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Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer, Inc., is a chain of hypermarkets founded in 1922 in Portland, Oregon, by Fred G. Meyer. The company was one of the pioneers of one-stop shopping, eventually combining a complete grocery supermarket with a drugstore, clothing store, shoe store, fine jewelers, home decor store, home improvement center, garden center, electronics store, toy store, sporting goods store, and more under one roof.

Black Friday

You can help families in need while you shop. Link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to Marion-Polk Food Share today. http:/โ€ฆ
My last day at Fred Meyer is Saturday. I won't have a job but I will be happy again.
Locking the doors at Fred Meyer with a coworker, a girl frantically ran through them just before they closed, yelling "Indiana Jones it!"
idk ma, you did almost throw a potato at some broads in Fred Meyer
Walking around Fred Meyer praying I don't see anyone I know ๐Ÿ˜‚
So many random men staring at me in Fred Meyer. Pls leave me alone ๐Ÿ˜–
Pretty convenient that somebody would pull the fire alarm at Fred Meyer when I'm hungry and need to buy food
Very sad about Jerome Kersey. My wife and I randomly met him at a Fred Meyer here in Portland a few years ago. Was a super nice guy. RIP.
keeps the Dove and Degree for Women Dryspary Antiperspirants in stock!and would definitely buy again!
I shouldn't have trusted Fred Meyer to make a decent Tamale
Lโ€™Oreal Advanced Hair Care Only $1.32 at Fred Meyer! - Reader Jacqui reminded us that Fred Meyer has a great buy r...
24-25) Popcorn & Junior Mints on the RedBoxes at Fred Meyer.
The other most depressing place is Fred Meyer is directly behind a man in pink practicing his extreme couponing
The Fred Meyer deli is in the running for your metro areas most depressing places
I was confused cuz there's a crackhead with a bucket hat & gold chains dancing around a Fred Meyer parking lot then I realized I was in NE
Ladies, tampons have CHLORINE in them. Go to your local Fred Meyer and pick up organic tampons for the same price in the organic aisle
Fred Meyer is having a One Day Sale tomorrow, You can use a 20% off printable pass, to save an extra 20% on,,,
I think I've been eating too much steak but Fred Meyer has ribeye on sale for like half off so it's not my fault.
Reminder Fur Rondy Pin Sales at Fred Meyer Dimond and Eagle River from 10-6 Saturdays until the 21st of February.
Wait! I think I did buy it! It was on my list to order, but I think I stumbled onto it & forgot to listen! *Searching
did you start canning Next Adventure again? Fred Meyer is stocked.
Travis is so cute he just went to Fred Meyer just to get me juice
Passing all the Valentine's Day stuff in Fred Meyer makes me sick.
Shout out to the woman who paid for my dinner at Fred Meyer because I was in uniform ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
MVC . Fred Meyer North. There DOC with each other. Moved over by the Gas Station by Derek Noble - s...
First time I went home and saw bottles of Grey Goose sittin in the middle of Fred Meyer I was confused AF...
can you guys help me or what ? I'll go buy a puzzle at Fred Meyer's right now ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚
Beach house playing in Fred Meyer? Who is managing this playlist so I can court her
Got a second job at Fred Meyer!! In the apparel section!! +_+ gonna be ROLLING in money and benefits
Awk, the Fred Meyer gas attendant thought I was talking a picture of him when I was taking a picture of the Cummins next to me to show Ems.
Hey! Have you entered this HUGE giveaway yet? If not, GO!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I just made so many "dad jokes" in Fred Meyer it was embarrassing. I couldn't stop though. It was strange.
Just denied buying MRR on 164th Lynnwood cause my drivers license exp is Military & did not have my Mil. ID.
In honor of an epic pucking of fligs I just stopped in at a Fred Meyer and bought a bottle of red to help the Fisher house! Hola
Really feeling the cute dads taking flip phone pictures of Fred Meyer gas prices
Just trying to buy some spray paint. Why do you have it locked up Fred Meyer and why is there no one here to help me?
