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Fred Flintstone

Frederick “Fred” Flintstone, also known as Fred W.

Barney Rubble Wilma Flintstone John Goodman Great Gazoo Homer Simpson William Hanna Archie Bunker Ralph Kramden

Tire older than the big stone wheel on Fred Flintstone's car
The Flintstones images Fred Flintstone and Wilma wallpaper and background photos (8623458)
Yup even Fred Flintstone has more common sence.Wilma would've hit him on head iffn he messed up...👜boink.
Why it's Fred Flintstone and his lovely wife, Wilma. Oh, and this must be little Pebbles!
I bet if you had started pounding on the door like Fred Flintstone yelling WILMA! someone would have eventually noticed.
Fred Flintstone is back...😂😂😂 Sorry I had to say it.A great guy but realy I am always looking for Wilma in the back…
They believe dinosaurs are real. They just think Wilma and Fred Flintstone as well as Jesus were there.
Look at Gov. Fred Flintstone and Betty Rubble. Fred's original side piece.
You look like Clooney and Kenney looks like Fred Flintstone :)
The press has the lowest approval rating since Fred Flintstone.
Its true...I am following her..along with a pink unicorn and Fred Flintstone.No...seriously. ...I am killing her.from 27 years ago...
"Your momma so old that she owes Fred Flintstone a food stamp"
I would be Fred Flintstone's min me😀
Oh.but the WH is in disarray and he's not doing anything but watching Fred Flintstone and Thr Jetsons.
I'm afraid that Pres. Fred Flintstone is immune to your laws and your courts. And will…
V is for VERY close to quitting time & I may in fact do a Fred Flintstone down the back of a Brontosaur... not
Today when talking about my Fred Flintstone foot I learned that Fred is Pedro Picapiedra in the Español version of the show.
Tonight's Specials is a Smoked Turkey Leg... So if you like eating like Fred Flintstone... come on down...
...I can say the same thing about Fred Flintstone.
Chuck: "What was the cartoon with Fred Flintstone?". Ernie: "The Flintstones?"
Mowgli grown up, and cosplaying Fred Flintstone!
*** at Fred Flintstone house with the Coachella fit on lmao
Another one from the archives, Fred Flintstone takes on the robot apocalypse.
Hands up who else thought Fred Flintstone was in the new Disney Stars on Parade?
Fred Flintstone would have belonged to the National Bow&Arrow Association. I think they would have supported sensib…
If Fred Flintstone had carried a weapon, it probably would have looked like this:
I don't do drugs , aside from Flintstone chewables , Though i n…
Spirit Airlines is the modern day equivalent to the pterodactyl Fred Flintstone used to fly
I love how cute they are, but my Fred Flintstone feet just won't fit in them. Sigh.
smart talk . though learning to gain common wisdom on Earth is far beyond the Dino's…
Geez, look at that big, disgusting foot. Who is selling that, Fred Flintstone?
Order Miche Bag Online!
I'll never forget when Billy brought in Fred Flintstone for show-and-tell at school
The twilight zone episode where fred flintstone gets bonked in the Maze.
The guy who played fred flintstone. I dont remember his name
Probably high fat, low carb ...just melts off. Plus you eat like Fred Flintstone 🍖
— Baby, I'm not Fred Flintstone, but I can make your Bedrock!
Challenge accepted. . Only this time she'll do it like Fred flintstone running down the bowling alley. . Tip toes😉
Bowfinger, starring Ben Affleck and Fred Flintstone. Directed by Brad Bird, music by Pantera. Budget: $300m
"Try doing what I mean, not what I say." --Fred Flintstone
I wonder if Fred Flintstone got out of the stadium unscathed...
Peter Pan dressed up as Fred Flintstone photobombing tourist's pictures.
I think, we are living in the stone age of technology.We are like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.
I think that may be more glamorous, but no. Hybrid between Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble as a rock quarry. WILMA!
Rule for Fred Flintstone& Barney Rubble: never be downwind from a farting woolly mammoth
FA chairman Greg Clarke insists governance reforms are on track, quotes Fred Flintstone: .
you absolutely cannot just post Fred Flintstone and The Great Gazoo
And so begins the presidency of Ralph Kramden, Fred Flintstone, Archie Bunker, Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, Spongebob and Jabba the Hutt
I'm "suspected Wilma and Fred Flintstone had a rocky marriage" years old.
