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Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday is a classic comedic children’s novel written by Mary Rodgers first published in the USA in 1972, and adapted for film several times.

Jamie Lee Curtis Lindsay Lohan Chad Michael Murray Lindsey Lohan Jodie Foster Jaime Lee Curtis Mark Harmon Cinderella Story Barbara Harris Gilmore Girls Body Snatchers John Travolta

Markie Mark takes over Mark Wahlberg's body and goes on a singing spree across the US and the fans go wild. It's Freaky Friday with One Guy.
Please send a $5 Amazon gift card to akayyxxxso I can rent Freaky Friday & get my Jamie Lee Curtis & Lindsay Lohan fixes
All teenagers should watch the original Freaky Friday starring Jodie Foster, but we love the new musical adaptation!
If we manage to find her amongst the bushes of Hampstead Heath SANDRA is back TONIGHT for Freaky Friday at the…
What if you're in a Freaky Friday situation with Busy Phillips?. Asking for a friend.
i want a really meta version of Freaky Friday where Angela Lansbury and Paul McCartney trade places. very Hollywood insider, tongue & cheek
ok who went Freaky Friday with Sean Hannity
Freaky Friday's a Disney movie. A Cinderella Story is Warner bros
Day 11. . My favorite movie from my childhood. . Freaky Friday (2003). High School Musical. (2006)
There had to be a Freaky Friday thing going on with Bob Huggins and Dave Rice
littlethings. Famous Roles. Kelly Osbourne was considered for the role in Freaky Friday but Lindsay Lohan got the part.
Me: "Jane Lynch is in Another Cinderella Story bc why not". "That and Freaky Friday.". Me: "That's Jamie Lee Curtis you *** "
Here's some stuff from Disney's Freaky Friday musical. . Let's remember the Sherman brothers wrote some songs for...
Freaky Friday is a go @ Dance Specials! Today on dayshift we have AALIYAH DIAMOND JOEY LOVELY MALLORY…
just out of curiosity, does this Freaky Friday like situation reverse the Holy Roller outcome?
Fav if you cry a little at Jamie Lee Curtis's final speech in Freaky Friday.
Jaime Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday is, like, Oscar worthy lmao
So wait in Freaky Friday, did Chad Michael Murray fall in love with Jaime Lee Curtis (who was secretly Lindsay Lohan)? nice
Jaime Lee Curtis is brilliant in Freaky Friday. Bless that movie
I've been waiting days for tonight's Freaky Friday on MBC max. Minutes to go😊!😊
gaga playing guitar honestly reminds me of that one scene in Freaky Friday where Lindsay Lohan has to play guitar as Jamie Lee Curtis
Freaky Friday movie concept for Liza and Ms Dawn Zulueta! 🙏🏼😂
Live TONIGHT. 8Ball and MJG Live in the Building at Dallas Cabaret South . Freaky Friday's…
field trip to to see a fantastic Freaky Friday
Tom Kitt & Brian Yorkey’s new musical 'Freaky Friday' begins performances tonight at in Arlington
Freaky Friday, Michigan St. edition: John L. Smith and Mark Dantonio switch bodies. John L. has been coaching MSU last two weeks
Am I really stupid for not realising Jake from Freaky Friday is Chad Michael Murray? ***
Maisy Stella's personality and the "Freaky Friday" version of Lindsay Lohan is really all you need to know about I decided
Freaky Friday edition with the Congrats on advancing to the next round. 👬
been in love with Mark Harmon since Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday, but Jason Vorhees switches bodies with Lindsay Lohan and stabs the *** out of Jamie Lee Curtis.
Listen to Freaky Friday ft. Mike Bryant & Hostyle by Kaine Getryte on
Hot new pics to post on this Freaky Friday. 100 love & rts to start sharing. 🍆🍆🍆
Guys if you don't read this week's episode of freaky Friday you will be missing out.
Day 25: a movie that no one would expect you to love | Freaky Friday
When I went to the broad I ran into Jamie Lee Curtis before we left and all I could say was freaky Friday 👌🏼
I wish I could have a Freaky Friday situation with my parents so they can see that it's really not as easy as they often think it is
I would nut all over Jamie Lee Curtis in freaky friday
ok so in order it was Gilmore Girls, Dawson's Creek, Freaky Friday, One Tree Hill, A Cinderella Story... and then One Tree Hill again...
