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French Alps

The French Alps are those portions of the Alps mountain range which stand within France, located in the Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur regions.

Michael Schumacher Le Tour Val Thorens Formula One Mont Blanc

Off to the French alps tomorrow for a week! 😁🗻✈️
Ready to fly with the flying Bouchard in the French Alps tomorrow for World Cup Finals. Great course…
I'm never without a little but I'm a now 💙from the French Alps.
Sunflowers and lavender fields near Valensole in the Southern French Alps
mountain in the french alps. Riding up it was probably hardest thing I’ve ever done. Adding running and swimming no thanks.
col de la croix de fer, the French alps (technically it's outside Manchester) Snake pass over Buxton is about the best I can suggest
Looking at glaciers in French Alps this week - climate change having such an impact
"The Milky Way over the French Alps. here brother :-) Much Love
Some video segments of a totally automatic 12min flight of the LA200 in the French Alps (2500m altitude,GoPro Hero3)
a little village in the French alps called Samoëns (home to the Col de Joux Plane)
Italian Alps in Liguria last night. Monte Torraggio & friends looking craggy in the distance on the French border
French Alps should be the right choice :-)
I lived in Chamonix, French Alps for 4 years [she boasts] . Missing snow. Do a nice run for me please.
Stunning shot of Dibona Peak located in the French Alps. (Photo: Daniel Metz) http:/…
Planning a cycling trip in Europe for next summer: should we do Lands End to John O'Groats in the UK or the French Alps?
Photoset: Day Three : French Alps, Archie’s pannier basket gets knocked up, and we hit the road.
There was a detour around the mountain to Sallanches in the French Alps . .
Evian water is from the French Alps and Vasso water is from Norway
That guy is NOT home on a Friday night. He's at a club with a slinky model, drinking Merlot & discussing the French Alps.
Thank you! Helped me in French! :3 We had to put French Food, Culture, Words and Places. I put Rhone-Alps! X3
Beautiful, Magical.Annecy - France | Located in the French Alps on Lake Annecy this town is quai
Enjoying my special healthy in the French alps!
Good Luck to the Scottish Riders heading to Meribel, in the French Alps, this weekend for the last round of the XC Mountain Bike World Cup!
Handyperson SkiBound French Alps shared accommodation, winter contract ski pass and other benefit find out more: TUI...
I just queued up "Phil Coates Shooting with Canon on location in the French Alps" to watch later on Vimeo:
BMW with French licence plates turns up at ISIS base in Syria. Looks like it was registered in Provence/Alps region. http:…
Quick 35 minute ride through the French Alps today!
aww I bet! But at least you all graduate together! Going to the French alps :) are you back in cants for good?
guess gonna be working in the French alps 😐
ALERT: Australian base-jumper dies after jump from Brevent peak in French Alps, local police say - abcnews
PAPERWEIGHT TECHNIQUES IN A STUNNING SCENT BOTTLE COLLECTION IN MARSEILLE, AND FRENCH COLLEGE STUDENTS PLAYING AMERICAN FOOTBALL. While visiting France recently for my friends Gautier and Aurore’s wedding, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Provence, a day in Chamonix in the French Alps to see Mont Blanc and the mountains across from it (the Aiguille du Midi), and extended time in both Grenoble and Marseille. I’d been to Grenoble in the Alps once before, and I enjoy it immensely. (This post has 42 photographs.) It was my first time in Marseille, and I found it to be a wonderful place to visit, with a fascinating old city area called the Panier, a newly restored port area with its archeological museum, warm dry weather not unlike southern California, and excellent food. What is it about a simple dish of steak and French fries (steak frites) eaten in France that makes them extra delicious? I was in Marseille for six days total and stayed with friends in a villa in a hillside neighborhood ...
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BBC News - Climbers die near Mont Blanc in the French Alps
John Berger archive opens soon Curator Jamie Andrews on his journey to the French Alps to collect it
21:49 – Michael Schumacher is in a critical condition and in a coma following his skiing accident in the French Alps, according to the German's management...
Peter Julian Eymard was born 4 February 1811 at La Mure, Isère in the French Alps. His father was a
No, your excuses are as big as the French Alps. If you stopped making those Alps, imagine who you could be.
Beautiful trail run at the base of the French alps this morning
Today Hull-Zeebrugge tomorrow Zeebrugge-French Alps, let the Le Grand Departe for our Tour de France begin!
Good morning from the beautiful Swiss Alps! More riding today, in the Italian and French Alps, perhaps.? :) —...
Flying on the back of an Eagle in the French Alps. … this is the coolest thing ive ever seen
Who knew the French Alps looked so much like the Rockies? Green. Video - Pinkbike via
Beautiful, but brutal stage in the Tour de France today in the French Alps! Can't imagine having to get back on the bike tomorrow.
