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Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a red (mostly brick) path through downtown Boston, Massachusetts, that leads to 16 significant historic sites.

Boston Freedom Trail Faneuil Hall Bunker Hill Monument American Revolution Public Garden Paul Revere Quincy Market Beacon Hill Boston Commons North End Boston Massacre Back Bay

Check off the 10, 20, or 30K step boxes by walking with us to the Freedom Trail this Thursday morning. Bundle up an…
State - Massachusetts! Spending day exploring the Freedom Trail here in Boston! 🇺🇸
Staying warm on our Freedom Trail Pub Crawl with history and beer. Cheers!
I've already done the freedom trail and it was amazing
are you going to do the freedom trail or nah. Bc it's amazing.
That shows a true understanding of the narratives ✅
Getting up to lots, speed not one of them.
Relieved to see that the Soutpansberg Section are getting up to speed.
Give it ten days and everything will be wet😀
Weapon of choice for the R2C 2017. Shimano XT 11 speed and XT brakes. Setup got me though The Munga 2016.…
Pic posted 12:43pm with sun on horizon. You are in Iceland right?
I don't think those shoes are ugly 😜 great view from the top 😊
Walked the entire Freedom Trail today. A lot of history in it!
I liked a video from Fallout 4: How to find the Railroad (Freedom Trail Location)
Bookkeeping handicraft the press: deal by timesheets gilded quickbooks in transit to condensation trail thy freedom
The story of Jeanne, who helped Jews to cross the Pyrenees to escape the Nazis in WW2
On the freedom trail in Boston today, visiting some Fallout locations. Yes, it really is this cold!
We may have picked the worst possible day to do the freedom trail; it's literally like 15 degrees with blowing snow 😞
Wet, misty, chilly Saturday morning riding. BUT Good to be back on…
Out with the old and in with the new. My pips new best friend.
When owners fail, a glove is lost on the Freedom Trail...
A personal account of rediscovering family ties and experiencing the Freedom Trail. If you would like to sign up,...
Did you know that Miss Porter's School was part of the Connecticut Freedom Trail?
pretty *** ugly but good for hika bika up Cliffdale portage practicing 4 s&itting myself
What best way to explore than to run the famous freedom trail feels 💭
Correct answer. Move forward three stages ;)
Discover Boston at the Annual Meeting! Attend a tour of the Freedom Trail! Spots are limited- register now!
Followers of Christ cult leaves a trail of dead kids. Faith healing is Not religious freedom it is child abuse.
This weekend, leave urbanscape, step in wilderness. Experience pure freedom. Have paper map when exploring new trai…
Ok, peeps. Time for morning noms and OFF TO THE FREEDOM TRAIL! May your step be light and your VATS aim true.…
Thursday night crawling on our Freedom Trail Pub Crawl. Cheers!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Podesta Took $170,000 Bribe From Russian Bank. The Russian trail leads straight back to the Left.
With a 16 day plan you'll certainly be staying away from this rider :)
Alt Pirineu Natural Park and the freedom trail
Chris I think the correct answer is "Generously!"
have fun in Bean town and try to stay warm. If you get a chance walk the freedom trail or head over to Cheers for a beer.
★Private Detective Claims Trump has Evidence of Paper Trail to Obama Wiretap - Freedom Outpost➜★
Join us for a Freedom Trail Walk to the site of the first public school in support of strong See you soo…
Hi Chris! Thanks! I am trying to secure a corporate sponsor at moment, but if that doesn't work will let…
The red bricks of Boston's Freedom Trail head into a snow bank near the Bunker Hill Monument after Thursday's snow.…
Going to Boston soon, trying to figure out what to sight-see on my free day. Already seen Fenway, Freedom Trail, Sam Adams Brewery.
Did the Freedom Trail in Boston, visited DC and sat in on a SCOTUS case in 8th grade.
Walk the Freedom Trail, visit Paul Revere and the Boston Aquarium, and ride on a Pirate Ship!
More people on Tremont Street(Freedom Trail)in Boston,cheering Patriots then attended inauguration Most Players with Hillary
when's Marty going to remove the Freedom Trail from Boston sidewalks?
Lobster rolls, the Freedom Trail and McGreevy's sports bar. is vlogging from Boston.…
Boston's Central Library is lovely, the original Cheers is fun but touristy, any stops on the Freedom Trail & NE Aquarium.
