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Fred Wilpon

Fred Wilpon (born November 22, 1936 Bensonhurst, Brooklyn) is a real estate developer, baseball executive and the majority owner of the New York Mets.

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Fred Wilpon:. We are building a Statue for A Great All Time Met. Me: Awesome who...Seaver,…
Fred Wilpon, Sandy Alderson, Collins, Mets coaches and players made their annual trip to. Walter Reed today to meet with wounded servicemen.
Cespedes sent to the hospital. Sandy Alderson, Fred Wilpon, and Terry Collins put on life-support.
Alderson will NEVER get fired. Selig hand picked him for his buddy Fred Wilpon. Sandy leaves ONLY if…
It'd be a real kicker if that was Fred Wilpon's car. LOL.
Fred Wilpon's Mets? The Average Joe's team? Are you serious? No! Does not hold up. Breslin was great. But your suggestion a joke.
Look for this episode and more in Season 2 of Fred Wilpon's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'
Did he have an earpiece connected to Fred Wilpon's office when he said this?
called & soon it became known that the NYMets under Fred Wilpon was involved in legal trafficking from here to Senegal where more Dauta's
Tebow still isn't my favorite one-hit wonder on Mets. That would be "Wright," said Fred. (When Wilpon was asked the name of his injured 3B).
Anyone check Yankee Stadium for Fred Wilpon today? The are in town.
The Ownership are in a controversey!
Mets sold jerseys from first game after 9/11
Report: Mets sold several jerseys worn in first game after 9/11
Rap on Fred Wilpon is he always places Dodger history ahead of Mets.
shameful, unethical Fred and Jeff Wilpon born and raised in Brooklyn, it's time they sell
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Yet Fredo and Fred WIlpon and all the rest of will be all over Cooperstown for HOF
Fred Wilpon just told us that he intends to pass the Mets down through his family rather than sell.
with the public, outdoors chat with Fred Wilpon, trying to channel George Steinbrenner ... What's next for TC?
Superb analysis of manager Terry Collins under pressure, via Fred's no George.
WANTED: Bats belonging to the New York Mets. Last seen November 2015. If found, please contact Terry Collins, Fred Wilpon, or Adam Rubin.
Jeff Loria who makes Fred Wilpon look like an honorable businessman.
Terry Collins had a lengthy, occasionally animated chat w/ Fred Wilpon in the outfield before BP. Later talked about “drama” of 2-4 start.
Are Jeff and Fred Wilpon the heffalumps and woozles? Or the Phillies and Nationals?
Via two of the most reprehensible people on the planet - - with Jeff Wilpon & Fred Wilpon
Fred Wilpon upon learning about “You don’t know how quickly, by the way, when I get out of the room…”
Fred Wilpon is sitting around like the alligator in commercial waiting for anyone else to pay the tab.
Casey Stengel and Fred wilpon breaking foe the mets
Because like all things Wilpon, it was an ego trip I love the b/c of my dad; Fred has made me resent them.
I don't want to be happy for Fred Wilpon on the this year.
Mets players: Can we speak to you a minute sir?. Fred Wilpon: Come in. MP: Your son Jeff hangs around the clubhouse too much .
So? Fred Wilpon is allowed to bring his son Jeff to the clubhouse. And he's annoying as ***
Chris Christie sitting next to Mets owner Fred Wilpon at today's spring game vs. the Yankees.
Lafayette HS Alumn. Brooklyn, NY...Along with Fred Wilpon and John Franco (and Rhea Perlman, lol)
There needs to be a blog dedicated to proving that Fred Wilpon helped finance the conspiracy to kill JFK.
I love that every time Matt Harvey talks about his off the field shenanigans, Fred Wilpon loses his mind. Think Mitchum in Scrooged...
Bernie Madoff didn't care when his sons died: Dreyfuss From Madoff pal Fred WIlpon's paper of record
has soul mate in the lying & cheating department: owner Fred Wilpon. https…
I like the Fred Wilpon emperor palpatine one personally
The Mets are ready to win know. Clear favorites to win the NL East. Disagree with what Fred Wilpon said to the media. 1/2
Actually, Jeff Wilpon, not Fred Wilpon will be on the call.
Time to contact corporate sponsors, one of which is GEICO - SNIP pays $4,000 annual insurance. Fred Wilpon shame on you!