We're sitting In silence.. No one is conversation. Out of the silence . "Oka.y I have a 'Freaky Friday' theory!!. (-:"
How the heck did Freaky Friday remake with Lindsey Lohan get an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Pirates of the Caribbean only got 79% ?!
I think she’s had a freaky Friday moment with my dog
Yo I forgot how good freaky Friday is
the fact that an ISIS supporter that lives down the block from me that got arrested on Friday still is a freaky thing to think of.
You've gone to freaky Friday here at least once in your childhood
I've always wanted a pair of cargo pants. But like the ones Lindsey Lohan wore in Freaky Friday
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Do the Kings and Blazers' front offices have a Freaky Friday situation going on?
Freaky Friday is the best movie idgaf
"Avery I wanna do freaky Friday with you so I can know what it's like to have big boobs." Thanks Devan
I just said "lets trade halves of our fortune cookies and see if we freaky Friday it" and the guy at Panda Express looked at me so judgy
Oh yeah best believe we getting freaky on that track Friday & Saturday!! 🤘🏾💯
The first movie I ever cried at was Freaky Friday starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. I was 22.
people keep asking me if I've voted & I'm like well I can't & then I say "make good choices" like Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday
Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore star in the male version of 'Freaky Friday' in 'Like Father, Like Son'
Freaky Friday (03): solid remake. The script isn't always brilliant but Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are both very good.
If you say Chad Michael Murray in Freaky Friday isn't your ideal man then you're wrong
Lindsay Lohan is actually a great actress because in Freaky Friday she pretends to know what it's like to be an adult.
Every time I drop Ben off at Rockhurst I yell "Make good choices" like Jamie Lee Curtis does to Lindsey Lohan in Freaky Friday. He hates it
I'm proud to announce that the "Freaky Friday" sequel starring and I is finally in preproduction! It comes out in Imax 3D!
I wish me and zoey could body swap like the movie freaky Friday. That would be so tight. Live a day as your life mate.
She says the same things I say, right? Beause she did freaky Friday on me try to be someone that's she's not. You will never be me ***
let's freaky Friday plz because you're perfect
Freaky Friday, a mom and daughter switch bodies and they try their best as one another
traumatic. They should make a freaky Friday remake of someone getting trapped in the body of one who is allergic to chocolate
give me ONE good reason why freaky Friday isn't on Netflix. . this is an abomination
Freaky Friday. But the men get to be women for a change.
I miss the days when I would force Charlie to watch Freaky Friday with me every Friday
Y'all I've been listening to Ultimate from Freaky Friday way to much lately
I heard someone say today "I don't have anything to study". I need one of those Freaky Friday fortune cookies
I'm listening to Hit Me Baby One More Time and all I can hear is singing it in Freaky Friday
remember last year in theatre you, Alli, and I always talked about doing the song from AHS asylum for freaky Friday
Tomorrow night the DVDs I'm watching is hunger games and Cinderella and into the woods and freaky Friday and another Cinderella Story 😀
.Freaky Friday reboot starring Roman Reigns and Sin Cara. DM me for the full rundown.
Jake from Freaky Friday. -Everyone's number 1 let's be real. -Owned my *** years ago and he still does. -greasy king https:/…
if you combine Dean and Tristan Dugray you get Chad Michael Murray's Freaky Friday character
.I'd like to hire someone to yank me out of bed Freaky Friday style every morning
Each and every Friday it's all about Freaky Friday Ladies Night at…
Literally had a dream last night and I switched bodies Freaky Friday style & woke up to ask him if we could switch back 😳 ***
Y'all watch out cos this tune is gon blow yo minds "Wasted" by . Drops this Friday with🔥🔥🔥
A boyfriend like Jake from Freaky Friday please where we could just talk about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Ramones
watching a nice light movie to relax with... The departed. Then maybe Freaky Friday .. I'm diverse!
Get freaky every Friday with and at Free dancing w/ no cover? YES PLEASE.
