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Fraser Nelson

Fraser Nelson is a British political journalist and editor of The Spectator magazine.

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I guess I had you pegged wrong all along Fraser "man of the people" Nelson 👍
Fraser Nelson getting *** handed to him again. Useful note: treat any Nelson graph attempting to prop up Tory reco…
Fraser Nelson really is thick as a whale omelette, isn't he?
Fraser is expanding in Anoka County to offer even more high quality clinical services: https:/…
Which famous Scottish person has an accent similar ... — I would love to be able to say Fraser Nelson, but h...
Can see Fraser Nelson writing that up with a quill, handing the proof to his manservant and rattling t…
He's also one of Nelson Fraser's worthless 'Spectators'.
Fraser Nelson: the unacceptable voice of capitalism.
Brilliant.scary that once serious journo's like Fraser Nelson and Andrew Neil should start parroting t…
Fraser Nelson blocked me when I (very politely) asked for a link to a figure he'd quote…
Fraser Nelson is still talking pish I see. The Tories could do literally anything and he would still call them the greatest government ever.
DT Daniel Hannan: Fraser Nelson Daniel Labour voters, according to an NS poll, are twice as like...
Our fellows' research into Georgian archives inc. Horatio Nelson and Spainish role in American Revolutionary War.
Your contribution to education was stealing a plaque to Nelson Mandela from Aberdeen University Union.
Thats a very serious question. Fraser Nelson writes a lot of 'so-called' drivel & it begs another question - who is…
Forgot I was blocked by Fraser Nelson. I really should make a list so I can sort out places in the gulag. He goes next to Galloway.
Fraser Nelson is what my mum would've called 'a big kid in red drawers'. Very apt don't you think?
Apoatently ran by the 'Shepard Centre' & sure enough @ least two obvious LNP ties, no less than Brendan…
Fraser Nelson, a man blinded by his right wing dogma & his adopted Little Englander nationalism
He of course contributes to Fraser Nelson's Spectator among others, and as such, his opinions are a p…
I had no idea Fraser Nelson traded in fake news. I stand corrected.
Used to think of Fraser Nelson as a canny window into Conservatism. Brexit has mutated his writing into ignorant foghorning…
Thread - The Leave Alliance tears Fraser Nelson a new one for his advocacy of no-deal
Fraser Nelson, those are the Ones who want War, then they should get drafted. Charles…
Of all the Tory commentators on the telly, Tim Montgomerie is dooing well. So is Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth. Quite a few others.
This piece from Fraser Nelson is a shrewd analysis of what's gone wrong in May World -
Fraser Nelson's accent is morphing into Michael McIntyre's. Not a good thing.
Fraser Nelson speaks to Ruth Davidson, Douglas Murray and David Goodhart on the 'far right', and much more. Listen:.
Fraser Nelson on the Andrew Marr show claiming Scotland is turning Tory!!! ha ha ha!!! kind of early on a Sunday to be takin…
Unfortunately Fraser Nelson has seemed increasingly unhinged recently.
No doubt people like Fraser Nelson think this is bad. But their denial over their referendum deal with the devil is…
Good column by Matthew Parris. But are his days writing for the Spectator numbered given Fraser Nelson's Brexit or…
On this behind the scenes, journalist Fraser Nelson appears - the guy John Cleese railed against the time I had my exchange with Cleese
That's the figure touted by George Osborne's Treasury Report. Fraser Nelson:
If Theresa May is changing our foreign policy to secure a US trade deal, it had better be worth it - Fraser Nelson…
Overheard a chap in the supermarket reading this story out to his wife. People do believe these lies, despite what…
He is an employee of a BBC presenter who owns a newspaper. Other regular BBC guests include Fraser Nelson, Douglas Fraser etc...
The Spectator's Fraser Nelson: & have been rumbled on false, misleading claims & immigration.
