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Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen (born December 4, 1966) is an American actor, comedian and musician best known for his work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, and portraying off-color foreigners in various comedy films such as EuroTrip, Anchorman and Cop Out.

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There's no one quite like Fred Armisen. See him live at on Saturday, June 3:
It's Fred Armisen trying to steal your concert tickets
Fred Armisen will make a return to do Ms. Hucky Doo
I think the singer from Rammstein is a combination of Fred Armisen and the graveyard zombie in Night of the Living Dead.
I feel like Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein wrote this sketch, but it is real.
a interview of Trump would be great! With a Fred Armisen cameo. Nardwuar is known for his FBI level of finding info.
Fred Armisen and Bill Hader are geniuses and I'll gut you if you think otherwise
That's not Keith, it's Fred Armisen & Anderson Cooper morphed. Where did SC Keith go???…
Beloved comedian/star Fred Armisen will perform at Day 2!
"Collaboration is absolutely necessary. I couldn’t have made [these projects] without other people." —Fred Armisen (
could not parody how bad his comedy is. And Molly Shannon, Fred Armisen, Kyle Mooney all have bad-comedian cha…
The only bad thing about watching TWIN PEAKS for the first time in 2017 is how much Bob looks like Fred Armisen doing a character
im trying to watch Iron Fist the presented antagonist looks like fred armisen so like i dont think i can do this
Wow. Watching a cyclist crash into a parked car was the most hard core thing I could have seen. I feel like Fred Armisen.
holy cow this is 1:1 with Bill Hader and Fred Armisen's Blue Jean Committee
just over here fantasizing about where marin and I would have fred armisen sign our bodies...
Hamilton Collection
I had a dream that Angelo got me an internship with Fred Armisen . woke up kinda sad
Hurry! Only a few tix left for me, Fred Armisen and MYSTERY GUESTS at on 5/17.…
So, this is a Fred Armisen sketch, right?
Yeah, she’s been into it big time for awhile. 😟 Fred Armisen escaped while he could.
Dude at airport: Are you Fred Armisen?. Fred Armisen: I sure am!
Bobcat Goldthwait looks like a Portlandia character played by Fred Armisen
Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are some of the most genius comics of our time don't @ me
Fred Armisen offers words of wisdom on how to stop worrying & love art. Check out the latest htt…
LA! Me, Fred Armisen and will be at on 5/17 to benefit the -- grab tix here! https:/…
.at 2017. Watch his full conversation with Fred Armisen here:
Knew this but somehow forgot. Kinda like how I also forgot she used to be married to Fred Armisen.
did u see the skit where she and fred armisen were beyoncé and prince bc it was literally so funny an…
Fred Armisen & were on set today for S3 & I laughed so hard I cried and my face turned…
Watch Jack Black & Fred Armisen star in Ty Segall's hilarious music video for "Break a Guitar": .
Watch crazy “Break a Guitar” video with Fred Armisen, Jack Black, exploding heads, more
Have you seen Ty Segall's "Break A Guitar" video starring Fred Armisen, Jack Black, and Henry Rollins?
Watch Jack Black, Fred Armisen and Henry Rollins in Ty Segall's strange video for "Break a Guitar"
the guy that looks exactly like Fred Armisen and talks like his Lawrence Welk impersonation just came in wearing denim from head to toe
Adam Carolla and Ira Glass and Fred Armisen, nobody knows the difference
Casting the film version. Fred Armisen as Garcia. Chris Evans as Reporter Todd Cooper. David Schwimmer as that lawyer guy.
Watch: Fred Armisen fondly remembers David Bowie on &
Donald Trump reminds me of this Fred Armisen character who can't finish a single sentence
actually 9/11 was masterminded by Mark Zuckerberg, JK Rowling, Kate Middleton, Fred Armisen and the Rockefellers
Wayne Coyne joined Queen Latifah and Fred Armisen in a game of "Humannequins" on "Fallon". https…
Fred Armisen and Natasha Lyonne rode to the Emmys in a hearse, aka our ultimate -
I just thought a picture of Patti Smith was Fred Armisen
Patty Smith looks exactly like Fred Armisen how haven't they done that on Portlandia
These opening bits between Seth Meyers and (the embarrassingly unfunny) Fred Armisen are just painful to watch.
Tonight: and Plus, Seth and Fred Armisen clear the air!
