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Fred Foster

Fred Foster (born Fred Luther Foster, July 26, 1931, Rutherford County, North Carolina) is an American songwriter, record producer, and founder of Monument Records.

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the year I was a terrible barmaid, I kept forgetting to lock the pub door at night! 2001 Fred Foster Brentwood
can't catch a break. Rookie LB Rueben Foster carted off w/right foot injury.
Spend your Sunday worship with the Foster Chapel congregation and NPHC. We will be carpooling from Fred Brown!
I'm thinking 1999 the year of the disastrous holiday in Mallorca! Fred Foster Brentwood
Just waved goodbye to my foster boys Fred & George as they went off to their new home! ❤️😭
Thx to our Cycle Challenge sponsors so far- Pat & Fred Foster, Jack Strosnider &
Hey guys! This is Fred. We just picked her up from her foster family. She's a very shy one-year…
Right said Fred Foster Ion too XE for my shirt
So today is an awesome day because my foster boys Fred & George have finally been reserved! Hooray! 🐹💕…
made Fred watch series one of doctor foster in perfect time for series two to come along and me to talk about it 24/7
Sadly, we don't. Foster should be suspended without pay not so much for missing call--that happens--but…
Nothing but respect for MY Fred and Daphne
Yep written by Kris Kris and Fred Foster in 69 I Think - but you are right Janis had best version circ…
I have an extra call of duty ww2 beta code for Xbox one of anyone wants it just hit me up
5 Ways Can Foster Teaching and Learning and become a change agent in the classroom
Foster cat Fred really is settling in nicely
I liked it better last week when I was being compared to Fred Mertz ... no disrespect intended toward Mac Foster &…
Brian Foster came home to find that an alligator had entered his house when it flooded
Hmmm... It was suggested by Fred Foster for Monument Records, so it's probably theirs. Dylan never did it anyway.
So honored to help induct into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Congrats to and Fred Foster.
This sleepy chap is Fred, one of our cats in foster. He has grown up in foster and would really love a home to...
The affluence dissonance between the Fred Meyer at 82nd and Foster and the one at Cesar Chavez & Hawthorne knocks me out every time.
Hey, Fred Foster thanks for the follow!
I was thinking Foster or Joique Bell or even fan Favorite Fred Jackson
I was a foster parent in BC for yrs. Moved to NL,looked into opening &was told I had to do training 1st. I didn't see the point
Todays "Me & Bobby Mcgee" by Kris Kristofferson/Fred Foster, sung by the incomparable
How can you have Boris as foreign secretary? It's like letting Fred & Rosemary West foster kids!!!
Our foster Fred has had a hard day looking for his forever home. He's now chilling in his hammock!
Waiting in limbo at 82nd and Foster Fred Meyers.
And Fred West was a father, or doesn't that count when we're talking murder?
"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" - Kris Kristofferson & Fred Foster.
Just got home from paying my respects at Arthur & Fred Phillips brothers memorials. Centenary today
Brilliant Result and to think how long we waited between Fred Perry & Andy for a British Champion.
Illinois agency urges foster parents to take in LGBT youth
Tremendous uniformity in this plot south of Glencoe! 🌽🌽🌽
The ballad of Frank and Fred. A rescue foster musical.
Hey Fred Foster thanks for the follow!
Charlie Daniels, singer Randy Travis, and producer and label owner Fred Foster to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame...mcleod
.Purple think u foster child of my 3rd cousin and drinking with Fred the sauced tomato
ETC CEO Fred Foster honored with Paky Award at Watch his acceptance speech at
Tough break for today with the Foster injury. Fred and know the pain
So Arian Foster is the new Fragile Fred Taylor, right?
There used to be fragile Fred, now it's Arian Foster... That might be a career, great talent such a shame
The Texans gave up 41 points in the first half and Arian Foster blew out his Achilles tendon. Naturally all the talk locally is about the QB
Fred Taylor thinks Arian Foster is Fragile. "Fragile Foster" season is done.
I think O'Brien, why was foster playing with that score?
FOSTER, MINNIE PEARL: Pearl was the sister of the late Fannie Mae Facon and Fred Dixon. She is survived by man...
Brownie aka Fuzzy Fred is waking up this morning and spending time snuggling with his foster mom. He was too...
Last tuna feast for Tilly and Fred before they go to their foster Mom's tomorrow for 1 year 😢
Today: Griff swung & missed. Today in history: McGriff swung...and didn't miss.
This Fred Jackson story is a circus, but I'm not ready to call either him, or the reporter a liar right now
Thankful to Pastor Fred Foster via for giving me an opportunity to start preaching 37 years ago on February 2…
Ready to start your foster care journey? House falls silent for the Hassells, Victorian foster carers via
This is Caleb, bonding with a foster dog. Caleb now has his very own super special autism service dog named Fred.
"Me and Bobby McGee" by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster (COVER & arrangement by Patricia J. Woods) : via
This is Wilma and Fred in a wonderful collage of pictures provided by their foster family. They are a senior...
