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Fred West

Frederick Walter Stephen West (29 September 1941 – 1 January 1995), was a British serial killer. Between 1967 and 1987, he alone, and later, he and his wife Rosemary, tortured, raped and murdered at least 11 young women and girls, many at the couple's homes.

Peter Sutcliffe Harold Shipman Jimmy Savile Rose West Myra Hindley Irvine Welsh Jimmy Saville Ian Huntley Dennis Nilsen Dominic West Yorkshire Ripper Ched Evans Robert Mugabe

Fred Brondsted scores 11 points on 4-for-7 shooting. West Virginia Wesleyan with 5th win in six games.
Tonight from 7 & Fred Eyre at against West Ham in the Premier League on 95.1Fm.
both excellent games. What's your football club's name? Mine is "Fred West Ham", a gag stolen from a friend.
In the same way that you'd go to Fred West for family counselling.
Many Islamic countries don't allow Jews on thr Airports. Muslims shud protest n ask those bans 2b lifted before they come2 d…
Rise in ‘dark tourism’ sees thousands make ghoulish visits to homes of killers like Fred and Rose West
wonder who his agent is, oh yeah obvious,got a worse touch than Fred and Rose West.
wonder who inspired Fred West, Jack the Ripper (both of em) & the Black Panther.
Last time travelled to West Ham just under a month ago they won 5-0. Join & Fred Eyre for full mat…
He does have Dr.Dre connections mate, but it's produced by Fred Wreck,.. It's all west coast so similar sounding
The real smart ones came back w/new attitudes after 90 day TDY's to West Africa or Beirut.
he also helped Fred West lay a patio and build a conservatory
Tonight from 7, and Fred Eyre will bring you coverage of against West Ham in the Premier League.
Men who wear laced boots with a zip up the side are no better than Fred West.
Tell that to Fred West - never got another building job after all that unpleasantness was reported in the papers.
Thousands visit spot where Fred West's home once stood in rise of 'Dark Tourism'
Into the top 3 now for - and in 3rd is this great pic of Fred and his son enjoying lunch at a ext…
Plano West Lacrosse wants to give a HUGE Welcome to the newest member of our high school coaching staff, Fred... https:/…
Support homeless people in police custody, head to West Melbourne police station.
You're down 11 to west virginia at home. I want Fred back.
had 36 points and 9 rebound in win over West Lincoln. Fred is leading West Caldwell as they are 12-0 in conference play!!
'Dark Tourism' is on the rise in the UK with people flocking to the old site of 25 Cromwell Street (Home of Fred an…
Bring American hero and patriot to your school with YAF's Fred Allen Lecture Series, continuing in 2017!…
Remember that time when the future President of the United States was tricked into rting a picture of serial killer…
A touching vigil tonight at the Islamic Information and Dawah Centre on Bloor West. Filled with faith leaders and neighbours.…
Trump will announce his Supreme Court pick tonight. Kanye West is headed to D.C.
You'd think it was a sick joke wouldn't you?. if Fred West was still alive, would they have him also as an Ambassador?!!
No one likes these. Like an ugly Fred And Rose West
Listen to Fred West at the Village Vanguard by Blasé Holiday on
Dave Graham looks a bit like Fred West
"Fred West, lived on Cromwell Street. . Fred West, dug holes very deep. People that were just too slow,. were put under his pat… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Exclusive from "We started writing an episode of where Victor was related to Fred West." . h…
Gavin and Stacey's surnames (Shipman and West) are named after the famous British serial killers Dr. Harold Shipman and Fred West.
UKIP Woolfe looks like Dominic West when he played Fred West
Ever thought you'd see Fred West in a tech article alongside Enzo Ferrari and Carol Shelby? Well, you will now.
not fkn John West more like Fred West 🤔
Ian Brady. Harold Shipman. Fred West. Peter Sutcliffe. See, not hard, is it?
I remember when it was aw Fred West's and Duncan Bannatyne's on these streets.
So the is on they've done a Gary Glitter number Michael Barrymore is dancing what next Fred West laying a patio
Great TV. Night fishing with Dean Macey and Sally Gunnell pfft. Next week salmon fishing with Fred West and Sid James.
Fred West's sentence seems a bit harsh now. That was a 1st time offence as well. 1st time he murdered 12 kids and buried the…
Andrea Leadsom is endorsed by Boris Johnson, Ian Duncan Smith and Nick Griffin. Just needs ISIL and ghost of Fred West to complete the set.
