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Fredi Gonzalez

Fredi Jesus González (born January 28, 1964 in Havana, Cuba) is the current manager of the Atlanta Braves in Major League Baseball.

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"You can't manage a bullpen worse than Fredi Gonzalez did in Game 4 of the 2013 NLDS". Buck Showalter: Hold my beer
To honor bday -- and bc his version of Billy Jean isn't online--here's 1 of my fav stories: Re: Fredi
Betsy DeVos is to education what Fredi Gonzalez is to managing. Except worse.
Still can't believe Donald Trump appointed Fredi Gonzalez to be his Secretary of Bullpen Management
Tip our hat? Theory: Dan Quinn is Fredi Gonzalez' long lost relative (they even look somewhat alike).
Right now ATL fans gotta be wondering if Fredi Gonzalez snuck in and got a headset at halftime.
Fredi Gonzalez is tipping his hat to the Patriots.
Fredi Gonzalez started coaching the in the 4th quarter. This is so Atlanta.
Never forget when Fredi Gonzalez let David Carpenter face Juan Uribe with our season on the line.
manager fredi Gonzalez was fired and found out by means of an email informing him they changed travel itinerary
Why, this advice is almost as good as "hire Fredi Gonzalez to manage your baseball team."
"Brian snitker has died of old age & fredi Gonzalez reclaims his post & refuses to put in Craig kimbrels pet dog from the bullpen
Member when Fredi Gonzalez had to fly back commercial? And found out he was fired when his e-ticket was e-mailed to…
This is like saying the Braves will regret firing Fredi Gonzalez if he leads the New Orleans Baby Cakes to the Trip…
That joke was on Fredi Gonzalez. What else do you want to talk about?
All these pics of fredi Gonzalez like please...
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Raucous coming up: . Fredi Gonzalez, Harold Reynolds, and . Right now!
Oh right, I actually completely forgot Fredi Gonzalez wasn't the Barves manager anymore.
Karl Ravech asks Fredi Gonzalez if he was ever part of a team that just got dominated by another team all year. Do the 2016 Braves count?
I'm all in for Rick Hendrick giving the ole Fredi Gonzalez treatment. Like buy him a one way ticket to Uganda, just get him gone.
Scully called Fredi Gonzalez "a great servant to the Atlanta overlords." He also said the Braves are "on a treadmill to oblivion."
Exclusive: A conversation with former Braves' manager Fredi Gonzalez...
Baseball has 4 minority managers and did before the white Fredi Gonzalez firing. Melvin, Ausmus, Baker and Roberts.
No Latino managers in since Fredi Gonzalez was fired. Okay to yoke 'em, just not to be managed by them. Not unlike p…
Chip Caray (and Joe Simpson on an emotional day for what led to Fredi Gonzalez's firing
Pedro Gomez on ESPN calling it as it is. The firing of Fredi Gonzalez is basically Braves management saying...
Congratulations to Brad Ausmus on outlasting Fredi Gonzalez. Also, what the heck has happened to the Braves?!
As manager:. 434-413: Fredi Gonzalez's record in 847 games. 431-416: Bobby Cox's record in his last 847 games.
Yeah, this will fix all their problems... Report: Atlanta Braves fire manager Fredi Gonzalez
It took Jon Niese to get Fredi Gonzalez fired. Shows how low they think of Niese. Lol
So the Braves didn't fire Fredi Gonzalez until he lost to Jon Niese. Makes. You. Think.
Last night discovered my water heater went Fredi Gonzalez on me. :(
"Braves become the best team in baseball thanks to prospects and the departure of Fredi Gonzalez."
Braves skipper Fredi González recently added an accent to his jersey name, too.
been getting my resume ready for Fredi Gonzalez Tommy johns is the only thing I'm missing
¯\_(ツ)_/¯. (That also functions as the universal Fredi Gonzalez symbol.)
home win number two!! I still say Fredi Gonzalez needs to go.
BREAKING: live look in at Fredi Gonzalez 5/2/16
and in an equally idiotic move Fredi Gonzalez is still managing the braves.