If the rumors are true about Marcus Foster I know Fred and co would welcome him in Ames with open arms.
Wonderful story shared by amazing carer couple Pat and Fred with some great insights for all of us. via
I think Fred is excited to be off the streets and in a real foster home! via /r/aww …
At some point, many wonderful carers across Victoria retire. We need further investment to keep carers in the...
If you don't love them unconditionally, you're not doing the job. Read Pam & Fred's story: .
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Inspirational story & message from two Foster Carers in today's Age:
More than 30 years of open arms for 100+ children
The are reportedly going to pursue Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg
"Arms open, and always makes sure to beam a soft smile at once soothing and warm."
House falls silent for Pam and Victorian rural
These people deserve national honours, not Prince Philip. Lovely, lovely story about foster parents: via
Lovely piece about the Hassells from Colbinabbin and their 100 foster kids over 31 years. via
Fred Hoiberg is reportedly the Bulls' top choice as a potential Tom Thibodeau replacement.
House falls silent for Pam and Fred Hassell, Victorian rural foster carers: A Victorian couple who have looked...
"Fred Barton’s arrangement of the best TV themes in history was perhaps the night’s most successful." http…
Fred the foster pup is enjoying this week's of Pick up a copy, kick back like…
Kudos to talent, GREYSON FOSTER, on booking a role in a new series with Bill Hader & Fred Armisen!
Park's Fred Foster (25) and Hunter Anderson, top, celebrate the 77-75 victory over Nichols.
Freedom's just another word for nothin'… ♫ Me and Bobby McGee by Fred Foster, Janis Joplin & Kris Kristofferson
Dirty Scavenger Live - Week 40: "Me & Bobby McGee" written by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster, and covered by...
“Two [Ray Price and Fred Foster] of the Greatest in Country Music Histiory but even better than that… two of my...
Handsome Fred is looking for a foster (or forever!) home. This sweet guy is good with other dogs and loves...
Fred and Wilma got finalized by their foster family last weekend!
.Written by Kris Kristopherson and a lesser known guy Fred Foster. Janis just performed it.
In shock that me and foster were up till 4 watching Fred the movie cba
UPDATE ON FRED! The sweet lady whose house Fred wandered up to has offered to foster him since he has become...
Fred, our founder, just had a consulting conference call with a law professor at . Subject: youth in foster care 101.
On this day in 1964, Roy Orbison recorded "Oh, Pretty Woman" at Fred Foster Sound Studio in
2 new foster furries Flash and Fred 🐭🐭 :)
San Francisco, **SENIOR** Chihuahuas Fred & his sis Ethel NEED A FOSTER or ADOPTER ASAP!! **If you...
Arian Foster channels his inner Rasheed Wallace with this gem of an interview session: via
Fred, the cactus, is very happy to hear that. I'm actually his foster parent.
you and Foster the new Fred and Ginger , loved your commentary been great
Jeff Ahladis delivering a new 2014 Nissan Frontier to Polly and Fred Foster. Thank you for your patronage!...
What an honor to have been asked to play Guitar Boogie and Dueling Banjos at Arthur Smith's funeral yesterday. The Avett Brothers, George Hamilton IV, Keith Dudley, The Dove Brothers all performed and legendary music producer Fred Foster were all on hand to pay tribute to one of Carolina's finest!
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Roddy and I are back in Nashville after a quick, whirlwind trip to Charlotte. The celebration of Uncle Arthur's life was unbelievable. Part Woodstock, part deep south revival, complete with music and barbecue. The greatest beauty was to look into the front row, and see Clay, Connie, and Aunt Dot with big smiles on their faces. For the particulars--Dr. Munro is a wonderful pastor--eloquent and compassionate--just perfect for the day. Fred Foster is such a wonderful speaker--he and Arthur were incredibly close--I believe that Hugh Morton, Fred, and my father were probably the men who knew Arthur the most completely. George Hamilton IV is the epitome of class. He spoke beautiful and sincere words and sang Acres of Diamonds like he was 20 years old again--thanks Geo! Thanks to the Avett Brothers--I am officially now a fan. What great talent, great harmonies, and tasteful playing--more importantly, what beautiful spirits you guys possess--thanks so much! The Crossroads Quartet were a hard act to follow, but th ...
The Charlie Daniels Band ON THIS DAY in 2009, Charlie Daniels was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN. Also honored that night were Toto, *** Dale, Fred Foster and Billy Cox and the late Chet Atkins.
An introduction to the Source 4 Mini, presented by none other than ETC's Co-Founder and current CEO, Fred Foster. Video shot at USITT 2013.
No worries bud follow Ferrel and I for updates !
thanks for everything tonite guys. You saved my sanity. Have a superb evening.
Not right now no, but it wouldn't take some time. He's still young.. But needs to start soon.
oh without question! But I still can't see him turning into a franchise guy anytime soon, if ever!
