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Frank Wren

Franklin E. Wren (born March 17, 1958, in St. Petersburg, Florida) is an American front office executive in Major League Baseball.

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How to get traded in Atlanta: be signed or drafted by Frank Wren. I mean, Albies also being mentioned in trades. Ac…
I used to be pretty decent at predicting Frank Wren moves. But with John Coppolella, I got no clue!
All these prospects people talk about were signed by Frank Wren. Acuna, Albies, Camargo, Sims, etc. Not by Coppy.
With all these rumors the will soon be back in the Frank Wren days of prospects. JOY.
I get that Ervin Santana is old, but Frank Wren had to beg ownership for money to sign him before the 2014 season lol.
Dang Brandon, did the rehire Frank Wren to run their parking shuttle service??
Just remember, Acuna was signed by Frank Wren. Same as Albies and Camargo. But they won't acknowledge it. 🤷‍♀️
Frank Wren just walked by me at the ball game. Deal w Red Sox imminent?
This has Frank Wren written all over it...
fans should be thanking Frank Wren for Acuna. And Albies. And also Camargo. But they won't. 🤷‍♀️
I mean that would be the price 😁 I just think that John Henry has to think they hav…
Anyone in Chicago have eyes on Frank Wren?
You know Frank Wren still works for the Red Sox and was part of the Teheran signing for the Braves... Devers Groome & Cosart to the Braves?
Frank Wren is no longer with us BC he didn't align with usual ATL FO brass. We did however…
Lol Braves fired Frank Wren for stupid trades like that oh guess what he…
Whenever I see Craig Kimbrel pitching for another team, I get angry all over again. Curse you Frank Wren and front office!
Yep! Hursh was 31 overall and Judge was 32. Thanks a lot Frank Wren! 😂
Frank Wren, the gift that keeps on giving
he was 32nd and we took Hursh... whiff, thanks Frank Wren
Can't understand why Frank Wren didn't keep his job...
I don't care about Frank Wren's financial garbage.
Frank Wren had a knack for finding guys like Camargo. Just because they don't get "hype" doesn't mean they're not productive players.
All these fans who bashed Frank Wren 24/7 never give him credit for Johan Camargo, Ozzie Albies, or Ronald Acuna.
The legacy of Frank Wren lives through Johan Camargo, Ozzie Albies, and Ronald Acuna. (In some ways, Alex Wood).
Hey, Camargo is a fun player. I'm glad Frank Wren signed him, Acuna, and Albies.
The legacy of Frank Wren: BJ Upton, Chris Johnson, Kenshin Kawakami, Derek Lowe, and Dan Uggla. How do he sti…
Frank Wren still work the Red Sox? Doesn't seem to have a fan in either Chipper Jones or Bobby Cox.
Chipper Jones claims Bobby Cox nearly quit as Braves manager in 2008 because of Frank Wren
BJ Upton, Jair Jurrjens, Dan Uggla, *** just name a Frank Wren player and you've got a comparison.
I haven't agreed with every ATL decision. But praise God Frank Wren gave Freddie the big deal and not J-Hey.
The hiring of Brian Snitker as manager is poetic justice for what former GM Frank Wren did to him in 2013.
Frank Gore continues running up the all-time rushing list. The Colts RB passed a legend today. (via
Yes, which was why it also wasn't hard to say goodbye to Frank Wren.
He probably has a secret one like Frank Wren did when he was with the Braves & follows a bunch of fans to keep tabs.
I can't trust this because it's being said by a Fake Frank Wren
"The Braves Way" is what the front office has said it wants to get back to after it eroded under Frank Wren. Their…
yeah, I wouldn't have worn that shirt had I known I'd run in to Frank Wren- whom I really liked.
LOL. You're wearing a BARVES shirt with Frank Wren in the picture. That is hilarious
Got another picture with wonderful friends Erica and Jess. This time sans Frank Wren.
lola Suberb Fairy Wren Aldinga Scrub - Lincoln Frank Allen has added a photo to the pool:
So Fredi Gonzalez and Frank Wren aren't going to team up to pull down the final number?
The Red Sox have a huge interest in Julio Teheran led by former Braves GM Frank Wren
You remember Frank Wren? Do you remember how many bad deals he had? Uggla, BJ, Derek Lowe...
is Frank Wren advising the Angels nowadays?
just another over valued prospect from the Frank wren era. Would have loved for him to have been Chipper's replacement tho.
Rest up, that mess has gone nation wide.
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Great show topic- who was worse- Billy Knight, Frank Wren or Dimitroff?
Jesus officially blessed all the new songs last night 🙏
Thomas Dimitrof is the same as Frank Wren. Good but not good enough to build a championship roster.
I don't wanna go back to work. I wonder if Frank Wren ever felt this way...
it was seriously one of the most delicious things I've had in awhile, taking one for lunch tmrw
I think a leftover black bean burger will be really good, Molly. Yum! :o)
You got this. It'll be straightforward from here on out. Fingers crossed!
didn't Frank barely turn 18... 😐😐😐 so technically alot of seniors are his age..?
