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Free State

The Free State of Saxony is a landlocked state of Germany, bordering Brandenburg, Saxony Anhalt, Thuringia, Bavaria, the Czech Republic and Poland.

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Super Eagles on the brink Free State title
Peter Cassidy, James Fisher, John Gaffney and Richard Twohig, all from Dublin, were executed by the Free State...
2 points California joins Union as Free State without balance of entry of Slave State. South get stronger fugitive slave law
Soon to start the . Gauteng, Free State, MP, North West, Limpopo! . Taking one picture per province on the same day!
A1 - Golden Gate Highlands National Park, Free State. . Biased I know. . Late to the party - sorry.
We were always Irish, but Southern Protestants were never comfortable in the Free State and after. Mor…
Kjell: "We are on a good fitness level but there were players in the Free State stars match who looked tired".
Workhouse Centre is hosting our exhibition From Colonial State to Free State throughout…
A special time last night. In Marquard in the Free State province. Sashank & Kim. Rhodes Uni friends of Avinash.
Today, Premier Ace Magashule will be giving an Public Lecture at the University of Free State
Later today, we will be at the University of Free State for the Lecture by Premier Ace Magash…
Find out why women in need of abortions in the Free State, Northern Cape may have no where to turn
Dania Ramirez at the Free State of Jones Premiere in Los Angeles
There is one auntie that has some serious pipes in that big humongous Free State stadium.
Win! We're giving away 4 copies of Matthew McConaughey's American Civil War drama 'Free State of Jones' on Blu-ray http…
Free State farmers help EMS in rescue of 23 school kids and 3 adults from bus stranded in flooding
Soldier of the Irish Republic Dinny Lacey gave his life for Ireland, killed by Free State troops in the Glen of Aherlow…
Go to Clarens in the Free State, drive down Maluti Route into Royal Natal National park then swim in the waterfall…
this is a small matter actually Free State province is an extension of Gujurat state of in South Africa except
A look at the severe weather over SA's Free State province that forced us to postpone today's Main Race:
representing the Free State province now on
No story here. Trick the illiterate. Do you know a province called Free State?
Where was the same outrage when thousands of patients died since Free State hospitals and clinics had no medicine for…
Joint statement by the and delegation from Free State province led by MEC Mashinini
Pass rate in different provinces. Top province being Free State. Overall passrate for class of 2016…
If you were born in the Free State province it is less likely that you speak IsiZulu
Grace Gifford was held in Kilmainham jail by the Free State in attempt to suppress unwavering supporters of the Irish Re…
I still maintain that the worst thing about this Md. bar isn't the theme but taunting DC with the name "Free State"
Love this! Maryland bar opening in downtown D.C. with the awesome name Free State:
Lawrence High, Free State basketball teams set for showdown Friday in Allen Fieldhouse:
You should head down to Free State for $2 pours of Bora Bora, Copperhead, and our Black Rye...Die Fledermaus (aka The Bat). All day!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Shabba & Khune have been stars in this team for 8 seasons, oyedwa Free State were robbed, omunye from development
Fr Dominic O'Connor with Free State soldiers after the fall of the Four Courts June 1922
Law Faculty online exam at the University of Free State. . English written exam - 75 mins. Afrikaans written exam - 120…
The Shotgun that Built the Free State of Jones - Shooting Times
Free State of Jones: Matthew McConaughey nel trailer italiano del film (
Free State of Jones was pretty good; Kind of a Civil War era accompany to The Patriot.
"Free State of Jones" looks at the tale of the Mississippi farmer who led a revolt against the Confederacy.
Free State of Jones is highly recommended
Recently saw the factual movie "Free State of Jones".The KKK, the Democrats, after the Civil War, would not allow black voting.
Free State of Jones. What a great movie!
Watch the movie Free State of Jones to get a picture of how special we have it now a days.
Free State of Jones just makes me sad.
Ha. I think if I went McConaughey I'd try Free State of Jones. I almost watched The Revenant again just so I could look at it.
Just finished watching Free State of Jones. Mcconaughey you sob you've done it again. Best movie I've seen since Interstellar
Getting ready to watch Free State of Jones
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Free State of Jones is such a good movie👏🏾
Just finished Bad Moms. Now it's time for Free State of Jones. Perfect Friday 👌🏼
I just saw Free State of Jones with my family for Veterans Day.
