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Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer, Inc., is a chain of hypermarkets founded in 1922 in Portland, Oregon, by Fred G. Meyer. The company was one of the pioneers of one-stop shopping, eventually combining a complete grocery supermarket with a drugstore, clothing store, shoe store, fine jewelers, home decor store, home improvement center, garden center, electronics store, toy store, sporting goods store, and more under one roof.

Happy Valley Black Friday

Annual Fred Meyer Teddy Bear 🐻 Toss this Friday! Predict which player will score the first goal over on the Ams Fac…
Thanks a lot Fred Meyer person who bagged my groceries, now I have a broken jar of Classico vodka sauce that I paid…
(Gravelly voice) Thank u for coming to my ted talk (razor scooters away) . (we are behind a Fred meyer)
😂😂 BRUH. Why tf is this me! Lmao especially going to Fred Meyer’s in Burien 😅😂
Kinda irritated that Fred Meyer doesn't have organic egg nog yet.
Me in WA: This state is nothing but passive aggressive hippies & snobby hipsters. Me anywhere else: WA is heaven!…
Mistress Mia got to ride in the very fast machine. And she got to see her bestie Christian at the Fred Meyer ClickList
Thanks for your inquiry! Unfortunately, we do not have access to this information. However, we would…
I remember getting this. I was budgeting for food…
Enter for your chance to win your Free Tree @ 3 from Fred Meyer!
Wonder what happened to the homeless teen(?) girl who used to beg outside of fred meyer and live in the…
Working at Fred Meyer is hearing the same Christmas songs over and over just by different people
All I want is veggie soup but my tire is flat, and I'm not about to walk my sick *** to Fred Meyer :(
Just so we’re clear, I’m not buying a fake tree at a thrift store for 50 dollars when I️ found one at Fred Meyer for 50... brand new.
I remember my first day at Fred Meyer. My mom called me "Fat" and told me to "Get a job." 10 minutes before my first day.
I just entered to win a Free Christmas Tree from Fred Meyer and
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Dinner is served! Order your holiday dinner dishes online with us and simply worry about those relatives!…
Freddie’s* had a sparkly cape poncho and a “dream tent” that I want so bad. When will my discretionary income retur…
Top movers at were socks, sleepwear, boots, small appliances, seasonal merchandise and décor, toys, tablets and sma…
Fred Meyer has released their Holiday Toy Book for 2017 and there are some great coupons you can stack to save...
Rise and shine with our favorite breakfast recipes of the season, great for weekends and holidays spent together.…
Free Jewelry cleaning by Fred Meyer Jewelers! Club Pilates is giving away a FREE membership, so make sure to visit.…
SOS: someone please bring a venti peppermint white chocolate mocha to the Bonney Lake Fred Meyer Jewelers 🙏🏼
I love when I'm at Fred Meyer and I can't find the coconut water so I get to ask an employee if he knows where the…
Kroger best Black Friday results in general merchandise ever, led by Fred Meyer. $KR
Support Skagit Breaking by Viewing Weekly Ads from Big Businesses such as Fred Meyer, Target, and More!...
if no one told you, Fred Meyer is Kroger by another name on the west coast.
Surprising: says it had its best-ever Black Friday for general merchandise with record sales at Fred Meyer jewelry stores.
Pics at Fred meyer and the rest at the post office
I just got a job at Fred Meyer but I'm tryna ditch it for Safeway
This Happened in Eugene at Fred Meyer. There was a toothless woman working in meat department. Each Employee needs…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
So right before I called my brother to ask him if he could stop by Target to grab a Switch + games for me, he walke…
If you don’t think Fred Meyer is the wildest place to work, then you’ve clearly never had a homeless Vietnam vet wh…
help me get the word of thanks out to the woman at Mill Creek Fred Meyer t…
Mr. Freud..the real owner(original) Fred Meyer store owner..not Seth Meyers or any relation..//
I could never let my future son be a Boy Scout purely b/c I’d be so ashamed of him annoying people coming out of Fred Meyer.
I just found glasses at the Fred Meyer near Cheney Stadium
Swing by the new store in Gresham in the Fred Meyer parking lot to win FREE concert tix to & more!…
I was thinking about how unproductive my day has been but then I remembered that I taught an old lady at Fred Meyer what "s…
I just got home from Fred Meyer, instead of playing music, they had talking about Podesta over the loudspeaker.
I could never move away from Oregon just because I am a loyal, devoted Fred Meyer shopper
On this day in 2011 I waited for a good hour to meet Brendan Ryan at Fred Meyer.
Back to work, can't believe it's been a little over 6 weeks — feeling relaxed at Fred Meyer
Do you shop at Fred Meyer? Are you a FM Rewards member? If so you can help the American Cancer Society earn a...