“no wonder unless your going French alps” 😂😂😂
no wonder unless your going French alps
From the French Alps, congratulations to on Twenty20 cup win! :)
Been watching Le Tour. How awesome was Vincenzo Nib in the French Alps today.
Update your maps at Navteq
away in the French alps this week n hoping to rekindle my self love, everything has been getting on top of me a little at home
Guys from Baldock & District Canoe Club are heading home after an awesome week kayaking the French Alps!
Kayak fun in the French Alps with the clients doing the 3 star award
Great last two days with the alpine classics trip in the French Alps .thank you guys for a great week! For your...
Can anyone identify this? Photo taken earlier this month in the French Alps.
First day in the alps and I've managed to avoid the results until the itv highlights. A French win today and nibs from Porte in the gc
Between two skies. Reflections on Guichard lake, under the Aiguilles d’Arves, French Alps. Photo by Vincent Favre.
Holiday, that's what's happening. Playing pianos at French railway stations. Geneva to French Alps.
No one to sit next to for the coach journey to French alps.
The best American cyclist is T.Van Garderen, 5th place out of 173 survivors, after 1st French Alps Day.
Up in the French Alps for the weekend here at the Tour.
TdF went into the alps today. Last time I was in the French Alps, I rode up a certain road with 21 hairpins. Still really proud I made it.
Stunning view of Dibona Peak in the French Alps! Sign me up. Photo: Daniel Metz
5 bed chalet in the Alps with garage & located nr to the village. Price: €450,000.
I want ice cold water, straight from the French alps
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Wouldn't mind being in the French alps right now. 40°C heat and the Tour is coming through
Spectacular views of the French Alps. It reaffirms my belief that it's the most beautiful place on earth.
As much as I adore watching the as it tackles the French Alps, coaching a 2 day training camp over the w/end demands sleep :(
Not quite 67mins, but my tribute to 67minutes for Mandela day in the French alps
On behalf of us with touch of seasonal affective disorder, big thanks to for clear pictures of bright sunny French alps (& cycling)
French alps or Swiss alps this December
Perhaps the coolest and most exciting way to arrive in Love the Love
hits the today. Final climb: Hors Catégorie, French for above category. In other words, painful!
As we head into the Alps, I thought I'd share some work I've done on my French vocab this week.
L'Alps or Les Alps? I'm not sure... I'm no French language expert
Given the news out of the Ukraine lets all enjoy the French TV coverage of Le Tour with Phil, Paul and Matt in the Alps on SBS tonight!
Ever dream of running a Bed and Breakfast in the Alps? This is perfect
Not a fan of the heat - Nibali will have to defend his yellow jersey in the French Alps starting today
A great read technology in fabulous hotel in French Alps
"Technology rules at the jewel of French Alps in Val Thorens" case study on
Ever fancied mountain biking in the French Alps?.
It's too early for winter but wouldn't you want to spend it at .
Having my first morning coffee before heading out to pick up my old school friend Sue at Luton airport and then driving to the Eurotunnel in Folkestone for the 35minute trip to Calais en France. We're then taking a 3 day relaxed drive to the French Alps and Morzine. Then a 6 week holiday doing what we want, when we want. It really *** being retired hee hee hee.
Sameons? French Alps ? Beats Skeggy, I suppose! Not on a potential Twinning jolly are we ? Enjoy the rest from the fray.
We are in the French Alps now. We have great guests on our Le Tour De France 2014 Alps race viewing tour. We will...
In 36 days I will be disappearing into the French Alps for a year
He systematically inject anusol, which if you'd ridden through the French Alps, often without a seat, is surely no great crime. Lance.
Local family survives avalanche in French Alps: Imagine it: A massive avalanche barreling toward...
Conversations with Dad:. "You don't need a backpacking jacket for Paris.". "What if I go to the French Alps?!". "Don't."
I love Europe, too. I was a French major in college and have been back many times, mostly to ski. The alps are awesome.
Photos of Lake Annecy in the French Alps -
This bike is ready to go climb the french alpes!
Zaid Al-Hilli has called for an inquiry into the French police's handling of the…
Well after 10 days of riding in the pissing rain in the French Alps competing in Megavalanche I'm now back and...
We flew over the gorgeous French Alps today on our flight from Rome to Paris! I am so happy to be back…
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Wonderful firework display to end a beautiful day in Sameons, in the French Alps
Norway has more to offer i just cannot rezist ze French(&their alps).
Idk if you've ever heard Evian's intense history but I feel like I'm holding a piece of the French alps
Great day 3 in the French Alps . White water safety morning and a fun run down the sunshine run on the River Durance.
San Francisco, two weeks ago. French Alps, last week. Arkansas, this week.
Norwegian to begin new service from London Gatwick to Portugal and Spain, French and Austrian Alps
One month 'til my and I make the trek to the & Alps for one *** of a roadie!
