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Frederica Wilson

Frederica Wilson (born November 5, 1942) is the U.S. Representative for Florida's 17th congressional district.

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Scumbag. Her district includes opa-locka; a city in dade that you drive around if you can but if you have to go through you do not stop and get out because it is a drug infested community with a high murder rate, run-down, full of nastiness (they send prisoners there to clean up every week). Full of lazy do nothing stand around in front of the store all day folks community. Represented by good ole Frederica Wilson. Embarrassment to the human race. If she where to worry about her district instead of spending all that time shopping for a different hat for everyday of her life and wasted all that money (seriously who has money or the audacity to waste so much money on a hideous hat collection). Or instead of worrying about being on tv calling people racist trying to be a "rockstar". Worried about herself not the people. Narcissist.
This is also why and its overwhelmingly white national press corps "othered" Frederica Wilson when she to…
All the derogatory comments directed towards Rep. Frederica Wilson from these white supremacists are typical, when Blacks…
John Kelly is weak Trump's puppet! John must apologize to Rep. Frederica Wilson! He has zero credibility...LIAR!!
Donald Trump has attacked:. Colin Kaepernick who is black. Frederica Wilson who is black. Lavar Bell who is black. Step…
Rep. Frederica Wilson on recovery of additional remains of Sgt. La David Johnson in Niger: "Why doesn't the White House j…
Donald Trump has been very vocal about his dislike against Colin Kaepernick, Jemele Hill, Frederica Wilson, Lavar Ball an…
I guess Myeshia Johnson, Susan Rice, Frederica Wilson, April Ryan and Jemele Hill don't exist right? You're really…
What a fantastic president we have! . What an embarrassment Frederica Wilson is to our nation. . The cont…
Al Sharpton to lead Miami prayer service for Rep. Frederica Wilson | Tampa Bay Times:
Oh democrats-. Please nominate Michelle Obama with Frederica Wilson as a running mate…
Discovered the literal meaning of two terms this year:. *** - Frederica Wilson. Space Cadet - Julie Payette
Hillary - former two time loser of Presidential elections. Frederica Wilson - former rodeo clown. Maxine…
Rep. Frederica Wilson returned to Capitol Hill today for the 1st time since receiving death threats last week.
White House chief of staff John Kelly says he'll "never" apologize for his comments about Rep. Frederica Wilson
Compromise on slavery?!. Says a lot about John Kelly's issue with Frederica Wilson and it sure wasn't her hats.
The Trump campaign is out with a new ad attacking the "radical left," includes images of Rep. Frederica Wilson.
WH chief of staff John Kelly says he will "absolutely not" apologize for comments about Rep. Frederica Wilson
It's kind of like when we found out that Frederica Wilson also hired Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT aide,…
Did you know that Frederica Wilson hired Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT aide, Imran Awan?. I wish you didn't sp…
Frederica Wilson, Sheila Jackson Lee, Carrie Donovan, Janelle Monáe... The best public figures have LOOKS and stick to them.
Micheal Irvin's outfit looks like he's trying to compete with Rep. Frederica Wilson.
It has been 10 days since John Kelly lied about Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and has not apologized.
Senators that speak out won't run for reelection & Rep. Frederica Wilson skips votes. Wake up & smell the
As would I! Who else wants to hear & take on calling Rep. Frederica Wilson a *** ?…
The Hill demotes Rep. Frederica Wilson from rock star to 'Dem lawmaker attacked by Kelly'
Rep. Frederica Wilson not in Washington as she faces 'racist and rude' threats
Rep. Frederica Wilson skips votes in Washington as she faces ‘racist and rude’ threats
Perhaps it's time to remove host Bill Handel. His comments on Rep. Frederica Wilson are beyond the pal…
Frederica Wilson hasn't been able to return to D.C. due to threats she's received.
Please lift up in prayer. Threats are preventing Frederica Wilson from voting in Washington
It's easy to think 45's aggression toward Jemele Hill, Susan Rice, Myeshia Johnson, and Frederica Wilson as an anomaly.…
What on Earth is Frederica Wilson doing on stage with Trump? Oh, my apologies... that's Sheriff Clarke. The hideous…
The Rodeo Clown Union is suing Frederica Wilson for trademark infringement.