Frank with all the trash youre talking im assuming you put on like 70 pounds since i last saw you
we have an out of town meet. It was you, me , frank, and Bianca I think
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Thanks Frank - please go to for details of how to submit info on FX Coghlan for Jimmy Wren's book.
I feel like they did a Bar Rescue on Frank Wren.
Just face it y'all frank ocean is dead and never coming back.
Frank Kotula of Wilkes-Barre, PA and Lance Wren of Dallas, PA discuss the taxidermy busine…
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The Braves not wanting to give Heyward more $$$ than Freddie should tell you all you need to know about Frank Wren.
I was thinkin the other day about what Frank Wren would have done these past few offseasons... We'd still be in a mess
Plus, he was a Frank Wren guy much like Peraza and Wood.
Coppy purging every single player Frank Wren touched that he can without causing a riot
It's going to take a long time to dig out of the hole Frank Wren dug...
I don't think people understand what terrible shape Frank Wren put the team in with horrendous contracts and a depleted farm
Hazen: "Frank Wren was huge in the Kimbrel deal because obviously he knew him very well from Atlanta"
Coppy doing to the D'backs farm system what Frank Wren did to the Braves system. I like this plan much better
Frank Wren would've asked for La Stella back
Sad part is Frank Wren abused you so much, it wasn’t hard to believe they’d been swindled.
Thanks Frank Wren. I hope the green monster falls on you.
senior vice president of baseball operations Frank Wren was Atlanta’s general manager in 2008, the year Kimbrel was drafted.
the apparently musta thought it was a fine idea, then. they just hired Frank Wren. maybe they'll hire Rizzo too.
Frank Wren headed to the as Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations. Thoughts?
Spending nearly an hour and a half on the field with Frank Wren is a tribute to the great neurosurgeon Arthur Day, who saved both our lives
Red Sox add ex-Braves GM Frank Wren to front office -- Too busy to keep up with all the news, next
Frank Wren is the leading contender to be GM under Dave Dombrowski with the now that Ben Cherington is leaving.
Frank Wren is somewhere sitting on a stack of Nate McClouth baseball cards laughing his *** off right now.
A reminder of old clowns in charge "use Frank Wren as the fall guy for Fredi Gonzalez&sins -
Lol. THAT was an all-star team??? I don't think so. That was a strikeout infested team constructed by Frank Wren.
Uggla and Frenchy have huge games against Braves - Somewhere Frank Wren is popping a bottle of champagne
so maybe having Frank Wren write the lineups wasn’t so bad? I joke, but what in the world is this guy thinking. Over management.
If nothing else, this first month should make you appreciate how good Frank Wren was at building a good bullpen.
Frank Wren made several mistakes that cost him his job. One of the worst was letting Tim Hudson go.
At least John Hart doesn't seem as arrogant as Frank Wren
As he continues to clean up the mess left by Frank Wren.
Trying to be positive by reminding myself that Frank Wren would have given Jim Johnson $50 million.
Man Braves fans fed up rightfully. Frank Wren screwed that team over royally after Bobby Cox kept them in contention all those years
BTW, Bobby Cox spent 25yrs building the minor leagues into one of the strongest in baseball. It took Frank Wren seven to destroy it.
I vote yes on trading, Bj Upton, Fredi Gonzalez, and Frank Wren for Andrew McCutchen
Thankfully 2014 version of the Atlanta Braves is coming to a end with a sub 500 season; Frank Wren has been canned for the poor ball players he hired with the likes of the Uptons and Dan "Flim Flam Man" Uggla whose contract they are eating. i am not sure if Fredi should go but He needs to revamp and get a new staff if he stays. I do predict at least 2 more seasons of the same type season unless major changes are made. Many Brave fans are fickle, and will turn on the Braves in a skinny minute, but I will still watch and hope for that elusive World Series title one day.
Bobby Cox, Frank Wren and Fredi Gonzalez don't swing bats! Offense was pitiful this year, put it in the players!
Yeah if Frank Wren were John Schuerholz, Wren trades for David Price or something this summer as Braves miss the playoffs anyway
So now that Frank Wren was fired, does that mean Dayton Moore and Ned Yost can move back to Atlanta now?
So, Frank Wren wanted Fredi Gonzalez gone, but Bobby Cox pushed to keep him. I guess we know who's really in power at 755 Hank Aaron Dr.
Lets throw gas on the fire in wake of Frank Wren's firing. Some signees: Derek Lowe, Kenshin Kawakami, Dan Uggla, BJ Upton.
Frank Wren was also responsible for the horrible contracts given to Derek Lowe and Kenshin Kawakami.
Little tidbit that a lot of people keep forgetting: Frank Wren is responsible for Fredi Gonzalez. He hired him too.