It's no good. I think about living in France everyday. I still think in French. Hurry up millions so we can move!!
White water kayaking in the French Alps so thought I'd treat myself to a new helmet. Corporate colours of course :-D
A local dad and 2 kids survive an Avalanche climbing the French Alps. See the video & their story on at 10p…
Although not in France, I have seen similar - Beautifully gentle. Lake Guichard, French Alps, by Vincent Viargues
Another great moment of French-American culinary history;) Le Montagnard burger. Inspired by the Alps and Provence
Salomon Men — up to 40% off Born in the heart of the French Alps, Salomon Sports was conceived by Francois...
Climbed a mountain today in the French Alps people🗻💁
Thanks so much. It's been great being in the French and Swiss Alps. Off to Geneva tomorrow then Paris. :-)
Our wild women's retreat in the French alps in April. In ceremony for a sweat lodge with Lalita. Plan…
The Westwind Oak Team are currently working on another Oak Framed Chalet for the French Alps! Watch this space...
French police investigating the killing of a British family in the Alps in 2012 have arrested a man, prosecutors tell AFP news agency.
Sorry North America, but when it comes to Mountains, Europe’s where it’s at! – French Alps.
Heli-Ski: Unusual Fabrics Used for Ski Gear - Skiing in the French Alps requires more than just a nice chalet. La ...
Monte Carlo is situated on a prominent escarpment at the base of the Maritime Alps along the French Riviera.
Then after that I'll probably have to get a job so I can ski in the French and Swiss alps come winter
Kids nearly dying on the French Alps? I feel like I've failed as a dad. I just took my family to Six Flags.
We have Vacancies in The French Alps for Chef's and FOH candidates..
Local family survives avalanche in French Alps
Keene family survives avalanche in French Alps
Incredible sunset above Lake Pontet, in the French Alps - Matthieu Parmentier |
Worst Daily Mail story ever - the source is a visitation in a dream!!!, RT: Al-Hilli alpine murder twist
Alps organic murdered workouts 'secret' died ex-husband on same day
Riding in the French Alps - After racing in Spain at the Zarautz Triathlon I was fortunate enough to...
Hamilton Collection
Another twist in the Alps murder: Victim Iqbal Al-Hilli had a secret ex-husband who died in the US on the same day:
Al-Hilli French Alp murders: No link to wife's secret ex-husband who died in US on the same day
15% off! Amazing opportunity to change your life forever! Join myself & head chef Dan in the French Alps this August
Everything about this Alps shooting saga is off. It's unfolding like a John le Carre
Alright music lovers of Nanaimo, here's another sweet show for y'all to dig on!! INTERNATIONAL MUSIC & ART LOVEFEST!! Sun Araw returns to town, bringing with him Theo Angell & Hamish Kilgour, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier and representatives from the Cymatics Research Institute. Music from California, New Zealand, the French Alps and right here in the Harbour City. Don't miss this one, suckas!! SUN ARAW (Long Beach, CA) Araw is the solo project of Cameron Stallones former member of Magic Lantern. Cameron has released several records under the Sun Araw moniker and has also collaborated with The Congas whereas that album reached in the Billboard charts. His first 4 albums were released on Not Not Fun, Stallones put together his own label Sun Ark and has also released albums through Thrill Jockey Records and Drag City. His music has been described as lo-fi, *** rock inspired, retro futuristic, neo-dub, psych rock. Stallones usually travels with guest musicians that help perpetuate his experimental style. THEO . ...
American husband of British mother slaughtered in French Alps may have been killed 'from a poison dart': Polic...
Been following this for years...a murder mystery waiting to be put into a film:
Amazing landscapes at the summit of Col d'Izoard. @ Briancon - French Alps
EXCLUSIVE: 'Secret ex-husband' of woman murdered in French Alps may have been poisoned
The final bends of the Izoard. Still one of my favourite climbs. @ Briancon - French Alps
I might be in the French Alps now, but remembering four days ago tennis & Todd Martin
Jst home from our european whacky rally, what a trip, nearly 2500 miles in six days, blow out, no lights, driving a limo up french alps at midnight, stuck in a tunnel, really recommend it!!
Tomorrow's Plan A is paragliding off a mountain in the French Alps and if it's raining Plan B is to go to Italy for the day
New: Alps shootings: murdered woman's 'secret' ex-husband died on same day world_latest
Current Y9 French Alps invites given out today, please return booking forms & deposits by this Friday at the latest please
Cable car derails! Best not read this before special tomorrow
Back home: after 5 days of pure Trailrunning in the French Alps i am completely reloaded With Energy.…
Entered Trail Faverges, a 30/48km run in the Alps. At least I think so. Every time I try to decipher French, ne me quitte pas comes to mind
Sheffield is fantastic but my heart yearns for the French Alps & the Cornish Coast... 🏂🏄
The end of the skiing day in Check out
thought alps was the best place to support the French team from.