The offense is incivility. The victim is Rep. Frederica Wilson. The solution is impeachment. Who is with us?…
I owe an apology to Frederica Wilson. When the incident w/ Myeshia Johnson unfolded, I blamed both Wilson & Trump for politi…
Eric Trump: 'Disgusting' for Rep. Frederica Wilson to politicize President's call to military widow
Not your fault Bill, it's the era we live in today. Now Eric just needs a "Frederica Wilson" to exploit his loss politically.
Shame on Rep. Frederica Wilson for politicizing the death of a solider. She has never even supported a pro-veteran bill!
Myeshia Johnson & Frederica Wilson are telling the truth. Discrediting and targeting Black women is just a cornerstone o…
There's a big chance that Trump will get Democrats to hate Frederica Wilson more than they hate Hillary Clinton.
Yes, Frederica Wilson did hire Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT aide Imran Awan. They are all in it together.
I will never forgive Frederica Wilson, who hired Pakistani criminal Imran Awan, and politicized a Gold Star's death.
The Congressional Black Caucus is demanding an apology from John Kelly for his comments about Frederica Wilson.
I liked a video Rep. Frederica Wilson: John Kelly ‘Was a Puppet of the President,’ He Should
Rep. Frederica Wilson said John Kelly lied about her role in a dedication ceremony for a federal building in Miami
Calls intensify for John Kelly to apologize to Rep. Frederica Wilson for spiteful lies about her. by…
This is what the president of the United States was doing while Frederica Wilson was at the funeral honoring Sgt. LaDavid J…
John Kelly’s lies about Frederica Wilson are part of a pattern of not believing black women by
You're not alone Frederica Wilson because the DNC, Congressional Black Circus and the Democrats in general is full of emp…
Need a good reason to vote? . Look no further than Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, & Frederica Wilson. Dems…
Totally proves Rep. Frederica Wilson used a family to get her name in the paper. is so sincere
WOW! Trump Accuse Democrats of Using 'Wacky' Frederica Wilson as Diversion from Clinton-Obama Uranium One Scandal. http…
Rep. Frederica Wilson is sick for invoking race to slam John Kelly. It's a symptom of disease to imaging racism behind…
Frederica Wilson shares the same hat with Nomi Malone in Showgirls
I ❤️ me some Sarah! . Huckabee Sanders on Frederica Wilson: ‘All Hat, No Cattle’ via
BAM BAM— Sarah Huckabee Sanders backed up Gold Star Gen John Kelly saying Frederica Wilson is as we say in Arkansas, "…
Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Frederica Wilson..who votes for these lunatics??? Democrats not see how in…
FULL AUDIT:. I'm calling for an immediate full audit of Rep. Frederica Wilson's office, who hired Imran Awan. .
Frederica Wilson said "empty barrel" was a "racist term.". I couldn't find any evidence of that claim.
If Congress woman Frederica Wilson gets hit by a beer truck this weekend, I’d be the first to shotgun one & cheer
Latest: John Kelly falls into Trump’s trap of wronging Rep. Frederica Wilson
Can we please stop talking about WH Chief of Staff Kelly & Rep. Frederica Wilson?. If we want truth, can we find out why t…
Q: Frederica Wilson for $50 James!. A: What do you get when you cross James Brown with Howdy Doody?
John Kelly was wrong when he said that Frederica Wilson claimed to have "got the money" for an FBI building in Fla.
Rep. Frederica Wilson responds to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's criticism.
Rep. Frederica Wilson goes there: “The White House itself is full of white supremacists.”
Gen John Kelly calls Frederica Wilson an "empty barrel." She says that's racist. So ANY criticism of a black Congresswom…
Frederica Wilson told the White House “is full of white supremacists” after being attacked by John Kelly
1 year ago Frederica Wilson would have been dismissed as a kook by legit news but, since she's anti-Trump she's taken seriously.
wasn't Frederica Wilson in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas with Dolly Parton?
So now calling a black person an "empty barrel"is a racist term. General Kelly was too nice to Frederica Wilson because s…
Video of Frederica Wilson's 2015 FBI speech shows John Kelly got it wrong by Larry Barszewski via latimes.…
The full video of Frederica Wilson's speech shows that John Kelly got it wrong.