Just watched Matthew McConaughey in 'Free State of Jones' - easily the best film I've seen for the past few years. ?
TFF34: Free State of Jones di Gary Ross in anteprima nazionale
Great atmosphere here at the Free State stadium.
Electric atmosphere at the main stand of the Free State stadium
Lions enter the Free State football stadium for the City Showdown.
Excited about the Cheetahs vs Lions match later today, march on Free State! The Currie Cup is coming to Bloem!
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a Constitution Liberty&Free State that will no way put Clinton in R White House & u…
This pitch is awful. Looks like the one in Goble Park, Free State.
Free State teams have always been Wits hoodoo teams... Gavin Hunt won't like this draw
📽: Free State of Jones (2016); excellent movie by Gary Ross based on true story during Battle of Corinth in 1862. D…
Survey Report: What is the True State of Employee free whitepaper
It's a dirty free for all @ Holiday Inn Express at Kent State University
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Kerala, congrats on your great progress on making your state Open Defecation Free! We support you as you go for your migrants
Must make proper state ID or drivers lic. a must in order to vote. Its absurd dems wont break on this. Make id's fr…
Guys where can I find a downloadable copy of your lovely Free State remix of Croydon Dub Heads - Your Lying'?
CA should be a safe state for Clinton, so if you don't want to vote for her, feel free to abstain or vote 3rd party.
Boise State will be back in action Saturday at 2 pm against Nevada. . Free admission by showing your football ticke…
I liked a video from Free State of Jones - The Introduction BATTLE - Movie Clip
students! ASI is hosting a Mayoral Forum next Tuesday from 4-6 PM in the North Gym. FREE pizza 🍕!
"U.S. calls Russian, Syrian bombing of Aleppo 'gift' to Islamic State" -
Free secular world and India should support struggle against crazy state dominated by of…
some even felt that any drop of African blood was wrong. I learned this from that movie Free State of Jones. It was rlly good
Bo! Bo, Michigan Republicans! You can't kill &poison people and walk off scott free! Glad y'all hooligans do…
Appalachian State University: Where Students get into every athletic event free but have to pay to see a play required…
I just released another free eBook: Education Without the State. Grab it
is RAMPANT in swing state Virginia!. DemocRATS will do anything to keep free entitlements which the re…
Nothing about HS matters in college - the academic letters, leaderships awards, state championships. College is free & clea…
Hamilton Collection
What sort of morons would close their base load power, then sponge off another state, just to pretend they are coal free…
Click to a poster and DVD bundle with Free State of Jones with
u R only hindered n the state which u choose 2 occupy u R free 2 choose another state learn how 2 change your state.
had lead the fight in DC to stop Obama's Internet "giveaway." I sued Obama because we cherish free speech. https…
Former Free State Firebird Keith Loneker with a safety for the Jayhawks! KU is on the board in Lubbock.
I love the People of New Hampshire. They are strong, independent & free. We are going to win this State!
That moment in life you want to watch Free State of Jones but ur remote is across the room and ur already in bed. It just wasn't meant to be
But they can issue tenders via Free State tender board for nuclear project management systems R 171M to Vivian Redd…
Film reviews round-up: Swiss Army Man, Free State of Jones, Under the Shadow - The Independent
Hey , any update on the R750million dairy farming project in the Free State?
its a pity the Tour de Free State prize money, tourism project, were stolen
Lyft is giving you 10 free rides LyftPromo: BEG >> Pennsylvania State University's special mission colleges
They can do business where they want. It's called the free market. NC's loss will be another state(s) gain.
The PotUS arguably has more power than any other head of state in the free world.
Local state rep to introduce test reform bill in January | Hays Free Press via
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
National Gymnastics Day is this Saturday! We are offering a FREE open gym from 10am-12pm! The Iowa State...
Consider Investing in Mobile Homes Out of State free app
Know someone who needs help w/ basic tech. skills? Tell them about these FREE classes from &
Lamar Alexander says VTs carbon footprint increased, Vermont Electric Cooperative is greater than 95% carbon free -
Would you like our next free monthly newsletter with news, reviews and competitions? Visit & state 'Newsletter'.
The real state of leisure in America
Get a look at the Updated 2017 State & Federal Accessibility Guidelines ebook & download for free!.