Fredi has fire. . But staying even keel is part of the managing job. Good read.
BRAVES WIN WOOO! SOLID outing for Fredi Gonzalez! 5 runs scored including a homer and only 1 given up 💯🤘
“It’s nice to get a pitching performance like this and walk away with a W” - Fredi Gonzalez on win.
I still think Fredi Gonzalez is an *** for pulling Perez though
Fredi Gonzalez couldn't coach a little league team. You don't take a dealing pitcher out to put in, without a save opportunity, your closer.
You, and basically everyone else on earth not named Fredi Gonzalez.
Not if Fredi Gonzalez was his manager, smh
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So Fredi Gonzalez pinch hits for Perez who has 85 pitches and is 1 over the minimum faced with a 4 run lead going into the 9th. HE IS AWFUL.
So sick and tired of Fredi Gonzalez! Come on man! Perez has 85 pitches through 8!! Why not let him go for the CG?! That's ridiculous...
explain this move fredi Gonzalez just made. I'm confused
Get Fredi Gonzalez off the team, won't even let the kid get a complete game
Fredi Gonzalez is pinch hitting for Williams Perez...
Fredi Gonzalez is the dumbest manager in the game. Why would he take Williams Perez out?
Beckham, fresh off the DL, doubles to left-center. Fredi Gonzalez says Beckham will get regular playing time at both 3B and 2B.
hey, at least you don't have Fredi Gonzalez
my god Fredi Gonzalez, bench him for Daniel Castro now, Albies is coming
NL East: Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez went ballistic on a towel rack in frustration
[sees Williams Perez is on pace for 86 pitches]. "Not on my watch," sneers Fredi Gonzalez, Defender of the Bad Managerial Way.
what's the likelihood we trade Fredi Gonzalez?
Fredi Gonzalez oughta be fired just for playing Aybar every *** night. He ain't no better than the Uptons & Ugglas of the world.
Fredi Gonzalez should be fired just for starting Aybar every game
have lost 5 straight and have a 7-24 record but Bobby Cox wouldn't be able to win with these players either.
maybe if Fredi Gonzalez didn't stink so much.
Dear Buck and John, it's time to let Fredi González go. Can you please state the case for (Chipper) to get the Hammer
Dear it's time to give Fredi González his pink slip. Can you guys please give the Hammer. Let him have the team.
Just listened to the Fredi Gonzalez trial on the Buck & Kincade show! Hilarious!
Dear it's Time for Fredi González to go. I can't take no more of him. Give the team to (Chipper) and sign him to 5 year deal
Braves are going to fire Fredi Gonzalez soon, but then what?
1-16 at Home. No time for jokes. Fire Fredi Gonzalez!
Atlanta Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez handling adversity better than most...
And then there was that time when Fredi Gonzalez took a bat to the towel rack. Just the other day:
About that time that Fredi Gonzalez assaulted the towel rack.
Hey its time to put Fredi González out on his *** . this year has been a complete embarrassment to the organization and the fans
news and links: Fredi Gonzalez rumors swirl
it's not going to stop any time soon. Still don't understand how Fredi Gonzalez still has a job.
This clip is a representation of exactly how Fredi Gonzalez feels every day walking into the stadium.
Fredi Gonzalez passes praise to Matt Wisler after his 8 innings of work, says he deserved better.
At this point, what does Fredi Gonzalez even say at post game pressers?
Please tell me there's no more Fredi Gonzalez after this season
I don't expect Fredi Gonzalez to remain the Braves' manager after this season. But no one can win the roster we have.
The excuse as to why Fredi Gonzalez should keep his job have run out. The time has arrive for the Braves to fire Fredi Gonzalez.
In the case that you feel like puking tonight, read this sap fest of a story on Fredi Gonzalez.
The Braves may fire Fredi Gonzalez this year but in his defense, the front office gave him wet matches and stones to start a fire with...
Correction - 1st time Fredi Gonzalez has allowed a Braves pitcher to go at least 7 IP in consecutive games.