Rep. Frederica Wilson's reaction to that somber Kelly briefing via
Rep. Frederica Wilson is only a few anti-Trump tantrums away from becoming Crazy Maxine Waters. Oh boy.
*** Celia? Rep. Frederica Wilson is getting death threats and folks are out here saying it was…
Team Obama's stunning cover-up of Russian crimes via All are corrupt esp "Rep. Frederica Wilson"
Rep. Frederica Wilson: Kelly lied about FBI ceremony. Kelly the General of liars and traitors back once again
"Rep. Frederica Wilson" is a hooker also. Why else would she be wearing pimp hats? Isn’t that ri…
"Rep. Frederica Wilson" is a race baiting b!tch.Whenever are losing that what they…
"Rep. Frederica Wilson" The real scum of the earth. Even interrupted a ceremony in Miami politicizing death…
Rep. Frederica Wilson is proof you don't need an IQ above 40 to get elected in Democrat majority areas.
.calling Frederica Wilson “whacky” is putting it mildly. The woman is a buffoon. Look at her.
Brian, you're the enabler. Perhaps you should take a look at the "uniform" of the clown using you. Frederica Wilson--s…
Frederica Wilson this is a Gold Star widow speaking from the heart about your disgusting remarks. She is my hero. http…
Analysis | What John Kelly got wrong about Rep. Frederica Wilson and the Johnson family
Frederica Wilson says John Kelly lied from the White House podium.
General​ John Kelly just destroyed that lying race baiting goofy hat wearing clown Frederica Wilson. Shame on her and way…
NEW: Rep. Frederica Wilson calls out John Kelly for lying about 2015 Miami event in his attack on her tonight
Trump’s despicable attack on Frederica Wilson and a Gold Star Family. My latest at
In attack on Frederica Wilson over Trump’s call to widow, John Kelly gets facts wrong
Is this the Frederica Wilson that I heard was really Fred Sanford after a sex change who named himself Frederica Wi…
Rep. Frederica Wilson laughs that controversy over Gold Star widow has made her 'a rock star' via
Frederica Wilson (D-FL) looks like she's wearing something the famous comedian Flip Wilson wore on his TV show. Har…
I have a confession: I like Frederica Wilson's hats. They're fun. She's pretty awful, though.
MSM praises Frederica Wilson, a far-left communist who voted to arm ISIS, also admits she wants to ban guns and force vaccina…
Rep. Frederica Wilson on President Trump: “That is not what you say to a grieving widow”
I'll take POTUS Trump's word any day over a lying race baiting crazy hat wearing hypocrite like Frederica Wilson who want…
Rep. Frederica Wilson:. "How about you go get that proof and call me back?".
Far-left Congresswoman Frederica Wilson uses death of to lie about Trump when SHE voted to fund ISIS who k…
Rep. Frederica Wilson: Trump's remarks to Sgt. Johnson's widow are "so insensitive", "I hope he did not say that to the o…
Frederica Wilson is a divider not uniting America. She enjoying the attention! Wearing bi…
Why is everything a mental challenge to - Does Rep Frederica Wilson have a history of lying? Does Trump? Why i…
Congress Women Frederica Wilson has to lie to get her 20 minutes of fame. God Bless The Best Presiden…
Congresswoman says Trump told the widow of a US serviceman killed in Niger that "he knew what he signed up for"
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Here is the company Rep. Frederica Wilson keeps. Both are crooks
"Asked whether [Rep. Frederica] Wilson's account of the conversation between Trump and the family was accurate, she repli…
My convo with as controversy swells following call to grieving widow
Have you seen this looney tune Frederica Wilson? She gives Maxine a run for her money in terms of whackiness. Good Lord, WT…
kudos warrior of 99%&true hero Frederica Wilson; thinking Americans&world stands w/you in passionate loyalty to Gold Star families
Funny that liberals laugh at Ted Cruz yet take Frederica Wilson seriously. .
Who is Rep. Frederica Wilson, who criticized for 'insensitive' remark to soldier's widow?
NO WAY, the POTUS said what this washed up excuse for an attention seeking circus clown is claiming. I can only...
Life is hard for so many kids in Miami-Dade. And Sgt. La David Johnson was no exception. But he was exceptional…
It sickened me to listen to try to criticize Congresswoman Frederica Wilson for defending a veteran.
