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Freddie Starr

Freddie Starr (born Frederick Leslie Fowell on 9 January 1943) is an English comedian who became famous in the early 1970s.

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Hello again, Freddie Starr and Scott Walker were both born on the 9th of January, 1943.
I think Dershowitz does protest too much - let him sue & let the victims take the stand He sounds like Freddie Starr when...
I thought that was Freddie Starr on 4 news
sounds all a bit Freddie Starr ate my hamster!
"It's a tie between Nigel Hawthorne, Freddie Starr and Cronos from Venom" what a list
January is always a miserable month so cheer yourself up and book some tickets to our hysterical Freddie Starr...
Yeh you're right. I was confusing him with Freddie Starr.
So as a happy birthday to Freddie Starr, here's that song that wrote in tribute to him.
Timeline was filled with birthday wishes for Dame David & Elvis yesterday. Not a thing for Freddie Starr today. Can't understand it.
was it the EU and not Freddie Starr that ate that poor hampster the sun wrote about a few years ago ? ! EU
I recorded every single one. Watched the Freddie Starr one the other day. You kicked *** on that one my friend
Why don't they send Freddie Starr to sort the Hamsters out ?
Here's a funny chiptune: Starr has won the Open, taking home a really ugly lemon.
would you mind if Freddie Starr came on for villa at half time?
Bill" Roache Michael Le Vell Freddie Starr did they all just get an inquiry ?. no they never so shouldn't be exceptions for Royals ?
lets hope freddie Starr is not on the train
Trying to style my hair like Ringo Starr circa 1961, but it's actually becoming more Freddie Starr circa 1988.
been talking about Freddie Starr a lot recently have you Carl
BREAKING NEWS: Freddie Starr jailed over underwater suicide unpleasantness.
Freddie Starr brings his unique sense of humour to the Empire 18th April Tickets £20
filmed it, but once Freddie Starr got involved in yew tree it had to be cut.
Watching the new DVD, i haven't laughed so hard in ages. especially the story about Freddie Starr.
1) Justice is not done if one person is named to tout for further allegs (e.g. Freddie Starr etc)
That was worryingly reminiscent of a Freddie Starr headline!
Day 17 already, where is the month going? Today's treat is . Freddie Starr on Saturday 25th April 2015 - 8:00pm.
As a kid my parents took me to see both Freddie Starr and Cilla in Bournemouth and I still want them to win
How Freddie Starr scared the bejesus out of Muhammad Ali, the greatest of them all:
Freddie Starr will be all over Young Boys.
works for Freddie Starr - when he pops a couple of those he goes full blown Garnett
Freddie Starr comes to the Empire Saturday 18 April 2015 -
It's You by Freddie Starr is in Robinsons, Belfast. Download it now at
Freddie starr - Its You. This is the 2nd 45 I got whilst in the infants I was clearly a sensitive lad with a crush :-)
Could have been worse... you could have got Freddie Starr or Jim Davison. That's the usual level of accuracy!
Afternoon Russ here... (In obligatory Christmas jumper!). Mystery year time.Freddie Starr ate a hamster (so claimed the Sun) and...
"Freddie Starr, sorta like the original Bill Hicks"
still marginally better behaved than Freddie Starr then
Just don't tell Tresidder, he'll be in there like a hamster up Freddie Starr.
"Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster" would be taking a step upmarket for this guy.
Dear oh dear ..Dame Shirley Bassey on Strictly I thought it was Freddie Starr doing a spoof clothes
When Freddie Starr was on form there was nobody funnier He had danger charisma and stage craft Top banana Freddie
Freddie starr used to deal in there like
I liked a video its you freddie starr
Freddie Starr telling a story to Muhammad Ali -
Better How I Mother: Starr has injured himself using a screwdriver. If only he'd been wearing something awesome.
Instead, Adolf intends to tour student unions dressed as Freddie Starr.
what do they expect? For Adam to get up there and become Freddie?? Adam is a ⭐️on his own! And perfect for this👑😃
Jim Davidson, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Freddie Starr, and Jimmy Tarbuck,. it's a strong line up for this years Prison
George Michael lives there too. Gordon Ramsey, Paul Daniels, Freddie Starr and Uri Geller!
... and what about Freddie Starr, Nigel Evans and the two Coronation Street actors. ? Judge each on merit!
could all be completely false of course.I'm thinking of ppl like Jim Davidson, Freddie Starr etc. Will stay with them forever now
So Sir Cliff has now received the backing of Freddie Starr. It never rains...
Apparently Freddie Starr is in a bad way, due to fictional abuse claims taking their toll on his health.
