Fred Armisen & Ira Glass

Fred Armisen (born December 4, 1966) is an American actor, comedian and musician best known for his work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, and portraying off-color foreigners in various comedy films such as EuroTrip, Anchorman and Cop Out. Ira Glass (born March 3, 1959) is an American Public Radio personality, and host and producer of the radio and television show This American Life. 5.0/5

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Adam Carolla and Ira Glass and Fred Armisen, nobody knows the difference
I'm only 95% sure Ira Glass isn't just a Fred Armisen character.
This is still one of my favorite SNL segments. Fred Armisen as Ira Glass:.
There are times when I'm listening to This American Life and 100% convinced Ira Glass is a Fred Armisen character.
Ira Glass and Fred Armisen have the exact same voice. Sometimes when I'm listening to TAL I feel like it might be a trick.
Has anyone ever seen Fred Armisen and Ira Glass' voice in the same room at the same time?
Fred Armisen impersonates Ira Glass in this unaired sketch from 2011: h/t
In my head, I always just assumed Fred Armisen was dating Ira Glass.
Here Are the 2014 James Beard Awards Finalists by Hillary Dixler The James Beard Foundation has announced the final nominees for the 2014 James Beard Awards at an event in Chicago (the semifinalists were announced back in February). The Book, Broadcast and Journalism Award winners will be announced Friday, May 2. The winners in the chefs and restaurant categories will be announced on Monday, May 5 at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall in New York City. Here are the nominees: 2014 James Beard Foundation Broadcast and New Media Awards Radio Show/Audio Webcast · Here & Now, Hosts: Meghna Chakrabarti, Jeremy Hobson, and Robin Young, Public Radio, Producer: Kathy Gunst · The Splendid Table, Host: Lynne Rossetto Kasper, American Public Media and Public Radio, Producers: Jennifer Russell and Sally Swift · This American Life, Host: Fred Armisen, Ben Calhoun, and Ira Glass, NPR, Producer: Ben Calhoun Special/Documentary · CBS Sunday Morning: "Eat, Drink and be Merry", Host: Charles Osgood, CBS, Producers: Gavi ...
“I don’t think we have time to NPR this story.” Fred Armisen imitating Ira Glass:
Fred Armisen's un-aired Ira Glass impersonation for is finally online and it is GREAT: Thanks,
I am listening to Ira Glass hosting This American Life with Fred Armisen as his doppleganger. I am only three minutes in and it is already one of the best things I've ever heard in my life. Don't miss this episode if you are a TAL fan.
Fred Armisen as Ira Glass, in a sketch cut from SNL: via
Fred Armisen doing his impression of NPR's Ira Glass. Spot on!
Fred Armisen is much more convincing as Ira Glass on This American Life than he was on SNL!
Fred Armisen does a great job cohosting as Ira Glass LeighAnn Soucy Emily Barnett.
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We got a tip about a meat plant selling pig intestines as fake calamari, wondered if it could be true, and decided to investigate. Doppelgängers, doubles, evil twins and not-so-evil twins, this week. Fred Armisen co-hosts with Ira Glass.
Did you hear the TAL episode where Fred Armisen plays as Ira Glass? It's great and hilar.
Fred Armisen as "This American Life's" Ira Glass in an unaired SNL dress rehearsal sketch. Brilliant.
This week's This American life with Fred Armisen doing Ira Glass with Ira Glass is warming the *** morning
Fred Armisen as Ira Glass is the best skit I've seen in awhile
Fred Armisen's Ira Glass impression for all you This American Life fans
Fred Armisen's impression of Ira Glass is a must-watch: [
THIS Ira Glass impersonation by Fred Armisen is everything >>
Who else wants to see Fred Armisen as Ira Glass?
The most recent rebroadcast of This American Life is hilariously co-hosted by Fred Armisen as Ira Glass's doppelganger, but also compares North Philly to war-torn Afghanistan. Conflicted?
I can't get enough of Fred Armisen as Ira Glass
Fred Armisen, who co-hosts this week's rerun of "Doppelgangers," did an Ira Glass impression that never aired on SNL http…
Can't stop laughing! Fred Armisen as Ira Glass in Web only sketch:
Fred Armisen co hosted This American Life with Ira Glass. I laughed so hard, I almost had to pull over!
Squeeing in my jeans. Fred Armisen as Ira Glass on TAL.