Bucket list, if I were to Freaky Friday with a dog:. Pee on fire hydrant. Bite a mailman. Become YouTube famous. Catch hella frisbees
I think Correa and Marte are staring in Freaky Friday 3.
Whoa. Freaky Friday is a great movie. Not to mention the song Ultimate is a classic.
Friday we were in Sherman, now they have to run for cover from storms??! That's freaky, same thing happened, few...
someone make me a Freaky Friday vine pls I beggeth u
I just really love Freaky Friday so much, like I think it might be my fav
Freaky Friday! Out of the shower dripping wet who wants to put lotion on my body looking to be freaky https:…
is this an attack on Freaky Friday cuz quite frankly the plot is dumb but Lohan's acting like her life was in order was great!
Question: Who is the popular author who wrote Freaky Friday?. : Linsey Lohan!
I'm so sensitive right now I almost started crying watching Freaky Friday, wut even
Freaky Friday with Taco, Bird, and Rod...The Division ep.9 Zone: via
To my brother: I'll never forget how I met you. Freaky Friday, Freshman year. Big Mike brought…
On this day 1930:. Actor John Astin - Bill Andrews in Disney's 1976 Freaky Friday - is born in Baltimore,...
Am I the only one that thinks she looks like a young Jodie Foster? Taxi Driver/Freaky Friday era.
Despite season four's problems, the Freaky Friday episode is one of Community's best. I didn't realise Jim Rash wrote it
Just My Luck is on TV and it's making me miss the old Lindsey Lohan. The one that gave us Mean Girls, Life Size and Freaky Friday.
Believe is playing and this 60 year old man screamed that it was his song and my head went back like Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.
Not the band, the people who protected the child Disney star of Candleshoe & the original Freaky Friday from MK Ultra perv John Hinkley.
"You can't live if you haven't seen Freaky Friday." A Dance Moms quote has never been so accurate.
Feel like pizza and red wine with the following movies to keep me company; Blue Crush, Freaky Friday and Moulin Rouge
If I was in Freaky Friday my favorite bit would be when 'mom' told me I was having an early bedtime and I was all "thank god thank you yes."
Alejandra Guzman looks like Jaime Lee Curtis when Lindsay Lohan takes over her body in Freaky Friday
The funniest part about Freaky Friday was that Chad Michael Murray fell in love with Jamie Lee Curtis 😂
The most accurate portrayal of a mother I have ever seen in a movie is Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday
Remember Jamie Lee Curtis's guitar solo in Freaky Friday?? It changed me.
The best "Abbie's look alike" comparisons I've made: the crocodile hunter and Chad Michael Murray in Freaky Friday
So today I've watched Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Freaky Friday and now Monsters Inc. I feel I should...
'Is this a true story' Andy brown on Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday with Kirby Ray on Real Rock 99.3! Brought to you by Jimmy Johns & Laser Focused Energy Drink!
'Freaky Friday' puts Cavaliers in Warriors' shoes for a night
Mom's drunk at a Christmas party karaoke singing "Copa Cabana" and I'm just here studying, so the Freaky Friday plot can start any time now
I want to believe this "Jamie Lee Curtis character hasn't read the book she wrote" thing is a Freaky Friday reference.…
That you do. The energy is live like it's a Freaky Tah Friday.
Bring back Freaky Friday or whatever you called it on whichever day you did it if you see what I mean 😳
Pull a Chad Micheal Murray from Freaky Friday. Sing Baby One More Time outside my bedroom window and maybe we can talk
Anyone else think Pominville and Vanek had a Freaky Friday experience?
maybe if we run headfirst at each other we can freaky Friday swap
and vice versa, let's do a freaky Friday
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Freaky Friday meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers in this action-packed novel.
thewamiv: I think the darkest part of Freaky Friday is when Lindsay Lohan has to have sex with her father...
Casually rapping in my car and praying that I will wake up as one day. Freaky Friday style
"it's like FREAKY FRIDAY meets GARFIELD. eh? eh?" what a time to be alive.
just let iphone live in your place. Like freaky friday. It deserves it.
I just saw a woman that looked like Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday when she becomes the hot mom
"Hamlet was a dude who couldn't make up his mind." There's my English final. If it's good enough for Freaky Friday, it's good enough for me.