Frank Wren finally gets the boot after BJ Upton, Dan Uggla, and Derek Lowe all were given WAY too much money.
The Braves have dismissed general manager Frank Wren. John Hart has been named as the interim GM.
Frank Wren took over the Braves after a season that saw Matt Diaz, WIllie Harris, and Scott Thorman get 300+ PA.
Derek Lowe, Kenshin Kawakami, Dan Uggla, and BJ Upton just gave former GM Frank Wren a collective on his way out.
BJ Upton, Dan Uggla and Derek Lowe walk into a bar.who buys Frank Wren the first drink?.
Frank Wren signed Derek Lowe and BJ Upton to the two most lucrative contracts in Braves history. He had to go.
FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports that the Braves are going to fire general manager Frank Wren.
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Derek Lowe, Kenshin Kawakami, Dan Uggla, B.J. Upton, and (likely) Chris Johnson turned out to be the end of Frank Wren.
The have officially confirmed Frank Wren has been dismissed as GM. John Hart will be the interim GM.
have relieved Frank Wren of his duties and named John Hart interim GM
are firing GM Frank Wren, sources tell
This is good news. Frank Wren and Greg Walker should be sent to Antarctica.
Thinking about what the need to do in the offseason. How about fire Frank Wren and hire Bobby Cox to be GM?
My order of Braves people to be fired:. 1) Frank Wren -only Amaro has been worse. 2) Greg Walker/Scott Fletcher. 3) scouting dept. 4) Fredi
Frank Wren couldnt even get Martin Prado, now he's playing for the evil empire.
In 3 feet of water, Frank Wren finds his phone. . "Frank, Ruben. Hamels for Uggla, no funny stuff.". Near the pin, John Hart sips champagne.
John Hart lines up for the putt. Frank Wren's phone rings. Hart drops his putter. "But John, it's deadline.". Phone sails, a lonely sparrow.
Good! Tell John Hart to get the *** outta there and go help Frank Wren become brilliant in the next 3 hours
I just thought of a good trade Frank Wren can make : We Get Tyson Ross and Alex Torres .. Padres Get Kubitza, Pastornicky and Cunningham
EVP and GM Frank Wren joins Harold Reynolds and on
I hope Frank Wren watched Tim Hudson pitch last night and I hope he feels like an *** !
Here is Frank Wren introducing to the media. Welcome to Braves Country Ervin!
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GM Frank Wren was there to support Medlen who wanted to be "open and honest on where we are" - anticipating 2nd Tommy John surgery.
Today from GM Frank Wren on RHP Kris Medlen: "His MRI showed injury to the ligament, but don't yet know the extent."
“The have extended the contracts of general manager Frank Wren and manager Fredi Gonzalez, team president John Schuerholz."
Cool listening to Atlanta Braves VP and GM Frank Wren talking on the MLB Network. His son, Jordan Wren who is a outfielder at Samford University will be playing for the Hamilton Joes this summer.
Great News! The Braves finally made their offseason splash by inking 97 year old Freddy Garcia to a minor league deal, and even better its at a fraction of the cost the dodgers gave Clayton Kershaw. Shrewd move Frank Wren, that will definitely move the needle...
Caravan at Academy Sports in Birmingham on Jan. 29 will feature: David Carpenter, Frank Wren, Eddie Perez, and Don Sutton
Atlanta Braves general manager Frank Wren calls in to Hot Stove to discuss his team's additions this offseason
Peter Gammons himself had this to say about the Orioles front office. If true, we are in SERIOUS, SERIOUS trouble: "Frank Wren recalled his days as Oriole GM and contended that when a deal was consummated and Angelos decided he didn't like it, his way of reversing agreements was to pull out the medical card" “That’s how Peter plays general manager,” said Braves GM Frank Wren, who signed Hernandez as Orioles’ GM and was fired after one season, in a 2006 interview with the New York Times. “He uses medical reasons to kill or change a deal if he doesn’t like it.”
Okay, who backed over Thomas Dimitroff's and Frank Wren's heads in their driveways? 'Fess up!
You can't blame Theo Epstein & Andrew Freidman for trying to make Frank Wren look even more inept.
Thomas Dimitroff and Frank Wren must be brothers.
No disrespect to Floyd, but really Frank Wren? We need a big time move. MT: in negotiations with pitcher Gavin Floyd.
Classic Frank Wren...Why hello there 3rd place...smh
Maybe Frank Wren is just adding Gavin Floyd to throw into a deal involving Dan Uggla...
I will not question Frank Wren with the Gavin Floyd signing. Not yet.
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I'm a big supporter of Frank Wren, but if Gavin Floyd is our big offseason acquisition, then this hasn't been one of his best.
Gavin Floyd is NOT the answer, Frank Wren are you kidding me??