Why no love for "Live Free or Die"? Is it because of that carding incident with at the state liquor store?
And then he decided that it would be best for us to come to JHB,now being from the free state i was taught that jhb was a very rough place
state of EU speech "No a la carte access to the single market" Free movement of people is integral to access to…
Where can I find VBS Mutual Bank in free state, any info.
In all the state's that marijuana is legal in they need to let everybody that's in prison for weed out
Do you support absolute free speech? Complete separation of church and state? Private property rights??
Advisory Services - Regulators offer insight into actions against advisers:
Happy College Savings Month! See what your state is doing to celebrate. .
Lions Club Dmu to organise free eye screening camp
I suggest that all Free State props are assessed by an independent.medical commission. Lions totally dominate them twice - uncontested?
Free Oracle stuff for the state? Sonuds like a win for the vendor once it expires...
Would you send your child to a state school knowing that people got there not by merit, but only because its free?
Colloquium: Translating European literature into in the Free State Friday 16 Sept
Great win from Free State and still unbeaten this Currie Cup
More moves in response to the rule.
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Vaal power station, commissioned in 1945, was the 1st ESCOM station situated in Free State.
State Senator Refuses to Stand During Pledge of Allegiance in 'Solidarity' With... via I want free stuff
TEN free Ubers if you download Uber app and enter code Coupon Code is: NICKD132 >> South Dakota State University (South Dakota State)
Medicaid expansion is a classic third-party payer problem: state politicians feel free to overconsume because someone…
Punjab is the only state to provide free electricity to farmers by incurring Rs. 5500 crore annually. . Akal…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
UK exports thousands of elderly every year to get free health care from another EU state. It's over. Expect returns. http…
No one can be a yogi, maintaining a state of mental equilibrium, free from inner in
Hoping d best 4 my home state. Progressive, inclusive, educated, drug-free, developed Punjab. Supporting
So don't let the liberals in your state say it cost to much to give free IDs. But get a dam ID it's dumb not to
Get 10 free Lyfts with this new lyft code Special Offer Code JOX >> Penn State DuBois (PSU-DuBois)
Honours even in Free State derby: Free State Stars and Bloemfontein Celtic are still searchin...
Khomphela is still using his Free State stars mentality forgetting Chiefs is a bigger club
Great lunch and visit today with my cousin and only brother Senator Chris McDaniel today at our favorite spot in the Free State.
Review: 'Free State of Jones' and the not-so-beautiful South
If you haven't seen Free State of Jones,go see it.All about the Civil War, Rep. and Dems. in the South. True story.
Celtic get players from HTS Louis Botha..A School that is currently dominating the Free State school soccer.
To find a mobile drive in KZN, Free State and Northern Cape visit
Eastern Cape (4%) & Free State (37%) are two provinces where the bucket toilets are most common
Free State of Jones isn't a good movie, but it deserves credit for getting much of the story of the Civil War right. https:…
Free State of Jones is powerful. Arkansan Lucinda Williams singing "I'm Crying" makes it more so.
So many movies I need to see right now! Swiss Army Man, Warcraft, Shallows, BFG, Finding Dory, Free State of Jones, Indepen…
Matthew McConaughey to teach college film class on recent movie Free State of Jones at alma mater
Matthew McConaughey will teach a college film class on 'Free State of Jones':
I remembered the Free State of Jones from Ken Burns Civil War, so I wanted to see the movie as soon as I saw the ads. It didn't disappoint.
Free State of Jones: Unremarked upon in Ken Burns terrific documentary about the Civil War, a group of Confed...
This morning # 33 on the year. — watching Free State of Jones at Rave Cinemas Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza 15
Spot-on review by A.O. Scott of Free State of Jones; saw it 2tonite in Jones County, MS, terrific.
Gary Ross told us about how much real history went into Free State of Jones.
Free State of Jones: So, four-time Oscar nominated director Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, The Hunger Games) is givin...
Mahershala Ali talks working with Gary Ross on ‘Free State of Jones’ - Mahershala played Boggs in the...
Free State of Jones: "its flavor is a lot like the overcooked white meat on the turkey" w/ McConaughey via
Couple interviews this week. Here's one with Free State of Jones director Gary Ross.
Did Alabama have its own Free State of Jones during the Civil War?