Just back from a week in the Alps and 2 words sum it all up. 'Dacia Duster' oh yes even the French rozzers have joined the revolution.
In today's news: forest fire forces evacuation of houses in my hometown (Spain). We saw it .
Italy and the French alps is beautiful
VIDEO: Cable car passengers AIRLIFTED to safety by helicopter after tourist attraction gets stuck above French Alps  
Zip lining with this crew in the French Alps was a blast! I would love to spend the afternoon doing…
With downhill, cross country, and enduro-specific tracks including a North Section, La Clusaz in the French Alps...
In today's news: Cable car rescue in the French Alps & Tanzania cuts elephant hunting permits
Ink my whole body Terrified tourists had to be airlifted to safety after cable cars got stuck in the sky Sunday above the French Alps...
For those of you thinking of buying property in the French Alps here's a great article about Morzine & what it's...
Today’s news: passengers rescued in French cable car terror, hundreds evacuated in Costa del Sol fire outbreak & more
Today lunch is roasted garlic, bread and cheese, getting into the french spirit ready for our 3 weeks in the alps!
Dozens stranded in cable cars in the French Alps +
Cable car nightmare! Dozens stranded high in the French Alps after gusts of wind derail gondolas betwe...
One last deep breath of the mountains. @ Chamonix Mont Blanc (French Alps)
... a new espresso I'm developing for Client in French Alps :-)
Silver Mountain Water by Creed. Because sometimes you want to pretend you're skiing in the French Alps.
need some Monday morning motivation? Check out this great video from a recent bespoke trip to the French Alps!
After 11 days through Scandinavian coasts, German ports, French farmland, and the Swiss Alps, we actually made it to Italy🙏
Sorry if you haven't heard from me in awhile, I've been away in the French Alps running the Pauly Shore fan club
Picnic in the countryside along the French Alps and indulge in some of the world's most delectable c
Pic of me snowboarding in French Alps with cousins :)
I said almost the same thing after 152kms in the French Alps. Then the next day I wanted to ride them again.
you can open a window and see the french alps from our shower so I guess you could say this host house is prime.
The weathers not looking great for the French alps😢
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I'm away on 9th smilarly. French Alps.
15.43 hours of daylight in a French Alps. Very Long. Day
Really want to take a trip to the French alps
Fancy a MTBiking holiday in the French Alps? . Haven't got a bike, or don't want to travel with one! . Startline...
Had a great week in the wonderful French Alps! Stunnings views, great cycling. Again impressed by the beauty of France! 1/2
Currently in Dijon with my son for an overnight stay en route to the French Alps for mountain biking & much fun!
Prolong your love affair with the mountains by buying a house for all seasons
View topic - Buying a VW bus in the US as a foreigner: and which now lives in the French Alps. I was working i...
Y9 meeting lunchtime Monday in Room 31 for those that registered for the French Alps fieldtrip
Shooting the breeze on this Sunday afternoon! @ Val Thorens, French Alps
This heart Frenchman & his son making their was up cal Aravis in the French Alps... 12k climb with…
Top 10 activities to enjoy in the French Alps this Summer
Lovely day walking in the french Alps. — at Residence et Spa Vallorcine Mont Blanc
If you spot this in the French Alps we were never there.
That awkward moment whilst packing for French Alps
Had to take a moment to enjoy This view of Switzerland from the French mountains.
Wowsers! What a journey to this moment. I just ran happy for 42 km through the French alps in the Sky Running...
Fresh snow in the French Alps – top tips for skiing in poor visibility
the French alps was one of the best places ive been so far!! Definatly going again☺️😎
pilot power super sports in their natural habitat a small french village on the way to the alps. Epic tire!
Today's sky-high view is "Step into the Void" on the Aiguille du Midi Mountain in the French Alps.
Germany dedicate 4-0 win to Schumacher 17 June, 2014 Lukas Podolski dedicated Germany’s 4-0 World Cup thrashing of Portugal to countryman Michael Schumacher, after the news emerged that the Formula 1 legend has emerged from a five and a half month medically induced coma. Substitute striker Podolski declared after the match, “He’s a good friend, a good guy and he’s also crazy about football. Maybe he watched the game or he knew about the result.” Schumacher had been in a coma after a skiing accident in the French Alps on 29 December, the 45 year old being treated in ICU at Grenoble Hospital. The seven-time world champion is now at a Swiss hospital in Lausanne, closer to his family’s home and out of the coma. The BBC reports that F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, world champion in 2008 and the German’s replacement in the Mercedes team, said it was “amazing” to hear of Schumacher’s progress. “Everywhere I go people ask about him,” said the Englishman, who drives for Mercedes, the last team Sc ...