Here's more from with manager Fredi Gonzalez:
Fredi Gonzalez on not erupting, turning over a table in clubhouse, etc: "If it's not in your character, then it bec…
Great back and forth between & manager Fredi Gonzalez. Hear more tonight at 6:50 on
Jerry Crasnick / MLB Rumor Central: Is Fredi Gonzalez on the hot seat?
Bonifacio likely candidate for bench callup: Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez indicated that he m...
Braves-Cubs postponed due to weather: Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez made the easy decision to ...
MGR Fredi Gonzalez said they hope CF Ender Inciarte is back around May 1, but no firm timetable. Inciarte has begun running lightly.
Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez acknowledged that Ender Inciarte (hamstring) could be out until early May.
If Preston Wilson calls Fredi Gonzalez "Garcia" one more time...
Hey, the Braves AND Twins won today. All-you-can-eat apps at on Fredi Gonzalez and Paul Molitor!
The position that Fredi Gonzalez is in is nearly identical to Bo Porter in 2013-14..Doing the best he can until prospects get call..
Fredi Gonzalez, 20-min from now: "We were right there today, just had that one bad inning. But I liked how the guys battled."
Ah yes, before Fredi Gonzalez destroyed two of those three arms.
Fredi Gonzalez making his 2nd pitching change of the inning. Have a feeling we're going to see him do that a lot this season.
AUDIO: Caught up with MGR Fredi Gonzalez to discuss how the team is coming together as ST winds to a close:
Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez is thinking about using Adonis Garcia in the cleanup spot this season.
Wonder who would top the list of managers Jason Heyward has played for. Cox. Gonzalez . Matheny . Maddon. . Fredi G goes bottom for me.
I think Fredi Gonzalez is likely going to be exposed in 2018 and 2019 if he is still manager IMHO.
Braves to use Garcia to break up lefties: Fredi Gonzalez tinkered with his batting order Thursday…
Fredi Jesus Gonzalez is still the manager of the Atlanta Braves major league baseball team. *sighs deeply to convey tremendous frustration*
Hector Olivera has finally made an impression to Fredi Gonzalez with 20 hits, 8 RBI's in a 7 game hitting streak!
lol if Fredi Gonzalez wasn't the manager, maybe
Fredi impressed with Olivera's bat, defense -
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Fredi impressed with Olivera's bat, defense
Fredi impressed with Oliveras bat, defense
Fredi G.views MLB's visit to Cuba as hope for his parents to one day freely visit their native land
Gonzalez hopes to visit Cuba one day
Gonzalez hopes to visit Cuba one day: As Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez grew up in Miami, he…
It would be cool if the played in since Fredi Gonzalez is from their .
Fredi Gonzalez describes Hector Olivera: "At times, he'll think of a good excuse to tell the press, which makes him unrivaled, like a rare"
my guess is Fredi Gonzalez or Dave Roberts but it's just a guess.
Fredi happy with Teheran's latest tuneup: Whenever Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez has been asked if he is ready...
Len Elmore channeling his inner Fredi Gonzalez and tipping his cap.
The Rays optioned Jonny Venters to the minors, but not before Fredi Gonzalez tried to call their bullpen phone & pitch him 76 more innings.
Fredi Gonzalez said on MLB Network that the ideal situation for the 2016 Braves is being around .500 late in the season.
Every time "Fredi Gonzalez" and "future" are in the same sentence, a kitten dies
Fredi Gonzalez said could change mind daily on who SS of future was because both were so impressive b4 being sent to min lge camp
With Opening Day approaching I find myself wondering , like I have with the last two seasons, how Fredi Gonzalez still has a job.
MGR Fredi Gonzalez joins me and Brian Jordan (right now on
"First guy on the field, last guy to leave." - Fredi Gonzalez is a big fan of Jace Peterson's work ethic. http…
Fredi Gonzalez laughs w/ John Smoltz & during See his interview on at 10pE https:/…
Bobby Cox, Fredi Gonzalez and John Hart at spring training. Coverage
Fredi Gonzalez and Bobby Cox watching infield practice
manager Fredi Gonzalez is in a no-win situation, & says his replacement is already there:
Classy move by Braves mgr.Fredi Gonzalez to attend funeral services,for our friend Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez's funeral full of love - lots of Marlins officials (iGM Michael Hill ...) Fredi Gonzalez from Atl, from Minn..