Forgiveness is just another name for freedom.
The All Terrain Freedom. Create your own tracks. Obstacle tested. Designed for trail. Gear up at…
South African Police Service : End Attacks on Cyclists in Johannesburg before one of us gets killed via
the top of the Prudential is cool, I'd recommend the freedom trail. The aquarium is also cool but pricey
"Freedom Trail" - Jeopardy answer tonight, and synonym for "Derek made us walk 5 miles through Boston" for STTN alum
Why yes, yes I did do the Freedom Trail for the second time this year.
"MiniMulder is too cold to do the freedom trail". "C'mon miniScully, it's where our democracy was born!".
Island Creek Oysters great place, right by Fenway. Stroll down Newbury St. nice. Freedom Trail walk nice too.
he served to bring freedom to places. So that this open torture doesnt happen for years before any trail
Found the perfect Freedom Challenge 9.9km/h Willomore to PA training wind on the hilly Lambertsbay dirt road. https…
Pretty *** excited for the this weekend. It's gonna be a playground
Of course its bloody cold. Its Winter..
Great for those chilly winter mornings.
Early prep, just in case and testing base layers
Website Builder 728x90
Boston is awesome. Freedom trail, little Italy, Fenway
Councilor has been working on this project for years and wants to tie renaming to freedom trail history in area.
And... we're off! Committing to a year (and then some) of travel! 1st stops wrapped this weekend: Boston Freedom Trail & inside London Maps
One of our greatest Americans. The is a great visit at all times of the year.
The silhouettes are in! Smithworks Iron is working it out. @ Freedom Park Trail at the Atlanta…
I just ran 88% of the Boston Freedom Trail to Dillon Francis Presents Shut It Down on
New Swift app for Boston Freedom Trail released last week. Check it out at
2017 entries: Freedom Challenge Race across South Africa and Race to Rhodes entries CLOSE on 31st January. Don't miss deadline the Enter NOW
Want to hear more about how Patrick Morewood put PYGA on the map? . Check out the podcast link below👇...
It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail towards freedom through the darkest of nights Yes,we can.
I'm pretty sure this is the same one they told us about on t…
There's freedom in subverting the norm. Never forget it.
For years, Turkey has promised to reopen it -- and for years, it has broken those promises. From our 2012 blog:…
In Boston walking the Freedom Trail with Larkin--I keep expecting to be attacked by raiders and super mutants.
I live in Massachusetts with a strong history of rebellion with abolitionists and the freedom trail. Trump can't...
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Evoking concepts like honor, equality and freedom, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. blazed a trail into our history & we…
FLASHBACK: Awesome Prayer for Donald Trump on the Campaign Trail [MUST SEE] - I Love My Freedom
A great day for a walk on Boston's Freedom Trail!
They've got markings on the floor for the Freedom Trail just like in my book.
Baseball. The Freedom Trail. George Washington. Fun Things to see in this
Drive & cycle in a manner that endangers no one.Obey traffic rules & signals.We are all just trying to get somewhere.Let…
Brrr got so cold 2day @ to in Boston but how inspiring to by the Freedom Trail w/&
Ending our Freedom Trail walk with tiki drinks. You know, just like the pilgrims did.
Standing on freedom trail w and hundreds of Bostonians in rally for healthcare
Last time she was here, we walked the Freedom Trail and it hit 40°C. The weather is more suitable for me today. A bright, sunny 2°C.
I just ran 87% of the Boston Freedom Trail to SummerThing! on
Trail of Tears: Reporters & Biden blubber as Obama gives his VP the Medal of Freedom
I think U'm going to paint one more Boston picture with the Freedom Trail in it. I want to read it first.
A walk at the Freedom Trail for some travel photography
My memory might get me as far as Bisley :)
The power of turning a trail towards freedom through the other, are great things we did less of that 7605ddaf
darn!! Wish she would have said hi!! We were wandering the freedom trail today.
5:29 left in the game, Slaters trail Freedom 53-52.
