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Freddie Roach

Frederick Steven Freddie Roach (born on March 5, 1960) is an American boxing trainer and a former professional boxer.

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I added a video to a playlist Manny Pacquiao, hindi binayaran si Freddie Roach
Mcgregor still starstruck. Totally out of depth. Freddie Roach knows. got beat up by wildcard amateurs
I liked a video FREDDIE ROACH Finally admits " I don’t think we want to fight a guy like Crawford,
Saw quote by freddie roach that said he now believes McGregor will beat mayweather
Eli got shoved by Conor. Didn't Freddie Roach kick him too?
Hearing Bob Arum has not payed Manny Pacquiao and Freddie roach!. That's wrong, if anyone had an idea on what to do.…
Freddie Roach didn't want Pacquiao to fight in his next fight.
Manny Pacquiao has not paid Freddie Roach for the Jeff Horn camp. lol
Freddie Roach thinks u might not like him. 👀
Wasn't Freddie roach using amateur fighters to spar with mcgregor in his gym b4 n he had to stop co…
In other thoughts McGregor should be beating down the door of Freddie roach please teach me
Pacquiao on Horn fight: Bob Arum has yet to pay me, Roach
Coach Roach AND Manny P. unpaid by Top Rank?!?! (Was TR unpaid by the A…
Bob Arum has not paid Manny Pacquiao, therefore Freddie Roach has not been paid. Any idea why you think?
Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao have asked NRL for a series count back believing they won the seties
Fired up says he's ready for the rematch and has no problem with Freddie Roach
Manny Pacquiao says there's no ill feelings between he and trainer Freddie Roach.
Freddie Roach "McGregor is not that good of a fighter! Hes a 4 round fig... The best out there saying it as it is
Pacquiao insists no problem with Roach amid issue on trainer's unpaid salary /
According to Manny Pacquiao, he still hasn't gotten his money, and neither has his head coach Freddie Roach.
Senator Manny Pacquiao on Wednesday denied rumors that he has a rift with his longtime trainer Freddie Roach, who...
Sen mannypacquiao: I have no problem with Coach Freddie Roach. I'm not the one paying him, it's Bob Arum. | via sherieanntorres. — ABS-CBN …
Boxing coach Freddie Roach says Conor McGregor is fun to watch but 'not that good of a fighter' h…
"If we don't win this fight, it's just because we can't" // Freddie Roach
Personally my 💵 is on Floyd. Connor can't afford to box FM, he needs to fight him, to survive. Or get…
Freddie Roach and a warlock couldn't even help him, but it'd be more generally encouraging.
Will we see any sort of game planning assistance from Freddie Roach?
Freddie Roach said recently he's heard first hand that McGregor has been knocked down alot in sparring…
I think the only reason it was on sky was cause of Freddie roach
it's Freddie roach not Eddie roach.
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To stand any chance Conor needs to bring in a boxing coach,like Freddie Roach etc
Three years ago, a street kid got gloves from Freddie Roach. Now he's a boxing champ.
McGregor cannot possibly beat Floyd at 154 lbs in boxing! He could have Teddy Atlas & Freddie Roach in same corner & still lose!
Oh God... if Freddie Roach says it, Canelo will win by UD.
Freddie Roach had to stop amateurs sparring him in his gym because they were beating Conor up.
Nothing will happen. Freddie Roach had to stop amateurs fighting Conor in his boxi…
Freddie Roach had to stop journeymen and amateurs sparring McGregor in his boxing gym because they were beating him up.
Freddie Roach said you bashed him up in sparring.
As long as he keeps Freddie Roach out of his camp
You should do your homework! McGregor was an All-Ireland boxing champion at the youth le…
Freddie Roach hasn't lost to Mayweather enough times, he should take the job
Freddie Roach said it would take him 3 years to get Mcgregor even ready to step in to the same ring as Floyd
Even when he has been caught by the best never been dropped... Fre…
Mcgregor better hire Freddie roach fr
Been told Freddie roach is training him and he knocked down Paq in training
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Freddie Roach is slobbering to train McGregor.
The coaching legend weighs in on the superfight.
Also, Freddie Roach worked with Conor and said his boxing is terrible. If Freddie R…
Freddie roach predicted GGG by ko so we ridin with Canelo!!!
Been a long time since Iv taken any notice of what Freddie roach says...
Irrelevant freddie roach still mad he lost one of his properties betting that Cotto would defeat Canelo.
