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Fred Savage

Fredrick Aaron Fred Savage (born July 9, 1976) is an American actor, director and producer of television and film.

Rob Lowe Judge Reinhold Wonder Years Kevin Arnold William Devane Ben Savage John Stamos Natalie Morales Mary Elizabeth Ellis Howie Mandel Daniel Stern Tom Savage Boy Meets World Michael Savage Dan Savage

TGB, looking back, could you've figure out why you had so much personal investment at age 14 in the short-lived NBC…
we're watching a movie with Fred savage in it and all I can think about is jack and Finn
“I don’t mean to intrude but is that Fred savage”
I'm watching the upcoming game show Child Support from ABC and I'll be interviewing the host, FRED SAVAGE (
Yesterday's sit-down with Fred Savage ended up being one on my favorite blogging interviews to date! Who knew
How much cooler would Stranger Things be with Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, River Phoenix as maybe Steve, Fred Savage,…
Agreed. The only one I can't get behind is Fred Savage, but can't knock any of the other suggestions.
At one of her meet and greets, Taylor Swift met a young boy who complimented her writing. He went on to say that he also…
Fred savage IS hot!!! Glad I'm not the only one who's recognized it! It's not often childhood crushes…
“This is not open for debate. Fred Savage = hot.”. So it’s NOT just me who thinks this 😮
Great Home Alone reference. Loved Fred Savage in that movie.
Since when is being a Fred Savage impersonator look a like normalized?
New TV show starring Rob Lowe as Mike Matheny and Fred Savage as Matt Carpenter.
I heard Billy Joel's "You're Only Human" play on the Fred Meyer PA yesterday, and remembered that the video feature…
(I looked like a small metis fred savage)
FYI, Fred Savage has a show on Netflix, Friends from College
Or the same guy. Game Theory: After Fred and Ben Savage emancipated themselves from Daniel Stern, he m…
Fred Savage is way too good in Friends from College. New show
When did Fred Savage become politically active?
Lol. Gotta stick with Tom "Fred Wonder Years" Savage, to give this team the best chance to win. He knows the offens…
Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Fred Savage played one of my favorite married couples in sitcom history and…
People the Texans would be better off with at QB. -Ben Savage . -Fred Savage. -Savage Garden. -Macho Man Randy Savage…
I was obsessed with my uncle’s collection of original Broadway cast albums and wanted to marry Joey Law…
He kind of looks like Fred Savage...
1. Throw up once a day but not know when. or. 2. Fred Savage look like his name.
Going to school wit fred savage is no walk in the park.
That movie is tight. You are talking about the movie with Fred Savage and Howie Mandel right?
Old man Fred is a straight up savage that's all there is to it
Love the fact that Coach O'Brien is still hitching his wagons to Tom "Fred Wonder Years" Savage. Although he can't…
Is there a Howie Mandell / Fred savage movie from the 80’s about Howie Mandell being a blue devil?
Double feature of Edward Dmytryk's Warlock and William Friedkin's Sorcerer. Maybe add in the Fred Savage film The Wizard for fun.
I wonder if he would have been so crazy if you were a man who looks like Fred Savage
Ben Savage of "Boy Meets World" should of made this list not 21 Savage. Therefore, my vote landed i…
No offence to the but QB'ing with Tom Savage... you may as well have Fred Savage 😐. Shame, cus the season l…
Pretty sure the Texans would be better off with Fred Savage out there
is better than Tom Savage. . Fred Savage too.
Fred Savage is the last person I’d think to be doing voiceovers, but it works.
Morning. The newer allegations...people ignore the ones about Fred Savage at the Hollywood pedophile parties
Millennials *** Fred savage is still a savage 25 years later.
I failed to mention that Fred Savage is the most perfect man
Fred Savage just slugged Olivia Benson when she told him he was being arrested for raping 4 women. The episode just started.
dammit! of course Fred Savage would ruin the streak
SVU on IONDTV: 'Futility' - A man (Fred Savage) accused of rape becomes a formidable opponent when he decides to handle his own defense.
They also don't know that Fred Savage was your camp counselor and once shoved a tennis racket in your mouf and made…
Fred Savage had all the juice back in ‘89
You know, the one directed by Fred "Kevin Arnold" Savage?
Watching Boy Meets World reminds me of how completely and utterly obsessed I used to be with Ben Savage (and Fred) and Rider Strong.