Cubs get: Fredi Gonzalez, Shelby Miller and a bag of half eaten Doritos. Braves get: Soler, Baez, some dignity, and Steve Bartman.
In related news, Braves keep Fredi Gonzalez as manager for two more years
ICYMI: As long as Bobby Cox has a say, Fredi Gonzalez can probably feel good about his job: http…
Off top of my head, it got out Freddie Freeman, Fredi Gonzalez, Michael G Clifford, Michael Morse, Jason Heyward, John Farrell, Tony Rizzo,
Feels like I'm watching Bobby Cox or Fredi Gonzalez manage lol... Oh wait, he did learn from Bobby.
Not the result that they wanted -- but John Gibbons outmanages Fredi Gonzalez to get the matchup he wanted. But
Shout out to John Hart and Fredi Gonzalez for burning the 2015 Braves season to the ground. Job well done.
The are so awful that they should just can manager Fredi Gonzalez now and let Bobby come back and finish the season. Bobby Wine
The best part about all this Braves disaster is that an unfathomable majority of Braves fans wanted Bobby Cox gone and Fredi Gonzalez hired.
I just wanna go ahead and thank Bobby Cox for pushing the organization to give Fredi Gonzalez another two years. Thanks for this atrocity
Someone mentioned this ... Terry Collins in managing in a division with Matt Williams, Fredi Gonzalez, a GM and an interi…
Mike Matheny went to the Fredi Gonzalez school of bad managing
Apparently Stan Van Gundy is a Braves fan and close friends with Fredi Gonzalez.
Bobby Cox on Braves TV just said that Ned Yost and Fredi Gonzalez are great managers. How can you even respond to that?
manager Fredi Gonzalez discusses Julio Teheran's troubles after his team's 7-3 loss to the Orioles. VIDEO:
throw in a prospect pitcher and Fredi Gonzalez will be all over it. He's probably throw in Luis Avilan as a thank you
Why again did the extend Fredi Gonzalez's contract?
why are we bringing back Fredi Gonzalez next year again?
Imagine what could have been for the if they kept Markakis and Cruz. But as usual, their front office is dumber than Fredi Gonzalez
Cash, is a terrible coach. I can sympathize, so is Fredi Gonzalez, of the Braves. I'm a Braves fan..
Let's all remember that Fredi Gonzalez walked Chris Davis twice to get to Manny Machado last night and it worked both times.
Please ask Buster if he thinks that as long as Bobby Cox is associated with the Braves, that Fredi Gonzalez's job is safe.
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Braves: Braves fall to Orioles in 11 innings: Fredi Gonzalez talks about Alex Wood's performance,...
video: Fredi Gonzalez on loss to Orioles
Fredi Gonzalez on the ovation the fans in Baltimore gave Nick Markakis-"They don't give people an ovation like that if you're a turd."
OMG can we please fire Fredi Gonzalez already??!!
I dont care that he struck out. Thats a horrible decision and is why Braves fans don't like Fredi Gonzalez
Lol Fredi Gonzalez has no idea what's he's doing does he?
Fredi Gonzalez could rip his face off to reveal FREDDIE MERCURY and single handedly cure world hunger and fans would still be hatin
Fredi Gonzalez is an *** no doubt. But it worked out this time
Walking Chris Davis to face Machado? Fredi GonZalez is about to cost us another game...
Fredi Gonzalez is high. Walking Davis to face Machado?
“You know what they bring? Professionalism. I knew Uribe for 2mos. I fell in love with his character and work ethic." - Fredi Gonzalez
Somebody might want to tell Fredi Gonzalez that 8th inning at 110 pitches is a good time to pull Alex Wood.
If mediacom were part of the Atlanta Braves, it would be Fredi Gonzalez and just tip its cap to old style rabbit ears which would be better
I know Fredi Gonzalez is no Bobby Cox, but the sight of him throwing BP to Nick Markakis makes me smile as a baseball fan.