Dashboard confessional is playing in Fred Meyer and I might just cut my wrists here
Completely random side note, the men's bathroom in Fred Meyer is flooded
When the girl at Fred Meyer is wearing heelies ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜‚
Woman jumps onto thief's car as he drives off, gets purse back-is @ 4 from the NE Fred Meyer
Fred Meyer Info Session starts in 15 minutes - 4 pm in Career Services.
Fred Meyer โ€“ Skittles as low as $0.25/bag when you buy 2 via Queen Bee Coupons & ...
probably got looked down on at Fred Meyer for bringing $450 worth of coins but oh ๐Ÿ‹
Oh how I miss having a Fred Meyer around
"you would get kicked out of Fred Meyer
Get a life, Ladies. What you project is what you will find. If u hate violence, don't dwell in it.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Favorite snack ever! Finally tracked it down at Fred the kosher section!!!
I'm at Fred Meyer with no grocery list. No good can come out of this, mark my words. M~
A huge "thank you!" to the 68 households that linked their Fred Meyer Rewards card to UCP! For 2014, we received...
at Fred Meyer in downtown Puyallup, lots of the shirts you were looking for :)
UvU It's like when someone came in and asked me if they could talk to Fred Meyer in all seriousness.
Typically the QFC on Mercer or the Fred Meyer in Redmond
Was climbing shelves at fred Meyer to reach the pop & I fell and they all came down on me & all the workers had to help me so that's my day
Witness tells us woman on hood of car as man took off out of Gateway Fred Meyer. May have been victim of theft first
at fred meyer and I realized I forgot to shave half my face
Always a bummer when you walk into Fred Meyer and sushi lady isn't there to greet you.
Portland- police responding to Gateway Fred Meyer - report of a "purse *** just occured - suspect driving away with victim on the hood-2
That awkward moment when you run into your psych ward roommate at Fred Meyer. Does she want me to say hi or act like we never met?
I work at the Fred Meyer right by the Walmart and I swear we have the most white trash clientele I have ever seen
Located by Fred Meyer on River Rd. Cross posted. Fcfs. Offers welcome.
Fred Meyer's is currently playing Bye Bye Bye and I don't know how to feel about this
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Greetings All, Welcome to day 3 of our New Year's Trip to Grayland. This entry will be a challenge. Why? Because we really didn't do much yesterday worth noting. Guess we'll see where it ends up. Deb created another amazing morning meal which she has christened "Deb's Camping Breakfast Casserole (tm)". I have no idea what magic she conjures when we're camping but everything seems to taste so much better. Anyway, I think it was meant to serve eight but there was none left after Geoff and I demolished it. Yum! From there we did the morning dishes then got cleaned up. Winter returned overnight so we were met with gray skies and just the slightest bit of mist. Temps climbed a few degrees with the cloud cover. We got showered and had quite a list of things to get so we drove 35 minutes into Aberdeen. I've never been a fan of Walmart but we ended up there because Fred Meyer was over an hour away. The Walmart in Aberdeen is probably one of the nicest I've been too but man was it busy! Friday, payday ...
Im at Fred Meyer N got CDs on me for $10 each!
Look at the Boise gas prices, and with my Fred Meyer rewards, it was $1.85! Pinch me!
I saw Mr. Kovacs at Fred meyer yesterday and was too hyped
One tire fires in the parking lot are the pinnacle of the Fred Meyer shopping experience
It was at Fred Meyer. It's pretty killer
You mean when we go to Fred Meyer to buy more frozen dinners and orange juice
Gage and I were playing pass in Fred Meyer and the ball went over my head and hit a bunch of spray paint bottles it scared me so bad๐Ÿ˜‚
Where the heck does this random Fred Meyer food keep coming from that ends up on my food shelf?. Hint: The answer...
Fred Meyer got this right at least.
it is from Andre and we get it from Fred Meyer.
About to try and get a job at Fred Meyer
so today I was at Fred Meyer's and I picked up one of the costumer service phones and I ordered a pizza.
Think couponing is too much work?. At least get Fred Meyer/Kroger's free item each Fri. No coupon; add to store card.
Found a dead bird on my way home from Fred Meyer.