Freddie "hamster muncher" Starr predicts Elvis will be next to be named in Celebrity Pervert Scandal .
am certain that Freddie Starr and Jim Davison would disagree innocent until proven guilty
I doubt Freddie Starr will ever get over it...
it's all gone a bit 'Freddie Starr ate my hamster' in the press. Poor Robins family and now Cliff not being treated fairly.
YES! An excellent likeness of a young Freddie Starr, well done that artist
Freddie Starr's still topical, right? Go with that.
it's her new thing. Throwing shade at Ari, hanging out w/ Kira Starr (wonder if Austin&Ally know), & Freddie's mom is her therapist
Did you also put up on social media that Freddie Starr, William Roach, Micheal Lavell were nonces? Big and clever.
Trouble is the Firelighters don't realise what irreparable damage they're doing. Look at Freddie Starr.
Jimmy Savile, then Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr. Rick is praying that Cliff Richard is not next.
Before you all go into nonce meltdown over Cliff, let's all hold hands for a min & remember William Roache, DLT, Freddie Starr
look what it did to Freddie Starr! He looked terrible after being cleared :(
Hopefully police have got it right this and won’t leave Cliff dangling like Freddie Starr only for investigation to eventually be dropped.
Naaa ..was an obvious one that!. And I reckon Freddie Starr's got away with murder over the years (not literally)
Caitlin Moran on well-endowed men, terrible music reviews and the "9/11 of … Freddie Sta...
Still waiting on Freddie starr and jimmie krankie
Look what it's done to poor old Freddie Starr, he's been proven innocent but the poor blokes a wreck.
Freddie Starr as well wasn’t it? Should remain anonymous at least during the investigation period
I mean look at what it did to Freddie Starr. Nearly killed the bloke
and what about what's it's done to such as and Freddie Starr
An advert much cooler than the Freddie Starr gig just came through the letterbox. (Not actually sarcastic this time.)
I thought I'd have more followers since I'm Freddie Starr.
Freddie Starr on Des O'Connor Tonight: I can't believe I finally found this! It explains a lot about me
Freddie Starr clearly dropped the ball on this one...
So frank maloney's becoming a bird...that's right up there with Freddie Starr ate my hamster and the double decker on the moon
“BBC News - Freddie Starr held by Operation Yewtree over new claim politicians…
“I'm so unlucky that if I was to fall into a barrel of nipples I'd come out sucking my thumb.” – Freddie Starr
Freddie Starr and Jim Davidson not charged but named. I agree in full anonymity until guilty.
Freddie Starr is cleaning the train I'm on. How the mighty have fallen
Freddie Starr and Ruth Madoc enjoying an intimate moment on Blankety Blank.
I'm chundering: Freddie Starr has taken steroids: now his toenails is the size of from ancient Ireland.
Most wanted Freddie. Good luck with that.
Freddie Starr doesn't look at all well. Shame on the police, the CPS and the scumbags who made false allegations for making his life ***
says dead rabbit picture row is worse than "Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster." I back Jeanette. Reality of eating meat.
Jeanette Winterson making a considered case for the bunny-simmerers on now... "This is worse than Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster".
This is the full uncut version of Another Audience With Freddie Starr. When the idea came to do the first Audience with it was already commissioned for home ...
Fred isn't good enough for Brazil. Playing more like Freddie Starr than Fred the star
Thanks, ya just reminded me to make a crucial playlist addition: "The Militia" Gang Starr feat. Big Shug & Freddie Fox.
Freddie Starr once claimed to have done similar, if memory serves
Fabio Cannavaro is a younger Freddie Starr with an Italian accent.
ever see Freddie Starr doing an impression of Richard Burton? Same voice...
they also saw Freddie starr there when he was a singing act. Not quite so impressive
"She spent a year in prison when pregnant with her fourth child in 1982 for deception," via - violins….?
"Three of her children were taken into care as babies, and a fourth at ten years old." via - terribly sad
I hope whoever pointed the finger at Freddie Starr are proud of what they've done to an Comedy Legend.
More Freddie Starr than Frank Sinatra sounds about right LOL
'Not named for legal reasons'. So it's not Freddie Starr or Jim Davidson then. Must have clout, this one.
Spot on LibbyPurves on legal limbo of endless bail See my blog on this http…
Comedian Freddie Starr is arrested for a fourth time by police investigating allegations of sexual abuse.
Freddie Starr has married his long-term partner at a church in the Parthenon.
We have lift-off! Freddie Starr has regressed to the mental age of two visiting his KFC meal.
Is it just me or does Cannavaro look a wee bit like a young Freddie Starr?