Shoveling and collecting food and cash donations at Fred Meyer in Nampa with KTVB FOR 7Cares Idaho shares! Come out!
So many fun things to experience at Fred Meyer's Happy Valley store today!!! Grab your kiddos and head that way!...
TRAFFIC HAZARD. 1200 Lincoln St n/o Fred Meyer. Fire Dept is advising of water over the roadway. LE asked to...
1200 blk Lincoln Street. TRAFFIC HAZARD. Water over the roadway, on Lincoln, north of Fred Meyer. -c-
Be sure to stop by Fred Meyer's new Happy Valley store today between 1-2:30pm to pick up your autographed copy of...
I got mine at Fred Meyer's. It was one of those multi-switch screwdrivers.
Yeah, I immediately showed this to my husband, saying, "Remember how I said we need a new toaster?"
One of the simple pleasures of old age is cutting the fancy cheese at Fred Meyer.
Um, you have the wrong people on your feed to be asking us to talk you down
I liked a video from Fred Meyer Flash Mob 2 The Cha Cha
I liked a video from Fred Meyer Flashmob Tillamook, Or
how frustrating to get this far to discover the "Submit Order" button is nonfunctional 😩😫😫
Fred Meyer donated $1,000 to the Clackamas Emergency Services Foundation today at their grand opening.
Do you ever find yourself in fred meyer late at night, lips tasting faintly of chocolate, attempting to buy incense and two kinds of juice?
I run into more trans people at the Gresham Fred Meyer than anywhere else in PDX. Makes no logical sense to me. Must be housing prices.
One of the simple pleasures of adulthood is picking out fancy cheese at Fred Meyer.
BTW, in case you wanted to add to ur spice & herb collection, Fred Meyer has Spice Island & Private Selection,...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Fred Meyer at 6PM is nightmare fuel.
We're going to be Happy Valley AGAIN tomorrow!! We never get tired of seeing our…
Life would be so much better if Fred Meyer closed at 9 like every other establishment 🙃
Waterbrook still in sale at Fred Meyer: 2014 Sauv Blanc only 8.99
this is what I get with mom's Fred Meyer gift card. Gotta get balanced right?
Just got friendship hit on so hard by a stay at home mom of 4 at Fred Meyer
You know you are from Oregon when you get excited about the news of a brand new Freddy's opening its doors.
In other news the is at the Fred Meyer in Mead! It's a sight to behold.
The new Fred Meyer's in Happy Valley has in a mini bar inside
sounds delish! Fred Meyer is good for the vegan sour cream.
The Fred Meyer Community Rewards is easy to sign up for and helps us so much! You still keep your Rewards points,...
Fred Meyer needs some help in the paper plate aesthetic department
Brand new Fred Meyer opened up blocks from New Seasons. The gauntlet is dropped.
About to start sampling in 20 minutes at the GRAND OPENING of Sunnyside! 2-5pm
And here you see a native wild savage shopping cart attacking a poor tourist Sequoia at the Fred Meyer parking lot
Oh no! Unfortunately you wouldn't be able to return Fred Meyer items to QFC. Sorry for any inconvenience. Have a good weekend!
Turkey shoot is this Sunday at the Hawks game! Get to shoot a puck for a chance to win a Fred Meyer turkey! Can't wait!
See you at the Museum from 4-8pm for First Free Friday, thanks to our sponsor Special thanks to…
Great opening day for the Happy Valley View the full press release on our website…
First brand new Fred Meyer in 5 years opens its doors in Happy Valley, OR (Photos)
Fred Meyer is so close to my house that my car is going to be JUST warming up by the time I get there
Aw, shucks! Thanks for a fabulous evening celebrating your store grand…
Share which flavor you love for a chance to win a year’s worth of
First brand new Fred Meyer in five years opens its doors (Photos): The first brand new Fred Meyer store to open its…
We are collecting blankets at Fred Meyer in wandermere and Thor today and tomorrow from 10-6
No idea only seen prices Home Despot, Lowe's, Fred Meyer, Target, and Ace.
any news about a pedestrian hit by a hit & run driver on 176th by Fred Meyer in South Hill Puyallup
I had purchased something in Fred Meyer that I need to return. Can I return it to a QFC store?
Looks like I'll be getting up early to hit up my local Fred Meyer's shop when the NES Classic releases next Friday.
Check out their novel Christmas sweaters / dresses! (@ Fred Meyer) on
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Running errands with Allan and his Dad. (@ Fred Meyer) on
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Only $.25 at Fred Meyer! - Reader Anne reminded us that we have a sweet 5x digital cou...
My grocer, Fred Meyer, is owned by Kroger. I'm tempted to see if they have them now.