We went to fred meyer to buy a thing of ranch at 10 at night
from Fred Meyer and how the guy before me had medium sized boxes that were about 70lbs and when the lady asked this nice
Do you want to hear the story part of the story when I was mailing you those 2 dozen roses from Fred Meyer? that I bought
I'm still excited about gas prices rite now got 1.61 a gallon at Fred Meyer today crazy
I hadn't seen a steampunk since Austin 2013, but here at Fred Meyer all things are possible
Going to Fred Meyer with my mom is the highlight of my week
are you back in Astoria? We're headed to Manzanita this weekend.
we paid 1.65 a gallon at Fred Meyer Lakeway with discount !! 2.22 with out
Fred Meyer now has a TV at an entrance that runs Duck highlights all day and it makes life better. .
just saw your whole fam bam at Fred Meyer
one in Beaverton by Fred Meyer closes at 10
Gee, Fred Meyer, thanks for making your customers who shop by bike feel welcome.
Seriously everytime I go to Fred Meyer I see the same cute guy working. Every freaking time. I'm not complaining though. Huehuehue
Someone just yelled go ducks at me while I was walking into Fred Meyer :(
Playing hide and go seek in Fred meyer = kicked out๐Ÿ˜‚
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Picked up a few classics and nabbed some blind buys - thank you Target and Fred Meyer's!
Went to store for king crab, left w/no crab (out), no rain check (refused to write) & $20 of stuff I didn't need. Well played Fred Meyer!
Tried to recruit some All-Star votes for throughout Fred Meyer today ๐Ÿ˜‚ left these papers everywhere lol
Here's the Fred Meyer freebie for this week (download today only).
nah he's at fred Meyer I just saw him ๐Ÿ˜‚
Waiting in the customer service line at Fred Meyer's. What a great way to spend my day.
Fred Meyer Lighting Department is my fave it reminds me of marry
I buy a whole lot of sparkling water from Fred Meyer. Can't beat 79 cents for a liter
Come keep me company at Fred Meyer while I work! Here till 8. ๐Ÿ˜˜
January 2nd is the day I spend too much time in the scrapbook and card stock aisle of Fred Meyer.
Walked into Fred Meyer to fix tile, had a girl tell me "I've always liked a man who wears a measuring tape" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
There's a reason I came to Fred Meyer and now I can't remember...
Take me to Fred Meyer so I can get discounted 2014 holiday candies so I know it's real
Just got asked by a kid and his grandma if I played in the NBA... I told them yeah and I'm here signing autographs at Fred Meyer at 6
Couldn't find tortillas or wraps in the bread or deli section of a Fred Meyer in Oregon. They were in the "Ethnic" food aisle.
These man slippers mom got me from Fred Meyer are heavenly
Went to Fred Meyer with ... Bought Apple sauce. Ate all four before I even pulled out of the parking lot ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ
The Fred Meyer deli lady told me my eyebrows were "on point" so what's up
Hi โ€“ Our 50-60% Price Break is happening now thru Sat. 1/3/15. You can also check our ads for any upcoming Clearance sales. Thanks!
Urban Meyer's reaction to the Oregon-FSU score is priceless:
Pompeian Vinegar, Only $1.79 at Fred Meyer!: Match a printable coupon with a sale price at Fred...
If you are in Eugene, Stop by and see Jason at Fred Meyer on West 11th from 2-5 today. He will be pouring some...
Ah Christmas at Fred Meyer where just because an item is on sale, it doesn't mean the price changes
Fred Meyer Holiday Lunch A huge thanks to the people at Corporate for inviting us for lunch!
Community partners like & their customers help us fulfill the mission:
Overheard at Fred Meyer: "I don't know about this aisle user experience"
Watching the freshman walking to Fred Meyer is like watching the Trail of Tears
Needs belt. Can be purchased at Fred Meyer. $25. Pm me.
My mom is super excited about this deal, so here goes: She purchased $189 of Crayola arts & crafts kits for $51 at Fred Meyer (I didn't even know this was possible -- they are NOT coming home with us). Crayola is 40% off + the 10% Home coupon + $2/$10 gold hangtag coupon + 10% off Senior discount. Obviously, she talked the cashier into doing several transactions so she could use the $2/$10 multiple times. Anything goes on Senior Discount Day at Freddies.