Yessir!! inashika hata tv ya wakorino inaitwa Njata lol “Hey, is your go tv decoder working?”
Hoddle may be Spurs scum and look like Freddie Starr but England played good under him. . Hoddle, I mean.. not Freddie Starr. .   10% Off
they should do a nonces eleven, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr ect
Those looking for baby sitters remember if they work for the BBC they can't be trusted like Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr. Post.anon thanx.
There is a spectrum of hamster ownership which has Freddie Starr at one end and Richard Gere at the other. I fear I am on the Freddie side.
Reasonable question from Susanna Reid prompts Freddie Starr to walk out of interview - meaning even more people will now …
Freddie Starr told Susanna Reid to get out! We wouldn't kick her out the house... Or bed... :p
Watch: Freddie Starr storms out of Good Morning Britain interview with Susanna Reid after being quizzed a
→ → Freddie Starr leaves the Good Morning Britain interview → “You ve been in showbiz 50 years - do yo…
Freddie Starr storms out of TV interview a week after police drop child abuse investigation.
In case anyone missed the Freddie Starr interview on ITV'S Good Morning Britain where he walked away at one point...
Freddie Starr walks out of Good Morning Britain interview
ITV's new breakfast show Good Morning Britain suffered another setback this morning, with comedian Freddie Starr storming out during an exclusive interview.
'Get out my house!' Freddie Starr quits Susanna Reid interview as she questions innocence (via
A British comedy video. In his first TV interview since sex abuse allegations against him were dropped, Freddie Starr abruptly stops an interview with Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid as he is un-happy with one of the questions she asks.
Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and now Freddie Starr. I'll put a £50 bet on that bruce Forsyth is next!
Rolf Harris u naughty boy !!! Didgeridoos & little girls u weirdo !!! Freddie Starr is proper messed up too just watchin his interview *** !!
In an exclusive interview with Good Morning Britain, Freddie Starr says his life has been ruined by allegations of sexual assault. Read more about it in today's Good Morning Britain news round-up:
Veteran comic Freddie Starr has stormed out of a Good Morning Britain interview after recent allegations of sex abuse against him were raised. Starr, who was on bail for 18 months before being told last week that he would not be facing prosecution,… [ 370 more words. ]
'Bloody *** ! How many more to crawl out the woodworm ! Freddie Starr, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris etc . Just shows they all get found out in the end.
Freddie Starr storms out of interview about his sex abuse claims ordeal
David Cameron has confirmed this morning that more help is on the way to Nigeria Dave Lee Travis Max Clifford and Freddie Starr are all flying over late tonight
Freddie Starr case proves that 'justice delayed is justice denied' blogs criminal lawyer
Bit of a case study here, Freddie Starr and Rolf Harris. Now, Freddie Starr (age 71) looks like he's been turned into a complete and utter mess! Whilst Rolf Harris looks quite healthy, calm, cool and collected for his age (84). Do you think how Rolf is acting is suggesting he is guilty? It would be a shame if he is proven guilty as he's had an impact on so many peoples lives.
My blog "Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied" on Freddie Starr & defeating the spectre of endless bail
I don't care what anyone says but Rolf Harris is a guilty man!! Anyone who was involved in the BBC around the same time as the main predator himself Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall oh and Gary Glitter and a few other names are all guilty of the same act! And how Freddie Starr has got away with it I will never know. That man has beast written all over him and its the same with Harris!! Burn the lot of them
Nigeria update Nigeria have asked for Britain to send The SAS to help find the 250 kidnapped schoolgirls In Response Britain have sent Stuart Hall, Gary Glitter, Dave Lee Travis, Freddie Starr, Rolf Harris, Pete Townshend and Max Clifford
Freddie Starr and Guy Debord: what Operation Yewtree can learn from post-war French situationism
Never mind justice, enjoy the witch hunt - Freddie Starr walks, but his life is ruined. Well done Operation Yewtree
Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted, CPS confirms. UK . … statement within the next few days. Operation Yewtree is...
Freddie Starr yesterday lashed out at police and prosecutors after a sex case against him was finally dropped. The Crown Prosecution Service announced that there was not enough evidence to charge him over 13 alleged victims, and said that it was not in the public interest to prosecute over one other. The 71-year-old TV entertainer signalled he will sue for compensation after he was released from bail more than 18 months after his first arrest.
Freddie Starr cleared. Just as I said from the word go. Shame on those women who jumped on the bandwagon, that was the repercussions of the creepy sicko Jimmy Saville. Ruining peoples lives and physically ageing them. Will be shocked if Rolf Harris isn't cleared next!