Schumacher out of coma: Former Formula One champion Michael Schumacher is no longer in a coma and has been moved from hospital in Grenoble after a skiing accident last December. The 45-year-old has been in an induced coma since suffering a serious head injury in the accident in the French Alps resort of Meribel. He has now left Grenoble in France and been moved to University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland. Read full story here:
Schumacher out of coma, shifted to Swiss hospital GENEVA/LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) - Seven times Formula One racing champion Michael Schumacher, who suffered severe head injuries in a ski accident last year, has come out of a coma and was transferred to a Swiss medical centre on Monday, officials said, but gave no details of his condition. Schumacher, the most successful Formula One racer of all time, has had several brain operations since his accident in the French Alps in late December. He was moved for further treatment early on Monday to Lausanne's CHUV hospital, a sprawling modern glass-fronted complex above Lake Geneva. The centre treated former Zairean dictator Mobutu Sese Seko for cancer in the mid-1990s and last year its forensic scientists analysed the remains of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for traces of poison. Schumacher, hugely popular in his native Germany and across the world in a sport that had become immensely lucrative in the course of his career, has been regularly v ...
Thank you to all that joined us in the french alps last week. What a place to ride
Thank you to everyone who joined us in the French Alps last week for our inaugural TDF Reconnaissance Tour. Whether you rode in the peloton, or followed our daily travels online around the globe, we hope you enjoyed this magical week. A big thank you to our international guests, hosts and helpers. We are ready to roll again in 2015! Stay tuned for more details
French Alps al-Hilli murders: Zaid al-Hilli is still suspected of killing his brother
Tributes are paid to a Scottish businessman who died from "catastrophic" injuries after a skiing accident in the French Alps.
This weekend I traveled to Annecy, France with a few friends for a quick a day trip. We were recommended to visit this city by multiple locals, and for good reason! The city was incredible in terms of natural beauty and resembled Switzerland with its view of the French Alps (second photo). We took in this scene as we indulged on some doner kabobs on the bank of Lake Annecy upon our arrival. Following this serene experience, we took a stroll up a stone path to the city's little-known cathedral, called the Basilique de la Visitation. Afterwards we found one of the more famous sites of Annecy, the Palais de l'Isle (which can be seen in the first picture), a castle in the centre of the Thiou canal now used as a historical museum. Enjoying ice cream at one of the city's premiere ice cream shops was a perfect end to the day, as we hopped on a train and returned to the best city of all; Lyon.
last few places at this wonderful course in the French Alps - treat yourself
Post 3: This past weekend we took a trip up to Annecy, France. Having been recommended the city by some of the locals, we had very high expectations for Annecy and the city definitely lived up to them. It was a change from the usual weekend trips to big cities, as Annecy is a mid-sized town nestled in the French Alps with a more outdoors feel than an urban one. They are well known for their beautiful lake and surrounding park, where many (including our group) could have been seen relaxing, picnicing, and taking in the scenery. Apart from the lake, there are also many canals to walk along and hills to hike, which made this trip very enjoyable. We got to see major spots like Palais d'isle and the Basilique de Visitation. The best part of the trip was walking into the small French shops that lined the streets of Annecy and getting to experience the warmth and friendliness of the locals. We ended the day with some fantastic gelato and one of the famous Annecy gelato shops. Overall a solid weekend with some ch ...
Honduras has a steep mountain to climb if they are to might say the French Alps?
“Spectacular falling into chasm. French nr aquamarine
Spectacular waterfall falling into chasm. French near
Feeling hugely inspired & revitalised after a week in the French Alps studying yoga...
2 months left in the French alps, then onto somewhere new - let the job hunting begin !
Dad expressed to me a hidden desire to go skiing in French alps. Hope I am able to fulfill his dream.
good convo from French Alps to somewhere in Jersey w the Francy bae
Crazy! Flying in the french alps... And NEED oxygen!!
It's my 1st solo flight and it's not the "corn Alps" it's the... French Alps!!
Reports from Germany claim stricken Michael Schumacher has been moved in to rehab at the hospital where he has been treated since his catastrophic ski crash, last year. In what is being interpreted as a gloomy sign for the 45-year-old's prognosis, Schumacher has left the intensive care unit at Grenoble University Hospital in the French Alps. Sabine Kehm, Schumacher's spokesman, did not respond ... Schumacher - News Images
RYE HOUSE PRESS RELEASE::: : PLRC Winners Ride in Luke Bowen Testimonial Not one, but two, Premier League Riders’ Champions are the first names to be revealed for the competing field in next month’s Luke Bowen Testimonial meeting – Luke’s Ten Year Take-Off – which is being staged at Rye House on Sunday, July 13th (2pm start). Defending champion Olly Allen captured the title while a part of last season’s Silver Ski Rockets team. A former Great Britain World Cup international, he has also previously won the Elite League title while with Coventry in 2007. His other top flight clubs include Swindon, Peterborough and King’s Lynn. 23 year old Aussie Sam Masters, meanwhile, tasted PLRC success in 2011. Currently focused on success with unbeaten powerhouse Edinburgh, he is perhaps still best associated with the Somerset Rebels, and has also represented King’s Lynn and Poole at Elite League level. Luke is delighted to have both stars on board for his Big Day. “Olly effectively chose himself. We ...
