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Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday is a classic comedic children’s novel written by Mary Rodgers first published in the USA in 1972, and adapted for film several times.

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Getting ready for a Freaky Friday female impersonator of comedy night so all my fans come on out and enjoy a laugh or two a *** or two oops I mean cocktail or two Showtime at 10:30 p.m. With dixie monroe is my special gas l mean special guest but she still is a gas. All here at Robert's Lafitte
Well; we have a "Happy Hump Day" and a "Flashback Thursday," so I will call today "Freaky Friday!" I am STILL housesitting (Buster!) and Allen is home with our boys. Waldo started to get intermittent back spasms on Monday evening, so Tuesday, he went to see Dr. Friedly for an adjustment. He seemed fine; his normal crazy, run, jump, whirl, and spin self. Last night at 9:30, Allen calls in a panic because Waldo is screaming and yelping in pain, his back is obviously "out" again. This is even with being on Rimidyl! It goes away, but he has 2 more episodes during the night and another in the morning. So, the home I am sitting at is on the market, there is a showing between 11am and 1pm; my mom is expecting me to take her on her errands at 11am, and Dr. Friedly's only available time for Waldo is 11 am. So, after tidying up the house, dusting, vaccuuming, we decide that Allen will take Waldo to Falcon for his appt, I will drop Buster off at our house, pick up Spenser and my mom, get her errands done, then run W ...
I wish a guy would serenade me like Chad Michael Murray does in Freaky Friday...But only if it's "Hit Me Baby One More Time"
Grumpy Cat : what if Lindsay Lohan & Jamie Lee Curtis never switched back after Freaky Friday & it's. Jamie doing drug & Lindsay is eating activia .
Good morning world is grind time... Edge Lounge tonight Freaky Friday and pre saint patricks day so come out and show love tonight also jello shots on deck lets go
Y'all know what time it is !!! Freaky Friday in full effect @ JAGUARS HOUSTON over 30 of the hottest entertainers under 1 roof !! Not to mention the good looking management !!! LoL come out and party with us till the sun comes up ! BYOB 18 and up welcome !!! Don't miss out !!!
Did Jeff Withey just Freaky Friday with Blake Griffin? Where did that come from?
It's SPIRIT WEEK at DSD! Tuesday - Take it to the beach Tuesday!!! Wear beach wear to the studio.. Let's brighten up this cloudy day! Wednesday - Wild Wednesday! Wear animal print stuff. Throwback Thursday!! Wear an old costume from days gone by. Freaky Friday - Wear your DSD logo wear. We are competing at Cathy Roe's Ultimate Dance Competition this weekend!! Saturday and Sunday March 1 and 2, 2014 at Mountain View High School Auditorium. Come and Cheer on your fellow dancers!
I was watching Freaky Friday (with Lindsay Lohan) with my mom. earlier & was surprised that it still makes me laugh. It's been years!
Freaky Friday practice - Since 'Rappers Delight' has in a way made it back 'in the news' again, I thought I'd share the source material. "Good Times" was written by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, the founding members of Chic (as in Le Freak, c'est Chic) in 1979. It's the most sampled song in rap, with the Sugarhill Gang making it the most familiar and famous with Rapper's Delight. Since I'm teaching Simon bass, learning this bass line is a must!
It's Freaky Friday! Today we will feature the Texas Horned Lizard-Phrynosoma cornutum! Also known as the "horny toad," this fearce looking lizard can be found in the south-central United States to northern Mexico, throughout much of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico. It is freaky because, it has a unique survival behavior in which it will inflate itself, and if it is sufficiently frightened can squirt up 1/3 of its volume of blood out of a pore located near the eye.
February 16, 1977 ... * Sixty-year-old Walter Cronkite has signed a new contract agreeing to anchor the news at CBS until he retires. The contract continues Cronkite's current practice of taking ten weeks off per year... * It's finally over ... but it took the Illinois Senate 186 ballots to elect a president. Democratic Sen. John Knuppel shows his disgust on various ballots by voting for Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland and Big Bird. Later ... Knuppel is accused of throwing hot vegetable soup on two other senators and a reporter. He says he just bumped into them and spilled the soup accidentally. Ladies and gentlemen ... your tax dollars at work... * College basketball ... as Virginia upsets the 18th-ranked Clemson Tigers 71 - 65 in South Carolina... * At the movies ... Walt Disney's "Freaky Friday" plays at Ridge and Cloverleaf ... Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark and Petersburg's own Joseph Cotten star in "Twilight's Last Gleaming" at Willow Lawn and Trans-Lux ... and newcomer Sylvester Stallone cont ...
And so, the bastion of the world's cricket clubs takes a "trifecta" on the chinny chin chin, from Lords Cricket Grounds on West End Lane/Lisson Grove in London's trendy northwest west end, all the way to John 'o Groats and Land's End. Things are becoming quite normal, Freaky Friday-ish in the British Isles, but then, after Guy Fawkes and the failed November 5th Gunpowder Plot, what the *** is new?
VA FILMMAKER BIOGRAPHIES MARK WATERS - DIRECTOR MARK WATERS graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Theater Arts, then went on to get an M.F.A. in Directing from the American Film Institute. He made his feature film directorial debut with the dark comedy indie hit “The House of Yes,” which premiered at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival, where Parker Posey won a Special Jury Prize for her performance. He then scored with the back-to-back hit comedies “Freaky Friday” and “Mean Girls.” “Freaky Friday,” starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, earned a 2004 Critic's Choice Award nomination for Best Family Film and brought a Golden Globe Award nomination to Jamie Lee Curtis. “Mean Girls,” written by Tina Fey, won three MTV Movie Awards, including one for Lindsay Lohan as Best Actress. Waters followed in 2005 with the fantasy comedy romance “Just Like Heaven,” starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. And in 2008 he directed the accl ...
I think Wilson and Manning did a Freaky Friday flip.
Please remake Freaky Friday with Mark Strong and Stanley Tucci, please please please, & the twist is that they never switched but U THINK IT
Freaky Friday is here!! Join Jen & Erika tonight @ Carnahans the ONLY place to be for a AWESOME start to your weekend!! Happy Hour from 5-7PM with $1.75 domestic drafts & $3 well drinks along with great food specials & a full menu at an affordable price!! DJ Giovanni will be joining us @ 9PM to kick things up a notch with karaoke & non-stop music ALL NIGHT LONG!! Happy Friday everyone :)
What if Freaky Friday really happened and Jamie Lee Curtis is using Lindsay Lohan's body to do whatever she wants?