Braves extend manager Fredi Gonzalez, so he's not on the hot seat after all (Big League Stew)
CORRECT LINK: Updated story on Escobar injury, with reaction from Desmond, Harper, Escobar, Simmons, Fredi Gonzalez:
Murphy doing his best imitation of Fredi Gonzalez--bringing his closer into 3 (or more?) games in a row. Can u say TJ surgery?
just saw its against the Braves. Now I'm not that surprised. Fredi Gonzalez is one of the worst
Micah's article about Fredi Gonzalez was picked up on
Fredi Gonzalez, fresh off a contract extension, just intentionally walked Pete Kozma.
Fredi Gonzalez is an *** He just intentionally walked Pete Kozma. What the *** is that man
Fredi Gonzalez just had his pitcher intentionally walk a guy who may be the worst hitter in baseball.
Fredi Gonzalez should be ashamed of himself.
Fredi Gonzalez should seriously be fired for that
Fredi Gonzalez IBBing Pete Kozma, who is hitting .151 with zero XBHs.
even has issues with Latino leadership. Fredi Gonzalez is only MLB manager.
Braves: Fredi Gonzalez on another tough loss for Shelby Miller
Fredi Gonzalez on trade. “Our loss is gain.” Said he sent text to Collins saying NYM getting two pros wh…
announced today that they have extended the contract of manager Fredi Gonzalez through the 2016 season, with a club opt…
manager Fredi Gonzalez discusses Manny Banuelos and more following his team's 4-3 win over the Brewers:
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Fredi Gonzalez just like Bobby Cox. Trusts his players a little too much sometimes. 2 runners on,nobody out, Maybin up..I wouldve bunted him
Fredi Gonzalez says Freddie Freeman has a right wrist sprain he is day to day
Fredi Gonzalez told me Miguel Cabrera was one of smartest guys in baseball at a young age. Also said Mark Kotsay would be good manager.
Okay, this is the third time this game that the Mets announcers said Freddie Freeman instead of Fredi Gonzalez.
They keep saying Freddie Freeman instead of Fredi Gonzalez lol
John Hart, please fire Fredi Gonzalez. Have Terry Pendleton manage the rest of the season.
What if I told you Todd Cunningham hitting could be Kelly Johnson? My next 30 for 30: MANAGING with Fredi Gonzalez
To expand, I believe the bullpen is a John Hart issue and not a Fredi Gonzalez issue.
Chip Caray: "... and now Fredi Gonzalez has some decisions to make.". Me: Shudders
Umpires semed to find something on Will Smith's right wrist after Fredi Gonzalez asked them to check the LH reliever.
I read online that Fredi Gonzalez could be on the hot seat soon with the braves. John Hart is not a big fan of Fredi Gonzalez
John Hart now apparently doesn't love Fredi Gonzalez. I love you, John Hart.
Off the radar? manager Fredi Gonzalez didn't know Dee Gordon was batting .426 -- until now.
Are Mike Munchak and Fredi Gonzalez the same person?
A reminder of old clowns in charge "use Frank Wren as the fall guy for Fredi Gonzalez&sins -
Chris Johnson Update: "We have to put him on the DL," Fredi Gonzalez said after the game. "It's a fracture of the left hand."
Chris Johnson ran over Fredi Gonzalez dog. That's the only thing I can come up with. This is insane
Fredi Gonzalez reveals his conversation with John Hart just before they dealt Craig Kimbrel in the
When the news came out that Fredi Gonzalez was staying as Braves manager, I knew bad things were coming.
And when the gNats host the 2018 All-Star Game, Fredi Gonzalez will be the NL Manager in the home dugout.
Fredi Gonzalez is still manager, in my opinion, to be a "face" of this rebuilding stage.
it probably helps not having Fredi Gonzalez as his manager anymore
Fredi Gonzalez wins manager of the both leagues..elected to the HOF right afterwards
Fredi Gonzalez will be a development manager with great mentor in Bobby Cox. He has a chance to come out of this well.