Yeah that's true. He's got a lot more promise compared to the rest of the organizations prospects right now..
prospect in this organization doesn't mean untouchable. He may have more trade value than organizational value.
He's had 3-4 goals and a few assists. Playing on the top line with Street and Horak. Could tell you more in a bit..
what's he been doing in abottsford. Haven't heard anything about him since demotion really want to know.
He sound promising but the could have gotten more.
bad wrist I heard. Another great deal
Glencross Giordano. Baertchi. Might get more for them than iggy and jbo
first day of Bluesfest was a blast. highlights were Ruthie Foster, Ben Harper solo, Rodriguez, Robert Cray, and Fred Wesley's amazing band
"Barney, my Pebbles." - Fred signing over his daughter to her new foster parents
*** Fred jones bout to be opening holes for Arian Foster
Wrongo. That song was written by Kris Kristofferson & Fred Foster. Look it up.
Roy Orbison shared the following link and had this to say about it: Happy Birthday to Boudleaux Bryant, who would have been 93 today (Born Feb 13, 1920). Here's a great photo of Boudleaux with Roy around the time that Roy signed to Fred Foster's Monument Records!
This has been one of the greatest nights yet since in Nashville. Just attended an event at The Bluebird Cafe & sat with Larry and Janis Gatlin & Fred Foster and heard some great stories, watched Kris Kristofferson present Willie Nelson with the First Annual Kris Kristofferson Award. Then, Willie & Kris sing a few songs and then, Willie invites me on his bus and plays me a recording of a song that he and Barbra Streisand has cut that I wrote with Jay Landers and great friend, Steve Dorff, produced by Babyface. Thank you God!
I have some exciting news to share with you. Ray Price has started work on his latest CD "LOVE SONGS TO MY FANS'. Ray is recording at Oceanway Studio, Nashville, Tn with his long-time friend and the Great Record Producer, Fred Foster. Ray is hoping to have the CD completed by the first of the year.
I wish Mack would retire and the Horns would try to lure Bill Cowher to become the new head coach. He just might be interested because the season isn't as long as the NFL and there could be very likely a National Championship in the near future. He has already won a Super Bowl and a National Champion could be very intriguing. I just know as well as everyone that things need to change. I am so *** tired of the Sooners handing us our butts every year. It sort of reminds me of RCA in Nashville. They signed Roy Orbinson and Chet finally said after several attemps, "I know you are a great singer, but I don't know how to produce you. I am going to cut you loose and you are free to pursue another record label. Roy signed with Monument Records and Fred Foster had monster hits with him. We have great talent, we need a different direction and a new thinking coach. Feel free to disagree.
Please remember if you can attend, West Monroe (Spanish) is celebrating 14 years tomorrow night and sat night @ 7pm. Bro's Mark and Fred Foster will be preaching. Let's support them in this great milestone.
From the 1963 album "In Dreams", released on the Monument label. Produced by Fred Foster with the Anita Kerr Singers providing backup vocals. Written by Mel ...
"UPTOWN" was recorded by Roy Orbison on Sept. 18,1959. Although Orbison recorded a few sessions at Monument before "UPTOWN", this was the first song to really begin his run with all the parts in place : RCA Studio B , Fred Foster as producer, Roy Orbison's studio band consisting of Harold Bradley on rhythm guitar, Floyd Cramer on piano, Boots Randolph on saxaphone, Buddy Harman on drums, Bob Moore on bass, (Charlie McCoy on harmonica later), and the unbelievable talent of Joe Melson as co-writer. Joe Melson was Roy's "partner-in-crime" in those days and they worked out all the arrangements and background parts and rhythms before they went in to record. These ideas were filtered through Bob Moore and Harold Bradley and Anita Kerr and Joe Tanner and Fred Foster, etc. It was a group effort and a meeting of the best musicians in their respective fields. Each one adding their heart and soul to some of the finest music ever recorded. Monument Single Uptown reached which was a medium success for Orbison at the t ...
Amongst other big industry types, I had a lovely discussion with Fred Foster, CEO of ETC at about the LED Source Four. Cool afternoon.
Party primary winner Fred Foster on Thursday received the endorsement of Durham County Democratic Party leaders for an appointment to fill out the remaining months of former County Commissioner Joe Bowser’s term.
Bobby McKee was a secretary working for Boudleaux and Feline Bryant. Fred Foster of Combine Music called his new staff writer and said "I've got a song title for you" his new writer misheard the name and months later he was driving from Morgan City to New Orleans and by the time he got to Nashville Kris Kristofferson had it finished and on May 7 1969 Roger Miller took "Me and Bobby McGee" into the Country charts where it reached and one of the greatest songs ever written started its journey around the world and across generations and into different musical genres.
~> with apologies to Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster & Me & Bobby McGee
Roger Miller was the one to originally perform Me and Bobby McGee. Written by Kris along with Fred Foster
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