Freddie Roach isn't worried about how looks early in training after months out of the ring.
Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach on the mitts earlier
Freddie Roach made an interesting comparison about Jeff Horn: "Fights just like Justin Fortune," Pacquiao's Australian conditioning coach
Sen. asked coach Freddie Roach: Am I all done? Roach: Not even close.
Freddie Roach: "I'm worried, Pacquiao is looking very bad in sparring". Father Time
IBF jr flyweight champ Milan Melindo and trainer look on as Manny Pacquiao trains with Freddie Roach…
Freddie Roach was quoted that he looked the worst he's ever seen him in a sparring session.
I didn't know Stephen A had the Freddie Roach kiss of death in him...
Freddie Roach "McGregor got beat up a bit by my guys in sparring; Floyd said its going to happen"
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I hope you get the work over Freddie Ro…
If you're not following Coach Freddie Roach of you're missing out!
Floyd Mayweather: "Stupid Freddie Roach is out of his damned mind"
Future Hall of Fame Boxer trained by Freddie Roach, works her grappling w/…
Freddie Roach raises red flag over Pacquiao’s training
‘Pacquiao in the worst form of his career’
.legendary trainer Freddie Roach says Pac Man is "way behind" in his preparation for his fight aga…
Lightweight contender speaks on his win, future and fighting for his Green Card. Listen here >
Freddie Roach said he was so confident in Cotto beating Canelo, that he was betting both of his houses on Cotto... https:…
Ooh. Ok. Yeah. Freddie Roach says that it goes both ways, boxers get killed in mma, mma arti…
Back in the ring with Freddie Roach.
The great Freddie Roach giving his thoughts on George Kambosos Jr
Manny Pacquiao in the worst form of his career ahead of Jeff Horn fight, says Freddie Roach
Jeff Horn has already made an impression with Freddie Roach.
The Star Wars (Vol III): Roach Spray - "I WANT MIKEY GARCIA!", Freddie Roach, on what he wants ne…
Abel Sanchez, Freddie Roach, Ruben Guerrero and King Angel Garcia are the biggest mouths in Boxing 😂
Freddie Roach says Scott Quigg is the most committed boxer he has ever trained. Are you sure now?
Freddie Roach calls Scott Quigg the most disciplined and committed boxer he's ever trained...
GSP coach Freddie Roach says he wants McGregor in his last fight. coming back and challenging two guys he thinks he can…
Freddie the joke coach Roach is probably one of the most unprofessional people in boxing.
Freddie roach lying to him and telling him he'll make him a world level fighter 😂😂
agree that'll probably be Freddie G. Quigg needs a few tweeks & should B better if Roach gets it right.LSC fight would B good
Freddie Roach, Michael Bisping believe GSP's plan is to eventually fight Conor McGregor.
Hanging in Freddie Roach's private gym at the Wildcard. Manny Pacquaio whipping Oscar's *** boy…
Freddie Roach says GSP is ‘hoping’ to fight Conor McGregor in final fight of UFC contract
GSP's coach, Freddie Roach, predicts upcoming Bisping fight to be a mismatch
Roach: McGregor is final opponent in GSPs 3-fight plan
Freddie Roach said Conor McGregor trained with a few of his guys and got beat up and basically doesn't stand a chance…
Freddie Roach: Conor McGregor is final opponent in Georges St-Pierre’s three-fight plan
Quigg and Gallagher agree to part ways. Quigg teams up with Roach.   10% Off
GSP vs. Conor McGregor? Freddie Roach says GSP hopes that's his last fight in his storied UFC career.
Georges St-Pierre wants Conor McGregor for his final UFC fight says Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach: 'Conor McGregor is not that good of a fighter' - Yahoo Sports
VIDEO: Does Conor McGregor stand a chance against Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match? Freddie Roach gives his take on
🏈 Conor McGregor has this going for him vs. Floyd Mayweather, Freddie Roach says
He will now link up with Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach likes the idea of Pacquiao vs. Canelo, says Pac-Man can outbox Alvarez “very easily”
Roman Gonzalez goes to Freddie Roach, it's over. Boxing. Dead.
Video: Manny Pacquiao & Freddie Roach now 15 years together: Manny Pacquiao is back in traini... via
I see your Tab Baldwin, and raise you one Freddie Roach. 👊🏼💪🏼
Freddie Roach picks Pacquiao over Postol. Badou Jack named Nevada FOY. Here’s my notebook for the week.