Reading about Phil and in Draft Animals, I felt like Fred Savage in Princess B…
The Giants and Dodgers appear to have switched bodies like Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold in the undeniable 1988 cl…
I'd go with . Fred Savage for Fen. Frank Dox for Esta . and Mayim Bialik for Turdhat
I don't know who that is, but he looks like a cross between Fred Savage and Richie Blackmore
So this is what Republicanism is now, this is mainstream Republican now, Alex Jones, Fred Savage, and Roger Stone
Brian Gillis invites Fred Savage, Jay Leno & Doc to a table on the stage
Fred Savage = Wonder Years.. you're not old.. he will just always be Kevin Arnold.
Keanu Reeves' whole career has been based on Judge Reinhold playing Fred Savage in Vice Versa.
Just watched Vice Versa with Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage, again. Just as great as I remembered it.
starring Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage is on TV - how have I never seen this before?!
Vice Versa's just started on Channel 4 if there are any Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage fans out there.
The film on the floor in Philly is reportedly 1988's Vice Versa featuring Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold. Doubtful they can play given this.
Throwback alert! "Wonder Years" stars Fred Savage and Josh Saviano reunite at the Rangers game https:/…
Reminder to self: the kid from "The Wonder Years" was Fred Savage, NOT Fred Schneider.
I've been in films with Eddie Murphy, Michael Caine, Fred Savage, Danny Glover, Emily Mortimer and Steve Martin. Which pop star am I?.
You're a pretty good voice impressionist. I met Fred Savage. I said, "How 'bout that Kate Hodge, eh?"
Hardball was being played by Fred Savage in The Princess Bride!! One of my favorite baseball games
Fred Savage from Outsourced stars in Pineapple Express about a snobby Pharmacy technician named Trinia
As a kid I never knew how much of a savage Fred was... respect ✊🏿
Right side looks like Fred Savage & the other side like his brother Ben.
Get out ya feelings and turn ya savage up!
Watching The Grinder on Netflix and still crushin' on Fred Savage.
Shame got canceled. Its actually pretty funny. Fred Savage is still a great actor
ah yes. London is rife with remoaners
just had an idea for a mash-up you could do. Macho Man Fred Savage (or Ben).
i want fred savage.. nph. Jerry oconnell
I'm always getting Dan Savage mixed up with Fred Savage. They just sort of blend together in my mind (?)
I spend half my day Googling how tall actors are. btw Fred Savage is 5'10
All of Houston fans want Fred Savage to come in the game.
can we get Fred Savage in the game.Brock is a dud!!!
people like this is why Trump exists
Ultimate wish: End of the Game of Thrones finale cuts to Fred Savage, terrified in bed, telling grandpa "Actually, no more bedtime stories."
her "girl up" book is so shallow and judgmental! Sounds like a schoolgirl excluding others from the "cool kids"
Oh dear. He was a leading supporter of a brutal Islamist warlord. .
I love to unwind and watch movies, especially those from the classic bla...
Somebody put me on to this whole "Savage" thing, you got 21, Man Man and Lotto, are they from the same set are they kin to Fred?
I have a theory about him being Fred Savage and Danica McKellar's illegitimate love child.
more land given to golf courses in kent than housing. Is that the fault of migrants?
immigrants get exploited & still pay tax & lower our living wage so it's win,win for the Tory's
Honda “Race”now that I hear it again it sounds like Fred Savage. But it sounds a bit like you also.
Savage fan in Cleveland. He has a point 🤔
Nick from 's legend status can never be overstated
Ann Coulter was so bad and boring at the that Fred Savage was wondering where the years went as he sat in t…
28 years ago today.Fred Savage, Charlie Callas, Teri Copley and Marla Gibbs are the panel on 'Animal Crackups' with Alan Thicke on ABC.
The movie where the kids trick to another kid into drinking pee was "Little Monsters" with Fred Savage and Howie Mandel.
"You're past that, grandpa. You read it already." - bored Fred Savage, Cubs fan
At lease a few of them are definitely Fred Savage. That voice is ingrained in my head as a child of the 80s.
Watched the first season of on Fred Savage was the best part of this above par yet unfortunately titled show.