Imagine having to eat haggis at a dinner listening to Andrew Neil & Fraser Nelson drone on whilst Alistair Campbell…
Just after Fraser Nelson emerged as a champion of Scotland’s underclass, now Gary Lineker is England’s Che Guevera: htt…
Fraser Nelson's attempt at cognitive consonance. Very naive or incredibly disingenuous
This from Fraser Nelson is quite something. I really don't remember Leave campaign as internationalist & positive
A little surprised to be enthusiastically agreeing with both Alex Massie and Fraser Nelson this week. It's a funny…
The SNP mental landscape in which (eg) Juncker is 'we' and Fraser Nelson is 'non-we' is a strange one.
Read this for the excoriating penultimate paragraph alone. gives a tenement bruising.
So I find myself agreeing with you, Fraser Nelson and Hugo Rifkind in the same week. Somebody slap me please
domain names
Maybe the only time Fraser Nelson will be right
Fraser Nelson: John Cleese is right - I am a tenement Scot, and I'm proud of it
Couldn't quite figure out the "half-educated" bit in John Cleese's rant, perhaps proving his point. via
Does expensive education make a better writer or editor?
Good for . The best media sources judge their writers by their ability, not their privilege.
A response to "He's right:. I am a tenement and I'm proud of it". via
Perfect response by to some perfect witlessness from John Cleese, for whom the glue factory calls
Glad to see set the record straight re: The meritocratic approach is right.
A magnificent response to snobby from 'half educated tenement Scot' vi…
Brilliant reply from to John Cleese calling him a "tenement Scot". The sheer snobbery of Hacked Off. htt…
Fraser Nelson: Class and education don't always go hand in hand –my reply to John Cleese
Enjoyable read, putting uppity John Cleese in his place.
Great article by taking apart 's lazy snobbery: "I am a tenement Scot, & I'm proud of it".
A fitting and civilised response. Well said, .
Ouch - Fraser Nelson hits back at John Cleese via
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... then they came for those with the 'funny' accents ... and there was nobody left to stand up for Fraser Nelson.
Love this reply from to John Cleese's snobbery (and bad writing)
I plead guilty to being a "tenement Scot" - and there's no prouder boast. My reply to in the http…
I expect the likes of Iain Martin, Alan Cochrane, Fraser Nelson will be frothing at the gash at the SNP not applauding at PMQs today,GOOD
No idea what Fraser Nelson's on, but it must be top quality stuff!
I think the clothing store 'Stacey' in the Richmond Mall in Nelson is run by a mother and daughter.
Brendan Fraser was one of my Baés back in 90's. I wanted to sit on his face when he was in 'The Mummy'.
He’s up against Fraser Nelson, so far.
I’ll just file this with Fraser Nelson’s annual whine about how the BBC should give Eurovision to ITV.
I like to imagine Fraser Nelson asked someone for some hip bands and they said Coldplay & Mumford to take the ***
Just like here, Violent Crime & Rapes massively up. Shame Fraser Nelson writes that crime is falling in his mass immigration article
Photographer Steve got both Fraser and Nelson in this picture, taken last week. Join Jockey - be in the next one!
and Fraser Nelson on how wonderfully wonderful he is.
Nick I thought you had a economics background. This analysis is deceitful. Ref article by Fraser Nelson
? That's interesting. I'll trade you. Just discovered that Fraser Nelson has blocked me.
All this nonsense about "she calls people racist" I didn't even call Fraser Nelson racist! 😁
Fraser Nelson on why the government has failed on immigration.
'We’ve coped with immigration very well – it’s the State that has failed', says Fraser Nelson.
Fraser Nelson's job is to dupe Tories As you can see he's not fooling us - Agree RT
George Osbourne was caught lying this morning by Fraser Nelson, he now admits we will be "Better Off" after 😂
VIDEO: Rescuing the Mediterranean migrants: Christian Fraser reports from an ...
Can they please do Fraser Nelson too?
Fraser Nelson accuses George Osbourne of 'LYING' to the British people . Make your mind up for yourself .
I think same in some degree *could* be said for Fraser Nelson to be honest. Everyone has bias one way or another.
