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Fred Talbot

Frederick Fred Talbot (born 17 December 1949) is a British television presenter and meteorologist, best known for presenting weather forecasts on ITV.

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Blame the Fred Talbot has shot his in the shoulders mistaking them for a hydro-electric power station.
Reports suggest that Fred Talbot has his Kickstarter campaign, references to sigma radiation.
The trick is evaluators who get it right. Toronto with Anderson; Talbot in Edm. Keenan with Lindbergh and Hextall.
just want to point out Fred from scooby-do is clearly an Oilers fan. Been rocking Ascot for Talbot for ye…
Utterly great: Fred Talbot has crushed with the
Stones & glass houses, you lot employed Fred Talbot for 30 years!
This better be accurate or am hunting down Michael Fish, Dallas Raines and Fred Talbot and murdering them.
At long Talbot has finally had four tattoos of YouTube removed from his eyeballs!
he's probably buggered cheggers.and geet Fred Talbot film it for future reference
Mad that Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Fred Talbot & Adam Johnson are in a prison cell right now.
Fred Talbot appears in court over indecent assault charges (via
Like Tommy Davis good or Fred Talbot good? (Also, I dig the Sonics pennant under the book).
Think it sank like the career of weatherman Fred Talbot who I think is now languishing at Her Majesty's pleasure
"at 12:30 in a King Canute style act of deluded grandeur, weatherman Fred Talbot will attempt to genuinely leap from Scotland to Ireland"
Former ITV weatherman Fred Talbot is still under investigation in Edinburgh on historical child sex abuse claims
In amongst the Fred Talbot's of this world
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No, Sex Fred.. As in Talbot, who did the very same & got arrested for it.
careful it could be Fred Talbot escaped from strangeways !
Are all Christians paedos on the basis of Stuart Hall, Jimmy Savile, Fred Talbot etc?
Fred Talbot convicted: And 'down the road' Alan Morris, 64, of Hale And there was Ray Teret:
Have to wait to see if there's a conviction. Will be ages, though. It's looking like Fred Talbot at the mo.
Tiny man who looks a bit like Fred Talbot caught wanking in Gail Platt's front garden shocker # subsubtitles
I think it's about time was put in the same bracket as the likes of Gary Glitter & Fred Talbot.
As was Max Clifford he thought at start, Rolf Harris, Fred Talbot,, Stuart Hall
Adam Johnson will soon be sharing his living quarters with the likes of Fred Talbot & Gary Glitter. Naughty sod.
Fred Talbot's Floating Regret. Ruled out of the due to reasons.
VIDEO: Region's chief prosecutor bows out: The man who took Stuart Hall, Fred Talbot and two Coronation Street...
Gary Glitter, Dave Lee Travis, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Chris Denning, Fred Talbot and Stuart Hall will each be re-interviewed.The ...
Hilarious budget forecast of George Osbourne in a Fred Talbot sweater
Former TV weather presenter Fred Talbot jailed for five years for indecently assaulting boys
Following the Marvin Gaye/Robin Thicke case,Rolf Harris says he's suing new cell mate Fred Talbot for covering Two Little Boys
After the Marvyn Gaye/Robin Thicke plagiarism case, Rolf Harris said he'll sue Fred Talbot for covering 2 little boys without permission.
Fred Talbot jailed for five years for sexual assaults on two schoolboys
Fred Talbot to curate his favourite films.
Fred Talbot has let everyone down, none more so than me. Why Fred! Why oh why!
Thank goodness. I thought it was a Fred Talbot tribute.
Last spring Fred Talbot said to me, "When I'm out there pitching, are you rooting for me, Bouton?" "Yeah, Fred."
MT "Bruno Andrade cut inside Drew Talbot to finish past McCormick. That is a sickener. I thought that was Fred Talbot.
Things I've seen on the way to and from work this week. 1: Fred Talbot - or close enough - nearly getting his head crushed in a metro door.
would you like to clarify the difference Fred Talbot
Adam Johnson with your face like Fred Talbot at an all night rave in Burnley 1991, and a nonce
I told you that Fred Talbot crush was a mistake
Groundhog Day but with Fred Talbot as the groundhog.
Will convicted paedophile Fred Talbot be stripped of his honorary doctorate?