Defence to review information from state in Freddie Gray murder case
Free movement of people is great. It means all the Brexit types who hate Britain in it's current state can bugger off elsewhere!!!
Wolf Lake fish hatchery is hosting fun, free fishing opportunities this summer!
May today's vote be favorable to state sovereignty, free markets, and smaller/smarter govn't.
Massive anti-encroachment drive launched to free state land from grabbers . Read More...
FREE tickets to this Saturday's Elvis Experience at Rose State College... get yours now!
I'd be entirely screwed as I live in Norn Iron and work in the Free State.
Be sure to join us at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 25 for this FREE community event
'Free State of Jones' review: Matthew McConaughey shows his skills in frustrating Civil War
We're holding some free tax workshops for new businesses around the state in July. Details here:
Free State of Jones has a 14% rating on but it has an average score of 52 on Huh.
"Free State of Jones" opens this Friday. This feature is based off a true story! Come and relive history.
There are more than 22,000 gun laws at the city, county, state, and federal level. If gun control worked, then we should be…
u are free; u are free to go to your temples,u are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in State of…
"A WELL REGULATED MILITIA BEING NECESSARY to the security of a free state".
Matthew McConaughey waxes patriotic in interview about ‘Free State of Jones’ - -
Gary Ross’s 'Free State of Jones' can’t quite bring its fascinating history to life
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I find it so different and weird that I'm in a state of nothingness. Literally no exams . Nothing. Free
Matthew McConaughey explains why his new Civil War movie has 'vital relevance' today
Just saw this on Amazon: A Week in New York (The Empire State Series Book 1) by Louise Bay via
Enjoy free coffee with State Representative District 72 candidate Synarus D Green tomorrow morning at Broad...
generation who will live in a Democratic Free Nation or in a Dictatorship serving the state at whims of the elite. How did you vote?
He is now free to have a beard while being an agent of state oppression. :)
I do NOT want to watch Free State of Jones with Matthew mcggababanhey
Free Research Report on the State of Patient Experience in US Hospi...
A para-military pollice state is being erected across the U.S in the name of "Homeland Security"—and its not for WE THE PE…
The critics have got their knives out for it, but I thought Free State of Jones was fine, if a little dull.
ECT Free Webinar on: “Energy Storage and Conversion: state-of-the-art breakthroughs and the global Energy Network”:
Tennessee launches program to help disabled, families save tax-free for expenses
Tomorrow, join from for a free lecture on 'Data, the citizen and the state':
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. I want to live in a free state.
Or maybe, us as FREE STATE, probably ain't good enough to be apart of the 90% 😕😕😕
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
This is incredible! Oregon is the first state in the US to pass a law to become coal-free
Let's follow the lead of Brexit...we need a . Time for our state to break free from this fledgling republic.
It's going to be a gorgeous day at the Ut Arts Fest tomorrow! You get in FREE thanks to our pretty great State!
People can follow & join (it's free) here: We also do work at state house…
WRONG. They founded the Republic as a Sovereign Nation State of Laws. It's not a free-for-all.
Why You Probably Hadn’t Heard the Real Free State of Jones Story Before: The American Civil War has been combed over in popular cultu...
Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Jenny Packham Pre-Fall 2016 at the Free State of Jones LA Premiere:
I think the box office returns of Free State of Jones vs. that of Birth of a Nation will say something very interesting about our country.
Free State of Jones is a movie about how Matthew McConaughey is definitely hot racist.
I want to see Free State of Jones strictly for Gugu Mbatha-Raw!!
you could watch Free State of Jones. I think it's about Hagerstown or something
I have no desire to see Free State of Jones. If you really wanna know why, I'll tell you. But if you offend easily don't ask 😒🤔
Free State of Jones is the very definition of Oscar bait, yes?
Free State of Jones commercial used critic quote, "finally, a movie for adults." That's the best quote you have? What's it mean?
Free State of Jones looks like everything I don't want a movie about slavery in the US to be.
I wanna see Free State of Jones with my fellow history nerds 🤓
You may enjoy the movie, "Free State of Jones," true story about an uprising against the Confederate Army in MS, opens next week.
wasn't going to see Free State of Jones but the commercial said it was for adults and I'm 18 I'm an adult so I have to see it now right
Commercial for 'Free State of Jones' has a blurb claiming "Finally, a movie for adults!" & I'm all "Have I been watching the wrong movies?!"