Fraser Nelson on security and the EU
George Osborne responds to Fraser Nelson's article on Brexit
Steve Baker quoting Fraser Nelson at George Osborne at the TSC as if the journalist's blog was the Book of Revelations
Fraser Nelson's article on Black Brits reveals the Tories' deep-seated discomfort with addressing racial inequality
Fraser Nelson : "its hard to say who the real winners were last night". No its a bloody mile :-)
I've always had a weird thing for Fraser Nelson, the Speccie editor
.read the full article by Fraser Nelson!!
Or at least experience poverty. I would love to see Fraser Nelson fend for himself.
Fraser Nelson should certainly show capitalism works by beginning with nothing. Call it a rebirth
Alex Massie and Fraser Nelson need to go first. Vile people. I thought this was an alright piece by beardy tho?
Does Britain really need the EU to ensure its security? Fraser Nelson isn't convinced.
I doff my titter to Andrew Neil who is best political mediator by a country mile & to Spectator's Fraser Nelson for hosting a great debate
I liked a video 'The Return of Eugenics'-conversation ft. Fraser Nelson + Toby Young
"Appalling level of dishonesty" in Osborne's report making Europhiles like Fraser Nelson want to vote 'Out'. h…
Depends if you trust Fraser Nelson... I know I don't
The minimum wage in will leave 60 000 unemployed, says Fraser Nelson.
Fraser Nelson has a good point but a line has to be drawn somewhere and cheap labour is here, minimum wage or not
Fraser Nelson on why the national living wage won't help the poor
The more I see Fraser Nelson on tv & hear the drivel from his mouth, the more I actually glad he blocked me for no reason. Saves reading it.
Would any of these morons on work for £7ph? Fraser Nelson isn't even worth this. The rich always bemoan the crumbs given to the poor
Fraser Nelson regrets the increase in the minimum wage - because the least well off are being "priced out" of jobs. Specious crap.
Fraser Nelson's job is to dupe Tories but you can see he is not fooling us AGREE RT
Is Fraser Nelson on faux worrying about minimum wages workers some weird April Fools joke?
nelson predicts population of Newcastle to be made redundant due to living wage
If Fraser Nelson is now the champion of the poor, we are further down the rabbithole than I imagined.
TV voice *** Paloma Faith on BBC 1, Fraser Nelson on Might have to put the wireless on…
Since when has Fraser Nelson ever given * about the unemployed or the low paid? .
Fraser Nelson on why the living wage won't help the poor
Fraser Nelson on designer babies. We debate ethics of gene editing and more 23 April:
Fascinating stuff from Fraser Nelson on the return of eugenics, with a sobering look at its history.
How sounding like Loyd Grossman helps Fraser Nelson be a Tory Lord Haw-Haw.
Fraser Nelson here spouting the same lies that were spouted at the introduction of the minimum wage
I didn't think Fraser Nelson could be any worse but he's on the radio and he literally has Limmy's Politics Bar voice
Fraser Nelson in The Telegraph may be of interest.
Fraser Nelson is wrong – There are some here, who are *** bent on the destruction of the welfare state! –
Was I away when Fraser Nelson joined Labour? Or is it April 1st?
All purpose parts banner
You can almost here the sound of Fraser Nelson's jaw hitting the floor when Toby Young says poor people are poor because they've got low IQs
A powerfully emotive article from Fraser Nelson. Deserves close reading. Communities and individuals in crises.
As an April Fools Day prank tomorrow, someone will switch Fraser Nelson's graphs with Dr Eoin Clarke's, and see if anyone notices.
Saving Port Talbot is hardly 'strategic': Think green levies. Fraser Nelson explains this here. You can read h...
'The return of eugenics' by Fraser Nelson. Gene editing is a slippery slope into "Master Race" logic.
...and on Article 50/Gus O'Donnell, Fraser Nelson is just plain wrong
Being Fraser Nelson means never having to admit you're wrong.
Fraser Nelson, you've got it wrong and Gus O'Donnell got it right...
