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Free Speech

Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one's ideas via speech.

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Remember, money=Free Speech. Supreme Court said so, and tech has made it a guiding principal.
Free Speech can only be censored by US Govt during times of War like emergencies as WW1. FCC has con…
Dave Zirinis the keynote speaker for "The Price of Free Speech" mini-conference Nov. 15, 7pm, Vance 105. Free. We're excited!
Richard Spencer's efforts to recruit impressionable kids at universities must be stopped. Hate speech is not "Free Speech".
'Free Speech' in the US:. Richard Spencer-1/2 million $ for security. "admininstrative ensure the safety…
*** Freedom and liberty belong anywhere in American! Apparently U want to pick & choose where we can stand up 4 Free Speech
How could you be a former Capitol Hill staffer and not know that Free Speech is only a protection a citi…
The Left loves free speech when they use it to spit on our country but if it's a conservative speaking..oh my god give em a…
People should not be sent to prison for this. Our so called free speech laws are a joke.
Is it not the collapse of the 1st that brings attacks on the 2nd? An unregulated militia suppresses free speech. I…
York Community High School in Illinois seems to thinks this is a good way to discuss free speech...I beg to differ. Pa…
Manish Tewari comes out with book, calls it ‘ode to free speech’
Here's episode 3 of JvJ. Nazis, Antifa and Free Speech. Have fun with this one :P- . Lefty James.
They want to protest, fine I respect that but do not do it this way. Use your free speech outside…
Theresa May's started her speech with a defence of free markets. But her energy cap actions don't match her rhetoric
2017 Mocha: "Free speech.". 2016 Mocha: "Do we really need freedom or do we need discipline?"
Hate speech my *** the only reason that video got yanked was hurt feelings. Feel free to mirror it as much as you like.…
What a guy, that Zuck - he worked tirelessly for Russian free speech in American elections. Such a patriot.
Gurmehar Kaur so called Ambassador of Free Speech, She’s now accused of threatening young boys for making memes -
If I used our show to make political statements, I would be told to stop. That would not violate my right of free speech.
Workforce development, free speech and sanctuary campuses: Higher ed groups unpack top state concerns ...
California lawmakers weigh free speech, public safety via
Manish Tiwari in 'Ode to Free Speech,' "When silence is mistaken for acquiescence it becomes a crime to stay s…
No actually her audacity has been taken 4 granted under guise of 'Free speech'.…
Hey *** that Free press you like to bash so much- its one of the great things the flag represent…
Grab these FREE speech and language checklists to make your life easier!
Truth! The uses it as political expression of free speech! Harm against
Absolutely. Expect op-eds on 'online lynch mobs', 'entrenched misogyny' and 'intolerance', 'gags to free speech' etc. Th…
On the seventh day God created free speech.
The slob did not lose his right to free speech in California. He can stand in the middle of Death Valley and mewl away.
So does free speech abdicates him from his fake news?
Question for "free speech" purists:. What legitimate interest possibly justifies 42 repeat 42 newspapers?
A rarity today. Someone driven by facts not feelings. Two big reasons my generation hates free speech via
Racism, free speech, hate speech, no matter how defined, are NOT crimes. Period. LIBS attempt to oppre…
Not a fan of assault rifles, but did the founding fathers more likely envision auto weapons or the internet (free speech)?
Protester interrupts Theresa May's keynote speech by handing her a P45
'Free speech warrior' Gurmeher Kaur reports minors to police over a meme
Love that the Democrats in this free speech hearing wouldn't allow me to testify as a witness -- so I get 2 minutes in publ…
How a prankster evaded security to ruin Theresa May's big speech
Come out and pie your favorite eboard member of TODAY at the Free Speech Lawn by the library. Donations accepted…
Ay body, my definition was popularized first. I don't see what free speech has to do with it.
: You know you've lost the game when you play the free speech card. Weak defense po ang entitlement to personal opinion.
BOOM! CA Democrats are all for free speech – just not conservative c…
If you watch "far-right propaganda" on the internet in the UK you could now get 15 yrs prison. Democracy & free speech i…
Exposeing as an antisemitic blog hiding behind "free speech" using character assasination of
Watch this! Oh my days! 🤣 Theresa May was just handed her P45 during her live speech to Tory Conference https:/…
May speech began with praise for free markets. Finishes with price controls on energy, state subsidies for housing + reform of…
"Students would not share a stage with a man whom she regarded as h…
Invent your own definition but the English language already has a definition for th…
(2) And they can do so for any reason they want to. How can you defend o…
The moment a letter falls off the slogan behind Theresa May as she makes speech to
Come learn about Free Speech at the Marshall Student Center Wednesday 10/4 at 12 pm!
