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Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer, Inc., is a chain of hypermarkets founded in 1922 in Portland, Oregon, by Fred G. Meyer. The company was one of the pioneers of one-stop shopping, eventually combining a complete grocery supermarket with a drugstore, clothing store, shoe store, fine jewelers, home decor store, home improvement center, garden center, electronics store, toy store, sporting goods store, and more under one roof.

Salvation Army Fred Meyers Mill Plain Polar Plunge Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fred Meyer sure has a ton of Duck Dynasty crap but no South Park game
1st Solo flight- found my way with gps on the phone to Fred Meyer to get Meds. Been driving around some to get familiar found my way to Vancouver plaza - bed bath & beyond, harbor freight, target, ect & IHOP also a walmart grocery only store Got myself wore out & still need stuff from walmart so just gonna sit & relax a few
.asking for help ID'ing suspected robbers of Fred Meyer store.
We seriously just heard the Neverending Story theme song piping through the speakers at Fred Meyer.
Passing along another tip from our friend Ginger Edwards of the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association: "Fred Meyer has a coupon for peanut butter in the Sunday Oregonian. Please consider cutting that coupon (good thru March 1st), then buying 2-4 jars of peanut butter to support the School Backpack Program at Chief Joseph/Ockley Green. All donations go to Ockley Green for distribution at both schools. Right now 32 backpacks go out to help feed these kids through the weekends. Peanut butter is a staple of these backpacks. If just 16 of us buy 2 jars for $3 we can put peanut butter in each backpack this coming week. You can make a difference in child hunger right here in Arbor Lodge! Thanks for all your support." And thank you Ginger!
A massive meat recall by Rancho Feeding Corporation has expanded to include products distributed to some Fred Meyer and QFC stores in Oregon and Washington, and has prompted a recall of the popular Hot Pockets Philly Steak and Cheese sandwiches.
Heh.was walking past the bath salts/body wash/smell-good aisle at Fred Meyer and saw 3 guys all staring at the wall of goods, all scratching their heads and with the same dumbfounded look on their faces. Happy Valentine's day to you fellas. "A" for effort.
Did you catch the 14, 050 lb Oscar Meyer Wienermobile at Fred Meyer on Monday?! In honor of our favorite frank, some of our staff members got together to sing you the "Oscar Meyer Wiener" Song! We are working today...We promise!
Join us for Resumania Day Two! There will be representatives from Northwestern Mutual, CapEd Credit Union, Northwest Christian Credit Union, and Fred Meyer who want to help you with your resume and/or cover letter!
Up to one inch of rain is predicted through Wednesday with heavier rains possible later this week. Considering the amount of rain forecast and the combined melting snow, there is a possibility of lowland and street flooding later this week. As a precautionary measure, Salem is in the process of setting up fifteen sandbag locations. Sand and sandbags will be available by the end of the workday, Monday, February 10, 2014, at the following locations: West Salem * Orchard Heights Park-upper parking lot * Sather Park (undeveloped), Willie Way NW between Barnabus Street NW and Lottie Lane NW * Park & Ride, Wallace Road NW and Brush College Road NW South Salem * Public Works Operations, 1410 20th Avenue SE * Bush Bark, parking lot off Lefelle Street SE * South Salem High School Parking lot on Howard Street SE * Fred Meyer, South Salem,706 Madrona Avenue SE * Wal-Mart, South Salem, 5250 Commercial Street SE * Courthouse Athletic Club, 6250 Commercial Street SE * Salem Chinese Evangelical Church, 6836 Sunnyside Ro ...
Things I have learned from this year's "snowmaggeden" (a la Ginger Jay): 1) my child will nap for nearly three hours if I lay down with her (normally I'm not around for nap time) 2) it pays to have a Jeep Stroller 3) diet coke IS a food group 4) google docs is my friend (I actually enter grades rather than keep them in a pile for 10 weeks) 5) bananas sell out 6) Pintrest taught me how to deep clean my dishwasher and washing machine 7) need to see more people to feed them the crock pot chicken, the taco soup, caprese dip (umm...not much of that left), shrimp scampi, and sautéed spinach that I made. 8) shoveling snow is good exercise but still can't replace the gym! 9) curbs are hidden by snow - can mess up alignment 10) keep more green olives on hand for instant Martinis. Probably a good thing I kept forgetting them during my daily Fred Meyer trips.
A plea for help!!! We are in need of food supplies for my beautiful office-mate JoJo. She is currently underweight which is not a good thing when nursing 4 growing pups. Our vet has prescribed that we feed her 8 cups of food per day so that she gain weight and feed her pups. How can you help? We are in need of "Nutra Nuggets" (Purple bag) sold at Fred Meyer. Please drop off donations at Coshoks Canine Castle, 11801 Old Seward HWY. All help is greatly appreciated!
What a day I have had bought a new cell phone cover got fuzzy posters and went to the movies and Fred Meyers in bonney lake and now onto buying clothes when I have time and new shoes which I need and I bought lip stick today too and Fred Meyer out in bonney lake okay exhausted and ready for bed went to a friends house for dinner play taboo and it was a hard game to play okay goodnight off to bed I go night and sweet dreams wishing for snow in the am come on enumclaw Washington snow snow snow.
Saw lots of things today here in Scappoose!! A snowmobile, a quad with a snow plow (thanks even for doing our driveway and sidewalks!!) my husband with a propane ghost buster looking thing (until he got too close to the house and lot it on fire), an older couple pushing their cart through the Fred Meyer parking lot, and yep.12 hours if straight snow. Oh and nanny 911 fixing one child at a time.
Watching from home looking toward fred meyer
Almost got kicked out of BG Fred Meyer tonight for riding on the scooter carts. Sad thing is that's the most rebellious I've ever been. 😝
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I want to go to there. Fred Meyer PDX
Started dialysis early--about 8:40pm--at Fresenius Dialysis Center. I was sleepy. Luckily I was able to see some of the opening ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympics & begin Blue Bloods. I fell asleep 1/4 into it. At approximately 10:50pm. I & several other patients were awaken to a blackout & had to manually crank our blood back into our bodies. Others needed the assistance of the nurse & techs running to help them. When it happened, there was two quick brownouts & then the blackout. One tech was sent home early because she did not have any patients left. Another was on break, getting something from Fred Meyer. When the first brownout hit, she looked out the window to see Fresenius was dark. She booked it towards the door as the employees of Freddy's were asking the customers to stay put until they were found to be lead out safely. She was at the door just before the blackout hit. She made it back to Fresenius in record time to help the nurse & other techs get everyone "rinsed back" & prepared to go ** ...
Locked my keys in the car in front of Fred Meyer fml
I'm down to my last 3. I may have the brave a trip to fred meyer tomorrow.
Fred Meyer deals starting Sunday are up at the blog! I've also linked to the 2-day sale (Starlight/Doorbuster) that is in progress. Enjoy!