Congresswoman says President Trump told widow of fallen soldier "he knew what he signed up for"
Rep. Frederica Wilson says Sgt. La David T. Johnson's widow broke down on the phone with Trump: "He made her cry." https:…
Just got off phone with Rep. Frederica Wilson, who overheard Trump's call with widow. Said she wanted to curse POTUS out…
Wow Mr.Trump told grieving Army widow her husband knew "what he signed up for," congresswoman says via
Dem lawmaker: Deaths of soldiers in Niger is Trump's Benghazi Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), the c...
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Rep. Frederica Wilson responds to Trump's claim she "fabricated" what he said to soldier's widow: He "is a sick man"
Rep. Frederica Wilson: Trump kept referring to Sgt. Johnson as "your guy. He never called his name. It was almost as if h…
I can believe Trump who lied about military survivor calls days earlier or I can believe Rep. Frederica Wilson. I'm with t…
Rep. Frederica Wilson should apologize to the family of for the disgraceful way she's politicizing his…
Rep. Frederica Wilson says others will back up claims: “Mr. Trump is crazy. He's a liar. He's proven to be a liar." https…
Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson is vile left wing vermin. She made up false remarks about what Trump said to the widow of a…
There is not a reasonable adult in this country who believes Rep. Frederica Wilson is lying about Trump's remarks.
"What the *** Everybody knows that Mr. Trump is a liar," says in response to Trump claiming she 'fabricated'…
widow "broke down" after her call with Trump, saying the President "didn't even know his name" https:…
Frederica Wilson spent years consoling constituents before Trump challenged her
Do you think Rep. Frederica Wilson (D) fabricated President Trump’s message to Sgt. Johnson’s family?
Rep. Frederica Wilson responds: "I have proof, too. This man is a sick man. He's cold-hearted and he feels no pity." http…
Rep. Frederica Wilson: Sgt. La David Johnson's widow said that Trump "didn't even know his name" on the phone call. https…
Low-life Rep. Frederica Wilson is politicizing Trump's private conversation with Gold Star widow.…
Found out Congresswoman Frederica Wilson killed the Republican Health care bill..her speech killing that bill though 🙌🙌
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Is that Frederica Wilson in the cowboy hat? She is such trash.
That's Frederica Wilson, congresschick from South Florida. Often confused for Sheila Jackson Lee, out of Houston.
That's Frederica Wilson from Florida. She's insane like Sheila Jackson Lee, but wears the hats.
talk about SEND IN THE CLOWNS... just look at frederica wilson in her cowgirl outfit... rep from FL...
You should wear a Frederica Wilson hat
- the woman in the stetson is Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.
.You're looking for Rep. Frederica Wilson of FL. Here's 20 of her memorable hats..
The women in the red cowboy hat is: Frederica Wilson (D-Florida)
She a crazy nut from fla. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson her voice is like nails on chalk board
. Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Florida) upstages 0bama with her red plaid & CB hat
Frederica Wilson is the lady with the red sequin cowboy hat! Did she lose a bet, or is she clueless about what's ap…
Every photo from yesterday hides The Scottish cowgirl Frederica Wilson. I found Tracy Morgans new Halloween costume…
Almost 100% sure that she is Rep. Frederica Wilson.
LMAO.I was sitting w/my wife when she ask the same thing. Imagine her shock when I explained she's Frederica Wil…
Shout out to Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida and her red cowboy hat!.
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FL Representative Frederica Wilson looks like she's going to National Western Stock show in CO but she's a little e…
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. She wears sparkly cowboy hats all the time. It's her thing. And she is awesome.
That's US House of Representative Frederica Wilson from Florida. Educate, don't hate. ✌
.visits Hill, flanked by House + Senate Minority Leaders, Chairman of House Dem Caucus and ... Frederi…
Has anyone ever told Frederica Wilson that she looks like a rodeo clown with her absurd hats? Who can take her seri…
Miami's shiniest, Rep Frederica Wilson, spotted: "Please let me know where that woman bought that extraordinary red…
i love Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. she's the real deal, but those *** cowboy hats gotta go...
The lady in red is Rep. Frederica Wilson (FL) (she's also an
Can't help but laugh every time I see that moron Frederica Wilson and her clown hats. .