I think Fred Wilpon saw 3 ghosts on Christmas Eve.
Thank you Fred Wilpon for the delicious anniversary treats from Great way to start the day
Big thank you to Fred Wilpon. He sent over a bunch of goodies from for 1st anniversary of
Mets: A great moment in Fred Wilpon history: In the interest of fairness, we fans must recognize the signing o...
[Fansided: Rising Apple] Mets: A great moment in Fred Wilpon history
Mets: A great moment in Fred Wilpon history
>> Mets: A great moment in Fred Wilpon history
The Yoenis Cespedes signing was a great moment for Fred Wilpon >>
Knowing Fred Wilpon, password is most likely Koufax123.
If my 2 yr wasn't a girl, I would consider renaming her Fred after Mr. Wilpon ... Thanking you for bringing back Yo!
1/24/1980 - Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon head group of investors who purchase Mets from the DeRoulet family for a reported $21.1 million
01/24/80: The Payson family sells the to Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon for $21.1 million
::Fred Wilpon flings open window, points to Dilson Herrera in street:: "You there, boy! What day is it?"
stahhhp w this Fred Wilpon pic loll
Fred Wilpon will be accepting public apologize between 3 -6 tomorrow at Citi Field followed by the Sandy Alderson *** kissing he deserves.
Sources: Jeff and Fred seen collecting cans in the
I'm imagining Fred & Jeff Wilpon peeking out from behind curtains asking "Have the people w/ torches &pitchforks retreated?"
Fred Coupons has retire and become Fred the big spender Wilpon.
Who cares it's Christmas and Fred Wilpon played Santa last night!!!
Fred Wilpon owns my apartment building. So I feel like in a small way I contributed to that Mets' Cespedes deal.
I hope someone is kind enough to shovel Fred Wilpon's driveway this morning.
Dear & owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon,. What a great move! Thank you, thank u, thank U! Favorites for 2016! Kudos! .
And what happened in flushing that day? Fred Wilpon's heart grew three sizes they say.
Breaking news for all the Wilpon haters. Fred & Jeff get to go to everyone of Your houses and give You 75 million punches on the arm.
Fred and especially Jeff Wilpon are still unprintable ***
OK hacks. No less than a full blown Fred and Jeff Wilpon Q&A news conference when gets back to the USA and is ready.
I hope to God that Craigy apologizing to the Mets organization and Mr Fred and Jeff Wilpon Sandy Alderson
"There, we spent on a superstar. I threw away Jeffie boy's lunch money for this! You better come out to the ballpark!" - Fred Wilpon
LOL, I already apologized to the Fake Fred Wilpon. Well, actually congratulated him. Sandy too.
Fair enough. I will be officially praising Fred Wilpon on Sunday night on
The Mets outfield walls next year when Fred Wilpon can't make payroll by June
BREAKING: Fred and Jeff Wilpon have been taken off of Americas Most Wanted Criminals List
There will be no update today.Due to the weather Fred Wilpon was unable to finish his paper route in time for the press conference.
PAL Lunch with Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred. as well as Mets owner Fred Wilpon raising money for PAL Kids
If you are interested in reading how Fred Wilpon wrested the Mets away from Nelson Doubleday.
The financial prudence of Fred Wilpon, the principal owner, and his son Jeff, the chief operating officer, appears to …
Jeff Loria, Fred Wilpon and a suddenly miserly Ted Lerner walk into a division...
Nothing against the players, but how did Major League Baseball allow Fred Wilpon, Saul Katz and Jeff Wilpon...
Not talking about Fred Wilpon here Andrew,,,we are talking about sheiks with billions. Whole thing was wrong...NYCFC is horrid
Mr. Wilpon wanted nothing to do with
Just found out Fred Wilpon graduated from the University of Michigan. El Pres is basically a Wilpon himself.
In other news, Fred Wilpon asks all Mets fans to line up so he can kick them where it hurts...
Just sent you of Story on Fred Wilpon borrowing 700 Million to refinance
Just sent you Story on Fred Wilpon Borrowing 700 Million to refinance
Experiencing major schadenfreude seeing Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz on Losers list this week:
Yeah, but can't report news that affects player decisions: &
Why the current owners won't have a major market major league payroll in our lifetimes
City opts not to fight Willets Point court ruling - From left: Fred Wilpon, rendering of Willets West in Quee...
you guys aren't gonna talk about this article I guess.
