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what the "Freedom Caucus" wants is NOT health insurance...just a cash grab 4 companies
Freedom Caucus motto? "Legislatures are as powerless to abrogate moral and economic laws as they are to abrogate physical laws." John Mackay
Barack Obama's Freedom Caucus coverage is probably pretty good, what with all the wiretapps he's got going.
If you aren’t following and his unmatched coverage of the Freedom Caucus, Barack Obama will personally wiretap(p) you.
Freedom Caucus chairman shuts down Trump for warning GOP to repeal, replace Obamacare or lose in 2018
Cruz, Freedom Caucus chairman lay out health plan demands: "The time to act is now upon us"
Trump's risking blowing things up with Paul Ryan by negotiating directly with the Freedom Caucus vi…
Ryan has sneaky, evil Snidely Whiplash look & playing to script! Freedom Caucus shd call to"Vacate chair!"
Chairman of Freedom Caucus says he'll vote against the leaked bill. His caucus has enough members to sink the bill. https:…
Freedom Caucus chair Mark Meadows not pleased with leaked Obamacare replacement draft, via
it was called the Grand Bargain. The Freedom Caucus blocked it bc it didn't cut enough.
grand bargain w/ Boehner but Freedom Caucus was too intransigent. Dem Prez cutting Big 3 woulda killed the party then
Well, if congress Freedom Caucus had backbone. Majority America doesn't want Paul Ryan as speaker…
Freedom Caucus members say that under Trump, legislation only has to be 50% paid for. And much more from htt…
Freedom Caucus, HQ of Hill's most confrontational conservatives, has a new leader. So who is NC Rep Mark Meadows?
Congressman Mark Meadows, Chair of the Freedom Caucus: "Most Congressmen have the backbone of a banana."
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Freedom Caucus chair: "elite class out of touch w/normal people. they're going to figure that when Trump's elected" https…
If he sticks by his Trump endorsement and still loses the Freedom Caucus, this election will have been a political…
Chaffetz deserves an investigation of himself and the RNC ans the Freedom Caucus.for abuse of political power
cc Freedom Caucus members want more transparency on bills brought to a vote under rules that are suspended
Freedom Caucus members consider leaving the RSC: Rep. Mark Meadows says he and other caucus memb...
Steve King and partisan loons like Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, & bulk of Freedom Caucus, who teed up GOP for this insanity (2/3)
Remember folks..Freedom Caucus..Louis Gohmert (yuk)..Tea Party.. We must turn the House Blue and rid it of Paul Ryan
The vile crony capitalists of the Chamber of Commerce/GOPe are not amused w/the Freedom Caucus or the GOP base.
you can thanks the Tea Party and Freedom Caucus for that. It's all Congress
I don't feel anything for the GOP. They let the Tea Party and Freedom Caucus minorities run the party
Maybe some of the Freedom Caucus types. The occasional Tea Party person. But yeah, totally weird.
IOW if is still Speaker next yr, he'll have strengthened his hand against his Tea Party enemies, aka House "Freedom Caucus".
that said GOP share equal blame for Trump by keeping neocon Bushism instead of going Freedom Caucus. 50% Tea Party=>Trump
I think the Tea Party & Freedom Caucus extreme far right makes it difficult 4 any chance of bipartisan headway!Limitit
so then how does the Tea Party-backed Freedom Caucus fit in? can't blame Fox or establishment for them!
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Fact: It's Washington outsiders Tea Party and Freedom Caucus members who have brought inaction to gov't Get it straight DT
Still won't vote for him, even if he loudly & publicly repudiated Trump. There's still the sociopathic Tea Party/Freedom Caucus.
I call for a Tea Party and Freedom Caucus elimination ...Vote them Out. PBO asked for Zika Funding in's August
The House will be fun to watch. With a reduced majority, and the Freedom Caucus nipping at this heels…
Freedom Caucus launches a pressure play against Republican leadership to force vote on
Paul Ryan & Steve Scalise mtg with Freedom Caucus on gun issue on floor right now
Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and Patrick McHenry are all circled up with Paul Ryan and the Freedom Caucus as well.