Q&A interviews with Viktor Postol & Freddie Roach: Viktor Postol is wrapping up his…
Freddie Roach sides with Manny Pacquiao if he fights Viktor Postol - Las…
Coach Freddie Roach working out with Mark Magsayo in preparation for
Freddie Roach says he thinks Chavez Jr return bout could be backed up from July 16th. Estimates he's about 185, right now
Colour scheme inspired by the same mitts used by Freddie roach. TMB mitts available now for purchase.
Don't think I've ever scored it but Freddie Roach vs Tommy Cordova was as close as they come in my opinion, terrific war
is showing fedor may b strong but he doesn't know how to punch...ask Freddie Roach what he thinks of fedor punches
Exclusive: Trey discusses development with eyes summer return
The ABF Kids just got their workout in at here with Freddie Roach . The ABF Kids...
Freddie Freeman in his last 4 games: 10-18 with 3 HRs including this blast yesterday afternoon.
Next up on WBN my first with Trey Lippe Morrison who discusses development with Freddie Roach & eyes summer return
Freddie Roach out here shaking at the Beer Store
Closely followed by michael j fox and freddie roach
TMB speed mitts available now for purchase. Colour scheme and design inspired by the same pads used by Freddie roach htt…
Freddie Roach stories before he was a famous trainer n I guess working with Rourke
Freddie Roach, Looking over as Joe wraps hands
*** really in mentions like Freddie Roach telling me how to fight an alligator
Exclusive: FREDDIE ROACH on MUHAMMAD ALI Death & Mutual Struggle with Pa... via
Freddie Roach, one of boxing's all-time great trainers, has confessed that he has been contacted by the camp of UFC superstar Conor
domain names
.talked to Thomas Hauser, Leon Gast, Jim Lampley, and Freddie Roach about Ali. Bonus *** Jagger cameo:
From what I'm reading the 2nd marriage between Freddie Roach and Chavez Jr is working out. I hope it lasts.
mayweather if you want to fight a great mma fighter it should be Nate Diaz. Nate and Nick are both trained by Freddie Roach
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is officially back in the Wild Card Gym, meaning he's back with Freddie Roach
In recent news, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr has reportedly parted ways w/ Robert Garcia, and is back w/ Freddie Roach. Does it matter? Nah
McGregors camp did not approach Freddie Roach about training him
Freddie Roach and John David Jackson are two of the best trainers in the world, if not the best.
As Manny retires in his boxing career , please feature Freddie Roach in one of your segments.
Freddie Roach: Errol Spence Jr Future says he use to like adri...
WATCH: Freddie Roach says Pacquiao never talked retirement, had same camp as always
Q&A: Freddie Roach - Photo: Top Rank Do you really think this is Pacquiao's last fight? “I personally don't kno...
Teddy Atlas comments on dispute with Freddie Roach | Boxing News via
Teddy Atlas comments on dispute with Freddie Roach -
Wild Card Gym baby!! Pacquiao will be there soon along with Freddie Roach.
Freddie Roach's wish on 56th birthday: A win for Manny Pacquiao in farewell fight - Sports Interactive Network...
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Freddie Roach is a former boxer but more notably trainer for ... -
Dr. Choi's bag work may look great but Halstead's been working out w/ Freddie Roach!
Got the idea for my favorite Starbucks drink as my own spin on Freddie Roach's fave: an iced green tea soy latte with a shot of espresso
Manny Pacquiao news 2016: Head trainer Freddie Roach believes Paquiao can continue fighting: ...
Freddie Roach and I at the Wild Card Gym. It was an Honor meeting him.
It was between you, Freddie Roach, Virgil Hunter, Joel Diaz, and Naazim. You won.
Teddy Atlas compares to Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady. Bradley says Freddie Roach is "no Belichick."
I wonder why Floyd Sr & Roger Mayweather don't get the same credit as Freddie Roach or Robert Garcia
my pull out game is so weak, I lost to Michael J Fox and Freddie Roach in Jenga
uh yeah, same here. Closest I ever got was a few feet away from: Freddie Roach, Alexander Skarsgard and
maybe with Wlad but not sure Whyte would have one even with Freddie Roach, Cus D'Amto and Manny Steward in his corner
I would like to see interviews w/trainers, Virgil Hunter, Buddy McGirt, Robert Garcia, Freddie Roach, Abel Sanchez etc.