How about change state laws to make our country safer? –  10% Off
Lots of friends messaging me about jewelry. Although i'm not in the business anymore, I still have awesome friends that are! And I feel confident in saying they will take just as good of care for your needs. If you are looking for jewelry gifts please see my great friend Nicki Hartberger at FRED MEYER JEWELERS on Mall Rd for the finest quality, great pricing, and AWESOME customer service!
OH in Fred Meyer: "(in plain clothes, answering mobile) Fred Meyer Loss Prevention, this is _."
Here is a GREAT Heads up on the 2 Day Doorbuster Sale - Dec 23 and 24 @ Fred Meyer!! This Special ad is for the Portland, Oregon Northwest Couponing Area!
Walked into Fred Meyer to get 2 small things for a stocking. $142 later I walked out.without those two items (because they didn't have them). ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜‚ 'Tis the season!!!
Congratulations to Kitt Pratt. Kitt is a sponsored rider on our Lakeside/Fred Meyer cycling team who won two Master's National championship titles in Salt Lake City this fall. In a nice touch, she won riding her Colnago CLD! (
We are set up with fiery samples at Battle Ground Fred Meyer till 2:30pm today!! Then it's over to Hazel Dell...
The wine people at Fred Meyer know my parents by name. ๐Ÿ˜‚
I'm glad the gas attendants at Fred Meyer got a kick out of watching me try to eat my wrap as it fell apart all over my clothes.
your point is? We should wait until that happens to enact
Awesome! I have some I need to donate! Are bins out currently or still on the way?
and surrounding areas, don't forget my coat drive is underway! Look for bins at your local stores
My job jus gave me a 40 dollar gift card to fred meyer lol
It don't matter what time of day it is Fred Meyer is always a madhouse
Still shopping for gifts? Support New Friends of Beaverton City Library by selecting them as your charity on Amazon Smile or at Fred Meyer.
I think the PBA staff is part of it but ultimately I think it comes to the funders: Columbia, Fred Meyer &c
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I shop at fred meyer too. love their deli! oh..and I always carry when I go out. it's prudent.
I spotted these gluten free baking shortcuts at Fred Meyer! Graham, chocolate, and ginger snap shouldโ€ฆ
I just reached out to to fix at and they did it quickly!
I'm driving to Fred Meyer to see if they have meatballs and a Hozier CD
.Put customer safety and security first. stores with You lost my holiday $$$. Boycott month 3.
Service Deli (in Fred Meyer) This is what 80 blankets looks like!!!
I have not shopped at your store for months and encourage my friends not to either. New Seasons & Trader Joes
Aren't YOU responsible for keeping YOUR kids safe and not a retail chain or government?
For the last three years now, the folks at Fred Meyer have graciously teamed with me in making many special Holiday Wishes come true for deserving families and Coupon Project readers. In years past, five families were selected to win gift cards ranging from $100-250. I invited my readers to vote forโ€ฆ
Here is Today's Coupon Cheapie, $1.99 Tyson Bacon - TODAY 12/7/14 @ Fred Meyer! We can use this coupon in the Portland Oregon Northwest Couponing Area!
Robert Frost-Day Five Ellen was born for yard sales...and garage sales...and barn sales! We probably logged fifty miles per weekend scouring the back roads of Eastern Clackamas County, just meandering, and sniffing out the tell-tale crowds of cars parked along the roads, and the poster board hand-printed signs. I often whimpered that we should ride my motorcycle, but Ellen would shoot me her "yard sale" look and so, the Van it was. There's a lot of land in the Eagle Creek/Estacada boonies, most of its privacy insured by distance from civilization, and by Smith and Wesson. The folks are friendly, nosy friendly. To live in in or near a small town in the country, you resign your self to the whole town knowing your business by some mysterious grapevine. The good news is, should a strange vehicle trickle down your driveway up to no good, a few neighbors are likely to trickle over too, just being neighborly. The best Saturday sale Ellen and I ever attended was a barn sale at the old McCulloch place. Grampa was ...