Not true. Read an article by Fraser Nelson this morning, think it's Spectator.
In a similar vein to John Sydenham, see Fraser Nelson I am tiring of this BBC proEU bias
My last point John. Fraser Nelson (a Europhile) has just confirmed what you said about a long exit
'Why is Gus O’Donnell misleading the public about the EU rules on Brexit?' Fraser Nelson
- The Spectator? Lol Editor Fraser Nelson ROFL. You are a tory right?
I'm blocked by the most surprising people. Fraser Nelson for a start. of course but aren't we all. Lol.
No, he's an appalling *** he undermines the cause and so does the Spectator. https:/…
.Fraser Nelson being another conspicuous *** he & Dan Hodges a brainless, soulless disgrace in this matter!
Fraser Nelson is the Dr Eoin Clarke of the right (and both love bar charts)
has any ever said you look like Fraser Nelson's skinny little brother?
It's hard to imagine an article which misunderstands the nature of poverty more than this piece by Fraser Nelson:
British Cohort Study regression analysis which I did for journalist Fraser Nelson covered in Telegraph on Friday:
lol. She does have the weirdest accent after Fraser Nelson
Eucken,[FNA. 'That is, the best Scots accents are the Anglo upgrades boasted by Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Fraser Nelson
Fraser Nelson's job is to mislead Tories but as you can see he not fooling us AGREE RT
Am persuaded by Fraser Nelson here tho (first time for everything!) on how the i complicates what lessons to draw.
Good article by right wing ponce Fraser Nelson, shared by right wing ponce John Ren-tool.
RelNews: Fraser Nelson: Imagine the mess an independent Scotland would be in right now -The Daily Telegraph-
Fraser Nelson is right. The website is awful, I'm sorry.
great article. But "On its homepage right now..." shows even the super-smart Fraser Nelson isn't at home with the new media
Fraser Nelson on the indy - and on getting into journalism without any relatives or friends in the trade
. It was the i, not the Internet, that did for the Independent. Fraser Nelson.
Fascinating from Fraser Nelson: The 4 rules to avoiding
Fraser Nelson, Gillian Tett, Melanie Phillips, Polly Toynbee and Diane Abbott also feature in our Must Reads:
"A period of social repair". I'm not sure I'd go that far, but as usual Fraser Nelson makes a very good argument.
Fraser Nelson: To avoid poverty, stay in school, keep your job...and find love
Fraser Nelson is bang on in his analysis that EU Referendum is like Scottish Referendum; a campaign based on fear & obtuse scenarios.
I'm blocked by Fraser Nelson too & don't remember any interaction with him at all. Just seems odd.
Dunno, but I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with Jesus. Looks like you got Fraser Nelson :)
At the to hear from Iain Duncan Smith and Fraser Nelson
so just the man Fraser Nelson should be turning to for a Rhodes column. Is this called ' being mischievous' or something?
A good article by Fraser Nelson on Cameron's scaremongering...
Oh man, this is like Fraser Nelson's aunts backing Scottish independence all over again.
Fraser Nelson's counterfactual on an independent Scotland now oil prices have plummeted
(apart from Fraser Nelson's attempt to become the right-wing version of the Doctor with his graphs)
thanks for sharing Fraser Nelson, have a great Sunday :) (FREE Automation >>
Not sure why but I've been blocked by Fraser Nelson! Tad harsh I think...
Marcus Fysh is Fraser Nelson's older self, kidnapped from 2025. They've fixed the accent, though.
New on FRASER: Papers of Charles Hamlin, Eugene Meyer, and Nelson Aldrich from
revealed Osbo changes put poor on tax rate of 93%. johnson
So much wrong with that article I don't know where to start. But then it is written by Fraser Nelson.
He may be inclined towards the Tories - but Fraser Nelson sometimes has the knack of hitting the nail on the head !
thanks for sharing Fraser Nelson, have a great Friday :) (insight by
Yes Fraser Nelson and the Spectator sinking to some weird new low after the last couple of weeks
Fraser Nelson wrote about this for Tel
Same people as Melanie Phillips, Kelvin MacKenzie, Fraser Nelson, et al...