Annecy 'Venice of the French Alps' paradise personified :)
Annecy 'Venice of the French Alps' stunning scenery
Getting some "high alpine" practice in the White Mountains of NH before heading to the French Alps.…
How I would love to fly this bird. 300+ MPH. Has a jet engine in the nose that turns a free wheeling propeller. In an AOPA segment, they left France near the French Alps (or possibly the Pyrenees) where the planes are built and flew four of them over to the USA via, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, Goose Bay Labrador and finally into Maine and down to NC and FL. What a beautiful bird!
video de Terrifying viewpoint in the Alps.. This viewpoint of Crystal in Chamonix, in the French Alps, is consid...
Looking forward to the most difficult race of the year "Tour des Pays de Savoie" in the French Alps! Starting thursday june 19th till sunday june 22nd.Team Terra Safety Shoes left already with teamleader Andrew Vancoillie last thursday june 12th for some nice trainings in the Alps as preparation for these mountains! The selected ones : Eoin McCarthy IER Tim Cameron AUS Liam Glen GBR Adam Lewis GBR Nick Bain NZL Robby De Bock BEL We want to share some pictures of this wonderful experience and a preview of what to expect ! Please follow us for more news!
Hey Nick hello back! Yep escaped for last train home. Been off radar on hols in French Alps. Sun, biking & more rosé spritzers
Good to see that the number 1 choice in the best family holidays is hiking and biking in the French Alps.
There is a place still going on the MVCC European Tour to the French Alps. The price has been slashed to just £200 which includes everything bar food ! Must be available to leave tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday. Itinerary includes 4 days riding, La Marmotte route, Alpe d'Huez Time Trial, Deux Alpes, Croix du Fer and La Mur. Interested ? Let us know ASAP.
'Petals of the Alps' by Marie Mills: work in progress in her French studio for FLORAL opening at gal
I guess it's about time to share with everyone that I'll be visiting Ontario for just over a month come mid-September before taking off to France for a year working in the French Alps at a ski resort! To anyone back home that wants to hang out, message me and we'll figure it out!
A difficult trip through the French Alps turns out to be worth the hike.
Intense promo for Holypop- an organic soda originally brewed by Monks in the French Alps
The plan was to go across the French Alps from here but the weather there is pants so now looking at Morocco?
Trying to make it from Berlin to Nice/France and back, taking the high tour through the Austrian, Swiss and French Alps. This was day 2 and it was gorgious!
Mildly pleased with riding 42 miles today, and climbing a bit of a hill know as the Ladder, which does make you perspire some what. Then I find out that my mate has today, ridden 105 miles in the French Alps, and has climbed the equivalent of 24 Ladders.
It comes four months after doctors announced they would begin the process of awaking him from the artificially induced coma he was placed in following a ski accident in the French Alps on December 19 last year.
Want to go to the French Alps sososososo bad
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My Aunt Sara died on this day, Flag Day, 30 years ago in 1984. Her husband had been killed in WWII. He was a gunner and his plane went down over the French Alps. The only remains she got was an American flag draped over an empty coffin. She left the flag to me, and it is now framed and hanging in my son's home...48 stars, fragile, but in good hands for posterity..Because of this, Flag Day, which has always been a special day, has a special but bittersweet meaning for me.
Getting a new cologne today , pretty sure it's made with Gods tears and citrus extract out of the French Canadian alps
He's on a motorbike in the French Alps.
My new bike on its first ride and where better than the French Alps
Chris Froome in yellow going past our corporate ski chalet in Chatel, French Alps
On the road to French Champs. Alps training, Cime de La bonnette 2802m highest climb in Europe
I know those alps well. Went to school there with nuns learning French and Latin.
Boulder hurtles off mountain and smashes into French Alps tourist train; two dead - NDTV
Leo is in the French Alps with Ricky!
French police investigating killing of British family in Alps in 2012 have arrested man, 48, prosecutors tell AFP
just wanna be back in the French alps it's beautiful
LOTS of fresh snow in the French Alps - the conditions couldn't be better.