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Just seen Freddie Starr on the news, what a state he's in.
Just saw Freddie Starr on the news. Fella looks to be in a terrible way.
Jeez! Check out Freddie Starr on ITV news..looks like an old tramp!
freddie Starr just been on ITV news an ill man, not to face charges. They've almost killed him
Freddie Starr looks like he's eaten a hamster or two lately.
Freddie Starr on news , he looks destroyed , there has to be a better way to deal with these cases that will serve both victims and accused
i think its horrible that the accuses of Freddie Starr stay anonymous while he has went threw ***
Bloody *** ! Who has just seen Freddie Starr on the ITN news !
Freddie Starr looks like he's well ill.
Freddie Starr has trended 34 times since UK began - see the chart at
Freddie Starr case reopened after new witness comes forward
Freddie Starr will not face trial over claims that he sexually abused 14 women (Getty)
Max Clifford associates website has now closed down.I wanted to check who else he has associated with over the years apart from Gary Glitter and taken ill to day Freddie Starr, who won't be facing any new charges because Freddie Starr is now far to ill.
Freddie Starr – Charging decisions: The Crown Prosecution Service has decided that Freddie Starr should not be...
The thing that shocked me most about this whole Freddie Starr saga is the way they repeatedly used the word "entertainer" t…
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VIDEO: Shocking toll on Freddie Starr after 18 months under suspicion
So the name of Freddie Starr has been dragged through the mud for no reason. He should be able to sue for false allegations. Not the first.
Stuart Hall pleads guilty to 1 charge of indecent assault against young girl and not guilty to 20 other charges, Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted following sex abuse allegations, Rolf Harris arrives at court to begin indecent assault trial... then a long silence shall resound across the land as the masses are placated, and the real culprits wander among you..
I've never been a fan of Freddie Starr, but watching the interview outside his house saying he's been cleared of all charges was pretty heartbreaking.
Social Services have banned Freddie Starr from being alone with his own children, in case he starts telling them jokes
When Alison Saunders & CPS boast of their ONE Yewtree success, think of all their innocent victims like Freddie Starr
Case against Freddie Starr dropped due to "insufficient evidence"
Freddie Starr will NOT be prosecuted for any offence following allegations of indecent assault, the Crown Prosecution S…
The CPS's full statement re: decision not to charge Freddie Starr with any offence.
Absolutely outrageous. To describe as a 'comedian' is a total perversion of the English language.
Shocking toll of 18 months on Freddie Starr. Will NOT face charges over sex assault claims. via
If Freddie Starr isn't charged for sex offences can you not just lock him up anyway so we don't have to look at his face any more?
Freddie Starr looks in seriously ill health. He's been found not guilty but looks like the scenario has taken its toll on him
Lawyer: We're now concentrating on Freddie's health
And meanwhile Freddie Starr has gone through months of *** and his name dragged everywhere... Shocking to see what he looks like... And no
All purpose parts banner
Lots of ppl going on about Freddie Starr being innocent - CPS said they could get a conviction but wouldn't be in public interest to do so.
Freddie Starr is not looking too good.
Looks like Freddie Starr has been back on the hamsters
BBC News - Didn't Freddie Starr just end up with the body he deserves!
just seen the article on Freddie Starr. Why cant the CPS make this decision before somebody is needlessly put through ***
Is finding it difficult to have anything but sympathy for Stuart Hall. I mean, id hang Gary Glitter by his spuds and throw things at him, like a church or a lorry for example. But i don't think Stuart Hall is the same animal. Freddie Starr is a knob mind.
That poor freddie starr i feel bad for him driven so ill & tainted by this awful pedophile scandal. He obv is innocent
freddie starr may look a bit rough but I'm not too keen on his wife either
Max Clifford Guilty...Freddie Starr Cleared.what are the odds on Rolf Harris?
The compo lawyers must be gutted about Freddie Starr. He's loaded so they lined up their 'victims' but he used great investigators
I am all for paedophiles being prosecuted but when you see how ill Freddie Starr looks - maybe some cases are just a step too far .
Just seen Freddie Starr on the news. He's an absolute wreck. Looks like he's had a breakdown. Poor sod. And the accusers walk away anonymous
Comedian Freddie Starr will not face trial for sex allegations - Evening Standard
Naming these celebrities who have been charged with sex attacks can change a man if innocent its certainly broken Freddie Starr he is not being charged and the case dropped he has had that on his mind for 18mnths what a shock to see him on the news today a very broken man Police shldd be absolutely sure before they name these men
Freddie Starr's relief over not being prosecuted for indecent assault
Freddie Starr appeared briefly outside his home in Warwickshire alongside his lawyer Dean Dunham, who condemned the investigation and said the entertainer's health was now a priority.