Wow what an *** Free Speech & Protest founded this country? Boston Tea Party was considered traitors by the…
Attorney General mention's YALs Fight for Free Speech in his speech about the state of the First Amen…
Democrats/Republicans who want to preserve our Democracy, Civil Rights, Free Speech vote out Republican Senators who stand by Trump!
Jeff Sessions Picks a Very Bad Week for a Sermon on Free Speech via
Jeff Sessions Plans to Attack the Campus War on Free Speech at Georgetown University Today
Sessions: 'We Need to Push Back' on Constriction of Free Speech on Campus
Reminder:. The same side that preaches "Free Speech". wants to fire athletes who &. try a woman twice for laughing at…
Mark Steyn and Jordan Peterson: The Assault on Free Speech as a Front in the Left's War on the West.
so there was a rally in San Francisco to protest...Free Speech? Protesting Free Speech? Is that what the Soros Funded Antifa is all about?
We Have a New Purpose . Stop The Destruction of Free Speech . Now is the Time . Defend the Nation from Domestic Terror. https:…
The Tyrants can never kill Free Speech. As long as we retain The Will to fight the Despots, Divine Provi…
Still curious as to the statute on the books outlining "Hate Crime" definitions & how it supercedes Free Speech in…
Please join yr fellow Patriots tnite in Laguna Beach as we stand up for Free Speech. Support or it will be taken
"Free Speech." Call it "Fairy Dust and Sprinkles" if you like. It's still a white supremacist rally.
This is Heather Heyer. She was 32. She was killed yesterday exercising her right to Free Speech by an American Terrori…
From "The Threat of Free Speech in the University," by Roger Scruton:. We are wandering in a world of utter...
A new essay from EPPC Senior Fellow "The Threat of Free Speech in the University"
"The Threat of Free Speech in the University" via
Roger Scruton reflects on "The Threat of Free Speech in the University"
Eric Allen Bell-. Liberty and Islam cannot coexist. Free Speech and Islam cannot coexist. Women’s Rights and Islam...
Hans Lysglimt Johansen - The Alliance: Nationalism and Free Speech in Norway - Hour 1
. On this day this is a reminder why we have a Republic & Free Speech
"Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Free Speech" (Transcript from "The Rush Limbaugh Show" - 6/19/17)
Watch: Alex Marlow Talks Media, Free Speech, and Rhetoric with Bill Maher - Breitbart via
Why would someone named "Free Speech" with a John Paul Jones avatar NOT think I'd immediately block him for following me???
Free Speech. You know when Mrs Obama was called an ape, President Obama a Kenyan, David Du…
Oy vey. Free Speech is a right protected under Constitution, it's not a fl…
Education, Free Speech, and Elite “Temper Tantrums”: Interview with Dave Rubin and Joanna Williams - Learn Liberty…
EVERYONE should be very concerned The Left & Fox are trying to shut down The TRUTH & Free Speech! Bill O'Reilly👉Now Hannity…
what about all the Progressives behind finding his killers?. Fringe Liberals oppressing Free Speech.
Chris Finan / American Booksellers Association: "Free Speech on the BookExpo Agenda" ("the discussion f…
Independent Journalism and Free Speech is again being threatened. Police arrested Tommy Robinson again.
Alfred E Neuman certainly is the brains here standing next to a Darwin Award winner Free Speech allows…
Looks like things are gearing up at the Free Speech protest in Toronto today. Nathan Philips Square, 1130.
Another nail in the Free Speech coffin...A Jury Just Convicted a Woman for Laughing at Jeff Sessions
Examining a Church's Right to Free Speech - United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
As a citizen she has Free Speech to promote her agenda. I also have that right and I oppos…
Free Speech is not an Academic Value - Stanley Fish
Doesn't she have the same right to Free Speech like Pauline Hanson, Alan Jones, Cory Bernardi & George Christensen?
take away Federal grants from all Colleges that do not allow Free Speech and I would not send my ch…
Dear Ann Coulter & Open Mic Comics, your right to Free Speech is only violated if you're arrested, not dropped from a paid…
Willie Brown sticks up for Ann Coulter -- "Free Speech at Berkeley was youth vs "the man." Now youth wants shutdown, the man is outraged."