Weddings, Jersey style: Getting freaky on Friday the 13th
I wanna watch Freaky Friday + order papa johns. Not the productivity level i had in mind for today but now that I have this new fun idea.
Imagine a Christmas movie Freaky Friday scenario where John McClane is home alone and Kevin McCallister is fighting Germ…
I'm not *** on Thursdays either. That's my throw it back days . Catch me on freaky Friday 😂
If they could switch souls (like in Freaky Friday) with one another, who would they pick/why?
Just saw an awesome Christmas movie called Christmas Trade with great movie a Christmas version of freaky Friday 👍👍
"titles related to freaky friday" it's not the SAME god netflix you're RUINING MY LIFE
to enter! . Food and drink up for grabs Friday night!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Every1 is getting freaky for Friday
➤ Freaky Friday Hosted by Walt-T. Live performances by V-Roc. Music by DJ Grid & DJ GudNPlenty. Envy Nightclub and...
the first time my friends and I watched freaky friday everyone had a crush on the guy when I had a crush on the girl
Watching freaky Friday... I will forever love this movie ❤️
I don’t really have crushes I just have people I want to Freaky Friday body swap with so I could experience and/or ruin their amazing lives.
*EXCLUSIVE EVENT: SINCITY BLACK FRIDAY*. FRIDAY THE 13TH means things are about to get a little FREAKY at...
this be lookin like the scene in Freaky Friday where they swap bodies
Currently watching a freaky Friday Christmas themed Hallmark movie. Zach from Saved by the Bell is in it. barely handling it.
Literally the guitar solo from the Freaky Friday song is so hard ***
would be pretty hilarious if they could do a freaky Friday type episode where Sam and Dean switch bodies! 😂
Always wonder what it's like to be physically attractive. . Can I get a freaky Friday style image flip for the day?
Happy 14th Carimi Nation.THIS friday at Sob's ..its gonna be Freaky...Be there ! Richard Christian Cave Alex...
Looking forward to getting freaky this Friday 13th w/ + at the
you have no idea how badly I wanted to be like anna from freaky friday lol
I apologize in advance for the video i'm gonna post for freaky friday 😈💯 you'll see why
Update your maps at Navteq
Denise is on facetime with Delaney and all they are doing is quoting cheaper by the dozen and freaky friday.
American Horror Story is great right now and everything but all I seem to have on my mind is Freaky Friday 💔
Win weekly cash prizes when you order on foodpanda! Freaky Friday starts tomorrow!
this reminds me of the song from freaky Friday
freaky friday but it's me and Jennifer Lawrence who switch bodies
FREAKY FRIDAY THE 13 TH SPECIAL ONE DAY ONLY!! book any full colour service on the 13th of November with Kirsty...
You don't know bliss until you watch Freaky Friday in bed with the company of the worlds finest grilled cheese sandwich.
So ready to get freaky on Friday with 😛👽
freaky Friday is one of my all time favorite movies 😭
lets actual freaky Friday. I'll take all your stress you find me employment. ❤️😂 xxx
You remind me of Lindsay in Freaky Friday.
freaky Wednesday instead of freaky Friday!!😬😂
Jem movie: abysmal script. torpedoed lead actress/brand/message. Music better than Josie but not Freaky Friday. Missed out on Misfits charge.
.Bellamy's (BAL) started up over +1% but slipping back into red. T'row is Freaky Friday. Hope Jason Voorhees likes his A2 Proteins.
Why does my hair look like Lindsey Lohan's in Freaky Friday?
Alex Guess knows all the words to "The Ultimate" by Lindsey Lohan from Freaky Friday and he stole my heart
Freaky Friday. says stay safe. @ Mike and Robin's Diamond in the Rough
"Could you, like, chill for a sec?" - Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday and also me always
Sometimes you have bad days, and sometimes you watch Freaky Friday with your husband and eat dark chocolate and the day isn't so bad anymore
James Swager joins the Freaky Friday crew fresh from a trip to the ancient sites of Mexico. James share his...
what really freaks me out with Freaky Friday is Chad Michael Murray's character falls in and out of love with his crush's mum in like 1 day
Sometimes I wish I was in Freaky Friday so I could be Jamie Lee Curtis you feel me?