The Braves believe they’ve plucked another potential gem from the minor-league free-agent ranks: sidearmer Luis Vasquez.The right-handed reliever has created buzz in the Dominican Winter League, posting a 1.15 ERA in 20 appearances for Licey, with 19 strikeouts and three walks in 15-2/3 innings. Vasquez has allowed only four hits, and his fastball has been clocked as high as 97 mph.Vasquez’s miniscule 0.47 WHIP (walks-plus-hits per inning pitched) was the lowest among an army of 35 pitchers who worked at least one inning for Licey, including plenty with major league experience such as Chris Narveson, Jose Contreras, Jose Dominguez, Guillermo Mota and Juan Cedeno.The 6-foot-4 Dominican will be 28 in April. He didn’t start his pro career with the Dodgers until he was 21.After posting a 7.27 ERA in 43 appearances (one start) at Double-A and Triple-A in 2012, he dropped his arm slot and saw his performance improve dramatically, although he still needed to improve his control.Vasquez had a 2.52 ERA in 25 ...
Why is Frank Wren not making moves for Braves this offseason? Other contenders building, Braves shrinking.
Frank Wren get Bonafacio out of KC. need wheels
Frank Wren signs another gem. Best GM with an $80 million payroll in baseball.
I saw Luis Vazquez pitch as a side armer last year. He was not routinely throwing in the mid 90s Frank Wren
BREAKING: Frank Wren trades Liberty Media and Jordan Schafer for Arturo Moreno. Uses new money to sign Maddux out of retirement
If Frank Wren trades him he should be fired IMMEDIATELY
If not for ego, Frank Wren should have been in on Infante at $7.5 per. Perfect fit at 2B, utility, and top of order.
Frank Wren is slow playing this offseason, waiting for teams to get desperate. It's a risk, but it worked out last yr. Got J-Up w/o giving
Way to go Frank Wren.I'm jumping for joy now. At least my other two teams have done good stuff this offseason.
Frank Wren just won the off season with this signing
So Nats get Fister & Blevins and sign some guy named Gamel? Quality offseason for Frank Wren & Co.
Frank Wren hard at work MT sign former Brewers 1B/3B prospect Gamel to minor league deal, will compete for bench job
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This feels like another one of those sneaky little Frank Wren deals that ends up helping the Braves.
Frank Wren without a doubt. Works with less money and obviously can spot talent
Someone called me from Atlanta. Maybe its finally Frank Wren asking for help...
Despite anxious fans hoping for the Atlanta Braves to make some moves this offseason, the 2013 MLB Winter Meetings came and went without the Braves making a move. General manager Frank Wren clearly did not feel comfortable with any moves to pull the trigger this week. While many fans would like...
I had no idea there was a frank wren fan club. Kind of mind blowing really.
If the Braves trade Kimbrel, I'll personally kill Frank Wren
well if Frank Wren doesn't wake his up and re-sign him than he won't even be back!
Not sure how he'd get the PB&J ingredients, but Frank Wren's kitchen walls are streaked with jelly stains.
Braves make strides at quiet Winter Meetings: When Braves general manager Frank Wren exited the...
At this point, I hope Frank Wren pulls off a trade to get Jeff Samardzija.
So Frank Wren doesn't want to extend any of the young guys right now because he says it would cost too much? What a load of crap!
What would you do before Opening Day if you were Frank Wren?
The Baseball Winter Meeting have came and went and as Usual the Worst GM in Baseball Frank Wren did moves made to upgrade the the time he gets in gear there won't be any players left and still stuck with the human waste Dan UGH.LA and BJ Upton.NO HOPE
how has frank wren not done good and this organization run into the ground. Come on! The mets? Marlins? Phillies?
not run into the ground but I dont think frank wren has done a stellar job by any stretch of the imagination
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Audio: Atlanta GM Frank Wren talks about Winter Meetings & the Braves wanting an Ace (David Price?) -
When is Frank Wren gonna get held accountable for these bad FA signings?
I wonder if Frank Wren is getting Fredi a big box set of Topps baseball cards… Ya know, to help him with scouting players and stuff.…
Well Frank wren has no interest in trading for David Price which kinda bugs me because it just mean the braves arent going anywhere again. You couldve at least threw an offer at him instead of blowing off the opportunity
Hear from GM Frank Wren, right now, with and
I trust Frank Wren. I'm not worried that he hasnt done anything yet. He will pull a rabbit out of his hat soon enough
Braves Sign Yunesky Maya to Minor League Deal: As Frank Wren stated, much of the Braves focus this offseason w...
Frank Wren didn't make any moves during the Winter Meetings this week, but still feels that he accomplished a lot this week. Frank said he feels good about groundwork he has made this week for potential deals, stating he feels he should have some deals done by Christmas.
As Chipper said, still have no ace that can match up with an opposing ace in post season. Address that Frank Wren.
I'll give Frank Wren a mulligan & consider the Winter Meetings a success as long as he dumps Uggla. Do it!