Scott Garrett hired a fundraiser used by fellow Freedom Caucus members after his consultant for 5 years dropped him
totally. And you're right that he's much more fun now that he doesn't have to pretend to like the freedom caucus.
A "return to regular order" should include the use of amendments to push conservative priorities.
.We should have ability to offer amendments//push for policy changes that we think make sense
.discusses conservative amendments he's pushing for in spending bills. 6pm ET
Freedom Caucus Chairman vows to push conservative amendments to spending bills
Obama at S.F. fundraiser: Trump/Cruz not "outliers" but saying "thing members of the Freedom Caucus in the House have been saying for. years"
Josh Earnest refers to Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill as a "watering hole" for the Freedom Caucus.
how many in the Freedom Caucus. Can Republicans get the majority of House GOP (Hastert Rule) w/o them?
Ma'am, when you succeed in retiring Sheila Jackson Lee, will you be joining the Freedom Caucus?
main part of Freedom Caucus' amendment to the omnibus is eliminating the cybersecurity bill
Mark Meadows thinks he's John Hancock, and other notes from inside the Freedom Caucus revolution, from
isn't Freedom Caucus the exact same ppl? Just new name for Tea Party
Everyone in D.C. attacks the Freedom Caucus and the Tea Party and all 'outsider' candidates and sitting...
It's both. ISIS is the ultimate evil; after that is the Freedom Caucus: Congressional arm of Tea Party.
Speaker is a member of Freedom Caucus, which is the Tea Party, funded by Koch Brothers. A traitor among us.
If you can't resist oppressing minorities, try the ones who are killing us: Gun Nuts, Oil and Coal Industries, the Freedom Caucus...
Freedom Caucus giving Ryan benefit of the doubt (Lauren French / Politico)
.Can you please comment on this? | Freedom Caucus giving Ryan benefit of the doubt
Freedom Caucus giving Ryan benefit of the doubt via for iOS
Freedom Caucus giving Ryan benefit of the doubt
Freedom Caucus giving Ryan benefit of the doubt | AP Photo
Freedom Caucus giving Ryan benefit of the doubt: The new speaker said defunding Planned Parenthood is unrealis...
Here's the rub. Foundation strong armed Freedom Caucus to support him.
A Brief History of the Tea Party: The Tea Party's Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives hastened the ...
Rep. Matt Salmon: Ryan Will Be a 'Unifying Force' for the House: A handful of Freedom Caucus members voted…
Salmon, McSally plan to vote for Ryan as Speaker: Rep. Matt Salmon is a founder of the Freedom Caucus of…
If PBS documentary is true, this is why the Freedom Caucus voted for Ryan
Will America's True Conservatives Please Stand Up?: Things may never be the same for the Freedom Caucus after ...
If true, a HUGE final FU from Boehner to his Freedom Caucus tormentors
For Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham & Ann Coulter, I guess the super-majority of the Freedom Caucus are RINOs. What's an absol…
28 members of the Freedom Caucus voted for him. Mark( don Quixote) Levin keeps fighting with his 12 holdouts.
I suggest a House/Senate Select Committee into the plot by the Freedom Caucus to default the United States. Wake 'em and shake 'em, now!
the Freedom Caucus wants Paul Ryan and the GOP to foot the bill to defend their incumbency
Freedom Caucus only wants a puppet to do their own biddings am not fan of theirs nor Rand Paul too bad they can't govern
Large majority of Freedom Caucus backs Paul Ryan for House speaker:
Ryan's delicate dance with the Freedom Caucus: Chris Hayes talks to Representative Michael Burgess, R - T...
Say hello to Speaker Paul Ryan: House Freedom Caucus lends its support
Freedom Caucus needs to STFU. Looking at you Marlin Stutzman
When Back to the Future Day aligns with Freedom Caucus endorsing a conservative speaker who died in 1852.
Freedom Caucus mbr Mo Brooks after mtg w/Ryan. I ask if Brooks can support him. Brooks: "Still to be determined"
Freedom Caucus not convinced yet Paul Ryan should be speaker
Paul Ryan trying to seduce the Freedom Caucus has the same amount of dignity as tongue darting an orc.