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I do believe i do a better Ira Glass impression than Fred Armisen, however my entire impression is "ack one."
Making a list of people who look like Ira Glass. So far I have: Jeff Goldblum David M. Reher Fred Armisen Help me out, guys. Who am I forgetting?
Fred Armisen does a dead on Ira Glass
Listening to Ira Glass and Fred Armisen interview each other and it's gayer than Matt Damon in 'Behind the Candelabra'
Hey, you know the episode of Orange is the New Black with the "Ira Glass" character? Why didn't they get Fred Armisen?
A little old, but very awesome. Fred Armisen as Ira Glass on SNL:
Listening to Fred Armisen as Ira Glass on and it's confusing because they sound exactly the same
Fred Armisen (from Portlandia) does THE most hilarious impression of Ira Glass of This American Life.
Please tell me you've seen Fred Armisen's hilarious impression of Ira Glass
I can't help picturing Fred Armisen's face when listening to Ira Glass on now.
I don't care for Fred Armisen's Ira Glass impersonation, but the intro to the Doppelgangers ep of made me smile
Why am I just now hearing Fred Armisen cohosting with Ira Glass while imitating Ira Glass? Love it.
Watch Fred Armisen as Ira Glass in a Saturday Night Live segment that never aired.
I need someone to laugh with me about the This American Life "Doppelgängers" episode. Comparing pork rectum and Pretty Woman, Fred Armisen and Ira Glass out Ira-ing eachother... I know I am late to the party but it was so funny!
Watched this last night: Fred Armisen impersonates Ira Glass on Weekend Update. Never aired.
or Fred Armisen pretending to be Ira Glass?
Fred Armisen and Ira Glass. The dreamiest dudes ever
The latest made me realize, for the first time, that I would watch a show staring a muppet Ira Glass voiced by Fred Armisen.
Fabulous spoof of This American Life... Enjoy! Fred Armisen as Ira Glass: via
Even though I know what he looks like, whenever I hear Ira Glass speak, I picture Fred Armisen. Always.
Listened to the This American Life w/ Fred Armisen as Ira Glass. Funny, but kinda eery.
Fred Armisen, as Ira Glass, co-hosts tonight at 10:00 on Classical Stations
Fred Armisen as Ira Glass' doppelgänger, and seafood fraud! Possibly my favorite episode of ever:
listening to This American Life and Fred Armisen is doing an Ira Glass impression and I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S REAL ANYMORE MAKE HIM STOP
Plz flw Fred Armisen to imitate Ira Glass for an hour on ‘This American...
Fred Armisen co-hosting this week's as Fake Ira Glass = best Impression ever! As for Act1 i believe it!
Here's Fred Armisen imitating Ira Glass on SNL: (Did you hear Fred's co-hosting our "Doppelgangers" episode this wknd?)
Fred Armisen doing Ira Glass is my new favorite thing.
Doppelganger episode, w/Fred Armisen co-hosting as Ira Glass, is from literally 1st 15 seconds
A sketch with Fred Armisen playing Ira Glass would literally be the best thing SNL has done since 1977.
AHH did you hear Fred Armisen impersonating Ira Glass ON This American Life & Glass complaining "it makes me feel like a Muppet?"
Fred Armisen and Ira Glass work so well together on this weeks episode of "This American Life"
Visibly chuckling in the metro station while listening Fred Armisen and Ira Glass read things Ira Glass would say on
Fred Armisen's imitation of Ira Glass on this week's is so funny. Seriously cannot stop laughing.
Fred Armisen's impression of Ira Glass from an SNL rehearsal that never aired:
As a fan of both Fred Armisen and Ira Glass, this episode of This American Life greatly intrigues me.
"If you like Fred Armisen and Ira Glass, this will be the best thing since Moonrise Kingdom." You got my number, Entertainment Weekly
Today I learned that Fred Armisen and Ira Glass have the exact same voice
“Fred Armisen and Ira Glass swing by Opening Night of the wish this was my life
Here's my impression of Fred Armisen doing an impression of Ira Glass.
Has anybody ever seen Fred Armisen and Ira Glass in the same room? Exactly.
I wonder if Fred Armisen every slips into an Ira Glass impression on accident.
If you can tell Fred Armisen and Ira Glass apart, then congratulations, hipster wizard!
Fred Armisen looks a lot like Ira Glass
Fred Armisen is to Ira Glass as Obama is to...
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