Wonder what that new Liam Neeson film is about. Bet it's dead good. (Disclaimer: views are those of Fred Talbot and not my own)
*** unemployed was Rolf Harris fred talbot jim Saville Stuart Hall etc was they working oh yes they was.
It still freaks me that Ian Brown gave evidence in court against now convicted nonce Fred Talbot , very Twilight Zone.
My back hurts that much I'd let Fred Talbot massage me.
Ex-TV weatherman Fred Talbot is found guilty of indecently assaulting two teenage boys when he was a teacher.
Granada are petrified to touch anyone. It's all Fred Talbot's fault.
they've all denied it until they get cornered and then they cave in. Stuart Hall, Max Clifford, Fred Talbot etc etc.
lol... was your teacher Fred Talbot?
love a bit of Ian Brown mate. Just need to put Fred Talbot teaching him how to *** out of my mind!
eat a balti before bed, wake up n my knee dsn't work. Dreamed Fred Talbot wrk'd as a sparky in my building n Phil Collins died
The trial of former TV weather presenter Fred Talbot is halted after he was injured when he tripped leaving the witness box.
* Fred Talbot says sexual activity with boy ′was consensual′ on
Savile, Talbot, Gadd... paedos. Hope Fred Talbot & Gary Glitter are not in solitary confinement.
What a sight for a Sunday morning - this is Fred Talbot dressed as Gary Glitter.
This really is Fred Talbot dressed as Gary Glitter:
Best thing about Fred Talbot is that he once dressed up as Gary Glitter. It's like Bertie dressing up as Charlie etc etc
Former ITV weatherman, Fred Talbot, found guilty of indecent assault:
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Felt the need to check Fred Talbot wasn't mentioned in "John Kettley is a Weatherman" - Pleased to report he's not -
Fred Talbot goin all uncle junior there today
Everyone knows Fred Talbot will be getting didgeridoo lessons off Rolf Harris soon so why all this messing about with a trial?
Electric Banana - Ian Brown appears in court to give evidence against Fred Talbot
According to Ian Brown of the Stone Roses,Fred Talbot was doing the snow effects on the Granada weather map
The most shocking revelation about the Fred Talbot case is that Ian Brown went to a Grammar school.
Ian Brown's responses to Fred Talbot's QC are immense.
As opposed to usual opinion, I have a great deal of respect for Ian Brown testifying in Fred Talbot case, knowing ridicule…
The Ian Brown / Fred Talbot story is like something out of the minds of Morris or Iannucci.
Fred Talbot taught Ian Brown to *** I don't recall needing any lessons
Ian Brown Ian Brown tells court weatherman and teacher Fred Talbot made class watch *** # # # - NME
Ian Brown leaving court today after calling Fred Talbot a "wrong 'un" - pic by Peter Byrne/PA Wire
Stone Roses singer Ian Brown tells Fred Talbot trial: 'I'm here to help the boys hurt by him'. http:…
Ian Brown should blame Fred Talbot for his entire solo career while he's got the chance
The Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown has been giving evidence at the sex abuse trial of former TV weatherman Fred Talbot. The singer alleges that boys at Altrincham Grammar were asked if they had "pleasured" themselves. Our correspondent Rob Smith has been following the case:
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Stone Roses singer Ian Brown is giving evidence against weatherman Fred Talbot in Manchester in his sex abuse trial
OMG! we now have Ian Brown (Stone Roses) giving evidence in a sex case against Fred Talbot (his former teacher).