Wall Street Journal reports Ted Yoho says he supports Dan Webster,not Paul Ryan. Ryan still faces obstacles with Yoho and the Freedom Caucus
Fetch Your News asks a great question - Why isn't Congressman Doug Collins a member of the Freedom Caucus?...
Harry Reid Kiss of Death: "I like Paul Ryan i can work with him".bwahahhaahahhah Freedom Caucus are freaking out by now !!!
Harry Reid/Anna Navarro both like Ryan. Proof he can't represent "all" Repubs. Will see what Freedom Caucus does. https:/…
Paul Ryan is smart as *** Don't take the job unless the Freedom Caucus promises to exhibit some sanity over the next yea…
I was wondering about that, but I actually think having the Freedom Caucus pow-wow right after that in T Coast works against Ryan.
Zombie Tea Party "House Freedom Caucus" ,like Teenage thugs wrecking what is left of the & Sen McConnell let em loose!
Attempt by "Freedom Caucus" to impeach IRS chief is right up there with Monty Python's "burn her, she's a witch."
Understanding the Freedom Caucus in Congress - Christopher DeMuth (a recent SPEA guest!):
Jim Wallis calls the Freedom Caucus in the House - the "white-washed caucus". "As white-washed elected officials...
Imagine a world where the Congressional Black Caucus has more power than the Freedom Caucus.
The new Speaker will need to win ~10 Freedom Caucus voters while holding the conference. My case for
Instead of working to solve problems in DC, joined Freedom Caucus. Group pushing gridlock, shutdowns.
I'm part of the 18%. Between trump and freedom caucus, looks like I won't have much to vote for
"The party left me." The House Freedom Caucus just lit off fireworks.
the freedom caucus will destroy him and he knows. if I were him I'd take a pass
I'm telling the freedom caucus u r watching Democrats
Have you joined the Freedom Caucus? It would help reestablish your conservative eastern Washington roots.
Charlie, am I the only one tired of being dictated to by the so-called "Freedom Caucus" folks?
Yes, we discussed it over beers left over from the last Freedom Caucus meeting.
There are suddenly SO MANY experts on the House Freedom Caucus. Yes, they're secretive. But you want a roster? Here:
Even telling Freedom Caucus to give into RINOS ... No one to help US
The Freedom Caucus is being called Radical Right Wing for wanting the constitution followed. If that's radical we are in …
God bless the Freedom Caucus. 2016 is America's last chance. You are not the man to be Speaker of the House.
Wow. Republicans are just totally losing it. Calling it the Freedom Caucus doesn't change facts unfortunately. FTW
ATTN: House Freedom Caucus: great job with McBoehner, keep standing for principles, not personalities
Conservative Freedom Caucus head predicts group would ‘look favorably’ on Ryan for speaker
the Freedom to be anarchist caucus! Freedom from common sense and decorum Caucus!
Please explain why you aren't a member of the Freedom Caucus.
McCarthy would be 2. Paul Ryan would be Boehner 3. We don't want anymore RINOS. Thanks Freedom Caucus !
Right now the only candidate for Speaker who has laid out a reform agenda is Congressman Daniel Webster.
"The Freedom Caucus is a rebellion that could change the GOP’s future"
Freedom Caucus = freedom to overrule the vast majority of Americans who think you're crazy.
Now go read this thing on Paul Ryan and what he's thinking and how he can damage the House Freedom Caucus:
Hannity can't have a veto on anything. The Freedom Caucus, aka Heritage is the problem.Morons.
which to be fair the freedom caucus would probably consider Goldwater a Dem?
On the other hand, my small-biz farmer cousins would be shocked by the Freedom Caucus today. They hated hippies, not Social Security.
How the *** does still consider a political analyst? He's more like an anti-Freedom Caucus activist.
Thank God the Freedom Caucus released , whoever paid the ransom thank you!
