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Zimmerman pal's new tune: 'He profiled Trayvon'
Why brings headache Taaffe re GZ incidents from man who brings nothing to show
Taaffe confusing GZ stating/testifying believes he profiled TM back on defense?
i suppose Frank Taaffe will be on this evening >8-/
Oh, mebbe his life history, his refusal to follow cop orders while stalking a Black kid, his supporters like racist Frank Taaffe.
We speak to Zimmerman friend Frank Taaffe about today's DOJ decision coming up at 6.
and even Frank Taaffe said there was enough to charge him this time
He supported Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon until his sons died, now facing his own grief confirms the truth.
Did you watch Frank Taaffe's testimony to the grand jury? What happened after he testified against George Zimmerman?
What happened after Frank Taaffe testified against George Zimmerman?
Thanks.I stopped watching HLN after they had racist Frank Taaffe on just abt every night during the GZ trial. I couldn't take it.
No but have you seen this lady before!! She is a real character. . Miss Ali vs Frank Taaffe on…:
Frank Taaffe had a change of heart on the shooting of Here you go
My feelings exactly!I really think they should've went *** GZ. Interesting now even Frank Taaffe says Trayvon was profiled.
I guess Frank Taaffe never cashed his check.
A one-time supporter of George Zimmerman is now singing a different tune. Frank Taaffe, a former Zimmerman...
Charge white supremacist Frank Taaffe with perjury for lying about Trayvon on the stand. You can't cry to the camera & expect us to forgive.
Taaffe, once a supporter of Zimmerman, now claims that Trayvon Martin was racially profiled.
What's the point of coming forward to testify against Zimmerdog after he was exonerated/found not guilty of...
George Zimmerman supporter doubts his own story about Trayvon Martin murder
Not news to us. We knew this. The jury knew this.
Obvious man says something obvious |
Tell us something we already didn't know. Zimmerman got away with murder.
"I'd like to state for the record, now that it doesn't matter, that George Zimmerman targeted Trayon because of his race." -Frank Taaffe
In any event, I think Frank Taaffe is running scared...beings that he claims his life had been threatened 4 supporting G. Zimmerman
Let me tell y'all how much time I don't have for Frank Taaffe. None. None at all.
Frank Taaffe now says Tayvon was racially targeted. Same dude who was all over tv talking about what a thug Trayvon was during the trial.
Earnest question: Is this an admission of perjury? Zimmerman Supporter "Trayvon Targeted For His Race" | Global Grind
Now all of a sudden Frank Taaffe want to admit how Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon 😒 it's too late now buddy.
A former supporter of George Zimmermam was able to reevaluate the situation and change his opinion.
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Russell Simmons shared the following link: Nearly a year after.
Cmon man.. U really think we DIDN'T know this from the jump? smh
Provocation? Yes sir indeed watch what happens when the Ferguson grand jury finds his innocence in the next 48...
So he finally changed his thoughts about Trayvon .
Not An Onion Article of the Day: Former Zimmerman supporter Frank Taaffe appears for grand jury testimony...
George Zimmerman supporter changes tune, says Trayvon Martin was targeted because of his race
George Zimmerman's friend Frank Taaffe tells court he now thinks Trayvon Martin was targeted for his race
It took the extreme trauma of Frank Taaffe's kids dying, for him to finally admit that GeorgeZimmerman racially profiled Tr…
Own sons' deaths give Frank Taaffe a new heart. Testifies that his friend George Z murdered Trayvon Martin.
What do you think about Frank Taaffe turning on you?
I can't wait to hear what took place during that phone call between George Zimmerman and Frank Taaffe just days after he was acquitted.
So Frank Taaffe suddenly remembers a phone conversation?. Was it so traumatic that he blocked the memory of it until now?
Frank taaffe's subpoena to testify in front of a grand jury!
Do anyone know why Frank Taaffe was subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury on 11/5/14?
So...Frank Taaffe is supposedly ratting out George Zimmerman. I guess they never got that pizza to share in celebration of the acquittal. 😒
. Frank Taaffe is supposed (ex) friend of GZ. Spouted mouth off recently. Thought GJ was history?
Her argument holds no grounds 4 respect. Frank Taaffe of HLN so called lawyers.
. She is so stupid. The Frank Taaffe of commentators.
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