Live now: Stone Roses' Ian Brown gives evidence at trial of TV weatherman Fred Talbot
Just heard on the evening news that Ian Brown from the Stone Roses has been in court testifying against Granada tonights weather man Fred Talbot alleging that when he taught them at school he showed them a *** video in class .Puts a new meaning to Freds favourite saying .well . what have we got for tonight ? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha:)
Fred Talbot, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile... we've a culture of worshipping "eccentrics" in this country & too often eccentrics are f*ing dodgy
Back in the 90s disgraced weatherman Fred Talbot would jump from one island to another with ease. I bet he wishes he could do that now
Weatherman Fred Talbot is said to have indecently assaulted his victims including a Newcastle victim between the late 1960s and the early 1980s
...Oh, I get it now- Northwest Tonight have just said fred talbot was in court today- Granada Reports aren't gonna wanna touch that are they
Fred Talbot Pfftt ;( My gut reaction was right yet again. I never liked him :(
I don't think Fred talbot is guilty
Makes me SO uncomfortable/sad when they have to talk about Fred Talbot being a pedo on Granada Reports 😳
Fred Talbot the most accurate weatherman of all time, he told them lads they were in for 6 inches and thats exactly what they got 🐓
Former weatherman Fred Talbot 'used extrovert personality to gain affection of schoolboys'
BBC: Fred Talbot 'was sex abuse chancer'
Fred Talbot 'was sex abuse chancer' [Sale ]
I always wondered why he was the responsible adult on our school trips. Fred Talbot trial: 'was sex abuse chancer'
Just read a BBC article about Fred Talbot sucking someone off. Can't do anymore news today.
Fred Talbot 'was sex abuse chancer' - used his "extrovert personality" to help gain the trust of five schoolboys
Fred Talbot 'was sex abuse chancer'
Fred Talbot 'was sex abuse chancer',
Fred Talbot 'was sex abuse chancer' -
TV's Fred Talbot 'used his personality to win over boys he assaulted'  dear good. Nonsense case.
VIDEO: TV weatherman and Bowdon resident Fred Talbot arrives at court as sex offences trial loo…
Weatherman Fred Talbot was a 'chancer' who 'gambled on schoolboy victims' silence'
of course he wasn't and Fred Talbot was showing his warm front
I was gonna say Fred Talbot but I don't think that's a good idea with charges he's fighting against 🙈🙈
Fred Talbot trial: Ex-TV weatherman 'was sex abuse chancer' who used his extrovert personality to gain boys trust.
TV weatherman Talbot used 'boundless energy' to gain trust of sex abuse victims, court hears:
Fred Talbot's been in court today. Mind you, it's not the first time he's been dancing around in the dock.
Full roundup of evidence heard today against weatherman Fred Talbot on 1645. The 65 year old denies ten counts of indecent assault
Fred Talbot 'invited boys to party and answered door completely NUDE' - latest updates
Now I'm the target man, albeit the target of Merseyside due to the connections with Fred Talbot the Weather Nonce
Better than the time I got a reply from Fred Talbot the weatherman, before all that unsavoury business unfolded. Y'know. 😳😳😳
nice! I'll blame Fred Talbot his well dodgy!
With Fred Talbot dishing out the sausage rolls?
TV weather presenter Fred Talbot is set to appear in court to face a further allegation of indecent assault.
Thank you to everyone for visiting the Talbot Farmers' Market last Sunday! . We hope you had a terrific day...
Justice! Fred Talbot has accused the government of Wikileaks!
Former TV weather presenter Fred Talbot pleads not guilty to a charge of indecent assault.
Interesting quote from Fred Douglas at the Talbot County Courthouse
TV weatherman Fred Talbot is charged with the sexual abuse of school children between 1968 and 1983, Greater Manchester Police confirm.
Reports suggest that Fred Talbot has a he turns into an original work by Mondrian.
looks likely What's the deal with all these people?!
Most hated word of the day; rocking. As in "Fred Talbot is ROCKING an argyle sweater". Just say 'wearing'. It's fine. .
Bit unfair on Fred Talbot, who built his own underwater civilisation down there. No extradition treaty.
Bury Fred Talbot flattened a something with mauve Kryptonite.
Top story = Fred Talbot admitted using a nuclear to all eight of his alloy Olympic medals.
I will stick to my Dave Lee Travis beanbag and Fred Talbot pouffe!
TV weatherman Fred Talbot was yesterday charged with a series of historic child sex offences.
Fred Talbot could face prison if found guilty of historic sexual offences. I forecast some unpleasant showers.
So Fred Talbot is an island hopping, meteorological nonce then?
I'm really disappointed in Fred talbot...
What weather man live near Milton road in stretford Manchester UK! Fred Talbot.
So Fred Talbot could face prison if convicted of historical sex crimes! I predict some unpleasant showers!
Former TV weatherman Fred Talbot has been charged following an investigation into historic sexual abuse.