Gallagher got trainer of the year, did the Smith brothers and Dodgy Eddie get the only votes, England's Freddie Roach my ***
Jean Pascal confirms today in a Montreal press conference that he’s now training under Freddie Roach. Makes Kovalev rematch more interesting
All jokes aside, Adrien Broner would probably benefit a great deal from a new direction in the corner. Freddie Roach could be good for him.
Should Adrien Broner make the switch to Freddie Roach?
"Roach: Canelo 'Not a Dedicated Guy'" - yeah, "that guy" beat both Cotto and Pac. Canelo will tap that ***
Canelo Alvarez Get the job done Ethic Doubted by Freddie Roach Forward of Miguel Cotto Struggle
I am so tired of hearing about Freddie Roach. Biggest mouth with no bite.
Freddie Roach: Canelo is not the most dedicated fighter, Cotto open to GGG | via
Freddie Roach has a great story but when he talks it makes him very unlikable...He makes me root against all of his fighters
It's hard to argue with Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach says Canelo is not dedicated (via
"We’re going to see a little bit of a different Miguel" - legendary trainer talks
I'd love to see go to the States and work with someone like Freddie Roach or Virgil Hunter.
Freddie Roach said that the Winner of Cotto vs Canelo should fight Gennady Golovkin!
Freddie Roach speaks on what's the bigger fight for Miguel Cotto, Gennady Golovkin or a Floyd…
Cotto has beat Delvin Rodriquez (hup hum), Sergio Martinez minus his legs and a Aussie who just wanted his check. Freddie Roach my ***
OLIVER HOLT: Freddie Roach pushes open the door to the downstairs gym and walks in. This is the place he built for Manny Pacquiao so his
It was his first fight with Freddie Roach. Postol has the tools, but ring rust (waiting so long for Garcia) is a concern.
I wrote an article last night on how I loved Dan Quinn for mixing boxing into training camp, and the next morning Freddie Roach is at camp.
Freddie Roach tell reporter we are going to win the super bowl. I now have a favorite boxing trainer off that statement alone.
Make a bet like Stephen A did with Freddie Roach
To think Michael Moorer has had Manny Steward, Teddy Atlas, and Freddie Roach worked in his corner during his career quite the resume.
Pretty sure he should be training with Freddie Roach to prepare for the game. Or Claude Lemieux
Cotto tells Max Kellerman that Freddie Roach is the best thing that has happened to his career.
He's not nasty under Freddie Roach he's been fighting bums every since he got with Freddie Roach. Delvin Rodriguez, Daniel Geale?
What has Freddie Roach done to Cotto?! He's turned him into a destroyer!
.fired back at Freddie Roach and said he believes Pacquiao is training at home right now, not injured ht…
Miguel Cotto and Freddie Roach in a good place as title defense looms | World Boxing News
Freddie Roach, Miguel Cotto's trainer, says if Daniel Geale doesn't make the contracted catchweight of 157lbs, they have alt…
Word on the street: Paulie Malignaggi banned from Wild Card Gym by Freddie Roach.
Freddie Roach reportedly bans Paulie Malignaggi from the Wild Card Gym due to his comments about Pacquiao.
When Stephen A. got his Tom Ford shoes from Freddie Roach today 😂
Freddie Roach maned up and bought Stephen A Smith his Tom Ford shoes
Freddie Roach honored the bet and bought Stephen A some Tom Ford shoes good dude lmao
Steven A. Smith got his Tom Ford shoes from Freddie Roach from the bet on the Floyd vs Pacquiao fight! 2K though for those shoes 😳 SHEESH!
*** .. Freddie Roach got Stephan A the wrong color Tom Ford shoes.
Freddie Roach got him some Tom Fords sheeesshhh
. Stephen A finally gets his Tom Ford shoes from Freddie Roach. But which color???
its the Tom Fords owed by Freddie Roach. Send me a shout if im accurate.
box full of Team Manny gear on top of your Tom Ford shoes from Freddie Roach
I think that Freddie Roach is going to honor his bet (unlike Skip) and deliver some Tom Ford shoes!
is his Tom Ford shoes from Freddie Roach! Even tho Pacquiao got "schooled" with 1arm. Congrats Stephen 4 winning ur bet.
It's a pair of Tom Ford shoes courtesy of Freddie Roach
Tom Ford Shoes from Freddie Roach for winning bet.
the Tom Ford shoes from Freddie Roach
The box on first take for Stephen A is the Tom Fords that Freddie Roach owes him
He is getting his Tom Fords from Freddie Roach.
his Tom Ford shoes from Freddie Roach
Miguel (Cotto and Freddie Roach attended MLB match between New York Mets and Miami…
Freddie Roach: Miguel Cotto will KO Daniel Geale in late rounds
after sparring with stablemate and Freddie Roach trained Miguel Cotto, the greatest PR fighter ever...
Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach says Floyd Mayweather does not want Saturday's super-fight in Las Vegas.
my man, did Freddie Roach ever get you them Tom Fords? Lol
Freddie Roach has to buy Stephen A some Tom Ford shoes lmao
Skip a coward for not honoring his bet...hope Freddie Roach buys them Tom Fords for Stephen A
If Tom Brady can beat the Seahawks, then Pacquiao could beat Mayweather. The difference is that I don't think Freddie Roach is Belichick
For as much trash as Freddie Roach talked, I wanna see him buy them Tom Ford shoes. Put it on Please.
Freddie Roach had to cop them Tom Ford shoes tho
Freddie Roach betta have dem Tom Ford shoes for Stephen A. tho
Freddie Roach bout to buy some fye *** Tom Fords 😂😂😂 he was so disrespectful
Don't forget getting some brand new Tom Ford Shoes from Freddie Roach and Manny lmao
Freddie Roach owes a lot of people a lot of Tom Ford shoes
stephenasmith these are some nice Tom Fords! Tell your boy Freddie Roach to pay up!
LOL Stephen A Smith won the bet Freddie Roach laid down. Free pair of Tom Ford shoes for the OG
Freddie Roach owe him some Tom Ford shoes
Stephen A. Smith is happy...he'll have a new pair of Tom Ford kicks courtesy of Freddie Roach lol
Pick the most expensive pair of Tom Fords that are on the market. Freddie Roach should bye you a couple of pairs of Tom Fords
Freddie Roach now owes Stephen A. Smith a pair of Tom Fords...
congratulations on the pair of Tom Ford's you won from Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach owes you a pair of size 13 Tom Ford shoes.
LOL Freddie Roach gonna have to cough up a pair of Tom Ford shoes.
Freddie Roach can buy his own *** Tom Ford shoes, All smiles on Manny for the Money
it looks like Freddie Roach owes you some Tom Ford shoes!
🐋 Freddie Roach gotta come off those Tom Fords
Freddie Roach owe a pair of Tom Fords
Jimmy Kimmel who. Chris Paul who. Michael Buffer who. Tom Brady who. Paris Hilton who. Magic Johnson who. Freddie Roach who. Denzel who
Freddie Roach looks like the bear off Bo Selecta
Freddie Roach is such a cool trainer, I was hooked on the clips of him training George St Pierre's boxing for his title fights.
Those that think Floyd's knocking Manny out... Remember, Steve Collins was once trained by Freddie Roach - and beat Eubank AND Benn. Twice.
Freddie Roach looks a little like Fire Marshall Bill
Pacquiao has grand design for Mayweather victory: Boxing trainer Freddie Roach has devised an elaborate strategy he…
Freddie Roach out there soundung like Fire Marshall Bill
Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, has no chill…. He's concerned Floyd may be a no show for the fight.
After Ariza fired from PAC went to Brandon Rios who tested positive per Atlas. The natural puncher is PAC. Freddie Roach has to get his mil
Mayweather fought an old De La Hoya under Freddie Roach and that was a controversial fight.
Floyd, Manny, legend, Freddie Roach, and American Giant; Wild Card Boxing and the Fight of the Centry - BE there!
Manny grew up selling flipping donuts on the side of the road. And had to travel to Downtown LA Where at the Wild Card Gym met Freddie Roach
well if he moves up to fight Weidman, that would make sense for Freddie Roach to be in his corner cuz he's not takin Chris down
“He’s the boss.” explains his relationship with trainer Freddie Roach. All-Access VIDEO:
The Henry Armstrong Foundation thanks Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao for honoring boxing legend
Boxing coach Freddie Roach says Manny Paquiao is motivated by Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s history of domestic violence.
If Andy Lee beats Quillin thats confirmation of Adam Booth being the worlds best trainer certainly better than that fraud Freddie Roach
Seriously wishing Freddie Roach cuts a Paul Heyman-like promo about being the one behind the one in 47 and 1.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Kovalev would be a fool if he left John David Jackson to go to Freddie Roach.