Exploring the Freedom Trail like a tourist and trying out my new 50mm f/1.8. @ Old North Church…
RNT US Studies class literally building the stepping stones of the Freedom Trail that lead to the American Revolution.…
if you have time to go to Salem, it was very rich in history, Freedom Trail tour, Boston Commons (part of freedom trail tour)
Mistakes were Made: What the Freedom Trail taught me about Empathy | Open Systems Technologies (OST) IT Infrastructu…
Boston here we are!! Today the entire Freedom Trail gone, and made a stop at the Hard Rock Cafe! Unfortunately nothing…
Today we did: Boston Commons & Public Garden, Beacon Hill, Freedom Trail, & Harvard. Back at B&B dead now.
Okay, Boston is on the itinerary for real, this time. Freedom Trail, Fanueil Hall, Quincy Market, USS Constitution, Bunker Hill Monument, …
I just ate an entire bowl of Boston Baked Beans so Ima be farting *** the rest of this Freedom Trail!
Starting at Boston Commons all the way to Bunker Hill, I conquered the Freedom Trail.…
there's Faneuil Hall, the Freedom Trail, Paul Revere's house, the Old North Church. Tons of historical type stuff.
we started w/ typical stuff, Freedom Trail, Quincy Market etc but love aquarium & just walking around...& cannolis
Freedom Trail self guided tour to wrap up our long weekend.
What you need to know about privacy, data and censorship. details all of this, check it out on
Off on a 2 day road trip to recce some new routes on the
Do something great today, register, as an organ donor.
. Agreed. Some of the best Italian food ever consumed. Also, Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall, etc. Great city!
Learn about the Santa Fe Trail & how it led slaves south to freedom at our final lecture of the season on April 24.
UMW's James Farmer scholars are hosting a Trail to Freedom tour on April 16! Don't miss out! Thanks for the shout...
Tripping to the would not be same without a stop at the
Excited to be hosting on Charles Street April 16 for a signing of her Freedom Trail Pop Book!
I just ran 1.1 times along the Boston Freedom Trail to Rock It Science on Got it done in the ☀️🌴😎
The Freedom Trail Scholars perform at the Prescott School in Norwood
Some videos are too good not to share. . Trail Dog is a beautiful and moving description of dogs, nature, freedom...
Here's some of what I'm missing. Not pictured are Mint 998s and the 810s from the Freedom Trail Pack
Its'a Fallout 4! We take it upon ourselves to follow the Freedom Trail, and lose it almost IMMEDIATELY!
Looks like walking the Freedom Trail wiped everyone out :)
How to transform your bicycle into a savvy year-round mode of transport!
The pieces of the Freedom Trail start falling into place...
Copylab MD Ross Hunter blogs about launch of our 1st US office! Copylab Hits Freedom Trail
Super cool surprise visit from friends Steve & Di
British ice dancers explore historic Freedom Trail: sightseeing in Boston after
My count 4 Overseers down 👿👿👿 👿 and the squad on the freedom trail ain't turning back
For many people in South Africa a bicycle can be remarkable. With a bike a person can carry more, save time and travel further…
'There was just no snow': climate change puts Iditarod future in doubt
Raising funds for Carel du Toit Centre Cape Town. Spread the word.
"I'm not running to be Pastor-In-Chief. Everyday on the campaign trail I talk about jobs, freedom and security." -Ted Cruz
Would you to form Soon you will be able to.
You still have until April 10th to get your entry in for this year's Don't forget that you can do...
Comming soon to O4W Atlanta, amazing modern house next to the beltline/freedom park trail
Race to Cradock 2016 reflections by Aileen Kennaugh -
The 500g Lindt Gold Bunny being delivered to 1 of the lucky winners!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Can you spot the rather shy visitor at this morning?
When I get the true follow the money trail on the Freedom Entreprise Foundation, perhaps I'll be satisfied.
. My twin still cannot find the freedom trail. Andy her name is Avery. Andy from Alexandria meet Andy of Boston
Good luck to who has started his Beitbridge to Cape ride, following the mountains . . .
The Cape leading the trail blazing in South Africa, Cycling trail to link Cape Town to Plett
FINAL REMINDER: Early bird entries for Race to Cradock 2017 close TOMORROW 5th April . Enter now- avoid waiting list
Beat's photos from his third full journey to Nome:
Boston Freedom Trail. On the footsteps of the independence.
After walking the Freedom Trail for 5 hours, I don't think I have a choice but to watch National Treasure. Hallooo Nicholas Cage 🙋🔔🇺🇸
I know it's so cool! We did the Freedom Trail Tour and it was SO interesting. Definitely 10/10 recommend!