Mr Cameron, Paul Tonkinson, Roger Tonge, Fred West, Bob and Barbara Boulton your boys took one *** of a beating!
100% certain with evidence that he was involved in Moors murders too, less evidence for Fred West but feel its likely.
I agree, but that's a bit like saying Fred West was a nicer guy than the Yorkshire Ripper.
Police dig at former home of Fred West's Friends — Gloucester News Centre
BBC News - Devon police digging at former home of Fred West's friends
Christ, talk about lesser of two absolute, utter evils. It's like Fred West fighting Stalin.
thank you for pipeline. Loved the Fred Morrison episode. Gary west always great to listen too.
Warriors Greenfield gets shutout: The West Kelowna Warriors took the first game of the BCHL Fred Page Cup fina...
Don't miss full match comms of Manchester City FC at Chelsea on 95.1FM with Ian Cheeseman and Fred Eyre from 5.30…
Leaving Salem 4ish if you want a ride North. Meet at Roths in West or Fred Meyer on the parkway.
I remember as a kid falling asleep listening to west coast games on radio with Denny & Fred. It's better to be able to watch games.
Accident in on Fred Wilson Ave WB west of US 54
I'm laughing so much I've nearly been sick several times!!! 'You are more attractive than Fred West'
I think Man United, West Ham and Liverpool have decent enough fixtures and no blank afterwards
Followed by memoirs of Fred West's cellar conversions.
1972: Fred and Rose West got married. Rose gave birth to their second daughter, Mae, that same year.
Rose started becoming intimate with a man named Fred West. Her father did not approve of this but Rose was quickly pre…
Got myself a brand new new pick up line, thanks to Camping on "You're more attractive than Fred West."
Got a real treat tonight at the ballpark, Cowboy Joe West on the plate tonight.
you need to get following more people. I'd suggest Fred West, Justin Beaver or Craig from Bros.
time for another foreign adventure young man. West Papua?
Johnny Manziel accused of trashing a mansion: "There was cocaine all over the kitchen table". ht…
It's time WEST COAST // My performance is coming up so tune in NOW! 😝 . 📷: Lee
Fred West book as unpalatable as his snacking on raw onions.
Fred Armisen is the Kanye West of comedy.
Throwback to one drunken night listening to music when I got on to the fact Fred West was a member of the Spinners
Trump has been running for POTUS for 10 months and is still less informed than any college Republican. https:…
Apparently Gideon and Christine LeGarde are leading the way on tax transparency. It's like putting Fred West in charge of child protection.
Listening to an American podcast about Fred and Rosemary West and their pronunciation of GLOWE-ster is really undermining the subject.
Like Putin, is without shame as other ministers in the West resign
hey man, there's still one of those Halloween banners hanging in Fred's west!😂😂
A large grocery store with an electronics section. Out West we have Fred Meyer. Or maybe a 24hr Wal-Mart.
Taylor Swift is opening up about her "magical" relationship now on West Coast!
SMT: Persona 2 - Innocent Sin for the PSP has its 5th anniversary. A remake & first time the entry came to the West.
Fred Arkanoff has started construction on new residential double on Parthenia Avenue just west of Jefferson Street.
Rollin' through the West side with Fred's Fish Fry and Church's
the Fred and Rose West of the defending world
I think they're the new Fred and Rose West and should not be trusted.
The best duo since Fred and Rose West them fans then
Another Tory another soulless pedaller of greed & pain. looks a bit like Fred West doesn't he?
people who don't like football: Fred West, Ian Huntley, Dennis Nilsen, Guy Martin. Any other I've missed?
Stephen Crabb looks a bit like Fred West.😕
If Ronny gets sacked, John Collins is going to be caretaker. That's like escaping from Fred West's house and ending up …
If Cuba Gooding Jr played Fred West in a film then u could believe he was innocent as well
Ian Huntley is a bit better than Fred West but I still wouldn't want him babysitting.
Remember when Simon off was "cute". Now he's a dead ringer for a young Fred West. Creepy or what?
It's me, creator of successful parody accounts such as the ghost of Fred West and a time travelling Shane Richie.
Looks like they were a bit hasty knocking down Fred West's place
Fellaini has got a touch like Fred West's hammer.
Fred has told us he's very excited to meet the people of west Wales!