So how do we know when it's Ruth Bader Ginsburg vs. when it's Fred Armisen playing Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
in his first leading role, as well as Judy Greer, Selma Blair, Dallas Roberts, Chris Messina, Fred Armisen, Brian Baumgartner, and
if ur a true 90s kid and watched SNL with Andy Samberg, Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, and Jason Sudeikis
Fred Armisen, House Band Leader for Late Night With Seth Meyers, just sent us this pic to let us…
Jeff Goldblum is my father. Fred Armisen is my uncle. Evan Peters is my daddy hehehe
Jason Schwartzman and will be back. Fred Armisen, Stacy Keach, Mary Steenburgen and Lesley Ann Warren will joi…
The best part of this scene is that Elizabeth Moss's horror stories more or less mean Fred Armisen is acting like h…
We talked to Bill Hader, and Fred Armisen about Season 2 premieres tonight on
true and you had Kristen Wigg, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudekis and Kenan Thompson too! Dream team!
Even money says my 2016 Halloween costume will be Fred Armisen as David Byrne
He's 11 years older than me. Went to NIU with Sean Hayes and used to book Fred Armisen's band there. Now you know 3 new things!
Jay Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. covers Mazzy Star's "Fade into You" w/ help from Fred Armisen... what, what?
Fred Armisen was cast as before Joe Lo Truglio signed on for the flashing role in this film
Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Maya Rudolph will parody the Talking Heads' famed concert film 'Stop Making Sense'
Remember when Fred Armisen was the lead for Seth Myers' House Band and then he peaced right out about a week into it?
Fred is great!! Next generation Steve Martin really. Talented writer, actor & musician. Fred Armisen - Vulture
you as Derrick Berry looks like Fred Armisen lmao
And it IS Portlandia. Jonghyun is actually just Fred Armisen. It's all an elaborate ruse.
She doesn't have the professional cocktail waitress look of some of the others or S.E. Cupp's Fred Armisen glasses.
My father came from Germany. My mom came from Venezuela. My father's c...
you should be like "you should pitch that and maybe get like Fred Armisen or Carrie Brownstein to be in that"
I don't think there's an archetype for the Justin Bieber fan. A Bieber...
Fred Armisen is the funniest little man on the planet
Could I love Fred Armisen any more than I do? No!!!
Fred Armisen of sent us this pic he snapped backstage at SNL showing commercial seque image. THANX FRED!
I feel like Fred Armisen probably thought up "Baby DJ School" for a Portlandia sketch, but nixed it for being too contrived.
ARIANATOR. Who was the best guest host on 'Saturday Night Live'? Ariana Grande?. VOTE HERE: ht…
My wife & I bond over our shared anxiety about comedians we've never met. Like how we both think Fred Armisen might be a serial killer.
Fred and Carrie keep it mellow on the season finale of
If Dr. Evil & Fred Armisen had a child. This is what he would look like.
You hear a rustling sound in the bushes behind you and spin around. Nobody there. Fred Armisen, perfectly camouflaged, smirks
Omgahhh An old episode of LNSM with *PLUS* Fred Armisen on house band drums. Bonus. Feels. That is all.
I wouldn't mind marrying someone like Fred Armisen he is so pure god love him pls raise my kids to be funny
Fred Armisen's SNL opener was so soo SOOO good.
Fred armisen pops up in the weirdest places
Going to Oregon for a bit, and I think when we pass through Portland I'll just become Fred Armisen.
Fred Armisen's sexy girlfriend makes everyone lose it on 'SNL'
I think Michael Wolff on All in With is secretly Fred Armisen is disguise
It would love it if whoever gets a hold of my myspace account from 2006 sent me the DM I got from Fred Armisen saying he likes my music. 🙏
In three monotone words or less: Did Fred Armisen destroy on SNL or what?
Even when I go do comedy stuff live, I can still feel the drummer in m...
Had a dream I met Fred Armisen and I told him about how I'm binge watching Portlandia and he was so nice so that's a win for dream me yay!
Things that sound stupid right off the bat. 1. Quinoa . 2. Bae. 3. Fred Armisen
How is Fred armisen so good at playing a woman
Think I had a dream that I meant Fred armisen
I'm still thinking about how awful the SNL season finale with Fred Armisen was.
why didn't you tell me that Portlandia starred Fred Armisen?
This Instagram post from Fred Armisen is the most hipster thing you'll ever read
Last night I had a dream there was a live-action Charlie Brown movie w/ off-color humor starring Fred Armisen. I think i want it to be real.
Johnson reminds me of Fred Armisen from SNL and Documentary Now.