Back in NZ already! I'm in departures at Logan -- ML and I walked the Freedom trail today. We agreed it's been one of the (1/2)
Has anyone done the Freedom Trail in Boston??? I'm thinking about it but I also hate tourists lmao
Muddywaters says ya have a good backpack there
lol be good to see you there. Were not weirdos or anything... question how was your freedom trail tent
yes in Boston for weekend. Staying next to Paul Revere house on the Freedom Trail. Supposed to snow again tomorrow
It's gonna be a warm & beautiful day! Come join me on a Freedom Trail tour at 1pm from the Boston Common Visitor Center at 139 Tremont St!
"It's time YOU break free and start living! "Join the Movement": Follow the Freedom Trail ht…
Saturday's Super Deal!! . Boston & the history of Boston with the Freedom Trail...
Stay wider of the rider cycling event today on from Maidens Cove to !
’s Freedom Trail, ruta de la libertad de los and you can enjoy it with this package
HUGE result,well done Now for some well deserved rest.
Entries close Monday the 29th of Feb last chance to enter the Durban Dash Down 2016
Entries for the 2016 Durban Dash Down close Monday the 29th of Feb...
The Freedom Trail Edward Stourton walks the most dangerous WWII escape route over the Pyrenees...
I liked a video from THE FREEDOM TRAIL - Fallout 4
Cool tour: March reenactment of Massacre on Freedom Trail.
Walking the Freedom Trail in Boston with kids - Massachusetts with kids
Did you know? It would take 37,271 bagels to cover the length of Boston's historic Freedom Trail, 2.5 miles long!...
The The love Church Trail MENS Hike - an incredible journey of fellowship, worship and freedom that connects Hike...
Official opening of the Constantia Greenbelt Cycling Trail.Becoming a bike friendly city http…
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The Bom is back :) "Big smiles for a great run 1st today.
Our very own Wonder Woman Trinity is doing the Freedom Trail. Wow! Learn more & support her here
okay sounds good. Make a list of things u wish to do downtown. We can take the freedom trail on our own.
My Birdie is over the Moon with excitement :) First trail run stage race since Kids. https:…
In 450 story panels, the trail narrative documents the Black Seminoles' quest for freedom, from their origins as...
ahhh,wonder if he did the entire Freedom Trailjust this...
True freedom only comes to those willing to leave the trail -
If the weather is nice this weekend I'm trying to go on a freedom trail tour led by da homie, so I can gets learnt bout free.
Teachers of and Rights History, ODOT has maps available of the Trail (Underground Railroad).
Island Creek Bar for seafood, Museum of Science for interestingness, Fanuiel Hall for the market, Freedom Trail for history.
Found the freedom trail! Time to do the Underground Railroad quest
I added a video to a playlist THE FREEDOM TRAIL - Fallout 4
- I think it's called the Freedom Trail. FYI - parking *** in Boston
Lace up your walking shoes for a journey through
On the Boston Freedom Trail today beginning with Faneuil Hall!
Freedom of Information request to Home Office trail...Providing the missing pieces 😃 ❤️ https:…
Media preview of new Revolutionary Women Tour, 3/2, 1245pm, Boston Common Visitors Center. Email Freedom Trail for details.
I also recommend you tour at 2p.m. on Friday (free) and don't miss the Freedom Trail. Enjoy!
Leaving the club and getting through downtown Boston cobblestone freedom trail to your car really builds character
Hence why the Railroad is literally at the end of the Freedom Trail.
I just ran 90% of the Boston Freedom Trail to Sunglasses At Night on
If you are curious about Adventure Cycling this video really does give you a good idea what our races are about...
Let's look out for each other on the roads.Safe Cycling Awareness Ride this coming Saturday,Camps Bay to Chappiesz https…
YES I have the freedom trail written down. Haven't heard of Faneuil, but gooogling now!
*After a few hours I soon walk into town looking for the freedom trail wanting to find the Railroad*
Along the Freedom Trail in Boston. A mixture of the old and the new.
Spring is the perfect time to visit walk the Freedom Trail, and visit history
Black people were willing to compromise freedom for a "feel good" moment on the OJ trail and they are doing the same with Cosby
Today 148 bells made by Paul Revere survive. Three are along Boston's Freedom Trail at
Welcome to the Freedom Trail in Boston Late 50's Sponsored by John Hancock Ins.