Manchester United are pleased to announce their new official death partner - Fred West's Family Sex Dungeon
Our 1st Yr 10 using card people to show causes of Fred West's criminal behaviour https…
Snow removal in the 200-300 block West Patrick St will cause delays till 1400. All traffic is being diverted to S Bentz St.
I'm going to rename the cat Fred West the amount of corpses it's left in this garden.
This *** giving bulling advice is like Fred West giving advice on how to lay the perfect patio 🙈
.You ready to lay out the SEC West.
Straight out the Fred West book of Seductive quotes that one
These celebrities like Kanye West who give their kids odd names - what's wrong with traditional names like John or Fred
"Kanye! Kanye, it's Fred. Your cousin, FRED WEST? You know that new bum technique you're looking for? Well, listen to this!"
So Mac Dre is to the west coast as Max B is to the east
"Takes a big man to admit when he's wrong". As the judge said to Fred West.
also if Fred was replaced with Fred West
He's way down on my list of people called West. Fred, Rosemary & John all rank higher. Serial killers & canned fish.
Well done to our Chairman Fred Story on his win at
Kanye West is my 4th favourite West. After Fred, Rose & John.
West Jeff Band and Apollo 13 Astronaut Fred Haise before we performed for the Ceremony at NASA!!!
89 criminals committed suicide in the UK in prison last year | Latest News | Breaking UK News & World News Headli…:
[Share] REVEALED: UK prison suicides reach 89 in 2015 as eight inmates 'murdered' [
Girls coaches for 20th Cager Classic all-star games March 19 at Highlands:. Fred Soilis, Freeport (West). Joel Ceraso, Leech…
It was initially assumed that Fred West was the predominant killer as he had killed 2 people before meeting Rose. https…
Fred and Rose West sexually abused and killed at least 12 girls, including their own daughters, in their own home. http…
Fred West justifying the murders, which normally involved both Fred and Rose violently sexually abusing the victims: ht…
However Rosemary West killed her step-daughter, whilst Fred West was in prison. Her body was buried at the house. https…
Yep, Tony Blair & Fred West: one was a brutal murderer. And the other one married Rose West;)
Found an article showing more of Janet's life prior to Fred West's involvement and how sick Rose truly was.
We do "try" dead people. Fred West. Jimmy Savile.
Adam Boulton, the Fred West of political commentary
Vance is such a lying *** he'd probably argue that Fred West and the Yorkshire Ripper were Muslims.
So glad Dominic West looks less like Fred West in season 2 of - much more believable as a love interest
Yes. A bit like getting Fred West in as a consultant before opening a guest house.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West call their son Saint. What was wrong with a simple name like Fred West?
Yes Muhammad was a feminist and so was Jimmy Savile, Fred West and Peter Sutcliffe
Got one of Fred West bundled up in a blanket whilst getting into a police van. Any good?
Corbyn's new appointments:. Ian Huntley as schools minister, Fred West as equal rights minister & andy Burnham as health minister.
EU referendum. Blair & Brown to lead the Yes campaign. Because Harold Shipman and Fred West were deemed too populist.
..His Myra Hindley nose, his Fred West earlobes, his Savile NHS-fandom, his John Redwood anthem fiasco, oh, hang-on.
Reading the Daily Mail you'd think Harold Shipman is now Minister for Elderly, Myra Hindley for Children and Fred West for families
fail: "Recruitment firm under fire for campaign featuring holocaust, Fred West and Myra Hindley"
Also had Jimmy Savile and Michael Jackson DM via a Ouija board app. Fred West told me he's gonna get me too. Sorry, can't screenshot.
Clarence Mitchell. first on the scene for and then and of course closely involved with Rose and Fred West.
come on Fred West was great with patios.
I'm convinced it was spec'd by Fred West.
Next up on Sky Moyes advising Chelsea on big name foreign signings.bit like Fred West talking about patios
when you have an anxiety attack at Stage West and have to be brought home early...
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Yeah, Fred and Rose West were pretty chill.
Maine forest rangers wrap up West Coast mission
I need to go to the west coast. I'm sure they got love for me out there.
Devastated . Fred West was in the spinners
.Split, split, and split again until WESTMINSTER THE ENEMY is as fine dust as Fred/Rose West's house
Fred Miller, coach of West LL, has released a statement:
City opts not to fight Willets Point court ruling - From left: Fred Wilpon, rendering of Willets West in Quee...