I'm cuddled on my couch in my apt. alone and my only plans tonight are to watch Freaky Friday and Princess Diaries.
Gotta do some cleaning...what better background noise than Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan Trading Places in Freaky Friday!?
When I think of getting old, I think of Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday "I'm like the CRYPT KEEPER!!!"
Look it's "Freaky Friday", except it's weather patterns not Jamie Lee Curtis! Alaska, please be a pal, and kindly take your weather back now!
Listening to Robert Plant & Alison Krauss while my da listens to his Pete Tong CD. Feel like we Freaky Friday'd but didn't switch back.
Well that was one Freaky Friday of a Wizards' victory.
Kokoro Connect from is a cross between Freaky Friday and K-On but is it good? Read and see!
Well, the Freaky Friday actor is secretly dating a college student Socialite Lindsay Lohan is said to have had a secret fling with British student and part-time model Christian Arno Williams. [ 120 more words. ]
Heading to WalMart in Hutch to for a "Freaky Friday" and then to Jackpot Junction Casino for the trout special at the Dakotah Restaurant and to try our luck on some slots.I may be crazy for going out in this weather, but it isn't getting any warmer next week.Br.gotta put on my long johns!
Freaky Friday! Comedian Damon Wayans Jr.'s baby mama is ALSO the baby mama of Duane Wade's new love child! ...and they both have the initials DW!
Wow. Trevor Knight and Jameis Winston had a Freaky Friday body switcheroo
If you want to know sledgehammer-to-the-head feeling we could do some Freaky Friday business and free me of this headache
Chad Michael Murray is an American actor, spokesperson and former fashion model. He is well known for portraying Lucas Scott in The CW young adult drama series One Tree Hill, in addition to the films A Cinderella Story, Freaky Friday and House of Wax. Popular among teenagers and young adults, he has...
Emma is having a Disney- Lindsey Lohan marathon. Freaky Friday. Life Size. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. I'll join on Parent Trap.
What if Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis never switched back at the end of Freaky Friday and it's really Jamie...
"Imagine if they never switched back after Freaky Friday and Jamie Lee Curtis went crazy, and Lindsay Lohan was the one regulating her digestive system with yogurt." -Christina's cousin James
My favourite part of Freaky Friday is when Chad Michael Murray tries to sing. You go 3 first names.
Was just reminded by jeopardy that the original "Freaky Friday" was called vice versa in 1988 with Fred savage and Judge Reinhold
Awe- my Chandlar's world was just crushed, her favorite movies are Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, and she just saw Lindsey Lohan on TV- and I had to explain what the effects of meth and cocain have on a pretty face...
Every week it's the same, will there ever be a Friday night that I don't watch "Freaky Friday" starring Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis? Perish the thought.
It's Freaky Friday the 13th, fright night come down to south shore and party right. one dollar Tooters, Two dollars for three jello shots, and for only three dollars you have you some good old Jager bombs. Now were talking! Come check out the drink specials and the exotic lights. Look out for our new years eve party coming up, Prizes and gifts and more specials on drinks. Like i said I'm looking forward to see yall get freaky on the floor.
Noah is in love with Jamie Lee Curtis. The size of his eyes when we changed the channel and saw Freaky Friday was on.. Jesus Christ..
Freaky Friday is on t.v. tonight! I love when Jamie Lee Curtis gets her "makeover!"
Todays the 10 yr anniversary of when Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis swapped places on the movie "Freaky Friday" lol dont ask me why I know that
Freaky Friday the 13th :) Media relations is one of the most effective and credible ways to raise awareness for your business, organization or cause. It's the media talking about your organization; it's not an ad that you paid for. The public definitely knows the difference and are affected differently by the message.
Jamie Lee Curtis stands by her criticism of Seth MacFarlane. The 'Freaky Friday' star blasted the 'Family Guy' creator earlier this year after she was offended by his performance as host of the Academy Awards earlier this year.
I'm not that girl from Freaky Friday any more! I'm a real adult. In fact, I hate children! I hate them all! -Lindsay Lohan
Here’s the link to column, which attempts to explain where things stand after Freaky Friday.  .  
"YANKEES GM BRIAN CASHMAN says, 'I've got work to do" After their own Freaky Friday of sorts,the Yankees wer back at work Saturday trying,as GM Brian Cashman put it, “2improve r club. "I’ve got work 2do,”Cashman added."I need a starter,bullpen,2ndbase.We’ve still got work.” Cashman & his brain trust r heading to the right place 2shop-baseball’s winter meetings begin Monday in Orlando.Though Friday saw Robinson Cano go 2Seattle & the Yanks add Hiroki Kuroda & Carlos Beltran,that whirlwind doesn’t preclude more action.Figure on hearing a lot about Omar Infante,a possible solution at second,& starting pitching over the next week. Brett Gardner figures 2b a potential trade chip now that the Yanks hav a crowded outfield & he’s reportedly garnered interest already from opposing clubs. "Anything can happen at any time,” said another baseball official with knowledge of the Yankees’ plans. The 2bits of public business the Yanks took care of Saturday wer 2 officially announce Hiroki Kuroda’s o ...
FUN FACT: Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan actually switched their brains during the filming of Freaky Friday.
Freaky Friday? Whats your favorite food to play with? Sausage? Banana? Squash? Cucumber? Carrot? **Queen M&M**
if you like Chad Michael Murray better in A Cinderella Story or Freaky Friday says a lot about you as a female
Prelude to a Kiss: a Freaky Friday inspired romantic comedy staring Alec Baldwin and Meg Ryan who miraculously body swaps with a transgendered elderly man who conspires to get Meg Ryan's character pregnant. Also featuring Kathy Bates. I'll give it
Can't think of a good title for my remake of Freaky Friday but with Gary Glitter and Justin Bieber.
Freaky Friday folks. Time to get that bread. All things are possible thru Jesus Christ.
The fact that Freaky Friday is 10 years old...
Watching "Freaky Friday" starring Lindsay Lohan. She's really bad in this. Was she ever truly good/talented in anything? I thought hers was a story of promise gone horribly awry, like River Phoenix or something. But this is just total 2D acting schlock. ?
You should remake Freaky Friday with the Today show Natalie morales.