Just rode to Fred Meyers on my bike when there was a storm and high wind warning... 😎😎😎 savage
Someone just told me I looked like Kevin Arnold from the Wonder Years…I've never been compared to Fred Savage before
The Grinder's funny, so its cancellation must mean viewers couldn't be convinced that and Fred Savage were brothers. Obviously.
I dunno what this is, but it reminds me of young Fred Savage... PALLET SOURCE:
Oct 15: What will relationships be like in your novel? Romantic? Acrimonial?
the nightmare on elm street marathon today on brings so much nostalgia ! Fred is a god *** savage cha…
instead of singing Fred Savage to sleep, Jenny Lewis punches him unconscious!
I have no horse in the race but from the few mins a day I do happen to see Live with Kelly, I want to see Fred Savage get the cohosting gig.
Fred Savage should narrate a commercial where Daniel Stern is driving a . Pay me all the money for my creativity.
Rob Lowe might be swooping in to steal Fred Savage's Live! role
And, by all means, take your time there, Fred Savage. But, please do better than the county fair's fortune teller last year.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
“John Garfield, the Jewish James Cagney.”. I see him more as a possible great-grandfather to Fred Savage.
Fox should be ashamed of themselves. I am shocked. The best show out there. Rob Lowe and Fred Savage together were magic!
Go Netflix or Hulu, and give Fox the Finger. Tired of networks cancelling shows with Fred Savage
Fox cancelled "The Grinder." Bad move. When will people realize the genius that is Fred Savage?!?
Fox, cancelled the Rob Lowe and Fred Savage comedy The Grinder, along with the John Stamos vehicle Grandfathered,...
I figured Fred Savage would sound like Daniel Stern by now.
Watch actor Fred Savage talk about visiting Boise on 'Conan' - Idaho Statesman (blog)
Vice Versa - think there's been several versions but I'm thinking of the Judge Reinhold/Fred Savage one
maybe Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold should get in on this.
No picture of Warwick Davis and Fred Savage together tho. Dag.
Just realizing Fred Savage "Kevin Arnold" from the Wonder Years and Ben Savage "Cory Mathews" from Boy Meets World are brothers. 󾌡󾓶󾬏
Paul looks like a young Fred Savage.
Fred Savage from Thirteen stars in Atonement about an inconsistent Taxi driver named Melina
The grinder is trump. Everyone else supports him. Fred savage's plight isn't funny. It is deeply frustrating
it looks from the photo like someone said Fred Savage.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
very impressed with your Fred Savage movie knowledge
I think we all have a little dark side we keep under wraps.
is it weird that the Wonder Years and Boy Meets World are essentially the same show with Fred and Ben Savage?
so is fred savage. I want to see a corky from life goes on account
That fake Fred Savage account is retarded
Fred Savage, Jon Lovitz, Dudley Moore and Gary Busey are just a few of the random cameo's in this.
regrann from - Fred Savage taking a pic of his co-star.
that's very clever of him. Now anyone who says that they don't like is immediately a homophobe.
Esquire made clip of forgotten B-list roles. Includes Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold & kid who played Landry as Landry
Rush Limbaugh is a fictional character played by Fred Savage
Not sure if it's Buttercup or the little boy Fred Savage plays
It's a TV series, not a movie. And the little boy (Fred Savage) is the main character :)
Fred Savage was so cute. Loved him in the
I'd forgot that Fred Savage was in this movie :)
literally just realized that Fred and Ben Savage are two different people
LOVE THE GRINDER! Funniest show on TV right now. Fred Savage is the best straight man in the business.
didn't even know Fred Savage was directing these days. That's amazing.
Best movie Fred Savage ever did was The Princess Bride
The Grinder would be a perfect fit. How great is Fred Savage? His dead pan is almost as good as Jane Curtin (the master).
Michael Savage of grew up in NYC. He lived in the apartment buildings dad Fred built. NOT A SLUMLORD!
Did you read that book The Savage Detectives?. Me: Um...yes. Who were your favorite character?. Me: (sweats) Probably Fred and Macho Man.
Everyone needs to get hip to Fred Savage on
Why doesn't every movie start with a rap to win some K Swiss and Fred Savage autographed photo?
The Grinder is one of my favorite shows. Rob Lowe and Fred Savage are perfect sitcom actors. In the first few...
Corey Parker is the youngest looking old bloke since Fred Savage.