I just really love Freaky Friday and it's sad because that Lindsey Lohan is gone
Freaky Friday but starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and G. Gordon Liddy and it's all in black and white except for a young girl in a red dress.
Fun fact: Freaky Friday was the first dvd I ever owned😪
AU with a pinch of West Wing thrown in for good measure. In terms of tropes - maybe a Freaky Friday flip with President Bartlett
Freaky Friday and Princess Diaries 2. Yup best way to spend Sunday night after
Did Gary Danielson and Colin Cowherd pull a Freaky Friday with their hairdos?
Freaky Friday is the best Lindsey Lohan movie don't argue this
The kid looks like Jodie Foster in Freaky Friday
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Freaky Friday (1976) (1976) 1hr 34m [U] A teenage Jodie Foster stars in this family comedy that sees her playing A...
Today's look: Freaky Friday situation in which a gran is trapped in the body of a 28-year-old.
Brianna's going back to Marist in a week and I'm like can we do a Freaky Friday switch and I go to college and you go to work every day?
Freaky Friday writers: So Lindsay will eat some bad Chinese food and get stuck in the body of Jamie Lee Curtis? I like your rationale, Jim
The daughter is watching Freaky Friday. Barbara Harris is all kinds of awesome on this film.
Tonight I gonna rewatch freaky Friday and fsog I think
Not gonna lie - that looks AWESOME! Like "Freaky Friday" for adult women, and maybe not so funny. Adding to my "to read" list
Freaky Friday 2 (2017): Ayn Rand is a libertarian ideologue. Santa Claus brings toys to children. But one day, they switch bodies...
I've never been more angry/disappointed when Lucas Scott returns in season nine looking so ridiculous with his freaky friday hair
It IS a little "Freaky Friday". Could also be a touch of pragmatism there: GOP needs to boost popularity, and this ain't half-bad.
Freaky Friday was 12 years ago I hope you all feel aged😂
bfb not happening I think one is freaky friday remake since it says a hollywood remake n one is a new project
isn't this a scene from Freaky Friday? "Privacy is a privilege, Anna..." or something? anyway, you 2 made me laugh
that's a mean name to call Jamie Lee Curtis, she was in freaky Friday, the only good remake
Watching freaky Friday what a classic
i think next one is freaky friday.. Anil talk about it lot during khoobsurat that naw right tim for it.. Etc
.kit numbers will be released at 2pm on Friday 7th August.
Sammy's doing that thing again where he sleeps with his hands clasped on his chest like Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.
Just started crying when Jamie Lee Curtis takes the guitar solo for Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday and this is what my life is now
Main goal when I'm a mom is to be Jamie Lee Curtis on the back of Chad Michael Murrays bike in Freaky Friday
Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley should have just done a Freaky Friday thing instead of trying to make it scientific.
Ah! I forgot. AND he was in "Freaky Friday" with Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris as one of John Astin's bosses.
Sarah Burke some of the photos on these cracked me up. 'Ah you're ruining my life!!!' Lol. Freaky Friday.
Lindsay Lohans little brother in the movie Freaky Friday turns 23 today😳
Ryan Gosling's girlfriend Eva Mendes had a "Freaky Friday" moment - see the pic here:
Oh wait Freaky Friday and Hocus Pocus too 😂 and the Parent Trap
Freaky Friday: Is This a Photo of Gwyneth Paltrow or Her Mother?: Gwyneth Paltrow and her mom, actress Blythe Danner, have always loo...
and Freaky Friday came out the same year. Which one was Jodie Foster's parents more concerned about?
Just watched 1976 Freaky Friday with daughter after recently watching remake. She likes the new one. I think Jodie Foster the better actor.
I LOVE Freaky Friday! ITV2+1 Jamie Lee Curtis/Lindsay Lohan remake as good as Jodie Foster version.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
My mom is a perfect mix of Jamie Lee Curtis (in Freaky Friday) and Kris Jenner
It's going down tonight at Cleo's. special edition of Freaky Friday's. Don't miss the Monsta…
This is the exact time this movie should become a Freaky Friday style comedy.