Now THIS is a miracle: the Mets are about to be profitable: By
Dare we hope the Wilpon's are willing to reinvest in the team this off-season? - via
Say what? The Mets are about to be profitable? Naw: By
There is NO QUESTION in my mind that these crooks were near bankrupted by Madoff..somehow I think Selig was as well
Wait so I thought the Mets finance problems were behind them?.
Hopefully there r less restrictive covenants on payroll. Fred Wilpon refinances $700M of Mets debt via
As Mets edge toward profitability, owners refinance $700m of team's debt.
in that case. It must Jeff and Fred Wilpon
in the end though, Fred Wilpon being useless doesn't make Ruben Tejada or Kirk Nieuwenhuis useless.
Well, we will have one when Fred Wilpon passes away. I can guarantee that.
Fred loves TC, Alderson does not, and prefers a puppet or pal like Geren, but Jeff Wilpon, thinks Wally is answer
but let's be serious, Fred / Jeff Wilpon make every GM's here impossible with their biases and delusional baseball savvy
My offer to of stands. Boxing match 4 charity. My charity: Darren's: (probably) Fred & Jeff Wilpon
It's an absolute crime that you SOLD OUT to Fred and Jeff Wilpon
yeah, who does he think he is, Fred Wilpon?
Fred Wilpon is Manfred's boss. Might be as simple as that.
the really need to honor Nelson Doubleday with a uniform patch. Without him, Fred Wilpon wouldn't own the Mets
as did Fred Wilpon in Queens. field
a disgrace by Wilpon how he's handling Nelson passing. But when Fred goes, all of NY will celebrate in streets
Jeff Loria, Fred/Jeff Wilpon, and Arte Moreno should go down with Kendrick.
Fred Wilpon just got an idea about what to do with Granderson...
The pauper King Fred Wilpon has said he might be able to afford Zobrist but not Bryant!
...of a certain part of Long Island society at private clubs and other gatherings. Fred Wilpon may live in Locust Valley (more)
Nelson Doubleday was big booster of Long Island golf Fred Wilpon lives near The Creek, not of it.
Why are the so small and petty when it comes to Nelson Doubleday? Fred Wilpon owes his baseball life to Doubleday and Selig.
"Hands-on-owner: Fred Wilpon seen in bullpen while Jacob deGrom was warming up before recent game.".
$10 Fred Wilpon makes an appearance tonight
Fred Wilpon is quietly moving team in right direction via URGH
Fred Wilpon, Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins are cut from the same cloth. It's a rather cheap one at that.
Fred & Jeff Fredo Wilpon run the mets. They have journalists bought for fees. Gutter
Paraphrased words of CM Punk"I'd like to think Mets would be better when Fred Wilpon is dead but they are beingtaken over by his doofus son"
Party at my place when Fred Wilpon dies.
I hope Fred Wilpon dies and then Collins and Sandy are fired by a competent owner.
I'm sure when Fred Wilpon dies they'll wear armbands, rename the stadium after him, have a 21 gun salute, etc.
Fred and Jeff Wilpon are bad human beings. Period
When you boil it down, Fred Wilpon doesn't like the Mets - he likes owning the Mets. There's a big difference.
If you ask Fred Wilpon, Bryce Harper being hurt counts as the Mets going for it
What would Nelson Doubleday and Frank Cashen do? I wonder if it'd be the same as Sandy Alderson and Fred Wilpon. Hmm.
Michigan could call on its big sports benefactor and alum Fred who's got a lot of loot and doesn't spend on
Awesome; now, will someone look into Fred Wilpon?
It's too bad Fred Wilpon was insecure enough to have Nelson Doubleday where he and Bud Selig ran him out of baseball.
Based on Fred Wilpon's incompetence as Mets owner, it's clear Nelson Doubleday put his imprint on the Mets' success in the 80s.
Trying to get a grip on the Met legacy of Nelson Doubleday (beyond his not being Fred Wilpon).
Publisher and ex-NY Mets owner, Nelson Doubleday Jr. dies: ... and Fred Wilpon after a news co...
Mets: Former owner Nelson Doubleday dies at 81; purchased team in 1980, bought out by co-owner Fred Wilpon in 2002…
Update your maps at Navteq
Has anybody noticed that the Mets haven't won a Pennant since Fred Wilpon bought out Nelson Doubleday?