The "Free State of Jones" trailer had me until it claimed the praise "Finally, a movie for adults." So many kinds of inaccurate.
On another note, that Free State of Jones gone be nice.
Free State of Jones is the perfect example of how hollywood creates roles for white actors &closes out minorities.
Free State of Jones is an excellent name for a rehab facility
I suddenly got very worried for ‘Free State of Jones’ when they picked “Finally a movie for adults!” as one of their quotes from critics.
Free State of Jones looks good. Something different from the usual narrative.
"Finally, a movie for adults!"- actual Free State of Jones review, presumably because McConaughey has the beard of an unshaven 80 year old.
I'm ready to see Free State of Jones
Quote of the night. Free State of Jones "Finally, A movie for adults!"
That one pull quote in the Free State of Jones spot was "Finally, a movie for adults"
What a great promo for 'Free State of Jones' - "finally a movie for adults"
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Free State of Jones just marketed itself as "finally a movie for adults."
Did this Free State of Jones trailer really use a quote that said, "Finally, a movie for adults?" That's... not much of an endorsement.
Ok actually let's talk about the Free State of Jones cut that includes the quote "finally, a movie for adults"
Free State of Jones is another Hollywood movie featuring a white savior. Shocker.
"Finally, a movie for adults," is an ODD critic quote to throw on a trailer for Free State of Jones.
I want to see Free State of Jones though
did that Free State of Jones trailer say "finally, a movie for adults"
Let me tell you how I can't wait to see Free State of Jones
Free State of Jones should have come out Juneteenth weekend
Free State of Jones is gonna have me ready to see the next season of Underground
MOVIE TRAILER: Free State of Jones. In this historical action-drama inspired by true events, Matthew McConaughey...
As SACP 2nd General Secretary, Cde Solly Mapaila, addresses the 7th Provincial Congress of the SACP in the Free State.
Matthew McMcConaughey stars in Free State of Jones, in theaters Friday, 6/24! Enter to see the
Sandawana elihle there is a player by the name of Lucky Mohomi at Free State stars. He plays good football, he must join us Down
Free State media bury the collusion report so it won't upset their British royal broadcasts
Ready for Free State of Jones to come to movie theatres
Free State concerned about delaying tactics employed by SANRAL & Dept of Transport to respond to Section77 Notice on De Beers ByPass
"Holy cow, did our kids fight?" Free State baseball drops state title game to SM East, 4-3.
Free State of Jones is a thing, but I'm still looking for a feature film about Harriet Tubman... 🕵🏾
Free State of Jones sounds like something Ron Artest would legally change his name to.
Back to full health, Daniel Bryant's big day showed off Free State's depth in the outfield.
football not coming to the R100 Mn Fezile Dabi Stadium in Paris, Free State. Jomo Cosmos relegated.
A hitting lesson with George Brett has stuck with Free State sophomore Kyle Abrahamson.
Prof Jonathan Jansen will step down as Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State in August to join Stanford Univ in USA
Last night at Free State stadium with my pal 😚 doing some bartender work for the Cheetahs rugby…
President Jacob Zuma in the Free State - the ANC launching its manifesto rally today
An extension to the Department of Physics at the University of the Free State (UFS) was officially opened on the...
BDS Palestine activists with ANC's DSG Jessie Duarte, Naledi Pandor + SACP at COSATU rally in Free State
became the 1st "Free State" of the Louisiana Purchase. (Yes, I'm a native of the Hawkeye State)
Passing Warden, Free State? the Dutch Reformed is bigger than the Sydney Opera House?
It's officially Primary Election Day in the Free State! Are you ready, Maryland? 7 hours until polls open!
,Ace Magashule , Free State premier said there is one ANC in SA no many ANC
Don't miss Free State. In theaters on Freedom day.
Varsity is right back at it, as they head to Free State to take on the defending 6A state champs. 1st pitch is at 5:30.
History is made at a little school in the Free State.
Podcast – Free State or Fair State: Ireland after Independence.: In 1921 the Irish War of Independence came to...
Would Pearse have sold-off Irish men, women & children in the North as payment for a mere 26 county Free State?