Frank Wren has a great business mind but I truly believe the Braves would be better off without him
So, just published a column on how the Braves should trade Craig Kimbrel. I asked Frank Wren about it last month, not happening
It's not just me Frank Wren is pissing off right?
13 days till Santa comes and the get coal in their stockings since Frank Wren is a cotton headed ninny muggins .
I think the now infamous parking lot incident was Jerry Dipoto trying to get at Frank Wren in anger because of the Walden/Hanson trade.
Lol. I'm not worried. Frank Wren always pulls it out for us.
Braves busy on multiple fronts at Winter Meetings: Braves general manager Frank Wren feels he...
News Alarm: Cory Gearrin (P - Atl)Braves GM Frank Wren said Wednesday that he expects Cory Gearrin to compete for...
is Frank Wren alive @ the Winter Meetings??!! We havent heard from him or moves Braves are planning to improve. We need it!!!
Well, the Winter Meetings are nearing an end and everybody seems to be hard at work bettering their team, so will somebody please wake Frank Wren and Freddie Gonzalez up and tell them to get the bat out of their *** and do something already, After all it didnt take you long to pull off one of the most bone-head moves I ever seen in the 1st round of the playoffs last year when you left Dan Uggla off the post-season roster and replaced him with that no-talent bum Elliott Johnson. I think that maybe Frank Wren's next move should be to FIRE Freddie Gonzalez.
I agree with the AJC story Frank Wren should not trade the future for a pitcher who will be gone in a year.
Frank Wren's comment around player price tags make it sound like the are shopping at Wal-Mart while everyone else is at Home-Depo
Do people want Frank Wren to kidnap free agents?
Colon to the Mets. Is Frank Wren marooned somewhere? This is getting ridiculous
Frank Wren says the biggest shock of the Winter Meetings has been "sticker shock" with contracts free agents are receiving.
And you can thank Frank Wren for the lack of money to improve this team with those two money drains called J. Upton and Uggla.
Nice to see Frank Wren decided to take an early Christmas vacation this year...
and making moves, meanwhile here's a free agency update from Frank Wren
"I don't think anyone saw that season coming" -Frank Wren on BJ Upton
I'm beggin Frank Wren to pull the trigger and make a deal for David Price. We need that ace. We need David Price to take that next step.
A bunch of sources are saying that David Price wants to be traded to the Frank Wren why don't you pay attent…
Frank Wren, go get David Price..Braves have the ponies in Minor, Medlen & Julio. Just need that stallion to lead them & get a World Series!🏆
is frank wren even at the Winter Meetings? I get it no big moves but how about a move instead of a loss this winter.
Let's just hope Frank Wren hasn't lost his mind.
Has it been confirmed that Frank Wren is actually in attendance at the Winter Meetings?
Clubhouse Report coming up at 2:30 on live from the Winter Meetings. Bobby Cox & Frank Wren join the show.
Listening to Braves update at Winter Meetings gives little hope for a braves World Series. Frank Wren is an *** and needs to be fired. Biggest hole according to Wren is bullpen and bench bat... Really? I can think of a few holes over the best bullpen in baseball. starter and 2b would be at top of list. Get rid of some prospects and get a legit ace if you want to contend. Teheran, minor, medlen, healthy beachy are nice but not frontline aces
Did Frank Wren even make the trip to the Winter Meetings I'm not hearning any talks about the braves
Lake Buena Vista, Fla. — While Braves fans anxiously await news from the Winter Meetings and many hope general manager Frank Wren will trade for a top-of-the-rotation starter or a slugger, he indicated Monday if a move were made, it would likely be something more modest.
If you were the Frank Wren of the Braves. Would you try to get a ace pitcher of Cole Hamels or David Price or would you keep what you got and get rid of uggla?
As we gear up for Day Two of the Winter Meetings, let's take a look at the latest from around baseball.. Braves GM Frank Wren doesn't expect to make a blockbuster trade or a massive signing, writes David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “But in the case of our club, I don’t see...
The Braves have recently been linked in discussions with the Cubs about Jeff Samardzija. But even better is that they have had discussions with the White Sox who are ready to deal a starter. The Braves are believed to have interest in Chris Sale and Jose Quintana. Both are spectacular pitchers and young; 24 & 25. Quintana could have the most interest as being a teammate of fellow Colombian Julio Tehran and being much further away from arbitration than Sale. Expect the Braves to begin wheeling and dealing at MLB's Winter Meetings. Bench, bullpen, and a starter are expected to be on Frank Wren's Christmas wish list. One target is already said to be the 41 year-old Raul Ibanez, but Ibanez would surely prefer somewhere else offering more playing time. Expect Uggla to be dealt soon but the Braves may seek within the organization to fill 2B.
This week is Winter Meetings for baseball executives. So, pardon my baseball status in December. Frank Wren, Go get me an ace. David Price is who I'm looking at. And whatever you do, don't leave until you've forced Dan Uggla onto another team. Thank you.
