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Freaky Tah

Raymond Rogers (May 14, 1971 – March 28, 1999), better known as Freaky Tah, was an MC, hype man and promoter.

Lost Boyz Jam Master Jay Michael Jackson Biggie Smalls

Shout out to Mr. Cheeks and Freaky Tah. The real ones in the Game. I love you
And can we please have a moment to mourn? For big pac and big pun cuz through us they live on .. Jam Master Jay, freaky tah and aaliyah
This where it first started r.i.p. freaky tah free spigg nice salute to my cousin
Today in 1995 New York Undercover soundtrack drops. "MCA this is how we do everyday, me & Freaky Tah". RIP!. Jeeps, Lex C…
I'll resurrect Freaky Tah to do my ad-libs
Jam Master Jay, Freaky Tah and Aaliyah⁰Big L and Left Eye, when we die we hope to see ya-
Mr cheeks to the world freaky tah to the world
Some mark *** lion gets a statue but Freaky Tah only get a busted graffiti mural on the Parsons/Archer E-train stop?! FOH
21 gun salute, that's 7 for 2Pac, 7 for Biggie Smalls, 7 for Freaky Tah up in your neighbourhood raw
Biggie Smalls, Big L, Big Pun, ODB, Freaky Tah just to name a few would've been proud to see how u for NY(East) @ Summer Jam
Queens is different w/ they rappers they killed Stacks, Chinx, Jam Master Jay, Freaky Tah, Mazerati Fox, tried to kill 50
I mean come on. Mr. Cheeks and Freaky Tah. Classic.
Seriously he has my FAVE feature on the project.on the "Freaky Tah" joint!
21 guns salute ...7 pac ,7 for Biggie Smalls ,7 for freaky Tah up in your neighborhood mal!
guys pls I need ur help urgently. Had a flight booked for tonight which seems to have been cancelled. Ur phones unavailable
Between Bronson resurrecting Freaky Tah and Rocky referencing one of their best singles, I for one am ready for a Lost Boyz revival.
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On the night of March 28, 1999, at a birthday party for Mr. Cheeks, Freaky Tah was shot in the head
Freaky Tah got shot. 2 others robbed a bank to pay to make the next album. And Mr Cheeks went solo. RIP Lost Boyz
AHH the good ol days.. Beemers and the Benz. Freaky Tah!!
I just want to be the Freaky Tah of this generation
Funny how googling Gil Scott Heron led me to The Lost Boyz. Mr Cheeks, Freaky Tah n'em. Jamaicans got der hands deep in dat Hiphop pie,boii!
"I'll resurrect Freaky Tah to do my adlibs. Overseas I probably got mad kids.." -Bronsolino
I resurrect Freaky Tah to do my adlibs
*HISTORICAL TIDBITS FOR MAY 14TH* 1928: The Coasters bass singer, Will ‘Dub’ Jones was born. (Died: 2000) 1963: Tennis great Arthur Ashe, age 22, became the 1st African American to make the U.S. Davis Cup Tennis Team. 1966: Fab Morvan was born. He is a French singer-songwriter, dancer and model. He was half of the pop duo Milli Vanilli, with Rob Pilatus, 1969: John B. McLendon became coach of the Denver Nuggets. 1970: Charles Calvin Rogers received the Congressional Medal of Honor, America’s highest military decoration from President Richard M. Nixon for his actions during the Vietnam War. 1972: Happy Birthday to rapper Freaky Tah who turns 28. 1978: Happy Birthday to NBA player Eddie House who turns 36 today. 1994: While visiting the Great Wall of China, B.B. King was on hand to open the 1st Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing. 2009: Jazz pianist Charles ‘Buddy’ Montgomery passed away at age 79
Tupac, Biggie, Aaliyah, Left-Eye, Jam Master Jay, Freaky Tah, Eazy-E, etc. NONE of them died for this!
I remember when Freaky Tah died. Queens was going crazy.
iOS7 isn't coming out until December 15th now.. 😫
Maybe I'm being biased by saying Freaky tah the best hype man ever lol..idc either
Just got home might just stay n the crib tonight
biggie was the fist. pac was the mind. freaky tah was the spirit. big L was the pen
I use to love him now i cant stand him.
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It really outta pocket that it takes me that long to get home on the bus