"It's a sad day when the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement is morphing into the cemetery of Free Speech".
it seems ridiculous Free Speech is being attacked by privileged whitekids & Occupy Wall St types. Bring it on.
"Berkeley Is Being Tested on 2 Fronts: Free Speech and Safety" by THOMAS FULLER and STEPHANIE SAUL via NYT
Looking to do a radio piece on Free Speech at Universities. Anyone in the Norwich area interested in being involved?
What about having widow of Mario Savio ("Free Speech" Berkeley) aid you? Or go to Sonoma State Univ ?…
Reminder: Democrats only support Free Speech that they agree with. .
Robert Simpson breaks down 'Free Speech' in this thoughtful piece: via
Students and Free Speech: What is a School’s Responsibility?  
Join for Socialized as he discusses TN State Legislature's relationship with Free Speech.
Referring to Judith Miller guesting on O'Reilly to discuss Free Speech. Astounding that they'd schedule her. Next it'll b Mensch
“Leftists at literally burn 'Free Speech' sign they stole from a Trump supporter at the
Elderly Trump supporter rallies for Free Speech & Unity. Gets pepper sprayed by violent leftists. This is California.
Free Speech demonstration in front of Taylormorrison and Esplanade Golf & CC in North Naples. Again, tomorrow from…
Radical anti-Free Speech fascist students at College prevent from speaking. Source:
Part of my new book will address the views of tech on "Free Speech". Unfortunately it's on Shopify right now :/
What happens if 10+ supporters of Trump were to jam LA on Oscar day ? Block all roads ? And shut it down?Free Speech.
While I myself would not burn the flag of my country, this act is upheld as Free Speech by the Supreme Court. Js. (Texas v. Johnson 1989)
Bill Maher Isn’t High on Trump: The State of Free Speech in a New Era
No matter your political leaning, Nat Hentoff's Free Speech for Me - But Not for Thee should be required reading. https:/…
Buy this book and read it: Spiked presents Unsafe Space: the Crisis of Free Speech on Campus:
This was a very interesting interview - Joanna Williams and Dave Rubin: Education, Free Speech on Campus, Brexit... ht…
If you want to mock Free Speech as an excuse for Nazis to express their views but want to protect the racism of critical race theory, KYS
This is troubling. I think you made the wrong decision. No more Free Speech at Univ or Oregon
Ron Paul: The War on ‘Fake News’ is a War on Free Speech via Free speech isabuilding block of democracy
The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : War on ‘Fake News’ Part of a War on Free Speech
Edward Snowden was denied safe passage by Norway to travel there to claim Free Speech award.
I'm surveying Canadians to find out YOUR views on Free Speech, Gender and Feminism:
Free Speech has been taken out of context. Now people think they can criticize women, black people, Muslims and journalists…
?Free Speech?. Help support Julian Assange and Bradley Manning (who share the mission to shine light on the crimes...
"“Politically Correct”: The War on Free Speech, Free Press, Free Internet and the Truth. What is the Endgame?
Free Speech for Me--But Not for Thee: How the American Left and Right Relentlessly Censor Each Other by Nat Hentoff, civil libertarian
Timothy Garton Ash delivered the Wesson Lecture on Free Speech. More here:
Prof. Jon Mills to deliver talk on "The Conflict Between Privacy and Free Speech in the New Media Age" Monday
Jewish Labour activists in defence of Jackie Walker - Free Speech on Israel
Sitting behind Simon Critchley & in front of listening to a lecture on Free Speech by Bullseye,
lol. Free Speech advocate with 25 followers and too scared to show his name. IQ of a Tim Tam.
everyone can shove their criticism of this family up their a**es. Their son gave his life so ALL of us have free speech.
An-Nur graphically show with audiovisual if being verbally polite n courteous free speech n how n why
.is already such a dull school I hope parents will stop sending their kids there. Amazing that a university is against free speech.
(Remember when colleges taught free speech!) Breaking: DePaul University Bans Shapiro
Thank you for your work for Fighting for Free Speech on America’s Campuses
You deserve every word. Mr and Mrs Khan are using their constitutional right of free speech.
If Speech Is Free & Your Vote Is Free, Stand Proud To 4 Your Right to in the
the only hatred I have seen from DePaul has come from the student protestors not allowing free speech
Free Speech in Campuses - Talk by Adv Vasudha Nagaraj at Nalsar University of Law
Hats off, Illinois law protects free speech for high school journalists via
A point I have been making but when did we on the right decided to imitate the left in denying free speech?
Marine Gen. John Allen: Clinton will keep us safe and free via
Doctors aren't allowed free speech? You would love to shut me up. Won't work. Bye!