Went on the historical Freedom Trail tour today 😜 Anne Hutchinson's house is now a…
"...proximity to the Financial District, Boston Common, Back Bay & Freedom Trail," GM Larry Casillo in
Hope you're enjoying Boston today! Some of my fave places: the Common/Public Garden, Faneuil Hall, Freedom Trail sites...
It's my fave city, I have so many suggestions! Boston Common/Public Garden, Faneuil Hall, some or all of the Freedom Trail...
Boston, Day 2: Freedom Trail in the morning, Union Oyster House for lunch, Harvard in the afternoon,…
My office is right by the Freedom Trail! That's the Old South Meeting House where the Tea Party was planned.
She works hard! Sometimes on the computer instead of at the gym/trail/soccer field...
Enjoying a Boston Freedom Trail history walk this morning!
300 years in 90 minutes: our Heart of the Freedom Trail tour! Meet your guide by Samuel Adams statue at 1 p.m.
I just ran 1.9 times along the Boston Freedom Trail to Epic Energy by on Aflojando piernas
- Bunker Hill Monument at the end of the Freedom Trail!
GATEWAY TO FREEDOM. JOE GEE'S arch over his Hike to Freedom trail in Carlingford, as featured in today's BANGOR...
Demaria "Miami" Washington on the TD for DP. Freedom Patriots trail Dr. Phillips Panthers 0 to 14 in Q1.
6:13 left in 1st. The Freedom High Patriots trail the Dr. Phillips High Panthers 0 to 14 in the 1st qtr.
In Boston for walked Freedom trail ,up Bunker hill, read mortal again dying well
Walk the Freedom Trail and float back in time in Boston with Bag a deal:
Joseph Tapping's gravestone died in 1678 and buried in King's Chapel Burial Ground as seen along the Freedom Trail …
Walked the Freedom Trail for a bit last night! @ Boston, Massachusetts
Being a tourist in Boston and following the Freedom Trail. This is the historic Old South Meeting…
Walking the Freedom Trail to the Old State House, the scene of the Boston Massacre in 1775.…
OK I have hit a new low running. So I think taking freedom trail into town will help with a scenery change.
If you go to hocking hills, stay on the trail because apparently its illegal to walk where you want in America where there's "freedom"
Third phase of Ohio's Freedom Trail to be built starting in 2016
the caller is right. Real freedom fighters were killed, beaten by police and detained without trail
Summit Metro Parks to proceed with plans to expand Freedom Trail, upgrade area pond
Welcome. Was a really good point. I love the blazing new trail comment. I hope freedom beats Santa Claus. Keep the candle burning.
do you like pina coladas and going on scary ghost tours? @ Freedom Trail
We walked the Freedom Trail there two weeks ago. Boston's an amazing city.
Hiking Through: One Man's Journey to Peace and Freedom on the Appalachian Trail,
Walking the Freedom Trail and getting wicked smaht.…
LREI tenth graders visit Boston! They took a tour of the Freedom Trail and explored Quincy Market yesterday.
In today, stopped at station 1 while walking trail
-Boston is such a fun place to visit. I love the freedom trail!
TONIGHT at 7:00 p.m. the launches for the first time ever the Lantern Tour! Follow a Freedom Trail...
.Great news: Phase 3 of the Freedom Trail soon to be built Can't wait to see our teamwork come to life!
there's the freedom trail in Boston, witches in Salem, tons of historical sites in eastern MA alone
.SMP to proceed with Phase 3 of bike-hike Freedom Trail
Awesome ghost tour last night. Now we are off to the freedom trail.
I just bought tickets to Freedom Trail Foundation Public Walking Tours, Valid Any Date Any Tour Time from
I just ran 83% of the Boston Freedom Trail to Shut Up And Dance by on
Respecting international law and a refugee's right to a fair trail and freedom from political persecution is nuts? Good day!
Hi Lucy, enjoy your flight and don't miss the Freedom Trail in Boston.
We walked the whole freedom trail in a little under 7 hours. We did it!!!
Check out these great coloring pages of Boston! See these places in Little Mouse's Adventures on the Freedom Trail!!
THRILLED to announce the Freedom Trail Pop Up Book recieved a silver recognition from the http…
Whether you wish to tour by foot, boat or bike, Georges Island, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the HarborWalk or the Freedom Trail are fine
"Wander, and leave a trail of freedom wherever you go."