It's okay guys. The still have that baseball genius, Fredi Gonzalez, as their manager. He did such a great job last year.
Tough task for Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez this year.
release P Matt Capps and announce via manager Fredi Gonzalez that P Cody Martin & INF/OF Pedro Ciriaco will make the roster
“Veteran lefty Wandy Rodriguez likely has rotation spot secured, manager Fredi Gonzalez" so, no
Benson makes most of shot, could win bench spot: Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez raised some eyebrows when he me...
Wood Pitches Well for Braves in 6-5 Win Over Orioles: Atlanta Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez still has several decisions to make over ...
have signed manager Fredi Gonzalez to a 41 year extension. GM Jon Hart: "We like how he runs things and...
If you had to make a bet is Fredi Gonzalez the manager of the in 2016? I think he is. Your turn.
Benson has done some subtle things to impress manager Fredi Gonzalez. Nothing subtle about that oppo-field homer off Hamels, though.
Interesting that 2-of-5 say Fredi Gonzalez will be 1st manager fired.
Wandy Rodriguez was just checked on by manager Fredi Gonzalez and a trainer after Altuve led off w a 2b. He remained in the game,
.manager Fredi Gonzalez knows how to motivate his players.
manager Fredi Gonzalez in the house for vs. Pistons. He and Stan Van Gundy had dinner Sunday. They're buds from way back.
When Heyward didn't publicly endorse Fredi Gonzalez his days were numbered. Bobby Cox didn't like that one bit.
If you want to remain the 1990's then why are you mad and Fredi Gonzalez.. He is a Bobby Cox remix. He's just hispanic
So there's no difference in Bruce Bochy and Ron Washington? In Buck Showalter and Fredi Gonzalez?
There are currently just 5 managers who NEVER played in MLB. Fredi Gonzalez. Joe Maddon. Bryan Price. Terry Collins. Buck Showalter
Fredi Gonzalez would've taken bumgarner out
Ned Yost clearly had Bobby Cox, John Scheurholz and Fredi Gonzalez as guests to ensure the Braves Way is in full effect tonight.
Breaking news: Braves interim GM John Hart announces that Fredi Gonzalez will return as manager in 2015.
No surprise: bringing back Fredi Gonzalez. Bo Porter hired as third-base coach
Braves interim GM John Hart announced today that manager Fredi Gonzalez will return for his fifth season with the Braves in 201…
> Interim GM John Hart says > Fredi Gonzalez will be back with club in 2015 > Bo Porter hired 3rd base coach
I vote yes on trading, Bj Upton, Fredi Gonzalez, and Frank Wren for Andrew McCutchen
The Marlins All Team would include Juan Pierre, Luis Castillo and Chuckie Carr with Fredi Gonzalez managing
Coming up on Inside Pitch tomorrow guests will include: Mark Melancon, Mike Matheny, Fredi Gonzalez, Tom Sadoski & if time
The problem with the 3 man committee is Bobby Cox. He is Fredi Gonzalez faja.
Bobby Cox makes it clear: He would like Fredi Gonzalez to return as manager.
I'm hearing what some other folks have speculated with Wren wanted Fredi Gonzalez out, and Bobby Cox pushed to keep…
Bobby Cox, Frank Wren and Fredi Gonzalez don't swing bats! Offense was pitiful this year, put it in the players!
When can we shut down manager Fredi Gonzalez?
I think I want to buy Jordan Schafer and Fredi Gonzalez jerseys. Can't imagine they're expensive.
So, Frank Wren wanted Fredi Gonzalez gone, but Bobby Cox pushed to keep him. I guess we know who's really in power at 755 Hank Aaron Dr.
Little tidbit that a lot of people keep forgetting: Frank Wren is responsible for Fredi Gonzalez. He hired him too.
It's Fredi Gonzalez's fault that Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy are hurt, too. Clearly abused and mismanaged them. *sarcasm font
Fredi Gonzalez manager of the year. Larry walker hitting coach of the year. Bj upton *** balls of the year award.
I hope the Braves fire Fredi Gonzalez and Greg Walker and hire Ron Washington
Fredi Gonzalez channeled his inner Bobby Cox arguing for my Freeman! .