Art Gallery Internship at the University of Free State. Closing date is 26 April 2016:
Cope launches Andries Tatane Bursary Fund at Ficksburg to help Free State children who cannot afford to go to school or study at tertiary
Architects of Free State found blueprint in West of Ireland
Marylanders made a small step to restore freedom in the Free State with the passage of House Bill 312 and Senate...
Architects of Free State found Irish identity blueprint in the West of Ireland
Did you know… Free State activist, Andries Tatane, was killed by police on this day in 2011?
13 April 2011 - The death of Andries Tatane in service delivery protest in the Free State sparks national outrage...
Today M-ITI hosted Mr. Ace Magashule, Premier of the Free State of South Africa and his…
Join the Quintiles team! See our latest opening here: Free State
92' Crazy decision down at the Lucas Moripe Stadium, a clear OG by downs! But Mbombela trail 3-1. Down in Athlone it's Santos 0-0 Free State
Would you believe I took sleeping pills before realizing I would have to stay up for the Free State project, and meant it.
Waiting for my connecting flight. — traveling to Bloemfontein, Free State from O.R. Tambo International Airport
eNCA | Free State farmers face uphill battle as drought continues: While the eastern Free State has received s...
"Impact of organisational culture on job stress and burnout in graded accommodation establishments in the Free State province, South Africa"
☁ For the Free State chances of showers and thunderstorms increasing as you head southwards across the province.
I'd be very happy to see the Free State province's Department of Arts & Culture revamp/revive the Setshabelo Arts Centre.
First match for for the National Club Championships 2015 hosted by University of Free State.
Looking forward to a fantastic week of varsity football in University of Free State.
They should have learnt that lesson last October in Bloemfontein in the Currie Cup game versus Free State. 2nd time!
Quite a productive day in the Free State province. 👍🏾 Time to go back home.
Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Free State of Jones’ is moving from a May 13 release date to June 24.
Attention Matthew McConaughey fans: "Free State of Jones" will know open in June
Matthew McConaughey's 'Free State of Jones' goes up against 'Independence Day'
Trending? You be the judge. Kansas University campus to become landline-free in two years.
Well we have that - it's called study and make good grades and the state already sends you to school for FREE
Sign here if you'd like to be . Thank you
“Happiness is a choice. Peace is a state of mind. Both are free!” - Amy Leigh Mercree
State colleges are just manufacturies for liberal thinking, that's the only reason he wants free college. It's free brainwashing.
"The land of the free and home of the brave. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!" Sec. Of State
4-H youth entertainment club is first in state: By Michael It started with a free “Movie…
Liberty:state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on ones way of life,behavio…
Chatwal: "In politics nothing comes free. You have 2 write cheques in t/ American political system."
"...& yet on Sundays, in our so-called 'free' market, the doors of larger Tesco branches are slammed by the state's dead hand at 4.01pm..."
"It's surprising that a state decimated by free trade deals voted against the candidate who backed those deals," said nobo…
Free throws for the Cats, they draw within 8, 31-38 @ 13:07 H2.
In the state that saw the greatest job loses from free trade and globalization I'm not surprised that the isolationist won.
IMO they aren't even close. MR was gov in a VERY blue state. Plus, I support so state's are free to make mistakes.
All 12 state basketball quarters streaming live (and free) on today.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Guj CM told me 60 lakh women have been scanned for breast & cervical cancer in d state free of cost. 850 detected & r bein…
Im in for 50p George dont know the differ' between Norn Irel…
NY State of mind: Dwight Howard is reportedly 'interested' in joining the
Suspect in two-state killing spree arrested in Missouri | Fox News
.for women is directly coordinated W/ the notion of a free and democratic state" in
If you're a professional in Free State, check out this
See our latest Free State and click to apply: Sr. QA Auditor -
Cheetahs need to learn to keep these young okes who play Craven/Academy week for Free State. Can't be struggling like this with talent :(
John Lennon and the Free State softball team takes on the lake
Free State wins at the buzzer over Junction City. 54-52 !!
To the 4th Quarter we go at FSHS... Firebirds lead Junction City 43-41. Gudde 12, Pavlyak 11 & Dineen 8 lead Free State.
HALFTIME at Free State: Junction City outscored FSHS 13-8 in 2Q but Firebirds still lead by 2 at the break.24-22. JC zone effective so far
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