& Lori Loughlin get caught up in a Freaky Friday like situation after swapping bodies w/ each other
Jamie Lee Curtis shredding on the guitar in Freaky Friday is one of my favorite moments ever
ending the night watching Freaky Friday with Hannah Banana👌
Watching a Freaky Friday movie. Jamie Lee Curtis is even more beautiful now than before.
Man, you don't have a bassist, you get made F O'd (fun of) in the wildly popular Lindsay Lohan/Jamie Lee Curtis flick Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday: A Justin Bieber fanatic spent $100,000 in plastic surgery just to look like the Biebs.
The best Lindsay Lohan movie is The Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen and Freaky Friday.
Wow. Lost THREE friends tonight. Sorry about the Lindsay Lohan thing! My goodness! She was good in "Freaky Friday!"
What are your TOP 5 movies? — My best friend's wedding, down with love, Freaky Friday , Bridget Jones Diary and ...
GUYS, I just saw that Go Daddy Superbowl make-out nerd in Freaky Friday. For real, he was sitting in the classroom during the pop quiz.
I feel like if Joe Biden and Kanye West were involved in a Freaky Friday scenario no one would notice for months.
Just woke up from a nap, haven't been feeling 2 well 2day. Drinking some 'hella' good hot chocolate watching 'Freaky Friday', love Lindsay Lohan. Got major chills, gonna' stay wrapped up 4 the night... i so don't need infection or pnemonia. docs said definitely not a good thing. just the thought scares the 'Foutta' me.
Lohan's 1/2 sis gets plastic surgery to look like her: OF COURSE. Also: missed opportunity for a Freaky Friday ref
It's AWESOME Friday as I told the kids. This week we had Monday was Good Day Sunshine Day, Tuesday was Terrific Tuesday,Wednesday was We did the Commercial What Day is it? like the Camel and everyone got it right even Dazie who Had her head under the covers when she said it, Thursday was Terrific Thursday and Friday was of course Freaky Friday. It helps get the kids out of bed in the mornings without a fight. Dazie has to bed unglued sometimes. We have crazy hat days. Finally when the kids next door come and everyone walks out the door I yell the day and then have a WONDERFUL day. It works!
Mentalist trickster Keith Barry gets inside the head of Golf Pro Shane Lowry.. Perfect watching for Freaky Friday...
*** *** haircut looking like Jamie Lee Curtis off Freaky Friday gtfoh
Or the little brother on the kitchen table, imitating Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday. The ghost of Harry Coleman.
Can i just Freaky Friday switch with Kaya Scodelario?
so we have Tipsy Tuesday ... Wacky Wednesday ... Thirsty Thursday ... Freaky Friday ... Sinful Saturday and holy Sunday ... what is Monday ?
identity thief was so bad, it made me want to download an MP3 of the Freaky Friday commentary track.
Hey maybe they meant "Freaky Friday" Lindsay Lohan and not "cocained up" Lohan... So maybeee it was a compliment
When i see Planes i'll let you know and Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan was awesome ;)
What if, during the production of Freaky Friday, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan actually switched bodies... And never switched back?
I should be taking a much needed shower before work but instead I think I'll eat a bowl of raisin bran and watch Freaky Friday with my dog
Lindsay Lohan starred in all the cool movies. [Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, Get A Clue...]
I remember Eileen Brennan from that Freaky Friday remake with Shelley Long.
There's a film mash up between Trading Places and Freaky Friday there somewhere.
Jaime Lee Curtis kills me in Freaky Friday
I had a dream last night that Cobie Smulders and I swapped bodies like in Freaky Friday. My life will never be the same.
What if Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan never switched back in Freaky Friday and now Jamie is out causing chaos while Lindsay eats yogurt
I can't not watch 'Gaslight' (Ingrid Bergman) whenever it's on. Or 'Freaky Friday' (Jodie Foster).
Andy Sizzle and Justin Upton must have had one of those Freaky Friday fortune cookies.
What if Jamie Lee Curtis never really switched back bodies with Lohan in "Freaky Friday" and she's the one ruining Lindsay's …
Whenever I have a couple of someone's french fries I feel like Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday
How'd Jaime Lee Curtis go from starring in Freaky Friday to hawking poop yogurt.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I can't listen to Baby One More Time without hearing Chad Michael Murray sing it in Freaky Friday.. 😚😍
What if Lindsey Logan&Jamie Lee Curtis never switched places from Freaky Friday&now Jamie's the one getting drunk&Lindsey's eating Activia
Assigned actor: Jamie Lee Curtis (Thanks Nathan Johnson) Movie I loved: Halloween (of course) Movie I liked: Trading Places ("She never showed her *** till she went legits"- Randy from Scream) Movie I hate: Halloween: Resurrection Movie I hate to like: True Lies &, yes maybe even Freaky Friday :) Like or comment and I'll assign you an actor!
Flick onto NCIS and see Jamie Lee Curtis and Mark Harmon together, instantly think of Freaky Friday
American actress, pop singer, and model. Born in New York City, Lindsay Lohan began in commercials as a small child and as a child fashion model before beginning her film career with Walt Disney Pictures. She made her debut in Disney's remake of "The Parent Trap" ('98) at the age of 11. Current asking price: $7.5 million a movie. Lohan gained further fame with leading roles in "Freaky Friday," "Mean Girls," and "Herbie: Fully Loaded," subsequently appearing in independent films including Robert Altman's "A Prairie Home Companion" and "Bobby" (shared Screen Actors Guild nomination with cast). Her career was interrupted in '07 as two driving under the influence (DUI) incidents and three visits to drug rehabilitation facilities led to several lost movie deals. Resuming her career, she guest starred in the TV series "Ugly Betty," starred in the comedy "Labor Pains," and appeared in "Machete."
2 more days of the work week and then its Freaky Friday!!! Time for lethal performance to shine!
Top 5 people I would like to Freaky Friday with: 5.Karl Lagerfeld 4.Victoria Coren 3.Snoop Dogg pre Snoop Lion 2.Kanye & 1. Amanda Bynes
Just finished watching "Freaky Friday". Such a good movie. Selfless love, being a wife and mom. Life is wonderful.