Joe Rogan should play Fred Flintstone in a new live-action Flintstones movie
Only know of How about Ward Clever, *** Van *** Howard Cunningham, Archie Bunker, Fred Flintstone to name a few. Aged myself
I always knew that Rex Ryan would make a great cartoon character, in the tradition of Fred Flintstone and Homer Simpson.…
Fred Flintstone taking a stand on Adam & Steve's right to marry continues The Flintstones surprise momentum as most re…
Utu, starring Fred Flintstone and Sean Connery. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, music by Limahl. Budget: $90m
Yes, and Todd Hoffman follows me! He replied to me when I asked if he found Fred Flintstone in the bedrock lol! And CANT WAIT!
I loved your recent video featuring a session with Fred Flintstone! It was very obvious that you were enjoying yourself!
Don't let Fred Flintstone do you dirty because they're desperate for validating an abusive person, is all I'm saying.
This is because Fred Flintstone suddenly loved Liz again and hated me for supporting em as he was someone emerging from an abusive situation
Fred Flintstone’s love child has issues. . Is there a Fox litmus test saying that you must nestle up to Trump?
The Comics Page: What does Fred Flintstone do when the cameras are off?
I'll be on this Saturday! It's movie week & I've voiced a bunch of lines as Fred Flintstone for dance routine
📷 globegander: Fred Flintstone on the dangers of matrimony Yeah, I don’t think giving the anxious,...
Fred Flintstone is getting knocked out and then the division can resume business
my sister and I once argued if Fred Flintstone jumped out of the Tv , would he be tiny or Regular size.
yes my thoughts exactly!! If she wants to vote for fred flintstone that her business!!!
Watched the Fossil Badge today. Most amused by dressed as Fred Flintstone.
roses are red violets are blue and as Fred flintstone once said yabbadabbado
I added a video to a playlist Voice of Fred Flintstone James Arnold Taylor on VO Buzz Weekly Ep.106
May as we'll vote for Poo Bear, Charlie Brown or Fred Flintstone if you're going to flush your vote down the loo.
Sometimes I feel like Dwayne, The Rock. Other times I feel like Fred, the Flintstone.
Calum looks like Fred Flintstone in this snap😂😂
Well MG once again Fred Flintstone acted TOO STUBBORN about that parking space and ya'll missed the show! LOL!!!
I'm too sexy by right said fred flintstone
Will someone be Fred Flintstone so I can have a husband for Halloween? Thanks in advance
I may not be Fred Flintstone,. But I can Make you're Bed Rock
Now some chicks done posted some Fred Flintstone car brakes that yall call feet and I be like
you looks like she has that Fred flintstone type beard stubble
All purpose parts banner
Said I was gonna hit the gym really hard and be Bane for Halloween but I'm looking more like Fred Flintstone
It turns out that one of HB's character's partners-in-crime was played by Fred Flintstone's voice artist.
at that speed he can stop like Fred Flintstone
Adapting the law for an world with Fred Flintstone type legislators.
Today is one of those days I wish I could do the Fred Flintstone slide down a dinosaur's tail of of work things.
McDavid is 🐐but y'all know he's going to the leafs the first chance he gets right?So is Tavares, Doughty, Price, Fred Flintstone & iron man.
I'm still waiting on Private eye Trump to confirm for me if Fred Flintstone was reaaally born in us the papers Fred lol
And Fred Flintstone, who could eat these two for lunch.
A day in the life of a Featuring the voice of Fred Flintstone:
Lol like Fred Flintstone when he's driving his car
wooden case who are you Fred flintstone 😂😂😂😂
get your Dino from Fred Flintstone looking *** on
Strictly Come Dancing week 3 : Fred Flintstone and Mary Poppins to battle it out in movie week
Fred Flintstone Esq aka Baba for the girls.
My current favorite comic book character is Fred Flintstone. Russell & Pugh's Flintstones ongoing is the best comic in production
Warnocks had more clubs than Fred Flintstone.
My father was mostly absent, so in his place I substituted Andy Taylor, Fred Sanford, Fred Flintstone, Ray Stevens,…
Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. Gilligan and The Skipper. Bo and Luke Duke. Ponch and John. Just to name a few.
Never knew that voiced good ol' Fred Flintstone. You didn't voice him for Harvey Birdman did you?