Kroger should be proud to be such a good community citizen when it hosts civic events on its property. They should do this wherever there is a Kroger store or Fred Meyer, or any of their other public spirited brands.
You know where you'll find what'll help make it stop?. You'll find it at Fred Meyer.
That stupid Fred Meyer Christmas commercial song is stuck in my head. Make it stop!
Fred Meyer Coupon Deals: Week of 12/7 via The Krazy Coupon Lady - Here are the coupon deals for ...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Love bacon? Then get todayโ€™s coupon + enter for your chance to win a $25 FM Gift Card in our Spot the Difference game
almost saw an old man with a prosthetic leg get his *** beat for yelling "GET OUTTA MY WAY IM A CRIPPLE" at some dude's wife at Fred Meyer
Freddies shifts to cleaner trucks: Fred Meyer on Thursday will showcase its first 11 heavy-duty freight trucks...
Trying to teach grandma how to pronounce Fred Meyer. She struggles and then refuses to say Fred. Iโ€ฆ
Someone lost their cows today at the Fred Meyer gas station ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿฎ
just Dad'n out, ballin @ Fred Meyer and Home Depot and whatnot, how you been man?
Hello, this is Kevin Koski. I have a large canning cooker that I no longer can use, I purchased it at Fred Meyer...
There's a guy still wearing his Fred Meyer name tag at the library lol
They should put a warning into your paperwork when you get hired at Fred Meyer. . *warning* You will become a smoker if you work here.
Prelims for tonight's Shop With The Chiefs contest. Winning team was just $11 off!
Fantastic day at the Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood event today. Gave out door prizes of 5-$100 Fred Meyer...
Almost seems like you don't want customers in your stadium location. How about two entrances when your store covers two blocks?
I want to be the old guy just sitting on the show couch at Fred Meyer
Ted Ginn Sr. knew Cardale Jones was going to do this. He told earlier this week.
at Fred was technically 2.82, but I had .20 savings on my rewards card.
If you're curious about that QB at Ohio State leading a 31-0 1st half rout of Wisconsin, here u go via
Don't forget to sign up to be the 6th contestant in tonight's $1,000 Shopping Spree giveaway!
You know you're looking really good when you're walking through Fred Meyer and someone says, "Excuse me sir." when they get in your way๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ‘Ž
If u need me I'm at your local Fred Meyer sitting in the home section, unshowered, eatin potato salad. Happy Saturday everyone
Oregon moms ask Fred Meyer to prohibit customers from openly carrying guns
Can't make it to for Shop With The Chiefs Night? Listen on or follow for in-game updates.
So the Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, and Marth Amiibos are discontinued? Well that *** didn't even get a chance to get one at Fred Meyer
Meet Bill Schonely & Jerome Kersey AND pick up some Schonz Red Ale at the Hollywood Fred Meyer today from 12-2 pm! http:/โ€ฆ
How many times in a day can I go to Fred Meyer
Really the thing I'm most excited about in Portland is Fred Meyer
I'm freaking out, I now just met twelve year old Scott at Fred Meyer's. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Today is Red Kettle stop by the Wal-Mart or Fred Meyer on 164th and donate some spare change! Remember to also stay warm!
The band aid song is playing at fred Meyer and it's making me happy
aka unless I actually care about what's going on in your life, I won't stop to talk to you in fred meyer lmao
ABATE 'Toy Run' rolls through Portland on Saturday: The ride starts at noon Saturday, Dec. 6 at the Fred Meyer atโ€ฆ
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
mommy I want the hanging bear from Fred Meyer for Christmas
shoutout to Joe freaking Critchfield for being the trillest Joe from Fred Meyer ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™Œ
At my local Fred Meyer- Jermaine Kersey and Bill Schonely who coined the phraseโ€ฆ
I passed out in a Fred Meyer, what have you done with your day?
Members Michele Lile & Cathy Larsen invite you to help at Spanaway Walmart & Puyallup Fred Meyer til 4p!
Cardale Jones will have to lead Ohio State against Wisconsin tonight, but who is he?
It's a great morning at the newly remodeled Fred Meyer at Walker Road. Wonderful shopping opportunity. Join us...