They who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin, 1775 Obama contends that eavesdropping upon every American's emails and telephone communications, is a worthy price to pay in the loss of liberty in order to keep us safe. But the Constitutional premise is that it is not the job of government to keep us safe, but rather to assure our right to keep ourselves safe, and that particularly from government intrusion. (See the Second Amendment!) * * * THE WHITE HOUSE HAS NO CREDIBILITY By Chuck Baldwin June 20, 2013 Even The New York Times Knows It Holy Cow, Martha! Will miracles never cease? Chuck Baldwin and the New York Times editorial board actually agree. Are we in the Twilight Zone? Is it Freaky Friday? Is the Times editorial board reading my columns and seeing the light or am I watching CNN and MSNBC too much? I know I don’t watch those two propaganda outlets too much, and I doubt the Times editorial boa ...
Freaky Friday was the day Alain Vigneault went to New York and John Tortorella came to Vancouver. But only one of them was officially introduced as a head coach.
Freaky Friday: movie with the best sex scene?
Welp, even though my favorite team lost the game last night, I cannot deny that I had one helluva time here in NY with my New York peeps...even though the majority of them were cheering for the Miami Heat. Oh well, time to start this Freaky Friday in the Big Apple!!! Have a happy Friday guys...
Lindsay Lohan was probably at her highest point when she did Freaky Friday. It went down hill from there
Freaky Friday is on tv and all I can think is how talented n fabulous Lindsay Lohan use to be
Forgot how utterly hilarious Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis and Mark Harmon is!!
Freaky Friday... We need this guy and his trike for the BAT run !!!
Good afternoon hope everyones morning started out good...I am sitting here at the hospital with my Grandson, his mother my daughter Abby Pargeets, and his dad Quinn we just found out he has a heart murmur I don't know how common that is but I'm very sad and hurt to see them poke needles in him he is just a little guy I am praying that he gets through this and he will b home soon I Love my Grandson with all my heart so does his mom and dad and I know they are staying strong for him so am I. well I hope everyone's Freaky Friday goes good at whatever u r doin out there. oh I heard there's a Carnival in Vernal I don't know if that's true but if u go there have fun.enjoy the rest of the day.
No make up Monday, Tipsy Tuesday, Wild out Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Freaky Friday, Sexy Saturday, Sunday Fun day.
Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Drownding – Season 5 Premiere Episode Remember that Lindsay Lohan movie "Freaky Friday" where the mom became the kid and the kid suddenly morphed into the mom role after they were both struck by lightening or something? Yeah – that was last night's episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey! As the adults continued to behave childishly and bicker pettily over everything imaginable, the kids were able to give them a little lesson in communication, letting bygones be bygones, and focusing on the positive! Before we get to all that, things begin with the cast recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. While none of them lost their primary homes, Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga both had their shore homes damaged. "My house… what happened??" they both wail – as a flood of last summer's empty bronzing bottles and sequined bikinis wash over their feet. 'All my marble deck furniture like sunk! Wah… and what about my rhinestone encrusted jet ski Joeeew' Ok – s ...
Hello my fbw.. So my vacation starts next week an im very excited its very very much need.. Also goin to have 2 cute little kittie cats that r so freaki. Adorable next week can not wait :)) well thats all 4now not feelin the best so gona lay the girls down an cuddle up with my hunny so nite nite fbers.. Sweetdreams..
Maybe Mike Miller and Dwayne Wade did a Freaky Friday swap
Hey is freaki tiki sink or swim tonight?
I feel like somewhere in the off season, the M&M boys had some kind of Freaky Friday episode. Mauer=HR, Morneau=slap hit singles
It's Freaky Friday time tonight at Mary's for BOYS ROOM with DJ Headmaster!
Freaky Friday, friends! This is the time where all the craziness ensues. Before you indulge in your illegalities, let's reflect on the movie characters who got their freak on. Today's movie genre morning topic is: movies where a main character partook in the use of drugs. BONUS: what was the drug and who took it?
A remake of Freaky Friday starring Grumpy Cat and Rob Ford
So if Disneyland is supposed to be the most wonderful place on earth, how come kid stars who have worked for them are so bizarre? Usually acting super weird after they have gone forward in their careers? It seems to be mostly girls...but dudes are not exempt from weird or disappointing behavior. Brittany marries childhood friend divorced same week, marries fame seeker former back up dancer-wanna be Vanilla Ice look alike, flips out gets committed, shaves head...almost marries creepy manager guy apparently now all is well in Cougar town. Christina was doing okay, meets boy, gets hitched, has baby, gets divorced and spirals into partying, drinking & binge eating so bad it made her look like the double mint twins conjoined. She bounced back but didn't realize that spray tan can sweat off sister, even if you did pay a fortune for it. Mystic tan my butt. Lindsay the movie is Freaky Friday, not the way you should act, straight, *** straight, oh not sure, drugs, alcohol, hanging with Paris, no wait I hate her, . ...
Freaky Friday: Amanda Bynes and Mayor Rob Ford switch places but it's boring because they do the exact same things.
Coming through to Peddlers Daughter in Nashua tonight. 930ish to close
Do U know english? CRACK THIS!!! Apart from Today "FridaY, Write any other english words that starts with letter "F" and ends with "Y"
As much as I want to plunge you deep into my mouth, lick you all over, drag my tongue across your tip and feel your stickiness slide down my throat I cant because it's just too *** early for lollipops..Anywhoo.FREAKY FRIDAY!! LETS GO!!!..GM PEEPS!
Went running for the third time this week this morning. I don't even recognize myself.
There will be no FREAKY FRIDAY posts due to the fact that WE are on the road! Everyone have a good and safe Memorial Day weekend!!
Gm its the top 5 @ 9 w/ guest dj holla back Gm freaky friday
FREAKY FRIDAY! Come in today and completely change your look and receive 20% off .( completely =touch up /high lite /hair) SEE YOU SOON
top of the morning ppl its freaky Friday let's get it
Walked into work @ 7 & Diane Amarilla was already kicking the BossMan out.more like a four day weekend now.YEAH BABY!
This Freaky Friday isn't working out quite the way I planned...Mom is sleeping out on the patio swing and I have to wash the floors...WTD? Kinda nice having thumbs though.
THANKS GOD IT'S ** FREAKY FRIDAY **!!! Let's party hard tonight at Luxy !! Lets get Crazy Wild and Naughty as every Friday with BOOM Events
Right then guys and girls its freaky friday ..why u ask well cause you gotta get downs on friday -potatomasher
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It's going to be a freaky Friday... So Happy Freaky Friday everybody!! Xoxo
see yall in a min going to make coffee and watch JERRY! HAPPY FREAKY FRIDAY!