What if Space Jam was in Would be dope. RT!!
R.I.P to all the good people who lost their lives on this day 12 years ago 🙏😔
Mr. Cheeks speaks on the Lost Boyz, Freaky Tah, the real 'Renee' and more!!: via
*I used to hustle up on Linden in the van Me and my man did that thing hand in hand 20 bills up, huh, plus a buck 20 sac but verse it Time to rap but the fiends kept commin' back I'm tryin' to put my lifestyle in order The games mad deep, I keep my feet above the water Caught a bid got a wife and kid The name just burned in the flame, so out the game I slid So now I'm into makin' hits wit my men I hustle wit my style, cook up works wit my pen Mr. Cheeks represent in the gutter Freaky Tah, gettin' lai that C's my brudda In the game and hit you in the brain And if I was cocaine believe it I'm your main Tally up it's the Lost Boyz crew an Freaky Tah, Spigg Nice and Pretty Lou And it's the lifestyles of the rich and shameless Some die wit the name, some die nameless It's all the same game, it's all the same pain It's all the same pain, it's all the same game
In the music industry particularly rock music there is something called the "27" club. The 27 club includes a long list of artists that died at the age of 27. People die all the time but it is unusual that this many artists die at this age. These artists include, "Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Freaky Tah, Brian Jones, Fat Pat, Amy Winehouse, and Jim Morrison just to name a few. There's a much longer list if you google "the 27 club."
R.I.P. Freaky Tah. 05/14/71 - 03/28/99 Truly missed, and definitely a legend in Queens, NY. Thnx for giving me my name "Q-Billz" when i was a lil kid. **SUBS...
I've always liked this painting of Pac, Biggie, JMJ, Freaky Tah, n Sean Bell ( top left)
today in history In 2007, Yolanda King, the daughter of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Junior, dies in Atlanta. She was 51. In 2001, Keith Murray is released from a Connecticut prison after serving three years on assault charges. In 1996, Magic Johnson retires from the Los Angeles Lakers for the second and final time. In 1993, the film Posse, featuring rappers Big Daddy Kane and Tone-Loc, opens. And in 1985, Michael Jackson receives a humanitarian award from President Ronald Reagan at the White House. On the birthday front, Shanice is 39, Freaky Tah would've been 41, and Raphael Saadiq is 46.
I know the kids really need you I keep telling 'em, Pac wanted to sign you and Big wanted to see you Pun wanted to cypher L wanted you to bring some of that good kush up and get a little higher Go and help Jam Master Jay get the crowd hyper Or maybe Freaky Tah switched up and needed a writer Maybe Aaliyah single up there and need a rider Know you and Rick James would set the studio on fire You in a better place up there at the pearly gates You could be "The Gorgeous Gangster" and *** won't hate Some *** tapped the bottle, pour out a little Hennessy I'm in the clouds, screamin "Squad Up" in your memory. Ruggz Johnson Send Him Our Ove Joe Budden
They gotta get Prince and Michael Jackson to do a show together now man... Bring out James Brown and Freaky Tah
Got my peoples from the hood wearing timbs and jeans, Lost Boyz! Representin R.I.P. Freaky Tah.
yesterday was the day that Freaky Tah died you will be missed
"Love, Peace, and Nappiness" is on ignorant levels in the studio right now... RIP Freaky Tah
Keep those songs going to for your favorite Lost Boyz record, and he will play it this hr.. RIP Freaky Tah
so yesterday 13 years from today we lost Freaky Tah from the Lost Boyz... so this hr I will play a Lost Boyz record, what you u want to hear
RIP to a Southside Queens Legend, Freaky Tah!!! So many stories of Tah and the LB Fam showing love to Queens wow. ...
Rest in peace to Freaky Tah. Good brother. You are missed.
R.I.P. to the Lost Boyz own Freaky Tah.Classics are Classics!
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