I understand the animosity between Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon but the need to do what's right and wear a pat…
FYI, Jon Niese is another Fred Wilpon fave...not a coincidence he was extended...gushes about Niese
I don't hate Terry, but still rooting for a drone strike MT Terry Collins, Fred Wilpon and Chris Christie here …
Hands-on Fred Wilpon puts some heat on Terry Collins: This was a scene we though...
Hands-on Fred Wilpon puts the heat on Terry Collins
Mets owner Fred Wilpon puts manager Terry Collins on notice (after slashing payroll)
pitchers Matt Harvey and Bobby Parnell talk with owner Fred Wilpon and manager Terry Collins.
Sandy Alderson constantly refers to Mets' inability to spend as preserving "payroll flexibility" to a comedic extent:
Imagine if Fred Wilpon sent that email instead of Dolan. Would Francesa be ripping Sandy Alderson a la Phil Jackson?
Side note: James Dolan and Fred Wilpon are engaged in some kind of competition, and I'm not sure who's winning.
Payroll flexibility always right around the corner
Imagine if Fred Wilpon went off on a Mets fan like Dolan did? Lmao
I'd give anything to have James Dolan own the call him the worst owner is sports is so disrespectful to Fred Wilpon
your wrong Adam ,Fred Wilpon is by far the worst owner in sports,at least Dolan spends money !!
looks too similar to Fred Wilpon's Dodgers hat
Great job by Amazin Avenue this morning to get all the Sandy "Payroll Flexibility" quotes into one spot.
"Payroll flexibility" is always right around the corner for the Mets
Kanye is the poster child for creative artistry. In other news, Fred Wilpon is the chairman of the MLB Finance Committee.
A reminder to the is not what Fred Wilpon did when Saul Katz had to adjust the "vig".
The next media meltdown will be Fred Wilpon screaming "then follow the Yankees" to a reporter.
Fred Coupon instead of Fred Wilpon. lol funniest one ive seen
Remember when Fred Wilpon bashed Wright, Reyes, and Beltran, but called Ike Davis a "good hitter"
I keep checking to see if it's April 1st, but it's not, Fred Wilpon as the Head of the MLB Finance Committee "I know thi
Promo guys & isn't what Fred did when Mr. Katz had to adjust vig.
once Doubleday sold his shares and Fred stepped call Jeff Wilpon a functioning moron would be a compliment
Fred Wilpon 'optimistic' about Mets, but light on details -
Appointing Fred Wilpon to Head of MLB's Finance committee makes less sense than introducing R, Kelly to your daughter,
Jeff Wilpon is a disgrace. So is Fred. Can't remember if Saul is still alive.
How about lockup? First to go: finance committee chairman Fred and his ne'er-do-well son Jeffrey.
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since you and half of complain about payroll, Fred Wilpon wants you to open up your wallet and sign free agents
Remember, it MUST be a State of the Address or News Conference. Alderson won't to. Has to be Fred or (Fredo).
.Makes even less sense with Fred Wilpon as Major League Baseball’s chairman of the finance committee
Rob Manfred defends Fred Wilpon. Says he was successful business owner before and after Madoff:
How about 5-Fred Wilpon named head of MLB Finance committee.
and San Diego. And don't get us started on appointing fred wilpon the head of finance. Or whatever. I can safely say a majority
MLB commish: Fred Wilpon a top businessman, forget the Ponzi - Pedia for today
Reports say that Fred Wilpon didn't see his shadow, so it's 6 more years of not spending
Fred Wilpon lost about $700 million from Madoff's Ponzi scheme but MLB just named him head of their finance committee. Bi…
Piazza was gonna go into the hall of fame as a dodger anyway because Fred Wilpon wants to honor his favorite team
Jerry Jones is to Roger Goodell as Fred Wilpon is to Allan Huber (Hyman Roth/Bud) Selig. A favor here ...
Chris Christie can hug the Cowboys owner as long as he hugs Fred Wilpon when the mets make the playoffs
One way to get rid of him? Have Christie put Fred Wilpon in the Millon Dollar Dream.
Don't worry Fred Wilpon, Chris Christie is saving a hug for you in case win World Series
NYM Star Ledger: If Mets make the playoffs, Chris Christie is ready to hug Fred Wilpon too
Actually, he's hugging everyone he sees in Fred Wilpon's box, because, you know, man of the people.