Give a Diamond to the one you love. Enter our drawing for a chance to win a Fred Meyer Jewelers 1/4 ct. Diamond One Love™ Ring with lifetime protection plan and sizing. Giveaway ends 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014. Winner will be notified Monday, Feb. 10, 2014. NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY...
In the sporting spirit? Stop by Fred Meyer in Eagle River and pick up your pins. We are there Sat and Sunday morning.
Dear god, I love Fred Meyer sales. $60 boots on sale for $14 after clearance, discount & tax
I found it at Fred Meyer of all places. I still feel. Odd in it
There is a hot sale price at Fred Meyer. Use a newspaper coupon with this new price and pay only $0 [...]krazy!
Police say a man assaulted an 11-year-old girl last week inside a Snohomish Fred Meyer.
Just say no!: to cheap body spray's from Fred Meyer...
Fred meyer about to pay me again to take more toothbrushes out of the store! Lol
If even Fred Meyer hasn't plowed their parking lot yet, you should know it's not over yet.
Also, when I was at Fred Meyer there were some kids watching My Little Pony on their parent's iphone and that's adorable.
I want to thank all of you who get gas @ Peninsula Fred Meyer Fuel! My team and myself really appreciate all of the concern, care, coffee and hot chocolate you all brought us in that freezing weather. We had so much we had to reheat it to drink it lol. Those of you who look @ us as people and not just gas attendants we really feel blessed especially after dealing with some of the really mean ones. We are so grateful for all of you!
Okay so I cook a nice dinner.. Blu cheese/bacon/chive stuffed pork chops with veggies sautéed in butter/garlic on the side. It was delicious. & what does my hubby do... He said he didn't want any. BUT Then (after we go to Fred Meyer) he stops by and gets a whooper from Burger King. SMH. It's okay I still love him lol even if he is a turd at times :P
Today I ate dried kale that was purchased in the natural foods section in Fred Meyer
I may or may not have just saw Aaron Paul just walk outta Fred Meyer 😳
I am moving and need to sell: * Stroller - made by Jeep, moderate condition, quite functional (~$50), * Baby-changing Table - all wood, with drawer, good condition, looks nice, (~$60), * Ugg Catalina Boots - women's size 6, good condition, super stylish, just too small for me (~$30) * Wine Racks - black, metal, wrought iron-ish looking, holds four bottles each ($5 for the pair) * Sewing Machine - old and needs a little repair or is missing a piece, but runs fine ($10) * Backpack - very cute and fashionable, get lots of compliments and questions about where I got it (Fred Meyer, btw), has subtle owl eyes, pleather, browns, blacks and ivory in color, retailed for $50 (asking $20) I also have miscellaneous toys, and toddler boy clothes I'd give away for free. I live on the corner of 5th and Wallace, downtown cda. Text or call, (208) 771-0854
Talk about random.I was humming this Harry Nillson song and I walk into Fred Meyer and what comes on over the sound system?. now that's random!
This is a great time to shop Fred Meyer. 4 customers!
I cannot believe this! My son and his buddy managed to lock my keys in my truck here at the Fred Meyer parking lot! Of all things, I cannot believe it!
Pimpin' ain't easy when it's freezing — at Fred Meyer
Tried to walk to Five Guys, but they were understandably closed... So I went to Fred Meyer and bought TV dinners and Newman's Own pizza XD
So, this happened to me several times now, and tonight I'm going to rant about it! I'm walking out of Fred Meyer with a bouquet of flowers I got for my wife, some guy behind me carrying a pack of Busch lite comments, "oh oh someone's in trouble" I turn to him and say, "not at all!" This is probably the same guy who calls his wife, "the old lady" or "the wife". As for me, I have never bought "in trouble flowers" because I don't believe that a bunch of randomly organized vegetation is going to mend your relationship. I buy "I love you" flowers! Men. How you perceive your wife is what she is or will become. Maybe if you call her, "love or sweetie" she will blossom like a flower and you won't have the need to comment, "oh oh someone's in trouble" and buy forgive me flowers in the future!
So im walking into fred meyer and this white girl walks past me and bows
I remember portland wrestlers eating at eves buffet in Fred Meyers off of Mill Plain and cheklov in Vancouver Washington. I also remember when I was really young I believe eves buffet was actually called "see's" and there was also a dennys like diner in Vancouver washington.called "sambos." Somewhere I still have a sambos
We just did a Fred Meyer shopping spree! Original retail pricing for the stuff we bought: $319.96 With in-store mark-downs: $294.78 Clearance discounts, coupons and a rewards card for using their Visa card: -$254.67 Our out-the-door pricing: $51.81 including tax (you pay tax on the pre-discounted amount if anyone's doing the math here). They had to call a manager to override the computer, which was unhappy about the discount percentage.
Told milly to get me a surprise from Fred Meyer
Fred Meyer, why can't you have organic free-range eggs in stock? I really wanted some...
The only thing keeping me warm is this picture of a family sitting by a fireplace in this Fred Meyer ad
not all...Fred Meyer Jewelers has quality stuff at affordable prices..
I was livin dangerous with some of those farts at Fred Meyer
Top story: Fred Meyer president files referendum to privatize alcohol sales - P… see more
Weird how I always come by a different person from school in the fred meyer parking lot.
is bored out of my mind...I enjoy the fact that this is my first Snow Day since High School since at Albertsons and Fred Meyer there is no such thing...however it feels like it should be Saturday already~
He got this one from Fred Meyer's which is a subset of Kroger, if you have a store owned by them there.
Picked up so magazines today at Fred Meyer
On my way to Fred Meyer when I stopped by this. Think of "Yellow Light" by Of Monsters and Men
FYI - Just got back from Fred Meyer. The shelves are looking kind of bare. Out of several products, potatoes, meat, creamer, ect...
This creepy homeless guy has been following me since I walked into Fred Meyer ugh save me
I am READY for the snow...went to Fred Meyer after work n stocked up on food and toilet paper (can't be without that--lol) BRING IT ON MOTHER NATURE!
we saw Pato and gave him a ride from Fred Meyer to home and his grandma was glad to see him.
One hand was tethered to a large male Basset with bloodshot eyes & droopy, drooling lips. The other was laden with a grey Fred Meyer® bag.
We need to educate meat buyers not to buy into this "all natural" Bullpoop!
terrible shame. Shouldn't be supported. Thanks for bringing to my attention.
I was shocked tonight to see Bison on promotion at promoting, so called Natural Bison from a feedlot!
Just went to Fred Meyer with my dad , they were running low on ramen , pasta and chips , I was sad about it till I remembered that in some places they never had that stuff in the first place , or any food for that matter.
Hollywood-West Fred Meyer now has 16 beers on tap for growler-fills, including my favorite, Manny's Pale Ale.
Police say an 11-year-old girl who was groped in a Fred Meyer in Snohomish picked out her attacker from surveillance video.
New ring I bought today at Fred Meyer Jewelers :D Love it!
Fred meyer started playing twisted by keith sweat... i had mo shame for singing along word for word.