First day of the Winter Meetings. Frank Wren bring Brandon Phillips back to Atlanta.
Dear Frank Wren, What I want for Christmas is for you to trade for Chris Sale this week at the Winter Meetings. Thanks
New York Yankees... you need a 2nd baseman. We have one. Call Frank Wren. You have MONEY!
Alls I know is, day one of the Winter Meetings I better read that Frank Wren was seen at dinner with Billy Beane or SOMETHIN
Years of reactionary moves made us losers (see: Pat Gillick's "Joe Carter" year, Frank Wren, and Syd Thrift)
So the Nats staff is currently Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, Zimmerman, Fister, and Detwiler. Uh oh. We are waiting Frank Wren.
The giants sign Tim Hudson after the Braves did not even give him a qualifying offer. Frank Wren is a moron and needs to go.
Frank Wren is insane..He let Tim Hudson just leave..AND not only did he leave he went to the GIANTS!!! AND McCain is leaving next!!! AH!
Just saw a story talking about trading Dan Uggla straight up for Brandon Phillips of the Reds in basically a swap of salaries. My question is what are you waiting on Frank Wren? Sure your adding years and salary but otherwise you were just paying $26M for Uggs to ride the pine. No brainer in my opinion. Phillips is a beast.
Frank Wren's gonna get some GM drunk at the Winter Meetings and dump Duggla on them. Watch.
Frank Wren won't do it. He doesn't have the backbone to fire Fredi.
You're right Frank Wren, Eliot Johnson is a huge step up from Dan Uggla. Absolutely ridiculous, at least Uggla has the threat of the long ball. Credit to Kershaw, that man is a beast.
Braves' bats are heating up at JUST the right time. How BIG were the additions of Gerald Laird and Elliott Johnson? Heck, how about Jordan Schafer and the "throw-in" Chris Johnson? Not headline-grabbing acquisitions alone, but collectively, they ALL had a hand in this season's success. Fredi has a LOT of chess pieces. Amazing when you consider the season-ending injuries the Braves have had to overcome. They won't get the votes, but Fredi should be high in the "manager of the year" vote and Frank Wren deserves "exec of the year" consideration, too.
Brewers' Gomez, Braves' Johnson Suspended 1 Game by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS September 26, 2013 10:21 PM CDT NEW YORK (AP) — Milwaukee's Carlos Gomez admitted he went too far with a hyped-up home run trot that ended in a benches-clearing scuffle against the Atlanta Braves. Gomez was suspended Thursday along with Atlanta's Reed Johnson for one game by Major League Baseball for their actions during the Brewers-Braves game a day earlier. Both players were fined an undisclosed amount. Atlanta first baseman Freddie Freeman and catcher Brian McCann also were fined for their involvement. Gomez accepted the penalty and sat out the series opener against the New York Mets on Thursday. Johnson was contemplating an appeal, according Braves general manager Frank Wren. "I was expecting it after what happened last night," Gomez said. "It's not good for baseball. Just take it like a man and be responsible for the stuff I did." Batting second for the Brewers on Wednesday night in Atlanta, Gomez connected on Paul Maholm's 0- ...
Freddy Gonzalez and Frank Wren: would you rather see the Braves win would you rather have the fans see Dan Uggla and BJ Upton play? A bad investment always leaves a bad taste in your mouth but sometimes you gotta eat the punches and play the cards you're dealt. DAMNIT!!! GO DAWGS
No doubt. And to think, he was platooning with Juan Francisco to start the year. Another great move for Frank Wren.
David Carpenter. Another notch in the waiver wire championship belt that Frank Wren wears around all the time.
How smug should Frank Wren be about picking up Jordan Schafer, seriously? That was HUGE.
Id take a flyer on Michael Morse if I was Frank Wren.
"Sorry Kameron, we're going to have to send you Downs" - Frank Wren when Scott Downs arrives.
But I really wish Frank Wren would have gotten a starting pitcher instead of Scott Downs 😒
I'm happy they won, but I am petitioning Frank Wren that Dan Uggla has to pay the Braves to let him bat
Frank Wren should have a show like American Pickers where he finds bullpen arms.
GM Frank Wren joins us now talking about adding a great piece in Scott Downs and what might be in store as the deadline approaches!
I want to be Frank Wren, Thomas Dimitroff, and Danny Ferry when I grow up.
Atlanta really is spoiled right now by having three smart GMs: Frank Wren, Danny Ferry, Thomas Dimitroff.
"Frank Wren upset many of us once again by making a poor decision. Wren traded Tommy Hanson to the Angels for Jordan Walden"
Today is a much-needed off day for the BRAVES. It also will give Frank Wren and Fredi Gonzalez another opportunity to see THE OBVIOUS. Jordan Shafer is 7 for his last 10 with a homer, crucial bunts, speed to score from 3rd on infield grounders and makes EVERY play in the outfield. He is now hitting .313 with a .406 on base %. HE MUST START IN CF NOW!!! So B.J. Upton got WAAAY overpaid. I don't care. The BEST 9 should start at the major league level and B.J. strikes out 2-3 times EVERY night. He is 1 for 29 with 2 outs and runners in scoring position. Enough already. We cannot be successful with Upton, Uggla and Heyward in the lineup ALL together. Make the change now Fredi. Bobby sure would! GO BRAVES!