Not sure where Fraser Nelson gets his 93% tax rate crap from when the lowest earners have an effective -190+% tax rate in reality.
Lowest paid on tax rates of up to 93%? Neither right nor fair.
'Tony Abbott [former PM of Australia] is right about immigration – and turning back boats' — Fraser Nelson, Editor of The Spectator.
Find Fraser Nelson's analysis ever more appealing: "So tax credits is a battle of choice, not of necessity."
According to Fraser Nelson the poorest are doing best and the richest worst. Seems implausible doesn't it 😲
I'm debating with Fraser Nelson, editor of the Spectator. Is that wrong? Should we only speak to ourselves?
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Is Fraser Nelson a Leftie?Let us stick to reasonable debate.A division of opinion within.Conservative Party?
The likes of Fraser Nelson know fine well that in Torynomics work does not - and cannot ever - 'pay'. The new God Profit forbids it.
Fraser Nelson "their Lordships are right: taking tax credits away from low-paid workers, rather than phasing them out, is cruel and and...
even Fraser Nelson thinks it's suicide. As Opta Joe would say. Telling!
It's not often I say this, but Fraser Nelson is 100% spot on here
Even Fraser Nelson has turned against cutting tax credits. It's like October 1992 again.
Some lower paid workers will be on tax rates of up to 93% Bit steep innit?
"So Osborne’s reforms, as they stand, have become a weapon aimed straight at the strivers" Fraser Nelson Listen to your own.
proves claim Tories R party of working poor just words as smashes it to pieces.
Osborne reforms a weapon aimed straight at the strivers says
EXPLOSIVE. says changes put lower paid on tax rate of up to 93%.
I guess he can say I'm even tougher than Fraser Nelson when it comes to the Randian stuff. Vote for me coz I'm hard.
Latest analysis of tax credit cuts shows 67% of recipients will be worse off, says rightwing economist Fraser Nelson
detonates theory that Tories R party of working strivers sky high.
Fraser Nelson nails it: the glaring moral flaw in Osborne's plans is that some of those who will suffer voted Tory. ht…
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WOW ! Excellent piece by Fraser Nelson blows Tory arguments on right out of the water. A must read ! https:…
Fraser Nelson is exactly right. The left are not liberal, but we are.
Conor Pope, Martin Wolf, Fraser Nelson, Gaby Hinsliff and Justin Webb also feature in today's Must Reads.
Telegraph's Fraser Nelson; "It is not war, but money, that drives people abroad."
Can't remember if it was Fraser Nelson who described David Cameron's approach to refugee crisis as being tone deaf, but he has lost the plot
BBC style pluralism. Fraser Nelson and Douglas Carswell discussing immigration. Talk about a great panel of views?
Fraser Nelson on the (apparent) rise of the Sweden Democrats - "Sweden's openness is eating itself."
Wonderful,. Another writer claiming it is our problem that immigrants don't integrate.Ignoring the ghettos of Muslims!
Fraser Nelson (attempts) to argue that "Cons are the true champions of social justice ". Really ?
I mean a man like Fraser Nelson (and Cameron, Gidoen, Duncan Smith) can't ever understand poverty or even being working class.
But wait, if there is one thing to make me vote for Cooper its this kind of idiotic article, to stop guys like this
The PM has appointed CSJ Director Christian Guy as a SpAd on welfare reform. Fraser Nelson analyses:
instead we get Fraser Nelson blowing smoke up his ***
I mean look at Fraser Nelson. Would he be anything other than poss a data entry asst at Standard Life if not from good stock?
explains why Gordon ran up so much debt. Lab. don't actually admit this.
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Evidence is from her own emails She hasn't denied them. Journalists not from Spec. KC hasn't sued.Is Nelson a liar?
explains why Gordon ran up so much debt. Selfish & irresponsible.