I just saw the hottest guy working at the Fred Meyer gas station. MARRY ME
This walk to Fred Meyer is going to suck.
are you open still on Hawthorne today? and till when?
We walked 7 miles to lil Cooperstown for Irish coffee and to Fred Meyer for wine and ice cream and to my parents. I think we fell/almost fell about once every ten feet, it's slippery out there!!
Yep. "Work" from home, I should say. I did make it out to Fred Meyer midday, but it was slippery and slow. Ugh.
Or go pick up my check from Fred Meyer
Reached the point in my life where I'm eating dinner at Fred Meyer's on a Friday night.
Website Builder 728x90
We really stayed at Fred Meyer for 4 hours lol
*** we need some grocery stores in KENT=no alb no top all we got is fred meyer and safeway and they are so far apart how do they expect disabled and people without a car to go to store wake up big *** conglomerates taking everything away
Dropped the Titan off today to get an alignment 2.5 hours later they call me and tell me they need a special kit to adjust the camber and it will cost $170 on top of everything else. Um no, got to do some research now . On a side note I scored some awesome picture frames at Fred Meyer and at 50% I cleared them out!
Fred Meyer is sold of of inflatable sleds, so I can't sled down SE Hawthorne with all the cool kids
It wasn't in the middle of no where it was at Fred Meyer LOL duh! I had to drop off some clothes at the dry cleaners :P
SNOW!!! We trekked down to Fred Meyer for some take-n-bake pizza and a few Redbox movies. I think I kind of like the snow...
Fred Meyer in OR, WA, ID and AK now carries MANINIS GLUTEN FREE FRESH PASTA in all their stores!
Support your favorite nonprofit just by shopping at Fred Meyer with your Rewards Card. We’re donating $2.5 million each year - up to $625,000 each quarter - to the local schools, community organizations and nonprofits of your choice. All you have to do is link your Rewards Card and use it when you s...
Can everyone evacuate Fred Meyer while I'm here looking like I got hit by a truck
I think that's the one we go to! The one by cold stone and Fred Meyer?
Sometimes going to Fred Meyer can be really awkward because you see everyone you know from school 😅
Whole Grain Fresh Gourmet Pasta is now on the shelves...tasting is believing! Enjoy
Huge thanks to Fred Meyer, Worthy Brewing, Parrilla Grill, Loni & Camille at Blue Star Salon, Kelly at Revive Skin Services, llc, Deschutes Designs, Tim Gallivan Photography, and Fundroast for donating some awesome gifts to our Volunteer Appreciation Party last night! We appreciate all of your support!!!
some of us needed food! I went out earlier and almost got stuck pulling into the Fred Meyer parking lot lol
I am doing a happy dance I have my first bid at the Fred Meyer!
Heading out to Fred Meyer. Ran out of my pills & the doctor hadn't approved my refills, yet. And, NO, I can't do much longer, without 2 of them.
The Longview Non-Food Contract has been ratified. The next ratification meeting will be for the Newberg Area.
There will be contract ratification meetings and votes for all UFCW Local 555 Members covered under the Fred Meyer Non-Food Agreements. ID is required. Portland Area Contract Date: February 4, 2014 (Tuesday) Times: 10 am or 2 pm or 7 pm…
Has anyone shopped at fred meyer and winco? Which one is cheaper? !
Alumni, we need your help! If you can take a minute and link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to The Firs, we can start to earn part of the $2.5 million that they are giving away this year. Read more at
How I spent my snow day: Playing games with Noodle, venturing out to Fred Meyer to do our weekly shopping (that was an adventure, since we went to the Foster store ). Made coffee creamer, quinoa peanut butter bars and molten lava cakes. All organic and unprocessed!
it's okay one time me and saw a dead girl in Fred Meyer parking lot 😳☺️😂
First Haggens, now Fred Meyer. Let's rearrange everything for no reason!
Yeah back to the street, walk to fred meyer enjoying the snow we
Just went to Fred Meyer and the liquor store. Everyone is terrified. I am set.
Why have I never let the guys at Fred Meyer help me to my vehicle before today? They loaded my groceries and everything, all while I fed Tyler and got him set up in his car seat. So easy. Totally saying "yes" from now on after big shopping days.
Keep an eye on the rear of the Fred Meyer truck at :10 seconds in. We hope no one was injured!
So our little jaunt to the store just got a little longer, Fred Meyer on Foster is out of milk..CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!❄❄❄
Made it Fred Meyer and back safely, although there are A LOT of cars that should not be on the road!
Just added Whatcom Humane Society to my Fred Meyer rewards card.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Asking 250 fred meyer ring size 7 originally 800. Pm for pics only let me post 1. Xposted
Dear Friend of Blue Skies for Children: We are excited to tell you that Blue Skies is now enrolled in the brand new Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program. read more
Who can do a return at fred meyer for me.I need cash for a place to live
Went to Fred Meyer to buy a new belt...ended up with a Superbowl Champs poster, 3 sports magazines.and a belt.
362nd by Fred Meyer is bad. Avoid it!! There were cars off the road everywhere.
Made it to Fred Meyer and back!! I don't exactly have the correct vehicle for snow, so it was a little interesting, but I did it without really any problem!! There's actually quite a few people out there, I was kind of surprised...
Walked to fred meyer with dan had lunch at teriyaki rest. Shoped at freds and walked home. Then it started snowing again. So nice having everything in walking distance.
Took the dog for a walk in the snow to Fred Meyer, met some Mormon missionary boys on the way home and they walked with us. It was a pleasant walk and it started snowing again!
I really need to go shopping, but screw walking three blocks to Fred Meyer. PastaRoni is my life.
... My dearest love, As I stand here on the brink of this voyage I look back with fondness of the time we have spent together. No words can describe the bond we share nor the joy which I feel when in your company. If it were up to me, I would belay this madness and not go. The world is cruel and unforgiving. The journey I begin this day is long and without compassion. But alas, I find myself without juice again and therefore must once again go slowly into that storm towards the place of consumables where my fate awaits and my Fred Meyer rewards card can be somewhat of a comfort. I will not forget you, my love. If I haven't posted to FB in an hour, live and be well. Your love eternally...
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we recommend Camp Fire Candy as the perfect gift! Stock up this weekend help our Camp Fire kids reach their goals. Here is the Friday round up of seller locations this afternoon. Are there any more candy sellers out there? Let us know! Ballard Market Ken's Market Greenwood Metropolitan Market Sand Point Ballard QFC Midway Fred Meyer Twin Lakes Fred Meyer Bella Botega QFC Covington Fred Meyer Downtown Renton Fred Meyer 240th Kent Fred Meyer
We're looking for a part timer at Fred Meyer Jewelers at Tucson mall. 20-25 hours a week. Bilingual if possible. Apply online
I have a $25 dollar gift card I want to sell for $20 bux. I can't use it here in Cali. We have no Fred Meyer here :( Anybody want it?