*Fred Savage voice* "Scooped out and filled with tigers is good!" The whole book was good. Outstanding work, old chap.
your coach *** y'all had Fred Savage playing point guard the entire 4th quarter
Fred Savage and I are exactly the same age, so this movie has a very special place in my heart.
Listen to No Ice by Fred Savage on Join the
wow The Boss really looks like Fred Savage
Dear please renew the I need another season of the ridiculousness between Rob Lowe & Fred Savage.
Me: Honey, stop staring. Wife: But those people are... savages. [at next table]. Fred Savage: can my family have some privacy?
Marathoned episodes of Rob Lowe is amazing. Fred Savage is annoyingly straight man. Show doesn't pass Bechdel Test. Bummer.
where do u stand on a scale from Fred to Savage?
Fred Savage is to what was to So funny you're like "Why did you leave us for like 15 years?!"
iLearnet a ton from this, w/fred savage. learning my nephew on some now!.
Rob Lowe and Fred Savage are pretty hilarious. It kinda took me a little bit to get used to the style of the show, but I like it.
Are you sure she wasn't talking about the superpredators?
But if you try to hold me accountable, SS will escort you out.
is not cutting the muster. Fred Savage looking' ***
Why is it that every time I see Fred Savage in something, he's always playing a slimy creep?
I hope Trump is just Fred Savage in disguise and he's just catfishing us
Honestly. It's so funny. Robe Lowe and Fred Savage are just hilarious. Highly recommend it x
Dan Savage is the Fred Phelps of the *** Left
Anyone else miss The Wonder Years... Fred Savage was great in everything. He person to ever out act Colombo!. …
I liked a video Fred Savage and Candace Cameron Bure Reunite | The View
happy belated birthday i know I'm to late
I discovered Fred Savage when BMI reported my Hit "Come Softly To Me" played on his TV show. GC
the British . the indians . fred savage? . the incompetence of counsel
I always dreamed of having a little boy that looked like Fred Savage. My grandson!
, Gap-Toothed Black Man has Fred Savage ad a guest today if you were looking for daytime viewing options
had to tell you how much I loved last night between Back In My Day,, Rebel,& Fred Savage(all my faves) what a ahow!
"Fred Savage is basically a savage, right?" Go to bed, mom.
Fred Savage is on morning TV! I have not seen his face since The Wonder Years were on! Well, of course, he's all grown up now.
Fred Savage is a vampire. There you go lol. He never ages 😳😃...
Omg Fred Savage still the cutest little kid ever !!
And now Fred Savage is on. I just want to go home and knit.
Today on Ryan Reynolds talks about the movie “Deadpool.” Fred Savage visits. ABC @ 9am
RYAN REYNOLDS previews the film “Deadpool” and FRED SAVAGE chats about the series “The Grinder” on at 9am on
Yes we know Fred Savage from the Wonder Years but ALSO THE PRINCESS BRIDE AND VICE VERSA. How dare people forget to mention these.
Why am I attracted to Fred Savage right now?
"Don't wait for anyone to ask you. Just make it happen." - Fred Savage
If someone had told me I'd see Fred Savage on my TV in 2016, I'd tell you you were insane.
On a scale of 1 to Fred, this was truly, madly, deeply savage.
I gave that show so many chances and while l love Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, Lowe's character comes off too delusional for me.
you are so right! I never knew how much I missed Fred Savage on t.v. until this show.
The grinder Fred savage and Rob Lowe
Oh, so like a young Fred Savage meets old Lenard Nimoy… and they take out the Sith… makes total sense now.
I'm convinced Andrew Leeds and Fred Savage are the same person.
I would love to know what some of coworkers on are thinking right now. What say you Fred Savage?
Can we just go ahead and have a Fred Savage-only version of The Grinder?
Any babies you produce are the sole property of the National Football League. Any other use is strictly prohibited.
Replace the commentators with Frankie Muñez and Fred Savage talking directly to the camera.
Fred Savage's character on The Grinder is like when Seinfeld had to pretend all its characters weren't Jewish
Dear Fred Savage,. I think I love you. I also love Timothy Olyphant and .
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You savage af if you can steal glow in the dark merchandise from an amusement park at night😂
i thought Rob Lowe and fred savage could play brothers, but they actually LOOKED alike in ep8.
Please enjoy this lovely profile which my mom and sister said made them so proud and my wife called "really long." https…
Fred savage is a DELIGHT. I am so glad he returned to acting. Spending today catching up on
right?! Plus I love the way Fred Savage plays his character. It's very Michael Bluth.