The Olsen twins look like Fred Armisen as Candice
In the next 45 minutes I either need to see Garth and Kat or the Lawrence Welk Show or both or else Fred Armisen's hosting will be wasted
I'm only 95% sure Ira Glass isn't just a Fred Armisen character.
I remember one skit with Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Nasim Pedrad, etc about the new iPhone. Even the thought of it makes me chuckle.
I read that Fred Armisen was in KC. Did you read it? I read it. @ The Folly Theater
How many venues can you hit in one night?? — attending Fred Armisen at Middle of the Map Fest at The Folly Theater
Fred Armisen is coming to tomorrow night at The Folly Theater! Click for tickets!
A satire of The War Room with Bill Hader and Fred Armisen? Yes. Sign me up.
Back row (left to right): Alex Gonzalez, Edgar Renteria, Fred Armisen. Front row: Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter
Fred Armisen is the Kanye West of comedy.
This is still one of my favorite SNL segments. Fred Armisen as Ira Glass:.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Special guest DJ sets at Amoeba Hollywood by Toby Dammit, Lance Rock & Fred Armisen + more fun
So "Documentary Now" is about how Fred Armisen has a brain tumor and Lorne Michaels won't let him stop making stuff?
[Documentary Now] How was I just completely terrified of a comedy skit featuring Fred Armisen and Bill Hader in drag? | …
Watching Documentary Now! and it's exceeding expectations. Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are a dream team. 😂
Been binge watching and it's pretty rad. Great job Bill Hader & Fred Armisen
If anyone reading this hasn't watched Documentary Now! on Netflix with Fred Armisen and Bill Hader. Do yourself a favor and watch it
If you like I recommend checking out Fred Armisen and Bill Hader's funny & quirky new project
on Netflix with Fred Armisen and Bill Hader is some next-level genius.
the series is Bill Hader and Fred Armisen lampooning documentaries but the first episode is great
Documentary Now w/ Fred Armisen and Bill Hader is feckin fantastic watch it
"Documentary Now!" with Fred Armisen and Bill Hader is pure genius.
Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are ridiculous. If you have Netflix watch "Documentary Now!" Absolutely hysterical
The first episode of on had me laughing so hard!! Fred Armisen and Bill Hader kill it! https:…
Documentary Now! is on Netflix. Fred Armisen and Bill Hader. Need I say more? Special guests like Jack Black. Boom. Enjoy.
Omg is comic gold! Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are genius especially the Grey Gardens parody.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Then after you educate yourself watch Bill Hader and Fred Armisen do Grey Gardens
LOL & Fred Armisen are ridiculously funny in . Love those high notes Clark 😂
A guide to every doc mocked in Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, and Fred Armisen's "Documentary Now!" via /
Why didn't anyone tell me Fred Armisen and Bill Hader did a Grey Gardens spoof
This Bill Hader / Fred Armisen spoof of Grey Gardens is killing me 😂😂😂
Can't stop laughing at Bill Hader and Fred Armisen in the Grey Gardens spoof, Sandy Passage.
What I wouldn't give to see Fred Armisen and Bill Hader remake Grey Gardens verbatim. Like I want all 94 minutes.
Fred Armisen and Bill Hader's parody of "Grey Gardens" on might be the funniest thing I've seen in a while.
Fred Armisen, Bill Hader spoof famous docs like Grey Gardens — and are very funny — in DOCUMENTARY NOW!, on Netflix: h…
Fred Armisen and Kevin Blackistone are definitely cross race doppelgangers
Kumail Nanjiani is a babe. Louie CK is a babe. Fred Armisen is a babe. Jay Baruchel is a babe.
Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen walk Emmys red carpet together as a couple
Jamie Hince looks kind of like Fred Armisen in that new video and I am not sure what to do w my brain
your Fred article seems down on gawker -
Im not saying this is Fred Armisen, but Im also not saying its not.
I'm not saying this is Fred Armisen, but I'm not saying its not.
Reporter who got into altercation w/ secret service agent at rally looks a tad Fred Armisen in costume for a Portlandia sketch.
1st Amendment vs 2nd Amendment smack down! takes no lip from photog who was NOT Fred Armisen
I'm still having nightmares about Fred Armisen in Zoolander 2.
I liked a video Fred Armisen Pays Tribute to David Bowie on 'Saturday Night Live'
This guy looks just like a Fred Armisen Portlandia character.
Fred Armisen and the 8G band cover part of "Under the Sun" on Seth Meyers at about the 5:05 mark!