No charges for comic after 18-month sex probe 'British comedian Freddie Starr was told Tuesday he will ...'
Freddie Starr - ALL CHARGES DROPPED !! About time aswell, It'll be great to see Freddie back on stage where he belongs. Excellent news :-)
Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted says CPS.
Coincidence that CPS reveal Freddie Starr cleared after 18 months under arrest on same day focus all on Rolf Harris trial start? Course not!
Shocking toll on Freddie Starr of 18 months under suspicion of sex attacks as CPS says will be NO charges against him
Unbelievable the treatment Freddie Starr has received. Poor bloke has suffered so much with these false allegations I hope he bounces back.
Pity Freddie Starr's 'no further action' didn't get the same prominence as Stuart Hall's further charges.
Today's picture of Freddie after prosecutors say he won't be charged over sex claims http:…
Freddie Starr poor man looks traumatised.
The CPS investigation of the sex offence allegations have taken a shocking toll on a frail Freddie Starr:
Just seen Freddie Starr on news my god he looks so old
Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted
So Freddie Starr is innocent yet the Press intrusion has affected his health badly. Can we not simply get truth before vi…
Freddie Starr not looking too good today:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
When I read "Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted for indecent assault" I thought it was Edwin. Zombie Edwin Starr... you crazy!
Freddie Starr is trending. Starr is a British institution - another on the list of successes Scots won't be allowed to sha…
For the record I also wouldn't even THINK there's anything odd in the slightest about Freddie Starr. AT ALL. Certainly not.
Freddie Starr 'relieved' to face no sexual assault charges -
Poor ole Freddie Starr .. Poor chap looks ready to curl up. Still, he'll always have the memories.
Freddie Starr is outraged that celebs had to wait before cases were dropped. . What about victims of abuse who wait dec…
BBC News - Freddie Starr traumatised by police inquiry Forget rights or wrongs of this case, doesn't Starr look ill?
Jesus H Christ.. Look at him.. A broken man..
Freddie Starr expresses his relief over not being prosecuted for indecent assault
Looking frail: Freddie Starr (right), 71, and his lawyer Dean Dunham (left) talk outside his home in Warwickshire
So sad to see the state of Freddie Starr on the news. A broken man due to allegations under yewtree. Glad the charges are dropped and he can try to rebuild his life
So now Freddie Starr has had all the charges against him dropped I think it's about time we named and shamed these so called 'victims'..his career and reputation will never be the same so why should theirs! Rant over.
Freddie Starr look terrible and stress seem effect by investigate on sex abuse. It turn out he done nothing wrong.
So pleased to hear my friend Freddie Starr has all charges dropped. But like I have said from day 1 no need to name and shame unless they are charged with the crime. God bless ya Freddie x
STUDLEY-based comedian Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted following allegations of sex offences.
Totally disgusting the freddie Starr case . Greedy woman trying to make a few thousand , that man is a total wreck , the woman who made the story up should be bloody locked up
OMG have u seen Freddie Starr on the news...had to look twice!
It has been decided today that Freddie Starr, who was originally arrested in November 2012, will face no charges in relation to thirteen alleged victims du
So Freddie Starr isnt being charged, its really taken its toll on him judging by his appearance outside his house this afternoon, noticed his expensive solicitor was doing all the talking.
Mate, Freddie Starr looks a broken husk of a man.
Veteran British comedian, Freddie Starr has been cleared of sexual abuse claims made against him. He was first arrested in 2012, amid allegations that he groped a 14-year-old girl. Further investigations led to him being re-arrested in April 2013, as another ten women said they had once been abused…
Freddie Starr is unrecognisable, shows the power of the paparazzi, it can destroy a person .
Just seen our old pal freddie Starr on the news, he has werewolf features now, what's going on with his facial, wild animal hair, I loved the panting !
Liverpool comedian Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted over allegations of sexual offences, the Crown Prosecution Service has said.
I'm just so thrilled that Freddie Starr has been cleared off all charges. It's been a nightmare for both Freddie & his wife Sophie but at last the nightmare is over,Long Live the King of Comedy,Just get back to doing what you loved doing best by going back on Tour xxx
Cor..Freddie Starr looks terrible, the court case has really taken it's till on his mental health!
In today's episode of *** from the Daily Mail it's been revealed that Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted for sex crimes. Yes, if you thought there was no way the sex crime inquiry Operation Yewtr...