I'm done as long as I am concerned Atlanta no longer has a baseball team. If you can't beat a last place team you are useless. They can't even score absolutely pathetic. Hey Uggla it's not your eyes that are the problem it's that without steroids you are a terrible ball player. The sad thing is that Frank Wren will do nothing no changes will be made nothing. I should go work there. The Atlanta Braves where you can suck and still keep your job and make a crap load of money doing it. I say it's time to boycott if you want change you need a revolution and Lord knows there needs to be a change.
I do believe Frank Wren is at the Danville Braves game tonight. Kyle has been putting on a good show.
if it wasn't for him Frank Wren might have hadno choice but to move team to Canadian league.
Georgia Tech has ties to seven talents in the MLB draft — including Braves GM Frank Wren's son, Kyle.
domain names
Braves take Kyle Wren in the eighth round, son of Braves GM Frank Wren, outfielder for Georgia Tech
Braves took Georgia Tech outfielder and their GM Frank Wren's son Kyle Wren in the 8th round. I'm loving this draft so far.
Cool news: in 8th rd of MLB Draft at pick 153 the Atlanta Braves take Georgia Tech OF Kyle Wren, son of Braves GM Frank Wren
"The Front Office" is LIVE with Jim Duquette and Jim Bowden, taking your calls on roster moves, trades, injuries, and this week's draft until 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM CT! Braves fans - what's your take on Fredi Gonzalez's comments that he's considering asking BJ Upton to head to the Minors? Is that the right way to motivate? Or do the Braves need BJ at the Major League level? With Evan Gattis raking, Jason Heyward and BJ Upton struggling, and Brandon Beachy returning in two weeks, what roster moves should Frank Wren make?
did something smart? Frank Wren must have looked up what 0 WAR means. Juan Francisco, you have just been replaced! CJ better anyway
Good morning. I’m working on a Braves column that will be posted later on One element of it: Given how this team was built, who should take the most heat if things don’t work out: general manager Frank Wren or manager Fredi Gonzalez?
Braves GM Frank Wren at Riverwalk, checking out Mississippi Braves prospects.
Frank Wren is obviously just putting the Mississippi Braves on the field tonight.
This message is for Frank Wren: Please fire Chip Caray. If you care for the fans and your team, fire Chip. seriously. Thank you.
Jordan Walden has been another good pickup by Frank Wren.
Frank Wren looking like GM of the year Braves loaded not your everyday Chipper Jones lead ATL BRAVES
Frank Wren and Arthur Blank have brought the sports buzz back to Atlanta!
Be sure to ask Frank Wren about the Rosenthal article on Brian McCann & his future with Atl.
Evan Gattis flat out hit bombs in BP today with Frank Wren watching. I've seen him the past 3 days and have been impressed.
*picturing Frank Wren as Montgomery Burns sitting at his desk saying "excellent" as the Uptoms come through again *
Uggla, Heyward, Gattis. Frank Wren preparing for baseball to turn into rugby/fight club?
if i was frank wren i'd make a huge trade right before the season. give JUpton and CJohnson for Prado, Delgado and a few others.
This isn't an ideal place for a sports franchise to be at the trade deadline. Nothing good comes from a situation when a likely playoff team dangles its best player on a hook for potential bidders, and that’s precisely what the Hawks are doing with Josh Smith.
makes u appreciate frank wren a lot more. They're retiring chippers jersey in June
For real I am going to hire a NANNY! For real! I just want to come home and spend time with my the time I get home I want dinner ready, house spotless and homework done! Looking for a NANNY as of today!
Braves GM Frank Wren: "...there's not a direct correlation between strikeouts and offense." Braves fans better hope he's right.
Getting wireless tickets must see frank ocean
Hey everyone. Hope you are all doing really well. I wanted to touch base to let you all know about my new project. Most of you know I love taking photos and all of you know I love talking to people, usually I'm the one on a train that someone takes a step to open the conversation so. here we go. I've decided to do a little documentary on people who are over the age of 70 and have been married to the same person all of their lives. My aim is to find out what kept their marriage alive all of these years, the love, the respect and the relationship. I wish to spread this love to everyone as communication is lacking in so many ways these days and we need to work out things, no matter how hard they are to learn, educate and respect one another. So, I am looking for anyone interested in getting involved. I for sure need a videographer and a team who fancies doing this on the side of time out of their own time and then we'll see where it goes. We will call it. A Generation of True Love If you know anyone ...