I don't know why Fred Flintstone wanted to change banks, from what i heard Bedrock Bank's interest on savings is mountain.
Shower and now to soak feet in a foot bath. Women shouldn't wear steel toe boots 9hrs a day. Feet will start to look like Fred Flintstone 😩😂
Baby, I'm no Fred Flintstone, but I can make your B... —
William Hanna & Joseph Barbera would be turning in their graves if they could see Top Cat and Fred Flintstone in crappy ads.
When they get pregnant you can hear the Fred Flintstone running sound of the father going out the door.
Murph9000 edited the Wikipedia article on Fred Flintstone. edited the Wikipedia article on Fred Flintstone.
FRED FLINTSTONE. THE ELEPHANT MAN (I know he's not fictional but you're both just SO alike). MORK.
Currently an egg yolk. Ya. The yolk of an egg. Uber driver is driving this car like egg. I'll soon help him with leg, like Fred Flintstone.
Fred Flintstone just called asking me to vote for HRC. He made some great points, including bringing back foot-driven cars.
If Wenger didn't come over hear you'd all be watching football line it was something out of bedrock, you stupid Fred Flintstone fan boys
Fred Flintstone's 90th birthday is coming up. You'd think Bedrock would have given him a parade or something!
where are you? At a conference for Fred Flintstone?
So who is this woman. Where have you been bedrock with Fred flintstone
I used to like Fred Flintstone but now he's just a sellout
That new look seems like a cross between obi-wan Kenobi and Fred Flintstone!
thanks - I got my last printer from Fred Flintstone x
"Twigs, pine cones and rocks." Dale Kirby's vision of children's Education in 2016, is eerily similar to that of Fred Flintstone.
where Tommy and Nzinga were discussing how you can see Fred Flintstone, Chicken, and Thundarr around the CN headquarters
Nick Mike-Mayer wasn't much of a kicker, but he sure got Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble out of a lot of jams. https:…
as Fred flintstone would say hubba hubba
True?,probably. Vote Trump.,,or,,write in Fred Flintstone.
Thanks for being the Fred to my Wilma Flintstone @ Mississippi State
It's Fred Flintstone!! 😂😂😂 but I think he looks more like Buckwheat!
Riddle - How is Fred Flintstone crying like the *** you granted immunity to, but he still obfuscated investigation? A -
Day 3: People start to realize that Fred Flintstone was wrong about how cars work.
Wouldn't a "celebrity" be someone we know? Like Homer Simpson or Fred Flintstone?
Hey, this is a very strange request, but could you record yourself saying (as Fred Flintstone) "Grand Dad! Fleenstones? Ah..."
Had a dream I snorted coke with Fred Flintstone in the woods behind our house.
I learned the word "droll" from watching Fred Flintstone 40 years ago. "Droll. Very droll."
I think Fred Flintstone also had something to do with it.
Fyrael edited the Wikipedia article on Fred Flintstone.
I wonder how Fred Flintstone got his rocks off.
As evidenced by Fred Flintstone, the concept has been around since the Bedrock era http:…
Call me Fred Flintstone cause I yabba dabba yolo. in you're mom...
Lol, can't be any worse than what I put it through now'd be like Fred Flintstone lol edited the Wikipedia article on Fred Flintstone.
EastEnders, Elton and Fred Flintstone. Rugby star talks his *** life. Via edited the Wikipedia article on Fred Flintstone.
CLCStudent edited the Wikipedia article on Fred Flintstone. edited the Wikipedia article on Fred Flintstone.
great meal last night . Quality cocktails and Fred Flintstone souvenirs!
This *** walkin like Fred flintstone. I'd hate to live below us
My professor looks like Fred flintstone😂
I can eat a Baconator from faster than Fred Flintstone can down a brontosaurus burger.
"Yabba DAB ba Doo" I shout in my modern day Fred Flintstone cosplay as William Hanna and Joseph Babera spin in their g…
Of course he does! That nice Fred Flintstone did the last service!
In the US The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time television were Fred and Wilma Flintstone -
.the Shepherd David threw up a Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble'd Goliath with a cold Betty to the Bedrock. .
Join the blue side. We got Cuban sandwiches, Fred Flintstone and apparently good-looking zombies. That's not even scratching the surface.
How could the stone age be ushered in without its Fred freakin' Flintstone? This is outrageous.