I know there's no justice in this fallen world because Fred Armisen stars in everything ever and Bill Hader is literally working for peanuts
Loved the new episode of Portlandia'. Never tire of Fred Armisen, . and the rest of the gang.
SNL funny man, Fred Armisen stops by New Girl tonight at 8 on FOX 5.
A demonstration of all Southern accents, brought to you by Fred Armisen.
I think for a movie made in 04, Matt Damon, Diedrich Bader and Lucy Lawless were more famous than Fred Armisen & Vinnie Jones
(Fred Armisen paid tribute to David Bowie on 'SNL' (
Can't decide if the weather guy looks more like Fred Armisen or Marc Trestman
Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen are friendship goals.
Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are comedic geniuses.
Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are insanely brilliant and by far THE funniest people
There are times when I'm listening to This American Life and 100% convinced Ira Glass is a Fred Armisen character.
Tim Meadows, Kenan Thompson, Fred Armisen, Daryl Hammond, and Seth Meyers? Meyers does not feel right but he did Update forever.
Seeing Dinosaur Jr. cover Neil Young's Cortez the Killer w/ Bob Mould & Fred Armisen on drums may have set the bar too high for future fun.
Watch cover "Cortez the Killer" with Fred Armisen and Lee Ranaldo https:…
1966 - Fred Armisen, American actor and musician was born
This month, brought you fun times w/ J.K. Rowling, Shonda Rhimes, Fred Armisen and Trevor Noah.
Thank you SO MUCH to Fred Armisen, Jack McBrayer, & for the past AMAZING 24 hours & the advice💕
I got to watch Fred Armisen, Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer, Mike O'Brien, Jack McBrayer and many others do improv for 17 hours on Monday.
Today I met Jack McBrayer, and Fred Armisen and got to sing soulful tunes with my Great day.
Last night I was at Second City till 3 a.m. watching Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer, Fred Armisen, Jack McBrayer and a bunch of other comedians
"put a bird on it" -Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen, timeless
New Pop Culture Happy Hour! Recorded live on Halloween with Fred Armisen, and a bonkers quiz:
I want Bill Hader and Fred Armisen to be my dads that raise me to be hilarious, artistic, and perfect. Ugh!!
SNL has been terrible for a few years now. Ever since the Bill Hader/Kristin Wiig/Fred Armisen group of people left the show
Just watched this episode of and Fred Armisen totally steals the show!.
Listening to a Marc Maron podcast featuring Fred Armisen from Portlandia and Saturday Night Live. First and only...
Shrimps fried with garlic with butter-lemon sauce + sauvignon blanc + 5th season of Fred Armisen's Portlandia =...
If I were a comedian, my biggest influences would be Jack Benny, David Letterman, Fred Armisen, Ray Romano and Dave Chappelle.
The number of guests on 30 Rock is crazy! In the space of two episodes I've seen David Schwimmer, Edie Falco, Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig.
Is it me or does Segal look like Fred Armisen
Someone tell Fred Armisen to write something worthy of Rick Moranis now that he claims he's open to scripts.
i miss the old SNL cast, with Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers, Bill Hader and others alike.
is on Seth Myers, Fred Armisen & Bill Hader spoof the Documentary genre. Very Funny
We're in Portland and we for real just saw Fred Armisen. I can't breathe. I can't breathe
Documentary Now is a great show. Fred Armisen is a genius
'Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein wrap up Season 6, and discuss show's impact http:/…
Anyone have Catalina Breeze on vinyl? Fred Armisen is the best.
I went to high school with this kid who had a mother that resemble Fred Armisen,,, a lot
Fred Armisen is one of the most underrated comedic geniuses of our time
I live for Fred Armisen. Go watch now
How Bill Hader and Fred Armisen came up with the greatest Steely Dan parody ever
Documentary Now! with Bill Hader and Fred Armisen is so dry weird-funny and hilarious. New favorite.
there was a point in my life where I truly disliked Fred armisen and i don't remember why. *squints*
Fred Armisen just sounds like a Horrible dumpster fire of a human being.
How did make the little doll look so much like Fred Armisen? Was that CGI?
Fred Armisen says he's obsessed with Freddie Krueger Watch:
"he’ll also rely on nominated sketch comedy pals in the crowd, such as Amy Schumer [..] Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein"
I just love so much Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein. Portlandia is the best show ever!
I think Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen wrote it as a Portlandia promo
Just listening to mention Huey Lewis on *** w/ Fred Armisen. Marc, you'll enjoy this
Watching Portlandia makes me wish I knew Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in real life. 😭
Is it just me, or does Fred Armisen look just like Bob Denver aka Gilligan from Gilligan's Island.