At fred meyer today i saw $0.55/1 butterfinger yellow fred Meyer coupons, the butterfingers are $0.69 each this week, so thats basically unlimited $0.14 butterfinger bars. Also my Ortega Taco shells are $1.25 each, and they al(60+ boxes) had $1/1 Peelies =$0.25 per box!!!
So I'm in Fred Meyer for 20 minutes and when I come out it's snowing! Seriously?!? At least it waited until AFTER my doctor appointment (my doctor is located in downtown Portland. Not a fun drive!)
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Starting off my day of recipe development for the biggest event to date in my life by having my truck break down in the Fred Meyer parking lot. I'm waiting for Dillon to rescue me. Thank God for twist cap bottles of wine.
Speed trap Juneau northbound on Egan at Fred Meyer intersection
Two snow days off school! YAY! Mark Holen's Norwegian DNA is loving this weather. We were walking through the parking lot of Fred Meyer last night and he says, "It's like a blizzard!" and then yells really loud, "WOO!!! SNOW!!!" People turned and stared. One of the many things I love about my crazy man! :D Can you picture him doing that my Safeway friends? LOL!
Just drove to Fred Meyer and did a little shopping. I think 2.5 miles of driving is plenty for the day. The cashier told me that yesterday's alcohol sales surpassed Super Bowl Sunday.
Kids snow boots, costs & pants on clearance at the Richland Fred Meyer with an additional 60% off.
EYELUVBEER: Will you fill your Growler at Fred Meyer?
Check out this weeks hot Friday Freebie Fred Meyer eCoupon! Score a Free cup of Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt! Make sure and load this hot eCoupon TODAY, buy you have until 2/22 to redeem it
Hey Fred Meyer way to know your customer's needs. February7th and not a single kids snow glove. PLenty of bathing suites though...Nailed that one.
**Polar Plunge UPDATE: Thank you so much for all your efforts to support Special Olympics Oregon through the Oregon Law Enforcement Polar Plunge presented by Fred Meyer. Due to treacherous weather, we are very sad to announce that we will NOT be holding the Polar Plunge...
Notes from a Seattle SAHM- Fred Meyer has fleece kids jammies for $5.99 Also, bread 3 for $5 Coffee, laundry, coffee coffee, laundry. If I have the heater on in the boys room and I vacuum(in anther part of the house) , I trip a breaker. We can go through 4 bundles of wood in one night. All the neighbors maids/cleaning crews apparently come on Fridays. Do you think I could go borrow one? Basketball tonight for Ike and AAA tryouts all weekend. Mom of boys. Fin.
Update on the Philips family. They are all safe, and spent a warm night at the Parsonage. The older two kids were at school when the fire broke out. Roberts slowed the fire with a fire extinguisher, giving him time to get Jenny out. We don't know how soon they'll be able to get back into the apartment for salvage, or how much is salvageable. Thank you for your prayers. Marsha suggested that if you want to help, gift cards to Fred Meyer might be the best -- Robert works there, gets an employee discount, so the money will go further -- and they can get food, clothing, housewares, etc., in one place. As I remind you from time to time on Sundays -- you never know what's going to happen during the week, so please keep one another in prayer.
I just saw a girl ski into Fred Meyer while two bums serenaded her with a very delightful homeless version of 'nothing compares to you' ! -have a great day everyone!
The kitties are all cleaned, fed, and watered! Going to stop at Fred Meyer on the way home then hunker down for the weekend. :)
Many Fridays you can grab these free QFC & Fred Meyer coupons (any Kroger store, but these are the ones in the NW), for a free item. Todays offer is a digital coupon, good for a FREE Oikos Yogurt! You will need to load this ecoupon to your rewards card TODAY (2/7) but have until 2/22 to redeem …
Yesterday I was in Fred Meyer with my Seahawks jacket on. Some old fart in front of me in line was babbling about golf and then says " Your team won .What a fluke." I then heard the guy behind me say " Fluke you!" of course I high fived him lmao. :)
Yep. Just unintentionally did a 360 leaving the Fred Meyer parking lot. Don't think I'm driving much anymore today. Lol!
Fred Meyer is having a 2-day sale! Extra 60% off clearance and lots 50% off store-wide. tonight. Report back and let us know what you find!
Fellow kroger associates Fred Meyer is giving an extra 10% off for employees for a total of 30%. Great valentines day gifts. Special is today only.
Help the American Cancer Society Sign up for the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program and link your card to the American Cancer Society:
Fred Meyer is having a special 2-day "Starlight Friday/Doorbuster Saturday" sale today and tomorrow. Check out the coupons and deals that will be available starting today at 4pm:
More from the coffee table...several of the morning frequentuers are licensed handgun carriers. While conversation flowed with handgun stories, my mind took me to the years in the '80s in which D and I lived in and roamed the streets of inner city WDC. All my life, even when we were in questionable areas and in tense situations, I never felt the need for arms. So based on my experience, I don't think I'll need a hand gun at the Fred Meyer parking lot or the College Church of the Nazarene or the Nazarene University basketball games,ever...But!! if anyone ever harms my kids or grand kids, look out. I'll come at them with my Sherman Tank that's parked in the backyard shed alongside my riding lawnmower.
Nothing like being out with a kiddo and having them barf all over. Thank heavens for aunt Jacy having a coat and Fred Meyer for having clearance clothes and on sale undies.
Sitting in the parking lot at Fred meyer and it feels like the car is going to overturn 80 mph!!!
Grab your coupon for a FREE Oikos Yogurt at Fred Meyer or QFC!!!
so far by orchards Fred Meyer dropping crystal off with mom time to keep going to salmon creek Fred Meyer wish they were not driving so fast its my first time driving in the snow
This is what I have up with for those of you that have signed up and filled in some of the blanks for those that havent gotten a chance too...we are not stuck to this schedule...its just something to work off of. I will pass out copies today along with your scheduled cookie pick up time for tomorrow. See you all at 4!! We will have snack, talk about our shirts, and working on our donation boxes. Thanks ladies-- Walmart Friday 2/14: 4-6pm Carlee Kadence Boston Ellie Gina Julie CLOSED BigR Saturday 2/15: 4-6pm Boston Ellie Kate Kaylie Gina Julie CLOSED Walmart Sunday 2/16: 12-2pm Chloe Stephanee Ellie Paislee Brandy Gina CLOSED Fred Meyer Sunday 2/16: 4-6pm Carlee Kate Shayla Kaylie Gina (Need 1 Volunteer) Fred Meyer Saturday 2/22 4-6pm Kaylie Kadence Boston Shayla Jessica Julie CLOSED Walmart Sunday 2/23 12-2pm Chloe Stephanee Paislee Shayla Gina Janell (CLOSED) BigR Friday 2/28 4-6pm Carlee Paislee Kaylie Kate Julie Gina CLOSED Walgreens Saturday 3/1 12-pm Kaylie Ellie Shayla Kate Julie Gina CLOSE ...