US "right to free speech...pioneered by whistleblowers exposing wrongdoing" during height of American Revolution https:/…
Kind speech and forgiveness are better than charity followed by injury. And Allah is Free of need and Forbearing. 22…
UK Muslim leader: Muslims in power will ban pork, *** movies, free speech
I liked a video from The Amazing Atheist: Doxing is Free Speech
😂 Remember when college campuses were the beacon of "free speech" and "diverse viewpoints"?
A majority of Americans support "free trade" and "freedom of speech". Now we just need to understand what those both mea…
I added a video to a playlist Free Speech, Censorship and ideals vs. reality
Free speech there isn't an important issue. Do you see now?
Hey, are you so afraid of your own student leftists' violence that you can't stand up for free speech?
The biggest threat to free speech on college campuses isn't coming from the right, I know that much.
Join us TOMORROW at NOON to hear Paul Coleman discuss free speech in Europe in his new book, CENSORED.
“I have the right to free speech,” a Sanders delegate said after getting blocked from entering the DNC floor.
Under the US Constitution Khizr Muazzam Khan wife has the right to FREE SPEECH, but not under SHARIA LAW
Good job destroying free speech and going to levels of forced indoctrination. a literal case of destroying free mindsets. "good job"
Sure, but not without criticism. If you post ignorant "free speech" publicly, don't get butt-hurt when someone calls you out. Bye
Dismaying that parliament voted in favour of new defamation law, a serious threat to free speech
So only some can enjoy free speech.we knew that Katy, this is not news.
Speak your mind. Just not on campus.
nytedlife: Speak your mind. Just not on campus. via nytimes
VFW "will not tolerate anyone berating a Gold Star family member for exercising his or her right " to free speech:
Dave Rubin and Amos Yee talk Free Speech in Singapore (full episode) via
Horrible Democrats just HAVE to destroy Free Speech to protect corrupt Democrats from having to take responsibility
Why do you think she never supported Adam Goodes's right to Free Speech?
So why does Andrew Bolt embrace Pauline Hanson's right to Free Speech but crucified Adam Goodes?
Clare Short: “Anyone loyal to the Palestinian cause has been smeared as an antisemite" - Free Speech on Israel
Institute of Race Relations tells Chakrabarti Inquiry definition of racism has been debased - Free Speech on Israel
watching episode of Free Speech with Matt Welch. Do you have any good recommendations for libertarian books?
Hillary Clinton’s Terrible Record on Free Speech: Matt Welch on Tonight’s Stossel
Jew against Jew in the battle for Free Speech and Truth. BBC News - Gilad Atzmon gig cancellation criticised
Clamps Down on Free Speech | Christian Concern Only way to retain our tradition of free speech is to vote OUT
Free Speech and First World technology are considered bizarre in many areas of the wold, too.
Brian, TY for covering Hogan's threat to Free Speech with a corporate style "slap suit." Do tie in ALL the corporate slap suits already.
Democracy,Free World,Internet,Free Speech.u wud not know any of these as u must b busy wanking off DT's cringey video.WOBtards
Eric Allen Bell is NOT a defender of Free Speech.
Je suis Charlie. Carry on till they accept Free Speech. Must use power to offend to keep it valid.
Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin: Conservatism vs Leftism and Free Speech (Full Interview) -
I liked a video Milo on the Gavin McInnes show talking SJWs, and Free Speech
"Free Speech for Bad People": Law professor Noah Feldman has this essay online at Bloomberg View.
Ted Cruz on Genderless Bathrooms and Free Speech: ‘We’ve Gone Off the Deep End’ via
@ Tallahassee listening to and local legend talk Free Speech
With the Portland State University Students. Teaching them and others on campus with the importance of Free Speech
Corruption occurs when corporations donating to political figures is protected by the First Amendment as an act of "Free Speech". AMERICA.
Nick Gillespie & Meredith Bragg: . Comedy, College, & the Fight for Free Speech
Do you think there should be limitations to Free Speech?. Why?. Garry Trudeau, creator of the Doonesbury cartoon...
Free Speech is so incredibly important. But in the House I cannot tolerate too much of it because govt is accountable to Austn's, not Labor!
President Obama on Free Speech on Campus - 9/14/2015 you my boy O you will be missed
UOW: University of Wollongong, Australia has an upcoming event titled 'Roundtable: Free Speech and Religious...
that isn't entirely true. Those authors who's who's speech denied the Holocaust have and are being penalised. Free Speech?