Ringleader of Yorkshire gang who repeatedly raped schoolgirl 'has fled to Bangladesh before being sentence' Savage
Still can't see Fred Savage as anyone but Kevin Arnold.
Fred Savage's career just ended with whatever TV show he just had/has on FOX or ABC or whatever network it is
That show is hilarious, must admit thought it was going to be a flop though I like it!! Great work Fred Savage
The waitress from Sunny has a show on Fox w Rob Lowe and Fred Savage
Princess Bride reboot starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, and 50 Shades couple as Wesley & B-Cup. Fred Savage reprising his role as the kid
TIL That the actor that played Cory Matthews in Boy Meets World is Ben Savage - Fred Savage's younger brother via … http:/…
I'm pretty sure Clive Barker stole the plot of this movie from Fred Savage and Howie Mandel
Anyone wanna come over and watch the 1988 classic movie "Vice Versa" with Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold?
I don't understand the controversy. The Wiz has white people in it. That mute kid. Fred Savage. The redhead. And the Nintendo Power Glove.
star says Fred Savage are 'wonderful'
3 actors having the most fun on TV...Fred Savage, Rob Lowe, and William Devane.
When I was kid with Miss Universe pageant vs kids nowadays with their Fred Savage muck
The perfect man has Fred Savage's idealism, Will Forte's echolocation & Tom Petty's bizarre icy heart
have to say I watch"The Grinder"With a smile on my face for the whole 30 minutes-Good for You Rob Lowe and Fred Savage
I love Rob Lowe and Fred Savage on The Grinder. he he he It's funny.
I like The Grinder because it's hilarious, and also because Rob Lowe's character is named Dean and I look like Fred Savage
Christina Applegate on with Rob Lowe and Fred Savage? My GenX media worlds are colliding! In a hilarious good way.
Fred Savage no longer directing comedy "Ladies Night" after gets a series order:
My bkgd shows today are Lifetime movies. just watched one where Fred Savage murders Candice Cameron. Now its Melissa JHart in Twisted Desire
John Corbett: 12 year old Fred Savage knocked me out: 'The actor shares his memories from the set of ...
when Rob Lowe's on screen, almost when Fred Savage is on screen, def when William Devane is on screen.
I love the fact that Fred Savage has a Fridge poster in his room and a Walter Payton jersey on. Makes this film perfect!
The first three episodes are hilarious. Fred Savage is great in it, too. William Devane is a hoot.
I feel that, provided Natalie Morales & Fred Savage continue to take the *** out of Rob Lowe, The Grinder will do just fine
John H. Schnatter looks like the long lost older brother of Ben and Fred Savage.
Pilot ep of The Grinder was pretty good. Rob Lowe even slipped into Chris Traeger mode at one point. Bonus points for Fred Savage
It's like watching Randy and Dennis Quaid. Please let Fred Savage look more adorable and less schlumpy.
Not sure if I wanna see Fred Savage as an adult. I'm curious, but still. Same goes for Haley Joel Osment. Their childhood selves set the bar
Let's never forget the time I misheard 'Dan Savage' for 'Fred Savage' and things got weird
omg 😱Fred Savage and Danica McKellar reunite at the TV Land Awards in LA
I like seeing Fred Savage's face on tv again. Can we also bring back Danica McKellar? I had a way bigger crush on her.
I'm glad that they picked Fred Savage and not Michael Savage, because that woulda' sucked.
Aw, it's Fred Savage!...uh, why is the orchestra playing Toto's "Rosanna"?! PLAY JOE COCKER, DAMMIT!
Fred Savage just mentioned the Wonder Years finale where are you
Fred Savage is WORKING. It's Fox but still lol
Hey Kevin Arnold aka Fred Savage, coming back in new series on Fox
Too bad that Fred Savage ended up not sounding a thing like Daniel Stern by the time he grew up.
danielle fishel will always be Topanga. Ben Savage always Cory. Fred Savage (for me) always the grandson.
It has Rob Lowe and Fred Savage in it...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ads on the subway platform this evening included Fred Savage, Rob Lowe, and John Stamos. What year is it again?