3 weeks today I fly out to the French Alps to start my personal challenge to summit - Please RT
Nestled in the French Alps, the Club Med Valmorel offers multiple bedroom luxury Chalet-A... http:…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Jen and Massimo are currently guiding our Colombiere, Madaleine, Alpe D'Huez trip and we would like to welcome to the ranks of Nicolas James, Alistair Smith, Andrew Brown,Nicola Brown, Trudy Bergen, Shelia Ward, John Ward, Jane Laughton, Karen Mair, Mark Ellis, Charlie Patrick and Diana Bloss. Everyone is having a great week and this trip is one of our lesser known but really enjoyable trips. We consider this trip to be one aimed at two types of mountain riders; the rider who is new to the French Alps and wants to give them a try, and then riders who have taken on all the other challenges of the French Alps and would like to try some of the lesser known but still challenging routes.
Great news for those looking to buy in the French Alps!
Soldier questioned over Alps murders found dead: A former French Legionnaire questioned over the murders of a ...
you just can't get smoother than the French alps
Former soldier quizzed by over Alps massacre in suspected - Jun 4 @ 12:10 AM ET
On today: Alps murder: Ex-soldier found dead: A French former soldier questioned in connection with the m...
Its been 6 months since Formula 1 legend, Michael Schumacher sustained a life - threatening injury following his skiing accident above Méribel in the French Alps on Dec 29, which has left him in a...
Will the truth about the 2012 murders of these Iraqi-Englishpeople ever come out? via
Soldier quizzed over French Alps massacre dies in apparent suicide
Former soldier quizzed over French Alps massacre dies in suspected suicide
Soldier quizzed over murders dies in apparent 'Grenoble (France) (AFP) - A former French Legionnai...'
One last big European adventure to the Swiss Alps and the French Riviera ✈
FRANCE - A former French soldier interviewed by police over the murder of a British family in the French Alps,...
Former soldier questioned over French Alps massacre dies in suspected suicide: The former mark...
Among the most obvious places to in are: Paris, the Côte d'Azur and the French Alps.
Our cyclists in the are riding through the seasons! There's still snow near the Col de la Cayolle.
Man questioned over murder of Claygate family in the Alps has been found dead: A former French soldier questio...
Fancy a ski trip to the French Alps this winter? My daughter is running a beautiful property in La Plagne:
next* obviously.. And oh yeah, coz we in French alps n dat
Chilling Alps Murders development - unnamed ex-French legionnaire who feared he was a suspect commits suicide today, says Annecy prosecutor.
Weekend of climbing madness on the cards in french alps June 15/16. Anyone silly enough?
God *** check our men Jaws Szczęki ridin' his Lifeline in French Alps!
Two more sleeps before heading off to French Alps. Bike serviced, tent packed, ferry booked. 5.30am pick up, noon ferry, 800 mile drive. With Joey Malik and Chris Sanderson. 30 deg forecast. Very smiley faces all round. 7 day cycLe Tour.
As many of you know me and Big Bob are off to the French alps to compete in the Cent Cols Challenge on Saturday, I'll undoubtedly get the biggest kick in I've ever had on a bike over the 10 tens and 100 (yes one hundred!) alpine passes. We're using the event to raise money for a great charity which supports children in the St Helens and Widnes area that suffer from class 1 diabetes, so if you could spare a few quid it's be massively appreciated and would go along way to helping those local kids. Thanks to everyone that's already donated, and thanks in advance to you great people who will! Pughy and Big Bob!
Anyone still looking for a summer seasonal role?? Silver Swan are helping a well know ski tour operator in the French Alps with their remaining summer vacancies, which include supervisor roles for both bar and restaurant, chef, childcare and chalet hosts roles. If you are interested in any of these posts and would like more information please call the office on +44 208 2444707 or email enquiriesAll roles start in the next 7-14 days.
There are so many, many ways to get wet in the French Alps this summer, what's your favourite? More ideas await:
Cycling the French Alps, ending at the Mont Ventoux, with, collecting money for War Child. Wonderful experience!
Wearing an airtight latex suit and aerodynamic helmet, Italian speedskier Simone Origone broke his own world record with a speed of 252.4 km/h or the Chabrieres slopes in the French Alps.
The Blacks team preparing for a ride through the French Alps! Great job tonight boys.
After sleeping in a forest full of suspiciously wolfy noises I am now hightailing through the French Alps. Yeha!
International rider is reppin on his pack while hiking to the top of Mont Jovet in the French Alps.
Welcome to Elle and Toby - the new live-in staff at the Halfway. Just finished a winter stint in the French Alps and now here to help us in 'sunny' Cornwall
...50 Things To Do In Europe in Your Lifetime... :) 1 Eat paella in Barcelona, Spain 2 Feel the sand between your toes on a glorious beach in Malta 3 Ski or apres-ski in the French Alps 4 Find a new favourite bottle of red in Bordeaux, France 5 Rent a bike in Holland 6 Eat pizza in Naples, Italy 7 See the black sand in Tenerife, Spain 8 Visit the chocolate museum in Bruges, Belgium 9 Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy - and make a wish 10 Write a letter to Juliet and pin it to Juliet’s balcony in Verona, Italy 11 Put a ‘love lock’ on the bridge over the Seine, Paris, France 12 Put your hand in the Mouth of Truth in Rome, Italy 13 Sunbathe at the Côte d’Azur aka the French Riviera 14 Visit the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City, Rome, Italy 15 See the remains of the Berlin Wall in Berlin, Germany 16 Visit the ruins of Pompeii, Naples, Italy 17 Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France 18 Eat fish and chips on the beach, Brighton, East Sussex, England 19 Sunbathe in the . ...
