Fred Meyers & Black Friday

Fred Meyers (born August 8, 1983 in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas) is an American actor. He is best known for his recurring role as Tom Gribalski in the Disney Channel series Even Stevens. Black Friday is any Friday the 13th or any Friday darkened by catastrophe. 1.7/5

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or if ur not apposed to bear paw their shoes are gonna be 60% off at Fred Meyers on Black Friday
While everyone is Black Friday shopping I'm in Klamath Falls where there is a Fred Meyers and a Ross.
So a couple years back I got kinda crazy and decided I would see what this whole "black Friday" thing is all about. Long story short, it ranks as one of those things I glad I did so that I know never to even think about doing it again. Anyway, we have like 30 registers at the Walmart in Fairbanks and at least half the city was there and I think they were expecting the entire city. Well when the time came to check out, there were only about 10 cashiers working. So with the self checkouts (the one's that work...) that made like 15 registers working. Totally blown away, always figured that was the reason for all those registers, guess that's what I get for being optomistic. Note: Plug here for Fred Meyers though, EVERY Friday that I have been in there around 4-6 they have EVERY single register open, all 25 or so of them. Never had to wait in line there when they were expecting to be busy. Business world: Take note! I would rather spend a few extra bucks at Freddy's for that type of service than deal with Wal ...
8 years ago today, I was 9 months pregnant & shopping the Black Friday sale at Fred Meyers. I came home 4 days later with my amazing Mia! Crazy what you can pick up on Black Friday!
for the first time in years i went out on Black Friday, boy that was a dumb thing. I stood in line at Fred Meyers for 45 minutes, Kohls for 1 and 1/2 hours, and took me 8 freakin hours to do a little bit of shopping. My back is killing me and my feet are sore. What was i thinking???
Black Friday came and almost went. I got woke up by a crazy girl beating on my front door and bedroom window at 4:45am Friday morning, trying to open the bedroom window by sliding her hand across the screen. By the time Juan Valdovinos got to the front door she was at the window. I yelled for him to come back, he opens the window to a girl about 18-20 standing outside freezing telling us to open the F'n door and let her in. I'm still in bed and tell her no. She calls me a *** which then *** s me off. I call the cops and when asked what we want to have done with her I tell the cop to take her away and warm her up some place else. Apparently she was drunk with then clothes on and no coat. I got up long enough to take Juan to work, went back to bed and got up in enough time to get dad and Juan socks from Fred Meyers 6 hour sock sale. I go every year if nothing else for the socks.
Jessica and I decided to brave the "Black Friday" shopping last night. Our main goal was to be at Fred Meyer's by 5:00. We went to South Hill Mall. We were traumatized!! Never have we seen so much craziness!! Keep in mind we haven't done this in the US for a very long time. We ended up going to Fred Meyer at 2:00. We were the 3rd car in the parking lot. We decided to take a nap and when we woke up there was a line backed around the whole building!! Crap. It was fun, but next year I am going to skip the mall. Just go to Fred Meyer at 5:00. There is nothing in any store that is so important for me to go through that craziness!!
Day 23- I am more thankful for leftovers than I am for lines in Black Friday crazy long checkout lines. Looking forward to a good night sleep. Must say I enjoyed the free Music Box Christmas CD they gave out to the first ? people in line at Fred Meyer's when the doors opened at 0' dark thirty.
Black Friday... Got the cops called on me at Fred Meyers...! *** people! Long story!
forgot about Black Friday when we headed to Fred Meyers for a few groceries at about 9:30 am and it was a freakin' mad house!!!
I have never done Black Friday till last night & it was so ridiculous that I will never do that again! I did go to fred meyers today like every year, I can do that but waiting in line for hours is NO fun!!! Lol, I"m laughing at myself right now.
Had quality Black Friday bonding with my girls. Started at Walmart, 6, then left Anna at Fred Meyers at 10 pm, waiting for that 5am opening. Kelly and I went off to the mall for awhile, then I spent from 1am to 5am waiting in the cold, drinking hot chocolate with Anna. We were the first ones in and got one of those items they only had 15 of. I think we will all have wonderfull thanksgiving day memories shopping and mostly waiting, At least I know I will !111
Participated in Black Friday sales event today...first time except Fred Meyers in Brookings. Christian and I went to the packed Kohls at 3 AM. When we left 1 1/2 hrs later no lines at all. Came home, had breakfast and went to Macy's. They even had carry out service. Some fantastic buys! Ok, I've experienced that :-)
Well my Black Friday shopping is done!!! Went to Old Navy, Fred Meyers, got breakfast, then went back to Fred Meyers, then to World Market, all in the span of about 5.5 hours, i have since gotten a nap and a shower and am feeling quite human :P
OMG. This is why I don't go shopping on Black Friday. Some one stole my parfking spot, I even had y turn signal on. Only went to Fred Meyers. Never Again
Never had a liking for Black Friday. My dad left at little after 9 to fred meyers (next door) to get A PAPER. and he just got back. and its 10:40. Sorta glad I work today. Always make up for it with some traditional Saturday bowling and shopping. :) Happy Friday Evrryone!!