ClickList feature on the Fred Meyer App isn't working. Used it many times but now a blank screen when I login. Others having issues?
I know Fred is thrilled. How did Rory do? Let's organise a curry for Amy's bday. Am around
i know some cats at Fred Meyer & idk anything about them besides they work at Fred Meyer but that's still my people & i'll still ride for em
these are premium Fred Meyer charcoal grey sweat pants and you gon tell me I can't wear these?
I yelled out my number to a cute guy at Fred Meyer (jokingly) and he texted me like 30 seconds later. 😭😂
Fred meyer is just our spot I guess
Not gonna lie, I'm a really big fan of this 60% off tilamook ice cream deal fred meyer has going on.
When you use up a 2 terabyte hard drive... Late night trip to Fred Meyer
it's so tragic at every grocery store. TJ's, whole foods, fred meyer. ***
Lakeway Fred Meyer, Gas Pumps. POSSIBLE DUI. 80's Forerunner with back window broken out. RP heard driver say he...
ooh where do you buy those in pdx? Hawthorne Fred Meyer only had daiya
it's all about Fred Meyer, I swear i don't know how you guys aren't drunk all the time in this country! :D
First shift and Fred Meyer deli went well, never realized how much fried chicken Americans eat lol
I have to go to Fred Meyer on a holiday weekend
I've been to Fred Meyer three times in the past 5 hours.
Who sits at a Fred Meyer deli al day?
you've never had deep fried pickles? they even sell them frozen at Fred Meyer 😜
donuts at Fred Meyer? Hoping for the best, expecting the worst... And the worst was confirmed. Why sell out??
I dont know if i can do fred meyer tonight i havent thought thru enough & im gonna get overloaded like maybe i can get cleaning supplies,-
Ok the pharmacy i need to get to is closed anyway so i have to try again tomorrow or next week so oh well i can either do fred meyer or-
Only received 6 fuel points with purchase today. Ecoupon for 4X fuel points. Shouldn't it have been 24 points? Thanks!
straight up tho, the lady behind me in line at Fred Meyer's on Northern Lights was on meth...
I am very disappointed that this will not fit my laptop. @ Fred Meyer
Man @ Fred Meyer: wow you're very beautiful. Me: thank you, you're very... kind looking
Cost Plus and Fred Meyer have Halloween stuff out. The Spirit store is open. Get on it, You always have great Halloween stuff.
aye dawg I just tried to stare you down in the Fred Meyer parking lot and you still ain't notice me 😂😂
I wanna go to Fred Meyer's or QFC again *** .. straight Nostalgia
I found this on the shelf at Fred Meyer. In the middle of the food isle. You're welcome.
I saw this at Fred Meyer last night and thought it was you at first glance! 😁
The last Crystal Pepsi! I'm in Nice Guy™ Mode so whoever can get to this Fred Meyer, claim it before it's gone!!
some random guy at Fred meyer just said "your really pretty and tall" Ahahha aw thanks (: 🙂
This double decker bacon lattice BLT is bacon us crazy this Guaranteed bacon in every bite!
*** Safeway is a staple here. so is Fred Meyer's?
To the guy wearing a "White Girls ❤️ Me" shirt in the Fred Meyer parking lot: You're not winning any brownie points bro.
Hey Samuel! It's been so long what have u been up 2?. Uhh well I'm still single, I work @ Fred Meyer & also legally sell weed 4 a living :)
Since we didn't make it to the creamery I had to stop at Fred Meyer…
I saw it in Safeway Lloyd Center and Fred Meyer Hollywood yesterday.
Come on You need to step up your game. Fred Meyer is putting out Halloween today while my Target is still all back to school.
Lakeway Fred Meyer's. WELFARE CHECK. Clipped first part, but the subject has defecated on himself. -c-
Likely on somebody else's dime. . Chargers in Walgreens and Fred Meyer parking lots.
Glad my first shift at Fred Meyer's starts at 3 pm, get to watch the huskies opener.
At Fred Meyer's last night. the beasties come out at night!
To whoever keeps buying up all the mustard seeds at Fred Meyer: I will find you. This town isn't big enough for two Mustardiers.
it's my last day at Fred Meyer in snohomish yippee
Oh no, Fred G. Meyer invented one stop shopping, you can literally get everything at Freddie's
A wild Machop appeared! It will be at Fred Meyer until 2:21 AM.
Data (facts) do no support the DEQs folk theory about source of heavy metals at daycare.
"This summer, Coca-Cola is puttin' LYRICS. On they BOTTLES." -Jason Derulo, every 15 minutes over the Fred Meyer PA
Fred Meyer or whatever it's called right?