Whats on tap for so long . Gene hackman. Christopher reeve. Fred savage or peter falk . For just being aborted baby fetuses. Abraham lincolns car
If I had a time machine I'd go back in time to tell 8 year old me that I'd still have a crush on Fred Savage as an adult
how's my panic attack seeing an ad for a show with Rob Lowe and Fred Savage go by on a bus?
Kids these days need less Fred Savage diddly and more Major League Back to the Minors
"Fred savage is back. All is well now." -Oh, I don't know...
I never found Fred Savage attractive and his Brother Ben isn't cute either 😂
I think I watched when I got Lifetime free one month. That had Fred Savage in it, right? It was pretty good!
Fred savage is back. All is well now.
Fred Savage and Rob Lowe in a new sitcom this fall is nothing short of amazeballs. I don't think either have aged a bit.
That new guy is scarier than the idea of Rob Lowe & Fred Savage doing a sitcom together.
Fred Savage and Rob Lowe on a show named Seems like the fantasy of a middle aged *** man.
Rob Lowe & Fred Savage team up to invent a *** hook up app. Watch Grinder on Fox.
Rob Lowe and Fred Savage are starring in a show called "Grindr"? Count me in!
Fox reviving Fred Savage from the depths of Wonder Years ***
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Why on earth would there ever be a show with Rob Lowe and Fred Savage
Fred Savage and Rob Lowe in a sitcom called The Grinder? Yeah I'll pass.
Is that profile pic your guy's version of Fred Savage?
looking to have more success out West than Kramer pitching his screenplay to Fred Savage
Nice Avi Taylor. I thought Fred Savage had an emo daughter with short hair...
Fred Savage played the part of young Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years, but who provided the voice of the adult...
Nothing can be as bad as the Fred movie.
I was so savage when it came to my hatred of Fred
Fred D wish taught me how to be a savage rs you had to know how to bang in that school
Fred Savage in not a child actor any more shocker!
I rarely watch cable TV. Fred Savage is still around, and starring in a new series? Wow.
Aggressively preparing for the day that I'm called upon for my skills in a Fred Savage-like "The Wizard" scenario.
GENIUS: the cut back to Peter Falk & Fred Savage during the attack of the shrieking eels and restarting in the wrong place.
I don't think any of you are ready for Fred Savage's return to television. But I need you to be. It's very important.
Rob Lowe, Fred Savage and John Stamos are all coming back to prime time TV. What a time to be alive! 😍
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Wait a minute... Fred Savage is acting again?
2 new unbelievably awful sitcoms coming to fox this fall. One with Rob Lowe and Fred Savage and another with John Stamos.
Cool, man ... Fred Savage has a new show.
Fred Savage and Rob Lowe doing a sitcom on Fox together? LOL why?
I was just wondering what happened to Fred Savage.
Wait a minute, are Fred Savage and Papa John the same person?
Fred Savage in there.. it's gotta be pretty vanilla.
I didn’t know that Fred Savage was still with us
"Theres nothing bigger than fred savage in a new comedy" oh Fox... How little you know
Everybody say Savage keep it going. Eggs, bacon, Fred, Savage
Where has this weird career resurgence for Fred Savage that's been happening lately come from?
FOX hyping a Fred Savage-lead comedy in the year 2015 is just amazingly horrible business
im just glad the namesake of our football team, Fred Savage Garden, is still out there working.
Fred Savage but did you have to lick his face and call him "Wonder Years?"
Anyone else hope that The Grinder is about Fred Savage servicing Rob Lowe after they chat on Grindr? . Nope? Just me? Doubt it.
Rob Lowe and Fred Savage...fresh from the 90s actors bin doing the 1st canceled show "The Grinder" next season.
Rob Lowe and Fred Savage together in the same show!?!?!? Hold. The. Phone, Hollywood!
will be good to see Fred Savage again also.
I swear I thought that was a young Fred Savage pic from the Wonder Years
I would suggest maintaining a life and a career outside the Industry. This is a fickle business...
I bet Fred Savage has a little monster in his pants.
Fred Savage wit the long sleeve Bears jersey.
The episode of family guy where Fred Savage is Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore and then is named the best actor in the world>>>
Fred Savage was trying to get with Winnie Cooper.
Both Natalie Morales and Mary Elizabeth Ellis are in joining Rob Lowe, Fred Savage and William Devane. Great cast.
Fred Savage, Rob Lowe, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, William Devane and Natalie Morales and producers are up next for
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