I took Ian to Fred Meyer to pick up some popcorn salt and a couple big cans of soup. On the way in, a grey haired lady began walking alongside of us. Ian turns to her and says "Hello. My name is Ian and I like girls." I've heard him use this line a million times and I am ALWAYS surprised at how it makes me blush. He continues: "I say that to all the pretty girls and my mommy ALWAYS makes that face when I do."
Fred meyer now sells buffalo steaks... challenge accepted!
Hey Everyone! We will be closed tomorrow due to the winter weather {which BTW is so fun! We love the snow!} We still will be delivering fresh pies & cobblers to Fred Meyers where you can find them on the "Northwest Local" tables by the Bakery. :)
Make sure you check out these deals we have rounded up today!! Don't miss the Leggings, Movie discounts, Ibotta Coupons, Date Night at home deal, and Printable Coupons!! I'm loving the deals on Jane today! Get adorable XOXO Valentines Necklaces, striped maxi skirts, printed leggings, Superhero Vinyl for Boys and GIRLS! going to the movies? Find out how to get a discount... coupons at Fred Meyer this week to get 17 items for $0.94 each average! you are having your "Valentines Day night out" at home, curl up on the couch with one of these Chick Flicks under $5! of Personal Care Printable Coupons!!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Link your Fred Meyer card to Junior Achievement of Idaho and shop often! :)
" It was like the first ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan at Fred Meyer. Good grief Portland, calm your *** pdxtst - 6 Feb 14"
You can support Northwest Kidney Kids through the Fred Meyers Reward Program by linking your rewards card to our organization. Either by searching for us or using our code: 91124. This is another way to help raise funds for Camp and other programs with out having to spend an extra dollar. Just shop like you normally would.
February is national heart healthy month!! Remember Mediterranean Food is on the top of the list of best types of food to eat for your heart. Come dine with us or pick up some of our great healthy products at your local Fred Meyer deli
Do you shop at Fred Meyer & have a rewards card? In a few weeks, you'll be able to sign up to help Casa de Belen just by doing what you do now - shop & swipe your rewards card! Fred Meyer is starting a Community Rewards program which will NOT effect your rewards at all but will provide a donation to Casa de Belen. Details soon! We aren't "officially" part of the program yet but will be in the next week or so! Stay tuned!
Despite the large bummer factor of having no control over when one comes or goes from the island nation of Juneau, today did have a number of quirky highlights. I got to say hi to Alaska's Governor, Sean Parnell, when he came over and chatted with our ATIA group in the airport waiting area. Then I shared a burger with the Juneau roller derby girls who were delayed, too, when we got meal vouchers. Then later when I was walking to Fred Meyer, I guess a couple of 20's stoner dudes in a sputtering car asked if I wanted a ride, which I thought was very sweet. Then in Fred Meyer a stinky (fishing?) man with a lot of hair everywhere asked my opinion on wines. How very Juneau.
Did you know Salem has a tv station and COMCAST REFUSES to put it on the air. KWVT can be seen at 17.1 and has Retro TV on KSLM at 27.1. I watch KSLM mostly. I like The Cisco Kid and Hopalong Cassidy. I also enjoy The Naked City, Ozzie and Harriet and other similar shows. I went to Fred Meyer and paid 40 bucks for an over the air antenna. It's a good backup to cable too as I get all the local channels. In fact, if all you want is the local channels for free drop comcast and get an indoor antenna and receive free high def over the air waves
One week away until the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Washington at Golden Gardens in Seattle! Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline will be kicking off the Plunge and get you extra hyped for the BIG GAME on Sunday! Don't forget - Register and raise $250 for the Seattle Plunge by Feb 1st at 9am and get entered to win a 42' flat screen TV! BIG thank you to our sponsors Fred Meyer, QFC, PEMCO Insurance, David Rose Q13 Fox News and Washington's Most Wanted!
Remember next Thursday is our very 1st TEAM meeting for 2014!!! Woohooo 118 walkers thus far and I can't wait to see each and every one of YOU! Thursday, January 16th at 6:30pm Pinnacle Medical Wellness in Four Corners in Maple Valley! (Same parking lot as Fred Meyer, The Dazzled Dame, etc) We have lots of GOOD stuff to discuss, main topic of course will be our 7th Annual March Fun Night Out, update on our blankets, training and everything in between! Remember each walker bring $2 each! You can bring more if you like and is always appreciated! $1 will go into our scholarship bucket and the other $1 will go into our blanket fund bucket! This meeting is open to EVERYONE so If you have not joined and are thinking about it feel free to see what its all about! We will have a 3 day rep there to that will be happy to sign you up and offer you an additional $10 off! Hope to see you there! PINK On sweet team! XOXO
Portland! I'm not as obsessed with Portland as I used to be but whenever I'm gone I miss Oregon so much. I've never been so happy to see a Fred Meyer in my whole life... except for all those other times I've left. :)
QFC & Fred Meyer has a FREE Friday Download Coupon today. Get a FREE Gatorade Prime Pouch (must add coupon to your card today, but you will have until 1/11 to redeem!
Burlington coat factory on 82nd more towards clackamas town center. I can tell it was a Fred Meyer at one point during the 90s. Original, before and after? I'm curious. :)
Wal-Mart, your commercial wasn't very accurate. A wife from fort Lewis brings in her receipt from Fred Meyer to compare prices, doesn't really add up. First off, why isn't she shopping at the commissary? Two, no military family shops at Fred Meyer. Marketing fail!
After many months I finally got a starter to take hold. I am old enough and.stubborn enough that I refused to use commercial yeast. I have been a sourdough dough buff, the real stuff, not the stuff with vinegar added that is sold at.your full service supermarket, for many years. I do it for a while, then get busy, and forget to feed the stuff. But had successfully started a starter dozens of times. So I was frustrated when it keeps fouling or molding. What finally did it was expensive "organic" flour from the health food section in Fred Meyer, and the water I used first was used to boil a small finely diced red potato into soup. do pancakes, biscuits in the not to far future. But especially bagels. When my now grown son was not yet three, my mother-in-law gave me a sunset magazine published sourdough cook book. Obviously my mother-in-law is not like the ones in the comics. It.had a great recipe for sourdough bagels. My son recycled the.cookbook. I have been looking for that recipe ever s ...
The FREE Friday Download coupon for Kroger Stores (QFC and Fred Meyer in NW), is for a King Size Twix candy bar! You will need to add the coupon to your card today, but have until 1/4 to use it!
Does anyone remember Eve's Buffet in Fred Meyer's on Mill Plain my dad managed the store and on Sundays I would go with him when he opened the store and have breakfast there with the Saturday night Portland Wrestlers it was funny the night before Buddy Rose and Roddy Pipper hated each other and beat each other to a pulp the next morning they would be eating breakfast and drinking coffee together way to funny.