EdM lies over Lab mistakes lost him Gordon fares no better. johnson
Gordon Brown uses same arguments as EdM to wriggle out that Lab caused credit crunch.
explains why Gordon ran up massive debt. johnson boris johnson
thanks for sharing Fraser Nelson, have a great Thursday :)
Who is this Fraser Nelson? Says he is chief editor of Spectator, is that the BNP party paper?
Fraser Nelson in SvD. "Sweden isn't NICE anymore w Romanian beggars". "Swe should do like UK and shut out refugees".
The Tories have always marketed themselves as being good for the economy but this policy will expose the lie. Fraser Nelson
with less borrowing incurred. The idea of Tory money-management is a fiction, as Fraser Nelson has spent 5yrs screaming abt
The has reached a new high: I'd like to think we've been a part of helping that happen.
Congratulations to who has trumped my circulation record at 'The Spectator', and deservedly so
Cheerful news: The Spectator has never been more popular. Record sales; record readership.
Sales of The Spectator have hit an all-time high. Thank you to all our loyal readers.
So Fraser Nelson spinning that food banks are a part of the bigger society was right all along
Little Giant Ladders
Alistair Darling on the unintended consequence of Tax credits
Why we have no idea who Lee Nelson is
As impressive as it may be for him to get into half the places he does, Lee Nelson still remains an absolute ***
If aids were a person it would be lee nelson
I really, really can't stand Lee Nelson but have to admit I did chuckle at Sepp Blatter being showered in money
LOOL Lee Nelson took the *** ! 😂 how can the guy go on stage and throw money at Sepp Blatter?!?!
oh, FRASER NELSON has blocked me! . Why is he not interested in this story? .
Odd day. George Osborne is editing Guardian. Guardian is editing the FT. IDS is editing everything Fraser Nelson writes. Wait a sec...
As Fraser Nelson put it, looks like they've decided to settle down for a comfortable spell in opposition
The mild chuckling contempt both Steve Richards and Fraser Nelson had for the other was not hard to detect at all.
.Fraser Nelson just said "this is not an ideological government"….
Yes, an *** called Fraser Nelson. Dismantling the welfare state, the NHS and the BBC are apparently left-wing policies!!
Fraser Nelson broadcasting sober? A pig is flying somewhere in the world. I think I prefer my Posh Tory apologists drunk.
thanks for sharing Fraser Nelson, have a great Saturday :) (insight by
Fraser Nelson of gives monarchy's bum good rimming .
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The Queen won’t have been the only British girl messing about with Nazi salutes in 1933
Look at this! Nelson is getting ready for FINDING FRASER FANTASMAGORICA! July 24th, people!
*Nelson Mandela getting bogged on Fraser Island in his Suzuki Vitara*
Thatcherites like Fraser Nelson are offer the most interesting economic analysis right now.
Childless because the alternative was Fraser. Nelson?
Fraser Nelson leads today's Top Ten Must Reads: 'Labour needs saving from itself – and Cameron is the man to do it'
"With Corbyn and the loony Left on the rise, party is teetering on the edge of oblivion" Fraser Nelson. Lack of talent contest
Fraser Nelson isn't the editor of the New Statesman, he's a misogynist who edits
There's a lot of panic about Corbyn. This is Fraser Nelson's particular piece.
The problem is people like Fraser Nelson either support starving people or deny it exists. We live in a degenerate state.
Dear Fraser Nelson, this is *NOT* the meaning of RickRolling. kthxbai
is Fraser Nelson when he's at home #
Made me laugh out loud today when i heard fraser nelson whinging and whining on the radio about the SNP voting against fox-hunting.
Balance is generally achieved by having a few differing opinions. Between myself and Fraser Nelson there's probably s/t 4 u
Fraser Nelson says SNP 'opportunists'... How would you then describe the barefaced lying, evil, poor-bashing tories?
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Fraser Nelson comments 'principle' is not in SNP vocabulary?! In the same breath that he talks about the tories and foxhunting. ***
I just love the way these Tory types like Fraser Nelson use the word 'unfair'! What about 'unfairness' to foxes? Or even cruelty?