Did anyone else have a flashback of & Bobby Cox when & Fredi Gonzalez got ejected ?!?
You know Jose Constanza is blackmailing Fredi Gonzalez. No way on earth should he ever bat in place of Justin Upton.
I don't understand why people that loved Bobby Cox as the manager have such a problem with Fredi Gonzalez.
A year ago today, I met Bobby Cox & Fredi Gonzalez in St. Louis. I was also kicked out of the hotel for getting a picture with Bobby. 😝
Cole gets two strikes on Johnson but gives up a RBI single. Travis Snider throws Freddie Freeman out at the plate, Fredi Gonzalez challenges
Bases clearing double from Kevin Frandsen will make it a 4-run inning for Fredi Gonzalez will challenge the call.
Braves eye Tuesday return for Simmons: Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez is hopeful shortstop...
you notice it's all big time names. And Fredi Gonzalez top 3 manager in NL? *** nah
manager Fredi Gonzalez: "We still have a good opportunity. I see the glass half full... It’s an important series.”
If I had never seen Fredi Gonzalez or B.J. Upton, looking at Braves boxscores, I'd assume this was Little League and Fredi was B.J's dad.
Lol Fredi Gonzalez thought he was smart about baseball until he talked to Maddux. It took him that long?
Win a race, meet your favorite team. . chats with manager Fredi Gonzalez.
I think you are really Fredi Gonzalez
Strasburg is still in there after 6 ER in 2 innings. Can someone make sure it isn't Fredi Gonzalez managing the Nationals today? Idk
I blame Fredi Gonzalez for the fact we still suck at bunting. Still. After a hundred games of knowing it's an issue.
Fredi Gonzalez getting a lotta camera time tonight. Never a good thing for a manager
Breaking news Bobby Cox just smacked Fredi Gonzalez and told him he *** as a manager and told him to make the playoffs!
ICYMI: A look into the Braves' 8-game skid and Fredi Gonzalez' complacency
Where is the Walter doll when you need it! Somebody needs to take it to Fredi Gonzalez so Walter can look at him and say ***
Got the ESPN notification that started w "Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez". Wish it ended w "fired by team after recent 8 game losing streak."
Braves MGR Fredi Gonzalez does not expect SS Andrelton Simmons (ankle injury) to play in series vs. Nats (ESPN)
Fredi Gonzalez doesn't expect Andrelton Simmons to play this weekend.
how does Fredi Gonzalez still have a job? Continues to bat the worst leadoff hitter. Unbelievable.
REMINDER: Fredi Gonzalez was ranked the 3rd best manager in the NL….BY HIS PEERS. They have to be trolling at this point.
Fredi Gonzalez on Simmoms' injury, importance of Nationals series
It's as if Fredi Gonzalez believes that the leadoff hitter in a given lineup hits last.
Not sure if Fredi Gonzalez or mentally-retarded fourth grader
is Fredi Gonzalez to blame? Some of it just doesn't make sense.
Fredi Gonzalez managing the Braves right out of the postseason
Hey good news Fredi Gonzalez wants you to win! Enjoy your stay in Atlanta :)
Gonzalez says team trying to avoid putting Andrelton Simmons on 15-day DL.
Only Fredi Gonzalez would trot the same lineup out there that has not won a game in 2 weeks...
Any Braves fans have thoughts on Fredi Gonzalez being an below average manager as said by Keith Law on our show just minutes ago?
Fredi Gonzalez has to go. Just doesn't have the presence of a true manager like cox or la russa
Fredi Gonzalez would have definitely let him keep playing. Great to see Bobby Cox introduced into the Hall of Fame on Sunday!
Other than the bottom of the 9th, this is the same ole Braves under Fredi Gonzalez and Greg Walker as hitting coach. Starts at the top.
That being said, good on Walt Weiss for needing to be restrained by the umps before going after Fredi Gonzalez. He was 100% in the right
I would have paid to see a Walt Weiss and Fredi Gonzalez fight there.