Jimmy saville, Dave Lee Travis, Bill Roache, Fred Talbot . Who are women going to accuse next? I just think people should accuse at the time and not wait to get on the band wagon. Jimmy saville however was an evil dirty old man but I think those who witnessed his behaviour should also be bought to justice. Phew, rant over!
It appears that Fred Talbot the weather map man at Liverpool has been charged with ten offences of sexual abuse. Its appears a flood gate of TV presenters, musicians, actors are getting charged, etc.
Fred Talbot. New autobiography. FEELING.under the weather.
BREAKING NEWS: Weatherman Fred Talbot denied bail 'in case he tries to jump over to Ireland.'
Television weatherman Fred Talbot has been charged with a string of offences following investigations into historic sexual abuse, Greater Manchester Police said.
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Fred talbot.. weather he did whether he didnt!!
Can't believe they have arrested Fred Talbot. Used to love watching him jump across the weather map on This Morning!!! Who next?? Wincey Willis? Mr motivator? Rusty Lee?? When will the madness end!
John Kettley is a weatherman, a weatherman, a weatherman. John Kettley is a weatherman and Fred Talbot might possibly be a nonce.
Fred Talbot has forecast some nasty showers in the next few weeks.but THAT is only in his cell block if he drops his soap!
a William Roache I find hard to believe , but Fred Talbot ? well he`s been charged
You'd never have guessed Fred Talbot was (allegedly) a sex offender with them jumpers he used to wear
Fred Talbot, the ex-weatherman for This Morning, is the latest TV presenter to face sex crimes charges.
News at ten. Fred Talbot, Dave Lee Travis and William Roach. All dirty perverts!
omg fred talbot now! the weather man that used to stand on the map of GB. whats going on.
Well, well, well, Thts This Morning weather man Fred Talbot been charged, who nxt I wonder?
Oh, not bloody Fred Talbot now! Is there anyone who was on TV during my childhood not in the dock?
Police are looking for TV weatherman Fred Talbot for historical sex offences, but fear he's jumped the country.
If Fred Talbot gets jailed for those allegations, I forecast he's in for some very unpleasant showers...
Poor old ex 'This Morning' weatherman Fred Talbot Is in trouble, seeing as he's probably by now really 'under the weather', how long before he jumps the country? :)
Actually in a state of utter shock from hearing about the investigation against Fred Talbot. The happiest most enthusiastic weather man ever. I don't know what life is anymore!!!
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Now we know why Fred Talbot kept going on about expecting lots of wet patches throughout the day. Still if he gets convicted he is just one big jump away from Spain.
Christ, even the weatherman Fred Talbot is facing charges for being a beast. There is no way on earth that Edmonds is not involved in this, he was the weirdest of them all.
I bet Fred Talbot wishes he could hop over to a non-extradition country as easily as he used to hop over to Ireland on the This Morning weather rap right about now.
Fred Talbot the Granada weather man has been charged with sexual offence's against boy's, Justice has been done !!
Glad to see that justice is finally catching up with Fred Talbot. How he got away with those jumpers for all those years is beyond me and I hope they throw the book at him.
Fred Talbot is forecasting some nasty showers. Probably the ones in prison.
I see Fred Talbot, the weatherman who used to do the weather on a floating map on morning TV has now been charged with historical sex offences. Two things, how much is this costing our bankrupt country, bringing people to book for things that may have happened donkeys years ago and should we all be looking over our shoulder? Not for sex offences necessarily, but perhaps an altercation you had with someone in the 70's, let's say and you gave them a black eye! But was not reported at the time. Historical GBH! Sounds laughable, but the way things are going, could happen!
Is it just me or is anyone else p1ssed off with all this sexual harassment *** off the back of the Jimmy Saville revelations? Dave Lee Travis and Rolf bloody Harris being taken to court and charged over something that happened in the 60's and now they're after Fred Talbot, the weatherman off This Morning who used to run around that foam map of the UK and Ireland on the waterfront behind the studio, jumping across to Ireland and back, over accusations he did something in the 60's. What a load of b
I think Fred Talbot will soon be feeling a warm front from the south once he's banged up.
Bloody *** Now Fred Talbot the weather man is in trouble what's going on in the world
The weather man Fred Talbot charged now, what the *** has been going on in the TV world.