Fraser Nelson knows (he has a brain) that Grayling's EVEL little plan will not guarantee that English-backed bills will pass.
just what are Murdo's views on Nelson Mandela.
We've kicked off the Right now, students are engaged in lobbying training led by Fraser Nelson!
Hmm, people I know follow Tim Montgomerie and Fraser Nelson. I don't read anything into it.
5th anniversary with Fraser Nelson, of the Spectator, and Steve Richards, of The Independent
Is it me, or does Fraser Nelson sound like a camp Billy Connolly?
I have met Fraser Nelson. Theresa May introduced me to him. Accent even nicer in real life but he wasn't wearing a kilt!
dunno if it counts as blogging but Fraser Nelson, Matthew Parris and Tom Montgomerie all wrote very well
What is Fraser Nelson's accent ? It's like Loyd Grossman shagged Jimmy Krankie.
Listen to our 6am election podcast, with Fraser Nelson, Matthew Parris, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman
Fraser Nelson on why the claim the Tories have halved the deficit is deeply problematic -
David Cameron should not be afraid to talk about food banks | via Fraser Nelson spinning for the cause!
Have you seen what your friend Fraser Nelson has put on the cover of The Spectator?
On a different matter Josh - do you admire the ramblings of Fraser Nelson. Or do you abhor them?
Really unimpressed by Fraser Nelson interview. Nearly had to switch the radio off
Fraser Nelson's defence of Tristram Hunt re: mock outrage 'nungate' esque scandals
Paul Lambert will be new Director of Communications. The Spectator's Fraser Nelson wrote that he's "known and loved by the best MPs"
Relative Values: Lies, *** Lies and Statistics: . The spat between George Osborne and Fraser Nelson over wheth...
'To judge the world by news headlines, is to judge a city by spending a night in A and E' (glorious Fraser Nelson)
only real point here is that Fraser Nelson wd vote for Mylene Klass!
bit suspicious of anything by Fraser Nelson to be honest
Was quizzed by Fraser Nelson no less. Weird programme.
What next? Perhaps, Fraser Nelson editor of the New Statesman.
Fraser Nelson, Christian Guy, IDS and the production of ignorance | & .
Excellent c4 despatches 'how rich get richer' by Fraser Nelson, an avowed tory. How long can he stand the cognitive dissonance?
Why not rename your show "Fraser Nelson states a mix of the bloody obvious and sometimes the completely incorrect"
Fraser Nelson on Channel 4 telling us things that we already know/could guess
QE might be the biggest subsidy to the rich in history, says Fraser Nelson We look at beyond QE 21/11 http…
Shame on for congratulating the Centre for Social Justice on tonight's Fraser Nelson smash the welfare state propaganda
Odd decision to have Fraser nelson not talk into camera in this c4 doc. It seems weird
Fraser Nelson on has the most hideous spine chilling posh boy Scottish accent and it's almost unbearabl…
Re: Fraser Nelson programme: budget is better cut by raising min wage/employee benefits than slashing indiscriminately at services.
Where is Fraser Nelson is coming from? I quote 'the welfare state makes people morally & physically obese'. Not capitalism!
Fraser Nelson's social mobility is increasing and that's the important thing.
C4 Despatches. Fraser Nelson's inequality .. a vehicule fro Fraser's good looks but never got to the nitty gritty .. serious tax dodging.
Excuse me...did I just hear Fraser Nelson of The Spectator give a fair and balanced assessment of inequality in...
Fraser Nelson? Every syllable that falls from his mouth is a turd.
Fraser Nelson isn't telling everyone that income tax only accounts for approximately 25% of govt revenue.
C4 Despatches Fraser Nelson meets with the disgusting IDS to discuss UK's wealth inequality where he's floated to the top on a false cv.
Fraser Nelson shedding crocodile tears about poverty along with that cIan Duncan Smith. Vomit inducing.
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