.joins on live from West Virginia Next!
Typical non-profit speak: we have a biz relationship with West Austin; the locals get "educational programs" and charity.
Providing "access" to healthy food? For whom? West Austin restaurants? And the people who can afford to eat there?
its all fun and games until Fred west hops in
maybe they have a spectacular for a final celeb to make up for the rest, like a reanimated zombie Fred West
... or tour downtown Las Vegas, special attractions for & visit landmarks that were part of Fred Harvey’s civilizing of the west!
Unplayable! That was the opinion of the WELLNG manager about SUTTON superstar fred west.
Thankful for another amazing summer at home... But back to West Chester for a few months
Foto: jennergallery: July 8th: Kendall Jenner leaving Fred Segal in West Hollywood | more at JENNERGALLERY
He drew the floor plan for the west side apartment Fred Hampton slept in after Oneal drugged his drink, Hampton was executed as he slept...
Well done Macca for getting some top GCSE results!
Turns out I'm gifted in everything 😕 (Fred West is me)
Go round and introduce your self as the neighbourhood Fred and Rose West.
Becky got that Fred Flinstone toe lol
I just checked into Fred and Max, Somerset West on
"What can you say about a man who's got more skeletons in his cupboard than Fred West?"
West Ham United have agreed to sign midfielder Alex Song on a permanent deal from Barcelona.
So what do you know about the bitter falling out between Jerry West and Fred Schaus? And why have you never written anything?
west and I've been in fred. all dorms have them Now, I talked to the man that installed mine
I seem to remember you sending a picture of Fred west to a girl on wills suggestion. How did that go?
Me? Just having Fred West murder bants with How anout you?
That'd make us a worse couple than Fred and Rose West.
congrats on making the West JV Volleyball Team! You are beautiful on the inside and out ❤️
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Today, the valley filled with smoke, pieces of ash raining down. The West is on fire -- and then, I noticed our... htt…
Not saying there's a lot of banging and crashing going on next door but I think Fred West might have moved in.
If Fred signs for West Ham il stop watching football.
West Aurora School District moves to MiCloud to free up staff -
West Ham United are considering wether to bid £1M for Millwall youngster Fred Onyedinma
we all saw what happened on brookside years ago, the new patio is a giveaway, just ask Fred West
You talking about sexual discrimination is like Fred West talking about patios.
X. For years we talked about . Jack the Ripper. Crippin. Fred West. Michael Ryan. Peter Sutcliffe,. when right under our noses we had Jimmy Savile
Fred West - Rose West - . 3 Wests who've disgraced themselves in the SW of England.
or the Yorkshire Ripper slagging off Fred West
Everything aside. Fred West murdered people for years, undiscovered. Are our police force useless, or is it just the nature of our world?
Nice to see you found work after the death, What was it like being Fred West's plasterer?
Shades of Fred West's cellar last night. Thanks to for a first class ad hoc comedy get together.
Fred & Rosemary West, one pair we associate with horror. Both once tiny children being abused.
People forget that Fred West started in Scotland:
Exited to announce I will be opening for Dan Frechette and Laurel for Their CD Release July 3rd at the West End... http:/…
Fred tell chaz to singe for West Ham
I've just mistaken Batman for Fred West - anybody could do it *Batman raises his eyebrows*
I reckon Fred West would have been a loveable granddad by now if they hadn't forced his hand.
Fred said I'm going to summer school on the West Bank so I can experience the ghetto life 😂 cute idea Fred
.talks family, his new album and kicking kids out of Chuck E Cheese on
Fairfield's Fred Riley now has 3 catches for 62 yards and a TD for the West
West's first completion is a TD, Edgewood's Trace Reynolds 34 yards to Fairfield's Fred Riley
La,. West's Blake Darland at QB for West, first pass is incomplete toward Fairfield's Fred Riley
*Laughs in "good enough for the east, but we in the west"*
Fred Jerry West even said it at the ceremony held for Dr. Buss. That the Rams were until showtime of course
Eva made a show of us screaming in Tesco before. Women were looking at us like we were Fred and Rose West.
Accident on 17 S. in West Ashley in front of Fred Anderson Toyota has traffic backed up all the way to the Hendrick dealerships
don't think I've seen anyone complain about Fred West's extensions or patios either.
Mr. Fred during the excel west block party.