What's going on not another one Fred Talbot who did this morning facing court for a number of sexual in counters x
Fred talbot the weatherman from this morning bloody pedo discusting .Nice jumpers. Thou
Add Weather Map straddling Jumper monkey Fred Talbot to the fiddie kiddling list...
Oh my goodness now fred talbot has been charged with sex offences .its getting ridiculous .if i were a celeb id be worried. whos next ?
Is fred talbot the weather man guilty...
Fred Talbot been charged with historical sex offences. Just proves you can't trust the weathermen
Bloody Fred Talbot x I liked him to
Oh what a shock Fred Talbot as been arrested over sexual assault the way its going it won't belong before Popeye,bugs bunny ,the flowerpot people get arrested
I see it wasn't just the clouds being blown for fred talbot
Will it ever end. Now Fred Talbot the weather man has been accused of sexual abuse. It seems that in every walk of life somewhere, someone is being abused. This is not a product of the 21st century, it has always happened. It is just that now with the media we have, we all hear about it and people are more willing to talk about it, to accuse the perpetrator of this evil crime. But. A big but, we must not think that every time someone is accused, it must be true. It may be hard to believe as it would have been for me a year or so again, that anyone could make accusations of this kind and be telling lies. That anyone could say they had been raped, abused, tortured etc if they hadn't. But I know for a fact that some people do. They have the police looking into the crime they say happened when all the time, they have made it up. I am not saying that any of the crimes we are hearing about involving 'celebrities' have been made up but let us wait for the verdicts before we condemn these people. In my mind, ma . ...
Fred Talbot the ITV weather man charged with sexual offences dating back from years ago. I must say I am shocked as I was sure old Fred would have nothing to hide when he was first arrested a long time ago now
This is getting silly now! Fred Talbot the weatherman charged with sex offenses. Who next? Father Christmas?!?!
Fred Talbot?? Really . god how many more from that era? Seems my childhood was spent looking up to and thinking scumbags were great!
No more Warm Fronts for weather man Fred Talbot!
Fred Talbot and his dodgy jumpers. Didn't see that coming!
Fred talbot the weatherman been charged with sex crimes jeez used to watch him on that floatin weather map
Bloody *** Fred Talbot the weatherman charged with Buggery and gross indecency. I bet they'll all be playing 'where's Fred' in the Strangeways hotel soon. If I was in there I'd certainly want to know what the dirty *** was up to.
Looks like Fred Talbot has been feeling a few warm fronts
Just read about Fred Talbot - are none of the famous people of my childhood actually decent? (Note, I am not saying he's guilty, I am commenting on the growing trend of these cases, guilty or not)
The Crown Prosecution Service has authorised Greater Manchester Police to charge Fred Talbot with eight offences of indecent assault against three boys under 16 years
Always said Fred Talbot was a peado!!!
And now Fred Talbot.not many non-sex-pest faces left from my childhood tv.
No wonder Fred Talbot always looked so miserable on that floating weather map. he obviously preferred small buoys.
Feck me. Fred Talbot charged with 9 counts of indecent assault.
Oh my days. now Fred Talbot the weatherman is a sex offender. Kermit will be next... he was on the telly loads in the 80s.
Depends on the question, bearing in mind this is a parody. Someone actually asked me about sexual involvement with Fred Talbot!
What are your Links to Fred Talbot elton ???
Just put William Roache, DLT, Rolf Harris, Freddy Star, Fred Talbot and all of the other lovely people in the same place as Stuart Hall, throw in a few cameras, call it Celebrity Big Brother and let us vote who to let out. Save the taxpayer millions!
British TV weatherman Fred Talbot rearrested in abuse probe
Fred Talbot. Never forecast that storm coming did he!
Fred talbot abit under the weather at moment pmsl.
Fred Talbot was TV weatherman with his weekly "where's Fred" so many jokes made, one being "he's in strangeways" (prison)
well done for doing a good report of new sexual allegations of former tv weather man Fred Talbot
Granada Reports reporting the Fred Talbot story
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So the *** weatherman Fred Talbot has had his *** busted again, bet he liked that, when he gets locked up he can bust all the *** he wants ! Brings a whole new meaning to being ' Banged Up' !