Aubrey Plaza, Natasha Lyonne, Judy Greer, Clea Duvall, Fred Armisen and Kumail Nanjiani all in one movie😭 Thank you
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I'll just take pride in the fact that Bill Hader, & Fred Armisen all made a show specifically for me.
I love this show. Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are my favorite.
Yes time!! Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are so 💖💖💖
that Bill Hader or Fred Armisen in drag would make more sense as Divas champion than either/ both Bella(s)
"Fred talks with his hands and he just talks about Portland all the time."- Bill Hader about Fred Armisen
We're obsessed with Fred Armisen and Bill Hader's "Gray Gardens" parody.
is everything i wished for. Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Seth Myers. Comedy dream team. I want more. 😂😂😂
Inside Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and Seth Meyers' SNL Reunion on the Set of Documentary Now!
Patrick Stewart REALLY makes me miss the outstanding interview with Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Seth Myers.Glad Howard is live!
Bill Hader and Fred Armisen channel the women of 'Grey Gardens' in IFC's Documentary Now! -- first look via
Watch Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen re-dub Seth Meyers and Shaq's voice on
I just shot water out my nose from laughing so hard at the most recent Fred Armisen bit from the Seth Meyers show
Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and Seth Meyers talk about their new series, "Documentary Now" on the Today Show.
Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers' renewed before premiere
In "Documentary Now," Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and Seth Meyers find jokes in the details
If you're somebody who believe Fred Armisen is a sociopath (I'm not) do you also believe is long-conning Carrie Brownstein?
Got to meet Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen during the filming of a Portlandia sketch today. Both…
I feel like if I ever visit Portland and don't see Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein it will be all for naught.
I'm sure there is somewhere! I'm hearing good things about Documentary Now, with Bill Hader, Seth Myers, Fred Armisen
This is the type of humor only serious film buffs will get. Kudos to Hader & Armisen for nailing Grey Gardens.
is where laughs happen! Thank you Fred Armisen, Bill Hader &
He kinda looks like a Fred Armisen character.
Bill Hader and Fred Armisen bring big laughs to newest series
Fred Armisen is now in difficult people. Can he just be in everything please.
Documentary Now starring Bill Hader and Fred Armisen. Anyone peep this?
Really loved from Fred Armisen Bill Hader and . Check out the premiere on IFC tomorrow at 10 …
No lie. I hear about this new comedy show on IFC today. It's called Documentary Now! Stars Fred Armisen and...Bill Hader. Everywhere
Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and Seth Meyers Have a New Target in 'Documentary Now!'
My favorite new TV show is "Documentary Now" starting tonight on at 10pm Fred Armisen and Bill Hader made …
Everyone needs to check out if you haven't. Bill Hader and Fred Armisen nail comedy!
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A guy named Spike contacted me about buying something from me on Craigslist and all of my being hopes it is just Fred Armisen.
that's perfect. I love how Fred Armisen just kinda sounds like some old guy from Queens.
Jack Black, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader made fun of VICE, and it's hilarious:
I'm dying. Fred Armisen's face throughout the whole thing. "You got floor all in my lima beans."
Check out new interview with on the of comedic reality:
We review Documentary Now, the new series from Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers
"WHAT HAPPENED?" "I fell through the floor again." "THAT'S BECAUSE YOU STOMP!" "I don't stomp!" Bill Hader and Fred Armisen in Sandy Passage
I have received information I can only share w/ some1 who has an undying love of Fred Armisen and vast drag race knowledg…
This Bill Hader/Fred Armisen parody of Grey Gardens is too real:
Leave it to Bill Hader and Fred Armisen to make a Maysles brothers parody that is ROFLCOPTR funny.
This is really too funny -- A Fred Armisen and Bill Hader Parody Of Grey Gardens
Fred Armisen and Bill Hader rock softly as The Blue Jean Committee
Fred Armisen & Bill Hader are soft rock legends the Blue Jean Committee, & an EP is coming
Bill Hader and Fred Armisen on bringing laughs to
I can't with this Grey Gardens parody by Fred Armisen & Bill Hader //
Have you seen this hilarious doc spoof with Bill Hader & Fred Armisen?
The parody with Bill Hader and Fred Armisen has made my day: via
ICYMI: Bill Hader's Fred Armisen impression is almost as good as his impression...
Bill Hader and Fred Armisen parody documentaries in the best way.