Rockies manager Walt Weiss ejected, appears yelling at Carpenter and even Fredi Gonzalez
VIDEO: post-game interviews with manager Fredi Gonzalez and pitcher Mike Minor via
At least Michael Cooper can share bad coaching with Fredi Gonzalez & Mike Smith
Fredi Gonzalez "illogic". It's nearly June and BJ Upton is STILL batting 2nd and Dan Uggla is getting AB on an MLB roster
Am I Friends with any Atlanta Braves fans? If so, is Fredi Gonzalez the worst manager of starting pitchers, like, ever? First, he removes Alex Wood from the rotation, the team's second best pitcher, for a fringe guy in Gavin Floyd. Second, he keeps Julio Teheran, the team's best pitcher, in a game for nearly 4 innings after learning in the first that Teheran had a blister that was negatively affecting his pitching. Naturally, Teheran proceeded to get pummeled. Jeezy Petes. Bring back Bobby Cox!!
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Same thing earlier this week from radio. Fredi Gonzalez became Freddy Garcia.
In case you wondered about Fredi Gonzalez'/the Braves' intelligence, keep in mind they moved Alex Wood to the pen for a guy off TJ. Yeah.
How is instant replay going? I mean, beyond the arguments, delays, unhappy managers and confusing home-plate collisions. Here some numbers from ESPN Stats & Information, entering Wednesday’s games: •There have been 240 replays; 112 (47 percent) have been overturned. •The umpires have initiated 45 of those, with nine (20 percent) overturned. •The most reviewed play has been a force play, with 111 reviews -- 85 of those at first base. Tag plays have seen 66 reviews, with 33 of those coming at second base (and 13 at home plate). •There have been 15 reviews on home-plate collisions. •Cubs manager Rick Renteria has challenged the most calls: 15 (winning seven of those challenges). The next highest totals belong to Clint Hurdle of the Pirates (7-for-12) and Joe Maddon of the Rays (4-for-12). •Atlanta’s Fredi Gonzalez and San Diego’s Bud Black are a perfect 4-for-4 on challenges. •The fewest challenges: Buck Showalter (Orioles), Ron Gardenhire (Twins), Terry Collins (Mets) and Mike Matheny (C ...
Fredi Gonzalez just told us that David Hale will be moving to the bullpen when Mike Minor is reinstated from the DL Sirius 209 XM 89
After Mike Minor completed a bullpen session at Marlins Park on Tuesday afternoon, Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez announced Minor will make his season debut when he starts Friday night's series opener against the Giants at Turner Field.
MIAMI -- Atlanta Braves left-hander Mike Minor is set to pitch in the major leagues for the first time this season. Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez says Minor will start Friday night at home against San Francisco. The 26-year-old Minor has been slowed by shoulder soreness this season. He's pitched five times in the minor leagues during rehabilitation games at three different levels. Gonzalez said Minor feels healthy. The Braves were playing at Miami on Tuesday night. Minor went 13-9 with a 3.21 ERA last year.
Fredi Gonzalez said Mike Minor will make one final rehab start, Friday for Double-A before joining rotation.
Bobby Cox did a lot of good things in ATL, but he'll always be the guy who recommended Fredi Gonzalez as his heir to me.
The earliest Mike Minor will start is Saturday, according to Fredi Gonzalez.
Gerald Laird is a spitting image of Fredi Gonzalez. They could be twins
Is it just me or does Gerald Laird look like he could be Fredi Gonzalez's brother?
Gerald Laird and Fredi Gonzalez could pull a Parent Trap and nobody would know.
Here is the Braves lineup for this afternoon's game vs the Brewers at 1pm. Fredi Gonzalez is using the same lineup for 3rd straight game except for Gerald Laird starting at catcher instead of Evan Gattis for the day game after the night game. RF Jason Heyward CF BJ Upton 1B Freddie Freeman 3B Chris Johnson LF Justin Upton 2B Dan Uggla C Gerald Laird SS Andrelton Simmons SP Aaron Harang
Atlanta Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez challenged an infield hit by Ryan Braun that was then ruled an out after a 58-second review.
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