Fred Talbot is a weatherman and also a nonce.
TV weatherman Fred Talbot rearrested in abuse probe. More @
TV weatherman arrested over alleged sex abuse and buggery at Altrincham boys' school
I see Fred Talbot has been rearrested
Fred Talbot arrested over sex abuse for second time; hope it goes well for him.
Fred Talbot getting done for touchin kids. I have lost all faith in humanity. Guy was my childhood hero. Gutted.
star arrested again in abuse quiz 'weatherman Fred Talbot is arrested again by police investigating alleg...'
TV weatherman Fred Talbot rearrested in abuse probe
Fred Talbot, you old dog,I wonder if he did that silly little jump when the police came around to Nick him.
I see that the alledged dirty nonce Fred Talbot has been re-arrested for molesting young boys when he was a teacher in the North East. I have never liked him, found him irritating and always knew there was something weird about him. String him up by his balls till they drop off the dirty pervert.. because he deserves it!!!... ha I knew that comment would come back on him.
Looks like Fred Talbot is in trouble again
Weatherman Fred Talbot rearrested on suspicion of indecent assaults on boys
Fred Talbot rearrested over sex abuse allegations
TV weatherman Fred Talbot has been arrested for a second time by detectives investigating reports of historical sexual ab…
TV weatherman Fred Talbot quizzed for second time over alleged historic sex offences
They really should have kept Fred Talbot on that wee weather map he used to jump around on.
Fred Talbot rearrested over sex abuse allegations at boys' school - Telegraph
North of England Fred Talbot arrested again over new claims
Who's next ? It wasn't only Albert Dock Fred Talbot was playing around on !!
ITV weatherman Fred Talbot arrested again over child sex abuse allegations
TV weatherman Fred Talbot arrested for the second time via
Fred Talbot arrested for second time over historic sex abuse allegations via ANOTHER MEDIA PRESS PERVERT,,SCUM,
The weather for Fred Talbot, a long spell of dangerous showers.
Fred Talbot up again for diddling. If only we'd seen the clues
TV weatherman Fred Talbot arrested again over ‘sex abuse’
Powered By BBC News Weatherman rearrested in abuse probe - TV weatherman Fred Talbot is held over allegations of indecent assault in the North East.
If this link works, the currently questionable Fred Talbot on his island by a charming little model windmill
Looks like Fred Talbot's been arrested again. I thought he'd jumped the country.
Fred Talbot the weatherman been arrested again who's next?
Sack the champions league draw! Fred Talbots been re-arrested. If found guilty, it would lighten the mood I feel if the judge told him he predicted dangerous showers ahead.
So another one is in the chamber for operation Yew Tree. Uk map hopping weather man Fred Talbot is up on charges of historical child sex abuse. Why dont Scotland yard just issue an appeal along the lines of 'EVERY man who appeared on television in the 70's or 80's please form an orderly queue outside your local police station'. It would be so much easier
Fred Talbot now who's gonna be next
Not Fred Talbot now, I still haven't got over Rolf !
Fred Talbot the weather man has been arrested for historic sexual abuse ! Something tells me there's a few jokes gonna be brewing on this story ?. Watch this space.
Eee bloody fred talbot! You would think he was the kinda guy then again you'd think that about Rolf Harris
Fred Talbot has been re arrested on suspected historical offenses. He's the x weatherman on the floating map with the crap jumpers.
Watched the Granada programme last night. Shocked to see no mention of Kevin & Ken off Corrie, Stuart Hall and Fred Talbot! They've been with Granada did years !
Despite Robin van Persie netting 25 times for Manchester United he is still only in the top 5 attackers in Manchester behind Kevin Webster, Ken Barlow, Stuart Hall and Fred Talbot
I'm so happy you gave Ted Bundy a mention. I think one of Stuart Hall and Fred Talbot rimming kids wouldn't go a miss either.
Despite RVP netting 25 this year hes only just in the top 5 attackers in Manchester behind Ken Barlow Kev Webster Stuart Hall & Fred Talbot.
Freddie Star,Jim Davidson,Rolf Harris,Lee Travis,Max Clifford,Bill Roache,Jimmy Savile,Stuart Hall,Fred Talbot...when will it all stop?