Man of the people Chris Christie vows to watch from Fred Wilpon's box if the Mets make the playoffs.
Not if the owner is Jerry Jones...or Fred Wilpon.
TC I feel is all Fred Wilpon. Plus TC only makes 1 mill a year second cheapest manager in mlb. Walt wiese is the first
Here's a pic I took (and instagrammed) of Mario Cuomo and Fred Wilpon from the 2011 the Wilpon family…
is this to say Woody is on the same respect level as Fred Wilpon ?
What If Doubleday Bought Out Wilpon?: “I am would like to thank Fred Wilpon for all his years of ser...
Fred Wilpon was a minor voice when the Mets were good in the 80's. Remember that Doubleday warned us all of this. I do you should too
Mets fans deserve to be free.Fred Wilpon,SELL THE TEAM!
Fred Wilpon is the grinch. He has a little Jim Carey in him.
Today is Sandy Koufax's bday. I wonder what Fred Wilpon has planned for Koofoo. Perhaps a cake in the middle of Citi?
he was tired of fred I think and fred ripped him off
Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax. Amazing pitcher&a good man. Why else would be friends with a putz like Fred Wilpon?Strongest man in the world.
I told the truth of the matter is Fred Wilpon has no money to take on a salary of Tulo, Kemp and Justin Upton.
I think Fred Wilpon is finally redeeming those quarters he's been saving in that Great Bear bottle. Took a walk to TD Bank,cashed in.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I don't think it will happen, but if Colon is let go for just a salary dump, don't blame Sandy. That would be totally on Jeff & Fred Wilpon.
Jeff, Fred Wilpon, Saul Katz: If you aren't going to spend $120 million, then just release us from our misery and sell to Jim Dolan.
Well, it's about time, Lar. Could you nominate Jeff and Fred Wilpon??? PLEASE??? It would be so fitting.
Terry Collins: "My team is unwatchable. Stay home until Fred Wilpon sells the team to an owner who respects the fans."
Tug McGraw was 1st pitcher to defeat Sandy Koufax. Wonder if Fred Wilpon ever forgave him.
Wonderful to have Tim McCarver on the normally horrible Cardinal telecasts.Tim will do thirty games for FSM,a local network sorely in need of talent and objectivity.Prior to Timmy's national exposure,he worked on local telecasts for the Mets and the Phillies.He was always his own man in the booth.Fred Wilpon and the Doubleday people were really on his case in New York,because he was relentless in his criticism of some atrocious Mets' teams.If something is chicken ca-ca,Tim is not going to call it chicken salad.
DeSean Jackson might have gang ties, but Fred Wilpon has definite Bernie Madoff ties. Why is Jackson worse?
James Dolan, Charles Wang, Fred Wilpon and Woody Johnson are my team's owners. It's no wonder why my teams stink.
James Dolan is an *** worse than Fred Wilpon and Charles Wang
you think Fred Wilpon is going to sell his Major League Baseball team without being forced to? +that loan is on Citi Field.
Fred Wilpon pushed Sandy Alderson to give that deal to Granderson. Alderson didn’t want to spend that much.
If the Mets do sign Granderson, we should get Suzyn Waldman to announce it from Fred Wilpon's box. That would be hysterical. :-) LGM
Fred Wilpon should troll all Mets fans and give Paul Maholm 5 years 100 million. I gotz monies baby!
How jealous of the Charles Wang is Fred Wilpon that he gets to move his team to Brooklyn had Fred known this he'd have moved mets to Nassau
Steve rattner gave nearly $2500, Fred Wilpon and his wife more than $2500
You can fire Collins and hire Backman. Wally Backman doesn't sign the checks. Fred Wilpon does.
Son of a New York Giants fan whose heart was broken like so many New Yorkers when their team departed for San Francisco, grandson and nephew of Brooklyn Dodger fans like my mom who saw their "bums" head to the west coast. I was born a Mets fan, literally. Born the day they played their first game, so I have message for Fred Wilpon. Start "owning" this baseball team or give it back to the city -- or I will personally find a way to make sure someday that a consortium of citizens gradually but assuredly buys back our National League franchise.
At this point, I assume Ike Davis has pictures of Fred Wilpon and Bernie Madoff wearing "I (heart) Ponzi" shirts.