Good morning fb angels I hope u all have a freaky Friday. As for me went to the gym early now work yea baby.
Happy Friday!! *** you 2 pimples on my left cheek, ugh! I guess my hormones are are telling me something. lol!
Good Morning Everyone, It's Freaky Friday ( T.G.I.F ) It's Memorial Day Weekend... The Weather is not looking too good, im tight... But still want to do something tho... Thank you lord for me waking up to see a new day... Im ready for the day... F.B Fams have a good day...
Good morning :) How are all are PD fans? Oh yeah don't today is freaky Friday lol :) my parents and some others in my family tease about it being naked Friday lol that started a few years ago on our family vacation. Any of you have family jokes? -tieal-
My day has not started the way it should have. Had a tire issue on my car, so Tony put the spate on it last night. Go out this morning and the spare is freaking flat. Are you kidding me?!?! Thankful for friends who are willing to lend a helping hand. Hoping the rest of the day pans out a little bit better than its start.
Just knw wen your bank balance is 999.99 niggah knw you broke friday
Watching a woman shave her hair off her face before work. It must be freaky Friday ✌
Hey guy since its Freaky Friday, who wants an imagine? Comment who u want. Imma do most of them during school Minnie Luvs Ray Mouse
Today is thee day i lov the most.. Happy freaky friday buddy's ;-)
Some aldermen not happy about the new parking meter deal Mayor Emanuel has worked out. Even some of his allies oppose the deal.
Happy friday Inner Freak Radio listeners today's mission is to tell me your freakiest thought today. And I will tell you.mines later on today. Fridays are about the beginning of the weekend and where freaks comes out til Sunday morning... So tell me, Kelendria what's ur freakiest thought, or what you going to do this weekend that's freaky?
Friday morning.have a lovely day. I know I will.
Trifecta of Terror: EMS week + Full Moon + holiday weekend.wait and new boots. Here we go. 24 hrs to go!
Yeah Yeah Yeah! I wanna see you tonight...tonight is the's a freaky fabolous friday people..YEAH!
Gd morning world its freaky Friday and long weekend coming so enjoy this beautiful rainy day as well as ur weekend
PLEASE DON'T READ THIS.YOU WILL BE. KISSED ON THE NEAREST FRIDAY BY THE. ONE YOU LOVE.NOU YOU'VE STARTED READING. THIS SO DON'T STOP. THIS IS REALLY FREAKY! 1)say your name 10 times.2)say your mom's name 5 times.3)say your crushes name 3 times. 4)paste this on 4 other quizes.if you. do this your crush will kiss you on the. nearest friday. if you don't do this after. reading tis you will get bad luck. send this this to 4 other quizzes in 143 minutes. when done press F6 and the name of your crush will. appear on the screen in big letters.
That's that Freaky Friday we was all talking about!!! What y'all doing? Is it gonna be "Booze then Books" OR "Books then Booze?? Keep it Real!!
Just off of work and actually have the day off!! Yippee! Rare occasion for me to have a Friday off! Gonna sleep like a baby with the cooler but muggy weather we are having. I hope everyone enjoys freaky Friday and the weekend! Peace out!
Good Morning Happy Freaky Friday! I'm up and moving around 5 mo minutes trying 2 get another 5 mo minutes! Get up & Get Down and give him PRAISE! It's a (3) day WEEKEND.HIP, HIP, HOORAY.
CoFfEe This Freaky (cold) Friday: Car-hazel-mel and Italian Roast Espresso... Tasting Pretty Good I have to say! Our hours are Saturday 6-2 and Closed Memorial Day.. We Pray for a Safe Refreshing Long weekend with Family and Friends.. more people to go out and be a light to!! Love you all so much.. Wendy
All the freaky people make the beauty of the world! - Michael Franti It's freaky Friday, have a beautiful day!
What is everyone doing this freaky Friday
It's Freaky Friday! I have just - literally - been running errands. 3.23 miles later, I've banked the cheques; returned library book; and rescued a friend's dogs from their neighbour's back garden! Now I'm off in the car for more errands and an order to complete later! I think this is what they call multi-tasking?
Hi there its a freaky friday; I feel like hitting de dance floor
Well,off to work this mourning.Gotta serve up that bacon like the HPD.LOL...Hope everyone has a freaky friday!
Gud mornin all lets have an explodin one its friday. Freaky,dirty friday but stay safe. Stay bless,stay tru,always b u.
I think i will b puting my dancing shoes 2nyt it bin a wyl freaky friday...
Leggoo Boys n Girls! Get yo azzes up! We need to get these last 8 hours in for the week coz its time to par-tay!! We get to hang with JACK for 3 days straight! Its Memorial Day weekend - gonna be some "memories" made! Happy JACK Friday my Freaky Peeps!!
Lets jst col it freaky. Friday YiNi#
Create in me a Clean heart so I can Worship you lord and we say Thank God its Fresh Freaky Freelance Friday. Plz invite me on BBM: 27ca82a0 ppl. I've lost all my contact and I really dnt knw happend..*crying* frm over_-_-_ contact to nothing and no back up Inkinga le. Catch me 2day on Vava Vum Drive show 107.6FM for Gig Guide and a special Guest Dj on Board.
Its like when I'm right I'm right, when I'm wrong I could been right, so I'm still right cause I coulda been wrong, you know, and I'm sorry cause I could be wrong right now, I could be wrong, but if I'm right...Am Always on the Right path. Funkee Freaky Fun Friday.
she put ice on my nutz win we fck, so u can say im chillin! Friday#
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Bunch of crazies on the tram tonight. It's freaky man! Serious loons. Full moon!
Have a freaky Friday my fb friends n family.
Freaky Friday: The biggest dj/artist show going down today,24th May in Moi Uni Main Campus from 7pm,dj Kev,dj r rough,dj hassan,dj rough ,dj audie,rabbit,Jay a and so much more dont miss out
Mrng friendz that freaky friday what ur plans 4 today nd enjoy it
Apart from friday,write any word that start with "f" and end with "y" comment fast ,the winner will be annouce in 24 hours
Its friday friday, time for HOT9NINE WITH JUST MOO. FRIDAY#
Morning FB peeps have a awesome freaky friday after all its pay weekend for some of us
15 GREAT THOUGHTS. 1) "Learn from the mistakes of others... you can't live long enough to make them all yourselves!!" 2)"A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and Honest people are screwed first."... 3)"Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous." 4)"There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth." 5)" Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions - Why am I doing it, What the results might be and Will I be successful. Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead." 6)"As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it." 7)"The world's biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman." "Once you start a working on something, don't be afraid of failure and don't abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest." 9)"The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person s ...