The Juneau Alpha Theta chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha sorority dropped off several holiday packages to the Salvation Army along with a Fred Meyer gift card on December 16, 2013. Each year Alpha Theta gives generously to the Salvation Army "Adopt a Family Program" for Christmas. The women thoroughly enjoy shopping for their adopted family and bringing them some holiday joy. Pictured in the photo from left to right is Dorothy Zura, Judy Nyman, Judy Hendriksen and Robin Ferrier. Not pictured is Tracy Solomon, Margi Maki, Tracy Sisterman, Sharon Lowe and Mary Bergander. ESA is a nonprofit international philanthropic sorority started in 1929, which adopted St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital as its first international service project and soon added Easter Seals as another. We did it again!!! Juneau's chapter supports the Salvation Army as well as the Glory Hole, Food Bank and AWARE Shelter. The chapter is seeking new members to join the sorority to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
Fred Meyer has build your own ugly sweater kits
Volunteering today and tomorrow. Yes, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, one little effort at a time. Come see me tomorrow at noon at Fred Meyer on Mill Plain by 205. Natalie and I are bell ringing for Salvation Army.
It's crunch time for our big -- just one more hour! We're still out at Fred Meyer locations in Renton, Bothell, Issaquah, as well as at Fisher Plaza under the Space Needle. Come donate new, unwrapped toys, or donate online to help area families. Thank you!
Knowing today's Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot could score you a $200 Seahawks pro shop gift card! Just find Leonard from the Kent & Alan Show hiding inside the Fred Meyer in Issaquah (6100 East Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE) at 12pm TODAY! Hint: He'll be in a football jersey. Tell him the current Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot and you'll win! Visit for details. Complete rules here:
Fred Meyer is having a Doorbuster Sale starting Saturday, December 14, 2013 the best deals start at 7am-1pm! Lots of red star deals!
Last week our friends at Fred Meyer provided 26 Kindle Paperwhites, covers, and chargers to Springville School for use in their after-school program focusing on reading comprehension and rigor for struggling fifth through eighth grade students…..Read More.
My rant of the day- Dear Mayor and city of Scappoose: Do you realize that St. Helens is sanded plowed and graveled? Why is Scappoose not? It's a dangerous sheet of ice from Scappoose all the way to the Multnomah County line. Drivers cannot even get into the Sears or Fred Meyer parking lot. Is it going to take someone dying and Scappoose being sued again for being stupid for you people to get it. Why are we paying taxes if you're not taking care of the roads? Get your act together – get a snow and ice plow out there and spread some *** gravel and sand. No wonder your city manager quit you guys are buffoons.
Have you tried the New & Improved California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizzas? If not grab one for only $3.49 at Fred Meyer
I think and I just saw Ben Stiller at the Fred Meyer on Hawthorne lol.
I will no longer have to commute to work , I am being transferred back to the Palmer Fred Meyer, 5 years on the road, my life just got a little easier
Kc Kc Hordemann Kevin Kevin Lang in the van Fred Meyer Parkin lot
While Im Hardparked at Fred Meyer I've gotten 12 compliments on my car in less then 20 minutes.
I have exactly one nerve left and this pharmacy tech at Fred Meyer is about to fry it!
Did something tonight that I never thought to do.glad I did. I was walking out of Fred Meyer with tha kids and saw the dude from Salvation Army collecting money, and he was singing Christmas Carols. Rudolph was being sang when I walked up.decided to sing in harmony with the guy. Hard to explain how it felt but the entire area was just a ball of positive energy, kinda warm but definitely comfortable. Really needed that moment, and the ppl walking by got to benefit from it too. Smiling a good smile right now
Fred Meyer employee discount. Good until Thursday!!! Use it and save yourself some money
If anyone is looking for an xbox one Fred Meyer has 1 on the shelf.
Sheri's mom's car died, no power at all, won't jump start. We are we are stuck at Fred Meyer on 72nd watching the hawks at firestone.
Ppl better start to realize Iowa St is a legit top 15 team - Hilton Magic will be dynamite this yr -Fred Hoiberg will be The G…
Beaverton Fred Meyer seems like something I know, but it's also unnervingly different. Beaverton Freddy's is like Canada.
Had a legit Christmas spirit moment this weekend. Gotta share it. Background first - Ry's desire to see Santa so far in life is to get a candy cane, doesn't want to talk to him, sit by him, touch him, nothing, so our outtings are easy cuz we just bring our own candy canes and Voila don't have to wait in lines, just look at lights. Saturday - we go to Gatti's tree lighting, we ask if she wants to get in line for Santa, no. After being there 20 minutes (and the line getting even longer) she says she wants to see Santa now. It easily would be a 90 minute wait. 90 minute wait at 7pm, December, Oregon, been up since 6am, skipped naps = not happening for our sanity. I ask Ry if she just wants a candy cane cuz Santa had an elf (there were elfs walking around) give me one while I'd been waiting. No. At this point, I know it's serious, we're turning down candy canes folks. So why do you want to go see him? She wants to ask him for a stuffed dog. Can we come back tomorrow? Doesn't believe he'll be there tomorrow, I ...
Anyone know what all the fire trucks are about over by Fred Meyer-ish?
I'm so bored. And I need to go to Fred Meyer after work.
Yes, I did just sit in my car in the Fred Meyer parking lot so that I could listen to all of "Let It Be." Because sometimes you just need to stop what you're doing and sing along.
Get Ready to Wrap!!!. Here comes our Holiday Gift Wrap Fundraiser. We will wrap gifts at Fred Meyer (196th St.
Good News: Just got carded at Fred Meyer Bad News: Stood in line at Papa Murphy's with 50 other fans thinking the same thing! It was like bad tailgating.everybody in their gear, with no beverage in hand. GO HAWKS!
no but I can get you my sweet Fred Meyer discount tho
In Oregon at Fred Meyer... who knows anything about that?
Holiday Cookie Bake Off and Gingerbread Show Off - Dec. 7th. Are you ready to show your stuff? The judges are ready to show theirs... Get your house kits at many different stores: Sentry, Winco, Fred Meyer, COSTCO, Walmart etc...!
Update your maps at Navteq
This guy is back on the fred meyer crew in Renton. So long panera bread!
So sorry about this! We'll let the food team at the Boise store know right away.
I'm not nearly the paragon of willpower some would have you believe. Earlier, I had a craving for Costco apple pie, but I decided I didn't have the fortitude nor desire to go to Costco just for apple pie... nor could I afford to come out of there with just the pie. A few minutes later, my craving switched to pumpkin pie and I just got back from Fred Meyer with pie and whipped cream. Yum!
Menchies and Fred Meyer date with my bff ❤️❤️💁
I saw a guy that looked like at Fred Meyer and then realized it wasn't him...
Shopping at Fred Meyer is so much more fun when they're playing 80s music. We just heard Spies Like Us and Panama. And don't pretend like you weren't singing along, Wayne.
I got hit on at the dentist yesterday and again today at Fred Meyer *** is going on
If you are going to try and tbone your cart into my cart with my baby riding in it at Ballard Fred Meyer, you've got major mental issues.
Thank you Fred Meyer for our free coffee today! Much needed
Cleaned out stuff from store. I am Officially Disability Retired from Fred Meyer!!! Yeah. At least semi retired.