Bless the old geezers like Fred Talbot, Rolf Harris and Bill Roache all getting done for fiddling, tight that.
Bill Roache, Fred Talbot, Michael Le Vell, Max Clifford & Rolf Harris have been announced as front runners for
First Jimmy Savile. Now Freddie Starr, Stuart Hall, Fred Talbot and now they're saying Rolf Harris?! Sounds like a load of old nonces!
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yep although plans to get Fred Talbot and Dave Lee Travis to do the quarter final draw seems very controversial
Let's ask Judy and Richard if they know what Fred weatherman Fred Talbot's done! Btw > they believe in abduction ROFL
Fred Talbot nicked but Ken Clarke still pontificating on
who's this? Fred Talbot using your account trying to Groom me??
I'm puking guts: Fred Talbot has gone business with an unmarked
has he been to a Barrymore pool party there, or a Fred Talbot sit off? Who can tell?
Fred Talbot isn't a paedophile... he just smiles like one and wears jumpers similar to them, honest
it's a very valid point. I'm having my Fred Talbot lasered off next week.
Poor Fred Talbot. I feel a bit sorry for him.
TV weatherman Fred Talbot steps out in public for the first time since being arrested over historic schoolboy sex...
Fred Talbot asking me to stay behind after school
Trying to watch the footy but I’ve got round, sobbing his heart out. He’s just heard the bad news…
TV weatherman Fred Talbot, 63, is arrested over historic sex abuse allegations at a school via
Fred Talbot getting nicked just before he gets his *** out to the kids
"Peter, the internet told me that you drive round with Kevin Webster and Fred Talbot in blacked-out Transit Vans offering kids Quavers"
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I've found some time for Pete Price now this is better be funny. Phone up and do my Bane impression whilst asking about him and Fred Talbot?
'Sex abuse' quiz weatherman bailed: TV weatherman Fred Talbot has been bailed after he was arrested by police ...
"Rolf Harris knows theQueen is this the reason his name NOT in UK press? Looks like Fred Talbot has no friends in high places
It's going to be warmer than Fred Talbot's armpits this weekend.
and Fred talbot swimming round the map in Albert Docks.
That's funny, BBC reporting that Fred Talbot taught biology at Alty boys. I had him for Physics as well one year.
To catch Fred Talbot the police chased him from England to Wales then jumped to Ireland, and ended up catching him when he leapt to Scotland
Fred Talbot is in for the anchor position next week
'Fred Talbot' is the answer to a question asked of ITV.
Is/was that Fred Talbot the bum boy of Jimmy Corkhill?
Wonder why Granada Reports haven't mentioned Fred Talbot once? They're supposed to report local news aren't they?
What's the feeling on Fred talbot ,
.Meanwhile, Fred Talbot escapes the country and his various sex charges on his magical floating map of Britain!
BREAKING NEWS: Fred Talbot has fled to Scotland.. then jumped over to Northern Ireland.. then back to North Wales.
Thinking Fred Talbot killed Maggie Thatcher cos he's getting off lightly the speccy, scary nonse..!!
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I always knew Fred Talbot was a sicko.
Be thankful that it wasn't Fred Talbot leaning out of his bedroom window
Mind you, at least all this Thatcher stuff gives Fred Talbot, Stuart Hall, Michael leVel, Jim Davidson, Rolf Harris etc. a well earned rest.
“I Choose You” Unless your name is Jimmy Savile or fred talbot or Kevin Webster
A police spokesman said they had trouble catching Fred Talbot first he leapt to Ireland then went to Wales before they got him in Scotland.
. so Fred Talbot being on commercial ITV made him fair game compared to the beloved public service Rolf? Interesting
Back in the Spring of 92 I shook Fred Talbot's hand. At least I think It was his hand.
This cold has lasted a week. I've been sweating more than Fred Talbot outside Paddington police station.
Fred Talbot arrested in connection with investigation into historic sex abuse at Altrincham Grammar School
TV weatherman Fred Talbot arrested re allegations of child sex abuse in 70/80's at Altrincham Boys Grammar School.
“Former TV weatherman Fred Talbot arrested" anyone have him on the Operation Yewtree sweepstakes?
Disappointed about Fred Talbot's arrest. Who of my childhood heroes is next? Gary Glitter?
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