Find Bill Hader, Fred Armisen & Seth Meyers favorite docs now on Doc Club
You know what I think? I think Fred Armisen ~created~ Jonathan Franzen. He is I'm Still Here-ing us ~as~ Jonathan Franzen.
Fred Armisen all Grey Gardens-ed out is the spitting image of J Mascis
This Grey Gardens parody with Bill Hader and Fred Armisen is hilarious
Laugh loud and long with Fred Armisen​ and Bill Hader​'s "Documentary Now!"
Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Seth Meyers offer erudite spoofs in Documentary Now!
How Margaret Thatcher and an 'SNL' afterparty led Bill Hader, Seth Meyers and Fred Armisen to create 'Documentary…
Fred Armisen has replaced Josh Tillman (father john misty) as on my most current celeb crush list. Yup.
This instructor sounds and looks a little like Fred Armisen, and has some looks of Brad Garret.
Watching & the guy that plays boyfriend, Adam, looks like a young Fred Armisen. 😍
Watch a clip from the first episode of IFC's new show "Documentary Now!" starring Fred Armisen and Bill Hader.
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Casual run in with Fred Armisen in Chelsea @ Gotham Comedy Club
Finally, thanks to Fred Armisen for being the voice of Whole Foods!
NBC New York: 'Late Night': Freddie Krueger Gloves for Kids: Fred Armisen of "SNL" and "Portlandia" tells Seth...
Fred Armisen does accents you never knew existed on Tuesday's Preview the pro in action:
This parody of with Fred Armisen and Bill Hader is brilliant
Maggie& Kat were too scared to say hi to Fred Armisen when we were next to him so we walked outside and knocked on the window & waved to him
Fred Armisen's Instagram is my favourite thing
I don’t know if this is a good sign or bad sign but they are filming the TV series Portlandia by my house today. Fred Armisen is there.
What do you think Fred Armisen ordered from KOi today?? Closest guess wins a Free burrito!
i am SO excited for Documentary Now
Fred Armisen as Gov. Paterson on SNL and one of the torture scenes in Rosewater.
Every joke made by Fred Armisen as Gov. Paterson?
But I do have a Topps Baseball Card and a scene w/Fred Armisen on Meltdown next week :)
Fred Armisen and Bill Hader become 'Vice' reporters in this 'Documentary Now!' sneak peek
As much as I love I think I love this parody even more:
Bill Hader + Fred Armisen always fail to disappoint...
Fred Armisen and Bill Hader have done a (very accurate) parody of Vice:
Bill Hader AND Fred Armisen in a new IFC series.
Bill Hader and Fred Armisen Parody VICE's brand of "immersion journalism"
what are the chances we get an skit about the Iran deal w/ Fred Armisen as Ernest Moniz?
Staten Island Summer: Revenge of the teen-sex comedy: A new feature from the SNL crew brings back… |
Omfg, I can't wait until Documentary Now comes on. Fred Armisen & Bill Hader look like they might top The Spoils!!
Watch Bill Hader and Fred Armisen parody VICE for IFC's new series 'Documentary Now'
Watch Bill Hader and Fred Armisen do a perfect parody of VICE:
Parody of VICE starring Bill Hader and Fred Armisen. Looks perfect.
Jenny Lewis recruits Fred Armisen, Feist and Vanessa Bayer for hilarious "She's Not Me" video: htt…
"My guest is Fred Armisen, right after these messages from ACDC" - Josh Homme
This is why Elisabeth Moss left Fred Armisen and it wasn’t because of Scientology.
Bill Hader's mustache game is on point in trailer: 👌
Fred Armisen was at that hardcore show.really fredn' it up.
Fred Armisen is so handsome what the heck
as u should!!! Clean Fred armisen's apt in ur undies!
I'm not positive that this Jon Taffer guy yelling on my tv isn't a Fred Armisen skit
Just back from an awesome long weekend in Portland. A highlight was seeing Fred Armisen randomly wander by while I was exploring the city.
Wow talking in magazine in the columnists! Read here!
The pictures of Fred Armisen and his selfie stick are hilarious. Very original. Maybe someone did it first, but who cares. It's funny AF
This is a really nice interview with Kyle MacLachlan by Fred Armisen:
Playing the same fest as the band who did the intro to . So, basically besties with Fred Armisen.
"That's the whole thing about Twin Peaks: all the mystery." —interviewed by his friend Fred Armisen
Fred Armisen is in this episodr of Parks and Rec and now my day has been made.
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