So Fred Flintstone really is unhappy with his bank in bedrock?
If there was creativity added to laws it would solve a lot of problems.. Like having Fred Flintstone defecating on ppl
almost quittin time. . I’m. gonna show ya my fred flintstone...yabadabado
England appoint Fred Flintstone look alike. Let's just hope he doesn't bring any rubble along with him
The GOP are running Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble. At least they had an excuse. THEY were living in the Stone Age.
I mean, I can't imagine anyone being satisfied with Fred Flintstone for too long
Ah ha ha. Love it. 1 of my favourite pick up lines, "I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I sure can make your bedrock" lol 😝😜
Agreed. Third portion of the Pebbles event and still not one Fred Flintstone item? He's the star of the commercials/box!
*** I really was wishing it was Trump/Christie. You know, a Barney Rubble-Fred Flintstone ticket.
People always ask me why I choose Fred the flintstone as FTE logo 😂😂😂
Did I just see Fred Flintstone with a manbun at the
I donated 500 to Fred Flintstone...the net effect will be the same.
Fred Flintstone is the new England manager
Are they closing because the ribs weren't big enough to tip over Fred Flintstone's car?
Fred Flintstone to be England manager!! Another 4 years I'll not watch or attend your crap
angry crab :'-D lmao.. QUARRY are you Fred Flintstone
Fred flintstone go 2 W. cup then get knokd out. Then it starts again
Christie wanted to show Trump he picked the wrong VP &Christie was auditioning to play Fred Flintstone in reboot
Fred Flintstone was driving to work one day...
Fred Flintstone was driving to work one day... via /r/Jokes
really, I'm the ONLY one who's reminded of Fred Flintstone.OK, fine.
fred flintstone said he had an erocktion .. HA .
Fred Flintstone the new England manager yes yes yes
Yet more plagiarism: Trump's new catchphrase, "Yabadabadoo!", was STOLEN from Fred Flintstone
peanut tank - you get to ride for 5 miles, wait - you get to Fred Flintstone 4 5 miles without a throttle cable
50% braking with lever 50% with foot aka Fred Flintstone great pic.
Fred Flintstone crushing on Barney Rubble while Mister Sister is busy "playing" chess.
Check out my cool Fred Flintstone tank top
Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble are holding court in the HN room.
Is it just me or does Jozea look like Fred Flintstone in that dog outfit?!?
baby, i'm no Fred Flintstone but i'll make your bed rock
Of course you don't need keys to start a Hyundai everyone knows you have to drive them like Fred Flintstone.
once i had a dream that i was dressed as Fred Flintstone & being chased by a dinosaur, do i get a hug?
why am I built like Fred Flintstone
duh FED...typo but they may *** well be a fred...// as in flintstone .. from the dino days of no macro math...
*** poor Grandal looks like Fred Flintstone running to first lol
Do, or do not. There is no try. The answer was: Fred Flintstone
Until he develops a strut, he's the Barney Rubble to Vince's Fred Flintstone.
If this uk referendum makes us as poor as cavemen..Then call me Fred Flintstone XD
You can't post pics of your pedicure if you have Fred Flintstone Feet. You just can't. 😂😂😂
But I have to ask Fred Flintstone to bas relief me out a check so I don't have to swim alone.
As Fred Flintstone would say when the whistle blows...YABBA DABBA DO!!!
*grin* Fred Flintstone was a hard working white guy, just like a lot of Trump supporters. There ARE parallels
Will be getting new wheelchair in a few weeks. Hope it will go further than the prehistoric Fred Flintstone model I have
Fred and Wilma Flintstone & Top Cat feature in adverts. Will someone get Snagglepuss to say: "BR-EXIT stage left?"
I love the Flintstones. I call my nephew Roger McKinney Fred Flintstone all the
I just now realized that The Great Gazoo was a little magic *** man who could grant Fred Flintstone's wildest desires.
-ed because want to be Fred Flintstone, yaba daba do, down with Mr Slate and the EU
No wonder this country's going broke, our banks bail out well-off Americans like Fred Flintstone to buy a new pair of driving sneakers.
I am tempted to change my whole system after seeing you, since I have perpetual Fred Flintstone-face!
Fred Flintstone angrily lunges out at invisible loiterers outside his home.