Two Guardian headlines today: "Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted over sex offence allegations, says CPS", "France launches action plan to save endangered hamster". Coincidence?
Good on you Freddie Starr love ya xxx
The charges against Freddie Starr have been dropped, with the comedian told he will not face charges over historic sex offence allegations due to lack of evidence.
Crown Prosecution Service decide not to prosecute Freddie Starr:
Comedian Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted after spending 18 months on bail for sex crime allegations.
Freddie Starr will not face prosecution over alleged sex offences due to insufficient evidence
Filthy Freddie Starr not being prosecuted for the abuse allegations!! He should be prosecuted for being a weird looking cradle snatcher then!!
Just been on the news, Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted over sex allegations. Why did it take so long.
Well done Freddie Starr for sticking to your guns mate, now get back to what you do best and entertaining us again
So Freddie Starr is not to be charged with sex crimes. Now what about the people who made the allegations - are they going to be investigated?
All sex offence charges against Freddie Starr have been dropped due to 'insufficient evidence':
Freddie Starr Will Not Be Charged With Sex Offences - Freddie Starr will not face charges over alleged sexual offences, prosecutors have confirmed. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced on Tuesday that there was "insufficient evidence" to charge the 71-year-old comic with all but one of the allegatio -
Insufficient evidence for a prosecution does not mean you are innocent Freddie Starr.
So...Why did it take 18 months to establish that there was insufficient evidence against Freddie Starr?
Freddie Starr. All charges dropped. That's one hamster who won't have his day in court.
Freddie Starr has accused Scotland Yard of a "flagrant breach" of his human rights. He's been on bail for 18 months, arrested 4 times.
The Crown Prosecution Service has said Freddie Starr won't be charged in connection with allegations of indecent assault. More at 12
Britain's Crown Prosecution Service has decided not to prosecute comedian Freddie Starr for any offence.
BREAKING - Crown Prosecution Service has decided comedian Freddie Starr should face no further action re 13 sex assault allegations
Box of videos if any good to anyone assorted comedy Jim Davidson,Jethro,Freddie Starr etc collection nn4 briar hill
Yesterday I did stripping in my front room, passers by were gawping in amazement. I was doing my Freddie Starr impersonation or is it Freddie Mercury singing "I want to be free" Freddie Starr I fell over the ladders. Today I put the clothes back on the wall with paste, didn't know I was an artist did you:))
The Daily Mail. They gave us the Zinoviev letter, hurrah for the blackshirts and straight sex can't give you AIDS. The Sun. Gave us Bonkers Bruno, Hillsborough and Freddie Starr ate my hamster. What does it say about your powers of reason, your judgement and intelligence if you take those two rags seriously?
Ok so Max Clifford has been sentenced for the horrible things he has done, I may be completely wrong in all this, buy him being a pa guy etc makes me wonder all the allegations towards other stars like Jim Davidson, the two from Coronation Street, Freddie Starr etc were just to take the heat away from max himself? I am only thinking allowed but interesting how so many were proven innocent and max proven guilty, also wonder how many of the witnesses towards the other stars had a link to max? Just a thought
criticises Yewtree investigation-She added: “Exactly why have they arrested Freddie Starr, Dave Lee Travis, & others?
Given Jasper Carrott and Bradley thingy, surprised it's taken so long for Brian Conley to get a gameshow. There's hope for Freddie Starr yet
that he was, as we suspected, publicity manager for Jimmy Saville, Freddie Starr and Max Clifford
BOOM! Freddie Starr has set fire to First Opium War veterans.
My mam awake at 7 telling me the calender is wrong as its definatly NOT Easter on Sunday RANDOM this woman lol xx now were having a talk on the benefits of porridge and jumped onto Freddie Starr and Michael Le Vell ?? xx
Harriet Harman has paedophile connections now so that's allegedly Ken Barlow Dave Lee Travis, Jimmy Savile who can't even defend himself, Freddie Starr, and Kevin Webster from corrie and tonnes more!! But this is the first woman! Only other woman I know is rosemary west! Women aren't born to be paedophiles!! How can this be??
On this day in music history..Feb 19th... 1957, American movie idol and singer Tab Hunter was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Young Love', the singers only UK No.1 hit. 1963, The Beatles, Freddie Starr & The Midnighters, The Pathfinders and Curtis & The All Stars all appeared at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, England. The Beatles had 'Please Please Me' at No.1 on the NME singles chart. more 1964, A British company shipped ½ ton of Beatle wigs to the US. An American reporter later asked John Lennon, "How do you feel about teenagers imitating you with Beatle wigs?" John replied "They're not imitating us because we don't wear Beatle wigs." 1965, Working at Abbey Road studios in London, The Beatles recorded a new John Lennon song 'You're Going To Lose That Girl' in two takes. The track was released on the Help! album. more 1966, Lou Christie went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Lightnin Strikes', a No.11 hit in the UK. Nancy Sinatra held the UK No.1 single position with 'These Boots Are Made For Wal ...