So. Any Ottawa promoters want to put on a "Free Speech" show w/ Screeching Weasel & the *** Maybe we can get the Dw…
Regardless of who you support, we should ALL be appalled at hate groups shutting down Free Speech. Unite Patriots!
I couldn't be more opposed to UKIP, but that is just so childish. An attack on free speech.
Sentencing of Vietnamese bloggers renews concerns over Vietnam's oppression of free speech, expression online:.
Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi writes article on free speech in pro-RSS journal 'Organiser' via
Beijing pursues relentless crackdown on free speech/ RSF statement/
So much is the worth of 'free speech'...
The Christians are the biggest group of ppl in our country. By tax exemption they've taken their right of free speech away.
Now, now, now, before you go thinking anything insightful about me. I merely observe. I hypothesize. Free Speech Walking.
The double standard to free speech in liberal USA
How trigger warnings actually enable and promote free speech
Definitely free speech. Definitely cruel. Definitely funny. And Zootropolis is really good.
Beijing pursues relentless crackdown on free speech | Reporters without borders via thanks
Funny you say you love TRUMP blame free speech for Texas Jihad How dare them draw Momo!!
takes a stand for free speech and First Amendment, against authoritarian SJW entryists.
Free Speech on Trial in the Netherlands - Again |
The govt is after your right to free speech & creativity. It's Nollywood today, it'll be the music industry tomorrow.
Help -my free speech is so limited by & western domination that I can`t stop loudly protesting about it without t…
Distinguish Faculty attacks left on Free Speech in JNU.pls read his article
Good luck trying to pull up as censured it. So much for free speech.
Before Hindu RW starts gloating, plenty of moronic stuff from Hindus recently stifling free speech.
How Israel lobby is appropriating jargon of identity politics to crush Palestine solidarity http…
Free Speech Will Guide Us to Virtue: Unlike the narrative spun by ma...
Some people should not be allowed free speech. Particularly people like
hello you know that considered Albert Langer a prisoner of conscience? Exactly why are you against fr…
Note to Protestors.. Violence is NOT "Free Speech".. Especially against Law Enforcement.. Disgraceful.. https…
Wow! He won't deny it but he'll try to censor our free speech about. That is not the kind of president America needs
Political correctness is against freedom of speech! And being against free speech means being against America!
Silly Hillary. Train the USA to be non free speech Islam SHARIA compliant. Not happening 'sweetheart
Defends the wrong side of every situation now? Shame on Cruz. Threw Free Speech for the good under the bus too.
Catholic Secular Forum is a fundamentalist Christian organization relentlessly psercuting free speech.
The Israel Lobby’s Dangerous Agenda for the U.S.: Attack Free Speech and Criminalize Resistance
Tens of Thousands of Devout Muslims Violently Riot in Support of Jihadi who Murdered &Speech&Govt
Free Speech on Trial in the Netherlands - Again
The 'free speech' argument for racism is that we need to let these ideas be debated in the public forum...
Yes but even if he said ' the Pope is foolish' he has every right to that opinion.That is free speech
So when I respond to comments on TRS site they block me, just like a liberal would. Free Speech is dead I guess? I am amazed.
Primary problem with too narrow a focus on "Islamism": What are you going to do about it? Censorship? Restrict free sp…
yes, because they are anti free speech and GamerGate
Look who is talking about free ha ha ha
They're stealing your free speech. .
Turning a mic off, filming it, posting it, and humiliating even a ukip fascist is not free speech.
orders to stop showing a song making fun of Erdogan. Share it widely and stand up for free speech. http…
W. Seward's speech seems to go beyond his desire of gaining more free states in the country and hints at a turning point of political power
Make new friends at Free Speech Lives Here! 2016-03-30 03:18:42
The legal battle between First Premier and credit card review site CardHub raised free speech questions, as well...
. Free speech has become an excuse for "anti-nationalism" too. U know it well :P
Freedom of speech within the arts; 2015 report published by Copenhagen-based organization
Global Military Justice Reform: Free speech in Thailand: the case of the red rice ...
The interim report from the Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Protests, Public Spaces, Free Speech & the Press:
Update your maps at Navteq
Persona Non Grata: The Death of Free Speech in the Internet Age by Tom Flanagan
Free Speech or Noise? New Noise Bylaw - Edmonton City Councilor Oshry and Citizen Brinkman on YouTube:
'Silence is Death: The Demise of Free Speech' - The Weekly Standard (blog)
They use free Speech to stop Free Speech! ***
Holy crap Joe Girardi just perfectly explained Free Speech in one sentence
Another day another total loss of respect for a Republican. Ben Carson doesn't understand Free Speech.