Long time, no chat,no post. How you all doing? Hope you all good. Wishing you a funny, fantabulous, freaky, fantastic, fabric fresh Friday
Good Family: have a funky, freaky friday.
Its a brand new day,on a brand new stage,on d street of lasgidi,God on my knees i pray abeg,make i no go astray. Do av a freaky fabulous friday friends.
Whisky or brandy please advise someone is buying for mwah... Mrng friends and family hve a lovely supa dupa freaky Friday!
Anybody want to check out 2 live crew friday night ?
We have a 6 ft. King snake in our back yard that has eaten something large recently, big bump in its belly. It is hiding now. Trying to get a video to post.
Thank God its Friday and always remenber that your mind is a powerful thing when you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change.
Freaky Friday!! Just post what's freaking you out right now and be entered to win a romance novel. (For me, it's the three-foot pile of laundry:o( Winner will be announced tonight around 9pm MST so be sure to check back at the bottom of this post.
Margarita Monday tequila Tuesday wild and out Wednesday Thirsty Thursday . Freaky Friday guess I need to find a freak
Every talks about Freaky Friday and Vice/Versa. NO ONE TALKS ABOUT KIRK CAMERON! Until now, when I use this photo to promote my blog post about my son's different interests and don't even mention the movie. (LINK IN FIRST COMMENT)
Want a Freaky Friday remake with Caitlin Moran & Nigella Lawson? Here you go, person with weirdly specific film ideas
Come downstairs to find watching Bridget Jones & Eating ben and jerrys from the tub. This is like Freaky Friday!
Some of the outrageous costumes from Freaky Friday party last night:
It's always fun to think up something off the wall for Freaky Friday. I didn't want to do a lot of exercises, so I went with standard POF--but I did something I call 5-4-3. Remember 3 exercises for each target muscle in POF, so that would be the set count for each--a 5X sequence on midrange, a 4X sequence on stretch and then a 3X sequence on contracted--but on the last exercise I blasted it with TORQ (reps = 30-20-15 with 40 seconds between sets; ouch!). Another killer workout in the books--and I'm already looking bigger as I get leaner. Gotta love the mass-illusion magic of muscle definition. (Go to our X Blog for the full training details.) Note: My current program is based on the direct/indirect program in the UPDATED The 4X Mass Workout 2.0, which now includes TORQ (tension overload repetition quantity method). I also use Super TORQ, inspired by Mr. America Doug Brignole's high-end hypertrophic-tension-time method he describes in The Ultimate Power-Density Mass Workout 2.0. My interview with Doug appe ...
Chad Michael Murray singing Britney Spears in Freaky Friday will NEVER get old
if I had to Freaky Friday with someone I may choose Lucy Lui
I really need to find that fortune cookie lady from Freaky Friday so that I can successfully switch lives with Selena Gomez
Um, is singing along perfectly to Young Frankenstein while I sit in silence. Is this Freaky Friday?!
Mom is getting a kick out of Freaky Friday. I'm just watching it for Mark Harmon. 😘
This bar featured in the film, Freaky Friday (2003) with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan.
All about Mark Harmon, this remake of Freaky Friday is nothing without our Gibbs:) lol.
Freaky Friday is on 😱 , The ring 2 & A very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas at the same time why😔
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Freaky Friday but opposite Jamie Lee Curtis is an Orc.
In my opinion, Stephen's best work is in Groundhog Day and Memento, but I've seen Freaky Friday more than those 2.
Good afternoon! We've got some great Freaky Friday stories going on in our previous post, the freakiest story...
Annette Bening was suppose to be in Freaky Friday but she dropped out last moment so they got Jamie Lee Curtis. I wish she didn't 😑
“I mean... when your last decent film was 'Freaky Friday', you'd turn to drugs, too...” Jamie Lee Curtis right
*** Kansas City hit us with the Freaky Friday switch up. Jamie Lee Curtis.
An interesting thing to point out it Mark Harmon was Jamie Lee Curtis's love interest in Freaky Friday...
It's basically 'Freaky Friday' with Rob Schneider and Anna Faris. Did I mention it's really, really bad? You should watch it.
Sister: Is Jamie Lee Curtis the mom in Freaky Friday? “Anyway so about this starfish…”
I love how Jamie Lee Curtis & Mark Harmon were together on "Freaky Friday", and now Jamie Lee Curtis is on N.C.I.S. :D Just makes my day!
Still to this day I can't watch an episode NCIS without looking at Mark Harmon and saying or thinking "That's the guy from Freaky Friday!!"
Freaky Friday weekend... I get it, it's based off of the movies (seen all 3 versions: Jodie Foster, Shelley Long, Lindsay L.)
I love Jodie Foster, her first movie I saw was Freaky Friday..
I forgot Mark Harmon is in Freaky Friday!! love him 😍😘❤
Also please tell me why I have Lindsay Lohans band's song from Freaky Friday stuck in my head
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Cherry toaster strudel, vanilla ice cream and Freaky Friday!
Im sitting here and i finally understand why the guy in Freaky Friday loved Lindsay Lohans mom... Cause she was in her body! Duhhh
Freaky Friday ! The last time when Lindsay Lohan looked pretty !
The original Freaky Friday with Jodi Foster is so funny!
there was a children's book written about this sort of day, Wacky Wednesday, but it's Friday...Freaky Friday?
Freaky Friday tonight @ Diamond Pub and Billiards!! Time to get your weekend started off right: St Matthews- NO COVER - Live music on the Monster Dome Deck from 10pm-2am with Diamond Bar's favorite original artist, Bob Anonymous featuring Paul Culligan from Days of the New on the drums and Pat Wolfe slapping the bass. - Get down to some soul/blues music in the Main Bar with Soul River Brown from 10pm-2am - Slick Bandits will be shredding the Entertainment Room w/ their hard rocking sound! Highlands- NO COVER - Live music in Tequila Room of the Main Bar w/ The Kevin Cummings Band from 10pm-2am - Heating up the deck tonight will be Clay Harned from 10pm-2am. Diamond Pub Concert Hall- $15 Drive By featuring Blaze & Anybody Killa/ Dead Dirty Carnies/ B Good/ Chadillac Dundee/ Midnight Dizturbance. 18+. Doors open @ 8pm
It's Freaky Friday! Do you have any weird crushes on famous people that don’t make sense to you?