Fred Meyer friends and family coupons posted at the Lariat, help yourself.
Just finished making tamales, Had a hard time finding corn husks and corn meal. Fred Meyer quit carrying the corn husks, got them at Tacoma boys. I used a coarse corn meal this time and like it much better the reg. grind. Sister is taking them back to calif. enjoy kids
people from seattle must laugh at how we lose our cars in Fred Meyer parking lots and they have multiple levels of parking garages ๐Ÿ˜‚
Thought I was going to get a Cinnabon from the Hillsboro Fred Meyer store until I heard the sad story of how the owner was forced to close.
This was my 31st Black Friday. Ok so first I hate that name. It just rubs me wrong and I can't say why. Even after all of these years My STRESS level is at a max like most of my fellow managers. But if not for my crew I would not get thru it. These people are the BEST ! Co, Beth, Justin, and many others they make it happen year after year. Co was in charge of the check stands and as always ran them FANTASTIC !!! she is my rock. I slept very little the nite before but my wonderful staff came thru for me and Fred Meyer. They make it happen. I love all of them and take pride to be there boss. The pride I have in these people is like non other. Fred Meyer is what it is because of them. Thanks to all
Your chance to get Fred Meyer employee discount. Use this in addition to any coupons!
This was Fred Meyer on Sullivan in Spokane Valley at 5am this morning...
THIS IS A GREAT AND EASY WAY TO HELP MLBR! MLBR has been approved as a non-profit with the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program. I am attaching two photos explaining this and the page that asks you to link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card. MLBR non-profit number is:89575. There is nothing more to do, just make sure you are registered and all you need is a Rewards Card. You can also shop at QFC as long as you go online and register your card and our non-profit number:89575 (if you aren't a Fred Meyer Frequent shopper), it's easy you can sign up online or in person at any Fred Meyer or QFC. Valid in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Rewards are paid out Quarterly. We are so thankful for such amazing support and companies that have partnered with us!
Went to Fred Meyer to get a 8GB memory card to update my maps on my gps.
Video: Black Friday brings out C.O. crowds; was on hand for the early Fred Meyer opening
Fred Meyer is playing Christmas music, my heart is happy
seemed like quite a bit of activity headed past Fred Meyer/Movies on TV.
Fred Meyers thank you for all you do. This all goes to the Salvation Army at Christmas from the Bykes for Tykes organization
Has anybody heard of or seen any great deals on Levi's? I thought I heard of a sale at Fred Meyer, but their website is down.
Trying to leave tomorrow by 5 am to pullman have 3 seats available 35$ it's a large vehicle that eats gas. can pick up in Seattle Tacoma or Covington Fred Meyer not going unless I get enough people
Hey, I don't remember licensing my likeness recently. @ Fred Meyer -- 67th & Glisan
I worked at Fred Meyer on Black Friday and it was surprisingly easy. Apparently my Fred Meyer doesn't get too busy on Black Friday. I even got up early to buy a TV and there were at most 20 people there when the store opened.
The Turkey is eaten, the pumpkin pie gone. You know what this means--it's Christmastime, and time for our new holiday contest! Join us in reading a holiday book or watching a holiday movie, then fill out an entry form and drop it in the box. You could win a ticket to the movies or $10 at Fred Meyer! Now through December 31st.
On December 3rd, this is our super bill day, I would like have a one driver only, and three seat open for me, Ashley, and Cory. We need go to bank, Fred Meyer, car insurance, buddy's store by behind Walgreen at Lacey, and then we are good for the day. This is our first time without the car. The car is parked at my mom, due won't started. Waiting on Taylor Oram and Tucker Perry to work on the car. How I able to take my mom to doctor appt, and I know she didn't like Larry Dotson to help her but no choices. So, would ya pleased to help us?
First Black Friday stop yesterday at about 8 pm: Fred Meyer. They were closed.
The best part of Black Friday is honestly the Fred Meyer sock sale
Came out of Fred Meyer and it was snow mixed with the rain. le sigh
It's poppin' at Fred Meyer right now lmao.