Yup. Last time I checked, Fred Wilpon wasn't the police commissioner. People just want to blame them for everything.
There’s a running joke between Sandy Koufax and Mets co-owner Fred Wilpon about attending the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in Commack, Long Island. Koufax tells Alan Freedman, the founder and Director of the Hall of Fame, that he’ll only commit to attend if Wilpon is ther...
Fred Wilpon is sitting back sipping a Glenlivet 18 right now reminiscing about his beloved Brooklyn Dodgers
There is nothing in sports worse than loving teams owned by incompetent owners like James Dolan, Fred Wilpon, and Woody Johnson
Rebuilding is the way to go. It *** but imho, it is what was needed. Woody Johnson and Fred Wilpon are one in the same
and 5x what I paid Fred Wilpon should make me a partner
A Tour of CitiField with Mets Owner Fred Wilpon: Our chairman, Arthur Miller, had the opportunity to g...
At Citi Field, predicts 3-1 Nats win w/ Fred Wilpon in room: "Strasburg is good. The Mets are the Mets"
Great talk by Fred Wilpon to kick off
Mets owner Fred Wilpon on what Jackie Robinson meant to him, the game of baseball and the world.
Fred Wilpon on Jackie Robinson at the "He always said a life is only imp insofar as it makes a positive impact on ppl's lives"
"A life is not important except for the impact it has on other lives." Fred Wilpon on integrity & Jackie Robinson
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
so. This guy really likes the Mets. Head to toe decked out talking to Fred Wilpon
So true! "in a crisis you really learn who your friends are" --Fred Wilpon (addressing Madoff situation)
Fred Wilpon "saying you want to be great, and being great, are two very different things."
Fred Wilpon: "Mets have surplus of pitching talent, gap in positional talent. Will likely trade to rebalance in near term"
who are the associates, Fred Wilpon?
fred wilpon to Bud Selig: i thought you were pushing george young on us when you said Sandy is our man..he's more isaih thomas by george
because Fred Wilpon stepped in and wanted his friend Collins during the unsettling madoff times.
Is Fred Wilpon's son, Jeffy, retarded and bald?
Nelson Doubleday, for the love of God buy out Fred Wilpon.
"Boy that Fred Wilpon is so rich. I wonder who helps him handle his money"
"never mind the ballpark, if you win, people will come". Don't tell us, Keith, tell Fred Wilpon.
Mets fans: Fred Wilpon will be on 'The Mike Lupica Show' today around 12:15 p.m. (Bud Selig will also be on with Lupica around 12:45.)
Fred Wilpon is petitioning the league to let Mets players wear 42 at all times
Fred Wilpon will receive a private screening of '42' this evening in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda with Sandy Koufax
Unsung Hero With this being Black History Month, I figure I would introduce you to this unsung hero. His is the life of service to others especially children, he has always believed that you give every child the resources they need to be successful. He was the first black man to coached a championship little league team from NYC in Cooperstown Ohio in 1955 to this very day they have not received their trophy, and on that team he had what you would call a rainbow of colors, kids from different backgrounds and cultures, Blacks and Whites, Jews and Italian. To name a few there was Mr. Fred Wilpon current owner of the NY Mets, Tommy Davidson former baseball player for the Dodgers who if not for an injury could have been in the Hall of Fame he was that good. Sal Marciano NYC sport caster, Dom Anile Player Personnel of the Indianapolis Colts, and other kids went on to became doctors, judges, dentist and scientist taking part in the Hubble telescope. All of this when racial tension was not very good in this cou ...
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Earlier this month, Fred Wilpon was bullish on the state of the team's finances, and said payroll should be able to climb to pre-Madoff heights.
Join and I as we talk MJ/Lebron, Fred Wilpon, NYY vs StubHub and much more
It's about time Fred Wilpon put his foot down for once and told Johan to not pitch in the WBC
Photo: Fred Wilpon watches Zack Wheeler in the bullpen >
New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon is telling the fans and the world he is NOT cash strapped. Well Mr. Wilpon,...
Mets keeping an eye on free-agent closer Jose Valverde: Since Fred Wilpon just announced to the world he's debt-...
channeling "Either filings lying about debts or he is
Time for Wilpon to make good on debt-free claim: PORT ST. LUCIE — Since Fred Wilpon just announced...