A bit of a long shot: Does anyone want to come on a cycling trip to the French Alps from 13-21st June? One of my group has had to pull out last minute.
A few clips of a trip down the Ubaye river in the French alps. Late May 2014 Water levels slightly above medium.
Hi Guys, Anyone ridden through Lichtenstein? Wondering what the roads are like, love the French Alps and was thinking of hitting up the Swiss this summer... Should I add some sweary *** to get some responses? ;)
From pallazo righini on bike to Il Boscareto in Monchero, we are bear the French Alps, 63 kilometers today.
OLIVER'S DEAL OF THE DAY - CHATEAU STE GENEVIEVE This renovated 11th century monastery (it's a prior priory) sits in the middle of the magnificent French Alps and sleeps an impressive 20 guests! Right now, you can get 40% off a visit in June 2014, and 35% off a stay in July 2014. There's a six night minimum for this deal, but anything less would be a waste! More details here:
Today city tour . Dalat looks like a cross between Vietnam and the French Alps. Many of its hotels and houses are built in a European/ French style. The city spreads across a series of pine-covered hills, with a small lake in the center and surrounded by higher peaks, making for some lovely scenery quite different from the rest of Vietnam. Temperatures are pleasantly warm by day, and quite cool at night. great for tourists in this time.
After a very successful week long recce trip, the Phoenix Canoe Club are planning a white water kayaking trip to the French Alps during the summer 2014. The French Alps are like no other rivers you will have ever paddled before, the volume averages from 5 to 20 times that of the Upper Tryweyn...
After your epic cycle trip to Amsterdam... if any of you are keen I'm cycling the French Alps and Italian Dolomites over the school summer holidays - it's a £250 price tag to get there. After that I'm camping in the mountains. If your are keen inbox me :)
take the TGV,come to Lyon, see the french Alps and meet local fans ? Have a nice journey;-)
Hard day cycling in the French alps
'Force Majeure' (2014) (Sweden/Denmark/France/Norway) This looks diabolically brilliant. It won the "Un Certain Regard Jury Prize" at this year's Cannes…and...Magnolia Pictures has just acquired distribution rights for an eventual U.S. Release. As one review put it: "...starts out looking like a Wes Anderson film (and turns into) something more along the lines of Lars Von Trier." I can't think of a better reason to see this. ;) "A Swedish family travels to the French Alps to enjoy a few days of skiing. The sun is shining and the slopes are spectacular but, during a lunch at a mountainside restaurant, an avalanche turns everything upside down. With diners fleeing in all directions, mother Ebba calls for her husband Tomas as she tries to protect their children. Tomas, meanwhile, is running for his life… And…the anticipated disaster fails to occur, and, the family's world has been shaken to its core, a question mark hanging over their father in particular. Tomas and Ebba's marriage now hangs in the b . ...
So chuffed Esi did it got the job Camp America here she comes, flying to New York week on Wednesday and working in Conneticut for the summer. Home about 23rd September then off to France 2nd December To work on French Alps on Ski Resort for six months xxx whoo hoo so proud of my girl !
Last chance to book! Yoga retreat 2nd-7th September 2014 in the French Alps, in Samoens. All details on here:
Following the success of the Puglia retreat (which is now sold out), I have decided to add an alpine yoga getaway - just in case some of you missed out! We will spend 5 days at La Ferme du Ciel, a luxurious chalet near the village of Samoëns in the French Alps. All the rooms are en-suite, and we wil…
Two weeks off. First week doing nothing, second one, walking in French Alps. Welcome to CHAMONIX:-)
My favorite part of this region of France (Savoie region, French Alps): the food. "We have potatoes smothered in cheese or... Potatoes smothered in a different kind of cheese." Oui!
Yoga for wine lovers in the Swiss Lavaux region - practiced at Hotel du Lac &
L'Aiguille Noire (The Black Needle) is part of the Massif des Cerces, in the Alps (Savoie), at the French-Italian...
Looking for and for your family holiday this summer? Try the French
Yoga for wine lovers in the French Alps! Well it is the weekend!
Scale: DFiveRed has added a photo to the pool:. Shot from Aiguille du Midi in the French Alps. The valley of ...
Iv sat and had lunch with worse views..
Chalet staff required for next season in the French Alps! Looks a good opportunity if you'd like a taste of...
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