There go Frederica Wilson and that hat
my guess would be Frederica Wilson. She likes a good hat, but I'm not positive
JUST IN: .arrives at Capitol Hill to talk with Democrats on combating Republican healthcare overhaul;FL Rep.…
i mean DUH it's probably frederica wilson
it's gotta be Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida
I'm Daniel Remigio, and I will be running in the 2018 primary vs Frederica Wilson for the 24th Congressional District seat.
A fourth term in hand, turns her attention to Haiti:
Much of U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson's, D-Fla., focus in recent weeks… |
Wednesday, as part of a presentation on USAID's efforts to help Haiti… |
Haiti - Elections : «Haiti is not ready» dixit Frederica S. Wilson via HaitiLibre
President Barack Obama signs a copy of his speech for Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., in a hallway outside the House…
Yesterday, Rep.Frederica Wilson signed on to the Sarah Grace-Farley-Kluger Act. Thank You!
.GOP of Orange LA and Alameda counties all opposed Frederica Wilson introduced federal law. Marco?
Frederica Wilson, member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, endorses Hillary Clinton.
Don't miss the Tues Africa Policy Breakfast on the impact of Boko Haram & U.S. policy regarding the terrorist group
Rep. Frederica Wilson introduced a bill, if passed, will rq mandatory vacs for children in elem. and sec. schools:
PM Evans Paul will address the He is preceded by the Hon Frederica Wilson, congresswoman !
Representing NAIFA at a fundraiser for Frederica Wilson in Miami.
Corporate malfeasance destroying our middle class!
How the world's largest airlines makes record profits !.
U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson says she plans to join lawsuit to block congressional map changes
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Rep. Frederica Wilson's hat collection is unmatched
Congresswomen Corrine Brown and Frederica Wilson want court to reject the congressional maps as 'apartheid'
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is also here, sitting with Congresswoman Brown.
n - Rep. Frederica Wilson welcomes Nigerian president, but keeps up pressure to free girls
Bill Posey, Frederica Wilson want to honor 50th anniversary of moon landing with coin:
Bill Posey, Frederica Wilson propose new coin to honor 50th anniversary of moon landing
Rep. Wilson & Mbrs of Congress 2 recognize one year anniv of the kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram.
A marriage made by is a marriage made in *** Frederica Wilson (D-FL)
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson speaking about the importance of protecting children
Rep. Frederica Wilson: All children deserve an education. In America and all over the world.
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson Marco Rubio Bill Nelson My story. Please Ask your colleagues to give more...
Always-hatted Rep. Frederica Wilson speaks at dedication of new SoFla FBI bldg.
What a day yesterday as I got to engage with U.S. Representative Patrick Murphy and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.
We're at Dr. Frederica S. Wilson / Skyway Elementary School and we're excited to see The Boys Choir…
Frederica Wilson has a rival for Best Hats in Congress in Rep.-elect Alma Adams.
Rep. Frederica Wilson: There is so much friction between police and black boys. // Pen*s envy
Just one page. My Senator Bill Nelson responded & it wasn't a form letter. My Rep Frederica Wilson did not. Very disappointed.
Bill Clinton says he loves Frederica Wilson's "really cool hat"
Rep. Frederica Wilson calls Crist someone who "stands up for the people of Florida". Talks about "infamous hug" btwn Obama/Crist.
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson leads crowd in chant of "Fired up, Ready to Vote".
More from Florida lawmakers on murder of journalist (Frederica Wilson) adds her thoughts:
embarrassed that she’s one of our state’s reps. While I’m at it, let me also apologize for Alcee Hastings, Frederica Wilson,
Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson Urges South Florida Cities to take Advantage of Billions of Federal Dollars ...
With U.S. congressmen engaged in spirited – but good-natured – battle over the NBA Finals, we're asking readers to tell us how they're getting ready for tonight's game. Are you watching at home with friends, or are you taking in the game at a restaurant? Read on to see how two U.S. representatives – including District 23's Pete Gallego – are challenging their co-workers from Florida. As released by Gallego's office: U.S. Representatives Pete P. Gallego (D-Texas), Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), Joe Garcia (D-Florida) and Frederica Wilson (D-Florida) have agreed to a friendly wager as their respective teams go head to head in the 2014 NBA Finals. “It’s on. The Spurs will win this year’s NBA Championship and I look forward to Joe and Frederica wearing the Spurs jersey in front of our colleagues,” U.S. Rep. Gallego said. “Go Spurs, Go!” If the Spurs win the championship, Garcia and Wilson will take a picture wearing a Spurs jersey in front of U.S. Capitol and provide lunch to the staffs of Gall ...