.Who are the true Republicans, and whose wishes should be heeded? The 40 in Freedom Caucus or 207 others?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The House Freedom Caucus beat Boehner and McCarthy, it's time to stop
Your establishment pals have caused the mess America's in. Not "Freedom Caucus types". That makes u part of the problem
How much will the the divide in the House GOP widen? via
And yes: This is a pretty interesting way to think of the House Freedom Caucus.
FreedomWorks launches national tour in support of the House Freedom Caucus: via
WHOA-Scathing & correct=>The Noble Goal of the Freedom Caucus - s right again
"House Speaker John Boehner has been pushed out by right-wing lunatics who call themselves the “Freedom Caucus.”...
With bipartisan coalition, Freedom Caucus can be neutralized. We could have a real government again.
So if the Freedom Caucus want to burn everything down why are they supporting a moderate member like Daniel Webster for Speaker?
Webster weekend: Speaker bid may lose Freedom Caucus, but campaign letter goes out(Orlando news)
Now on Congressman Paul Ryan is a great man...if he gets in [Freedom Caucus] would look favorably on h…
it is settled now. House is in recess until week 19 October. Freedom Caucus incoherent and inert.
- Rep. Jim Jordan says Freedom Caucus is "not there yet" for Paul Ryan as House Speaker
Dems and Cons will have to form a coalition gov. of sorts, to combat the so-called Freedom Caucus.
Freedom Caucus is a coalition of Members who represent a principled commitment to the Constitution.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Freedom Caucus side effect: When 40-ish Rs take down Boehner, 40-ish Rs feel free to work with Ds to pass Ex-Im -.
Freedom Caucus is straight outta French Revolution, removing anyone that don't pass purity tests that change by the moment.
If Ryan can’t bring the Freedom Caucus to heel, Republicans need to contemplate a coalition speakership.
Leading to R's split or coalition with D's? I can only imagine Freedom Caucus demands "chained" Speaker
Probably easier to strike a deal with 40 Ds right now, than the Freedom Caucus. But creates primary risk for all in coalition
Freedom Caucus now de facto a 3rd party. Question not will next Speaker be bipartisan candidate but what coalition.?
The house "Freedom Caucus" is so named because Roger Ailes wouldn't permit them to be called the Hillbilly Caucus.
I think we can say this happened. They don't have a majority and must now build coalition w/ Dems or Freedom Caucus
Boehner should bring in someone like Chris Shays as speaker pro tem until either Ryan runs or Freedom Caucus backs mainstream R candidate
And Webster has endorsed Jeb! for 2016. Wonder how that sits with the Freedom Caucus...
I am no longer in the know, so I wonder why Webster (66% lifetime Heritage score) is the Freedom Caucus pick?
Former Rep Tom Latham walks out of the Capitol Hill Club. Def not in the Freedom Caucus though
Meet the Freedom Caucus 🇺🇸. Separating themselves from the progressive GOPe leadership.
So what happened to the Republican Study Committee? Seems like the Freedom Caucus stole their thunder.
Congressman Jim Bridenstine is one of the 35 Congressman in the Freedom Caucus in DC! He is one of us!.
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Half of Repubs on the committee are in the Freedom Caucus: : House Conservs Emboldened, Despite Crackdown
LOL. Unsurprisingly, Jordan is the guy who chairs House "Freedom Caucus," aka Bachmann's Tea Party caucus progeny.
Irony alert: the House's loudest marijuana prohibition zealot, talks about joining the "Freedom Caucus." http:/…
pearl, I won’t beat around the bush – we need to fire tax-raising, ObamaCare-funding RINO Thad Cochran and elect a real Conservative in the Mississippi Senate race. And we can do that. We can elect Chris McDaniel. When you think of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or Mike Lee, think of McDaniel. That’s the kind of Conservative he is. We need to put the national spotlight on this race and make sure we send Chris McDaniel to reinforce the Freedom Caucus in the Senate.
Welcoming Paul Ryan as Whip to the joint Dem-Rep House caucus. Speaker Pelosi. Maj Leader Boehner.Cantor is Minority Ldr of Freedom Caucus.
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