JAYSON WERTH should have known better than to believe liars of Whitestone but he thought that if he heard what they had to say & they were not in Whitestone that they wouldnt be lying to him. He knew that Fred Wilpon had a JAY in his family so I asked him how he knew & he said that it was out in Whitestone but when he didnt tell me what it was about I found JELENA JANKOVIC who had been told that it was all a lie & to forget about it or risk getting the Milwaukee Brewers in trouble.
Your weekend read & a must for all folks ... tells us all about Fred Wilpon
Madden: Mets must spend wisely on outfield: On his first day at spring training, Mets owner Fred Wilpon, having apparently settled al...
Fred Wilpon called David Wright "our Jeter." I think Wright can be even more to fans.
Never saw this parody: A "Crazy Freddy" graphic with Fred Wilpon in for Jerry Carroll, the "Crazy Eddie" actor.
Saw Fred Wilpon's "Zimmo" comment the other day, could only think of this t-shirt, marketed via
David Wright reacts to Fred Wilpon calling him "the Mets' Jeter" ...
$ not an issue, but Fred Wilpon is now coaching team. Don't worry, will have more $ for coaches in 14. Let's go
View from St. Lucie: Fred and Al: Adam Rubin Fred Wilpon and instructor Al Jackson watch bullpen sessions Satu...
hopefully a reverse of the mets situation regarding Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon. Meaning the bad partner leaves this time!
Fred Wilpon just tried on hat. Said it was too big. Oh well.
That just might be the unintentionally funniest thing Fred Wilpon has said or will ever say in his life!
How does Bud Selig allowed crooks like Jeff Loria and Fred Wilpon own their teams? Talk about two awful owners, Pat.
Jeff Fredo's really got it going under that shaydel he wears atop his kop. MT Jeff Wilpon: Fred's 'zimmo' is 'sniglet'.
Would be funny to see Fred Wilpon walk up and try to sell 100% stake of the Mets to
joins & Mike Stanton next on on to talk and Fred Wilpon's finance issues.
David Wright is no Derek Jeter ... or is he?: New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon compared David Wright to Derek Je...
Will be on at 9 PM to discuss this. Either Fred Wilpon's filings are lying about his debts or he is
Fred WIlpon will be a for life. Dodger of the truth, for sure.
Mets third baseman David Wright said he appreciates principal owner Fred Wilpon's praise, yet Wright nonetheless suggested that Wilpon labeling him his team's version of Derek Jeter perhaps was too kind a compliment.
Fred Wilpon is loosening the purse strings next year. Mets in 2014. Its what Ive been saying for 3 years now. Here comes Wheeler, Harvey and D'Arnuad. Those three guys plus an addition of 80 million to the payroll should make a championship team. Philly fans are going to need to get used to fighting the Marlins for the basement in the NL east.
Earlier this week, Mets chairman & CEO Fred Wilpon offered an optimistic vision of the club's finances and inferred that the team should have some financial flexibility going forward. Sandy Alderson hasn't had the chance to wor...
Fred Wilpon, the Mets' principal owner, apparently coined a new word, zimmo, when speaking with the news media at spring training.
PORT ST. LUCIE — The Mets take their bruises in 2013, but they grow. Zack Wheeler and Travis d’Arnaud arrive as bona fide major leaguers, and Matt Harvey and Jon Niese graduate to frontline starting
I'm becoming convinced that NY Met owner Fred Wilpon is now running Carnival Cruise Lines.
Cablevision is a ruthless, disgusting company. Go look at a job done by a unionized Verizon worker and go look at the "craftsmanship" of an underpaid treated like garage fly by night cablevision employee.
When owner Fred Wilpon announced in Florida that the financial turmoil that had long plagued and hindered the franchise for many years was now a thing of the past, a huge cloud of uncertainty was lifted.
Now Fred Wilpon gives Alderson permission to raise payroll on the team. If you say you have the payroll to go from 93mil team to around 145mil. Why in the *** wouldnt you have let him sign Hamilton and Greinke when they were avail??
New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon recently told ESPN that he and his partner, Saul Katz, no longer have any personal debt. But don't expect the New York Metsto begin spending like a big-market team any time soon. NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 17: Mets Chairman and CEO Fred Wilpon (R) [...]
Debt-free Wilpon says Mets’ money will be flowing again: PORT ST. LUCIE — Fred Wilpon is st...