Rep Frederica Wilson (FL) - We really appreciate all that you have done and accomplished. Thanks
thank god Frederica Wilson is respecting the rights of business owners and people abiding by state laws
Capt, what else would we expect from the party that brought us Al Franken, Frederica Wilson, Barbara Boxer... ?
The following elected officials mean nothing to their constituents in Florida now. The first black president has a pen and a phone and will use executive orders to make up law - his law. Those people I voted for have no voice now. Nor do I have the representation I voted for. What ever happened to a government of, by and for the people? Senators: Bill Nelson, Marco Rubio Florida (FL) Representatives: Gus Bilirakis, Corrine Brown, Vern Buchanan, Kathy Castor, Ander Crenshaw, Ron DeSantis, Theodore Deutch, Mario Diaz-Balart, Lois Frankel, Joe Garcia, Alan Grayson, Alcee Hastings, John Mica, Jeff Miller, Patrick Murphy, Richard Nugent, Bill Posey, Trey Radel, Thomas Rooney, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Dennis Ross, Steve Southerland, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Daniel Webster, Frederica Wilson, Ted Yoho
Great presentation from Frederica Wilson & Stephanie Spiers on the National Admission Standards initiative to the
On the 4th anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, let’s salute the strength and resilience of the Haitian people.
I think that ms Wilso is a high hat ni99er that has jumped the gun in the Zimmerman case and has pushed the white people to the limit and has let the black people get away with murder and needs to be FIRED asap she has lied to news reporters and to her public. She has promoted racial hate with the blacks and needs to STOP
Ask your Representative to co-sponsor Rep. Frederica Wilson’s Student Borrower Bill of Rights htt…
WHAT?! Maybe not the 1st QB, but not 1st round? Evaluators of talent invoke Farve & Wilson when comparing. Y…
Zimmerman killed a black teenager and gets off free. a black woman fire a warning shot and has this much problem. The United States Department of Justice needs to really take over on this case. The White House ABC World News with Diane Sawyer CBS News NBC News Univision Telemundo Fusion FRONTLINE The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Congressional Black Caucus Congresswoman Frederica Wilson NAACP Legal Defense Fund National Council of La Raza
From 'war on poverty' to war on working poor. Committee considering Living Wage Ordinance on Jan. 15.
Passing a serious employment agenda like the American Jobs Act would create up to 2 million jobs
My message to the GOP: It's always fiscally responsible to stop Americans from starving!
Saving unemployment insurance would not only protect struggling families but also create 200,000 jobs
Are pashminas to Joe Garcia what hats are to Frederica Wilson?: Washington reporters have gotten a kick out of...
From the War on Poverty to a war on the working poor:.
When War on Poverty was fully funded in the ‘60s, the share of Americans living in poverty fell by nearly half
My op-ed in contrasts the War on Poverty with current Congress’s devastating War on the Working Poor
Washington reporters have gotten a kick out of Frederica Wilson's glamorous hats ever since she was elected to Congress in 2010. At one point, she even made the cover of the Washington Post magazine. Now BuzzFeed -- which has...
Black Judicial Nominee Blocked By Senator Marco Rubio White House Gives Up On their Nominee, William Thomas By Jennifer Bendery 1/07/14 jen.bendery-- The White House has thrown in the towel in trying to confirm William Thomas to a federal court seat in Florida, signaling an end to a puzzling case of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) blocking his own judicial nominee. In a pile of about 200 judicial nominees President Barack Obama resubmitted to the Senate at the start of the year, Thomas was noticeably absent. An administration official confirmed Tuesday that his resubmission isn't coming. "The nomination of Judge William Thomas was returned by the Senate and Senator Rubio has made his objection clear, so the President chose not to renominate him," the official told The Huffington Post. Thomas would have made history, if confirmed, as the first openly *** black man to serve as a federal judge. Rubio has been single-handedly blocking Thomas for months, despite recommending him to Obama in 2012 as a nominee to ...
