluent in french. :D
I'm Canadian, but no, I don't speak French.
Wear a shirt w/ French writing on it during NHL all star weekend= everyone thinks you're Canadian and wants to be bffs. Oops 😏
A Canadian soldier inquires about the French Army with an issue of Terre Information Magazine.
I'm online on streamate . Come to play with a French Canadian girl from Quebec.
Back from Lincoln Center screening of "Mommy," by French-Canadian sensation Xavier Dolan. It's worth checking out.
idk normal french and Canadian French are different o K
What do you think of French Canadian Hockey Brawls in warmups set to Rocky Music?
"I love it when you speak French Canadian to me"
you don't appreciate the fact I love French stuff? And especially Canadian French?
OMG IDK...apparently i have an accent from france when i speak in french instead of a french canadian one??? i dont noticr tho ;;
Why does every French-Canadian hockey coach look like a thumb
spot on as far as where I am from Grand Parents are French Canadian, then moved here.
My roomie Julie just said "Celine Dion is God disguised as a French Canadian!" she loves your music that much!
This is how I remember our Canadian soldiers also! P@
Is that an canadian sniffer dog or prehaps french?
Listening to a French Canadian radio station. ok
I sang the praises of Patrice Bergeron to my French-Canadian friend for a surprisingly long time tonight.
Oh my yes, warms my French Canadian heart :)
Apparently my type is older, married, and French Canadian LMAO
I didn't realize how French Canadian Flower actually was
French-Canadian plays reflect Vancouver isolation - A night of alienation-packed theatre is coming to town. And wh...
Don't deny that Canadian Bacon is a dietary staple for Canadians. Next thing you'll tell me they don't eat French Fries in France.
As a french canadian, i could be offended by Guy Lapointe in Tusk. But Jonnhy Depp makes it ok.
Indeed! I have been to Lausanne a few times with Canadian and French students on exchanges with Evian.
I'm not Canadian. Don't speak to me in French
for speediest processing the Canadian forms should be filled out in both french and english...
I should know this since I'm half French Canadian smh
is flannel even Canadian? Shon we learned about Canada and how the French Canadians tried to have their own
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
A French Canadian publishing house published the book of Vietnam veteran Gary McGinnis:
have you read Louise Penny's murder mysteries? Great writing, characters & all @ French Canadian culture. PS love ya ME
Man there's such a big difference between Canadian French and regular French.
I've never heard of "African-Canadian" or "African-French". They're just French and Canadian, respectively
first of all excuse u why didnt you use the right pronouns do i not merit respect just bc im French Canadian??
Heard that. My folks loved the 3 wks they spent in NZ. My mom was French-Canadian/know she would've tried NZ wine.
yes, her weird *** French Canadian accent no one can understand eh
Overdosing on eMusic boosters due to ep on best 2014 francophone canadian music & a reddit post on French country music ...
I see the French Canadian is liking this Pictures
My dad puts gravy on his french fries
RMidou AU where Mr R is actually Canadian he just pretends to be French bc Midou thinks it's cool .
Justin bieber u aren't a complete canadian if u don't speak french. That's cool... So do it!!
Thank you for sharing this. Can't tell you how many times I've been called a slur for being French-Canadian.
"Anglophones on our shared continent shouldn’t worry that our children will speak Spanish or French. We should be...
I am but not from france, I'm french canadian ☺️
" Meet me. Stéfanie. weightloss_stef. . 34 years old. French Canadian. 28 pounds away from my goal. 95…
I love that he asks for Canadian rebels. French Canadians no less. Is that even a thing?
If he were French I’d say he was being sarcastic, but he’s Canadian, so he’s probably being sincere ;-)
I find it funny that I have my own Canadian friend that lives near me that speaks French and like GG. Almost like having over xD
I am French Canadian, I want a collab too lmao
As a certain French-Canadian chanteuse once said, it feels so wunnerful to be home.
hey! I'm another French-Canadian girl in Tokyo, and I love your blog! Would you like to go for coffee sometime?
I met a French Canadian baby on my flight. New years resolution is to have a French Canadian baby
That French Canadian guy on snapchat you've never met but who had great taste in drugs, great hair, is cute, but you don't understand.
French Canadian cocktail at Field Guide courtesy of Jeff Van Horne
I am partial with family in Montreal and Quebec. I love your country!
I know if you are French Canadian at all, you're basically related to one of three original families or something :-)
If blanca and ivelina don't shutup I'll go french on them I'm true north strong Canadian!
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