Freaky Friday is the flashback to my childhood
Week 3 for Sam Andrew Michaels Jewellers with Paragon just over another 3 weeks left, Half way mate keep up the good work. Ramping the training up now, Sam is going to be introduced to Mad monday Wicked Wednesday and Freaky Friday. Good Luck Sam bring your game face tomorrow.
Freaky Friday's at Nuevolution Dance Studio 7:00PM - Dominican Style Bachata with MrRotate Nuevolution 8:00PM - Beginner LA Style with Cristina Padilla 9:00PM - Intermediate Advanced LA Style Salsa FREAKY FRIDAY'S is just the pre-party for the big social event happening tomorrow at 9PM starting with a Salsa Class. Also tomorrow we will have our first official Zumba Sentao Class at 2PM with Diosiris Wilhelm Hinestrosa. We are so looking forward to seeing you guys come out tonight and tomorrow to get your dance & fitness ON! "Innovate your Body and Soul"
I keep thinking about the scene in Freaky Friday where Chad Michael Murray sings Baby One More Time to Jamie Lee Curtis
This FRIDAY! Only $10 Instead of Purple Thursdays this month we are going to move it to Friday! Freaky Friday we'll call it. but calling all the Ques and friends to be out at. "The Coleman-Love Affair!" The Ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc Louisville Alumnae Chapter & The Men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc Theta Omega Chapter Presents “A Coleman-Love Affair” When: Friday, March 1, 2013 Where: The Venue 510, 510 West Broadway Time: 9pm-2am Tickets $10 No Hats - No Sneakers Cash Bar All Night All proceeds benefit the LACDST Youth Champions Challenging Diabesity and Theta Omega's fund for Relay for Life
It'd be like Freaky Friday but with less awkward sexual tension between Jamie Lee Curtis and Chad Michael Murray.
Join Amber, Louise & the rest of the Honeys for Freaky Friday all the way through till 7am..If you've got the stamina
Halloween was I first film that I saw Jamie Lee Curtis in. Jamie Lee Curtis was funny in Freaky Friday (2003)
Gallery: Freaky Friday: A teenage Jodie Foster stars in this happy Disney comedy that's superior to t...
That akward moment when you realize that David Harmon from NCIS plays the mother's fiance in Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan...
My mom just told me she stalked Mark Harmon aka Leroy Jethro Gibbs aka the man from Freaky Friday, at Disney World a few years ago.
Freaky Friday question of the night. Spit or swallow ? P.Tim
Let's do a couple Freaky Friday questions before I head off for the night. Q1: Craziest place you have ever had sex. ~Amanda~
My favourite Lindsay Lohan movies are Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap :D
Freaky Friday is on aw Lindsay Lohan is normal.
Night life in Queenstown = watching Freaky Friday in bed and talking about how Lindsay Lohan looks like Malcolm in the Middle.
Hey Movie Maniacs! Wow, what a crazy week it's been so far, luckilly, we have some awesome titles to keep you entertained. So, here's whats new this week: - Thunderstruck A basketball star switches talent with a klutzy 16-year-old fan, which ensure loads of laughs and mishaps along the way. - Copposites A cop. A Conman. A crazy formula. It’s Freaky Friday, Vice Versa or any other body swap movie all over again. And it is distinctly South African. As they say – if it ain’t broke… Copposites certainly isn’t. Sure, it has its flaws, but this might just be the funniest local film you’ll see in a long time. And, yes, that’s counting Leon’s stuff… - Premium Rush In Manhattan, a bike messenger picks up an envelope that attracts the interest of a dirty cop, who pursues the cyclist throughout the city. - The Campaign In order to gain influence over their North Carolina district, two CEOs seize an opportunity to oust long-term congressman Cam Brady by putting up a rival candidate. Their man: naive ...
My phone decided to delete all my contact names so all I get is the phone number AND then my daughters phone syncs to mine and I am getting her text messages not having a clue if it is somebody I know or her friends.I guess when they refer to my husband as "your Pappa" that means they are her friends...It's like "Freaky Friday"!
If there was a Freaky Friday scenario where I switched lives with Paul Giamatti, I think I'd actually be getting the short end of the stick
I like that Mark Harmon is in Freaky Friday :3
Freaky Friday 👌 You are a smart, strong, independent woman and you don't need a man to complete you. Thank you Jamie Lee Curtis 😭😭😭
It's Freaky Friday with Roger Corman's 'A Bucket of Blood': A budding artist turns deadly...
Things that have made me cry today: Perks of Being a Wall Flower, Extreme Makeover, Ellen Degeneres and Freaky Friday
Gm fbf.hope everyone had a good night & having a blessed morning. Have u started u Freaky Friday by getting things wetter inside then it is outside. Enjoy yall day & have a safe weekend.
Freaky Friday! We've found something a bit David Lynchian in this property listing's photos, see if you can spot it...
I dressed like Jaimie Lee Curtis for two months after I saw Freaky Friday.
Character actor of the day: Julie Gonzalo. Born in Lanus, Buenos Aires Argentina, Gonzalo moved to Miami Florida with her family when she was eight years old. Her first role was in the film The Penny Game. She appeared in the film I'm With Lucy & the TV movie Exit 9. She played Stacey Hinkhouse in the film Freaky Friday. She has appeared on a number of TV series including N.C.I.S. Drake & Josh, C.S.I: Miami & Castle. She played Amber in the comedy film Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. She played Parker Lee on the TV series Veronica Mars. She was Maggie Dekker on the short-lived series Eli Stone. She can currently be seen as the manipulative Rebecca Sutter Barnes on the TV series Dallas.
It’s Freaky Friday again . For the fourth time this fiscal, erroneous trades nearly brought the house down on a Friday. The stocks of Tata Motors and UltraTech Cement tanked 10% each during the closing hour of trade on the National Stocks Exchange, before recouping part of the losses. Erroneous trades punched by some broker is suspected to have caused the fall. The losses could have been sharper, but for the risk control measures introduced by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) in December to prevent freak orders from causing flash-crashes. The regulator had asked stock exchanges to set the dynamic price bands at 10% of the previous closing price for securities on which derivative products are available. Prior to that, there was no tight limit on stocks on which futures and options were available and which were excluded from requirement of a price band. Friday’s crash in the two stocks happened around 3.06 pm when a large sell order suddenly led to Tata Motors diving from Rs293 to Rs268 ...