Terry was in a car accident and is at the ER. I had phoned him to pick me up at Fred Meyer and he never showed up.
This is what I meant to post: 4 months expired? Boise/Federal Way
You're warmly invited to a FREE treat for the soul and spirit if you're in the North Portland Kenton neighborhood Wednesday night. The touring Asante Children's Choir, is made up of children from East Africa, a region recovering from years of civil-war and genocide that has claimed millions of lives leaving thousands of children and women as orphans and widows. The Choir is dedicated to spreading love, hope and joy while raising awareness for the desperate plight of orphans and other vulnerable children. Their colorful clothing, pounding drums and sweet voices demonstrate their hope and dream for a brighter future. Their inspirational stories of resilience have instilled hope in the hearts of all those who have seen them perform. The evening will also include a post-show meet and greet, Celebration Tabernacle, 8131 N Denver Ave at Kilpatrick St, Portland 97217 (near Fred Meyer Interstate, Interstate DMV, Kenton Library--TriMet Yellow MAX -Kenton Station)
Never again will I eat at the Fred Meyer self serve deli. I just watched a couple of interesting people grab forks and eat right out of the pans.
Hey it is Dec. 2nd, this is gross, unacceptable, and happens a lot at this store.
Corinna wished that this bham rain would magically turn into snow and then low and behold we come out of Fred Meyer to snow 😄😄😄 greeeat
Thank The Lord Fred Meyer will take me back!!!
I went to Fred Meyer and only bought Doritos and sour cream.
Work work work... All I do is work. Soon I will turn into a giant Fred Meyer store as much as I am here lmao
are the two who like peacock. Guess its a Fred Meyer thing
A MESSAGE FROM GAIL LOWRY: YEARS AGO I STOPPED PURCHASING ITEMS THAT ARE MADE OR COME FROM CHINA. I am currently attempting to PURCHASE ONLY ITEMS MADE IN AMERICA, but am finding it near impossible. Having received a Chanukah present of a $50 FRED MEYER gift card from two friends, I was excited to spend it. I looked at linens, towels, soap dishes, tea kettles, pots and pans, microwaves, dinnerware, all normal household items and all items I could have used. NOT ONE WAS MADE IN AMERICA. Clothing from Columbia Sportswear, an Oregon company, was entirely made outside the United States. My only purchase was a $5 Rubbermaid pitcher made in America. I spoke with the store manager before I left and asked for a refund on the card balance, since I didn't need $50 worth of $5 plastic pitchers. He initially told me the store policy was not to issue refunds for gift cards and that I could purchase food made in America at the store. When Fred Meyer decided to open its Wilsonville store right across the street from Alb ...
Name our new website, enter to WIN A $50 FRED MEYER GIFT CARD!!
Bianca and I will be ringing bells for the Salvation Army, at the WASILLA Fred Meyer (entrance by Alaska USA FCU) 6 pm to 7:00 pm. Stop and say Hi if you can...
Are you 55 or up? Snr Discount Day is tomorrow! Plus, mark your calendar for 2 EXTRA days this month: 12/10 & 12/17:
A reminder to Fairbanks seniors (55+) that has 10% off every Tues from now to Christmas (may be combined with other coupons.)
Sierra! Let me use you as a reference if I apply for Fred Meyer? (:
Dear Fred Meyer customers: The stop signs in the parking lot work EXACTLY like the ones on the roads! Figure it out! Here ends today's rant!
Our first Fred Meyer Jr. Reporter video debuted last night- check it out here:
Currently the Gresham Fred Meyer is selling premium gas for the price of regular, since they ran out of regular! Price is $3.15/gal minus any fuel discounts you may have!
Got home about an hour ago. Went to Fred Meyer in Bellingham on the way home. Love that store we need one in Oak Harbor. Had a great time with family and friends. Thank you everyone that came to the shower BrieAnn Haws and Lewis Cloward had a great time.
Awesome shouldn't have stopped at Fred Meyer after work :( stuck in traffic!
Keep your eye out for my neice Lexey she is in Fred Meyer comercials in December they are showing now.
hey hey girl! Looking sharp in the fred meyer ad!
Hey Girls!! So this Friday we have our first girls small group happening! It will be at the Snohomish Station Starbucks by Fred Meyer at 5:30pm! See you there!
FREE loaf of artisan bread at WA & OR Fred Meyer stores with this newly-released printable coupon!
At Fred Meyer, an old man came up to me with the biggest smile and said "you know, I just have to say I LOVE that hair! It's so different!" Made my day.
That awkward moment when you're walking out to your car from the grocery store... and your key won't open your darn door! Then you realize that's because the car you are trying to open is not your Jetta... it is someone else's Jetta... and there's a really cute guy in the passenger seat watching the whole ordeal... who then opens his door and gets out (somewhat politely trying not to laugh)... and in a thick Italian accent says "Wrong car, Sweetheart... but thank you for coming over here so I can admire your gorgeous colors!" (I believe he was referring to my outfit) Note to all the single ladies of Medford... there is a gorgeous Italian guy at the North Medford Fred Meyer... and he digs a red skirt with black boots! ;-)
Went to Fred Meyer to get pain meds, came out with two headbands and no pain meds. 😩😂😭
There are like a thousand people in Fred Meyer and I can't see any of them because I forgot my glasses
Need to do some early Christmas shopping at Fred Meyer? Print out these coupons...great savings! Thanks Elisha Strickland Hicks
Here's another great coupon for friends and family. One is for a free loaf of Artisan bread and the other is for a good price on Fred Meyer butter.
Ugh... A whole 200 yards to Fred Meyer. Thats like 8 billion miles away...
just picked up 332 pounds of donated meat and bakery items from Fred Meyer
Okay here it is for any of you who live near a Fred Meyer, the Freddie's employee discount for friends and family. Valid now thru December 5th. Happy shopping, make sure to use any coupons in the ad for even bigger savings!
oops! Friday posting was actually Saturday. Friday we went to Fred Meyer and took care of business, then bought a few things for Christmas. Ebren I got some new socks!! Going to be a slim holiday this year. Chrissey out of work for 3 months put me behind on my bills, and now everybody knows where I live, where I work, and they are sending me nastygrams about payments. *sigh* well, at least she is working again and she loves her job!
Keagan O'Toole works at Fred Meyer Here is the family and friend Discount. Pretty much what she gets as a discount. Only for a limited time!
Greenwood (and presumably Ballard?) Fred Meyer sells it, as does Allied Ice in Ballard.
Monday is Senior day at Fred Meyer :) LOVE seeing all of my gf's! Eating lunch with a couple of sweet ladies.
You have to try Krogers Chicken Stir Fry Skillet Meal - Fast to cook and delicious!
Fred Meyer has a Friends & Family Pass available today that will make for some Great Deals! Check out this big...
Fred Meyer friends and family discount time!