Tiffy_MrsW Just chillin on the Freedom Trail, that's all.
Just chillin on the Freedom Trail, that's all.
Walk the Freedom Trail with me so I know it's real
Loved walking the Freedom Trail in Boston, esp. since it was way warmer than when we did it in winter 3 years ago :)
In every struggle every trail I will praise you. You have given me joy you have given me freedom!
Free Fun Fridays continue tomorrow! Check out the zoo or the freedom trail foundation!
Just saw a small boy standing on the sidewalk, crying and insistently pointing at the Freedom Trail. He had some real passion in his face.
My kids want to do a staycation day on the Freedom Trail before summer ends!
Can you tell where civilisation ends and the wilderness starts?
Reminder: TOMORROW 8/21 is on the All tours are FREE. More info here:
I'm about to try a walking tour of the Freedom Trail to learn about AMERICA
Brilliant brilliant. Serious FOMO from my side.
Mississippi’s Freedom Trail commemorates the struggles of brave Mississippians to enjoy racial equality. Visit...
A new reason to go to work: the bike desk.
Freedom Trail is an important landmark. Learn more about our improvement projects: http:/…
Nice one... Did visit the museum @ Ingwe... metal detector's paradise..
Just finished a good chunk of the Freedom Trail. Heading back to the hotel to recharge my batteries then it's off to registration.
Last but not least, the USS Constitution! Freedom Trail Photo 15 of 15
A view from the Bunker Hill Monument. Freedom Trail Photo 14 of 15
Right? It's a beautiful city. Did you walk Freedom Trail in June?
Standing near one of the family crests at King's Chapel and Burying Ground. Freedom Trail Photo 9 of…
At the site of the Boston Massacre. Freedom Trail Photo 8 of 15
In Salt Lake City, go off-leash at Memory Grove Off on the Freedom Trail!.
Freedom Trail this morning if any of you mengs are up for some sightseeing. We're heading out from the Sheraton now.
Trace the roots of the American Revolution in on our Heart of the Freedom Trail walking tour at 11 am
What a lovely last summer day in Boston. Freedom Trail it is!
Malvika and Tanvi have bid adieu to Tosh. Follow their freedom trail on
While Malvika and Tanvi explore their freedom trail in Himachal Pradesh. We came across this video…
The adventure ended at Mount ingwe. what a ride it was. Congrats braved the big pain cave.
What is it about trail running that makes us feel calm & satisfied? via
Started the trail at freedom florence & ended up deep in east florence 💀
Freedom trail, Harvard, and Boston Tea Party Museum. I like you Boston (except the humidity...)…
Just hanging out at the King's Chapel! Freedom Trail Photo 6 of 15
Through four innings the Freedom trail 2-1.
On our Texas freedom trail tour to Port A showing our pride in Gonzalez
Visiting colleges in Boston? Take a historic stroll on the Freedom Trail
Starting point of the historical tour of The Freedom Trail!
The is about to get a $700,000 make-over that will help guide people to the popular historic treasures! http:…
Today, I have mostly been following the Boston 'Freedom Trail'... well, the military bits.
A1: 1st park I remember was Grand Canyon in grade school but I lived in Boston early so I know I visited Freedom Trail stuff
Pizza in the North End at Regina's or pastry at Mikes. Prudential Center, Freedom Trail, the aquarium, Fenway tour.
Just be a tourist first. So much history. Duck Tour is a nice history lesson. Walking tours of Freedom Trail is great too.
Tour choices after work on Wednesdays: Beacon Hill at 5:30, Heart of the Freedom Trail or Boston’s Back Bay at 6 pm.
quick way to see city is Olde Town Trolley Tour or walk Freedom Trail. New Seaport is great. North End for Italian. Too much :)
Motorists & Freedom Trail users: How to use the new HAWK cross walk at Brittain Rd. in
Happy Monday, Today’s tours: Heart of the Freedom Trail, the Road to Revolution, Beacon Hill
We made it to the end of the Freedom Trail in Boston :) @ Bunker Hill Monument
Fifth graders ready for the Freedom Trail!
This afternoon we welcomed the Youth Group of Old South Church in Boston as they walked the Freedom Trail. Rev.
and discover the rich history of the American Revolution on the Freedom Trail of Boston, USA.
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