Portland party people! We are sampling sauces at Hollywood West Fred Meyer today from 11:30-2:30pm and then we'll...
This is my uncle fred we live in a rough area of the West Midlands and he's came out ***
Allow at While we're at it lets give Fred West Father of the Year Award!.
latest Glendale speaker looks like a cross between Fred Willard and Adam West.
Fred Kitchen presented a continuing education program today at the West Virginia Funeral Directors Association...
join us! Join the trophyless world which is West Ham!
'West Ham can't play good football'
However, Hannibal Lecter, Peter Sutcliffe & Fred West also fall into that category
Not sure how some people have got so many followers. I'd rather follow Fred West into his back garden than follow some of these people.
Time team but with Fred and Rose West
I'm on a higher road,your patter's pish ! There was me thinkin they broke the mold with Fred West ...
Back in my call centre days, I served both a Fred and Rose West. You'd change your name!
Trallagh David. When are you planning to write Fred West's memories?
tell me what's acceptable about killing an animal for sport?? Why not post a photo of Fred West??
Fred Monthei has a show on 06/10/2015 at 09:00 PM @ O'Shea's Olde Inn in West Dennis, MA
I think you missed Fred West two rows behind
thing is there is genuinely a player in there. Similarly there were decent people in Fred West and Jimmy Saville
the lesser of two evils is not change!! It's Like asking us to choose between Jimmy Saville and Fred West!
She got a two headed snake roon her neck. I settled wae a John Bell/Fred West action scene on my back. Hunners of ejaculate.
And Dennis Nilson voting for Labour - Fred West Voting for Cons- Peter Sutcliffe Voting for Libs So what?
Even though the Fred West-vibe from David Hills is strong, Slade are a band that deserve to be labelled mighty:
Reflecting on last night's performance of West Side Story.,,,our students and staff are awesome!
How are we doing with getting Fred West to stand as PPC?
anyone for Commons he's got a touch like Fred West today
and a ticket to Fred West: The Musical
Not even balanced by pointing out Harold Shipman voted Tory and Fred West was die hard Labour!
Does simply being male and female guarantee that you will be good parents? Fred and Rose West fit those criteria.
'only in the Fred West documentary'. Best comeback ever 😂
Your jokes are as funny as Fred West patio laying.
Funny watching Cameron getting hammered by on his west villa ham Aston support.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
looked like he was going to parents evening last night dressed as Fred west
Fred West used to have the same problem but he rectified it very quickly.
I am so glad that I was able to attend tonight's performance of West Side Story here at Morton East.
he's about as cool as Fred west in a gimp suit
Thanks for patience during this major west-side power outage, City power customers. City website & phones are offline…
Debut tonight powerful compositions by Kent Stevenson, Fred West and
Now, how many typical Irish mums and dads are like Fred and Rosemary West. Hardly "traditional" marriage in their case!
would testimony from children of Fred & Rosemary West be an indictment of traditional marriage and parenting?
chill fm shocker I loved that and Fred West is dead songs
I like it more than Fred West likes to lay paving slabs
I don't mean the 'Fred West' type. No
Kanye west has a look he reserves only for the things he loves the most
Cant take the *** with Safc in the bottom 3 as our team is worse Like taking the *** out of kid with no dad but yours is Fred west
it concerns me more that you had to be cleared by 'security services' a bit like Fred West checking in Girl Guides
by djnicotoronto Head down to Fred Perry at 964 Queen Street West this weekend to grab a $2 flyer to next weekend's…
Fred West was a dreadful man, but he was a Labour activist in Gloucester... it means little.
Are you working tonight? I'm off to my West Ham mate Fred Bantick's retirement party at The Humble Plum in Bitterne.
I don't think and realise that "Mr & Mrs West" mostly makes British people think of Fred and Rose.
You're about as innocent as Fred West.
I don't think they want your support Katie, it's like an endorsement from Fred West
I will always be Captivated with 90s west coast hip hop. GFunk sound and *** rapping like they possessed with Huey & Fred Hampton spirit
Fred West - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia via
if you were to ask his neighbours, so was Fred West.
I'd compare too.Pol Pot,Stalin,Robert Mugabe,Ronan Keating,Hitler,George Bush and Fred West. Who would you compare him too
Irvine Welsh slams Osborne for using Trainspotting quotes: 'I'd rather be quoted by Fred West'
Been told I have the "hair of Fred West & beard of Peter Sutcliffe". How can anyone think I look like a serial killer?