Is there any way science can intervene and truly let us know how Di Maria and Young achieved the Freaky Friday scenario?
yeah like in the Freaky Friday of my dreams that stars Nick Cage as John Travolta's daughter.
and I'm listening to the new Afghan Whigs LP. Did we just Freaky Friday?
My first girl crush has got to be Lindsay Lohan from Freaky Friday, no doubt.
What up, astronerds! Come & hangout w/ us at McCormick's, DT South Bend, tomorrow night for the Freaky Friday event! 9p…
Remembering as a journalist is like trying to remember Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday - it seems like another p…
I left the hair salon yesterday looking like Jodi Foster in Freaky Friday (c. 1976)
I feel bad that I ever forgot how hot Chad Michael Murray is in Freaky Friday 😔
I put Disney Channel and there was Chad Michael Murray singing in Freaky Friday . why bad things happen to good people MY EARS HURT
my interest in rock starts and ends with Pink Slip, Lindsay Lohan's fictional band from the movie Freaky Friday
Chad Michael Murray in Freaky Friday is scary sexy. I shouldn't be watching this with the kids.
I always wanted to be like Lindsey Lohan in Freaky Friday: hair, rocker style, Chad Michael Murray
People I don't trust:. 1. the old lady from Freaky Friday. 2. Paolo from The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Freaky Friday is my fav and not to mention Lindsay Lohan is actually hot in this movie
Michael McKean and Nora Dunn play a married couple on this Freaky Friday-themed episode of The X-Files!
Freaky Friday my Brother Poppy as a baby!
Want to join our Freaky Friday in person workshop? Details here:
New York Minute, Big Fat Liar and Freaky Friday- I don't know where to start 😔
Totally forgot that Mark Harmon is in Freaky Friday...
Chad Michael Murray is wearing a Bond Dutch shirt in Freaky Friday. Love it.
can't believe Jamie Lee Curtis is in NCIS been waitin since Freaky Friday to see her alongside Mark Harmon again 🙏
How did Jamie Lee Curtis not get an Oscar nomination for 'Freaky Friday'
I think the song Lindsay Lohan's band sings at the end of Freaky Friday is absolute fire
Freaky Friday at Club Marcella was INSANE last night! Kevin V Wagner, Steve Tabby, Mike Blasdell, Anita...
Freaky Friday at Above Grounds Coffee house today, Happy Halloween to our customers who indulge in this holiday. Grab your broomstick and fly over to the "Tree house " today for your favorite coffee made just how you like it. Fresh fruit juice, organic Goss Hot & iced chocolate and black or green tea iced tea. Baked goods to team with your beverage. Oh and off course fast free skype friendly WiFi what you waiting for??? come on over we close at 4pm today.
Kiss me like Chad Michael Murray kisses Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday
Chad Michael Murray was in Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill & Freaky Friday in the early 2000s Chad is life
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Oh great I'm laughing/swooning over Joel's Jeff voice for the old Norm prototype like Annie with the Dean in the Freaky Friday ep.
Freaky Friday where I switch bodies with Sonni Pacheco and we're still the same age. 😂😂😂
I'm watching Vice Versa which is 80s Freaky Friday with Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage. I hope it ends with them both in therapy for decades
Freaky Friday Peeps! The storms have passed...Come on out and see some boobs tonight...See You Soon!
About to channel Freaky Friday next week on these (
Freaky Friday night. rockin the book store ; )
when I think rehearsal dinner, I think Freaky Friday
It's a real Freaky Friday because I'm at the races with Deb and Skyler Patton and Dan-O is home in Ohio watching tv.
So excited for the 2nd Annual Edmonton Burlesque Festival's Freaky Friday Showcase to begin!
Saw this on FB and thought I would post here - its freaky friday right?
lmfao just watched it all and geeked out. Ugh I miss our freaky Friday nights.
its freaky Friday who wanna play the question game freaky Friday edition inbox me ur questions l answer 2000% honest leggo
I'm the only man who cares this much about the ladies. Freaky Friday -
A funny for you Freaky Friday peeps :)
Immortal Soulz Annual up an going con on out an hav a gud time. Karaoke, then freaky friday. Drinks, food, music, & some sexy *** Queenz. 1913 E 46th st. $5 without colors(vest)
Tommy's Bar tonight! We got that freaky fire Friday the turn up is on.