Sick of reading about false rape claims with celebrities because theyve got money. Ken Barlow, Kev Webster, Dave Lee Travis, Freddie Starr, Jim Davidson, Loic Remy all in the paper today and all cleared. Why not keep them annonymous and name and shame the 342 defrocked scumbag horrible *** priests that actually did do something?!
Operation Yewtree: Freddie Starr held over new sex abuse claims. UK . Freddie Starr has been arrested for a fourth...
Dave Lee Travis has been cleared. A totally and entirely innocent man. Just like Bill Roache. I also predict that Rolf Harris and Freddie Starr will be cleared later this year. If so, I hope the lot of them sue the CPS to BANKRUPTCY.
DLT, Bill Roache, Michael Le Vell, not guilty stop the witch hunt. Saville was evil but this is getting stupid with Rolf Harris and maybe Freddie Starr to come. Waste of time and money just more money for the lawyers!!!
Freddie Starr arrested over new sex offence allegations Freddie Starr has been arrested over new sexual offences allegations. Officers working on Operation Yewtree, set up following the Jimmy Savile child sex abuse scandal, spoke to the 71-year-old at a Warwickshire police station. Starr denies all charges and has been released on bail until February. The comedian was previously arrested in November 2012 over claims falling under the 'Savile and others' section of the investigations. He was arrested again in April 2013 over allegations not related to Savile. Scotland Yard has confirmed that the new arrest is also part of the "others" strand of the Operation Yewtree inquiry.
A collection of autographs, including a signed photo of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, will go under the hammer at Wombells auction house, Upper Poppleton, York, on Saturday. Auctioneer and Valuer Matt Harris said: “ We have a large collection of autographs in the sale on Saturday and the pick of them is a framed signed photograph from 1951 of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor, with two supporting letters from The Private Secretary (probably Edward’s), a printed Duke and Duchess of Windsor greetings card and an old Bonhams valuation from December 2000. “We’ve only discovered the private secretary letters and card today while cataloguing as they were tucked inside the frame behind the photograph.” “The remaining autographs in the collection - a large collection of several books and photographs - are mainly 1970s to 1980s variety theatre interest with notable names including David Essex, Freddie Starr, John Inman, Ronnie Barker, The Grumbleweeds etc. Mr Harris said: “We’ve also got two origina ...
A LIVERPOOL boxer and minder to stars of the Swinging Sixties has died. Joseph Keatley, known universally as Beech, was 74. He was a heavyweight who sparred with top prizefighters and, during the 1960s, helped run the Cabaret Club in Duke Street. Mr Keatley also worked as steward for promoter Sam Leach and among his charges over the years were The Beatles, Tommy Cooper, Jerry Lee Lewis and Freddie Starr. Mr Leach said today: "He worked with me at the Iron Door, Casanova and Tower Ballroom. "He was a giant of a man in every way - he was a lovely man and never stopped smiling. "Once, The Beatles were threatened by this Wirral gang and he made sure they were protected all night, no-one got near them." Joseph 'Joey' Keatley, who had nine brothers and sisters, grew up in Dingle, apart from time in the war when he was evacuated to Staffordshire. A decade ago he was passing the house where he lodged and knocked on the door - only to discover his evacuee 'mother' still lived there. Daughter Linda Keatley said: "S ...
has just been offered the role of MD for BBC Children In Need 2014. CJ has decided the opening number will be "The Cell Block Tango" from Chicago The Musical, performed by Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr, William Roache, Dave Lee Travis, Max Clifford and Rolf Harris. CJ REALLY wanted Jim Davidson in this, but apparently he's unavailable.
Congratulations to Stuart Hall, Bill Roache, Max Clifford, Dave Lee Travis & Freddie Starr. Jimmy Savile well and truly fixed it for you.
Typical Day in the life of a child of the Seventies... Wake up to the sound of Dave Lee Travis pounding out tunes on Radio One, Michael Jackson, Gary Glitter or Pete Townsend ringing in my ears. Listen to a bit of Jonathan King reporting on the US Billboard chart and then settle in front of TV to watch 'it's a Knockout' with the lovable Stuart Hall, loved his cheeky laugh. Then my favourite TV show 'Jim'll Fix It', he never got my letter to meet Rolf Harris and have go on his digerydoo. Then my Mum flicks over to watch Corrie with the scamp Ken Barlow...Such a rogue. If I was very lucky I got to stay up a bit later on a Saturday and watch Freddie Starr... Times where simpler then...