After Hugo Chavez became President he squashed Free Speech like Trump wants to do... Changed the constitution, Stacked the courts.
The substance is Free Speech. We have a right to protest in this country & I will defend it. Even Westboro Baptist
The logic behind the Triggering appears to be "defend free speech by abusing it."
in this instance, I define abuse of free speech as it's use as a means to hurt others w no provocation
. People much better than you (and me) died to protect your right to free speech. F**k you for disrespecti…
Let's see how tolerant of free speech the people behind that hash tag are. 😂👍
Remember Hank Williams JR. out from Monday night Football for exercising free speech. Sports the only legal slave holders in U.S. Fang
This is a BLATANT attack on free speech and democracy suffers in blocking any current video of .
Another person who don't believe everyone have the 1st amendment right to free speech and to be a free thinker
many of you & media push Trump she is entitled to her opinion. Free speech still exists @ lest until Trump
Pretty sure thats how free speech works. The bill of rights doesnt say "free speech unless its something I dont like"
The free speech experiment has failed, it was a nice couple of centuries but I think it's time to pack it up.
Hate speech spawns hate policy, it was well within their rights to protest. And, "free speech" does not protect hate speech.
The greatest privilege that comes with free speech is the right to use your voice for those who don't have one.
the HATE Speech spewed by is not Protected free speech
that's kinda the point. Defending free speech implies defending it even when it's cast in a negative light or un…
Anyways that triggering hashtag is just white 30 yr old neckbeards who think racism, transphobia, and sexism are protected by "free speech"
...and god forbid I make fun of them for how they do it. How oppressive of me! Their poor free speech! :'(
Can we start a day called "The Triggering" where everyone just posts "offensive" things on their social media in defen…
Here, far above any context I've ever known, I've had to choose to "speak the truth even (when my) voice shakes."
ESPN Replaces Sportscaster Mike Ditka because he told people exactly how he much for free speech...
Forming an actual thought, want for change, and free speech?!
The liberals of intentionally misconstrue the meaning of free speech Protip: it ends with harmful harassment.
And if your rationale for defending free speech is to hurt people, you're one of the reasons it will be lost.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
is a prisoner of conscience holding him by the British & their slave illiterate buhari is a crime against free sp…
I believe it's more of a free speech movement, by people that value facts more than feelings.
With no support from the media, a free speech documentary has been fully funded on Kickstarter.
Free speech a crime for sports commentater. Jimmy the Greek got killed for chubby thighs. Curt Shilling now Mike.
The irony is they exploit the good faith of free speech defenders like while suppressing dissenters
You can say whatever you like, wherever you like, whenever you want. And I can say "thats stupid". Thats free speech.
Free speech wins in the Netherlands. Offensive speech is okay. In Dutch:
where would people ever get the idea that Jews are trying to kill free speech
Heterosexuality is lame. Black Lives Matter is a riot. Space spaces are for jerks. Free speech is a fundamental right 4 everyone.
If you're not going to use your free speech to criticize your own government, then what the *** is the point of having it?
Viewpoint: India's tortured debate on nationalism and free speech
Apparently FREE SPEECH isn't one of the principles that phony conservative site embraces. No pro comments allowed
Salute to all the veterans! People like you preserve hope for free speech. Enjoy 🎊😊🎊 https:/…
Make some noise for free speech & freedom in Canada and around the world. Best MUSCLE CAR Sounds of 2015
In the '60s liberal students demonstrated for free speech. Today they demand "safe space" from it.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Money is not free speech. Elections should not be auctions. In a democracy, we should have the right to elect people based …
So there's this whole thing going on to fight for free speech and anti-censorship.
Biggest threat to Western free speech: criminalizing activism against Israeli occupation by
Free speech ends where sedition begins. My article in
I believe in free speech, freedom of expression and diversity of opinions (even yours).
If you want people to be responsible for their actions, but consequences for your words stifles your "free speech," you might …
Help these poor souls learn how to use the term "Free Speech" in its proper context.
: Anti Free Speech *** Clowns demote Mike Ditka for telling the absolute Truth on Obama being the Worst President.
Mike Ditka calls Obama worst President ever. 5 days later ESPN demotes him. ESPN, you anti free speech cowards.
Oh England! Where free speech is routinely punished and hurt feelings equals assault. Makes sense now 😂
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