I was so impressed how easy the Kroger Chicken Stir Skillet Meal was make and tasty too!
oh bother...went to fred meyer on saturday, put our order in for printing our christmas cards (takes about 20 minutes), went back yesterday to pick them cards or order to be found any where...ack! I hate that we have to go back and do it all over again. sorry just needed to vent...feel free to ignore
Christmas Shopping out at the Gresham Fred Meyer's...if that's not East County, I don't know what is...(I love the Gresham Freddy's)
Sharon's Seniors in Action Ministry is hosting a holiday community project that all can participate in. Please donate gift cards (from anywhere you'd like – Target, Fred Meyer Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.) in increments of $5, $10, $15. They will then be given to Multnomah County Health Department to go towards the Healthy Birth Initiative for families in the community. Please give your gift card to the church secretary no later than December 13. For more information contact Elder Japhena Hall.
Fred meyer application finished, any other part time jobs hiring in Newberg??
Fred Meyer coupons to use this week.
Product endorsement -- Usually I don't bother with things like this, but I'd like to put in a good word for Physicians Formula cosmetics. Not only are they frangrance and allergan free, they come in lots of colors and types at a comparatively reasonable cost. I also like the little refinements to their packaging -- little compartments to hold a mirror and a brush or applicator, a jar of face powder with a powder brush built into the lid, etc. And they're available at Fred Meyer!
0.75 at your local Fred Meyer! The best investment you can throw in your cart next to Organic Food!
and ringing bell for Salvation Army at Kennewick Fred Meyer. Stop by and make a donation.
ALWAYS check the discounted and clearance produce section at your local grocery store. I found $40 worth of produce for only $10 today at McKay's market in Gold Beach. It's all totally usable. Nothing wrong with it. Fred Meyer also has a clearance produce section. Feed your family for less!
And now I crave a Jimmy John's sub.but I ain't spending that money lol. Fred I come lol
Can you say toy BOOK five times fast? Check out the hot deals on toys kids wants most, plus an EXTRA 10% OFF coupon:
a wide triple barrel iron, there's a good one at Fred Meyer for like $30
Black Friday bargains: Shoppers at Fred Meyer in Newport, above, peruse a rack of socks during the e...
So, shopping a Fred Meyer to pick up a few groceries. I wanted to pick up a small turkey to put in my freezer...guess what.NONE! Oh well, picked up a couple nice roasting chickens.. Maybe in a week or two they will have more turkey
My friends at Fred Meyer sent this to me. Please use the coupons if you can!
Anyone have a Soda Stream? If so, how do you like it? Easy to find replacement carbonation tanks or whatever they are? What do you do, return the tanks to where you buy it (like Fred Meyer) and get a lower price replacement? How long do the carbonation deals last?
Today is a good day, just used my Starbucks reward at Fred Meyer and she didn't even take it away 👍😲
So driving out to our gleed tower for work. And by Fred Meyer it was snowing a little bit but maybe it was just something from the trees around the park
What is this world coming to?!?! Some *** hat stole my cell phone right out of my purse @ fred meyer while my back was turned! Glad i have insurance! Makes it $100 to replace rather than $600. Good thing he didn't take my wallet, there was an exorbitant amount of cash in there for paying the bills! He will get his, im sure of it.
For the holidays, shop to advocate! Fred Meyer Jewelers donates to CASA for every purchase of this diamond pendant:
Came to Fred Meyer for zip ties. Now I'm in the toys section window shopping "for the girls."
Starbucks is giving Fred Meyer employees a free coffee any size. That made my day.
I just saw an ad for Chia Pets Duck Dynasty Edition on the TV this morning. I thought it was a spoof.but no its for sale at Fred Meyer. The Shark has been jumped.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I know it's weird... but I miss Fred Meyer during this time of year. :D
Blood Drive today at the Maple Valley Fred Meyer from 12 - 6! Every time you donate you save three lives!
Hey y'all! If you didn't know: Smyrc is gonna be open on Xmas this year! Now is a really great time to start donating gift cards/ certificates from places like Fred Meyer or New Seasons so that staff can get things like toiletries, food and socks/undies for our *** youth! If you can't make it down there, I will totally pick up your donations!!
I had to run into Fred Meyer this morning to do some business at my bank, which has a branch in the building. The cacophony of Christmas music was truly nauseating. I really do hate December.
SAVE 50% on Kroger Spices through Saturday! Need inspiration? Check out Leigh Ann's recipe for Banana-Oatmeal Bars:
So stoked for this month. All Fred Meyer employees here get free Starbucks any drink, any size all month. 😍
I saw him at Fred Meyer last week... Highlight of my life💜
buh. I always have trouble thinking of places to apply... I usually just do Fred meyer, Safeway, Albertsons, Winco, and Starbucks since that's honestly about all I can think of... anybody care to throw out some suggestions?
FRED MEYER MATCHUPS 12/1 – 12/7 STOCK UP ON BAKING ... - Thank you for printing your coupons here; It is just ...
The biggest thing I have to look forward to today is left over Mac and cheese and chicken strips from Fred Meyer deli😻
a coupon for free bread and cheap butter from Fred Meyer for my PNW friends!!
I just saw in the Fred Meyer Ad that at 55 or older you get an X 10% off, WooHoo next Dec I will be 55 :)
Here are some great coupons for Fred Meyer, good through this Thursday
If you are doing some actual grocery shopping today, Fred Meyer match ups are done. The Friends & Family Shopping Pass is back with some AMAZING deals in housewares, apparel, vacuums and more.
HUGE list of match ups, including the fantastic Friends & Family shopping pass.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
So many jerseys in Fred Meyer. Is it too early to yell “SEA!!!” or shall I refrain?
Happy Monday everyone! Excited for Garrett to start his new job at Fred Meyers today. Is everyone ready for the cold and sunny days coming? The Arctic blast.oh so dramatic lol. Remember to share your smile today and enjoy the day you've been given xoxo
Hey friends - do you shop at Fred Meyer? Here are some extra discounts good from Dec. 1 - Dec.7 (be sure to read the fine print for exclusions)
Fred Meyer week of 12/1: Here are this week's stock up deals at Fred Meyer! Remember that you…
Shoppers wade through boxes of half-price socks at the Hollywood Fred Meyer store in Portland, Ore., on Black Friday…
Yesterday I went to Fred Meyer and asked where the Advent calendars were. They said there was only one…
tell me about it! I got home at 3 then had to go to Fred meyer with my parents at 4 till 8, then I got to go to sleep 💊🔫
As long as you're within walking distance of the Fred Meyer, you'll survive.
1234- I've never talked to you but I've seen you in the halls and at Fred Meyer. And you're going to snowball with my baby 😳
Whispering Sara: I heard it might snow tomorrow. SHM: From teachers on FB?. Sara: And a Fred Meyer lady. We can't be stopped.
74- I saw you waiting outside at Fred Meyer and took a picture with you because you're probably the coolest person ever.
true dat *** Fred Meyer swag till the day I die
Really? Did we need bad Christmas sweater kits, now available at your local Fred Meyer?
There's a kit at Fred Meyer to make ugly Christmas sweaters. I want one.
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