My bro said everyone that works at Fred Meyer is a *** OK HI IM HERE RIGHT HERE
they just stopped selling their garlic spread at Fred Meyer and it's ruining my marriage
There's a barefoot guy with an ankle monitor walking around Fred Meyer right now
A wild Poliwag appeared! It will be at Fred Meyer until 9:11 PM.
This is great for older houses that don't have outlets in bathrooms, like mine! When you're in I'll buy one!
Just saw a young dad in Fred Meyer with a poop emoji hat
When you've seen like one person you know in Corvallis all summer and its at Fred Meyer 😂
Also Fred Meyer is having an insane sale on Animal Crossing amibos right now, in case you live on the west coast. 🤘💕
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Landscaping at Fred Meyer on Mill Plain in The Couve is TOTALLY on fire. 10 ft flames. Happy Friday, everybody!
Until recently I didn't know that there were actual Kroger stores. I thought Kroger was just a Fred Meyer house brand.
Walking in Fred Meyer. . Lady storming out: "I just CANNOT believe they don't have vegan, gluten-free pizza here!"
this place makes Fred Meyer look like Disneyland
Some jerk put a bag of trash in the bed of my truck at Dimond Fred Meyer. Checking w/security for cameras.
I made it from Salem to Wilsonville with my gas light on because I refuse to go to any other gas station but Fred Meyer. TOTALLY STUPID
Just crossing in front of Fred Meyer to get to work. My shift started at 5:30. Yall cant judge me for being 2 hours early for anything now
they are playing That Thing You Do in Fred Meyer idk how to feel
Comforts for baby formula coupon 12-01-16 Kroger Fred Meyer & more
If you had to hang out in the Fred Meyer's daycare thing as a little kid I'm sorry because your parents obviously hate…
Dog in vehicle complaint. Newberg Fred Meyer parking lot.
I just found this at Fred Meyer . I am now getting inspiration at Fred Meyer, thanks…
Rachel is back at it again! Come see her at Fred Meyer's West from 11-3pm today!!
Can an associate at Fred Meyer date a manager that is not in his or her department?
Fred Meyer has simultaneously ruined and completed my life... Is this hegemony?
Did you know that when you go to Fred Meyer the kids can get a FREE cookie from the bakery if they ask nicely?!...
Kids dc have no time for DEQs Whack-A-Mole methodology
I checked in at Fred Meyer Fuel Center on
Lots of Krabby at Fred Meyer this morning.
*** s Kitchen Season 12 winner drops by Bellingham Lakeway Fred Meyer to do some food demonstrations:
I swear to god if I hear the Rice a Roni jingle one more time I'm going to burn this Fred Meyer to the ground.
It's going to be one hot Friday. (at Corporate Office in Portland, OR)
Swing by the HollywoodMeyer today from 11am-6pm! We’ll be there collecting for the KGW
Fred Meyer: 50% off All Candles Flash Sale (7/29 only): Fred Meyer is having another Flash Sale today (Friday...
Download your FREE Sparking ICE Tea by 11:59pm. (Must redeem by 8/7)
Stop by and see us:) Fred Meyer Beautiful Love Necklace
A wild Weepinbell appeared! It will be at Fred Meyer until 8:06 AM.
A wild Vulpix appeared! It will be at Fred Meyer until 7:21 AM.
A wild Charmander appeared! It will be at Fred Meyer until 6:21 AM.
A wild Graveler appeared! It will be at Fred Meyer until 5:21 AM.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
*** s Kitchen’ winner whips up dishes at Lakeway Fred Meyer: One of the winners from a…
BREAKING NEWS: Marowak has appeared at Fred Meyer! Hurry, it will vanish at 3:21 AM!
Data (facts) show that the kids daycare are in harms way from fly ash across the street.
Daycare air sample data (do not support DEQs theories. Kids are huffin' fly ash.
She was really blocking the aisle at Fred Meyer and I said excuse me and she legit said "I have a boyfriend not interested" and didn't move.
The affluence dissonance between the Fred Meyer at 82nd and Foster and the one at Cesar Chavez & Hawthorne knocks me out every time.
they were putting in a new seasons just as I moved out of north Portland by St. John's blocks away from the Fred Meyer.
Speaking of which, come buy fireworks in the Fred Meyer parking lot on 158th Ave and Walker Rd
The lady at Fred Meyer just asked me if I have my drivers license yet.
still disappointed Fred Meyer didn't have fiji water
Have you linked your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to an American Cancer Society Relay for Life Event?. Fred Meyer...
Teamster Matt Collins from Fred Meyer on his experience so far at the Convention.
Ron Jeremy just rolled thru Fred Meyer on a rascal wearing a pink tank it's so lit
Blessed to announce Ive committed to Fred Meyer's grocery department for the 2016 season. Thanks for all the support
I completely came unglued at Fred Meyer today because I watched some young been kicking at nesting ducks-their...
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