Happy hour is over for me time to grab a bottle n see what I'ma get into.. Where's my fellas at..!! I'm tryin to have a freaky Friday..!!!
This is a very freaky horny friday on the TL! Me likey!
I was rey smack destiny when she said freaky Friday dead
it's 58 in SF at my house. And 95 in Vegas. So I get it. :). Plus, I prefer cold. Freaky Friday swap? ;)
I'm on the alleged sick and shut in list...what do you have laid up and planned for this Fresh and in some regards Freaky Friday Night?
How many Ppl getting some Sex on this freaky Friday
How many of u all ready for yo freaky friday
Freaky Friday at Club 2720 goin on right now pull up its a turn up
Come listen to some great music on Freaky Friday's With Me, Metal Rose!I’m live!Tune into
maybe you can be scooby and she'll be shaggy and it'll be like freaky Friday-scooby doo edition
It's Friday, let;s get Freaky! . - Comedy at Koots presents Carl LaBove - one of the original Outlaws Of Comedy!...
Kentucky football hires a DJ & Louisville basketball is actually landing some halfway decent recruits. It's like Freaky…
HAPPY FREAKY FRIDAY!! Here's a lil something from Share this HOT piece with a friend. RT!
FREAKY FRIDAY! Come in right now and enjoy our DELICIOUS Chef Special! Shrimp Tostadas with our FAMOUS…
I forgot how good the soundtrack from Freaky Friday is... 🎤💁# throwback
Freaky Friday with Joe Cocker...You can leave your hat on...Feelin alright ; ). . I'd let Tim McGraw leave his hat on lol. I know...Hussy!
Night 2! Freaky Friday! Stoked to see what has in store tonight!
freaky friday. Aint got nun to stress About. Am young rich n happy. Thats all tht matters. Drink to da freakin weekend.
Watching freaky Friday and cleaned up my living room ... i am really that bored
Freaky friday wit eliz, untold stories in the ER, writing papers and SAT vocab cards 🌚🌚🌚
Freaky Friday! (Best Halloween Party Ever)! Solway St. Apartment. Costume constructed from drapes, naturally . . .and the after party...
1st Ever 27/20 X Freaky Friday!! We bringing Church St back tonight! Better park at the bakery!!! Everyone free before 11:30! Pull Up Fool!
FREAKY FRIDAY in full effect.dont judge me
Freaky Frankie Friday 2nite?? I hope to see u all at Rustys to dance that nite away with me!! Remember…
So..have you ordered your Itty Bitty Pic as yet? What are you waiting on? It's freaky friday so order yours for...
Watching Freaky Friday makes me remember why my middle school self was obsessed with Chad Michael Murray 😍
Hello everyone, and welcome to the first edition of Freaky Friday- the day of the week when your…
Who wants to have another Freaky Friday?
Freaky Friday because that is just my life but also to shout out to my best friend 😚 we are going to…
for like so long I thought the house of blues wasn't real bc of freaky Friday
I feel like we're in Freaky Friday right now with this Battle of the Bands goin on
It's like a remake of Freaky Friday but with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.
My life goal when I was about 10 was to be like Lindsey Lohan in 'Freaky Friday' 😂😂
It's like Freaky Friday, only we're both Jamie Lee Curtis and, in my case, I got to see Newark.
Jamie Lee Curtis really snapped on her role in Freaky Friday.
Austin Ames in A Cinderella Story is played by Chad Michael Murray aka Jake in Freaky Friday
So yeah, the climax of my night consists of making the difficult decision b|w watching Freaky Friday or Ella Enchanted first
I just love watching Jamie Lee Curtis rock out on the guitar in Freaky Friday ✌️
Have you ever watched the original Freaky Friday? It's great. I really fancy Barbara Harris.
Which PLL actress would pull a Freaky Friday with?
Join the group and jump in on the latest topic! MAN LAW (Freaky Friday) Get ya life with foine a$$ Angela Basset...
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