Chip & Joe talk about offseason moves with GM Frank Wren
Talking with GM Frank Wren. Hear interview today on B&K Show at 1:20!
Listen to the sprightly debut solo album from the former Smiths guitarist and let us know your thoughts
Jz choose God on your side 'n u'll win every battle! Afternoon bangani!!!
Frank Wren: lots of potentoal as developing GM
"hey my name's frank wren, and I am completely forthright about prospects, because I have no interest in inflating their value"
Only thing that bothers me is dudes insistence Frank Wren is as ignorant as he is
My view is at odds with Chipper Jones. I dont think its at odds with Frank Wren. Imagine Gattis was 25 in AA last year
From my phone camera today, GM Frank Wren and Chipper watch Teheran throw batting practice; Chipper watching BP; Chipper watching Medlen throw BP
Gonna be sad after this season when (if) Frank Wren fires Fredi Gonzalez as the scapegoat. How many hitting coaches has FW fired already?
and I just finished filming an interview with Andre Leon Talley and L'Wren Scott for at the Cafe Royal
Braves are going to the series this year. Frank Wren has done a lot of things right this off season. Best team since we've had since 95 & in 99
“GM Frank Wren chatting with Coach Chipper Does he Plan on coaching this year?
“GM Frank Wren chatting with Coach Chipper -- Are you trying to force me to get instagram?
“Frank Wren chatting with the man, the myth, the legend
I hate Pastornicky. Why haven't we traded him for Matt Kemp yet?!?! Frank Wren is an *** !
The Boost Ad campaign shows Sehwag, Sachin, Dhoni, Virat and NO GANGULY !!! Ganguly made India a team that stares the west down on THEIR soil. He made India a Proud and Strong team...India must never forget the contribution of Ganguly...
Father has successfully shooed the wren from the home.
I'll be buying the MLB package on my PS3 this year. Frank Wren, you forced my hand with the trades you made. I have to see them play every game this year. Well played.
So the Braves have Justin Upton at 3yrs for $38.5 million with Chris Johnson at 3B. The Indians sign Michael Bourn for 4yrs at $48 million. Am I crazy or would it have made sense for Frank Wren to have been patient. To me Bourn (at J.Upton money) and keeping Prado, Delgado and the prospects is better baseball than having teammates who are brothers. Albeit very talented brothers. As a marketer, I love the deal. As a die-hard baseball fan, I love the Braves, but think we could have done better for this season. Frank Wren, I hope you are a lot smarter than me. GO BRAVES 2013.
ATLANTA—Braves general manager Frank Wren announced Wednesday that the team’s new logo would feature a grim depiction of the numerous atrocities suffered by Native Americans on the Trail of Tears.
Lori Polzin, Anthony Fox and Frank Anderson were in my dream this morning. I was at the post office, S was there... she said "Hi Ken..." I said "Hi S" ... she started talking to me and I was all like "woah... wait a second.. you haven't talked to me in years, you ignore me forever and then pretend like I'm you're best friend? what's up?" and she said "Well, I just can't remember what happened that night that L died"... I was like "Oh crap!" so I said "I don't want to talk about that" she said "I think I must have blacked out or something or maybe I have amnesia... so you know what happened" ... and I was thinking ... oh crap! I remembered that Lori and I had wrapped L in a big persian rug and rolled his dead body down the hill into some lake so nobody would find him and Andy and Tony were there and they had transported the body from wherever to the hill... so all 4 of us knew that L was dead and it was like a murder or something and I think S even did it but we had somehow got her to forget that she d ...
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Day 3: Schafer and Pastornicky are again absent from camp and Fredi is not happy about it. This is what he had to say specifically about Schafer not being there: "Schafer is probably having a tough time with his travel," Gonzalez said jokingly. "He's another one I'm going to grab. He only lives two exits up the road and I haven't seen him yet. But maybe he has a five-year deal with [general manager] Frank [Wren] that guarantees he will play center. Frank hasn't told me that Schafer has signed for five years and is guaranteed to get one of the three outfield spots." Evan Gattis, who came through the minors playing catcher but played LF and 1B in Mississippi, has a good shot at making the 25 man roster. The coaches really like his bat and want to see him play some defense. He worked with gold glover Gerardo Parra while playing in Venezuela on his defensive abilities. All players are required to be in Florida tomorrow so Pastornicky and Schafer can stop screening their phone calls.
Thanks for all that attended. Great morning!
I'd like to personally thank John Schuerholz and Frank Wren for allowing Michael Bourn to take his talents to Cleveland. Smooth move.
Pitchers and catchers report this week..,
Free agent outfielder Michael Bourn has agreed to a four-year, $48 million contract with the Cleveland Indians.
Which station got exclusive interviews with the Braves' Jason Heyward and Frank Wren? That would be us:
Come meet the Jason Heyward, Upton, Minor, O’Flaherty, Frank Wren and Carlos Tosca at in Hiram today from 3:30-5:30!
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