VIDEO: Freddie Roach says after wins, will be known as "Mr. 47-1”
Freddie Roach is betting on Manny Pacquiao, at least figur
Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Freddie Roach says 'Money May' runs into 'Pac-man's' left and gets KO'd
Freddie Roach: Mayweather is "not a good guy, he's not a good person." Story for
Mayweather Sr on Roach: Freddie Roach don’t know boxing
Floyd Mayweather's corner all relative but gross mismatch against Freddie Roach via
Freddie Roach preparing me for sparring in Hoover Street LA back in the 90's
I thought Freddie Roach didn't want Pacquiao playing basketball while in training camp?
Freddie Roach says Mayweather runs into Pacquiao's left & gets knocked out!
Freddie Floyd Mayweather Sr: Freddie Roach doesn't know what he's talking about - Bad Left Hook
So Freddie Roach has Pacquiao sparring with Rigondeaux? Sounds great but Pacquiao is probably getting his *** lit up
who are you to judge if mayweather is a good person?last i checked GOD's name isn't freddie roach
Freddie Roach tells us Manny Pacquiao doesn't like Floyd Mayweather and thinks he'll knock him out:
Freddie Roach: Floyd Mayweather Jr can't run, can't hide
"We're gonna kick his a--." - Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach opens the trash talk at fight press conference.
ESPN First Take - Freddie Roach : 'More pressure on Floyd Mayweather than Manny Pacquiao'
"Manny needs to win for the better of society". Quoted by Freddie Roach
Floyd Mayweather Sr. slams Freddie Roach- "They don't want me in the cor...: via
. Former player Freddie Roach makes his return to Tuscaloosa. writer Stephen M. Smith has more. .
Freddie Roach talks more precise on Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 4 fight in 2012:
Puerto Rican Jayson Velez will now be trained by Freddie Roach. Velez was trained by Abel Sanchez who trains Gennady Golovkin.
Freddie Roach answered issues about Saul Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto
Jayson Velez leaves Abel Sanchez, teaming up with Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach is unsure if he's still training former IBF Super Middleweight Champion Lucian Bute. He hasn't heard from Team Bute at all.
Read 'The Approach' about how Manny works up close - by Freddie Roach.
did you not hear Freddie roach say during sparring w/ khan manny dropped him 5 times smh
Freddie Roach - Mayweather is still a easy fight. 2009
in the world (Freddie Roach) & their punches are still sloppy, doesn't even make sense 😂😁
I liked a video from Freddie Roach says Manny Pacquiao laughed on Brandon Rios hiring
"Loneliness is part of my life. Travelling alone is part of my life. Loneliness is what i dread most" Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach says a 160 lb bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto will not happen, more likely at 154.
Next gym I'm going be training at in 4 months yeaup! freddie roach gym
Tom hardy is training with Freddie Roach for a new movie..😮
and train them with Freddie roach..
After watching me spar today Freddie Roach said the sky's the limit. He's never seen anyone fight righty and lefty like me 👊
I'd love pacquiao to win only for Freddie Roach, but Mayweather is my fav
Shout out to Richard Herreria winner of our 1st 100k FB Fan Appreciation contest! He won a Freddie Roach...
Here comes Alex Ariza and Freddie Roach. Ariza attempts another Karate kick on Roach.
Freddie Roach meanwhile told Pacquiao to "shake" off the cobwebs...
I wish I could say it's Freddie Roach dancing. But it's just his Parkinson's.
First glove giveaway is an autographed Freddie Roach glove donated by / and a...
I liked a video Victor Ortiz gives shoutout to Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach
Things heating up and Freddie roach with possible fight looming
'Freddie Roach is like a Friend and a Father'... Don't miss the Pacquiao Ringside Special tomorrow 10.15 SkySports1
Update your maps at Navteq
Train Like a Champ: A series of videos that focus on boxing fundamentals featuring Freddie Roach and I:
Funny thing about Floyd Mayweather picking Miguel Cotto(if he pick him) Freddie Roach trains Cotto & Manny! Cotto destroyed Sergio Martinez!
For Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach, cutting off the ring is key [Los Angeles Times].
freddie roach the best have to fight the best - EsNews boxing -
Freddie Roach said they blew it with the blood testing a few years ago.
Two people who love more than anyone I know: Freddie Roach and John Scully
Currently doing some core work courtesy of freddie roach's videos on youtube.
Freddie Roach may have surpassed Eddie Futch as best boxing trainer ever - Doghouse Boxing
Yahoo named Freddie Roach trainer of the year? How? Serious question.
check this out Boxing's Trainer of the Year: Freddie Roach: Futch is so good that the award the ...
.is once again the Trainer of the Year in
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