Did MY normal Black Friday shopping. Went to Fred Meyers at 9:45 - got my socks and a couple other items and out of there by 10:30. I to this day do not understand the madness. It is totally crazy reading all of the posts. Have a great day everyone.
30 minutes at Fred Meyers. My Black Friday is over! NOT a shopper!
I think this was the first year that I got everything that I wanted on Black Friday! Went shopping lastnight and got everything at Walmart and Kmart. Then went back out this morning to Fred Meyers. The best part is I am already done and back at home!!!
Busy day! Heading to Fred Meyer's for sheets and socks, then to school to work on cut at 1:00 and back to school to do more work on lights. Home before 9 tonight.I hope! Keep fingers crossed. At least doing a show this late in the year prevents me from spending too much money on Black Friday! I guess there really is good in everything if you look for it!!!
Interesting happenings: Ben and I were at Fred Meyers for Black Friday. We had been there about an hour when Ben asked me what time it was. So I take out my cell phone to check the time. Yep, you may have already guessed it 4:19
Black Friday...the one day of the year where Fred Meyers has more cute girls than my Safeway
Just saw where most of the guys are this Black Friday...wholesale sports! Huge line at 430 am!! But the line at Fred Meyers filled half of parking lot, longest EVER! Too bad I'm working! Lol!
Last stop, Fred Meyers!!! It has been a good Black Friday for us. Lines not to bad and got some good deals.
Hm.line at Fred Meyers not too bad. Monroe is Black Friday for wimps. Beats the heck outta the mall :0)
Time 3:30 AM, coffee on, and getting ready to hit the stores. Yes I am aware that some stores opened almost 8 hours ago, yet I have decided this year not to follow the crowd. Hated the experience last year with not having my dinner settled, being tired from a long day of cooking, cleaning and socializing. Well it just wasn't Black Friday Shopping experience I have come to enjoy so many years ago, and really young friends the deals really aren't that good. Use to be that you could go out Black Friday and get that one toy that your kid had to have. The one no one else could get and that you couldn't afford. These days there are 5 150" TV's for 100.00 with 5000 people standing in line thinking they are gonna get that TV. Not to say that aren't a few good deals you can get your hands on but for me not worth the couple bucks savings to give up my holiday. Anyway hitting the 5AM Sales and starting with the stores like Fred Meyers & JC Penny's that had the good sense to take the day off. Have fun out there every ...
Black Friday shopping..Target done, Walmart done now to the mall call us crazy and then work by 7:40am. Oh and let's not forget Fred Meyers sick sale!
Praying for Andy as he prepares to work a cash register during his first Black Friday. Fred Meyers customers, please be nice, patient and understanding! Maybe I should be telling Andy to be nice, patient, and understanding?!?
Getting up at 8 to go Black Friday shopping... You already know im only going for the socks at Fred Meyers.
Coastal and Fred Meyers will be the extent of my Black Friday shopping this year
I am Boycotting shopping ON Thanksgiving. It's time to spend with family not waiting out in front of a store. The deals are not worth it to shop ON Thanksgiving... so that being said, I will be doing the traditional Black Friday.which means I AM SHOPPING ON FRIDAY!!! These stores will get my business and guess what? I may only pay a couple $ more. Here are the store doing it right: Fred Meyers 5:00AM, Craft Warehouse 5:00AM, JcPenney 6:00AM, Cabela's 5:00AM, Home Depot 5:00AM, Bed Bath and Beyond 6:00AM. Also don't forget about Small Business Saturday too!
Black Friday shopping done thanks to Fred Meyers same stuff as best buy but better prices and no lines in and out 15 min
Anyone wanna be my shopping buddy? Hit me up... I will be at Wally World tomorrow evening and then debating on the next stops from there, Havent done Fred Meyers or Kmart on Black Friday except in Texas and they are by the house... plus it would give me time to sleep a bit.. Hmm... Making my spreadsheet now.
I'm going to Fred Meyers on Black Friday to steal headphones and buy socks.
Well this will be the first year Eric nor I will be battling the Black Friday crowds. Not even the sox for 1/2 price at Fred Meyers. No getting up at 4am to get to any stores by 5 or 6am.hum.maybe that is a GOOD thing?
I'm gunna go to Fred Meyers on Black Friday to buy socks!! 1/2 off!?!?!!! Lol darn commercial
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