A morning interview with Freddie Starr in relation to Jimmy Savile and his version of events. Make your own decisions. Thanks to channel: B1uebott1e1
Following the Jimmy Saville affair, the police started hunting celebrities regarding alleged sexual improprieties which took place decades ago. The list was quite lengthy. True, Stuart Hall admitted it and was imprisoned, but Michael LeVell and Jim Davidson have been cleared - but what about the mental torture they underwent before being cleared. Freddie Starr has been charged again. Yesterday we had three celebrities in court. I don't know what happened or who is innocent or guilty, but here again is an example of those with power who get away with things. I'm talking about the Liberal Peer Lord Rennard. A string of women have come forward to state that he sexually molested them. The Liberal Party state they are not going to investigate, neither are the police. Yet these are no different from the allegations that that dragged the above named celebrities into court. One law for civilians, another for Lords.
Great show on today,featuring many of your all time favourite celebrities. Dave Lee Travis, William Roache, Rolf Harris, Freddie Starr. oops sorry my mistake, they were court appearances.
i can remember the days when Ken Barlow, DLT, Rolf Harris and Freddie Starr was that nights tv listings not the latest crime reports
Today isn't a day to be nostalgic is it? Ken Barlow. Rolf Harris. Dave Lee Travis, Freddie Starr (not that I ever was about the latter)
Ken Barlow, Rolf Harris, Dave Travis in court & Freddie Starr re-arrested today. bad day for famous peados
I see there's not much going on in the world today that doesn't involve old peados. William Roache, Dave Lee Travis, Rolf Harris and Freddie Starr again all big news on the BBC
Rolf Harris. Dave Lee Travis. William Roach. Freddie Starr. January is "Try A Paedophile" month... just not literally!!
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Freddie Starr, Rolf Harris, William Roache, Dave Lee Travis... just some of the line up for the new season of 'I'm a Celebrity in court, get me out of here'
Rolf Harris,, Dave Lee Travis,,Freddie Starr,,William Roache(Ken Barlow),,flipping heck,, were they all at it ?? I wonder how many more are gonna come out the woodwork and I wonder where all these people were back then and why not say something then ,,, anyway just wondering !
DLT, Rolf Harris, William Roache and Freddie Starr. All up in front of the law today for being beasts. Filthy animals
*** !! William Roche (aka Ken Barlow), DJ Travis, and Rolf Harris in court on child sex charges today and Freddie Starr arrested. 70s/80s TV
Freddie Starr, Rolf Harris, William Roache and DLT all on sex charges today what is this coming to?
Rolf Harris, William Roach, Freddie Starr and the Hairy Cornflake all in one day?
Ken Barlow, DLT, Freddie Starr & Rolf Harris all on the news on sex offence charges. I feel positively seedy watching it
ITN main news William Roache...Rolfe Harris...Dave Lee Travis...and Freddie Starr.pissin sexual predators...peodo fcuk's...all guilty as charged..!
It seems to be the start of the "Entertainers" sexual court cases day. Rolf Harris says not guilty to 12 cases and trial set for later in year Freddie Starr re-arrested and charged with more cases Dave Lee Travis (DLT on TOTP and Radio 1) trial started today William Roach (Ken Barlow from Coronation Street) trial started today
Good grief...William Roach, Dave Lee Travis, Freddie Starr and Rolf Harris are all in the news today...
Ken Barlow, Freddie Starr, Rolf Harris, DLT... the line-up for Dancing On Ice right? Am I not paying attention?
DLT, William Roache, Freddie Starr and Rolf Harris all in the news today for varying sexual offences. It’s sickening.
Just been reading the news...,4 independent stories pertaining to either the re arresting or court appearances for sexual abuse allegations of Freddie Starr, Dave Lee Travis, William Roache and Rolf Harris.this is disgusting, what sort of society do we live in?
DLT, Rolf Harris, Freddie Starr and Ken Barlow...not a great day for show biz.just wondering when they pick up Sir Cliff
On the BBC News homepage right now, there are 4 stories about sexual abuse (Ken Roache, Freddie Starr, Rolf Harris and Dave Lee Travis)
Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis, the ghastly tory William Roache, aka Ken Barlow and Freddie Starr all headline news re historical sex charges
Wasn't sure if I was watching the News or Celebrity Big Brother. Bill Roache, Dave Lee Travis, Freddie Starr & Rolf Harris...
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