The people at Fred Meyer act like they've never seen 2 dudes pushing their snowboard and a bongo in a cart before
If you don't go to the Fred Meyer sock sale, did you really go Black Friday shopping?
I wanna go to Fred Meyer bc half off socks
justice ๐Ÿ’— in the mall and then Mis Tres Amigos in the parking lot of Fred Meyer ๐Ÿ˜‹ . Come visit soon!!
Fred Meyer parking lot gives me all time road rage
In memory of my Grandmother ever yr I go 2 only Black Friday sale she went 2 Fred Meyer 1/2 sock sale & 2 4 1 poppers
Third pay it forward opportunity came an hour ago. We went to Fred Meyer to get bird seed, but we alsoโ€ฆ
It's easy to make a food donation in @ Fred Meyer
I laid my horn on this guy at Fred Meyer and I don't think he liked it very much.
i went to Fred Meyer today for Black Friday and they had solo beats on sale for 2 cents off the original price
Fred Meyer is my new favorite store
I saw at Fred Meyer today but I couldn't think of anything funny to say so I just said "Hey Marquis." and walked away
Black Friday shopper pushed cart of unpaid electronics out of Fred Meyer, police say: Jacqueline Underwood isโ€ฆ
Thanks to all of our Associates, like Sara in Tigard, who helped make Black Friday a success for our Customers!
Literally running away from Mrs. Richardson at Fred Meyer ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ’จ
PLEASE look at these socks i got at fred meyer for $3 this morning
Got so many cute socks at Fred Meyer for 50% off ๐Ÿ˜„
Went to Fred Meyer with Ella.. Wasn't gonna buy anything... I only have $.17 left..๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‚
"SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS" shirt accompanied by a snap back,high quality fashion at the north portland fred meyer
my gosh there are deals. ad ends at 3PM & store location W. Burnside remodel is beautiful!
My family just spent 200 something on socks at Fred Meyer for Black Friday shopping ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Whoops! Looks like a typo. Sorry about that!
Almost just got ran over with a shopping cart at Fred Meyer ๐Ÿ˜ณ
I was pushed by a 65+ year old man to get out of the way in Fred Meyer so he could get his socks. Sorry, just tryin to cash my check?
Thanks, hope you enjoyed! It's a Black Friday tradition for us, right up there with deals on socks and board games!
Much appreciated. Do you by chance remember the original purchase date of your Studios from Fred Meyer? ^EM
I went to Fred Meyer to spoil my dog from his rough morning, I bought him another bed. so content now.
felt like buying myself a video game at fred meyer, so I bought myself a video game at fred meyer.
When you volunteer to make a run to Fred Meyer and forget it's Black Friday ๐Ÿ˜‘
Nice touch with coffee,donuts and apple juice available at your Lynnwood,WA store
Fred Meyer's bakery department is the best.
My version of Black Friday shopping is going to Fred Meyer and buying a bunch of their half-off socks
I originally purchased from Fred Meyer, but that pair was also defective. This pair is a warranty replacement.
Good news! We just learned we're working on paperless (or no) receipt options... no ETA as of yet, but we're looking into it. Thanks.
Kivo & I walked to Fred Meyer, and idk you tell me @ Fred Meyer
Police: Black Friday theft suspect tried to steal TVs, video games, clothes at Fred Meyer.
When I was 17, I remember going shopping with my mama on Black Friday for the first time. We went to the Fred Meyer in Santa Clara. I was rammed with a shopping cart & someone swooped a pair of socks right from my hand. I was in disbelief at peoples rudeness!!! I swore on that day to never go shopping on a Black Friday again. Today I have the day off. The husband is sick. I have not even begun my holiday shopping. So here I go. Wish me luck!
Fred Meyer's mascot looks like he killed a mall Santa and stole his suit.
Fred Meyer Bakerview state patrol has 1 detained possible D U I . was swerving on I-5 >r
watching 2nd movie then off to bed I wanted to give special thanks to ones helped me supported me feel blessed do say Thank You very much tomorrow is Thanksgiving kick off feast church fun friend as well closer friend yet I give my love feel loved LOVE YOU ALL HAPPY THANKSGIVING DON'T EAT TO MUCH FRED MEYER WAS FULL SHOPPERS DINNERS READY SWEET DREAMS ALL . . .