David Cameron was also 'deeply saddened' by the deaths of Jimmy Savile, Fred West and Darth Vader. Actually that last one was quite sad.
Fred West, Peter Sutcliffe and Frank Bruno to sign for Chelsea. No Messi thats just silly talk
Things that are better than . 1. 2. Ched Evans . 3. Fred West. 4. Eating ear wax. 5. Jimmy Savile. 6. Biting you…
I think I'd rather have Robert Mugabe or Fred West as a 'celebrity' Liverpool fan than Gary Barlow tbh
Breast Cancer Awareness
I see Nigel Farage has won Briton Of The Year, presumably beating Harold Shipman, Fred West, Ched Evans, and the bosses…
"Ray Winstone, Fred West and that woman who threw the cat in the bin."
The worlds worst dad?? I'm pretty sure Josef Fritzl, Fred West and Gerry McCann will have something to say about that
Remember when I met Seal? He's sound yanno. Asked him if Kiss From A Rose was about Fred West. He just laughed.
You fancy digging Fred West up and awarding him a Purple Heart while you're at it? Or perhaps a Nobel Peace Prize for Hermann Göring?
I bet Dennis Nilsen, Fred West, Peter Sutcliffe and Harold Shipman run him close.
No one can understand Guy Martin LMAO and apparently he looks like a young Fred West! Bleedin ***
He reminds me of a young Fred West. Speed with a guy called Martin . These turtles need a no means no campaign. 😂 highlights!
it's like saying if Fred West is innocent you hope he clears his name. Clear cut, same as Evans
Roses are red. You're simply the best. Sang Tina Turner. To Rose and Fred West
Why don't they just put hate figures on stamps? They'd make a packet. Savile, Hindley, Fred West, Jimmy Hill...
'never ceases to surprise that former trusted parent becomes Myra Hindley or Fred West on day the parents separate'
Rose West, Fred West, Peter Sutcliffe & Harold Shipman as a back four?
were Jimmy Saville or Hitler ever footballers? It would be like cheering Peter Sutcliffe or Fred West!
There's something darkly humouring about Irvine Welsh saying he'd prefer Fred West quoting him to GeOsb. Is anyone in the Arts on the Right?
Website Builder 728x90
Bit mean of Donald Trump to sue the children of Rose and Fred West. They've been through enough.
Emerald Brandon West in Fred'burg in 3 days. Don't miss it.
Carpetbag Brigade Stilters at the West End Celebration - photo by Fred Arellano
That's the equivalent of me editing a floral crown onto a picture of Fred West and hashtagging it
There was a reason why Fred West behaved the way he did. He copied his Father.
Fred West would have come across well...
best curry in North West :) Peroni makes Sunday night pain east
Watch this space for exclusive news of a possible celebrity feud between Fred Savage and Kanye West
so is Fred West, doesn't stop him being a crap Dad!
I thought Fred Durst would be the one to do this. Steve
The story of Fred and Rose West trying to pick up my step-dad is sooo scary😷
Big 'Thank You' to everyone who has pulled on the orange shirt this season! Here's to many more!
I was thinking Fred West but yeah, same scene.
May I have a Rillington Plaice and chips and the Fred West Surprise please Oh and a can of Lilt!
My last-minute decision to start Terrance West instead of Fred Jackson looks destined to backfire spectacularly.
Terrance west or Fred Jackson at flex
What do you think Sproles Toby Gerhart Fred Jackson or Terrence west
monte ball t west or Murry Fred Jackson
West, Cooks, or Fred Jackson in the flex (nonppr)
With AP inactive which two should i start at RB martin, fred jackson, west and sankey PPR
Fitz, Fred Jackson or pick up West for flex!? PPR League
Drop Jordan Reed and pick up T West? JThomas is TE and have Rjennings, Dmurray, and Fred Jackson as RBs in PPR league
Fred Jackson,Frank Gore or Terrance West in standard 10 team league.Need one
Fred jackson andre ellington or terrance west at flex standard league
Which 2 should i play Ryan Mathews, Terrance West, Fred Jackson, or Pierre Thomas?
Who's the better option at flex this week, Terrance West or Fred Jackson?
I have Edleman T west spiller, and Fred Jackson who should I play in the flex
I feel closer to that Fred West tobacco tin with each passing minute.
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