I'm really fed up with the Mets and particularly Fred Wilpon and Sandy Alderson after they lost out on outfielder Michael Bourn. All I keep hearing after the fact is they made a strong effort to get Bourn with a 4 year deal, but in reality there pursuit was an empty nest. If they really wanted Bourn they would have made the deal weeks ago regardless of the possible loss of losing the draft pick. Instead they decided to wait out the process which ultimately ended with Bourn signing in Cleveland. On top of that, Fred Wilpon keep saying the Bernie Madoff fiasco is behind us and we are ready to add payroll. That some statement from an owner who let Michael Morse go to Seattle, Rick Ankiel sign in Houston, never wanted to give Scott Hairston a two year deal after he hit 20 homeruns and then signed with the Cubs, and now Michael Bourn goes to the Indians. The reality is, all Mets management is doing is playing a cat and mouse game with no attempt to build a winner. As a fan since 1968 I have never see ...
Mets chief executive officer Fred Wilpon arrived at spring training on Wednesday with a hopeful message: The team's finances are improving, and the payroll will expand if necessary.
There's a new trend in MLB this year. First it was John Henry now Fred Wilpon is the second team owner to announce how much he loves baseball. What they're both saying is that if we have a lousy team this year, it's not because we don't love baseball.
New York Mets' owner Fred Wilpon says the team's money woes are over. Their woes on the field on the other hand.
"Sometimes luck is the residue of design." -Fred Wilpon
Mets Owner Fred Wilpon today said that he and his family are free and clear of past financial woes and that GM Sandy Alderson has the financial flexibility to make major free-agent signings in upcoming offseasons. He added that the family's improved financial complexion ...
Spring training is all about optimism, and Mets owner Fred Wilpon delivered a large dose of it Wednesday in Port St. Lucie.
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So Fred Wilpon says the Mets financial troubles are "in the past" and have the money to go get free agents. Must've been drunk when he said that or forgot to take his Geritol.
Mets owner Fred Wilpon says their financial woes as an organization are in the past. Do you believe him?
Any reason to believe Fred Wilpon? He's backed by his friend Bud Selig. He was never in danger of losing the
According to Adam Rubin, Fred Wilpon believes the Mets will be spending as much as they did during the Omar years by next year. Fred also said he believes the payroll will rise well above 100MM-plus. What do you guys think... It looks like the light at the end of the tunnel to me...
It bothers me Bud Selig got Frank McCourt out of basebal yet Fred Wilpon gets to say? What is this? I want Mark Cuban.
When does it get to the point Bud Selig has to come in and demand Fred Wilpon sell the team to Mark Cuban?
Mets are conducting tryouts for their OF. Fred Wilpon names Bernie Madoff as the front runner for the CF job.
As Usual the Mets played the waiting game as they always do and lost. With the signing of Michael Bourn to a 4 year $48 Million dollar contract with the Indians, the Mets are once again out in the cold. I am so disgusted with this franchise a team that I have rooted for 40 plus years and all we get is the same old song and dance. Michael Bourn would have given the Mets the leadoff hitter they so desperately need since Jose Reyes departed. The outfield as presently constructed Has Lucas Duda in LF and a bunch of no names vying for Center and Right field. Fred Wilpon and Sandy Alderson have once again shown us die hard Mets fans that 2013 is not going to be our year. With the Braves, Nationals and Phillies all on pace to win 90 games, the Mets will be hard pressed to win 75 games. Maybe the Mets should should look for another city to play in, because I can take this nonsense anymore.
Bud Selig has to get involved and get Fred Wilpon out as owner. Enough is enough. WIlpon's time has come and gone. Sell it to Cuban.
Michael Bourn signs with the Indians. Thx, Fred Wilpon. It's so much fun to be a Mets fan.
Reports are Michael Bourn has signed with the Cleveland Indians
NEW YORK (AP) -- The New York Mets have signed outfielders Corey Patterson and Mike Wilson to minor league contracts.
Just when we all think Woody Johnson is an even worse owner than Fred Wilpon, The Mets owner fights back with the innovative idea of a casino next to Citi Field. The fight for worst owner in New York rages on!
The NY Post has reported that Major League Baseball’s New York Mets are interested in opening a Las Vegas-style casino adjacent to Citi Field in an effort to recoup losses stemming from a Ponzi scheme which saw the team’s owners lose millions. Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz were fleeced for $...
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