I'm not fred flintstone but I can make your bed rock 😁😁 I love The Show
What do Bashar al-Assad and Fred Flintstone have in common?. When they look out of their window, they both see rubble.
In the words of Fred Flintstone.. Yaba daba dooo!!!. We're out the EU.!!!
love how the fate of the global economy is dependant on the opinions on lads that rock up to darts tournaments dressed as Fred Flintstone
Celebrate Fathers Day a little early! Rob Petrie, Fred Flintstone, Ricky Ricardo, and more...
Wow, your post showed up on my feed right above James Arnold Taylor, the past voice of Fred Flintstone.
Was it just me or did Graeme Rocher just dirtycheck Fred Flintstone ??? OMG! So much fun, heh! :p
Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone were nowhere to be seen as officials left a violation sticker on the...
tilt your head to the right and look at it,Fred Flintstone in silhouette ?
I HATTTE when posts pictures of her nasty Fred Flintstone's feet! 😩
Put a saddle on that thing and play golf a la Fred Flintstone. .
Excellent. Draw us a picture of Fred Flintstone
Yabba-dabba doo! Fred car found illegally parked in Florida.
Do you think Fred and Wilma Flintstone did a lot of doggy style?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
just saw a rent a cop reverse his car Fred Flintstone style
Russ is gonna get exposed for his Fred Flintstone studder step eventually
immediately after going full Fred Flintstone. I love Dion so much
Remember how Fred Flintstone would do his feet to make his car speed up?
Off to buy a family size bag of toilet paper larger than the rib that knocks over Fred Flintstone's car.
I'm sure she either walked there or drove a Fred Flintstone, leg powered car.
"u look like Fred Flintstone. You're supposed to be on my team. Todd: I'm not on ur team. I'm not Barney, Fred"😂😂
Fred Flintstone's legs must have been tree trunks. He would have rocked the UFC.
A new favorite: And His Name Is Fred Flintstone by MarketEight on
I'm no Fred flintstone but i can make your bed rock! 😏😏😏
Fred Flintstone and the boys think otherwise
"You could've married Elliot Firestone the man who invented the wheel. Instead you picked Fred Flintstone the man who invented the excuse!"
You have the patience of Fred Flintstone.
We staying in the present.or is it the past?
Mickey was a movie star. Fred Flintstone was a TV star. Your comparison is ridiculous.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
nah man it will definitely be set in the stone age in the town of Bedrock and Fred Flintstone is the main character
Real-life version of Fred Flintstone's car found illegally parked in Florida
Lol! Are you still debating Fred Flintstone about the shape of our planet? You suffer fools far better than I do.
in managerial terms Allardyce is Fred Flintstone..Mourinho is Superman...
Fred Flintstone is extra savage. I'm laughing too hard at this rn.
Where is Fred Flintstone? Authorities take to social media to find 'Flintstones' car' owners
Joel, "The ladies call me Fred Flintstone because I make their bed rock." GERTNER!
Ancient armadillos... Fred Flintstone flattened at least 2/day 😂😂😂 .
So real I expected Fred Flintstone to say "Please pass the poi".
Fred Flintstone deserves an Emmy. Barney on the other hand.
Pretty sure Mo Williams took more steps right there than Fred Flintstone does starting his car.
I have Fred Flintstone feet and prefer not to expose them to ridicule, myself.
... like Fred Flintstone keeps running past the same background over and over again... edited the Wikipedia article on Fred Flintstone.
I have the right to kill any muslims who don't respect Fred Flintstone. . What now, muzzie *** :^)
It is my sincere hope that the Isles fire alcoholic Fred Flintstone and hire Randy Carlyle. Please, please, please.. Let me get what I want.
Smell you later Islanders. Fred Flintstone's bunch got one more round than they deserved. Picked TB in 5 as well in my pool
Papa digging into and enjoying his Fred Flintstone size steak.. @ Sc…
score! Can't wait for Fred Flintstone and his to get dispatched.
picturing you with huge Fred Flintstone feet
'If she was Wilma, Fred Flintstone would be getting a yabba dabba divorce.' I love the chase so much 😂
My turkey leg for breakfast at Yeah Fred Flintstone style! Had a blast FFDP was amazing!!
Why do latina girls have fred flintstone feet?