Thank's to All who came out this weekend to help make Richmond Heights 65th and Richmond Middle's 50th Ann. a Great Success. Captain Martin's son was so happy about everything. He took part in everything but the Talent Show. lol Everyone feels so good about our community and the Rich History we have here in this Great Community. We also had t shirts that said "I am The Heights". This was a popular item. We are having to take orders. There were news release this past Wednesday (Miami Times), Friday, Saturday, and Sunday( Miami Herald) and it will be in Neighbors Thursday , Jan 2nd. We as a community have been Truly Blessed. During the banquet Captain Frank C. Martin was given proclamations posthumously for his vision for Black World War II Veterans from: United States Congresswoman Frederica Wilson United States Congressman Joe Garcia (in attendance) Florida State Senator Dwight Bullard (in attendance) Miami Dade Commissioner Dennis Moss ( sent rep) Dr. Lawrence S. Feldman, School Board Member, Distri ...
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Jan. 17 march for public education Please share Congresswoman Frederica Wilson will be there.
"Update · Dec 26 We've Reached the Deadline. Sisters and Brothers, First, thank you for your help with spreading the word about the exoneration of the Honorable Marcus Garvey. Without your support, this would not have been possible. As of today, we have reached our deadline for the petition and we have gathered over 10, 000 signatures which were delivered to Representative Frederica Wilson on November 15, 2013. But we aren’t finished yet. July 20, 2014, marks the centenary of the founding of the UNIA-ACL and we plan to be a part of these celebrations. 2014 is also an election year and we hope that the signees will press their representatives for support of the petition to exonerate the Honorable Marcus Garvey. In other words, “If you want our votes, where do you stand on the exoneration of the Honorable Marcus Garvey?” Thank you (again) for your support. One Love, Geoffrey Philp The Coalition for the Exoneration of Marcus Garvey" Cause and Petition (closed now)
The Binays are like the WWB in a GC "walking while black in a gated community)...being shot like rabid dogs...ahihihi funny the way Rep. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL) said it...:)
How about wearing a funky cowboy hat, and dressing as Frederica Wilson for Halloween? Or a hoodie and say you're Trayvon/Bobby Rush
In an op-ed piece in Saturday’s Miami Herald, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) thanked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for his singular contributions to efforts to promote the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare. Wilson posited in her essay that no one did as much to call attention to the program and the...
Do you get the urge to stomp on her hat? Click Here>>
I imagine he's doing quite well.. with over 5 million in donations & a cushy internship w/ Frederica Wilson
Frederica Wilson one of D.C.'s 'most beautiful' people
Frederica Wilson: Get jobs back on congressional agenda - Other Views -
Hey Doug, have u notified Sharpton, Frederica Wilson, Maxine Waters... about this ? Oh, I'm sorry, it's blk on blk crime...
Frederica Wilson sporting a new hat
Rep. Frederica Wilson lauds Internet Essentials for providing low income families with low cost Internet access at home
Poignant comments to Presidential Commission on Election Admin (PCEA) by Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson:
Exactly how did Frederica Wilson fix da situation in her disrikt with people eating dawg food?
Frederica Wilson sounds a little like Tyrone Biggums'
Frederica Wilson (D) Florida Congresswoman; don't let the facts of Geo. Zim case confuse you with your uninformed reality.
Why does anyone pay attention to a "cartoon character" like Rep. Frederica Wilson?
Rep. Frederica Wilson must be related to Freed Slave Sheila Jackson Lee. via
FL Rep. Frederica Wilson dresses like the loud fat girl at a bachelorette party.
The real affront to the black community? Congresswoman Frederica Wilson's red boa at a press conference. was that?
I first saw Frederica Wilson on TV, I thought it was a comedy scene from SNL. GOT to be deranged to go around Congress dressed like that
At the Nat'l Black Caucus today, Frederica Wilson officially announces her campaign to run for Sheriff of Moron Town
How am I going to take Frederica Wilson seriously when she's wearing a feather boa and sequined cowboy hat during a press conference?
Frederica Wilson is living way in the past! It's really sad&I really wish she knew how 'Jury by your Peers' is the Best System of Justice!
Corrine Brown and Frederica Wilson, two of our brightest stars in Congress calling for investigation. Mrs. Wilson was wearing a red boa.