Came in to purchase Stewed Tomatoes but the price is to high and forgowed purchase ๐Ÿ˜ณ (@ Fred Meyer in Medford, OR)
for sure going to check it out since I live right by a Fred Meyer and there's usually good stuff there
That awkward moment when the Fred Meyer cashier gives you the judging stare because he remembers you buying wine last night too. ๐Ÿ™ˆ
heyyy I saw your dad and his wife at Fred Meyer earlier
:O looking around Fred Meyer and found giants plushies!!! :( i kinda like the snake if it had a better head...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I lost Whitney in Fred Meyer and it's bringing back memories of losing my mom in the grocery store
Just turned in two delinquents for tearing open a bunch of cosmetics and 'trying them on for fun' at You're 20, grow up!!!
Fred Meyer has very technical terms for things. A ladder is called a "pushy steppy thingy"
So Aaron got a letter in the mail from Fred Meyer jewelry. I asked to open it. He said no. The nerve of him
literally me every break I ever took at Fred Meyer
I am now part of the fred meyer crew ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Really, so I don't shove it directly through the conveyor belt? @ Fred Meyer
yeah, I know. Walmart and Fred Meyer are sold out too.
I'm gonna be at Fred Meyer in like five minutes, everyone try to find me.
Looking for an easy place to drop off food this weekend? Come to the center door at Fred Meyer's West and give...
I would buy our new kit for Christmas but I guess I have to until they go on clearance at Fred Meyer at the end of season.
I survived Costco and Fred Meyer and rewarded myself with two surprise Lego figurines that my kids think are theirs
I lost my mom at Fred Meyer for a good 10 minutes. So scary ๐Ÿ˜ข
It's not too late to join us at the Hollywood to donate a toy and say hi to
Who sells Men's skinny pants for tall people? Been to Gap, Zumiez, Macy's and Fred Meyer. I can't stand shopping! Help me!!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I would love to be able to do this also , maybe when i become a big time sells person for Jamberry Nails i can...
Is that Fred Meyer on W Burnside still under construction?
They were selling this at Fred Meyer smh
Fred Meyer is what the kids today would call "poppin" right now.
Fred Meyer getting into the operating system business.
Catch me napping in the fred meyer furniture department.
We were getting amiibos at Fred Meyer and they had the premium ver of persona q out.. that game isn't out yet.
yikes lol Ima swing by when I leave Fred Meyer
Collecting new/unwrapped toys for KGW Great Toy Drive at Hollywood Fred Meyer today until 3pm with
When you at fred Meyer And u see this
Fred Meyer deals are up! Some good ones including bacon. Plus a link to the Fred Meyer Black Friday ad.
Come donate toys to the Great Toy Drive! We are at the Hollywood Fred Meyer!
Dear Fred Meyer I will never take you for granted again
I have no clue what Fred Meyer is, but it sounds like you are literally at a dude.
Ah Jesus it's twelve thirty on a Saturday, I've already been up more than five hours, and I'm at Fred Meyer. This is the worst.
.& I volunteering at the Donate toys at the Hollywood Fred Meyer until 3pm!
Freddy's is getting ready for its annual sock sale.
Life is what happens while you wait for the Fred Meyer clerks to unjam the bottle returns
But you haven't finished bullying Kroger yet, Shouldn't you finish what you started before moving on?
Earn $$ for the while you shop Rewards. UGM code: 94495
that keep our kids safe from gun extremists. Enact a policy now!
.Open carry is unregulated in most states. Stop allowing it in your stores!
I'm at Fred Meyer now you can come if you want
They play 2004 hil duff at Fred Meyer n it brings out inner 5th grade *** cj
When i see a fred meyer i think about
2 FREE ways to support our work with holiday shopping: 1. Amazon 2. Fred Meyer (Enter 90593)
I'll be at Hollywood today 11-3 collecting new, unwrapped toys for Great Toy Drive. Come by & give!
So just walked from fred Meyer too my house at 1 am in the morning freezing
Fred Meyer is consuming my life and that is just not okay. Ugh.
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