That *** Fred Flintstone pick up his car and run with it
Pathan or Fred flintstone? Using his bat like a badger on spinners..great counter attack
DENIRO: [in the years-long Song of Ice and Fire-esque winter of his career] Yea sure I can be live action Fred Flintstone
you a modern day Fred Flintstone?😂 I did use predictive text and Flinstone came out as Flu stone!!! Sounds painful.😂😂
Even through some of The Characters are Loveable & fun its more like a Cartoon is Loveable & Fun like Scooby Doo or Fred Flintstone.! Wilmer
really does look like Fred Flintstone and Mel Gibson had a baby
I am no Fred Flintstone, But I can sure make your BEDROCK!
If Fred Flintstone was a get away driver (Vine by
I swear this man looks like Fred Flintstone had a baby with an Easter Island head
At least Scrappy is getting an education. He'd better be careful, or else he's gonna get run over by fred flintstone ht…
Have also heard J Carroll Nash on in 'Life with Luigi' w/Allen Reed (Fred Flintstone)
Remember when Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble promoted Winston cigarettes to children? Those were simpler times.
I won't win friends by saying this but Fred Flintstone advertised cigarettes to kids, I'm glad he died of lung cancer an…
.review of the previously-unknown-to-me celebrity roast of Fred Flintstone on ice reminded me just how wacky Hanna-Barbera was
Lol didn't know Fred Flintstone was in 10 cloverfield lane
John Goodman as Fred Flintstone was just too perfect.
John Goodman will always be Fred Flintstone no matter how many bad guys he plays
seriously it's like Fred Flintstone (or Ralph Kramden) calling Hillary unqualified 😛😂😜
Rick Springfield on meeting Elvis and dressing up like Fred Flintstone:
Here are things that Fred Flintstone likes, Bowling, Brontosaurus Burgers, Wilma & Pebbles, Water Buffalo meetings. Can you add to this?
Yabba dabba doo! I feel like Fred Flintstone, cause I see a bed and a rock hard body. Looking great Nicole. Enjoy your day.
Every time Trump says "Get 'em out!" he reminds me of Jackie Gleason in The Honeymooners, or Fred Flintstone.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
How to be a tycoon by Fred Flintstone...
Husband of 28 yrs also does VG rendition of "Hi Honey I'm home" in a Fred Flintstone voice so another reason to plod along generally.
show an icon of a hand and a chisel and you can call it Fred Flintstone Mode.
Nobody got it. The answer was: Fred Flintstone
SATURDAY MORNING FUN FACT: I've been in a dry spell so long the last time I saw a *** Fred Flintstone chased...
Fred Flintstone's jojo stand would totally just be a buff masked Great Gazoo
"I knew technology would be used to repress us some day." - Fred Flintstone
I'm happy for Fred Flintstone's new meme status
Fred Flintstone--I mean Chase Christie honestly seemed like a bully to me. I hate Rubio's memorized speeches, but *** he was harsh to him.
Good to see John Goodman reprising his role as Fred Flintstone in the new Cloverfield movie
At Herman's and I apparently orders the side of beef that tipped Fred Flintstone's ride!
*** 😒 When did Fred Flintstone start painting his toenails?
Far Cry Primal easter egg explains what happened to Fred Flintstone
Is it just me or does Nate's Face look like Fred Flintstone
Bruhhh! This girl and her friends hate me. I said her prom dress looks like Fred Flintstone's under her pic on FB. Aww I hurt their feelings
Oh you can't go wrong , with that choice. In less you have 6E's like me. Yeah man !! I have Fred Flintstone feet.
I really want to make a Fred Flintstone mod for Sonic Lost World.
Watching Celtics vs Knicks on direct tv 757 ..the great tom heinsohn doing the game..he sounds exactly like Fred Flintstone
I've seen this at at least a dozen times and never realize that was Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone: You used to Call Me on my Shell Phone! He He! WIIILLMAA
I always forget that Fred Flintstone is in this.
Big oil is a huge employer in the US and unless you plan to drive a Fred Flintstone Mobile we need them.
I'm just good off a seafood platter for $15 lol. God has delivert me from eating like Fred Flintstone
Call me Bruce Wayne, cuz I'm fly like the avengers. Call me Fred Flintstone cuz I yaba-daba YOLO. Call me Vegeta cuz my swag over 9000
...look like Fred Flintstone's feet. But at least they are smoth!
The waiter told my father he looks like Fred Flintstone 😹👏🏻
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