Frederica Wilson (D) Florida and CBC need to give it a rest, but... It ain't gonna happen
My civil rights have been violated by being subjected to Frederica Wilson's hat. No Justice! Bad Hat!
How can Frederica Wilson expect 2 B taken seriously when she looks more like a stripper with that hat & boa than a FL congresswoman?
To be taken seriously, Frederica Wilson, perhaps you should stop dressing like a clown, tone down the screech a tad, and include a fact or 2
Frederica Wilson, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, should get her FACTS straight before speaking about HER OWN STATE.
LOL Yes, this is a real pic. of a real *** She is "purshing fo an vesigation" LOLOL
Florida Congress woman Wilson Race Baits but its really hard to take her serious when she dresses like a Broadway Rodeo Star.
note to Frederica Wilson: Sparkly cowboy hats and a red boa are not appropriate attire. Tackier than freshly polished nails.
Frederica Wilson continues to bring race as issue she has done it since BO ele. during H.C. debates on every issue in DC now in Fla.=enough
Slander and libel /Congresswoman Frederica Wilson Calls George Zimmerman a Racist and a Murderer
This is why Racism Exist today - House Frederica Wilson 'Trayvon was hunted down like a dog
Are we supposed to take Frederica Wilson seriously? The sequined cowboy hat does not convey sanity.
Frederica Wilson you are a complete fool lady! U r a disgrace to Florida, working women and a complete waste of space! Waste of tax $ to!
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson has no respect for our justice system
Frederica Wilson (D) Florida Congresswoman. Are we supposed to take her serious?
Frederica Wilson (D *** City) says legal system "stacked against" She saying MPD should have arrested him in 2011/12?
Frederica Wilson now has a string attached to keep her sweet Cowboy hat on :-)
Personal Anecdotes do not apply to a legal case involving two other individuals. Florida should be embarrassed by Frederica Wilson.
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson Needs to be removed from office. . Do not vote for Congresswoman Frederica Wilson . VOTE HER OUT !
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is an embarassment to America. What's with the costume? What a sick joke!
Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson... Um, what are you wearing?
WOW! has anyone ever seen Frederica Wilson (D - Florida) and her variety of cowboy in the world can u take her seriously?? SAD!!!
Frederica Wilson Democrat beed to shut her racist mouth self responsibility ever heard of it
Rep. Frederica Wilson brings leaders on the front-line of to Miami.
(MIAMI, FL)- With the debate on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill heating up in Congress, Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson (FL-24) a ...
Hopeful jury member B35 don't quite get it he spoke against Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Rev Sharp claim blacks get killed every day and nothing is made of it. Lol Travon Martin,potiental juror.
Completely unexpected (but awesome) voir dire topic this morning: Rep. Frederica Wilson's hats.
Zimmerman: Juror B35 (more): Says US Rep Frederica Wilson's comment that Trayvon "was hunted down like a dog" was inappropriate.
And yes, Rep. Frederica Wilson was IDed by juror by her "pink hat." "Pretty obvious," defense lawyer Don West said.
B35 says the comments made by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson about being hunted down like a dog were inappropriate.
Juror B35 says Rep. Frederica Wilson's comment inflammatory. "I don't believe (Trayvon) was being hunted. Maybe watched, but not hunted."
B-35 knows about Rep Frederica Wilson's comment that was hunted like a "rabid dog." Doesn't agree.
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and I. Came out blurry lol
As George Zimmerman's trial kicks off on Monday, Earl Ofari Hutchinson writes at the Huffington Post that based on census records, the jury pool will likely consist largely of older, white Republicans.
Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla): via One of my Fav's from the mis info. pre-trial ginning -up the hate
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Bush was called a fascist for doing a quarter of what Obama is doing. The same Libs still think Bush was a Fascist but love and defend Obama. Jb
Zimmerman, 29, is charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of Martin, an unarmed black teenager, inside a gated community in Sanford, Fla., in February 2012.
I just want to apologize again. Frederica Wilson has been on C-SPAN 2 repeats for the last hour. And goodness.
Don't you dare try to tone down Frederica Wilson into a mere Jackson Lee.
Michael Etienne is looking to move up the political ladder in 2014 -- but he has a tough assignment as he looks to beat one of the most established Democratic incumbents in South Florida.
Frederica Wilson and I need to be friends. via
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