Since it's monsooning here today, I took the girl to school so she wouldn't get soaked walking in from the parking lot. As I was dropping her off, I made the mistake of saying, Have fun! She looks at me, astounded, and says, "Do you KNOW where I'm going?" LOL! Normally, my parting line to them is a very perky "Make good choices!" thanks to Jamie Leigh Curtis in Freaky Friday. That always earns me an eye roll! What are some of your favorite standby lines with your kids?
Let's switch lives. I'd gladly lose those pounds. O: We'll go all Freaky Friday later in the week. ;D
I can't take Alan Rickman seriously in any other movie except Harry Potter. It's almost as bad as seeing Mark Harmon playing the guy in Freaky Friday right after watcing NCIS.
Freaky Friday request! We are down to our last roll of toilet paper. No... We wishes we were joking! If you happen to be stopping by... :)
Jamie Lee Curtis on causing more trouble than when she was the mom in Freaky Friday
I find it funny that Gibbs and Jamie Lee Curtis are in a relationship on NCIS... Freaky Friday they got married...
"I haven't been this disappointed since I found out Jamie Lee Curtis & Lindsay Lohan didn't actually switch bodies in Freaky Friday!"
"I'M COLD!" - me impersonating Jamie Lee Curtis in 'Freaky Friday' but making it relevant to my life
Does Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday count as a "dude?"
This lady @ Starbucks totally just had the exact makeover of Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.
Jan. 21, 1977: Freaky Friday, starring Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster is generally released. Based on the novel of the same name by Mary Rodgers, a mother and daughter switch personalities on Friday the 13th and get a taste of what each others lives are like. I remember the original movie as a child and the 3rd version starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan that was released in 2003.
Every morning, when I wake up I hope that by some miracle Freaky Friday has happened to me & Jenna Dewan-Tatum and I have switched places. What can I say, I dream big.
OK, it is definitely Freaky Friday he at the Rush Residence...first, at 8:15 this morning, our dishwasher door SPRINGS OPEN in the middle of a cycle...I think I leaped from the table to the dishwasher, clamoring to close it back up...then, about an hour ago, I go to get some hand cream out of the bottle on my kitchen sink...a bottle I've had for a few years. I turn it over and it actually cracked and the lotion sprayed all over me, the counter, the floor, the open dishwasher door...maybe it's just that part of our kitchen that is hexed or something!
Freaky Friday w the tea tarts. Brkfst and a movie. Today was "Silver Linings Playbook". Loved it. Was fabulous.
Good morning ya'll ! I slept in, silly kitty kept purring me back to sleep. Well we made it! It's Freaky Friday, how awesome is that. Husbands puter part should be here today or tomorrow, woo hoo, then all I have to do is install it :) Most all our snow is gone except the stuff that never sees sunshine. Now, grab your coffee and your dancing shoes, lets dance our way into a brand new day! Are you ready for some rock and roll? Party on!
Hi Everyone, 2013 marks the 20th ANNIVERSARY of our award-winning Hollywood Networking Breakfast® and we are pleased to announce that this month's speaker is the one and only, NINA JACOBSON, producer of the HUNGER GAMES (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, One Day, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Princess Diaries, The Rookie, Remember the Titans, Freaky Friday, Sweet Home Alabama, The Sixth Sense, Signs, What Lies Beneath, Antz, etc.). PLUS, Nina has agreed to a one-on-one private meeting with one lucky attendee! Join us this month and bring a friend. DISCOUNT FOR FIRST-TIME ATTENDEES -- Details below - see you there! :) Best regards, Sandra Lord, Founder * SANDRA LORD Invites you and a guest to THE AWARD WINNING HOLLYWOOD NETWORKING BREAKFAST® [aka The Hollywood Breakfast™] ("Best Networking Event in L.A.") CELEBRATING 20 YEARS SERVICE TO THE ENTERTAINMENT COMMUNITY IN 2013 _ JANUARY'S SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: BLOCKBUSTER PRODUCER NINA JACOBSON PRESIDENT OF COLOR FORCE & PRODUCER, THE HUNGER ...
Omg-- I am still dying--- I love my princess! Anyone who has been around her knows how she is--- soo she says to me yelling- Do you think my life is perfect? NO! Everyone's out to get me-- boho!!!- so I was like Wth--- I said Keira where did you hear that??? She says mamma seriously-- you don't know?!!! Flipped her hair back and said-- those girls who switched bodies-- don't you know? Yelling at me-- remember-- I said o Freaky Friday-- she said Ooo thank god you not stupid! Wth! She is 3!? Lol had to share!
Some of you might remember my little brother was a child actor...on the golden globe awards when showing Jodie Foster's life's work they showed a clip with Jodie, Barbra Harris and my brother in the VW bug from Freaky Friday..,Just thought that was so cool :)
Blondie I will say Taxi Driver, Caught Stealing with Mark Harmon, The Accused with Kelly McGillis, Freaky Friday before Lindsay
We have made it through the week.all the Freaky Friday stuff...etc.,.It is now Sunday, no better place to be than HEROES ON THE BOAT.S U N D A Y fun all day long.Wings that will melt your mouth.Football on the Big Screens.Then 2 BROTHERS TRIVIA will be testing your knowledge.Never know what question they may find.Stick around the night isn't over.We are going to do some SINGING, DANCING and just have a GRAND OLE TIME.SEE YA ON THE BOAT.
It's Freaky Friday! What's the freakiest thing you ever encountered while fishing?
I just saw Jamie Lee Curtis' butt in a thong. Why am I watching Freaky Friday?
sketchika & I on this Freaky Friday afternoon delight! # @ The Home Depot
It's Freaky Friday, baby! Get our FreakBalls for $6.55. They're boneless, skinless chicken tender chunks lightly breaded, flash fried and tossed in any of our homemade sauces! OH, and they're topped with fries, cole slaw and cheese.
Well look at that Freaky Friday is upon us once again. Some of us are traditional when it comes to sex. All we need is four walls and a bed. But there are some of us who are a bit more less traditional, adventurous, where is the craziest place you've ever had sex?
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Turnup Tuesday, Whiskey Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Freaky Friday. Saturday is just a given.
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